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"■* AND

Now the world of i

Wizardry comes t
Commodore 64/1

Also available for.
Apple II Series. I
IBM PC & compatibles,
Tandy 1000 SX & EX,

With your Commodore 64 or 128 you can
now experience an exciting initiation into the
internationally-acclaimed world of the Wizardry
Gaming System.
Begin with the first scenario*: Proving
Grounds of the Mad Overlord. It challenges you
to overcome devious tricks and sudden traps,
strange and mysterious encounters, maze upon
maze of puzzles, stimulating and intricate sub
plots and sophisticated themes. Ingenious multi
level, mind-bending tests abound with vile
creatures, unspeakable villains, courageous
adventurers and strong allies to hinder and
help you achieve ultimate victory.

Slr-tech Software, Inc.,

P.O. Box 245, Ogdensburg, NY 13669

Registered trademar- ol Sir-tech Software, inc.

Cooynght by SiMech Software, Inc
Ccnimodore is a registered tiaderark nl Ounimodon.- I'tern.itional
Many other Wizardry scenarios coming lor Commodore players.

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dard Modula-2 libraries, including File- you to change the device number at any cember 15,1987, so hurry and complete
System, InOut, Storage, Terminal, Math- time, with no case opening necessary. the Lyco coupon right away.
7fie Ahoyl Access Clipper is published bimonthly by Ahoy! magazine and sent free to selected subscribers of Ahoy! Ahoy! is
a monthly publication of Ion International Inc. The cost of a one-year subscription is $23.00; two years are $44.00. inquiries regard
ing subscriptions to the magazine should be addressed to ion Internationai inc., 45 West 34th Street, New York, New York 10001.


Mail to: Precision Peripherals and Software
P.O. Box 20395 / Portland, OR 97220
Mail to: Emerald Component International
For faster service, coll 1-503-254-7855. P.O. Box 1441 / Eugene, OR 97401
VISA and MC accepted.
For faster service, call 1-800-356-5178.
YES, Precision Peripherals, I want to SAVE $5
Or in OR, coll 1-503-683-1154.
on Di-Sec tor. My payment of $35.95, plus $2 for
shipping and hondling, a total of $36.95 is enclosed YES, Emerald, I want to take my pick of the options
(or credit card information). listed below. Enclosed is my order for the FSD-2 at
$159, plus $20 for shipping and handling. I have in
Nome on Credit Card dicated my choice of offer below, and 1 have added
$5 for shipping and handling on any of the hardware
Credit Card #_ _Exp. Date_
offers. Thanks!
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ping and handling.
Mail to: Free Spirit Software, Inc. G ! want to SAVE 30% on your 300 Baud Modem,
538 Souih Edgewood regularly $30. Enclosed is my additional payment of
La Grange, IL 60525 $21, plus $5 for shipping and handling.
□ I want to SAVE 30% on your 1200 Baud Modem,
For faster service, call 1-312-352-7323.
regularly $129. Enclosed is my additional payment
VISA and MC accepted.
of $90.30, plus $5 for shipping and handling.
YES, Free Spirit, I want to SAVE 25% on my first D I want to SAVE 30% on your Slimline Case, regu
order. I understand that you will also provide FREE larly $29.95. Enclosed is my additional payment of
SHIPPING AND HANDLING. My order is enclosed. $21, plus $5 for shipping and handling.
Name on Credit Card FLOPPY HOUSE

Credit Cord #_ _Exp. Date. Mail to: Floppy House Software

20 South Chestnut Street / Palmyra, PA 17078
For faster service, call 1-800-633-8699.
Or in PA call 1-717-838-8632.
YES, Floppy House, I want to SAVE 5% on your
Mail to: Ion International Inc.
already-discounted software. Enclosed is my order
45 West 34th Street, Suite 500 / New York, NY 10001
for two or more programs. Also, enclosed is $2.50
YES, Ahoy!, I want to SAVE $10 on your Program for shipping and handling, if my order is under $100.
Disk. Enclosed is my payment of $69.95. Now I can Thanks! Pennsylvania residents: please add appro
save my fingers for better things. Thanks! priate sales tax. VISA and MasterCard accepted (at
no extra charge).
FROM OXXI Name on Credit Card

Mail to: Oxxi, Inc. / P.O. Box 4000 Credit Cord #_ _Exp. Date.
Fullerton, CA 92634
For faster service, call 1-714-999-6710.
VISA and MC accepted.
valued at $29.95. Enclosed is my payment for your LYCO COMPUTER
Benchmark Modula-2: Software Construction Sot,
$199, plus $4.50 for shipping and handling, a total Mail to: Lyco Computer
of $203.50. P.O. Box 5088
Jersey Shore, PA 17740
Nome on Credit Card
For faster service, call 1-800-233-8760.
Credit Card #_ Exp. Dale. In PA, call 1-717-494-1030.

Signature YES, Lyco, I wan! to SAVE MORE THAN 40% on

the Commodore PC 10-11 System, complete with
FREE T-SHIRT FROM AVALON HILL Thomson 4120 Monitor and Side Kick. My order is
Mail to: Avalon Hill Inc.
4517 Harford Road / Baltimore, MD 21214
Name on Credit Card
YES, Avalon Hill, I want my own FREE T-SHIRT.
Enclosed is the coupon from my own copy of NBA. Credit Card Exp. Date.
My size preference is indicated here: □ Small □ Me
dium D Large.

Plepse allow i lo 6 doyi for deliver/.

Thii offer eipires December 15, 19B7.



This offer expires December 15, 1987.



This offer expims Dscember 15, 1987



Ihh offer expires December 30, 1967.

This offer expire* November 30, 1967.


This offer Bspirei December 15, 1987.


This offer expires Dscombor 15, 1987.


PIboib allow 6 lo S weeks for delivery.

Thii offer expires December 15, 19S7
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Lyco Computer
Marketing & Consultants

Lyco Means Total Service. COMMODORE SOFTWARE Slralo^lc SI mural ions Flmblrcf:
Aliens Gomstono Hoalor SIS 95 Colossus Crwaa IV SI 9 95
Cfiampon B.i^ciuaii S22 95 Gettysburg $35 95 EI1I8 S19 95
HacKor 59 SO Kampigruppo 535 95 finldpn Pjith
ui^kaii r.iiii - S22 3b
Hacfcor 2 fnantnsio II 124.95 Guild ol Thmvoa J24.95
Labyrlnlh .,,., S1B.95 Pnantaslu III 124.95 Pawn S22.9E
Music Studio 122.95 Ring ol Zelfm 124 95 Talking Teacher S22.95
TassTime* ....... S1S.95 Hoad War 2000 S24.95 S22 95
514.95 Snard of Spring 524.95 Siaigtidei SI 9 95
Leather Goddesses SE4.95 Wizards Crown 524 95 Sentry __..., S22 95
StatujnlaU S24.95 War in ihe S Pacific . 535 95

Lurking Horrof J24 95 Wargamfl Constr $18.95 M1 c ru p ru up:

Top Funl Ulirninainr . . 119.95 Batllcciuiso* S35.05 F-15 Stnkp Epgle S22Q5
Gomslorio Warrior S14 95 Gunship $22.95
Batilo oT $32 95 Kennedy Anpruacn SI 5 95
Bank Si Winer 128K . $27 OS
Colonial CCHXtuasI .... S24.9S Silenl Sofvca $22 95
Carmen Sun Diego S22.95
Computer AmOu*n - S35.95 Solo Fhghl S1B95
Graphic Lit). ( II. Ill 515.95
B-24 S22.95 Top Gunner SI 5 95
LMac" Bowser. Mr.nager
Print Srtop 525 95
I would personally like to lhank all ol our pasl customers lor helping lo Micro leaquv:
Berkeley Soliworks:
moke Lyco Computer one ol the largest mail order companies and a Punt Snop Compan. .. $22 95 Microleag Elasatiall . . 124 95
leader in Ihe industry. Also I wou'd like (o fl>:end my wr serial mvnadon lo Gwjs S35.95
Punt Shop Papor $12 95 General Manager . .. $16 95
all compuier efWiu&asis wno nave noi experienced the services inat we pro Deskpak t $2^95
vide Please call our trained sales sla'f al our foU-ltee njmber lo may ire Slal DtW 515 95
Fontpak 1 $18 95
aboul qw diverge produci Line anQ weekly specials Act*1** 'S6Team Disk $13 95
Geooex $24 95
Loader Board SWyw
Firit Bnd fortmosi our philosophy la to hcop abrenii of Iho changing MicroloflQ. Wrosliing .
GboIiIb 520.95
nmrkci *.a lh&i we can nravKln you "iih nut only 'actory-lresH rnorcnandiso Famoun Coursas # l . SI 3 95
tiul iln I"io newesi mndcla □Irorefl Dy mo marLufacturers ill Ihe flfcscilutu Dosi Wniors Woihahoo $29.95
Famous Courses "2 $13 95 SuDioglc.
poaaiblo prices Wo oilor (ne witiasi aele^non ol computer hardware, sott-
Mach S S2395 Flight Simulator II S31.95
waru ana Accessories Springboard
Maen -128 529 95 Jet Simulator . 525 95
Feel Iree lo call Lyco it you want ro know more atioul a pirileulflr Hem. i Nenvwrn 531.95
can i siress enough that ot' loll-free number is noi |usi 'or orders, Many lOtn Frame -... 524 95 Nighl Misson Pmoall . S21.95
Certiticflle Mafler 531.95
ccmcames nave a toli-irec number fo' ordermg. out it you just wane la ash a E*ec Tpumameni 513 95 Scenery Doh S15.9E
ques^on about a product, you have iq make a tall call Nor ai Lyco Our Clip An Vol «1 $18.95
Tnurnamonl #1 $13 95
1'amnd soles sialf is Vnow.adgea&la abpul all ihe piodueis wo slock and ib Clip An Vol. »2 S24.95
happy to answer any quuslions Y°u may ha^e We will do our best Lo make Tnpla Pack ,. SI 3 95 Action Soft.
Clip An Vol. i(3 $18 95
sure Ihfli the D'oduc! you sgIbct will lit your application Wo also have Satur Wld O Loader Brn . 124 95 Up PonaeODB S1B35
Grannies Enpander £32.95
day loufs — one mgro reason id call us 'd' oil your cuf"ruj((rr needs Thunder Cfrooper 5NEW
Onco you'vir aijcrrl your order with Lyt« «d don't lorgil tboul you Tlmcworin Bpyi:
Our friendly, prolestional customer forvicD representative^ will Imd anawor& ParinerC&4 129 94 Creale A CaLcntlar SI 7.95
Learning Company:
Ed your quesiions About ih» siaiyj oi .in nrdrjr ^arraniics prDduci avaiiaS'ii
Partner 12B S34 95 Reader Ratinil S24.95 Destroyer.., $22 95
ly. or prices

Lyco Compulcr stocks n multlmllllon doilflr Jnventory of Inciory-lresh

mcrch.indiae. Chances nre we have exactly what yau want right in our v-ar&-
hauae Ano lhai means you'll get it fasl In lacir o<cers are normally shipped
witiiin 14 hours Shipping on prepard cash orcerE se free m ;he U S , and
Ihpre is rifl deposit required on CO D 0'ders A>r freign: cn UPS Blue'Red Monitors Modems
Lam shaping is avaitaole. loo- And all products tarry r-c lull manfacturers
I can't see why anyone would shop anywhpjo o\so Solocnon riom our huge Avj.i.ii
irvstoch mvenlory. bosl prico, service Ihnl can't ho Daai-wo've qoI it all tiow 23D Amber TTU12" $B5 12001 £99
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TO OR0EH. CALL TOLL-FREE: flBO WhitaTTt-2ir SS9S 2400 S219

* 14" RGB I video
In PA: 1-717-494-1030 4120 CGA Special COfnposrte analog 24001 „ _ SCALL
HOun 9AM to BPM Mon ■ Thurs
9AM to 6PM. Fr'Qay — 10AM to 6PM. Saturday 4160 CGA S289 • CompatiWe with IBM
4460 EGA 5359 and Commodore
For Customer Servca. call 1-717-494-1670, Hayes:
9AM to 5PM Mon - Fn. 4375 UltraScan S52S ■ RGB data cable
Smartmodein 300 $125
Or write1 Lyco Computer. Inc Smartmodein 1200 S369
PO Box 5CB8.Jei5ey Shore. PA :774O Panasonic:
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1361 S4S9
^ITWIiO' rH^H • 3X< 1
ZVM 1220 . $39
y Video Tape:
HfccaAifefe*..1- ■■■■ ■• ■■■-■
Su Q ZVM 1230. S89 ouch J4.J9

95 3 pack $12.75
.IL-.JI.i, ..■.. t
■1—< -Lili 'I .■■ Mullisync . S549 539.90

. .. . : . . "

