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Quick Start To

Weight Loss

Sophie Robinson
Weight Loss For Women .au .com

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The information in this ebook is for informational purposes only and should not be taken as medical advice.
This ebook is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.
Always seek the advice of your doctor with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition or treatment.
Table of Contents
Intro: How Did You Get Here...............................................................................................................3
Your Weight Loss Plan And Goal Setting............................................................................................ 4
Goal Setting..................................................................................................................................... 4
So, what weight should you be?..................................................................................................5
Get very detailed and specific..................................................................................................... 6
You Are What You Eat..........................................................................................................................7
Good Fats......................................................................................................................................... 7
Bad fats............................................................................................................................................ 7
Foods High In Fat & What To Watch For........................................................................................8
Simple Carbohydrates......................................................................................................................9
Complex Carbohydrates................................................................................................................ 10
5 Tips For Eating Sensibly............................................................................................................. 11
Finding An Exercise Program............................................................................................................ 12
5 Tips to get the most out of your exercise.................................................................................... 13
Do You Need Help, Want To Accelerate Your Weight Loss Or Need A Plan To Do It?.................... 14
Weight Loss Pills........................................................................................................................... 14
Weight Loss Programs................................................................................................................... 16
Weight Loss Books........................................................................................................................ 17
Conclusion.......................................................................................................................................... 19
Intro: How Did You Get Here

How did you get to this moment of realization that something had to happen?

You had that moment right? The a-ha moment that wakes you out of your slumber of denial. For
whatever reason that brought you to this point, I congratulate you. Because you have recognized it
you can take action and do something about it.

How did you get to this point in your life? How did you gain the weight in the first place? It is
important to address the issue so that you can be made conscious of it and avoid being undone by it
in future.

• Did you start eating more?

• Did you eat more of the wrong foods?
Sometimes just eating more empty calories can increase weight. In fact, most obese people
don't eat more than their slimmer counterparts. It's what they eat that's causing them to gain weight.
• Did your exercise patterns change?
• Did you eat out of boredom?
• Are you an emotional eater?

You need to think about it. Really study and examine how you eat, what is the thought that leads to
the action?

In the end it boils down to only two things for losing weight. And a lot of people probably won't
like this, but these are the two things:

• what you eat and

• how much you move.

You should eat sensibly but that does not mean you can't have a treat once in a while. Just not every
day and not in large quantities. A lot of foods we eat regularly today have not yet been on the
market shelves just 50 short years ago. And the weight of the average person reflects this.

The consequence is of course that what we're eating is keeping the weight on our bodies. If we
change our eating by lowering the input of high fat and simple carbohydrate foods, and move a little
more like people 50 years ago did, we will lose the weight.

So let's do our quick start to weight loss.

Your Weight Loss Plan And Goal Setting

You don't need a fixed meal plan that's going to make you feel as you're on a diet because let's face
it - the diets are what got you here in the first place. Diets are always a temporary quick fix.

What you need is a permanent, lifelong lifestyle change to get rid of the excess weight and to never
get it back again.

So I won't tell you what 5 meals you must each and every day. This is where you should start
developing your own "survival" skills and use your own judgment. In the end you know yourself
better than anyone else. I don't know about you but when I see organized meal plans I see
unrealistic diets, deprivation and restriction. My mind is already working against it and it won't take
long when my body does too.

What I can tell you is you must eat well and exercise if you want any significant change on your
body. You need to lose 3500 calories overall per week to lose 0,5 kilo of fat. To do this you will
have to lose at least 500 extra calories per day. It doesn't have to be torturous exercise but
something as simple as playing with the kids, walking the dog or going for a ride on the bike. Of
course you must understand you need to step up your efforts for that little bit extra to increase your
level of burning calories.

If you set up your weight loss goal to 1 kilo per week, you need to double your workout time or the
intensity level. There are many activities where you can lose that amount of calories, like jump
rope, treadmill, jogging and swimming which has many other benefits including low impact on
your joints.

