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Adrian Dennis
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Online, Magazines
5 Images:

1. I like this because it has been taken

just seconds before this car has literally tipped over. You can see
all the mud that has been knocked into the air and you can just
see all the grittiness of the atmosphere.

2. This is a good shot of two football players

going to kick the ball and it has been shot where one is in mid-air
and you can see the expression on both of their faces as one
player goes to kick the ball and the other player gets pretty much
kicked in the face.

3. I like how this has been shot in the

middle of a disaster it shows one horse rider that has fell off of
his horse and even his horse has fell as well. So you can just see
this rider about to hit the ground as he is being hit by another
horse and the other horse is just lay on the ground after a fall. It
just really gives you a perspective of what goes on in the middle
of these accidents.

4. On this you can really see the

reactions on everybodys faces, the winner has jumped into the
air with excitement and the other racers have quite disappointed
faces because they didnt win but this guy who did is just a little
too happy.

5. This is a really cool image because

it shows bikers doing some sort of jump and the biker in the
foreground has been blurred however the biker in the background
is in more focus so it creates this cool effect with the mixture of
the colours from the blurred foreground biker to make this weird
background effect surrounding the bikers.