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Charges sex abuse in military.

More on this on CNN.COM
Atmosphere of fear.
For decades...
Very creative.
Floowing, fleeing
Fitghing human trafficing.
We`re come back (cuando regresan de una pausa)
Nuclear plant (is more???) damaged that first thought.
General McDomald holds news conference.
Whats next in the middle east? ? = Que pasara a continuacion/y ahora qu en el
medio oriente?
Radio, one voice to many ears.
Opposition gain ground as coalition strikes go on. (gana terreno)
Opec is laughing at us.
We are the target of a conspiration.
We havents addresed many of peoples aspiration.
Reform is the duty of the state.
Enemies are working to undermine the stability of syria.
President Shamir addresses to nation.
President addresses the nation.
President makes televised address to nation.
Our duty is to save the security of the nation.
Al Saddas address.
Analysing Syrian President Al Saddass speech.
Wenger in trouble at Arsenal? (deportes)
20 children killed IN school shooting
Police: Suspect, six adults AT
school also dead. (Sospechoso y ademas seis
adultos muertos)
Vigil begins soon at a church in Newton, Conn.
France under Hollande. (Francia bajo (el mandato de) Hollande).
Next = a continuacion.
I want a really one = quiero uno de verdad.
Like so = como esto,
a matter of time = una cuestion de tiempo.
Nice start = buen comienzo.
Keep tryng = sigue intentando.
Closed until further notice = cerrado hasta nuevo aviso.
Its time for a walk = es tiempo de pasear. / para un paseo.
What are you doing? Qu haces?
Each one of us. = cada uno de nosotros
Your number is up = vas a morir (idiom)
More than 150.000 children live ON the streets.
Are there news on the way?

More detainess flown to cuba = Mas detenidos llevados a Cuba.

He warned that pakistan could attack.
To ensure funds.
Significant progress.
Crime nowdays is called capitalism.
Pastraba gave 48 hours TO withdraw.
To preach TO royal family in an anglican church.
Eliminating tariffs all almost all good.
Occupation will continue.
Bombing has continued day and night.
in seeking a solution.
It has served as headquarter.
He has boarded the plane.
Most pakistan support anti-terrorism crakcdown.
Tibetan exiles protest visit of chiness premier.
Starts Monday.
Alabama standoff ends.
Kidnapper identify as
Tha main reason = la principal razon.
Former embassador to Pakistan.
When the lights went out AT the super bowl.
It terminates in 2 dollar in pledged.

Some described Obama as the man of internet.

Consumer demand for gold is down.
What Pakistan thinks of us?
No U.S. talks with Iran since 2000.
Without a final ending, It will be difficult forgive. (Sin una conclusion/desenlace
final, ser dificil perdonar.)
Its difficult to speak of forgiveness.
Hes attorney for Mickel Jackson estate.
Liberation of Lybia.
Apple set to unveil next iphone.
A decade of ipod.
More to come.
Devaluation raises domestic debt.
Award winning program.
Summit of Americas.
Conversation on tension in middleeast.
Lastes news on the situationin Afganistas.
Trafficking of women.
Remain at large = suelto, en libertad.
At least 7 people died,
snow storm for a second day.
Unmanned spy plane = AVION ESPIA NO TRIPULADO.
Countering terrorism.
Ahead of meeting.
Throughout = durante todo , a lo loargo de.
Outlook for the cheap sector. (perspectiva, vista )
Getting a hold of telephone.
Resume relations = reanudar relaciones.
A bus slams into truck = choco contra.
Storm shut down transport. = para, detiene
They died in fire.
USA lifted sanctions.
Purchase of weapons.
Resignation of prime minister.
Join them in coming weeks.
Hold up = retener.
He accuses your friend.
He try to ease tensions = disminuye.
7 dead, 20 missing.
IN further effort to ease tensions. = adicional
10 digit sequence.
Whatever theyre running = introduciendo???
It passes right through = sin revision.

Theyre smuggling sontrhing. = contrabandear.

After tomorrow = pasado
I want to get dress. = vestirme.
You may??? go.
Argentina imposes new rstrictions ON bank accounts.

Ten years after start of war.