How you go about this is in your hands. Find the starting level you're comfortable with and work
your way from there. And don't forget - to build the muscle you have to feed the muscle. Extra
muscle tissue squeezes the fat from your system and burns it for energy. That's why it's very
important to have a balanced diet. And when it comes to fat, don't consume more than 20 grams in a
day. This way you won't be burdening your body with unwanted extra calories to burn.

Eat smaller meals and watch the way you eat. Eat slower than normally, focus on chewing your
food, take notice of how much food is in your plate. You don't want it to vaporize before your eyes
and leaving you wanting seconds. Eating slower gives your brain enough time to register that you're
full, as it normally takes about 30 minutes.

Make a routine of exercising at least three times each week. Remember that any additional exercise
will contribute to burning calories and this helping you with the overall weight loss.

As I've already written many times on my website - don't eliminate entire food groups but ensure
you eat a balanced diet with a mixture of good fats and complex carbohydrates. You need carbs for
energy for exercising and you also need good fats so your body can function normally. You can
have the occasional bad fat treat but remember the amount of exercise you'll have to do to burn it
off. It might even take away the appetite for it. ;-)

Goal Setting

What does the airplane pilot have in common with the ship's captain? They both know what's their
destination before leaving the port.

It sounds logical for them, right? But don't forget when you're embarking on a journey of your own
- weight loss - you too need to have a goal in mind. You must know where you're going, otherwise
you're saying that any destination will do.

Don't fantasize about the weight you think it will make you look
great or the weight you had when you were a teenager. It does not
mean that weight will make you look good today. The best thing to
determine your ideal weight goal is to find a program that can
calculate it for you. It considers several factors and it will show you
the ideal interval for your height and age.

So, what weight should you be?

You can use any of the many body weight calculators on the internet. Here's one for quick
calculation: Ideal Weight Body Calculations on

If you're 165 cm and 75 kg and 37 years old, the medical recommendation is between 52 kg
and 68 kg (for women).

Before embarking on your weight loss journey, don't forget to write down your body measurements.
This way you'll be able to keep track of your progress even if a very small one. Otherwise you'll
never know how far you've came. Once you'll see results the progress will motivate you even

Your measurements' spreadsheet should include:

Date Current Bust Waist Hips Thighs Right Left Upper

Weight (belly Upper Arm Arm

You can purchase a notebook to keep track of the measurements

or create an Excel spreadsheet, whatever is more convenient for
you. Don't forget to measure yourself every 20 or 30 days so you
stay focused on your goal. I don't recommend weighing yourself
less than 14 days before the last as you might become
discouraged with the natural weight fluctuations when your body
begins to change.

The other thing about goal setting is that you have a real purpose and you see the achievable steps
to attain it. You can think of it as a blueprint to your weight loss. Consider these two statements and
answer which would keep you motivated longer:

I will lose 10-30 kilos in the next 12 months.


By December 31st I will weigh 60 kilos. My current weight is 90 kilos therefore I need to
lose 30 kilos. To achieve my goal of a 30 kilo weight loss I will need to lose at least 0,63
kilos per week for the next 12 months.

Then create monthly goals which will contribute to the wanted overall weight loss. You probably
heard the expression, "How do you eat an elephant? - One bite at a time.". It's the same with weight
loss - you achieve an overwhelming amount of weight loss by doing it one kilo at a time. It is these
small, simple and unglamorous steps that lead to the life changing 30 kilo weight loss.

Get very detailed and specific

So if you started your program on January 1st, by February 1st you would have lost 2,5 kilos and
your new weight would be 87,5 kilos. By February 15th you could weigh 86,3 kilograms. By March
1st 85,1 kilos.

You see where this is headed? It's better and more realistic to break your end goal into achievable
little bite sizes so that you can see your progress and where you're headed. You'll appreciate and be
motivated by this little successes that will help you get to your destination.

By doing it this way you remove the pressure

from thinking you need to lose 30 kilos right
now. If you're thinking of your goal like that,
you'll end up feeling like a failure as you'll be
thinking about 30 kilos and seeing "only" 2
kilos less on your scale.

You have to know that the end, massive success

comes with little goals you finish each and
every month for 12 months.