Panasonic SEIKOSHA
ii r«nm ■ iih wpuiehaseof 2 ribbona
10801 180VC C1O495
• 100 CDS
NP 10 • 20 NLQ
• Direct
100 cps I — (■ -"■'■■■] ' 120 cps Draft
24 cps NLQ
25NLQ ■> C-64/128



laaoi Special LXBOO S169 95
SP IBOAi 5124.95
10911 SI65.95 FXB6E 1209.95
SP 1D0VC S124.95
109EI $295 FK2B6E M15.95
WM0 'SPECIAL SP 1000VC J13S.95
159! $379 EX BOO _ $3*9 95
WHO . I144.BS SP 1200VC 1144.95
1S95 WI9 EXIOOO S4H9.95
NX-IOCwmtartme 1165.95 SP 1200AI $165.95
3131 S259 LOBOO S419.95
NL-10 S195.95 SP 130CAS RS232 . . . S155.9S
3151 S399 LO10OC IM9.95
NX-15 $279.95 SL BOAi _ 5295.95
KXP 445Q Laser SCALL LO2500 S634.9S
ND-tQ S249.95 MP13MA1 5299.95
ND-15 S375 95
NEW UP5300A1 1375.95
NH-t5 $403 95
Panasone iMOi MoO 2- S1S4 95
NB-1S 5699.95 SP Swiss RiDoon S7S5
Panasone 1091iMod. 2 -17495 EXP 420P $!99
NB24-10 S409.95 SK3QQ0 Al $349
NB24-15 $54395 SK3O05 Ai S4S9
EXP 800P SG49
SO-10 S229

SD-15 S345 Ofcimele20 SUB
SR-10 $388 Plug N Play Cart SCULL
SR-15 .._ „ $429 120 S1B9.9S BROTHER 1ZOO $104.95
180 , S219.95 M11D9 $195 MSP-10 J2S9 95

MI409 J299 MSP-20 S289.95
M1509 S365 MSP-15 S324.95
025 S499 193- _ 5M9.95 MSP-25 S38995
M1709 S47E
635 $779 292 winlHrtacs , „ $449 95 Twinmiier 6 Dai 8 Daisy . . 1899 MSP-50 SCALL
293 w'lfllfirlaca SS89.95 2024 Lottor Ounlily . . I6S5 MSP-SS SCALL
I'ninler nhlHjns «vBllrtT>kn JM w'murlaca W39.B5 HR40 (579 Picmlsro 35 MM .95
Prtod 'toin H 09 393 SW9 95 HRM ST09 95 Tnbuw 224 $624 95


A ready-lo-use Flexible "open
1541 (.DIskDllVB S16B35
package ol architecture"
1571 Disk Dfrve 1219 95
computing power design for easy
1541 Pisfc D'rvs (199 95
and versatile installation of
Indus GT C-64 Dnyo S169.95
graphics! variety of options
Blue Chip 64C Dlnl* ICALL
Commodore 1902 Blue Chip C 128 Dcve SCALL 640 K BAM and
monitor optional 1802C Monnor S1B9.95 two BW" drives
1902A ManiiOf $239
2002 MonFlM
1901 Monitor
54 C Computer
$589 00
128D CompuioriDnvn $459.35
1670 MoOsm SCALL

COMMODORE C-1351 Mouso



128 D System 1764 RAM C64 $124.95
/ New & Improved
<SP Seagate HARD

't'':j.^UaV ,LL*J.'LM!ri .10 m«g (275.9i

•30<r>«0 1315.95
• 40 nnfl J41S.95

Drives Include conlrollof

40 nieq w.'n coniroller S475.S5

R»«d.f 3*rvlc( No. 112

HEW I=ROM 71-11= I3RIDG[=
Al leas! Iwo or three times a week, we in the also in C-64 and C-128 versions, generates mazes for use
Alioy! editorial offices look out over the sea of in your original programs. (Turn to page 60.) And Line Sen
printing 128's, telecommunicating 64's, and try guards your program lines from inadvertent destruction.
multitasking Amigas and think how lucky we (Turn to page 50.)
are to be writing about microcomputers, rather than skin • Last month, Bob Blackmer brought you into the real
diving or cars or photography. This industry sometimes world with Spray-Cam. This month lie busts you down to
seems like a cross between the front page of The New York a Paper Route, where the object is to complete your rounds
Times and an ABC miniscrics, complete with scientific while generating as few complaints as possible. (As opposed
breakthroughs, corporate power struggles, and rags-io-rich to real newspaper delivery, where the goal is to land the
es stories by the dozen. Best of all, something new is al paper on die part of the stoop where the customer can't reach
ways happening or about to happen. We feel privileged to it without stepping completely outside.) (Turn to page 48.)
be the ones who get to chronicle it all for you. • Our thanks to Morton Kevelson and his lovely wite
What's the point? What's the message? There is none. Anne, whose Vacation plans were altered slightly by his writ
But even computer magazine editors can stop and smell the ing this month's Memory Dumpers Revisited during his week
roses occasionally. At least, until roses are only delivered Off. When it came down to meeting our deadline or making
by modem. And by that time, who knows? his plane, Morton put duty before pleasure, and never com
Stop and look over the contents of the November issue plained. (Well, maybe once or twice...about how the chains
of Ahoy!: slowed down his typing....) (Turn to page 63.)
• Does you programming structure sometimes amaze your As always, there's more in this month's issue than we have
friends... for the wrong reasons? Dale Rupert will show you room to describe on this page. But you're under no such
how to create Amazing Structures that amaze by virtue of constraints. Write us a nice long letter about what you like
their order and clarity, as this monlh's Rupert Report con and don't like in this issue. —David Allikas
tinues last month's investigation into ar
rays, lists, and linked lists. (Turn to
page 20.)
• We don'-t know about you, but
A Powerful Wordprocessor
watching Ollie North testify put us in "Tfor the Commodore 128®
the mood lo gun clown a commie or
two. Desert From satisfied the urge for
us; try it! (Turn to page 18.)
' Or, if you're one of those people -.. Selected
who cherishes human life, Cleve *. for the 1987
Blakemore's Orbit lets you biast away CES Software
without killing people, or even aliens- Showcase
just fragments of an asteroid nearing Award.
a deadly collision with the Earth. (Turn
to page 16.)
• Bui if the very act of shooting is From the author of Fontmaster II comes Fontmaster 128,
what rums you off. you can battle the an enhanced version for the Commodore 128. This
elements instead in Tony Brantner's powerful word processor with its many different print
Flash Flood. If the threat of a water styles (fonts), turns your dot matrix printer into a more
logged basement doesn't strike you as effectual tool. Term papers, newsletters, and foreign
momentous enough for s computer languages are just a few of its many applications.
game, wait until you're a homeowner
and have invested in deep-pile carpet * Program disk with no protection - uses hardware key
ing. (Turn to page 59.) * Supplement disk includes foreign language fonts
■ Not since Michael Jackson swept * 56 Fonts ready to use
the '84 Grammics has a creative talent * Font editor/creator included
achieved a tour de force such as Buck * On screen Font preview
Childrcss has in this issue of Ahoy! Not * 80 column only
the usual one or two, but all three of * Supports more than 110 printers
this month's utility programs arc by the
Buckster. RAMCO, for the C-tA, C-128,
Commodore 128 is a iegisi-.->ea trademark o! Commociure Business Machines Inc
!54i. and 1571 in any combination, will
test five of the drive's RAM buffers for M.^^^%^ Inc 2804 Arnold Rd Salma, Ks 67401 (913)827-0685
trouble. (Turn to page 46.) ArMwg-hg,
Roudoi Servlqi) No. 129

IVI ill

The Digital Daydreams and Mac-
Daydreams 1988 calendars feature
computer generated graphic an on ev
ery page (the tinnier from several com
puters including the Amiga, the latter
from the Mac II), computer trivia, and
computer hints. Price is S10.95 each,
plus tax for CA residents.
Publishing Ink.. 818-500-7857 (see
address list, page 14).

From Cosmi liir the C-64, priced at
S24.95 each:
Shirley Muldowney's Top Fuel Chal
lenge lets the player compete in a pro
fessional top fuel eliminator drag rac
ing simulation against the three-time
world champion.
Chernobyl puts a nuclear power re
actor under control of the player's com
puter and charges him with the mission
of averting disaster.
Sieve Garvey vs Jose Canseco in
Grand Slam Baseball lets you indulge
in our national pasttimc with hi-res
graphics, sound effects, and scrolling
TV-like screens. Additionally, Cosmi
has reduced the list price of its Super Along with graphics, MacDaydreams and Digital Daydreams feature computer
Huev helicopter flight simulator to trivia, step-saving hints, and artist profiles. READER SERVICE NO. 103
Cosmi, 213-835-9687 (see address list, page 14). a crocodile, and your passion lor Ni
list, page 14). Elkon Enterprises, publishers of two cholas Jamison, the handsome pirate
Assuming thai you can deal with the Bard's Tale Hint Books (not to be con captain. $34.95 for the C-64; $39.95
anachronism, Cyclehught ($19.95) will fused with Electronic Arts' own books), for the C-128.
plunge you, astride a high tech motor has released Hint Packs for Tlie Pawn. Beyond Zi>rk finds the Kingdom of
cycle, into a medieval world of magic, Leather Goddesses ofPhobos, Space Quendor in disarray. The wizards have
mystery, and danger. In search of your Quest, Uninvited, and the King's Quest disappeared, the Enchanter's Guild
kidnapped Queen and her villagers, Trilogy. The paks, written in story for Hall lies in ruins, drunk men ullcr
you'll enter a castle of over 2000 cham mat, are priced at $5.50 each. strange tales, and monsters haunt the
bers where you'll rev engines one on Elkon Enterprises (see address list, streets of desserled villages. You, a
one with the infamous Black Knight page 14). lowly peasant, must unravel the mean
and barter with strange creatures. The Two from Infocom: ing behind all this. S34.95 for the
C-64 game features five skill levels, 1-4 As the heroine of Plundered Hearts, C-128: S39.95 for the Amiga.
player operation, and the ability lo gen sailing the 17th century seas toward Infocom. Inc.. 617492-6000 (see ad
erate your own castles. your ailing father, you'll have to over dress list, page 14).
Anworx. 800-828-6573 (sec address come pirates, explosives, rocky reefs, RSVP ($29.95) lets C-64 users lest


AB swiiches alfow Ihe user to shore oquipmoni raihur Aproiek 12C. C64.C128. compatible S 9995
• IBM PC XT Compatibility
trinnbuy coolly duplication Many conflourulionn may bo Aproiek 1!AM. AMIGA compaliole S119.95
• Phoonli BIOS
arranged, two comculBrB lo one dl-sk drive and printer, AviiIdi 1200 S 99.95
• 477/6 MHi Keyboard Selcei
or Two pnntors id one computer otc, In our office wo Analoi 1SO0HC. Hoyoscompaliolo S'19 95
• 640K RAM mslallnd
aharu u primer between o PC done and a C12B via u
• & Expansion Slots
parallel switch. rVo need to ever plug and unplug cables 40/80 COL. CABLE $19.95
• 15OW Power Supply
again, jusi (urn a knob to awich from ong peripheral to O"fcaDlci0' bdsiidOn' SO columns on the C 12fl Flip a
• XT Slide Out Case s Speaker
another Below aro the typos we have in stock, remem swi ic h la c hang a mad es PI u ga 1 o lti o tine k o! the rn omtor
■ 360KB 5 t Floppy Orme
ber 11 you need ealra cables, we carry a large selection lo fof e sharp display. 16 colors rn 40 column, black and
• AT Style Keyboard wTino m flO rJoi lor RGB monitors or television sets.
meal your needs.
■ TTL Mono/Hnrculos Graphics
$ SAVER AB $29.95 • FCC Class B Certified DISK DOUBLER $6.95
• Parallel & Serial Porls Tho original1 All moral
VlC-20, C16L Plua4, C-64. OR C12B compatible. Throe
' Operation Manuals Cuts an fjxact square
lemale Spin nc-ckola. rotary switch, all metal ca&a.
• 6 Monih LimllPd Wjirranry notch in lhedlsK Same
SUPER SAVER ABCD Plus SI 0.00 shipping MS DOS 3.2 1 GW BASIC JB4.95 spot every timo1

NEW LOW PRICE $49.95 READY RESET 64 new $11-95

VIC-20, C1G. Plus 4, C-64, OR C128 compaliOie. Four DUST COVERS
PRINTER *| Aroaei ttuttan ihjiiyou plncewtiero you wanl, not some
computers lo ono printer and pr disk drive. Fivo lemalo CW/VIC20or 1S41 drive, anti slatic J 5.35 out o! Iho way place. Plugs into the son a I port Jolcourse
6 pin sockals. roiflry swiich Buy one ol ea. SAVE SI,41 CE4sel 110,49 !BUFFER I (Tie port is replaced for your diak drive), [he rj jtlon la on
C12B or 1571 drive, anli italic $ 7.95 the end ol a 15 inch cable.
PARALLEL or SERIAL AB Buyoneolea. SAVES1.41 C128 Sl*.«9 I parallel $69.95!
NOW ONLY $29.95 BLASTER C64, C128 $5.95
AH pJns switched, 3 female socktiEs. all gold pins lor roll* Add automatic firopowor lo your gamogr plug-in modula
aola contact, high quality rotary swilch. heavy-duty POWER SUPPLIES Ihiil makpu IhotirobLrHonol yourjoyEHcl* ha^omachine
mutnl cbbd. Built to last tor many yoara c! dependable MAXTRON C-M, dapwidatri* heavy duty replacement. Output: SV gun flclion Ad |u si ably spend control

use Parallo, - 36 pins, sorisl 25 pins. DC, 1.TA, SV AC. 1.0A. UL Approved. SO d*y warranty I2B.V5
PHOENIX C-M, fined, repairable, nil men I cm, Output: SV DC,
PARALLEL or SERIAL ABCD 1.7A, toy AC, 1.0A. UL ipproved. 1 year warranty J3H.9S
CURTIS printer ntend with paper CQEchor $16.95
JASCO heavy duty wire prlrHor atdnd J1?.35
NOW ONLY $39-95 PC CPU stand. nrfjU5tflble. plastic $14.95
All pins twitched. Has five tern alu sockets, all gold pins, protection, EMI fin fllWrinfl, lUjhtad twHett. Output SV DC, I.OA, Monitor, adjustable lilt and swivel stand $t4.95
gunrantees posmve contact, rotary s*ttcri, all metal 10V AC, 2.OA. UL upproved. 1 year warranty" 559.35
case Parallel - 36 pins, serial - 25 pins. LIGHT PENS and MICE
PARALLEL CROSSOVER Aa X Bb COOLING FAN $29.95 GEO Mouso by DerUny C64/C128 S49.95