Times are uncertain for Kabul.
China reats to news of Steve Jobs death.
He died Wednesday at age 56.
He pass away at 56.
She dead???? at 48
New Ipad on sale (a la venta).
Still searching for cause of crack (Todava buscando la causa del crack)

Personnel begin deploying = El personal comienca a desplegarse.

68.000 votas ahead.

26 days to Cliff. (Cliff es el nombre del Fiscal acusado)

Countdown to crisis: 28 days to go.
It was a bad spot to be.
Reaction to death of apple visionary.
Flowers being left at apple headquarter.
A look at apple product under jobs.
Impact on music industry.
There is no reason not to follow you heart.
The world murns Staeve Jobs.
In memory of steve jobs.
Uncut = sin cortes.
They share price for work to advance womens rights.
10 year of war.
A decade has passed since start of us-led invasion.
Living on the edge of the night.
Gadhafi son reported captured.
Developers is breaking free of FACEBOOK.
They hope to be acquited of Jhons murder.
Appeal decision may come in several hours.
Case now rests in the hands of eight jurors.
Many of 33 miners say
Suspect charged in sex attack.
Protester camp out on edge of London.

Protesteramp out at
London Protesters began over weekend.
Seems like old times.
No confirmation yet of Gadafi death.
Cnn can verify authenticity of
Celerbration in the streets of Triplo.
Hes badly wounded
Three family members pulled out of rubble.
Survbivor pulled from rubble.
On the offensive.
He spoke by phone.
Pospone due to rain.
NATOS Libya strategy.
Price of piracy. = El precio de la pirateria.
He arrives in lybian capital to mark end of operation.
World leaders begin two days of talks in Cannes.
Importance of Italy.
New details on cain accusations.
Only 20% of suscribers buy from internet.
Syrias broken promise.
Thread for flooding.
3 hours have elapsed = han pasado
Police says up to 5000 people was target of phone-hacking.
Egypt on edge = Egipto al borde.
Losing ground = perdiendo terreno.
Worst to come.
No weapons allowed. = no se permiten armas.
Baby, Baby amy grant (cancion de los 80s)
He will receive key of the city.
Peace at what price.
Home sales revisions on the way.
He throws gasoline at policeman.
They have called on NATO to do more.
Out of control.
Photo by Mareios Shell.
Make your tweet matter by using this word.
Regular people = gente comun.
Some people.
Its my fault.
Peace talks = negociciones de paz.
President Obama: statement soon.
Cheering crowd gathering outside White House.

President Obama: Got it right

Bin Laden death photos.
Thats not who we are.
Dawn of new era?
Member of congress see Bin Laden Photos.
He is guilty of murdering nearly 30000 jews at concentration camp.
Future cities.
German court finds him guilty in nazi guard trial .
He has been on trial for 18 months.
The search for Madelaine.
Toddlers leave prison at age two.
Gadhafi airs message on tv.
As seen on tv.
Seeking 15th US Open title.
He desappeared into the air.
He is accused for war crimes = acusado por crimenes de guerra.
You set me up ??? me tendiste una trampa.
Bring down the government-> tumbar el gobierno ?? *cnn
Were you ever afraid? (entevista de un pirata de mar)
Former pirata talks to cnn
The coming hours > las horas por venir
President sacks government
Turmoil in tunisia <> Tturmoil in Tunisia (disturbios)
More trouble for Berlusconi.
State of emergency
Moment of silence
Path to sainthood.
Whats the rush?
Bottlenose brilliance (delfines)
Microphone mishap (contratiempo, percance)
Banking secrets (Bancario)
9/11 one decade on. This mark the tenth annyversary of the September attack.
Nation remember tsunami six months on.
Nation in Peril = Nacion en peligro.

Somalia Terror.
ProGadhaffi stronghold.
This transaction is said to be a worth of 300 million
Economist question top tax rat.
9/11 as it unfolded. (synonyms = occur, take place) ->
Dancing queen (danzante)
On the hunt for Gadhafi.
Portraits of Greif.

36 people killed in russian city of Lavarky.

