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My Guiding Questions:

1. What advantages can an educationally geared club such as MUN have that may be
lacking in conventional school classes?
2. How may an MUN conference be modified so as to mitigate the presence of any potential
issues that may distract from the educational experience or discourage communication during the
event? Must there be a fundamental alteration in the conventional MUN rules to accomplish this?
3. What type of work is entailed when broadening the scope of a local school event to
include a host of guest schools? Does the increased workload also necessitate a diversification in
the type of work that must be accomplished?

Guiding Question(s)
Due Friday August 19th
A guiding question captures and communicates the purpose of the project in a succinct question.
When reading the driving question, the student should be clear on what the
overall project is (the what) as well as its purpose (the why or so what).

It helps to guide planning and reframe standards or big content and skills.
It guides the project work and addresses why are you/we doing this?.
Good guiding questions are open-ended yet focus inquiry on a specific topic.
Guiding questions are non-judgmental, but answering them requires high-level cognitive
Good guiding questions contain emotive force and intellectual bite.
Guiding questions are succinct. They contain few words but demand a lot.
Determine the theme or concept you want students to explore
Brainstorm a list of questions you believe might cause the students to think about the
topic but that don't dictate conclusions or limit possible directions of investigation. Wait to
evaluate and refine the list until you have several possibilities.
If the unit is multi-disciplinary, the question must allow for multiple avenues and
Consider the six queries that newspapers answer: who, what , when, where, how, and
Can we have equity and excellence in public education? How can I determine
Is America an empire? How does a state become an empire (factors)? Are empires
inherently bad (pros/cons)? Is it possible to use our power ethically?
How are online users experiencing or addressing privacy issues on such social
networking sites as Facebook and Twitter?