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Name Did Not Mastery Basic Unclear Mastery Demonstrate Mastery of of Some Working Working of
Did Not
Mastery of
of Some
of Most
of the
10 points
8 points
6 Points
4 Points
2 Points
0 Points
The Web page is visually pleasing, professional, and supports the content presented.
The Web page is designed appropriately for its intended target audience.
The Web page demonstrates that the student has applied proper Web site design
principles and guidelines such as consistency, alignment and summetry.
The Web page has a consistent look and feel with respect tot other pages within the
Web site.
The Web page is not overcrowded and allows the user to move easily from one eleme
to the next.
The navigation areas of the Web page are professional and user-friendly.
/10 Points
The student has included all required content and it is presented in a manner that is
interesting and easy to read for the user.
The student has added additional information to enhance the Web page's interest level.
The Web page displays a title in the top fo the Web browswer
/10 Points
Business logo is appropriately placed and looks professional.
Graphic image(s) are related to the goals and purpose of the Web page.
Graphic image(s) are of high quality and enhance reader interest and/or understanding
of the content.
The navigation buttons look professional
The look and feel of the graphic images are consistent throughout the Web page.
The graphic images match the Web site's color, theme and design.
/10 Points
The page in the Web site uses and effective, uncluttered layout, which enhances
The Web page has an overall very professional look and usable layout scheme.
It is easy to locate all page elements.
White space, graphic image(s), and alignment have been used effectively to organized
/10 Points
The Web page uses appropriate fonts that can be read by users using any Web
The text is consistent throughout the page with respect to color, size, typestyles and
The point sizes of the text are appropriately applied for headings and body copy.
/10 Points
The student has used a color scheme that coordinates well with their selected
business logo.
The student has used colors with respect the the background, links, graphic images,
tables, and text that form a pleasing, professional palette on each page of the Web
Color are consistent throguhout each page of the Web site.
/10 Points
Navigation The Web page and site is very well organized and easy to navigate. The
The Web page and site is very well organized and easy to navigate.
The relationship between individual pages is clear; it is easy for users to move from on
page to another.
The Web page has a user-friendly appearance.
Hyperlinks are clearly labeled and work correctly.
/10 Points
All elements on the Web page are working properly.
There are no broken links or missing graphic images.
All required Web site design software features have been properly applied.
All common page areas contain required content and elements.
The student demonstrates the ability to follow and understand technical instructions.
/10 Points
The pages within the Web site give users an authentic, professional impression.
The Web site could be used by a real business.
The Web page and overall site design and content meet the objectives of the business.
The Web page and overall site meet the needs of its target audience.
The Web page and overall site engage the user in such a way that would encourage
repeat visits to the site.
/10 Points
Spelling, Grammar, Language Style
There are no spelling, grammar or punctuation errors on the Web page.
The student has demonstrated excellent writing skills withtin the Web page.
/10 Points
/100 Points