Nearly 4 decades ago.
Two arrested on supicius of bomb.
How much of a thread is Alquaeda today?
Weve taken a stand.
They dominared world tennis. (no se usa the porque aqu tenis tiene un sentido
Mission to the moon. (aqu se usa the porque al haber una sola luna, el sentido es
Helping the people of the world.
Signs of progress.
One person killed at nuclear explosion.
Yemen power transfer.
The myth of creation.
kill until victory.
New state of law.
Lybia war crimes allegations.
240 mm of rain.
He has strong record of supponting trafficking victims.
Talibans (realizan) major assault on military station.
Cnn on the roas to dubay.
Over and out there.
There is no more we.
Annete Louisan (cancion)
What in the world? (nombre de un programa de cnn)
not yet seen leaving .
He freed earlier on medical grounds.
He convictes of spyng (espionaje).
Hes seeking palestinian state hood recognition.
He warned of.
He fears of a fresh recesion.
Putin running for president.
He passed away at age 97 in Dallas.
Greece will live up to all its commitments.
One third of Indian population lives in poverty.
New device to be unvieled in less that hour.
Device expected to be half the price of an ipad.
Price may give it an advantage over apple.
Expected to start at 250$.
Ipad in front in term of sales (a la cabeza)
They differ over the greace aid.

Apple cEO on medical leave.

Trouble in Tunisia,
the matter of fact.
No doubt about that.
Tnubia unrest.
On the phone from tunisia.
Return of Duvalier
Daniel murder. (or murderof Daniel)
wikileaks whiseltblower.
Chinas inflation worries.
Mafia hit.
I applaud this agreement.
Blair on the hot seat.
Police fire tear gas at protesters
Moscow airport blast ,explosion, bombing (sinononyms used on cnn)
Devololiping story: Brazil floods. (historia en desarrollo, pero para decir historia
desarrollada: = developed story)
Suicide bombing.
Violent chlases in Egypts (Violentos enfrentamiento en Egipto)
Tear gas fired at crowds in Egypt.
Violence in Egypt.
Military on Cairo streets.
He is under .
Egipt army is pretty regarded..
Curfew declared in Cairo.
Look this pictures (imagenes en la television).
Cnn Builgding on fire.
Presidemnt Mubarak to speak soon.
President to speak on television soon.
Gunfire heard in Cairo Street.
Mass protests sweep Egipt.
Stay with CNN for more information.
He is under house arrest (arresto domiciliario)
All these reasons.
Stay ahead of the trends..
Military presence grows on the streets.
Former President doing well.
Uprising in Egipt.

Its could be a big deal. (estan hablando del tiempo)

Footbal: Few hours remaining. (faltan pocas horas)
One hand,.. and, the other hand.
Central US to get walloped. (mucho frioo ??)
The crowd chants: The people and the army are one.
Life coming to standstill.
Mubarak will step down. Wont seek re-election.
Voice of Alan Hart.
Military sprays water in Thar square.
U.S. reaction to chaos in egipt.
Speed Ud (acelerar en cnn americano) y Accelarate (reportero britanico)
Military is fireing into the air.
AD spending picks up.
Tending to the injured.
Tired of serving.
Day of departure
Day of farewel
Floods. Then flames.
Obama ON Egypts crisis.
Standing firm in Tahir square.
Incredible cold.
Human Right Watch ON Egytp.
Crowds grow in Cairo.
Toyota report due.
Italian Primer Ministry trial sounght.
Global food prices hike.
New face of protests.
Strikes boots egypt protests.
Learn by doing.
Be inquisitive.
Trump takes on China
Anger over rising prices.
Face of a nation?
Mission acomplished.
Protesters stream into Tahir Square.
Waiting for Mubarak to speak.
Presidente Mubarak not stepping down.
Crowd in Tahi Square shouting get out, get out. (grita)
Protester in Tahir squeare Furios that Mubarack inst steppimng down as presiente
Egyptians pack the streets.
Crowds erupt in cheers as Mubarak steps down.
Wild cheers erupt in Tahair Square.

Party in streets of Cairo.

