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Scene 1:

Introduction- Adam Possible Intro line & theme: Is this a mistake? Intro: Clips/voice: Best choices of arguments and debates of prop. 57

Adam: Proposition 57. (Pause) Is it really worth the risk? Or is it a mistake waiting to happen? Both arguments are convincing, but it’s up to you to decide.

If prop 57 passes, it would increase the opportunity of parole for good behavior to felons who are convicted of nonviolent crimes.

(Pause) Depending on how you define non-violent.

(Cue the music: Choirtrap)

Scene 2: Effects. Why this is a major problem.-Enrique Possible Intro Line & theme: Background noise of a prison Enrique: Prisons have reach over 500% capacity. (Pause) 500%. This is one the issues prop. 57 is attempting to address. Play video of the Guide to prop 57 “California's prison are overcrowded no one can deny that…1:30 This is is one of the controversial points against prop 57. Will it be safe? (Pause) It will most definitely affect victims and most importantly, the offenders. Play videos of the Guide to prop 57: 90% are tried as an adult many of them are

people of color we want to fix that. We want to offer rehabilitation. Most of the

time they end up committing suicide getting depression


Video of the guide to prop 57 VIDEO #2: Prop 57 will give constitutional rights to inmates take away rights of victims and that's an important thing to consider


And there is no guarantee Rehabilitation will change an inmate. Keep in mind that anyone is eligible for treatment. A study was recorded over a long time period of 20 years. Observing the effects of Rehabilitation. Without it, 91% were rearrested. With it, 81% were rearrested. Some argue it’s a big difference. Some argue it makes no difference. (Pause)

Keeping inmates locked up in prison is costing taxpayers an average of 31,286 dollars per inmate a year. About 36 billion dollars in counting.

(Cue the music: Choirtrap)

Scene 3: Prop 47 & 57 -Victoria Possible theme: Have we done something about it? Did it work?

Victoria: Have we done something about it? Yes we’ve tried, the majority of citizens have come up with proposition 47. (pause) Did it work?

To supporters like Jay-Z (Jay-Z at his concert: 0:08-0:15) 47 aimed to reduce prison

overcrowding by having felons who commit non-violent, non-serious, and non-sexual crimes to misdemeanors. Record and change research affair: 3:12-3:25

After Prop 47 passed November 4, 2014, inmate population dropped all across California. Savings is predicted to increase 100 million - 200 million dollars in 2016-2017. It saved space for more violent criminals. Those with Felonies and changed to misdemeanors were able to find jobs. It was a success. Did this raise crime rate in California because of prop 47? No proof has said otherwise. Not immediately anyway. There was a neglectable increase in violent crime. What does this have to do with Prop 57? Instead of have 3 non’s unacceptable as crimes in proposition 47, what prop. 57 will do is allow serious and sexual crimes be eligible for parole. People are afraid rehabilitation won’t work. They believe the safety of California is at stake if 57 passes.

Scene 4:

Problems with enlisted non-violent crimes. -Victoria Possible theme: Cases labeled non-violent Possible intro: Audio of news cases and propaganda from no on 57

Some of these listed crimes that are considered non-violent might shock the public.

To Rape of an intoxicated or an unconscious person, Human Trafficking, Drive-by shooting, Assault with a deadly weapon, Hostage taking, Domestic violence involving trauma, lewd acts against a child, and this is only a partial list.

(Maybe we can fit a interview of a citizen) Brock Turner, a harvard swimmer and student is responsible of three rapes. Two intoxicated rapes and one where the victim was unconscious.

He only had a minimum of 2 years on judges orders in prison. Prosecutors sought out 6 years.

For good behavior, he was released in half of his prison time because of overflowing population in prison. Turner’s case was looked upon as ‘non-violent’ because there was no force involved in all three of his cases. The public was outraged.(pause) The victims are devastated.

Scene 5: Rape & Human Trafficking

Possible theme: What are the emotional and psychological effects on victims of rape and human trafficking? How many cases on rape & human trafficking are their in San Diego? Is it a big deal?

1. What do rape victims suffer from?

Interview with Marisa Ugarte

a. What is their behaviour later in life?

2. Psychological symptoms of rape trauma syndrome are

a. Increased fear and anxiety.

b. Self-blame and guilt.

c. Helplessness, no longer feeling in control of your life.

d. Humiliation and shame.

e. Lowering of self esteem.

f. Feeling dirty or contaminated by the rape.

g. Anger.

h. Feeling alone and that no one understands.

3. Survivors of rape

Stories shared by Marisa Ugarte about a survivor of rape. Videos of Survivor Stories and cases on rape in San Diego

4. Process of Human Trafficking

5. Survivor stories of a human trafficking victim




6. What do human trafficking victims suffer from?

7. Cases on rape and human trafficking in San Diego

Videos on cases in San Diego or California

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) - Underage sex trafficking is San Diego's second largest underground economy behind the drug trade, pulling in an average of $810 million in annual revenue.

The average age of someone being sex trafficked in San Diego is 15.


Sex trafficking is the kidnapping of a person and then using fraud or force to cause a

commercial sex act with an adult or cause a minor to cause a commercial sex act.


Scene 6:Is this the right approach?-Enrique Possible theme: Question for the people listening to the podcast. So now ask yourself is this the right approach to end overcrowding in prisons, it saves taxpayers millions of dollars but is your money worth your safety?

Introductions to say ADAM:

-This is Susan Fisher and she opposes Prop 57. She is the sister of a murder victim and she came to news 7 of San Diego to share her thoughts.

-Here are some interviews of people who had their life changed because of prop.47 who attended the record change and research fair.

- Ana Kasparian breaks down the letter sent to the judge from Brock Turner on her channel ‘The Young turks’. She expresses the concerns on Brock Turners rape case.