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Mind games creating reality

So lets play with our minds, lets play with what we call
reality, this 3rd dimension we all live in. Well we dont
really, our bodies do and hence our brains that reside
within our bodies.
However our mind, our consciousness, well, where
it resides is up for grabs.
It is one of the big questions that science has no answer
forso far.
What is the relationship between the mind and the
brain especially regarding conscious experience? (Ref:
The Buddhas Brain, Rick Hanson Ph.D)
When I ask people do they exist? they look at me like I
am an idiot. Of course I exist here I am Where? I ask,
I am in my body, I am this separate self, a
human body, separate from all others.
Where are You in your body? Is my next question. Most
will say I am in my head, my brain. Oh really?
If we inquire more deeply we can pull those beliefs apart.
You are the one that creates your reality, and that your
body and brain create what you, the mind, hold in
If you have beliefs that you are separate and in control
of your life then these beliefs need to be shaken. We are
destroying ourselves and our environment because of
our beliefs that we are separate from the rest of life and
somehow in control.
Here is an example of how you depend on your
connection with nature.
What are one of the first things you do in the morning
before you get dressed to go out? You check the

weather, to know the temperature, because you have to

dress accordingly to maintain a healthy body
We all know instinctively that maintaining the right body
temperature is very important. So the weather has a
direct effect on the body and your mind.
So our minds are separate from the body but also
interdependent with the body and the outer environment
down here in this third dimensional reality. The
body/brain can be likened to a space suit with a powerful
inboard computer.
Quantum Physics is beginning to unlock the mysteries of
the Universe but all they are really doing is
understanding what the ancient mystic philosophers
have been teaching for thousands of years..
The Hindu Yogi Masters have said that it is our thoughts
that condense light (energy) into form/matter. The Taoist
Masters said, first there was the Void and out of that
came the one and then the 2 and then the 10 thousand
things. In the Bible, God spoke out of the darkness and
said, let there be light and there was and He then
created the Universe.
Science and religion are climbing the same mountain, we
are all heading to the top to discover we are all One, all
light and information, all interconnected.
In Quantum Science certain experiments have been
conducted that show that the consciousness of the
observer has a direct effect on how the atomic
structure/photons will move from a wave formation to a
particle formation. Scientists cant chart both at the
same time, but thats another story.
Quantum science is now showing us that consciousness
of the observer has a direct effect in changing the

atomic structure. They say we are light and information.

That even dark matter is filled with energy. That the void
is real and we are using that energy through our
thoughts to manifest this third dimension we call life.
Notice I said we! Yes folks we are creating the universe
through our thoughts together. Brain research has shown
that the conscious left brain thinks about 7 to 40
sequential thoughts a second and our unconscious
intuitive brain thinks about 11 billion to 400 billion
thoughts a second, taking in the millions of details in our
So our brains are the perfect instruments for
our consciousness to function down here on the earthy
plane. We need our brains to store our mind while we are
in a physical reality. But that does not mean our minds
are trapped within the brain.
Research is now saying that the heart also holds
information and memory, a form on consciousness that
has a direct connection to the right brains spatial
awareness. As a fetus, the heart develops before the
brain, so it is not just the brain that dictates what
happens next.
The intelligence, the innate wisdom is there before the
brain has even arrived.
If all of life is connected at the atomic level then we also
are joined as one living consciousness. This explains how
Christ and all the masters can do miracles. How we have
many psychic skills and can heal if we so will, in an
When we acknowledge that we are all connected at the
level of light and that the world we live in is created by
our joined minds, we may begin to own the immense
creative powerhouse our minds/consciousness holds.

But what are we doing with it? In other words, what are
you thinking each day, what are you creating with those
The answer is simple, you are creating your life, exactly
as it is now. You are 100% successful at creating on the
outside, i.e. in your world of events, conditions and
circumstance the programming you hold as true on the
inside. Your beliefs, your thoughts, the story you tell
about yourself are all being played out.
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