Mubarak is not in charge.
, and doing so, changed the world.
Mubarak quits.
New developments: Iran opposition crackdown = Nuevos acontecimientos.
Developing story (Hay una reportera narrando los acontecimientos que sucedieron
el dia anterior).
10 downings new mouser.
Berlusconi faces trial.
Berlusconi sex scandal. (no lleva apostrofe).
Sex abuse trial begins.
Troubling signs in teheran
Cooling system.
Life from london
Cocacola recipe = receta de la cocacola = formula de la cocacola.
Soaring sith.
Bernie behind bars = tras las rejas.
Libyan unrest.
Libyan protest.
Minetti speaks out = Minetti habla.
Bernard Madoff speaks. (sin out)
Inmigrations agent gunned down.
Dangerous duty.
Dangerous high = drogada peligrosa (el acto de drogarse) -> Tema: Ciertas drogas
en ls farmacias son peligrosas.
Protests continue.
Past several days.
Global implications.
Humor as a weapon.
Piles of cash.
Expected?? Growth.
Forecast highs. (muestran las temperaturas de varias ciudades)
Im sorry for taking long time.
Angry protesters.
Cuba says: Tweeter and facebook incite to unrest.
Day of victory.
Moment of truth.
Gunfire at protest.
Shots fired in Bahrain.
Stories you missed.
U.N. debate on settlements. (asentamientos) palestinos.

Rest of season canceled.

Information has been stolen by hackers.
Rebellion in Lybia.
Bahrain Grand Prix off. (suspendido???)
Lybia in turmoil.
Turmoil in Lybia
Lybia in the espotlight.
Whats at stake in the region.
Bahrain unrest: Showdown in the capital.
The team see a miltary convoy polling out of the city.6
World sport top 10 club poll.
Adventure ends in tragedy.
Tragic ending.
Libya divided by revolution
Trapped woman speaks (est hablando por telefono en el momento en que est
US agents fight new challenges.
Terrifyng scenes.
Thousands to march on Sunday.
State of emergency.
Unions of the U.S.
Market jitters
Search for survivors.
Losing control.
Home sales crawl back.
Greek strike.
Mumbai terror appeal.
Fleeing Libya
Hes trending. (l est imponeindo la moda???)
Libya military aircraft crashes.
Lybian react to Gadhafi.
Activists death: one year on.
Mumbai terror case = (caso de terror en Munbai) por qu no : terror case in Mumbai
Unions fight governors bill.
Germanys growing clout.
Lybia death toll.
Oils news normal?
Oil prices soar.
Jhon, stay there. (Le pide al entrevistado que espere mientrs entrevista a otra
persona que tiene en linea)
Return to profit.
Assange in court.

Assange extradition order.

Discoverys last mission. (space shuttle)
GMS road to recovery.
Battle for Zawya.
Just in: U.S. terror arrest.
$ 1.3 Million = (one point three millions dollars)
A little bit .
Winds gusting 60 mph.
Coffee crisis.
Foof for thought.
Concern over coffee.
From Lybia to Malta.
Feature is feading.
White house response to Lybia.
Emotional match (encuentro deportivo emocional).
Gahafi addresses supporters. (est dando un discurso en un balcon a la multitud)
Lybias revolt.
Voice of Tripolo Resident.
Ghadafi is one of you.
Which is the best picture this year? = (pelicula de hollywood)
Energy concerns.
Ferry from libyia arrives in Malta.
Benghazi defies Gadhafi. (challenge???)
Ai Gadafi blasts media. (estaba hablando con un periodista diciendo que los medios
aumetan el problema))
Clinton on middle east protests.
International pressure on Gadhafi.
One of the Gadhafis house looted.
Life as a princess.
Its time for Gadhafi to go.
On patrol in Nogales, Arizona. (el reportero va con los guardias caminando por la
Dont think I would trade any of it.
Sheen sets the records straight. (sin tomar drogas????)
I never hit a woman.
Lybias border bottleneck
Defense Minister resigns.
Galliano scandal (el escadalo Gallieano)
Confessions of a man.
Dior terminating contract.
Volvo unveiling (Volvo develado -> un nuevo modelo en la exposicion))
Lybia suspended from U.N. Human Rights Council.
Minister out for plagiarism.

Voices from the past.

