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Test 1

Part 1: There are seven questions in this part. For each question, there are three
pictures and a short recording. Choose the correct picture and put a tick in the box
below it.
Example: What is the first prize in the competition?

1. Where are the man gloves?

2. Who is the girl new teacher?

3. How much will they pay to hire a car?

4. What present has the boy bought Alison?


What time will the next flight o Madrid leave?

6. What did the girl like best about her holiday?

7. What is the first progamme after the news?

Part 2:
You will hear a teacher talking to a group of new students who are going on a tour of
a college. For each question, choose the correct answer A, B or C.
8. What do students joining the college need to do quickly?
A. Make new friends
B. Find their way
C. Get to know their teachers
9. How many students are starting at the college this year?
A. 430
B. 520
C. 970
10. What takes place in the Robinson Building every month?
A. An exhibition
B. A film show
C. A talk by an artist
11. What has the college introduce this year?
A. Rules for using the computers
B. Student identity cards
C. Higher book fines
12. Students cannot use the Sports Center for part of next term because of
A. Building work
B. National competitions
C. Students taking exams there
13. What should students do after their tour?
A. Talk to other students
B. Return to the college hall
C. Speak to their subject teachers.
Part 3: You will hear a man talking on the radio about a film festival. For each
question, fill in the missing information in the numbered space.
Dates of Festival

Opens on 15th 14. for three weeks

New prize-winning films


Short films
15 .

Locations showing festival films


Gifford Road Cinema

Riverside Arts Centre
Outdoor screenings in 16 ..

Talk by guest speaker, Paul Greenwood


About the career of Marco Rossi who was a 17 .

Followed by the film 18


In person at Gifford Road Cinema

By telephone on 19 ..
Online at

Part 4:
Look at the six sentences for this part
You will hear a conversation between a boy Cris, and a girl, Amy, in a computer
shop. Decide if each sentence is correct or incorrect.
If it is correct, write A
If it is incorrect, write B.
20. Cris has to pay the full cost of a new computer himself. ..
21. Amy thinks it would be better to buy a laptop. .
22. Amy thinks the printer they look at is expensive. .
23. Amy and Cris agree to return to the last shop they went to..
24. Cris wants to buy a computer that includes some software
25. Cris has to discuss his choice of computer with his parents..