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If you cannot understand what I am talking about here, then go

back to sleep and dream!!!

Consciousness and the mind, a hatched plan to keep you remotely controlled.
By the time you read this message, you will most likely think its a fake propaganda, or a
plan by the devil or a fraudster intending to deviate you from the routine, mainstream and
perceived normal life characterized by selfishness, hatred, war, disease, poverty,
dictatorship, hunger, debt, anxiety and fear.
Throughout our series of documentation, we shall deliberately use the terms They, Them
and Their, to refer to a small group of the world population who virtually control you, and
everything that ever existed in the world. The group is composed of a lineage of extremely
rich persons some with inter-linked familial relationships having inherited it from their greatgreat grand ancestors with a long term plan to control the planets and everything in the
Universe for their benefit. They are the masterminds behind the International monetary fund
(IMF) and the World Bank, NASA, the control the works of the UN, the Pope, they determine
who and what the US President does, they own all the oil and its reserves on the earth
dictating on the choice of energy to be used by the worldly population.
Lately, managing population dynamics has been at the forefront of their agenda, with a
hatched plan to reduce it by 90%. The use of population control strategies like family
planning, and so-called safe conception plans, vaccination and infectious epidermics of
HIV/AIDS and ebola, antimicrobial resistance, and the control of the pharmaceutical industry
are among. Controlling the minds of the young population worldwide is producing very good
results since it has an everlasting impact on the generations ever. Digtalizing the media and
promotion of the social networks to propagate their message is producing fruitful results
faster than was expected.
A discussion of the control of the universe may not be an easy to understand topic for
everyone, but for simplicity, the group controls all the money in the world, the space around
you, the food you eat, the church you go to, they are facilitating the war in your country, they
determine which president leads which country, they control the major internationally
recorgnized media platforms including the news channels on the internet, radios and

television. Hollywood has been at the forefront of their plan to re-invent the world of reality
and only show you the mirror-side of reality.
Controlling the food chain from production to what must be available for consumption is
proving a success too. The promotion of Genetically Modified Foods (GMF) to deny you
control over the power of food production, introduction of pests and diseases, the fake
seeds and poisonous chemicals in the food chain shown great potential for achieving this
plan. In the name of commercial farming, we are getting rid of the disease resistant breeds
of plants and animals within our reach, replacing them with the GM breeds as we promote
the control of the food chain from one point. Poisonous agents in the food chain are the
number one reason there is an upsurge of the non-communicable diseases seen in the
populations today. Metabolic diseases such as heart diseases, Diabetes, liver and kidney
diseases and cancer are part, not forgetting the notorious allergies reported by almost every
living thing on the earth today.
Depriving you of socio-economic independence through long term bank loans with high
interest rates creates anxiety and fear in you. You will keep on the run, working day and
night to recover the loan with consequential loss of property to the financial institutions.
Betting and sports betting in particular has been at the centre of the anxiety and fear
campaign globally. The advertisement strategy to promote betting as a get rich faster
venture is one plan to impoverish the population and keep you in fear.

To be continued..
Byaruhanga Emma

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