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Michael Broussard

HDCS 4374

Activity 8
Strategic Business Plan
Coogies & More

This document comprises a strategic plan for Coogies & More. It reviews its
strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities; presents a series of fundamental
statements relating to Coogies & More's vision, mission, values and objectives; and
sets out Coogies & More's proposed strategies, goals and action programs.

Strengths, Weaknesses, Threats & Opportunities

This strategic plan addresses the following key strengths, weaknesses, threats and
opportunities which apply to Coogies & More now and in the foreseeable future:


Accessibility to ample workforce

Will capture the talents of

University of Houston students

Will be subject to University of

Houston rules, regulations

Can operate during nontraditional hours; mobility allows


Limited options for small space

of food truck

Will involve many elements of

University of Houston resources;
will gain internal support

Business is wholly-dependent on
truck being maintained,

Traditionally high turnover in

food service industry



Fierce competition among food

truck vendors in Houston

Can create a blueprint for similar

operations at other campuses

Poor weather conditions

Fluctuations in coffee prices (it is

primarily an imported good and
prices do fluctuate)

Create a mobile phone

application to follow the
Coogies & More truck oncampus and surrounding areas

(involving external social media


Maintaining City of Houston

health code regulations

Slow periods (e.g., Christmas,

Spring Break, summer) may
impact revenue

Partner with complementary

vendors and providers for other

Coffee is a popular beverage,

with specialty coffee sales
growing at a rate of 20% each
year and accounting for 8% of
the $18 billion sales in the US
(, and the average
American consumes 3.1 cups of
coffee per day

The promoters' vision of Coogies & More in 3-4 years time is:
Coogies and More will make enough profit to generate a fair return
for our investors and to finance continued growth and
development in quality products. We will also maintain a friendly,
fair, and creative work environment, which respects diversity, new
ideas, and hard work. This work environment will employee from
University of Houston student body first and foremost
Mission Statement
The central purpose and role of Coogies & More is defined as:
Coogies and More is a hospitality coffee and cookie company
dedicated to providing high-quality products in a comfortable
atmosphere for UofH students and visitors who seek a fun
gourmet experience outside restaurants. C&M provides its
customers the ability to walk up and order from a trained Barista,
their choice of a custom-blended espresso drink, freshly brewed
coffee, or other beverage and/or in addition to fresh baked pastries
and other delights. Seasonally, C&M will add things such as hot
apple cider, hot chocolate, frozen coffees, and more. C&M is
offering a high-quality option to the fast-food, gas station, or
institutional coffee
Corporate Values
The corporate values governing Coogies & More's development will include the

Striving to buy, sell and use environmentally friendly products.

To create a culture where entrepreneurship and prudent risk taking are

encouraged and rewarded.

Business Objectives
Longer term business objectives of Coogies & More are summarized as:

To expand the mobile coffee business into other areas of Houston and offer
above-average returns to shareholders.

Become selected as the "Best New Coffee in the area" by the local restaurant

Key Strategies
The following critical strategies will be pursued by Coogies & More:
1. Truck design that will be both visually attractive to customers, and designed
for fast and efficient operations.
2. Employee training to insure the best coffee preparation techniques.
3. Marketing strategies aimed to build a solid base of loyal customers.
4. Turn cleanliness into a competitive edge
5. Insure the best customer service
6. Raise venture capital
The following important strategies will also be followed:
1. Participating in food truck expos
2. Develop future location plans
3. Web Page
Major Goals
The following key targets will be achieved by Coogies & More over the next 3-4

To be recognized and respected brand in packaged cold coffee sector

Have 100% employment from UofH

Secure equal market segment with Starbucks and Einstein Bros.

Strategic Action Programs

The following strategic action programs will be implemented:
1. Use PR/publicity to achieve local market awareness and establish the brand
on a wider scale to set the stage for future expansion to compete with

2. Work with professors to give incentives in classes for working with "Coogies
and more"
3. Be an active member of the community; be visible at charitable functions