If you half kill yourself with low calorie diets and excessive exercise and find yourself losing over 3
kilos per week just remember most of that weight is water and some very much needed lean muscle
tissue. And that means almost all of it will return overnight. And we sure don't want to that, so keep
with a realistic goal and permanent healthy weight loss.
You Are What You Eat

Good Fats

In their basic building block form they are simply known as monounsaturated and polyunsaturated
fats. They play several important roles in hormone production and help to aid in proper cell

These types of fats contain Omega-3 fatty acids, fish is a source rich in this fat. Omega-3 has been
known to reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and stroke. If you want to
preserve your health for the long term then you should make fish and fish oils a regular part of your

If embarking on a diet low in fat the positives are that less fat consumed, less fat stored on your
body. You are still able to eat many of the foods you enjoy without the restrictions of the Atkins or
low carb diets. You get to have a balance in your diet. Simply restricting foods high in bad fats from
your eating plan means you get to eat a wide variety of foods just avoiding the high fat versions.

Just remember, do not eliminate all fats from your diet, not all fats are bad for you. We need a
certain amount of good fats in our daily diet for our bodies to function at their peak.

Be mindful this is still a diet nonetheless and you still have to exercise restraint over yourself when
selecting foods. This diet is not as restrictive as those calorie counting ones yet you still may be
tempted to cheat. If you are to go on this type of diet the control has to come from you rather than
from a strict eating plan that does the meal plan for you.

What it comes down to as with anything in life, we have to be self governing and exercise
commitment to our goals. Nobody can make you lose the weight or lose the weight for you. You
have to want to lose the weight and stick to it until you do.

Bad fats

These fats tend to be the saturated fat and of the trans fat variety. There is a
link between saturated fats and cardiovascular heart disease, it is this type of
fat that raises your cholesterol levels. It usually exists in diets that are high in
animal fats which is why the Atkins and low carb diet models aren't usually
the best kind.

Although Atkins himself has found no increase in cholesterol levels with his way of eating, we still
do not know what the long term effects this kind of eating will produce. Diets high in saturated
(animal) fats have been linked to certain cancers.

If your diet is high in cholesterol, fats deposit themselves on your arterial walls restricting blood
flow to your heart and to your body. Your heart then has a tougher job of pumping blood to the rest
of your body which increases your blood pressure.

Your heart may also increase in size to force the blood through your arteries causing angina a
condition known as enlargement of the heart. Through blood pressure increase comes kidney
damage and damage to the smaller capillaries in your eyes causing eventual reduction in eyesight
and possible blindness if blood pressure is not controlled.

Trans fatty acids are amongst the worst kind of fat to have in high quantities in your diet. Fats or
oils that have partial hydrogenation are more than likely to be Trans fatty. This type of fat lowers the
amount of healthy cholesterol (HDL ñ high density lipoproteins) which throws the system out of
balance by increasing the amount of bad cholesterol present.

Foods High In Fat & What To Watch For

We touched upon this earlier in terms of the types of fats to avoid and the kinds that we should be
incorporating more into our daily diet.

Ok, you know about saturated and tran's fats. The fats that tend to be solid at room temperature are
of the saturated kind.

Here are some common fats that are high in saturated fat content:

• Animal fats such as dripping

• Bacon grease
• Crisco
• Margarine
• Coconut oil
• Palm oil
• Hydrogenated oils
• Partially hydrogenated oils

Both Hydrogenated oils and partially hydrogenated oils are liquid oils that have been solidified by
having hydrogen forced into them at high pressures. The process of hydrogenation is to preserve the
oil for longer in its solid form but because this process change its form it also alters its chemical
properties turning it from healthy unsaturated fat to Trans fat, the dangerous kind.

This is the type of fat that causes arteriosclerosis and blocks the arteries in your heart. Keep these
fats to a minimum in your diet. In fact, if you want to lose weight on an ongoing basis you need to
limit the amount of fat you consume to a total of 20 grams or less per day.

So watch for calories and fat. You can be fooled by small snacks that seem harmless enough like
with the ice cream treat, but it's not until you find out the fat content that you realize how easy it can
be to put on weight.

