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Airline reservation system




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We express our thanks to all those who have provided us
valuable guidance towards the completion of this system as part of the
syllabus of the POST GRADUATIONs course. We express our sincere
gratitude towards cooperative department who has provided us with
valuable assistance and requirements for the system development.

We hereby take this opportunity to record our sincere thanks

and heartily gratitude toDr. Manish kr.Srivastva for his useful guidance,
making available to us his intimate knowledge and experience in
making Airline reservation system as a project . The acknowledge will
incomplete if we do not record our sense of gratitude to our Teachers and
My Friends who supported us till very last moment & who gave us
necessary guidance, encouragement by providing us with all the facility
available to work on this project.

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2.1 Need Of The System
2.2 Problem Statement

3.1 Software Requirements
3.2 Hardware Requirements





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1. Abstract
This project is aimed at developing a Airline Reservation System.
The Airline reservation System is a Java based application that can be
accessed easily. It basically provides a tool so as to simplify all the activities
involved in Airline Reservation details. This project primarily focuses on the
elimination of hassles and paperwork to maintain the Airline Reservation
transaction records. Because of this function we can reduce the cost and
manpower required to keep all these records and there maintenance.
It provides various tools and spare parts problems and accident details
Hence this project can be used to keep all this information just a click away,
And can be availed quickly and very easily. All these tools hence contribute
to makeup a package which is capable of handling all the details and
processes involved in Airline reservation system.
This project also takes care of security features that are, no
unauthorized person will be able to see the records and use this package. For
this we provide a login form which appears at the start, it contains user name
and password fields which only an authorized person can have.

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2.1 Need for system
Todays world is computer age; Stone Age is replaced with fabulous

achievements in science. We are living in the computer age so humans are

trying to become automated in each and every field of his need.
Basically automation is an act of replacing human labour by
machines. Automation is useful because when there are machines in place of
humans then the probability of error is minimized.
In todays world number of Hostels in our country, our world is
increasing. The program is designed in such a way that it will be able to
store records of each individual who related to Airline Reservation any how
and other parts of it.
With the help of the Airline reservation system we can have proper
data base of the owners and employees in a particular area. Having the
proper database we can control the Airline reservation crimes some extent.
The need of the project is to centralize the system to reduce errors and speed
up the Airline reservation system.

2.2 Problem Statement

With the new system the access of information will be available in the
nick of a second and improve the overall reliability of the system. The new
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system provides a very efficient and simple medium for all the activities
involved in this process.

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3. Requirement Determination
SRS or the Software Requirement Specifications.
3.1 Software Requirements
JAVA is used as an interface between the user and the data stored by the user. JAVA is a
language intended projects or applications containing multiple tasks in windows.
It serves as an ideal FRONT END tool for all types of databases situated far and wide in
network. In JAVA you can control & manage all different types of an object in Oracle Database.
The objects provided by Oracle 11_g represent forms input, controls & modules in
application. Oracle objects are represented in hierarchical relationship & objects contain collection
of other objects.

Hence, the JAVA serves as the FRONT END and the Oracle 11_g serves as the BACK END in the projec

3.2 Hardware Requirements

1. Core 2 duo
2. Minimum 40GB HDD
3. Minimum 256MB RAM
4. Monitor
5. Keyboard, Mouse

6. Printer


4. E-R Diagram

E-R model i.e. Entity Relation model is based on a perception of real world that consists of set of basic
objects called entities and relationship among these objects.
In the above shown E R diagram there are 5 entity sets.
The entity sets are related to each other and are shown related to each other by a diamond.

Each entity contains some attributes which are related to it.

A primary key is nothing but a key chosen by a designer as the principal means of identifying
entities within an entity set. A primary key is represented in an ellipse by a line under it.
Relationship set crime done by rider is one to many i.e. a single rider can BUY many cars. This
shows the many to many relations between vehicle and crime. The E-R diagram shows double
rectangle which represents week entity, vehicle as there is no vehicle without the rider. The E-R
diagram shows some underlined attributes which represent the primary key of respective entity. The
entity crime contains a multivalve attribute which is represented by double ellipse. There is a
relation between crime and history which represents that the history table keeps the record of all the
crimes done.
Every owner has a license.
The car owner of the individual is not entered if he/she doesnt have license.

Windows Appearance
Main Page:-

Feeding records

7. References
Complete Reference by Herbert Schildt.
Database System concepts by Silberschatz, Korth.


Dr.Manish Kr.Srivastava