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Residence: Romania (born on 01.08.1983)

Phone number: +4(0) 0727 744 292


Linkedin professional profile:

Professional profile summary

Over 5 years experience, corporate and self-employed, from which three years in HR area
training, teambuilding and recruiting. Exposed to various business areas such as Education
(taught in University), Recruiting, Sales, IT, Banking, Administrative, and Media. Delivered over 100
days of training to over 600 participants.

Skilled in Management (project management, cost control, implementation, administrative) and

Training & Development (design and delivered full cycle training & teambuilding session).

Most representative project: Workplace behavior training designed and delivered in Continental Hotels,
within the Organizational Change Program. Initially focused and delivered to over 100 Middle Managers,
the training was delivered to all hierarchical levels, including the General Managers and the
operational staff.

MANAGER Period: November 2009 March 2010
Company: ALDO Shoes & Accessories

Details: Day-to-day management, Training& Development, Cash

responsibilities, Sales of company products, Stock control, Visual
merchandising, Managed directly 8 people, Reporting

Main accomplishments: Decreased, in 4 months, monthly personnel

turnover by 10%, from 35% to 25%; Developed sales process to measure
the activity of the sales people; Developed bonus scheme for sales people;
Developed sales campaign; Won Club Elite (internal competition) for the
international Assistant Manager section;

TRAINER Period: September 2007 October 2009

Continental Hotels (May 2008 March 2009)
Self-employed ( January 2008 October 2009)

Projects: Workplace Behavior, Up & Cross Selling, Guest Problem

Solving, Leadership (as a trainer). Effective Communication, Customer
Care, Project Management, Finance for Non-Finance, The Budgeting
Process, HR Academy ( as a trainer assistant).

Process details: Responsible for all training cycle needs analysis, targeting
and analyzing desired audience, course structure and topics design,
preparing materials (such as: handouts, training manuals), training venue
setup, delivering training, costs, evaluating and follow-up.

Topics covered: Behavior, Ethics, Behavioral models (such as Transactional

Analysis), Change Process, Behavioral Change, Psychological Contract,
Managerial abilities, Customer Care, Up & Cross Selling, The ABC of
Selling, Selling techniques, and Objections.

Period: October 2004 July 2007 (while student)
EXPERIENCES Position, company and project details:
 Researcher Manpower Professional (December 2006 July
2007). Supporting the consultants within recruitment processes,
mainly identifying relevant candidates based upon a work profile,
establishing first contact, phone interviews, offering feedback,
drawing up needed documents and reports.
 Seminar Teacher Polytechnics University. (October 2004
October 2006) Taught Managerial communication an image
consulting for two years, seminar designed for first year students, and
any other interested students regardless the University that they

PROJECT Projects:
MANAGEMENT &  Directed a short reel movie, within Continental Hotels: coordinated the
team (over 40 people, involved as actors, make-up artists, writers,
(ROMANIA) consultants, logistics responsible, camera team, drivers, etc), setting up
the project, implementing the project, editing the movie.
 Project coordinator: Setting up two new offices corresponding to
Professional Branch and National Branch, within Manpower Romania (in
charge of suppliers and manufacturers relationship, budget, contracts,
negotiation of terms, construction supervision, reporting directly to the
General Manager)
 IT support for the Manpower Professional Branch and at company
level ( limited support due to limited knowledge, e.g.: ordering new
work stations, maintaining relationship with the company support
center located in France, and with the local support company )


 27.10. 03.11.2007, Train the Trainers, Schultz Consulting

Certified Trainer by the Ministry of Education, Research and Youth,
National Council for Adult Vocational Training and Ministry of Labor,
Family and Equal Opportunities.
Final Mark: 10 (from 1 to 10, 10 the best mark)

 2002 2007, Polytechnics University of Bucharest

Electrical Engineering Faculty, Romania
Diploma Engineer, Graduation Paper: The labor market in Electrical
Engineering field, Final Mark: 9 (from 1 to 10, 10 the best mark)