U.N. meets on Lybia.
Taliban claims assesination. (asume la autoria del asesianto)
Unrest rattling/rattles investors. ( protestas poniendo/pone nerviosos a los
US military force cautious in the meditarrean sea, no-fly zone.
They should put their profits to good use.
Mourning for Bathi.
Lybias battle for control.
no inmunity for American.
Crakdown on journalists in turkey.
Crisis on the border (frontera con Libia)
Stories have no boundaries.
Asking for help = (pidiendo ayuda)
California tsunami threat.
Worts japanese earthquake ever.
Journalist released.
Hundreds dead in earthqueake.
The science of tsunamis.
Hundreds killed, thousands missing. (earthquake)
Red cross: deployed 63 teams.
Tsuname can ocurre without quake.
The power of the internet.
Surveying the damage.
Search in sea of bodies.
Hope amid despair.
Japan radiation fears.
Worker toil at nuclear plant.
Earthquak impact on stocks.
Unprecedented exodus out of Japan.
Mass exodus from Tokio.
5,000 now confirmed dead.
G7 call to action.
Millions of victims.
Government response.
Japans economic outlook.
Japans nuclear emergency.
Japans nuclear crisis.
Crisis in Japan.
Libya no-fly zone.
Enforcing the no-fly zone.
Search for the loved ones.
Fighting in Libyas east.

Thanks for coming everyone. (empezando una rueda de prensa)

US fires on Libyan air defense.
US stands with its allies.
We dont know much about this situation.
Sales ban on some foods.
Clash of the titans.
The 737 came to a stop in the middle of a city street.
The university had been in turmoil over anti-war protests. (por, a causa de, acerca
de; durante)
Anti-aircraft fire seen in Tripoli.
Witnesses say Ghadafis force are attacking city.
Electricity not yer flowing to the reactors
Mourners have few chances for proper funeral.
Japan food fears = Temores con los alimentos Japoneses.
Gadafi still attacking civilians.
Real progress at Fukushima
Radiation tests of seawater
NATO in command. = OTAN al mando.
Sings of recovery in Japan.
Syriass revolt.
Sounds of gunfire heard in Daras on Day of
Rival groups clash in Yaman.
NATO to handle no-fly zone.
Residents flee embattled city of Tripolo.
The team must dress special suits.
Unrest and discontent.
Radiation fears.
Roll up the windows (car windows).
Woman says 15 men raped her over 2 days. (over=during)
Man on a mission.
Government was cheated out of $31 billion.
He is in custudy for over a week.
Rebels on the move.
AF crash site found.
Rebels on the run.
Gobho traying to negotiate way out.
7.4 Earthquake in Japan: Biggest queake since the March 11 earthquake.
Lving in fear: Lybian woman accussing Gadhafis soldiers of rape.
On the defensive.
There are reports of injuries in the latest queake.
Four million homes have no power.
NEWS of the WORLD.
Explosion ahead of election.

Businessmen missing in Lybia.

Arrests in Monday explosion.
Hiliary Clinton: friend of Princess Diana (lo ponen de titulo mientras Hilary habla)
CIA CHIEF: Bin Laden photo to come. (van a llegar laa fotos de Bin Laden)
President Obama to visit disaster zone. (en los proximos minutos se espera la visita
del Presidente obama)
President obama visits disater zone (aqu se utiliza el present simple, sin embargo
la accion se esta llevando a cabo en esos momentos)
S11 Firefighters on Obamas visit. (Bomberos del 11s en la visita de obama.)
Quiere decir que se encuentran en la visista.
Reaction from a firefighter.
Thats correct. (se contesta si la otra persona narra algo que este de acuerdo con la
que uno piensa que es)
Reaction to death of Bin Laden.
Ebadi on freedom (la seora Ebadi habla sobre libertad. Ponen este cintiillo
mientras ella es entrevistada en el estudio)
All eyes on Jobs.
New chief at FMI.
He is not guilty of murder.
He is Guilty on 4 count of provinding false information to police.
Tell us what you think.
Its kiddy stuff (es cosa de nios)
End of an era.
Its a insanity = es una locura.
He let you know = El te lo dice. (cuando pasa algo que le gusta el te lo dice o te lo
deja saber)
Lbybia following in Egypts footsteps.
Ghadafi: wanted dead or alive.
Heavy fighting near Tripoli airport.
Analysis the post-Jobs era Expect to be a effort team.
Gadhafi may be trapped. (puede estar)
Cook takes over as apple CEO.
Rebels search for Gadhafi.
Hunt for Gadhafi continues.
Thousands of flights canceled.
Hurricane Irene marches north.
Its dangerous out there.
NY City starts to feel Irene.
Finding Ghadafi.
New rules for reporting in Syria.
US open begins.
44% of all republic electors.
No one inmunes to Irenes flood.