Hflfltisa pi nnemyto your JOYSTICKS Logilecli Mousu C-7 (PC cornpniiblol S89.95

new $44.95 disk drive. Rotlucu bnd

■■hi- Stik % 6.95
Optical Moueb (Microsoft PC compatiple) S?9 95
Anninciin Mouau Houbo 3 G,95
All pins switched Four female sockets, ill gold pins, lends M"d cosiry rupmr Puts Silk I 7.S5
Amorjcan Mouso Mai I 7.95
rotary swiich, slurdy metal case. Two computers shnro tuila with a fan, kcop your WICO Black Mai 111.95
two primers, either computer can access printer A or G. Light Pon by Toch SkBtth C64rC!2e W* B5
1541 or 1571 cool. Quml, TAC5 S14.9S
Touch Point Graphics Tablet C64/C12H S29.95
surge and spike prorpc- EPYX 500 XJ I1S.BS
Drlvo'prlnter.G tt 6 pin male/male B66 $ 5.95
nan. EMI liHorina BLACK BOOK of C128 $15.95
The beat Inond pC128 usorever had
Drive/primer, 9 ft. 6 pin male/male
OrivoJprinlor, Ifi ft. 6 pin male/mala B618
B69 S 7.95
POWER CENTER was S59.95 THE Includes C-64, Ci^fl. QPH, 1541.
Th( POWER CENTEH provides 1571. 261 pages ol easy lolind infor
Or Ivor/ printer. 6 H. 6 pin male/lorn A6G 5 5 95 NEW LOW PRICE $49.95 BLfICK
Momlor. 6 ». 5 pin to 4 HCA plUBS M654 S 6 95 indlvlduil control of up BOOK
mation. 75 eesy to read cherts and

Monilor, 6 II. 5 pin Io 2 RCA plufls MQ5? i 4.95 lo 5 Gofflponanli plus maslof lables TriflBlackBookolCifflrs very
S 5.95 on or oft »wltch. mn cri 11 Ke o 01 c (ionn r y. always rea 3y to
Monilor oil., 6 11. 5 pin male/lemale ME65 C-128
answer your questions
Joystick exlension 12 M malo'lum JS12 { 4 95 8)Tlt«n pmlcc lion: EMI/HFI .. ur»* and ipH» proimtton,
Joystick V, mcruEiae. 1 Inm /2 mnlo JSY S 7.95 IS AMP breaker, heavy duty cable, 3 prong plug. Lighted rockar PROTECTION REVEALED C 64 S15.95
Joystick 1, reducer, 1 male/2 Ism. RJSY S 3.95 switches, all steel COir. sue: 1 3/4 H X II 1/4 D I 15 W. AboginnersgujdeiDaoftwareproloction. WrllleniOQive
Power disK'prml male/right ano. male Pflfi $ 6.95
you a fundamanlal uridersianilmg of a disk and BASIC
Parallel, 6 It., mole Io male C6MM $ 9.95
protection. Idenlilywhpiyou nresoomu when examining
Parallel, 10 It, male Io male C10MM $12.95 INTERFACES
Parallel. 20 It., male to male
Parallel. 6 II. male to lemnle
SI 9.95
v inkwell"^* MODEM RS-232 INTERFACE,
Use standard Hayes
$29 95
compntibfe RS-232
a disk. Become a master of ilfusion. Reveals counUess
tricks and tips (hat mystify the user. The book is 141
pages and includes a Iree disK ol 21 ulilily progr-jims.
Parallel. ID ft., mule tolomale C10MF SI6 95 SYSTEMS modems with VIC-SO. C-H, C-12e
Sorlnl. 8 (I., main to malo H6MM S 9.85
Fl oild raw SB4.95 DELUX RS232C INT . Omnuronl. $39.95 SAM's BOOKS
Serial, £ fl.. male to female F16MF S 9 95 Uai! sinndard PS-232 cquipmenl
Flexitonl S24.BS
with Iho C64 Troublesrioollng i Repair Guldy 119.95
IBM primer. 6 IE-, malc/mjile I0P& £ P.95 CM, C1J8. C6i, EXM, VICS0 1541 Troubleshooting t Repair Guidn S19 95
IBM pnnlur, 10 fl. malu/male IDF'10 Graphics Ini. II :>.-. -i ,
112.95 HOT SHOT, primer Compulnr (nets VIC-20 St9.S5
Clip Art II 119.35 143.95
ISM primer. 20 ft . malQ/malc IBP20 SI 9.95
Cardco G-WIZ prinlcr S39 95 Computer (acts C-6fl J1B95
GtrnJer change, parallel, male/msle CGMM S 9 95 Holiday Theme J19.S5
Cardco Super 0 primer $49 05 Campulor focls C-128 SI 9 95
Gender change, parallel, fem.jfom CGFF S 9.95 PPI printer interlace $44.95 Computer (acts 1541 $19.35
Gender crinngo, senaI, male/rna!e RGWM S 7.95
XETEC Super Graphics printer Compiler lads 1571 S19.95
Gender cnunge. son Hi. (env/fern. RGFF S 7.95 XETECSuperGraphicsJr printer S34.95
IWFORWATION: For technical information or Oregon "TOUCH ME BUTTON" $9.95
Duyors phone: 503-216-092*.
APROSPAND Slalic can KILL your COMPUTER and your PRO

TO ORDER BY MAIUAeaccepI VISA. MASTERCARD. 64 $29.95 12 PLUS $19.95 GRAMS. Touch Me rids your sysUjm ol harmful static
12 in. cartridge port extension like MAGIC before you louch your compgfor pe'iptwalB
monoy orders, certified, and porsonal chocks Allow 21
cable. Move boa'da and car- or other dovicoa. Th« controllffd eloctrrcal rosistance of
days lor pereoncil chocks id cloar.
plugs Into the cartridge port, hi Touch Mi), tfrjnns slfltic charges Iinrmlussly away to
fridges to the side ol your com
SHIPPING: AOO S3 00 por order, power supplies SI 00. stvitchable slots, fuse prolec 0'ound nt Fow iinergy love's Touch Mo can nflrt yonis ol
puter. In stock.
poworconlnrS5.00. tS.OOser- and a reset button. lifo to your equipment
vice chargo on all COO orders I no porsonal checks).
Foreign oraers iwice U.S. shipping cnarges. All paymcni JOYSTICK REDUCER $3.95 GROUND FAULT IND. $5.95
muBlbo in U.S. lunds. Every one* In a chile, our buyer* find ona of those odd gadget! they Computer eo,uipmeni is very sensilive io ungrounded
TERMS: All in slock Horns snipped witnin AB hours ol just cant i !".'•■ I. Tl- s Joy Stick Reducer li odd and low-priced. It household wiring. Disk drives have a bizarre way ol miK-
order. No Bales la* or surcharge for credn cards. We aElowi one joyaMcfc to be plugged in to both port! at the tame time. I ing up data. The Ground FauJ( Indicator lelis you if your
cannot Qjaranlee compatibility All sales are final. know you are Hying, what's it good for. Stop and think, how many outlet is properly grounded.

Dofrrciivo iisms replaced or repaired at our disci el i on. time* have you h*d lo Iry both porti before lindrng trto right one?
Ruturn nulhoriinlion required Prices and Hems subject MISCELLANEOUS
CAF1DCO minioric kHypoa 147 95
id changu without nollce.
"THE STRIPPER $14.95 Disk Slooves. wHito tyvek. 100 pack s 7.95
Trie "Slnpper" remove
VALUE SOFT INC Write proiecnnbs, ailvor. 100 pack S 149
per I or a ted edges from
Floppy wallet. 3 1/2 rri.. holrJB 15 S 9 95
3641 S.W. Evelyn prim-ouTs, if'c*i 1 Id
floppy walJel. 5 1/4 In., holOs 15 112.55
Portland. OR 97219 20 sheets, presto edge
Disk puQes, 2 pocket, 3 hole, 10 pack S 6 95
aro gone. Clean, quick


r Service ho. 267
Star Soft International. 516-228-8210 duces the new user to Intuition, the
(see address list, page 14). mouse, the CLI. and AmigaBASIC.
Mindscape will publish C-64 ver Amiga Machine Language ($19.95)
sions of several Atari arcade games, be describes the 68000 processor, address
ginning with Paperboy and Gauntlet modes, and instruction set. The read
ThllKj y
and fi aid Tasting Dy ocacot and continuing "over the next few years" er is laught to access the computer's
Gipans h<w resu'tea in b
serios of sciTLfcara ^o^a (does anyone really plan that far ahead memory, operating system, and multi
thai are ncM ineflucaional
content approvals tor both 'f^r-^v.. in this business?) with Road Runner, tasking capabilities. Information is also
home and sci<mj U59
Road Blasters, Gauntlet II, and 725. provided on the Amiga libraries for us
Mindscape, 312-480-7667 (see ad ing AmigaDOS, Intuition, and the
dress list, page 14). computer's speech and sound facilities
Electronic Arts will henceforth be from machine language.
distributing Datasoft's 221B Baker
Street and Alternate Reality: Tlie Dun
geon, Game Designers' Workshops'
Road to Moscow, and Strategic Studies
Group's Battles in Normandy, June-
Selected lilies include
July 1944.
MOVING PICTURES (313 years) And bringing them still another step
WORD POWER (8-IOyears)
closer to (heir goal of acquiring ail the
COUNTING,3-6 years) computer game manufacturers that
ADD/SUBTRACT I & II (6-9 years)
haven't already been acquired by Acti-
FLYING INSTRUCTOR (10-15 years) vision. Electronic Ans has also be
80NES AND JOINTS O0-15 years) come the exclusive distributor of First
SORTING (6-8 years)
MECHANICAL ENERGY(10-!5yeafs) Byte software. Six educational pro
grams for the Amiga will be made
ComBiu. Int r- available:
Sinie 850 First Square teaches shape names
and the difference between smaller and
'Fliblotied by MiOra^-H.II AL-stral.a Ply li-nitBO
larger to children 3-8.
Smoothtalker converts English text
Recdei Sorvign No. 134
in male or female speech.
and expand their knowledge of man KUlTalk is a word processor for chil
ners. Players choose a career that lakes dren aged 5-10.
them into national or international sit MathTalk utilizes a drill and practice
uations, then start at the bottom and system that can be tailored to the child's
work their way up through a series of lessons in school.
interactions that require knowledge of Speller Bee incorporates games of
manners and propriety. You may need Scramble. Search, and Detective into
In know the proper formal for business the child's play to reinforce spelling
letters, how no! to offend your Japan rules.
ese hosts, or how to handle tricky tele Walch these pages. One of these
phone situations. months we'll be reporting on the fact Deciphering games, encrypting data.
Blue Lion Software, 617-876-2500 that Electronic Ans and Aaivision have READER SERVICE NO. 104
(see address list, page 14). bought each other.
RSA has released two three-game Electronic Arts, 415-571-7171 (see ad Abacus. 616-241-5510 (see address
disks for the Plus/4 and C-16. Adven dress list, page 14). list, page 14).
ture Pack I contains Jack and the Bean Broderbund's new line of Value Chip Talk: Projects in Speech Syn-
stalk, Computer Adventure, ami Moon Priced Software, consisting of selected the.sis ($14.95 paperback. $24.95 hard
Base Alpha. Adventure Pack II has Af titles at reductions of 50% or more, in cover) supplies step by step instructions
rican Escape, Hospital Adventure, and cludes hide Runner, Karateka, and for building seven speech synthesizers,
Bomb Threat, $9.95 each, plus $1.50 Choplifterl/David's Midnight Magic at each based on a different IC. Programs
postage per order. A free catalog is S14.95. are provided for interlacing the projects
available. Broderbund Software. 415-479-1700 with the C-64/128. as well as with other
RSA (sec address list, page 14). (see address list, page 14). micros. An introduction to the princi
From Star Soft International comes ples of speech and speech synthesis is
The Pirates of the Barhary Coast BOOKS included.
($16.99). plus a selection of triple packs Two from Abacus: TAB Books Inc.. 717-794-2191 (see
starting at S7.99. Amiga for Beginners (S16.95) intro address list, page 14).

