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Strawberry Cream Kiss

Rina Alfons Gunawan and Rion Alfred Gunawan are twins. Rino is naughty boy and fighter
number one in SMA St. Gabriel and Rion is a friendly boy and clever student student in SMA
st. Raphael. Because Rion likes a girl in Rinos school, they habe plan to change school and
they also change their a uniform school.
The next morning, they go to their school, Rino (rion) goes to school SMA St. Gabriel takes a
Ninja motorcycle and Rion (Rino) goes to school SMA St. Raphael takes a black car. Arrive
at school, Rino goes to his class and he meets with Fran, she smiles to Rino beautifully.
Francess Anandhya Subijakto or Fran is a Pretty girl, Friendly, clever and also she likes Rino.
She askes Rino for have breakfast together and Rino receive her invitation so they go to the
canteen for have breakfast.
In SMA St. Raphael, Rion (Rino) is very busy smiles to his friends, his teacher, and the other
when he is sitting in the class. Carolla approaches him. Carolla Dwelianna or Carolla is a
pretty girl, clever, spoilt and likes Rion. She takes a meal for have lunch to Rion everyday but
Rion doesnt like her because she is very spoilt. The bell ring, all the students go to their class
and Rion sites on his chair near Carolla. When the students are noisy, Miss Maryanne comes
to the class so they doesnt noisy again. But Rion just till looks Miss Maryanne and he say
Wow, she look very beautiful Miss Maryanne is an English teacher she is very beautiful,
clever, and friendly so Rion (Rino) Falls in love to miss Maryanne.
A few day later, Rinos (Rion) plan succes and he invites Fran to have lunch together in mall.
When they are eating, Frans says that she likess and loves Rino so Rino sureprises and sad
because he knows that Frans love Rino doesnt love him. Rino (rion) just can say I Love
You too he doesnt dare push her because he is very love Fran and he can not says that he
doesnt Rino but Rion because he feels afraid if he says really, Fran will not believe him.
While that, Fran fell very happy because her love is received by Rino. After that, they go
home and arrive at home. Fran is very happy until she can not sleeps because she think a
moment that but Rino (Rion) is very worries because he has made a mistake.
In SMA St. Raphael, Rion (Rino) succes to knows nearly about Miss Maryanne. The bell
ring, all the students go home to their home but Rion still at school and he looks Miss
Maryanne is doing her homework. Then Rion approaches Miss Maryanne, they are talking
about when they are talking about, Rion (Rino) kisses Miss Maryanne and Carolla looks it so
she is very angry and disappointed to Rion. She does not believer it if Rion kisses Miss
Maryanne, she Reports it to headmaster. The next morning, all the students talking about it
and they dont believe it because Rion is well know a friendly and clever student. When take
a rest, Rion is called by the headmaster for gives a reason but Rion doesnt want to say really.
At last, the headmaster pending it before found a proof clearly.
While that, in SMA St. Gabriel, Rino (Rion) gets a problem. He Boxed by Githo, Githo is a
naughty boy, he has a problem with Rion because Rino has masde him goes to hospital and

he has came back to take revenge. Rino (Rion) can not fighter and he has and idea calls Rion
(Rino) to come here. All the student in SMA St. Gabriel very shock look Rino defend from
Githo. No. Later than, Rion (Rino) comes and all the students SMA St. Gabriel sureprise
because they see two Rino. At last, Rino explains it that two weeks ago he has changed with
his twins Rion and he askes his friends to take Rion to the hospital. Then he finishes his
problem with Githo and he makes Githo goes to hospital again. Rino surprises because he
looks Miss Maryanne and Carolla in SMA St. Gabriel. They join him because they vexed to
Rino. Rino Askes sorry to Miss Maryanne and Carolla for his mistakes and he also will
explain it to the headmaster.
Four month later, Rion has a girlfriend she is Fran because Rion has explained it to Fran if he
is very love her since the first meet her on the way. Thats why so, he chooses to change
school with Rion just wants to meet Fran.

My Best Friend
Norella is my best friend in school. She is a fair, pretty girl with dimpled cheeks. She andI
first met at
and we became great friends. She is kind, jolly and helpful.We are classmates again this year
and we go to school together each morning. Norella likes to joke and play games. She lives
near my house. In the evenings, weusually meet at my house. We sit in the garden and read
story books. She is good atMathematics. So, whenever I find difficulties in my Mathematics
homework, I would ask her to help me. Sometimes, when my parents go out in the evening,
she comes over to
keep me company
and we watch television together. That way I do not feel lonely.I hope Norella and I will be in
the same class again next year. I like her very much andshe is my best friend.

"Naruto and Hinata"

Naruto was walking alone in the Konoha village, he saw Hinata and waved to her.
Hinata turned around and walked over to him.
"Hey, Hinata, would you like to take a walk with me?" Naruto asked smilingly but Hinata
blushed and looked down, quiet for a second.
"Hm? What's wrong?" Naruto ask looking at her.
"Oh! Um nothing Naruto kun. I... I love to.. walk with with you." Hinata said shyly.
Naruto placed his hands behind his head and smiled. Hinata walked by him as the two were
silent for a moment. "Hinata, why are you so quiet all the time?" Naruto broke the silent.
Hinata didnt answer, then hesitated, "....I.... I've... always... been... that way." She said softly.
"I see. You need to talk more-- how am I supposed to know more about you, if you don't talk.
You're always acting weird around me." Naruto pointed out.
Hinata looked at him shyly then looked down looking ashamed. "S.......sorry. I--"
"Hm?" Naruto replied not opening his mouth.
"I..... I y.. you!" She said finally committing her feelings. Her face blushed a deep
Naruto stopped walking. He didn't know what to say. Silence took ove the moment.
Tears filled in Hinata's eyes "S-sorry!" She said in a quiet tone as she took off running,
ashamed. Tears flew from her eyes as she ran passed.
Naruto ran after her. But Hinata ran fast. Suddenly She tripped on a tree stump. Her face
implanted in the dirt, as her hands clenched the grass and dirt. She sobbed quietly.

Naruto finally caught up to her. He crouched down, placed his hand, shaking on Hinatas
shoulder. "Hinata... do... do you really like me?" He asked in his quiet tone.
Under her muffled crying voice, Hinata answered, "y...yes..."
Naruto didn't answer for a moment, then he replied, "Well... I have...feelings for you too.... I
like you, Hinata"