Foods With High Fat Content

• French Fries
• Animal fats
• Fried bacon
• Potato chips
• Cake
• Cookies
• Candy
• Sausages
• Tartar sauce
• Pizza (you can make your own low fat alternative)
• Donuts
• Whole cream butter
• Cream Cheese
• Sour Cream
• Danishes
• Whole Mayonnaise
• Whole Cheddar cheese
• Nuts and olives
• Avocadoes

There are a couple on that list that probably standout such as the nut, olive and avocadoes. Some
healthy foods contain fat but also hold high nutritional value and are beneficial to you. Avocado
contains fat but is the kind that is actually good for your heart.

We need carbohydrates in our diet. They are source of fuel the body uses for energy once broken
down during the process of digestion.

During digestion, carbohydrates are broken down into sugars, providing the body with a steady
source of energy. Carbohydrates come in two forms simple (monosaccharides meaning "one") and
complex (polysaccharides meaning "many").

Once you understand the difference between both simple and complex carbohydrate you will know
which offers the best quality fuel for your body.

Simple Carbohydrates

Come in the form of high energy, sugary snack foods which you would typically find in granola
bars, candy, chocolate, cakes, cookies, donuts, soda also in fruits and dairy products etc. These
types of carbohydrates are broken down instantly and used for energy by the body. This is why
some people experience intense sugar highs after consuming foods high in sugar.

The burst of energy is like a flash in the pan, it only lasts for a short time. Within an hour your
energy levels have gone to an extreme high then plummets to a low. Your body then stimulates your
appetite to consume more because it needs more energy.

Consuming diets high in refined sugar foods plays havoc with your insulin levels. Because there is
such a rush of sugar in one huge amount, the body must accommodate this by releasing enough
insulin to counteract it which is why you experience intense highs and lows.

Your body must get rid of that sugar from the blood immediately and any excess sugar that is not
burned off as energy must be stored as fat. You have to understand that your body cannot allow any
remaining sugar to be floating around in the blood as it effects your body's normal functions. Once
your body becomes unable to effectively remove all sugar from the blood, you become diabetic.

The scary fact is that most children under the age of 10 years are consuming around 70 teaspoons of
sugar in a typical day. This is staggering; in fact it is believed that our children today will be among
some of the first in their generation to die before their parents.
Examples of simple carbohydrates:

• Cookies
• Honey
• Soda drinks
• Chocolate
• Jam jellies
• Cake
• Oranges
• Plums
• Pears
• Blueberries
• Grapefruit
• Cherries

Complex Carbohydrates

Unlike simple carbohydrates these aren't easily broken down and absorbed into the bloodstream as

Because they are complex in structure take longer to break down and are released gradually, not
instantly into the bloodstream. This means that they provide a steady, stable source of energy and
because they are slow releasing have a chance to be burned off rather than stored as fat.

Examples of complex carbohydrates:

• Vegetables (cellulose)
• Whole grain breads
• Whole grain cereals
• Whole grain pasta
• Legumes
• Potatoes
• Sweet potatoes
• Brown rice
• Bagels
• Corn
• Beans
• Yams
• Peas
• Jasmine rice
• Lentils

You should incorporate more complex carbs into your diet but that's not to say that you can't have
the occasional treat.

Just be aware of what you are eating and putting into your body and that any type of carb
consumed, simple or complex, in the absence of any kind of exercise will lead to weight gain. Your
body is efficient, if the energy you consume is not used it will be stored as fat.
It probably pays to eat to the conditions. What is that I hear you
ask? Just like driving to the conditions if you know that it's going
to rain, you of course drive a little more cautiously, you drive to the

In the case of eating, you eat to the conditions. If you know that
you are out to play an intense game of tennis for the evening then
you consume extra carbs for energy. If on the other hand you're
going to be sitting in a movie theatre for 2 hours than you consume
a little less as you won't be undertaking any physical activity to
burn it off.