10 AHOY!
Two Prcnlicc Hall paperbacks: sult of a lawsuit filed by and won by- AUTHORIZED
Keys to Solving Computer Adventure MicroPro International, MicroProse
Games ($19.95) provides clues and tips will undergo a name change by June SERVICE
specific to such C-64 and Amiga lexi 16, 1988. Products released before that
and graphic adventures as Triniiy, Bal date may continue to carry the Micro-
POWER SUPPLY (C-64) $29.95
lyhoo, and Tlie Black Cauldron. Prose name until June 16, 1991.
C-64 REPAIR 44.95
Computer Cryplology: Beyond De No new name has been decided on, 1541/1571 ALIGNMENT 35.00
coder Rings ($21.95) advises users of though President Bill Stealey says the 1541 REPAIR & ALIGNMENT 75.00
C-64s and other microcomputers on company is currently considering "hun C-128 REPAIR 75.00
methods of'disguising data through en dreds" and will soon begin narrowing 1571 REPAIR 95.00
cryption and enciphering so that only down the choices. If you have any POWER SUPPLY (C-128) 84.95
authorized deciphering can recover the ideas, we're sure MicroProse would EXTENDED WARRANTY CALL
original information. The author dem love to hear them.
onstrates computer creation of tables MicroProse, 301-771-1151 (see address
and derivations essential to speedy list, page 14). Free Return Freight - Continental US
cryptogram use, with over 30 programs
Save COD charge - send Check or
fully listed. 3-D DRAWING
Money Order. (Purchase Order Accepted)
Prentice Hall. 201-592-2427 (see ad 3D Surface ($39.95) lets the 64 us
dress list, page 14). er graph topographic maps, spatial fre
quency and distribution, subsurface
Second Source
VIDEO CONTEST geology, open pit mines, building sites, Engineering
Aegis has extended the deadline for and logos, all in three dimensions. It
2664 Mercantile Drive
their Desktop Video Contest to Octo is possible to rotate a graph 360 de
ber 10, 1987. So you still have a few
Rancho Cordova, CA 95670
grees, and move the elevation from +10
days to create a short (under five min to +80 degrees. Other parameters that (916)635-3725
ute) "movie" on your Amiga, in W or can be adjusted .are scale (apparent
Heador Servlco No. 138
8mm format, using at least one Aegis viewing distance), grid size, printer
product. Prizes range from S1000 for output size, and center of graph. All
first place to $100 for honorable men graphs can be compressed or expanded IVJN $
tions. More details can be obtained at horizontally or vertically. Vertical and
your Amiga dealer, or by calling Aegis horizontal cross-sections can be printed THE LOTTO
directly. or saved. With Your Computer!
Forget random numbers. This program
Aegis Development. Inc.. 213-392- Digiscape Software, 214-241-9891 for home computers does an actual
9972 (see address list, page 14). (see address list, page 14). analysis of the past winning numbers.
This amazing program will qulcfclypro-
t-idc you with all the data you need to
MICROPROSE CHANGE GEOS DEVELOPMENT predict which numbers will likely
We're giving you plenty of notice, so come up In subsequent drawings. All
geoProgrammer ($69.95) facilitates
consistent lottery winners use some
don't come crying to us next summer the development of application software kind of system based on the past win
when you can't find MicroProse games for use with GEOS. Intended for pro ners. Using the real power of your com
puter gives you a definite edge. It's
at your local software dealer. As a re grammers with a solid understanding menu drluen and all you do Is add the
latest winners each week and the pro
gram does the rest lit seconds. On
screen or printer It shows hot and cold
numbers, frequency, groups, sums-o/-
dlglts. odd/even, wheels numbers and
more. No thick manual to read. It even
has a built-in tutorial.
Ask your software dealer or call or

Soft po Bo*556F-PBllt
vi Dayton. Ohio 45405
THE LOTTO PROGRAM Is deHgnsd (or nil
6 & 7 draw Inrtn games jup u> 39 numbers}1
TRS-SO&MODtll. IV 21.95
MACINTOSH liupei veulon) 29.95
Please add 12.00 thlpplng

3D Surface: for graphically modeling and rotating 3-D topographic maps, handling. Fail kzvIcc on
charge carda.
building sites, logos, and more. READER SERVICE NO. 137
Render Servlci Ho. 117

AHOY! 11
of 6502 assembly language, ihe pro- MIDI CONVENYION
grain utilizes Berkeley's genWrite as the Midi Expo, a digital music forum
editor for i(,s assembler. Three main and marketplace, will be held Decem
(Unctions are supported: ber 5 and 6 at the New York Hilton.
• geoAssemblcr reads source text The event is built around an education
from geoWrite documents. It supports al program of seminars and workshops
6502 assembly mnemonics and ad on the interface of music and compu
dressing modes, and permits the defin ter technology. In addition, a complete
ing of over IOOO labels for each assem tange Of products, equipment, systems,
bly module. and services will be showcased.
■ geoLinker accepts link Structure Expocon Management Associates,
from the gcoWritc document and reads 203-25u-5734 (see address list, page
relocatable object modules produced by 14).
geoAssembler. It also supports con
struction of GEOS SEQ type and CP/M DISKS
VLIR (module swapping) applications, INCA has made available 15 dou
and cross-references and evaluates un ble-sided disks full of public domain
resolved arithmetic and logical expres CP/M programs, ranging from "gold
... NO OBLIGATION I sions passed from the assembler. en oldtes" to recent additions to the
DISKOFTHE-MONTH CLUB • geoDebugger transforms the RAM CP/M community. Each $9.95 disk
325 UNION AVE.. HUTHERFGHD. NJ [17070 Expansion Unit into a monitor so ap contains at least 250K and can be or
HMAi plications using maximum available dered in 1541 or 1571 format. A free
memory can be debugged. Memory catalog is available.
examination and modification com INCA, 619-224-1177 (sec address list,
ciiv 5IATE mands are also provided, including page 14).
ZIP symbolic line-disassembly and a line
Dtv.olUNUMrTEDSOFTWAREINC assembler for patching codes. MORE REDUCTIONS
Header Service No. 138 Berkeley Softworks, 415-644-0883 In addition to the games mentioned
(see address list, page 14). elsewhere in this month's Scuttlebutt,
Broderbund has lowered the price of
EPSON BUFFER its Thinking Cap outline processor to
A print buffer from Image Technol $3495, Bank Street Mailer and Spell
ogy mounts inside most Epson dot ma er at S24.95, and Filer at S29.95.
trix parallel printers (0 allow you to Broderbund Software, 415-479-1700
store print jobs in your printer and get (see address list, page 14).
back to work while the printer oper
ates at its own pace. One board can PRINTER POINTERS
A UNIQUE GAME WITH 16 LEVELS OF DIF provide anywhere from OK (you pro A line of book(let)s and software
FICULTY PLUS 8 MOHE EARNED LEVELS! vide the RAM chips) for S1O9 to 5I2K dealing with printer control for the
for $157. C-64, C-128, and Pius/4 is being of
The gladiator must prove his
Image Technology, Inc., 303-799- fered by McWare products. Some deal
cunning and endurance in 6433 (see address list, page 14). with specific hardware combinations
the coliseum of death.
linage Technol
For Commodore 54/128™ and ogy's internal
Atari"48K 8G0. XLs and XEs disk only buffer for Ep
$14 SPECIAL OFFER S14* son printers
Purchase the Gladiator and you receive works like Ep
the famous Ghost Hunter II game Free! son's own, but
has a greater
priced lower. A
single hoard
CAMERON PARK, CA.. 95682 can provide as
much as 512K.
r Servlc* Mo. US

12 AHOY!
NEWS r tiu. iwr oih» ov t*iv u

niiMifP - n<nh remit - MJLt

MQDUCCt 'OU* ■ ■ - ■ 'i*"O«3 O*
-U-- ■ . 10 CHOOU FWW
-n. UrtUHT O* IALL.1 *HD «im«

.' ■ ■. OUT .■'" . .'.".I NUMBERS pn*



' : - - ■,--.-.■: UfVHD MMDff* »« 'Ot* HUffBtO AT THF


•U-IHd «0V UUIirTt. vOlaTi ntutt 1*0

., n: r. al M. - -■■ -1 - ."

- BU VMM r - ■, I ■


MICHIGAN art, IN 16360

800-521-4536 219-B79-22B4

The Okitel 2400 can be programmed with a delay that bypasses spurious line VISA A».n MASTEIf CAB" "iDIHS AMM*
I^PIA^4 ■MIE^'VTS ADD 1% %AII.% tAl

interruptions like call waiting signals. READER SERVICE NO. 106

fiondtr Service No. 133
(such as the Plus/4 with Micrographix
interface); others offer more general
guidelines. Prices range from $9.95 to
$49.95. A catalog is available.
McWare Products. 703-664-3433
(see address list, page 14).


Classic Compu has added "Season's
Greetings" and 'Merry Christmas" col
lections to their line of tractor-feed
greeting cards in fen-fold form. Mes
sages can be added to any of the illus
trated cards. Each 50 card, 40 envel DISK MAGAZINE
ope collection will retail for $9.95. The money-saving subscription rates for Ahoy! magazine and the Ahoy!
Classic Compu, 201-579-3369 (see program disk are now even lower!
address list, page 14). If you subscribe to the Ahoy! Disk Magazine - magazine and disk pack
aged together -you'll receive the two at substantial savings over the indi
2400 BPS MODEM vidual subscription prices!
A 2400 baud modem that can be
used will] the Amiga, the Okitel 2400 YEARLY SINGLE SEPARATE
($599) features automatic adaptive ISSUE PRICE SUBSCRIPTION
equalization and automatic disconnect. (12 ISSUES) PRICE (12 ISSUES)
Magazine; S 35.40 Mugazine: S 23.00
Its two modular phone plugs make it
Disk: SI07.40 Disk: S 79,95
possible to hold a conversation on ihe
TOTAL: $142.80 TOTAL: S102.95
phone and subsequently transmit data
through the telephone outlet. Includ
Use the postpaid card bound between pages 66 and 67 of this magiizine
ed is the Okitel II communications soft
to subscribe. (Canadian and foreign prices are higher.)
ware, a custom version of Lindbergh's
Omniterm, as well as an offer for free
The Ahoy! Disk Magazine is also available at Waldenbooks and B. Dal-
connect time and discounts worth up
ton's bookstores, as well as other fine software outlets.
to $150 on CompuServe or discounts
on Dow Jones.

AHOY! 13
Okidata, 609-235-2600 (see address
list below).

In keeping with the western worlds
current fascination with things Austral 1
ian, Combase will distribute (he Lad
ders to Learning series originally pub
lished down under by McGraw Hill.
The series consists of over 50 programs
for 3 to 15 year olds in the categories
of Math and Science, Spelling and
Reading, History and Geography, and
Learning and Memory Skills. Price of
each C-64 title is $19.95.
Combase. Inc.. 800-328-6795 (see
address list below).

Mouse Cleaner 360° ($16.95) cleans
the tracking rollers inside the mouse
to eliminate jerky movement and slow
The Mouse Cleaner 360" kit includes scrubber ball, scrubber board, lint-
response. Solution is applied to a ball
free chamois cloth, and cleaning solution. READER SERVICE NO. 107
that's loaded into the mouse and rotated
over a board of cleaning brislles.
Ergotron. Inc., 6t2-854-9|]6 (see ad Abacus Companies Mc\Yare Products

dress list below). 2201 Kiiliimii/oo S.E. Mentioned in P.O. Box 2784
Grand Hapids, Ml 49510 Scuttlebutt Fairfax, VA 22031
Phone: 616-241-5510 Phone: 703-664-343:
Aegis Development, Inc. P.O. Box 113058 MtcroProse
2210 Wilshirc Blvd.. #576 Carwlllon. TX 75011 120 Lakefrom Drive
TIRED OF WRITING Sanui Monica, CA 90403 Phone: 214-241-WJ1 Hunt Valley. MD 21030
PROGRAMS THAT RUN IN Phone: 301-771-1151
Arlworx Software Kk'clronie Arls
SLOW MOTION? 1844 PcntklU Road 1820 Gateway Drive Mindscapu, Inc.
TRY: Penlicld, NY 14526 Sun Mateo, CA 94404 3444 Dundee Road
Northbrook, 1L 60062
Phone: 716-385-6120 Phone: 415-571-7171

Phone: 312-480-7667
Berkeley Softworks Elkon Enterprises
The tiril FORTRAN Doclopmenl
2150 Shaimck Avenue 2914 Pennsylvania Okidata
Envlronmcnl Tor the Cnmmini»rc 64
nr 111 lln 64 mode) Berkeley. CA 94704 Wichita Falls. TX 532 Fellowship Road
Phone: 415-644-0883 Mt. Laurel, NJ 08054
♦ Conipjpricnslvc manual intruded Ergo I row inc.
Phone: 609-235-2600
W Generates IBlOClLDblO mJCllSni: codi;
Blue 1 inn Software 1621 E. 79th Street
P.O. Box 650 Bloomington, MN 55420 Prentice Hall
♦ Crciilcs lust, savcaNc programs
BclmoiU. MA 02178 Phone: 612-854-9116 Englewoud Cliffs,
♦ Allow*, for low overhead by tinting only NJ 07632
I he *yiicm rou mines required
Phone: 617-876-2500
Expocon Management
▼ EXBC slalcmcnl allov-s HCBH9 (o 6J02 Broderlninu Software 3695 Post Road Publishitm Ink.
rcgiMcn. krnial and u*cr wniicn mat hi up
17 Paul Drive Souihport, CT 064TO 521 Siaie Street
San Rafael. CA 94903 Phone: 203-259-5734 Glcndale, CA 91203
Phone: 415-479-1170 Phone: 818-500-7857
♦ Minimum rtmnieiTicni til C64 und <mv Image Technology, Inc.
Classic Ctimpu 8150 S. Akron Stroel Robinson Software
♦ $50.00 each |MD residents add S:.5Q lax) 122 Main Street Englewood, CO 80112 32 Knock Knol! Circle
Newion. NJ 07860 Phone: 303-799-6433 Willow Grove. PA 19090
Orders and Info Call:
Phone: 201-579-3369
(301) 992-9527 INCA Star Soft International
Com base, Inc. 1249 Dawning Street 50 Charles Lindbergh Bd.
Or Write To:
333 Sibley Sl.-Ste. 890 P.O. Box 789 Uniondale, NY 11553
Si. Paul, MN 55101 Imperial Beach, CA Phone: 516-228-8210
P.O. llo* 180 GlenelR. MD 21737
Phone: 619-224-1177
TAB Books Inc.
Cosmi Infocom, Inc. P.O. Box 40
415 North Figueroa Street 125 CamhridgePark Drive Blue Ridge Summi
Wilmington. CA 90744 Cambridge. MA 02W0 PA 17214
Rendn Service Ho. 140 Phone: 213-835-9687 Phone: 617-492-6000 Phone: 717-794-2191

14 AHOY!


tCHEUlH is a true 3-D space (light simulator ihai puts you at the
ECHELON ... A top secret military facility where a
lew highly skilled piiols will be trained to operate
the 21st Century's most awesome combat and your own, it .-... ! be wise 10 go through trie careluliy designed
exploration vehicle, the Lockheed C-104 training sirnulalws These rigorous courses will develop your skills in
rranuevenng the spacecraft, accurate selection and use ol weapons.
Tomahawk. Ttie C-104 spacecraft has the latest in
control of BPV's, object retrieval and refuel and docking procedures.
advanced instrumentation, weaponry, and control Developing these skills are essential lo your survival when
systems. ITS IMPRESSIVE ATTRIBUTES INCLUDE encounteting troslile enemy spacecraft or exploring unknown tefrain.
- 4 Different "State-of-llie-Art" Weapons Systems ECHELON is available now and otters you the Simulator! Adventure ol
ACIUAL i: !,'. SCH! I NS - Bi-Directional Transporter Unit a Lifetime for only M4.95.
- Unmanned BPV (Remote Piloted Vehicle) Control
- Anti-Gravity Braking and Hovering
- Forward and Reverse Thrusiers
Twin 3-D Screens
- Real-Time Infrared Vector Graphics
■ Non Real-lime Computer Enhanced Graphics
- Computer Assisled Control Systems
■ Computer Information Data Link
- On Board Sub-Atomic Analyzer/Decoder
- Voice Activated Control Butlon II you can't find our pfoctucls at your local dealer, you can
Available Now ForC-64/12B. order Oired. Foi nail orders, endoss check or money order,
Enhanced versions t. Main lor APPLE. IBM. AMIGA. ATARI ST. plus $1 00 shipping and harWmg, and specify machine
jnd COMMODORE 1?8 version desired. Order by phone on VISA. MasterCard or
COD. by calling TOLL FREE (BOO) B24-2M9.
•3BJB- Software incorporated ?5eiso i&eow wooaiCrass.uiMOS?
RlMlt Swvlc* No. 103
Careless experimentation with ihc newly operation I sort of created this game in a fit of nostalgic whimsy.
al SDI weaponry in space has fractured a major If you ever had a copy of David Ahl's Basic Computer
asteroid close to the Earth! Games, you probably have played a text version of Orbit
The stray pieces have fallen toward Terra after many, many times.
being captured in our gravitational field. Now the Earth's I can remember my first computer, a Tandy MC-10. This
greatest scientists have joined forces to construct a mas little whiz had color graphics, sound effects, and a nice
sive particle beam weapon at Cape Kennedy in Florida. BASIC subset which seemed enormously lavish at (he time.
I spent many happy hours playing the (ext version of Orbit
on that micro, shooting at the Romulan craft while it glided
around the Earth.
When I tired of the simple text game, one of my first
projects was to create a graphic version of it. That game
alone taught me hi-res plotting, geometry, and animation
The MC-10 is long dead and buried, but I couldn't resist
making a version for my seemingly inexhaustible C-128 in
BASIC 7.0!
Witli the addition of sprites and the SID chip, this game
is as fun as it ever was.
Your laser platform is a flashing dot located on a scale
reproduction of the Earth, near Florida. A white dot rep
resents the orbiting satellite mirror in space through which
you fire the weapon at your target.
With a joystick plugged into Port 2, you push left to ro
tate the satellite clockwise, right for counterclockwise.
Push the fire button to activate the panicle beam pulse.
The beam travels slowly, so you'll need to lead" your target.
You'll require a lot of practice to hit all three asteroids
before they collide with the Earth. If even a single asteroid
escapes past you and enters the almosphere, thousands will
die and real estate values will drop drastically at the site
Your laser plat
of impact.
form in Orbit' is a flashing
You can only fire the weapon once per Earth revolution,
dot located on a scale reproduction of
so make every shot count. The satellite dish is white when
the Earth. You fire through an orbiting satellite mirror.
it is charged, red when depleted. Use this charging time
to orient the dish for your next shot.
You are the weapon's conlroller. Using your precise The game is in BASIC, and is another listing of the "short
knowledge of trajectory and velocity, you must shoot down and sweet" variety, like Galactic Cab Co. and Wraiths in
all three chunks of orbiting space debris before they col the May '87 issue. With a little creativity and some fore
lide with our planet's surface, killing thousands! thought to graphic layout, it is utterly amazing what can
An orbiting satellite dish in space is the objective lens be created with a handful of 7.0 lines. Attfiough BASIC 7.0
for the particle beam weapon on the surface. Your beam can be a chore to debug sometimes, the results are worth
travels in a line from the ground into the atmosphere through it. I encourage you to study all three games and to feel free
the dish. to borrow main loops or central routines for your own ven
There are three different chunks, with the larger ones tures on the C-128.
closes! and the smaller rocks farther out. The tiniest aster Giving credit where credit is due, the original text Orbit
oid is very difficult to hit. was designed in the 1960s at M.I.T. for the PDP-1000 main
Only you can prevent Earth from ending up as the largest frame. (Another late night project that made microcom
piece of swiss cheese in the Galaxy. puting history.) □

16 AHOY!
For the C-64
By Alan Thorn a son

It is the year 1995 and [he world is in turmoil. In a

major tactical blunder, NATO field command left a takes up a little less than 4K. To type ic in you must use
passage\vay of the highest strategic importance inade Fhwkspeed (see page 95).
quately fortified. Through it, the enemy could strike After you are through typing in Desert Front, be sure
a crippling blow to NATO's worldwide communications cen to save at least two copies. Next, LOAD"DESERT FRONT,
ter. The war could be lost in the blink of an eye...unless 8,1 and SYS 49152. The title screen should appear. If not,
enemy reconnaissance never finds the pass! go back and check all your numbers.
You arc a small outpost armed with a Marksman IV anti
aircraft system. You must keep the scout planes from get PLAYING THE GAME
ting past you-the free world depends on it! Playing Desert Front is simple-all you have to know is ,,
The graphics in Desert Front will knock you khakis off! to watch your instruments and (especially) the enemy scout. %
A scrolling mountain range scenery, three dimensional A good strategy is to trap the plane near the ground so that
movement, and fantastic sound give this game an arcadelike it can only move horizontally. Youll get points for each plane
quality. You'll wani to play it again and again. you hit and also for how much time, damage, and tempera
ture you have left. To pause the action of the game, press
TYPING IT IN the space bar. D
Desert Front is written entirely in machine language and SEE PROGRAM LISTING ON PAGE 100 £



i OVER 40 SPECIAL PARAMETERS built into the INVADER Copying FDR USE WITH 1 or 2 15*1/1571 Drives and compailbles or
Modules are AUTOMATICALLY called when copying the "Tough MSD Dual Drive and a COMMODORE 64 or the COMMODORE 128
to Copy" Disks. This method ot copying olien produces a working (used in 64 mode].
copy without using a parameter. These are all installed FAST FILE COPIER included wilh 8 second NO KNOCK PERFECT
i OVER 200 EXTRA PARAMETERS to make working copies ot recent unwanted files.
disks that were impossible before are Installed on DISK-INVADER FAST FULL DISK COPIER for 2 1541/1571 copies in under 1 minute.
SIDE 2. Because we UPDATE on a regular basis the quamity of FAST FULL DISK COPIER for 1 1541/1571 copies in under 2 minutes.
exua parameters grows faster lhan we can advertise. We will
always ship the LATEST CURRENT VERSION to purchasers. POSTAGE & PACKING INCLUDED US $36.50
Registered owners may update earlier versions at any time CANADIAN $49.50
lor $15.50 PS Pincluded.
send deck or Money Order to:
Quebec residents add 9t sales la*.
All iv.-r-, 5- ;-,:■!■ r. within 48 Hours.
Place Charny, Lorraine
Telephone 1-514-621-2085 Quebec J6Z 3X9, Canada

18 AHOY!
Now you can have the same quality software that for millennia has been available throughout the universe. With titles like THE GRAPHICS
TRANSFORMER, MOVING PICTURES, QUACKDAS and LEXCHECK, that have been number one sellers for centuries in other galaxies, you are
guaranteed quality software without the hassle of using products that have not been tried by at least two other species- Ot course with our 1987 line
including NEOFONT. 1541 AUNTIE BUMP BOARD, THE MANDELBROT POSTER, and ENTROPY, we are destined to supersede the monotony of generic
sottwaie . .. again, So take a look and enjoy the fabled COA Tine of software, where we bring quality software to your planet.

r;EiBC(glHl!H£!K ■


KM. 95 i
(C-WC-128) ISSSS (Business Sollware & ■** (Transmission — ***** ^Operating Systems S
* * * * * Galndan Regoti) THeIi Inldgatattic liisigM)
". .ILeiCnetf] wHI help you So levay- " . Chris Zamata S Nick Suiliwi (ot "" . llraKy .icarlrtdgt tlial speefls no
TilEGHAPmcSTHANSfOflMEHis iti.m!i that fon need i:j do *itn (ou< Transtlor Midume. EailB) fJM iaajln SllLOAn!(tt(oml3tin
:hi' ore ■ ,v.iy since Hie «- Jwoid'pfoces^nolpiog^rrs JfW:ll|rap- *ifh the Tnosl conipieh.ensivi" aniTialion eluded fPEE'). OUACKBAS comei rom-
ic.i;.'.: of i:'.rii wut.i i! iitows you la illy spelhcneckj all ol your aoramenss [ntj-.iin yt: jv-ii:jo'£ tor any vIicqi am) ready lo um witti iis bimdmij
Qu^ty wG iM^iy toin^i ueiwc°n ALL jv. :'i 111 100.D0D word t\-tUrw/] I Oaicdunil Uniorlujialety, you dlon'1 Jiivft , buill (n DOS «due, inctor tililor,
ot ihepupulai towing ptofliams (over ?6 wnuW [Duy t*o of llwm) il 1 were fo &e EntdJiofnt 10 uw ii . ." i1 Dlltfl*
siptoffil, araf docs olhet naalo rtv you . /' thing [o wnte liomfl j
as well t tkighty recom<nEnd ji la an soli-



S cnmjjattfe) fC1541 coropalifllef s

> (C'ibr>cBgU Computtf * * * + * (Buyit Hjtwine] 7 ' 7 f 7 ■> 7 (Iha MitchWtert Buiile to ****
Af! & Design) > surnnwiff (Mlttetyjnaric mor- G.ii«,jd Scllmrt) Surt(i Weekly)
" . NEOFONT r? llw n*ffl ufc'.i . and
well aligned collection of louts "if toe atfw niuie ginw. py lh« rosniBs fwSHs ihe fa-
GEOSoperalrngsysltm Itcontain1;oiei IHi d,sli(UiYt before now. iltri looking $Q m*ny ahstrac loos tan tie Silill M.iraiflOriM Sol IL no* r.lWlirnl O'i
23 billcren! fonts. Iha! are simply sut>- attheciFWillHKnl. I've come lolhscon- p PMar (irtwiE 3va^ae — some realric-
hmt Do (Ours&i a tavot, aid acprscats Ousion Iftat ttiey did it a'most as good as t'^edlo QeconiE another nfHcatoti£ in J lionsrtiigM awly). uslna we tiignest res-
some REAL art . . " realm oT mltEaclive (JHioa. ." oiuMn eve: eijteneacnla date

P.D BCH105Z, Y'tiu, CAS6O9i*

CDA omia lesidonl; add b'- sales tan

0sater5 Inquiries Invited


ou are lost in a maze, gram in memory as a singly linked list.

