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The construction of the bridge is to explore possible alternative designs suitab

le for bridges and to acquire experiences, which shall ultimately establish Basi
c Norms, preliminary Standard and Technology for bridges and will ultimately als
o result in optimum planning and implementation procedures. The technology will
be simple, mechanized with labour based, local material intensive and cost effec
tive. Further, applicability of this bridge type will be defined in terms of tec
hnical and social organizational perspective.
In practical terms, the expected output of the study is:
Safe, reliable and cost effective design of bridge,
Suitable technology for bridge is being explored,
Basic Norms for bridges are established,
Preliminary standard design for bridges is developed,
Optimum Planning and Implementation Procedures for motorable bridge, bas
ed on modern technology approach, are elaborated,
Capacitating Bridge Branch on motorable bridge know how so that latter c
an provide technical support to Division office.
Scope of work
The consulting service is to provide high quality professional services for Feas
ibility Study, Detailed Engineering Survey, Soil Investigation, Hydrological Stu
dy and Detailed Design of Bridges according to the DoR Standard specification of
road and bridge works and IRC . The consultant will carry out the necessary field
works at bridge site. The team personnel to be mobilized for field visit and sch
edule of field tasks will be prepared and should be included in the proposal. Th
e scope of services to be carried out by the Consultant and ToR will broadly inc
lude, but not be limited to, the following: