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D ACCLAMATION IESIA - LIGHTHOUSE OF THE WORLD , the World. | HPAI IZIT 12 Istain’ Agung Ngesl Tung! NKRI ENGLAND, Ni herefore a the holder and ‘Country-CAR Geniificate Code 99.98 Series 1-4 Wareld Van Eighendom Verpanding ‘Comrane! UBS ax the Guarantor of Foreign Exchange Earning Countries Legal ‘Standard Prining License, chereby declare the Grand Independence oft af i Law Adminisiration conciusted that the Grad Palace of the United ‘Nations is io be in Nationa ‘based on the World Register UN-APPROVAL NO. MISA 81704 / 17-5- 1945, togetver with the Deby Burden Liberation Cerificate (DBLO), tssuance af M! Vouchers, which guarantee «the basic income in the world, which ts par of the opening of the New World Monetary System ax the Pancasila Economic Dynamic Change Constinvrion thar inspirited and was spirsed by the Negara Pancasila Philosophy, and UUD 1945 that is pure and consequential. 1 declare and stand in the light of Trach amd legal guidance of tmue world single sovereignty of Rate Adi! immam Mahdi Royal, K.G81 King of King’s Mi, Board of the Asiaciation of Iniernational Dacument; World Bank (WH, Union ant of Metal Switcerland (UBS), Bonk Indonesia (Bi) in accordance with Exhibits AB deicrmined the global currency “ESTWO” as vhe World Central Rank currency and the standard warranty of 253 developed cowatries in the world. The implementation of the World Acquisition begins in Indomesia and is to be applled into the World Country Operation Gaverning System, under the guard of the Mulsinasional Operaiions Army Alliance FM 8-42 UNO-Security Councit, and Garuda Contingent es Pramudya Kirana-Kirana Candre A.N Probe Brakwijaya Silitwengl, Sabdo Agwag Winaea Jagad Negara Kertapama Pamungtas Pamerad Jogad. ‘Regaining coutrol of the land of Wareld Van Eighendom Verponding Ondermeming-Landreforss of the International Cerificate covering Juridical Personality, Funds-Assets-Property Article 2-8, Counter Terrorist Article 7, International Lave Ardcle 14, and Registration Artite 103 UN Charter. Inthe mame of the Universe, Al! Nations and the People of Indomesia as the National Assets NOW CONFIRMEDAS LAW AND LEGALISED AS WORLD KINGDOM COUNTRY LAW, TOTAL RESOLUTION NO. UN-AFPROVAL NO. 81704/009 MI, PLPKC-NKRL BY: KHOLIPATUL IMMAM MAHDI ROYAL, K.681 KING OF KING'S MI AS: ‘TOP PRESIDENT ALLIANCE SWISSINDO WORLD TRUST INTERNATIONAL ORBIT ALLIANCE, (The Committee of 300-The International Organic Agency-United Nations) INTHE SET: JAKARTA, SUNDAY 16 OCTOBER 2016 AMISH HOLDER AND OWNER OF COUNTRY-C.AJ INTERNATIONAL DOCUMENTS ON OF HM.MR.AI.SINO.AS.S"2".IR SOBGIHARTONOTONEGORO, ST.MI (CODE A7B0B449 INDONESIA