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You are a Japanese exchange

student and you dont speak
English well. Ask you partner to
explain every word he/she says
that starts with an F, C or B.

4. You are 98 years old and you

dont hear very well. Whenever
your partner (grandson or
granddaughter) does not speak
loud enough, ask him/her to
repeat the word or the phrase.

2. You are a French person who

only knows a few words in English.
Whenever your partner mentions
an object, ask him/her to explain
what it is.

5. You are talking to you friend on

the phone, but the line is very bad
and sometimes you cant hear
what your partner is saying. Ask
him/her to repeat.

3. You are a Native American living

in the rainforest in South America.
Whenever your partner tells you
about something that you dont
have in the rainforest, ask your
partner to explain what it is (e.g.
computer, cinema, microscope

6. Your partner is talking to you

about a topic which is very boring.
You always start thinking about
something else, and when you
realize that you didnt pay
attention, you ask your partner to
repeat what he/she said.

A, Tell your partner about a book that you like or that you have read

B, Tell your partner about what happened during the weekend.

C, Tell your partner about what you like to do in your free time.

D, Tell your partner about your favourite and your least favourite
subject at school.

E, Tell your partner about a film that you like or what youve seen