a tangle of criss By understanding this structure, we can
crossed paths. You are better appreciate what's going on be
going in circles be hind the scenes of the BASIC interpreter.
cause you don't know A BASIC program may be represen
which paths you have ted in graphical form, as in Diagram
tried and which ones are left to explore. 1 on page 23. START is a two-byte
If this describes the last computer pro pointer which stores the starting ad
gram you wrote, perhaps you need a dress of the program. This program ex
more appropriate data structure. We ample has three lines, each represen
will continue last month's investigation ted as a node in a linked list. Each pro
into linked lists, and look further into gram line node consists of four fields.
the realm of exotic data structures. The Link points to die start of the next
The way the data in a program is or node. Line# stores the program line
ganized greatly affects the ease of writ number. This is followed by the Text
ing, debugging, and modifying the pro of the program line which is terminated
gram. For many programs, simple nu by a single byte of 0. The Link of the
meric and string variables suffice. Fre last program line points to two consec
quently BASIC'S only other explicit utive bytes of zero indicating the end
data structure, the array, can untangle of the program.
a mess of program lines and help to To see this structure on your com
create better programs. puter, run the following self-investigat
Some programming languages pro ing program:
vide a rich variety of data structures,
but as we saw last month, BASIC has 10 M=PEEK(45)+256*PEEK(46)
the flexibility to duplicate these struc 20 FOR N=M TO M+56
tures. All it takes is a little ingenuity 30 PRINT N;PEEK(N),:NEXT
and a few examples.
This month we will see a very im If you are using the C-64, change the
portant example of the singly linked 45 and 46 in line 10 to 43 and 44.
list. We will also look at doubly linked (START from Diagram 1 is at address
lists and some variations on the linked- es 45 and 46 on the C-I28; it is at ad
list data structure. dresses 43 and 44 on the C-64.) Type
this program exactly as shown with no
START WITH THE BASICS spaces in line 10, three spaces in line
Whether or not you realize it, you 20, and one space in line 30 (disregard Further Exj
are involved with linked lists every time ing the space after each line number).
you run a BASIC program. The BASIC
of Data Orga
When you run me program, you see
language interpreter stores each pro 57 pairs of numbers which show how

Bv Dale Rupert
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FOR statement.
The value of the link is (40 + 256*28) which is 7208.
The next line must start at 7208. Also there must be a zero
byte at address 7207. Sure enough, there is.
I LINK LINE* TEIT I a If we take the two bytes starting at 7208 (56 and 28) and
convert them into a link value, we get (56 -t- 256*28) which
is 24. When we look at 7224 and 7225 for the next link,
we see a pair of zeroes. The link after the third program
line has a value of 0, indicating that we have reached the
LINK LINE* TEXT i ■ end of the program. In fact there are three zeroes at the
end of the third line, the standard "end of line" zero and
, a a
the two zero-value link bytes.
DIAGRAM ll The BASIC interpreter is able to step its way through the
Basic Program in Graphic Form program lines the same way that we have. (You should be
able to follow me sequence we have just discussed with dif
the program itself is stored in memory. M is a pointer ferent numbers for the C-64.)
(START) which gives the RAM starting address of the pro Locating specific lines in a program is a sequential pro
gram. Its value depends upon which machine you arc us cess. In order for BASIC to execute the subroutine called
ing. On the C-128 it also depends upon whether the 40-col- by the statement GOSUB 5000 for example, it starts at the
umn high resolution graphics screen has been allocated or not. first program line and follows the links until it finds a line
On me screen, the first number of each pair is an ad with a line number of 5000. If there are 4999 lines to check,
dress. The second number is the decimal value stored at finding line 5000 may take a while. That is the reason some
that address. On the C-128 without the graphics memory people put their frequently-used subroutines at the start of
allocated (in direct mode, type GRAPHICS CLR to de-al the program.
locate it), the first few values are as follows: We have previously discussed the BASIC program struc
ture most recently in BASIC Magic (January 1987 Ahoy!).
7169 23 7170 28 7171 10 7172 0 Refer to that article for some of the tricks you can play with
7173 77 7174 178 7175 194 7176 40 this !inked-list program structure.
Just to give an idea of the types of applications you can
Although your sets of numbers may differ from these, we write once you understand the structure, study this simple
will use these values as an example. example. It prints the line numbers in a program along with
The first two memory values at the slart of this program their starting locations in memory:
are 23 and 28. These numbers form the link which guides
the BASIC interpreter through the program. We will talk
more about the link in a moment. The next two memory 10 DEF FNP(X)=PEEK(X)+256*PEEK(X+1)
values, 10 and 0, represent the line number of this program 20 PRINT "ADDRESS","LINE* "
line. BASIC calculates the actual line number by adding 30 AD=45 : IF DS$="" THEN AD=43
the first number to 256 times the second number (10 + 40 AD=FNP(AD)
256*0 = 10). 50 IF FNP(AD)=0 THEN END
The remaining values up to the first 0 at address 7190 60 LN=FNP(AD+2)
on the C-128 correspond to the actual program text. For 70 PRINT AD.LN
example, 77 is the ASCII value for M, and 178 is the spe 80 GOTO 40
cial tokenized value for "=". PEEK is stored as the single
byte 194 and the left parenthesis has the ASCII value 40. Line 10 defines a function which calculates the value of
Thus we are looking at the first part of line 10. the link (pointer) or the line number at a given address.
Now back to the first two values which form the link. Line 30 sets up the initial address for the C-128 and chan
Take the first number and add it to 256 times the second ges it if the program is being run on the C-64. Recall that
number with a result of 7191. This gives the starting ad DSS is a special disk-status variable for the C-128, but it
dress of the next program line in memory. If we look at has a null value (unless otherwise defined) on the C-64.
address 7190, we see a value of zero. A single zero is a Initially line 40 gets the starting address of the program,
marker at the end of each program line. Line 10 ends at just as we discussed earlier. Once we reach the double ze
address 7190. The next line starts at address 7191. roes at the end of the program, the link at that address is
The bytes beginning at the slart of the second line look zero, and line 50 causes the program to end.
like this: Line 60 evaluates the line number for the current program
line in memory. From our earliest discussion, we saw that
7191 40 7192 28 7193 20 7194 0 7195 129 the first two bytes of each line are die link, and the next
two bytes (at AD+2 and AD+3) are the line number. Line
The first two bytes are the link (also called a pointer) to 70 prints the results, and line 80 goes back for more.
the stan of the third line. The 20 and 0 represent the line The program is deceptively simple. You should carefully
number (20 + 0*256 = 20). The 129 is the token for the study it to fully understand the process of accessing links

AHOY! 23
and line numbers. You could expand upon this program (o ory usage, we have greatly simplified backward searching
perform various other tasks. For example, search for REM by using Back Links.
tokens and list {or skip) only the lines containing them. The algorithm discussed last month for inserting and de
Routines like these could be added to longer programs to leting nodes of singly linked lists can be readily adapted
aid in debugging. for doubly linked lists. With back links, we can more eas
ily delete any node since we do not have to perform a se
TWO LINKS ARE BETTER THAN ONE quential search for the node preceding the one to be dele
That is enough of a review of singly linked lists. Did you ted. The Back Link of the node to be removed tells which
ever wonder why you can't scroll backward while editing node precedes it.
a BASIC program as you can through a document in your
word processor1.' Perhaps one reason is thai the BASIC pro GOING IN CIRCLES
gram is stored with single, forward-pointing links. If each Singly linked and doubly linked lists can be modified in
program line held a link to the previous line in memory various ways to create other types of data structures. A cir
as well as to the next line, perhaps the BASIC editor would cular list is easily implemented, for example. Simply change
back-scroll. the null value of the Final Next Link so lhat it points back
That brings us to the concept of doubly linked lists. Each to the first node. With the doubly linked list, also change
iiem or node in the list has two links. One indicates the the first node's Back Link to point to die last node in the list.
preceding node and the other indicates the next node. Most word processors and editors have separate forward
Sec if you can translate the following sentence which is search and backward search functions. 1 have come across
stored as a doubly linked list. Each node contains an infor one editor which implements the search function in the fol
mation Held and two links. The starting node is number 4. lowing very useful manner: the editor begins searching for
ward from wherever the cursor is within the text. When
Node tf Info Back Link Next Link
it reaches the end of the document, it jumps to the start
1 ARE 2 3 of the text und continues searching until it comes back to
2 LISTS 4 1 the cursor position.
3 HANDY I -1 If the document to be searched is stored as a circular list,
4 LINKED -1 2 it would be easy to mark or slore the cursor position and
then step forward through the list until arriving once again
The information in the first node number 4 is "LINKED". at the marked position. In the process, the entire document
The Next Link at node number 4 is 2. Therefore the sec will have been searched. Every editor should be equipped
ond word in the sentence is "LISTS" at node 2. The Next with this capability.
Link pointer ai node 2 leads to "ARE" a( node 1. Finally, Another major category of data structures are trees. With
node l's Next Link pointer brings us to node 3 which is the tree structure, each node may have links to two or more
"HANDY". Its pointer has the null value shown us -1 in succeeding nodes. Many types of data ranging from genea
dicating the end of the list. The decoded sentence is "Linked logical family trees to algebraic expressions are readily rep
lists are handy." resented in terms of the tree structure.
Obviously we do not need the Back Links to interpret The best-known authority on trees and daia structures
the sentence. In fact with some effort we could even read in general is the book Fundamental Algorithms which is
the sentence backward without the Back Links. Here is how volume I of Tlw Art of Computer Programming by Donald
we might do it. We could search the Next Links until we Knuth (Addison-Weslcy, 1973). The book is packed with
found the pull value -1 at node 3. This lells us that the algorithms and examples of numerous data structures. There
last node in the list is number 3 ("HANDY"). are many other excellent sources of information on these
Then we could search through the Next Links until we topics under the category of programming and data struc
tbund the node that pointed to node number 3, namely node tures at the library or book store.
1 ("ARE"). We then look for the node with a Next Link
value of 1. This is node 2 ("LISTS"). Another search shows INTO THE MAZE
that node 4 ("'LINKED") points to node 2. One more time We will wrap up our discussion of amazing data struc
through the Next Link list shows us that no node poinls tures with a program which uses doubly linked lists to help
to node 4. Therefore we have completed our backward jour the computer find its way through a maze. Refer to die pro
ney through the list with the result "Handy are lists linked." gram Amazement on page 98. The program allows the
If this were a 10,000 word documeni, it would be very computer (o follow paths through a maze until it finds a
time consuming to search through the list each time to find path which reaches the exit. The allowed paths through the
every preceding node. The Back Links make the backwards maze arc specified in the DATA statements beginning line
search as easy as the forward search. 1210. A 0 indicates that the cell is inaccessible. A 1 shows
Start with the last node number 3 ("HANDY"}. Us Back that the cell is accessible. Somewhere in the maze should
Link points to node number 1 ("ARE"). That node points be a 3 indicating the starting cell and a 4 indicating the
back to number 2 ("LISTS") which leads back lo number ending cell. The computer replaces a cell status value with
4 ("LINKED"). Node Ws Back Link has a null value, sig 2 once it lands on the cell.
nifying the end of the list. Ai the expense of additional mem- The comments at line 1100 describe the array data struc-

24 AHOY!


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ture of the maze. The cells are in a 10 by 10 square, num Line 620 checks to see if we are back at the sinning cell
bered from I to 100. The top row is numbered 1 through and have tried al! possible directions from it. If so, all paths
10, second row is 11 through 20, and bottom row is 91 have been exhausted, there is no solution to the maze, and
through 100. the NOSOLN Hag is set.
For cell number C. its maze structure status MS(C,0) has If the cell in the chosen direction is the exit cell (4), the
the value shown in the DATA statements at line 1210 as dis exit routine at line 710 is called. If the next cell chosen is
cussed above. The other four elements of MS() for eel! not the exit cell, the valid move routine al line 510 is called
C give the numbers of the cells adjacent to cell C. With instead. It is almost the same as the exit routine except that
respect to cell C. the four directions are numbered 1 through the status of the next cell MS(NXTCELL,0) is changed to
4. Direction 1 is up, 2 is to the right, 3 is down, and 4 occupied (2). The XIT flag is set when the exit cell is
is to the left of cell C. reached.
If cell C h;is no neighbor in ;i particular direction, the Once the move is determined, the main routine calls the
corresponding element of MS() has a value of 0. For ex screen update routine at line 900. It positions the cursor
ample, consider cell 7 in the top row. Direction 1 is up, and blinks it in the selected cell. The maze is originally
and cell 7 has no adjacent cell above, so MS(7,1) is 0. The drawn during the initialization by the routine at line 1700.
cell to the right is number 8, so MS(7,2) is 8. The cell be On the screen, an inaccessible cell in the maze is shown
low number 7 is number 17 (since ihe maze is 10 cells wide), as a dot. An unoccupied accessible cell is an asterisk. The
and MS{7,3) is 17. Since Ihe cell to the left of number 7 start and end of the maze are shown as S and E. As the
is number 6, MS{7.4) is 6. The FOR-NEXT loop at line computer moves through the maze, its position is shown
1340 calculates the values of MS(C,1) through MS(C,4). by a blinking O. The current path is shown by O's.
The computer's moves are stored in a doubly linked list Once the end of the maze has been reached, line 230
MV(). In this doubly linked list, MV(C,0) is a forward of the main loop calls the routine at line 3010 to step back
link indicating the next direction to move, and MV(C,1) is ward then forward along the chosen path. Line 3020 shows
the back link telling the previous cell number. how easily the back links MV(C,1) can be used to step back
When the cursor is in cell C, MV(C,0) keeps track of ward through the maze. Line 3040 shows how the forward
which direction to move from cell C. The computer always direction link MV(CjO) can be used to move forward through
tries first to move in direction number 1 (up) from each the maze.
cell, if it can. If an upward move is not valid, then MV(CO) Feel free to modify this program. Change the amount
is incremented to 2 in line 320 indicating that the computer of delay between blinks of the cursor in line 120. The num
will move to the right. A move in a certain direction is in ber of cells in the maze NC can be changed in line 50. You
valid if that cell is inaccessible or has already been visited must use a square number for NC or the screen display
in the current path. will not be correct.
If direction number 2 (right) is not valid, then the com If you change the number of cells, you should change
puter tries directions 3 (down) and then 4 (left). If there the lengths of the DATA statements at line 1210 to match.
is no valid move from cell C, then the computer backs up There are some interesting results from changing the al
to the cell from which it just came. Here is where the back lowed paths through the maze. For example, if there are
link is useful. four fs (asterisks) forming a square on a path in the maze,
MV(C,1) stores the cell number of the previous cell on the cursor seems to perform a dance as it navigates the path
the path. Line 820 uses this value to know where to back in all possible sequences.
up. Lines 830 and 840 restore the status and the direction As written, the program stops once it finds the first so
pointer of the cell just left. It is possible for the cell to be lution. It would be possible to modify the program to con
revisited on a different path. tinue, keeping track of the length of each solution, until
The X() and Y() arrays store the column and row in all possible paths have been exhausted. Then the shortest
formation for putting the cursor on the screen at the prop (or iongest) path could be displayed.
er position. They are assigned beginning at line 1500. You might add some more intelligence to the movement
The data structures make this program very easy to write algorithm. For example, have the computer look at all ad
and modify. The main loop is conlained in lines 170 through jacent cells each step of the way. Notice when you run the
250. Each move is selected by the subroutine at line 300. sample maze listed, the computer goes right past the exit
There the direction pointer of the current cell MV(C,0) is cell in its feebleminded attempts to "go in direction 2, if
incremented in line 320. possible, before going in direction 3."
The subroutine at line 400 determines if the selected di It would be possible to create a program similar to this
rection is less than or equal to 4. If not, all paths from this without linked lists. Perhaps a stack or a tree data struc
cell have been tried unsuccessfully, and the only thing to ture would be more efficient than the doubly linked list used
do is retreat. The BKUP flag is set to indicate this. here. No single data structure is best for all applications.
If the direction is a valid number (less than 5), line 430 A familiarity with the possible data structures is certainly
uses the forward link to calculate the cell number in that to your advantage for writing readable, debuggable, and effi
direction. Line 440 checks the status of that cell. If it is cient programs. Put an end to those spaghetti-coded, en
inaccessible (0), occupied (2), or the starting cell (3), the tangled programs. It is amazing what the proper daw struc
move is invalid, and the routine at line 610 resets the tures can do. O