Your diet should be higher in complex carbohydrates as it takes

your body longer to break them down meaning a slow, steady
release of energy. This is the best route to take for weight less as
simple carbs tend to release energy too quickly into your
bloodstream giving you massive highs and lows. Also the slow
release means the less likely you are to contract Type II diabetes at
some point in your life. However don't forget that with any
carbohydrate consumption must always be accompanied with

5 Tips For Eating Sensibly

• Do not eliminate any of the food groups. Eat from them all. Cutting out entire food groups
will not only deprive you of vitamins and minerals which could leave you vitamin deficient
but also leave you with a very unbalanced and boring diet making it difficult to stick to.
• Read food labels and find where the hidden calories are lurking in food. Having a raised
awareness of this will not only keep the weight off but will also empower you to make
informed decisions about what you are putting into your body.
• Avoid high fat foods. A treat once in a while is fine and we all should get a certain amount
of fats from our foods but be careful you don't get too much of the wrong kind. Remember
anything you eat that isn't burned off is stored.
• Be aware of your carbohydrate intake. Make sure you get more of the complex than the
simple variety. We all need carbs for energy we just need to monitor how much. Always opt
for the slow release complex kind which will sustain you for longer and won't spike your
sugar level leaving you feeling tired and lethargic.
• Drink water. You can also get fluid from coffee, tea, milk, fruits and juices but don't forget
the best fluid your body prefers over everything is water because it can be readily absorbed
and used; nothing has to be broken down or done to it. Water is nature's perfect elixir.
Finding An Exercise Program

There will only ever be 24 hours in a day and how we use those will have a huge impact on our
weight loss success.

I know it's not easy. With the crazy pace of our lives in the 21st century we are finding ourselves
busier than we ever have before at any other time in history and as a result, we may find it difficult
to incorporate exercise into our hectic schedules.

The reality will always be that if you want to have any success with your weight loss efforts you
have to be able to exercise and make it as part of your new lifestyle.

But just because you will be adding exercise to your daily routine doesn't mean that you have to
join a gym unless you really want to.

Even just watching a little less television and opting instead to go for a brisk walk can contribute to
your weight loss. Playing with the kids and exerting yourself a little more will burn extra calories.
Finding the balance that's right for you and the exercises that you can work into your lifestyle
without turning your whole life upside down is the key to your success.

If you find it difficult to materialize the time during your day

to exercise then simply take the times that you undertake any
kind of physical activity and amp it up just a fraction more to
burn the extra calories.

Use the time you play with the kids to increase activity
levels. Instead of just playing with them why not bike ride
with them or throw a ball around at the same time? You still
get to spend quality time with the added benefit of ditching
extra calories.

Get active, sign up for a sport whether it's tennis, football, baseball, swimming or aerobics this is a
great way to lose weight and have fun at the same time while making new friends (what a great way
to get support). Even making the time to do this once per week can contribute to your overall
weight loss.

If you work in an office building why not opt to take the stairs? To build up your fitness you may
even wish to go past your own level. Not only is this a great way of increasing your fitness level but
it's also fantastic for incorporating into your daily schedule so you in essence made it part of your
new lifestyle change without having to make too great a sacrifice. Before know it, it will have
become such an integral part of your life that you won't be able to do without it

Try hiring exercise equipment for home. Why hire? So that you don't get bored from using the same
piece of equipment day in and day out.

When hiring you can advance to more challenging and sophisticated equipment the more your
fitness increases and you're not stuck with the same thing each day.

By hiring you can continually upgrade and take advantage of the latest cutting edge equipment. The
beauty of exercise equipment is that you get to exercise anywhere you want and why not take the
opportunity to do an hour long workout during your favorite show, that way you get to enjoy the
show while doing something beneficial for yourself. Don't forget though as with anything in life
you only get out what you put in. So if you're going to go to the trouble of hiring a piece of
equipment, you have to use it.

Not enough hours in the day? We can't create extra time however we can use wisely the time that
we do have. Why not try jumpstarting your day an hour earlier by doing some exercise? Why not
walk the dog? Why not do an hour on the treadmill or an hour of yoga or Pilates? Not only do you
kick start your metabolism into action but you will continue to burn calories long throughout your
day as a result of your early morning exercise efforts.

Any activities that you do such as housecleaning or

vacuuming, sweeping and mowing the lawn, why not put
more effort and intensity into it? This can make an impact
on your weight loss efforts just by doing a little more.

