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Space missions definitely seem to be extravagant, wasteful endeavors.

they are acts of exploration. And Humanity cannot exist with exploring new
frontiers. Remember the Neanderthals and our ancestors who lived side by
side. The Neanderthals were conservative and did not wander into dangerous
territory. If they're rare wandering hit a water body, they would stop, if they
confronted a mountain, they would stop.

Humans were crazy and irrationally insane. If we hit a water body we would
swim, a mountain would make us climb. We did over and over, but when one
died another was ready to try again. Imagine how many people drowned to
reach Easter Island for an example. We loved to stare death in the face over
and over again. And yet now Homo Sapiens rule the earth. And the
Neanderthals are extinct in their graves. Space is just another large ocean. So
now tell me whether we should swim in it.
would say that, space programme of launching satellite to earths orbit for
purpose like remote sensation, weather forecasting, communication purpose,
4g, 3g etc are very important for our day -to-day life. But mission like
chandrayan mission for moon, mars mission etc are useless. What would b
their uses, even if we are able to get water on them?

Useless, its just a stage of I would say that, no doubt space programme such
as launching satellite to earths orbit for various resources. Instead of focusing
on such useless mission we should focus on how to improve our other
satellite system. Why to search water/land on them? When we have already
water able barren that desert?

Why don't we spend money on that land to make it fertile? You may say,
Indira Gandhi canal is there, but why don't we construct one more to improve
more, there are many points Mars and Moon mission are useless.
There should be a clear distinction between space missions and satellite
launches. Satellites are including GPS and other systems are extremely useful
for the development of the country carrying out space missions to Moon or
the Mars are absolutely pointless and clearly waste of resources. We know
that these barren spheres do not have anything that support life then why go
there and waste precious Earth resources?
Space missions are not wasteful act of resources and mainly a country like
India being a developing nation, we should proud of our nation that we are
taking part in the field of science and technologies along with the nations

calling themselves developed. Its a very big achievement. And if we talk

about the resources, I don't say that we have much but we still have enough
that we won't starve even if there would be any case like these. And space
missions are not held by a single nation.

Its a joint venture in which two or more countries invests. Its only because of
the space missions that we are able to know about the life on the other
planets. If some of the resources are being used, this doesn't mean that
resources are gonna gone for ever. There are some alternatives that are used
to minimize the use of resources. So I think it is not a good statement that we
are burning our resources on the space missions not on our people.