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Ghosts-n-GoDlins 19.95 1 Football. .. 24 95
Axiom Elite 5 LCD $ 5 95 Movie Maker 24 95
Kung Fu N 19 95 j Murder Party 29.95 Movie Monsler . , 24.95
Brother 15. 25. 35 5 95 Parallax 19 95 1
Commodore 1525 Orge 26 95 Championship
6 95 Power 12.95 1
Commodore 1526 Quizam .. 21 95 Wresihng .,; . 24.95
6 95 Rush-n-Attack &
Scrabble 22 95 Destroyer . . 24 95
Epson 185
Epson 85..
6.95 Yte Ar Kung Fu 19.95! Ultima 1 28.95 Winter Games 23 95
4.95 Star Fleet 1 29 95]
Epson mx.fx.rx 100 6 95 Ultima IV.. 39 95
Strike Force Coord 13.95
Epson mx, fx. rx 80 4 95 Uinmaie Wizard 22 95
Tag Team Wrestling 21.95 1
Gorilla Banana... 6.95 Uchi Mata 19.95' FIREBIRD
Juki 6000. MINOSCAPE
4 95 Undium. 19 95 ! Bop and Wrestle. .. .518.95
Elite. $19.95
Juki 6100 3.95 X-15 Alpha Mission 19.95 1
Legend 880. 1080. 808 Fairlignt 18.95 Colossus Chess-lV , 21.95
MPS 801 High Roller 18 95 Music Syslems 24.95
6 95
Advance Music Syslems... 49.95
MPS 803 6 95 Indoor Sports .. . ,, 18.95
OATASOFT !he Pawn , , 28 95
OKI 182. 192. . 7.95 Infillrator IB 95
Alternate Reality S24 95 StarGlifler . 24.95
OKI 82. 92, 83. 93 . ... 2.25 Lords of Midnight 17 95
Black Magic Tracker 24 95
SG 10-15.. 2.25 16.95
Panasonic 1081. 1091 8.95 19 95
Goonies 18 95 GEOS .536.95
OATAEAST Mercenary GEOS Fontpak 1 18 95
18 95
Express Raiders. S22 95 Mind Pursuit . 1895 GEOS Desk Pack. 22 95
Commando 21 95 Never Ending Story . 18.95 Geofle* 24 95
Karale Champ Baitle ol Annetam $29.95
21 95 Giinslmger 19.95 Writer Work Shop . , . 31.95
Carrier Force 36,95
Kung Fu Master 21.95 2213 Baker SI 19 95
AVALON HILL Phantasie II 24 95
Tag Team Wrestling . 21,95 Ttieaire Europe.. 21.95
Superbcwl Sunday . $19.95 Rings ol Zelphm. , 24.95
GAMESTAR NEW NEW NEW Wizard's Crown 24 95
S B Sunday Stat Compiler 16 95
BaseDall S21 95 Pi rales' 524 95 Team Disk 12 95 floaawar 2000 24 95
BasketOall 2 on 2 21.95 Phantasie III 24.95
Football 21.95 California Games 24.95 ACCOLADE
Street Sports Baseball .. 24 95 Dambusters $18 95
Legacy ol the Ancienis. 21.95 Figfit Nignt 18 95
Data Manager 128 .$42.95 PHM Pegasus Fiighi Sim II S34 95
21 95 Haid Bali 18 95
Data Manager II . 29.95 Delenderollhe Crown. 21.95 FooiDall . 27 95
LawollneWesi . 18.95
Partner 12B 42 95 Geolile 31 95 PSI 5 Trading Comp 18 95 Jet . 27.95
Swift Calc 128 w/Sideways 42.95 Super Star Ice Hockey 24.95 Kill Until Dead ie 95 Pure Stat Baseball 34.95
Swilt Calc 64 w/Sideways. 29.95 Jeopardy. 8.95 Ace ol Aces 18.95 Scenery Disk 1-6 ea . . 14.95
Word Writer 128w/Speller 42 95 Family Feud Stadium Disk (baseball)
8.95 Deceoior 12.95 14 95
Word Writer 3 w/Speller 29.95 Wheel of Fortune. 8.95 Comics 18.95 Up Periscope 18 95
Parlniif fi41 38 95


■ 1-800-634AICP
Customer Service o m slock iitms snipped witiwi }t tiou's lor prepaid Kill! iceii Check »>ss
me I C 0 D Orosrs itcoelM p'easi iOO JJ M mull M cash m CBrt efltc*
718-351-1864 CDfflPJTER PRODUCTS D
ONLY NYS rwdwls add Bib tt salts Ui AdrtrtisMpncis nilKI a IK dis
cngnirorcjsh.ctoancjro jdaiM Aiiommsadd 13 50 snipping anonaniiimg
10AM to 6PM P.O. Box 13-1861 E wilding Ihe Goniintnui u S P»r»nal cnecu alkm 2 wv (or ciraiimt
4<iiUMiiy inn o"Iing sut>j«ct In cnjnjB witlwul n»iu (in sniDcing in Con
E.S.T. Slaten Island. NY. 10313-0010 linsmaUE on ssliwaraoroirsnat ilWOO DEF-ECTIVE EiCMANGE ONLY
FOB S4ME phqduCT "bsikiihj tti sn unopanM no-Otlucllv! items ittwnM
Re«d«r Service No. 209 Beturns acctpiM KitDin IS nays 01 siiipningi em onl» M rtiurni rmjure
BWum Autnofr;it<ijn numo«5 WE DO NOT GUARANTEE COMPfltlBlUTV
• •-- " . . • ■" ..;■

Kracker Jax Revealed: Kracker Jax


Macker Jm Is [he oowerlul OEIiarneler'Oaseu copying system that has (al>en (he country Oy
LEARN ABOUT COPY PHDTECTIOK FflOM THE EXPERTS! slorm1 What IS J fla'amelei^ It's a custom 0'ogram mat allows your 1541 or 157! disk drive to
S1l>0 *ll copy ptGIKIon liom yOul eipensivs SOllwttf. leaving you will UNPSO11CIED
Our unowitdgt or oroiecti-on scnemes m.jrfe us lanujus Ana we can pass inai knowledge TO1ALLY BROKEN BSCKUPS thai can even M copied wild a single lasl CDpier'
□'i to you1 Hncksr Jix Revftilfld: BOOK s our laftsl release in ,i SBTUI or guitf<n WBdecijit Kuckir Jii 10 be [ha Cast syslom or its undon ihemiikti torjay' * bold claim'
deigned la mslruci you in ine Mscn or cODy protection scnemes and how To de'car UiyM '-''-,' ^
than Bui aon I ia«7 ou' word Tor ft—d you want me REAL story on how good Kricktr Jn tt jus1
BOOK II CDilmuGS ihe Ira-diiioi which tegan »iih- ihe original will nolhmfl mare ttUfl a Dasic as* one di aur customer Dori'l wori> You won'i have any Dfocnem Imamp one
grjsp ol mjchme language you can learn to cornmJ so'in; of me newest most advances copy .' 'r '-'!*■
■ Easy is uss—no snecial knowMQe 15 required' ■ Powerful—win esiily Me- ud Mies mat
nroipction (Qudnes on the market loday1 Hers's what you II get with HOOK H: ■ Detaiien inlo ruDOk'i can I1 ■ Supeftasi—srrtps protection in i maner oT seconos' ■ Great value—ejen
using ?Ocurrtni ne* program* as eurr.pres1 ■ An en^nceo. a: new ulilily <JiSk '- '" 20 new valuing Ms appro> 1D0 parameisrs1 ■ Cuneni—new ttrjcltr Jji volumes leieasea quarterly'
□arameiers1 ■ The lamous Rapidlek'" copy syslern REVEflLEC ■ EXiflA BONUS—Tne
'egenaaiv Hes Mon'M cartrirjge1
Don t M mtunnjaiea oy cc-ripSe* protection routes*.
C'Den&ive so'lwaie Atler av. "'nawiedga IS power
Leatn now [o ta-e eoniroi of youi ALL NEW VOLUME SIX IS NOW
Kracker Jax Volumes 1-5 are still available.
umy uu 83cn< .■ ■. .
e o' Nrjilh America muSl JOC S? iO For shippmg1
All Kracker Jax Volumes are $19.95 each.

::•"",■-/.!''■ ■■,?;-"-■/•'j'i->-\i\^-m 4'- ■■'■;' -:; ■■-■■■■-■■■'V """ "'"-".''■:-':-'.-''- :-'!j-*'J.-'"-"j'-".*■ ■'•■:■":