Any form of exercise is good and the more you do it and

increase the intensity level the more fat you will burn. Aim
to start with three times per week then increase from there
and you will notice the results. Not only will your energy
levels increase but you will notice your body changing and
your clothes fitting looser on your body.

Remember that exercise is not just for the here and now; it's a lifestyle change for life. Beyond just
wanting to look good you are prolonging your life in the process and the benefits far outweigh
sacrificing a little down time. Your health and life are worth it.

5 Tips to get the most out of your exercise

• Always, and I mean always consult your physician before starting any weight loss plan or
exercise. Don't jump to the physically demanding exercises but work your way to them.
• Find something you enjoy. Chances are you'll stick with it longer as it won't feel like
exercise. You could find a healthy activity to do with your friend while using it as catch up
• Use your time wisely. Find activities that will benefit you more than sitting reading a
magazine or watching television. Or you can do an hour on the treadmill while reading or
watching the TV.
• Set your goals, re-evaluate them each month and increase the intensity when your fitness
level improves.
• Make exercise a priority. Always remember this is a lifestyle choice, where you need to
undo all the negative habits you formed throughout your life and counteract them with
positive ones. Exercise is definitely on top of that list.
Do You Need Help, Want To Accelerate Your Weight Loss Or
Need A Plan To Do It?

I've gathered my recommendations for the best weight loss products: pills, supplements, programs
and books.

All of these products are high quality, backed by experts and thousands of users all across the
world. You can of course look for other products but I'd be careful as there are a lot of weight loss
scams on the internet and I don't want you to get burned.

In any case – do not look for miraculous solutions as there are none – you need to put effort into
your weight loss if you want it to be healthy and long term.

Weight Loss Pills

Weight loss pills can help you with your new weight loss plan which should always include exercise
and better diet. Note that over time your body may get used to the pills being in your system and not
respond to them as well, meaning you will not be losing as much weight. Therefore it is vital that
you know how to maintain your weight loss and take a break from the pills for a while before
starting them again to see continued results.

Most of the below products have their own plans and support to help you with your weight loss
plan. Before taking weight loss pills keep in mind you need to use them wisely and safely. Always
read the instructions that come with them and consult your doctor when needed.

I've written about the four main pill types and the brands I recommend.

Appetite Suppressant – Unique Hoodia

Appetite suppressant can help you with cutting down on snacks and too large meal portions. It
makes your brain believe your body is full, even when it's not.

Note: your body interprets these signals also for thirst, so always drink enough water when
consuming appetite suppressants!

Hoodia Gordonii is one of the most popular appetite

suppressants and also one of the most effective. The pills are
derived from an all natural flowering plant found in South
Africa. Its original use was by tribesmen who discovered that
it helped suppress feelings of both thirst and hunger during
long journeys. When it's consumed and broken down, it
releases a molecule called P57. P57 is the active ingredient
which tells the brain that you are full.

By suppressing hunger, individuals on Hoodia Gordonii will consume less calories in a day. In
trials, it's been found that individuals will eat up to 2000 calories less each day. This can lead to a
loss of fat, rather than just excess water.

I've found a well respected supplier of Hoodia Gordonii, UniqueHoodia based in the United
Kingdom. They have a great success rate and their statistics say it all – 92% of customers re-order.
The prices start at 0,64 AUD per pill and go to 0,36 AUD per pill for larger orders. It's one of the
most inexpensive (but still effective) pills on the market.

They also offer a 6 Months Money Back Guarantee if you take the pills at least 90 days. You can
read the testimonials and success stories on the official website and you can order it here. I've also
written a review which you can find on my website.

Fat Binder – Proactol

Fat binders are usually pills which have lipophillic components which bind and gather fat

How Do Fat Binders Work?

After eating a high-fat meal, like for example a double cheese burger, you take a fat binder pill. The
fat binder will bind the fat that floats at the top of your stomach after you ingested the meal. With
this binding process, the fat molecules will become too big to be absorbed back into your body. This
way the excess fat will pass through the body completely naturally.

