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Giuseppe Lo Schiavo
Wind Sculptures
Starting on October 27, 2016, Turin based Burning Giraffe Art Gallery presents the new photographic project
by young emerging Italian artist Giuseppe Lo Schiavo (Vibo Valentis, 1986, lives and works in London), entitle
Wind Sculptures.
Following the success of his grandiose site-specific installation Fluid Memories natural development of the
Wind Sculptures series , which was presented on October 15, at the Forum Vittoria, in Bologna, Lo Schiavo
returns to Burning Giraffe Art Gallery two years after his previous solo-show, remaining faithful to a specific form
of project research which finds its final executive act in the photographic media, but is born of an artistic
approach that has his reason for being in an extreme compositional elegance of pictorial descent along with a
refined surreal touch.
The Wind Sculptures series, which engaged the artist since early 2015, is the most mature and evocative outcome
of a young artistic journey, yet extremely fertile an appreciated internationally. The artworks are born of the
encounter between the artist and nature, which is, at the same time, scenery, with a collection of pristine
landscapes which range from the sea shores of Greece to the snowy Matterhon mountain top, and the main
agent of the creation of the golden and fluid sculpture which lives inside each landscape. The artist, fully covered
by a thermal blanket, golden on the outside and silver on the inside, works as a support to the blanket itself,
which, at the mercy of the winds, gets molded into many different and evocative shapes, giving birth to the
surreal presences which shine and accentuate the natural beauty of the landscapes. With Wind Sculptures, the
artist has overtaken the photographer, by portraying what is, by all means, a performance of which he is the
apparent protagonist. I needed to control all the creative process explains the artist , having in mind what I
was looking for from the start, but to whoever thinks Im the protagonist, I answer that he cant even see me.
The true protagonists are the wind which shapes the sculptures and the nature which surrounds them. The
artists merit is to have gotten involved in first person and to have portrayed this sublime creative process in the
exhibited works.
Giuseppe Lo Schiavo was born in Vibo Valentia in 1986. In 2013 he partecipated to the Lond Portrait Salon and
exhibited some of his works at the Parture Foundation, in New Yourk, as part of the exhibition of the Exposure
Awards winners. In 2014, his works where exhibited at Saatchi Gallery, in London, at Ingo Seufert Gallery in
Munich and at Burning Giraffe Art Gallery, Turin. Some of his works are part of important private and public art
collections around the world.
The exhibition is part of Turin ContemporaryArt Week, and also of COLLA, the project platform of Turins art

Giuseppe Lo Schiavo. Wind Sculptures

from October 27 to November 26, 2016
Opening: Thhursday, October 27, from 6:30 am to 9:30 pm
Opening hours: Tuesday - Saturday, 2:30 pm 7:30 pm
Free entrance
Burning Giraffe Art Gallery
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