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Blood Sorcery

A grim bloodline for Sorcerers in D&D 5th Edition

Created By Brandon Mayer

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Blood Sorcery:
Your innate magic comes from power flowing within you, your blood. It's intrinsically tied to your very
life, and your life force is stronger because of it. Perhaps you inherited some measure of power from
some powerful ancestor, perhaps you were born with a stronger life force, perhaps it was due to some
powerful blood ritual or a pact with a powerful fiend. However it came to be you possess great power at
great cost, your spells are potent but consume the very energy which enhances them.

Potent Life:
The magic flowing through your body enhances your life force. At 1st level your hit point maximum
increases by 1, and increases by 1 whenever you gain a level in this class.
Blood Rite:
At 1st level you may as a bonus action enters a Blood Rite, while in a Blood Rite you gain the following:
o Your spells gain a +1 bonus to attack rolls as well as the difficulty of saving throws for
your spells and cantrips.
o You deal additional damage equal to your charisma modifier.
o You suffer damage equal to your charisma modifier at the beginning of your turn, this
damage cannot be prevented in any way.
Blood Rit lasts for 1 minute. It ends early if you are knocked unconscious or if you receive healing from
any source except Vampiric Touch, and Blood Mastery. You may also attempt to end Blood Rite on your
turn as an action by making a medicine check or a constitution saving throw DC 10.
You have two uses of Blood Rite and you regain all uses on a long rest.

Essence Conversion:
Starting at 6th Level you can use the life force of your blood to fuel your magic. Whenever you take
damage from Blood Rite you may choose to also have your hit point maximum reduced, if you do you
gain one sorcery point for each point of hit point reduction. Magic cannot restore hit points lost in this
way and if your hit point maximum would become zero you die. All hit point reduction is recovered
upon a long rest.

Blood Arts:
Starting at 14th level your talent with manipulating the blood and life force of other creatures has
reached new heights. You learn the 3rd level spell vampiric touch and this spell no longer counts against
your number of spells known. You may now also choose to deal the damage of vampiric touch onto
yourself instead and heal a willing creature who is within range. When used this way the spell may even
restore life to a creature who has died within the last round. Additionally whenever your blood rite is
active you can give your Vampiric Touch spell can target creatures within 30 as a ranged melee spell
attack instead.

Blood Mastery:
You have obtained a mastery over the sanguine arts. Starting at 18th level you have the ability to take
the life from all the nearby creatures, as a bonus action while your Blood Rite is active you may a target
a number of creatures within 30 feet equal to your charisma modifier. Each creature must make a
Constitution saving throw against your spell DC or take 1d10 points of necrotic damage and you regain a
number of hit points equal to the sum of half of the damage dealt (rounded down).