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182016 NsIT Delhi UNIVERSITY OF DELHI NETAJI SUBHAS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY END SEM EXAMINATION - NOV 2016 ADMIT CARD fave _ smn vtAmne 74 anit cr: 1260629 ‘rer mated Sra Mreron eam UMN No Code Paper Name | ee DRYAcademie) IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS + Always keep tw Examination Admit Card wih you and show itt the examination slaffon duly as and when required / demande. 2, No Candidate wl be allowed to leave the Examinaton Hal belore hal te tne is over, 3.ACandidate who comes afer 0 minutes ofthe conmencementofthe examination shall not be permite to take the examination. 44 No Candidate shal be alowed to carry nae the Examination Hal any textual material pried or writen, bis of paper or any ator materia ke nature. 5. Mobile phones, pagers and articles of tke nature shallot be allowed inthe examination hal (cient! simple calculators without storage feature are trowever permiasibie'n the examination hall prescribed} 6 No blank pages been betwen answer various questions, 7. Canaidate shal ony use Blue or Blank nk pen or ball pen inthe Answer Booklet Answer dooklet shal be considered as use of unfar means, Do natwrte anything aide tha Anawer Booilet before dtrbution of question paper. 8, Do notwrte your Examination Rol Numbevany Wark at any oer place other tan te space provided on the ite cover ofthe Answer Booklet 10.0 notte any matorexceot your Examination Roll No. on your queston pa 11.ross cutall blank pages inte Answer Booklet before submission tothe invigatr. 12. Carrying of prescribed atari toms inside the Examination Hal wil be teaied as unfair means case, 13, Cancidates are admitod tothe examinaton under the condions laid down in the Ordinance and Ragulatons ofthe Instute/Unversiy. nthe connection 2 copy ofthe Code ofthe Conduct er Examinees, Dectons to Candidates or Examination and copy of Orinance dealing with General Rules fo Examination Disorcely Conduct and Use of Unia.crneane, respectively, ave given aveady. Canddales are advaed lo fead the contents carealyimmedaely on receipt. The ‘ules need nto be cared by the canalstes the examination conte. ot any ater inkbal pan (Except lus or Black) by he candidate in the | wil abide to the rules contained in the ‘Code of Conduct for Examinees, Directions to the Candidate for Examinations and General Rules {for Examinations’ Signature ofthe Candidate Generated on 2016-11-06 2:32:28 hpsuhwwnv imsnsitorgimsns stort im ”