It was like a river running through here.

Cost of flooding.
Battle for Ghadafis hometown.
Democratic party of Japan.
Damage estimated at about million dollars.
Gadhafi family members in Algeria.
Former nanny allegates mistreatment by Gadhafi family.
Well be right back (ya regresamos, estaremos de vuelta en un momento, enseguida
Lybian wars forgotten victims.
One day Ill be doctor. ???
Friends of Lybia meeting.
Mapping out Libyas future.
Analysis of Libyan conflict.
He is hide since fall of Tripolo.
Tripoli should continue in its resistance.
Gadafi calls on Libyans to continue resisting.
TV Al-Rau airs message said to be from Gadhafi.
Seeking 1st career xxxx.
Former Leader has been in hiding since fall of Tripoli.
We will fight them day and night.
Resistance is continuing throughout the country.
Former Libyan leader purpotedly speaking. (aparentemente)
We have nothing left (despues de un huracan habla un hombre con la casa
Israels flotilla raid (incursion, ataque)
Mexicos state of the union.
Rich on 9/11. (Rich habla sobre el 9/11)
Rich on the war on terror. (Rich habla sobre la guerra sobre??? el terror.
Ankara expelling diplomats.
Space junk (basura espacial)
Meadleast goes West. (por qu no goes to???)
Low level of radiation.
Ten years on. (se refiere que han pasado 10 aos del 9/11)
36 killed in airple crash.
Eye on Poland.
Here is how 9/11 changed Al Qaeda.
US on alert.
Impact of 9/11.
Minister shuffle.
Glimmer of hope in Somalia.
Burned to death.
Lack of discipline of fighters.

Commander of fithers calls plan unacceptable.

Commander wants fighters under unified control.
UN pledges to have interin government in place in days.
Astronaut arrives safety after communications go dead.
Medal of honor awared
Troy Davis execution on hold: Awaiting decision by US Supreme Court.
..reaction to all this?
Latest Developments in Child Molestation Trial of Michael Jackson.
Get involved (involucrese).
A close look at how the anestethic puts to sleep.
Fugitive jihacker captured.
Jackson doctor trial.
Jacksons doctor on trial.
Use of propofal.
China prepares space launch.
Women on the front lines (Mujeres en las lines del frente) (militar).
Guatemala missing family.
Stay at a CNN hotel..
Jury member have multiple options to choose from.
Awaiting Knox rulling (Esperando fallo del caso Knox).
Knox en route to US.
Her legal nightmare may not be over.
Christie: Now is not my time.
New phone reveled.
Afganistan: 10 years on.
Nobel peace prize 2011.
He was the first artist to win a Emmy. (en ganar)
Not My Life (No Mi Vida)
Financial protests goes global.
Driver dies following crash.
Debate over shark attacks.
Planned swep of 1000+ prisioners for one captive soldier.
He is held by Hammas since 2000.
Point of no return.
It may be disturbing (puede ser perturbador).
Whats happening on the ground. (hablando de la guerra)
Rebels claim shutdown OF helicoipter (explicacion: rebeldes le dan a un
helicoptero y lo tumban).

If you rise taxes on me, I cant hire.

Charges sex abuse in military.
More on this on CNN.COM
Atmosphere of fear.

For decades...
Very creative.
Floowing, fleeing
Fitghing human trafficing.
We`re come back (cuando regresan de una pausa)
Nuclear plant (is more???) damaged that first thought.
General McDomald holds news conference.
Whats next in the middle east? ? = Que pasara a continuacion/y ahora qu en el
medio oriente?
Radio, one voice to many ears.
Opposition gain ground as coalition strikes go on. (gana terreno)
Opec is laughing at us.
We are the target of a conspiration.
We havents addresed many of peoples aspiration.
Reform is the duty of the state.
Enemies are working to undermine the stability of syria.
President Shamir addresses to nation.
President addresses the nation.
President makes televised address to nation.
Our duty is to save the security of the nation.
Al Saddas address.
Analysing Syrian President Al Saddass speech.