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The Essance Of Magick:

Magick is the title we give to an energy that we do not fully understand.

I do not know how many times i have asked even the most experienced pagan, just
what is magic, and they could not answer me. How is it we use something like th
is on a daily basis and have little or no understanding of what it is we are usi
ng? To me this is the greatest folly and the most irrisponsible undertaking of
any person no mater the experience they have. To not know what it is you are us
ing is an act of recklessness and is not but dabbleing. The following is my und
erstanding of what Magick is.
Oft times we hear of people talking about the energys of the elements, and
of spirit, but the energy of magick is that and more. Magick is an energy, it p
ermiates all things in creation both seen and unseen. Because of this, we often
see things, that seem not real, or unnatural.
It is also everywere and everywhen, because of this we can see the past pre
sent and future, and places both close and far, and sometimes we can even see ot
her relms of existance.
Because it permiates all things in creation, we can draw apon it and use it
. It can effect all things, including us. It is this reason we must gain know
ledge into what this energy is.
It is because of these reasons i "KNOW" this energy is perhaps the most po
werful and fundimental energy in the multiverse.
This energy gives us the power to create and destroy. Man what an awsome r
esponsibility. With it we can create change within anything we desire, but shou
ld only be used to create change within ourselves. For is that not why we start
ed on our path to begin with? For to create change within ourselves, since this
energy is in all things, also creates change within the universe.
Think of it this way. Say we are a pebble, and the universe is a pond, We cast
ourselves into the universe, and what happens. Ripples of energy come from us
and our contact with the universe. This is what happens when we are born. Thes
e ripples flow outward farther and farther into the universe influenceing all t
hey come in contact with. Eventualy over time, these ripples traverce the entir
e pond, or universe. During the time we are alive, we continualy create ripples
because we now have an energy that is in constant motion, even when we are rest
ing. Now these ripples interact with many other ripples so they influence othe
rs as others influence us. Some of these ripples interfear with our own, these
are the bad times in our lives. Yet agian some ripples flow with our own and th
ey both grow in strength. These are the positive influences in our lives. Yet
even the diminished ripples affect others for they continue outwards. They inte
ract with other ripples, and sooner or later they to will find a ripple that wil
l flow with it. And once again it will grow in strength. So nothing in life, n
o mater how bad it may seem at the time, is ever bad. For we learn lessons from
this happening, and then we also learn from others that have experience the sam
e thing, and over come. In learning these lessons, our own energy becomes stron
ger, so our ripples in the universe become stonger and less likely to be altere
d by the negatives that happen in our lives. Now answer me this, is that not th
e greatest magick to behold?
Sure there are spells and ritual and what not out there, but they pale in compa
rison to the magic to change ourselves in such a way as to affect all those that
come in contact with our energy. Love is the key, love of self and of all thin
gs. You may not love the things people do to each other or to you, but the pers
on always deserves unconditional love, for not to do so is to not love yourself.
For this person is a part of you and you of them. And if you do not love your
self then your ripples are lessened across the universe. The only person that c
an allow you to love yourself is yourself, and to allow this to happen is perhap
s the greatest of magick any one of us can preform.
All magick begins with self, and our understanding of the basis for it comes fro
m a greater understanding of ourselves, and our connection to all things. If we
do not understand the essance of it then how can we effectively use it. To use
magick to create ballance within ourselves, then our ripples in the universe be
come that much stronger. And less likely to be influenced by the bad times in o
ur lives. So we become stonger in our presence in the universe, and our energy
becomes stronger, This is the true essance of magic.
Magick is in us, it is us, it is inseperable from us and us from it. It is
the essance of the creator of all things, it is love unbridled, love without co
nsiquence. It is pure. It is there for those who wish to understand it, and ev
en for those that do not, It is our birthright. It is a gift from the creator
of all things, whom is waiting for us to discover it once again.
But that is just my opinion that of THE SHAMAN