Proactol is also a United Kingdom based company

which developed a completely organic and natural fat
binder. The active ingredient is an extract from Optuntia
Ficus Indica, a cactus usually found in India and better
known as the Prickly Pear.

Proactol has been a subject in several independent

clinical trials and it's been documented to be effective
and safe. The price starts at 0,75 AUD per pill and goes
down to 0,57 AUD per pill for larger orders. They offer
a 6 Months Money Back Guarantee if you take the pills
at least 120 days.

You can read the testimonials on their website and order it here, or read the review on my website.

Fat Burner – Phen375

Fat burners help you burn fat by giving you more energy which can help you increase your workout
performance, they trigger hormones which speed up your metabolism and they're also appetite
suppressants which means you'll crave food less.

Phen375 (phentemine) is a weight loss pill which is made up of a

combination of five major ingredients. While the name is similar
to the harmful and previously marketed phentermine, Phen375 is a
safe alternative with a different formulation. Phen375 targets fat in
the body and stops new fats from being stored. This is considered
a highly successful product, with many years of proven

Phen375 origins from Costa Rica but the company has distribution
centers all over the globe. You can also buy it from their official
website where you can also find the customers' success stories.
The prices start at 2,60 AUD per pill making it one of the most expensive pills on the market. You
can also read the review on my website.
Supplements – Pure Acai Berry
The main job of supplements is to help you work out, give you more energy with vitamins and
antioxidants and increase your metabolism. They are usually less aggressive than for example fat

While acai berries on it's own won't burn your fat like
Phentemine or other strong weight loss pills, they are
one of the best supplements to have when you're losing
weight. Acai berries will increase your metabolism, give
you more of the good fats (healthy unsaturated fats,
Omega 3, Omega 6 and Omega 9), a large array of
vitamins (A, C, B1, B2, B3, E, potassium, calcium,
magnesium, copper, zinc) and antioxidants.

In short all this means you will burn more calories while
having more energy.

Watch the video testimonials on their website, order or read my review.

Weight Loss Programs

Weight loss programs can be online, meeting-based or the combination of both. The main advantage
of these programs is that you have social support of your peers and that the meetings help you with
motivation and goal monitoring.

Australia has three well known and quality weight loss programs.

Weight Watchers Club

Weight Watchers Club is probably the oldest weight loss club in
the world, dating back to the 1960's. Today it's one of the most
known clubs for weight loss with local meetings all across the
globe, including Australia.

Weight Watchers is a point system based program where all foods

are assigned point values and these numbers are tracked by the individual until they use up all their
points for a single day. Rather than restricting foods, weight watchers allows its members to choose
to eat what they wish and what they crave, while being aware that one food could take away from

While the weight loss program in the past always included regular weekly meetings, it has adapted
with technology and members can now choose from meeting and online or online-only

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The Biggest Loser Club

The Biggest Loser club is a diet program which is based on the principles in the popular tv show,
where contestants are put into a boot camp to lose weight. Unlike the television show, individuals
who subscribe to the diet don't receive personal training, and the sort of physical restrictions to food
that the television contestants do. Because of this, subscribers have to exercise their own self-
control to be successful with the program.

The diet plan includes meals which are sent out each day, which
describe portion size and servings, along with access to a database of
hundreds of other recipes and meal plans that individuals can choose
from. Once registered, subscribers will also receive 3 books to help
keep on track and to learn more about what they are eating, how to stay
on track, and how to build a healthier lifestyle.

There is also an on-line community of others who are on the same diet plan, where individuals can
connect to participate in discussions, forums, and share setbacks and successes they've had. This
style of social support has often shown improved results because individuals don't feel like they are
going it alone; they get to know others out there who are dealing with the exact same problems and

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Mass Attack Program

Mass Attack takes a new approach to weight loss for women. It is a program which seriously
considers each woman's unique metabolism, hormones and genetics and how they effect one
another. Mass Attack lets its subscribers know that as women age and hormones change, simple
dieting with exercise may not lead to healthy, sustained weight loss. This program assesses the
hormone levels and history of each client and diagnoses any problems they might have, and
provides an all natural, healthy solution to shedding weight and treating the health problem.

