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Danny and the fox

Danny threw his bite to the

ground and looked around
frantically. But all he could see
were the big machines bulldozers.
Where was his fox? And then he
saw it. The fox was outside the
circle of the bulldozer. The fox
was running to and fro.
Get out of the way. Danny called
to his fox as it tried to dodge past
a bulldozer. What are you doing?
You will get killed. Danny shouted.
But he couldnt even hear his own
voice above the loud machines.
Scott said, she is trying to get her
That fox is a vixen and thats her
den they are bringing down.

Oh no, shouted Danny, as a little

came out of its den, it was no
bigger than a kitten. Why cant
the driver see it? Cried Danny.
But the drivers were high up in
their cabs and they couldnt see
the cubs.
Danny and Scott shouted to the
drivers. They were frantic for the
fox and her cubs.
Suddenly the engine stopped its
arm high up in the air, then
another engine stopped, then
The dust died down. The men in
the hat got off from the bulldozer
and strolled away, It was tea time.
Danny and Scott ran towards the
shivering cubs, but before they

could pick it up the vixen nipped

in. She picked her cubs by its
neck and went away with it.
Danny and Scott were both