The program is guaranteed to work and lead to weight loss, and promises to “kick start” clients'
metabolisms, and restore good health. The founder of the program went through natural hormonal
changes that many women go through after giving birth, and found that the usual, eat less-move
more theory to weight-loss and maintenance was just not working anymore. She is a naturopath and
herbalist and began researching how aging, hormones and metabolism change and effect women's

The assessment is free and can take as little as 20 minutes;

individuals can also take the hormonal test on-line for free.
These tests and assessments are what is used to find out
why diets have not worked in the past and what might be
missing in the diet program.

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Weight Loss Books

You can find many books on dieting on the internet and in your local bookstores. Some talk only
about foods, some only about exercises but most talk about both as they're equally important. I've
concentrated only on eBooks (downloadable PDF books) as they are most up-to-date and the easiest
to buy.

Weight loss books will help those who know how to motivate themselves but need a blueprint or a
weight loss plan to help them. Not everybody is a fitness coach, right?
Fat Burning Furnace
Author Rob Poulos created a step by step guide for both men and women to help lose weight
effectively. The program that Rob Poulos is promoting teaches individuals how to exercise and eat
so that lean muscle mass increases, and metabolic rate increases. By increasing the resting
metabolic rate, the body will naturally burn more calories each day. The majority of the first section
covers exercises that the reader should begin, types, form, duration, length, etc. The exercises are
not cardiovascular style, like running or jogging or biking, but rather exercises which, done 3 times
per week will increase lean muscle mass. The workouts are short, and done to fatigue, meaning
done slowly, only a single set, and until exhaustion sets in and they cannot be done anymore. They
are also focused on being full body workouts each time.

There are around 35 pages that cover nutrition. The nutrition section
is more of a guide than a plan. It discusses what types of foods to look
for and which to avoid, but also gives an explanation behind it. There
are lots of online tools that can be used as well. There are recipes, and
e-mail contact with the author - depending on which version you buy
- for a period of time after you make the purchase. Poulos explains
why he disagrees with other types of diets, fat diets, and why typical
diets end with individuals gaining weight back.

You can read the success stories here, buy the eBook here or read the review on my website.

Fit Yummy Mummy

This book looks to help moms- new and seasoned- get their pre-birth body's back . Author Holly
Rigsby is also a personal trainer and athletic therapist. She wrote this book after herself giving birth
and having to bring her body back to what it once was. She has created a program based on both the
right diet and the right exercises that most effectively and efficiently returns a new mothers body to
its best shape.

This is a 110 page guide to losing weight which is usually fat accumulation during
and after pregnancy. The guide covers a 16 week plan, and offers a 4 diet plans
which are cycled 4 times (to last the full 16 weeks). The unique part of this guide is
that it begins by offering readers an understanding of what they can expect, how
they might feel, how to maintain motivation, etc. Many plans never go into how
the weight loss plans will generally make them feel, or discuss the ups and downs
of it.

The rest of the book discusses workouts, contains supplementary guides, supplementary mp3's, and
video's, all to help with the weight loss system.

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Eat Stop Eat

Author Brad Pilon offers a new way of looking at diets, with his eBook, Eat Stop
Eat with intermittent fasting. While this has always been discouraged because it is
perceived as being unhealthy, he takes a good portion of the book to go through
why he is qualified and educated well enough to have found supportive evidence
for this style of dieting. The idea is that fasting the correct, healthy way, and eating
the right foods will help lower calorie intake without the daunting task of actually
having to count calories.

His arguments and justifications are backed by proper scientific research studies, three of which are
included in the back section of the actual guide. There are three versions of the book, and each
provides a little more information, and goes into the concepts with more detail.

You can read more about this eBook in my review or buy the book directly on the official website.


As with everything in life, the hardest part is getting started and the second hardest, keeping on
track. Create a plan, set your goals, write down your improvements and don't give up. Weight loss is
not an overnight success so don't give up after a month or two.

It doesn't matter how you do it, with the help of pills, books or programs, as long as you'll feel good
in your body again.

Sophie Robinson
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