The C128 Cannon Shotgun II The Bulls-Eye


Here s [he package mat you C1?a owners nave Deen We ve tjven The Snrjrgun. our populai in&tj^i and R«jiQioiLw it's one or ine loughest copy proiectmn
waiting tor1 ine CI!B CANNON gives you more owei man cwnpltieiy rtwrncen ii lo provide more power, morr speed routines on ihe market tMay. and it'5 Cemg uMd by several
you e^er hcpei for! Just IM* d( some ot these utilities" ana own mare ItftuiBS lhjn before1 The re^uii is Shotgun II, n\i\m so'iware nou$« lo c&py-urohiaii some of [tie EtDBSl
Ihe net- ^andarfl m high pwereiJ niBDlpt? t^tes avdilatj-le tor The C64
■ NIBBLE I!-Work s wiin sing'e or ami 1171/1 Ml dims1
■ fAST COPIER—Use tot oau tusks 0' Xnckn J»1 % Capable &' mjhing cosies usmg onr ,n- Two driven1 N"rjw you toutt go &rovt Duymg expensive jjihpal"
■ FILE COPIER—Easy tile maintenance and manipulation! ■ SnotQun II cosily topy qjIji deif oul Eo trfC* 4<Jr tj.iL'jjjir. cf crogr^m; you've already paid lor Or, you can
■ I5B1 FAS' COPIER—For |h« new High ipeed 3 5" drive1 ■ AulQ density detection can e^ily De loyyiec on or Q»' ereicr,f! your legiiimate right to mjk? yr>ur own backtab No
ipanl kruj^ieaQpar tipeifnce 15 rtquircfl fill you neffl are
■ \'j$\ FILE COPIER—For nigri speed tile manipuUlion1 ■ Epic single 4lrivt cop^T nas in on sewn GCR C'^jWt1
■ Ai^ctMS you Co htf dnecToric-s irom eirncf dish drive1 i lew stank duiisarid livo mjiuies of umt BuH's-Eye lets you
■ ufm CDPiER—Cop«s unpiotetleu IBM S CP/M disks1
■ 1/S EDIIOB-Wnrks wilh 1541, 1571, ana new i&Sl ■ Supnrtast new "Tiue Dual" lwo drive eopmr mode' neate your own custorn Rapidlak'M copiers 10 tj£cl<up your
■ Cjp.jfrlt ot copying Hauidlok™ programs dulDnij[ical:y' enpenyve soimrp1
anves1 ■ ERBCFI SCANHEFJ—Compiele wiin on-screen
Wt've intludeo severji cuBEom flap«JiokT" ccp*[$ mat
display' ■ DENSITY SCANNER—Fird aiiered densities ftnO titre 1 tue gooc pan we've increased ttit
track Dy Hack' ■ DIRECTORY EDITOR—Alter f, organiie wecreaied ourselves, jusi logei you started Bulls-Eye
pertofmanceWltMOUT increasing the price1 L»ke me original. futures a powerful new GCR mbbier developed specifically
disk 'r- ■ . ■ ■ IRACXER JAX BONOS—100 ol our Sholgun II is iviilitj'e m either of lwo lormats 1) The
lor this system'
nonesl pa^rr.eterB' Sriolgun II. wriicn is me uliLiEv 0«cnoeO aaave 2| Tn« And il ail mji isn't enough. BuDi-Eye aiso corjiams i
Vou ve seen nitibleis alone Ihat seil lor i^rly-live or lorty Loanea Sholgun ll. wnich a inp ^me nhhiy packaged along
revoluiionHuynawtop/^ysrenilgrGEOS"'1 II15 trie liral cony
dollars And Ihe 100 KRACKER JAX parameters are a twenty wiih 3? ol ihf hOKHt Kncker Jjj jhiramefsfs ever produced1 system 10 be used e^dulively w\hm trie GEOS™
dorljr value Yet tne entire CUti CANNON package sells for And if yau jiready own [tie arigindl 5tio!giin. jusi spna u^
enyirrjnmefii Fully <»n ariven. 1! runs directly Irom Jr-e
lusl S3! 9i Nfje' wlce Mi inn rath pow« Dten your d^k alonq witi S9 95 !or Shotgun LI GEQST" desktop1 And our uliiity doesn't gust sijndjiaue
mlegrjiH inlo a single, anoidabie producl II you o*n a Eimei w^y you order it. Shotgun II win do ihe jot? lo' you'
til D5™ urograms 11 actually neurrahzes them, your GEQS™
Cl!8. you Don'l necn to leei loll out n Ihe cola anymore programs jie compKtety u^p'Otecltc1
□Iher companies inay igripre you but at KHACKEH JAIL. M W( ve laHen caie(ui ann it you* a'chr^ineflo
know i poweriui machine wnen we see one
Let US show YOU just now poweiiul your C1 ?fl really is
The Shotgun II: Only $14.95 lirrjel Head centar—fight in IhS Buii'i-Eyti

Order your C12S CANNON today1

The Loaded Shotgun II:
Only S19.95
Only $34.95 Only $19.95 GEOST" \ k o1 Berkeley Sofi*o-ks '"

*• '■■■?'■;•

'■}.■ ■'■■'.

On-Line Help MSD Dual Cannon


il vou own jn MSD du^i Hint you o«n j suwcB met ol »igi ifcn (quic'ne'" Bui 'I you
ftcturemis you reriardai work on yum latesl program wrien.narit mine middle ol drw 5-20 oon't own itit ngnTuiiimes. you it nm geitmg ill or tins oerromancB mar yom MSD (ruts can
you nwd sorrfC oo$cura til ol mloFmatujn vou knowyou'veBonfiemiosomewnern maytteirm
deliver Wfiar kma cf uiihiie^ How jdouE
Mok or a mi$attr\z> JTiayOe ll'l on an old wall crur(. or maybe it's in Ihe ijiQ.jnhc rclercnco

ininual you know the one mm 30 page* just tor Erie inde' J'one ■ i NiBBLER—awm BroietlM pragrims Oil by M1
Good luck—Dy trie lime you r.naiiy h'H tnt 'Mo'nat.on you need (<t you ever cm you II ■ A FASI COPIEB—*oi I write eirori'fieMect 1oi OJIa'
proDaply lave iDigollen what you were workprcg on in me liril Dl^ce1 flu! mat can t happen Id you ■ A IilE COPitR—make y&ur Iiie mainiKnance laska e^ay'
if you're using ON-LINE HELP* ■ FULL BJtO UODE—ctov O'Sks without your compusc1
ON-LINE HELP IS i" invaluable ne* aid tor B^SlC programmes Forget a(»ul all ol tnose ■ k SECI0F1 EOHOfl-crejieo socciiiuiy <c ine MSO1
lEiltered lurek^ and lost charts— just load QN-UNE HELP mlo your C/6* at tnt Mg nmng at a ■ KB1CKEH JAX PiHAMETERS-3? ol our best oaiamelers'
wS&'On Ttien. at Ihe touch otthpFl kpy. you're given jmenu otava-ljOl* help ^cteenHD choose liieie mi'itrei jr* soecisi For eMmgie Mill ft mbtrarana Uietjsi copier un topy i msk in
trom* acoul 1 minute Ihe h* coom can Me copy in enli'f auk m lusl one pasi TeaarOJess 01 11*
ON-LINE HELPgrv« you 17 screens Ol inlo. >nfiufling numotr o' oneciory emius »ni oorii lie nuiiier and inetasi copier itjtuic jn AulO MDDL mat
ASCII cnajjcicr 5M ■ FH]KE$ ■ color codes ■ seieded DOS command& ■ useiui memory ojiio loaned allows you lo reconnect your MSOIrom rue comjiuler Ihe source Disk can slay m
commands ■ ■'■'... ■ .motc-kan v.iluos ■ ^aunilregisters ■ musical Ihe 0nv«—(ne imtmlo' liaMi on me MED reII you when lo cnmj! destination rims II you nave
notes in ait 8 rXHues ■ JW Ik alien 19/ !i«r key pressed' AndGrKlrtf H£LP uses JtfTi«l none another d'rve. you CCula uw your system lor otner [Rings wnileyGur MSO anves wert working on
ol trie RAM avjiirt-e lor 8AS1C nrogfamnmn1 mass dupliuiion tasis Am) Itie lector editor allows you to eiittti DisjssemBa or edn > sector it
Onte you've gollen ihe miormation you need, a si-mple loutn oi me "X key relurns you to lOermlies slanaard op-codes, unoocumenlea op-cook and BASIC tokens It even has lull coniroi ;.!■*;"■
BASIC, enrjtt'y *nere you let ofi even if you were in the middle ot £ orogram run1 Get ON-LINE over printer ODtiOnS1
HELP loday—and W your conpijier do some o' me wftk I01 you" We ve even incimw 3J ffe* KraeMr JH patanettrs We rf making .1 very e«y wi you to

own itie Desl—order youri toosy1

Only S19.95 Only $34.95


■■■':-> ^ ■ ■■*..'■•.
SYSRES™ Enhanced
Maylje you ve never paid mucfi anenlion to BASIC Figured n was |usl a lo"> rjo*ered
language lor kicsarc Mg""er$ it That's wbai you think arjoyi BAStC. then you've neve' nwd
IE you vc ttt< lojnd yourseit nteCtng inioirmt'On urine fnjM in The middle o' orogrimming
nave *e go< a utility lor you1 SY&HEST" lesnies m memory out of the way it n tre ULTIMATE BASIC enhancement
me Ct3fl Helper is tne lirst electronic referente manual tor 1ho C'?& Let's say inatyou re
System lo' ITiaCMor CiZflin the 6* mrjde SVERES'" atfdsovar Zfjrnajor commands and over
right in tie midme o< writing a rjrogran in trie powerful BASIC 1 0 lanfluagp when you realise thai
1000 audinonai functron^ to sranflard BASIC No, mar w«n"t a typo Twenty (we MAJOR
you need more information On a specific command Just touch lhe C12B S HELP key Almost command Qna THQU5ANG adflihonat funclions impressed' Tneia's more
msianily [ihAnV^ lo me I57i's "fasl" mode) a menu appears an your screen Just sotati Ine
SYSiRES7" (eaiures an emended Super DOS weflge, reducing oven me most complex
command in Question, and moments \.\w a lull screen ol ed information appears, including comnidnrj sequencer to a igw simple kcysirokes it aisa allows you lo scron com 'orwjrrj and
an example snowing lhe command m use And al lhe irjuth Ol ancihoi key. Ihat screen Ol dafii is
Ekickft.irc Ihrough yojr BASiC programs We've even added Jn all new fasi loader routine 1q make
rJumutja toi your pfmier You're Ihen returned lo your BASIC program. £*.atf\y wheie you I&1F oit1
'oarjmg up lo 5 tmes fasie^
Tne C158 Kijje' >s machine language driven lor spe*c H *os*n m me Ci?fl a 00 column
SVSHES'" is addrctiv? 10 programmers. DuT not ro th? programs itiecn&eJvfs—no run time
moae wilh an RGB or composite momlor You can use Binei a 15?1 or. witn sl>gtit(y s'Owe'
tiD'ary n needed for programs created wilfi SYSRES'" Don I lake our vac lor it Just ask any
response lime i 1M1 orive.
enpeil BASiC programmer-ifiaf me o«l C6J BASIC eiteiiion system on the market ts—"e"II Say
In* Ci?a Helper is co-res-Ceni viiin your BASIC program Wirh it ALL BASIC 7 0 commands
and functions are deteued wtn full e-p^aniiions and e-am^ies It atso allows ytu in perform a
Bui ^rhaos tne single most unciiing teoture is inis rne program is user definable Nor only ■ ", ■ I ■ LISI ■ ■:■ ■■ M ■■'■■ m .'.vi ■ LOAO ■ SAVE ■ BLOAD
can you modily the Cl?S Helper it»tl uut you can actually edii ,ind create your own custom Mas' EXtC ■ MERGE ■ SETD ■ i.i-.t, ■ FIND ■ '.'■'. ■ ' i ■' ■ CHANGE ■ GET
T"e program gutfes you wilh prompts, harping you id easily con&tiuci your oivn custom GUI ■ TRACE ■ CLOSE ■ KEYS ■ PUI ■ VERIFY ■ CUft ■ KILL ■ ■'! '.n1-'1 ' '
auDiiciiiijni. ccmoiete #iTh menus' Vou could make your own memo nJus. calendars eiedrann WHY
r.elpers for otn*r programs— lhe liit s endless1 S™ ii unproietrta and com« compile wiln over 11O parjes: ol compretiensive
But wan <\ you onty use tne Ci?fl Me'per iTse'L you U M geltmg more man your money s documentat«n Mjnd m an aiiract>*e. flu'atiie inree nna omflef IT you're REALLY inTeresteD m
vrWTh Gel your copy locUy' pjoqrjmming ormi SYSRiS'"— and discover a BASIC tPjl you neveJ tven knew ?> y?c
-PLUS— Only $39.95
■ ASCII Code sel1 ■ BASIC keywords1 ■ Screen PQKf codes1 ■ BASIC e&Drevisions'
■ Useful memory locations' ■ RA5<C Tokens'

Only $24.95
Graphic Label Wizard

Hacker's Utility Kit

Oh boy flnolher graphic labeling uhlny lm
SuperCat Don't kifl yourself We're lhe same people who brought
you SuperCai. ana we couidn r make a boring uiilny if our
nves depenoen on n! Able lo use Print Snop'". hint
USE THE SAME TOOLS THAT THE EXPERTS USE! THE ULTIMATE DISK CATALOG SYSTEM! Masier'" Soitware Solutions'" or compatible graphic
images. Tne Lattei Wirard is designed lo take advantage oT
Are you ready 1O lake control nl you* software' Lei us Are you lued of searching endlessly Ihroupn your disks lo lhe nuge hijrary o'graprics uli'i^d by iriESC p'ogrjms. And
fieip1 Our Kicker s Utility X>\ contains Trie most impressive find me onp mie inji you ie interested in* Flushed Dy Ihais |usi the Hgmning Take a 'ook at mesc iralures—and
array ol toon ever a^emo'ecr m a smgr« oackaqe1 catalog programs mat tun oul 01 memory or slarage space then orde< your copy today1
Our lop Knckir Jji programmers put togainer a "wi&n every time your disk horary grows' Tnen NQW is tnsiime ro ■ Pnni a graphic i up :q 9 impsol teii on a muting laoeM
list" Ol I00IS (hit they wanted 10 worh witn—anrj then wen! lo invest in SuperCat. the mosl Soph is treated disk cataloging ■ Easy to use menus featuring last Pop Up Windows1
work creattng lhe perfect sel of uNMies The result The system arable lor your Commoao't 64' ■ Save rabets id disk tor later modilicahori £ printing1
Hacker's UWily Kil Now YOU can u» lhe ^ame powerful SupeiCal allows you lo caiaiofl up lo 640 disk ■ Print one label oj rjrinl all Ijuel^ Irom your dala disks'
utiiilies mat W£ oo—at a fiacnon oi ineir »ue oevelopment uueciories—up lo 1 280 witn i*o rJnves1 You can mde* ano ■ Automalically prmi rriuHipie copies ol your tavonie labets1
coses1 Here $ what you'll get alpriaueiize o*er s.DOO lilies—and up in 10 MD wilh two ■ Flenole.—you can print your labels 1. 3. 3. or even 4
■ WHOLE DISK SCANNER— usage, wroi, rJEn$ily into la?!1 dnvea' SuperCal wiH accepl Cis*s wjm Quolicai? ID s Wiift a ICTOU! ■ liW Wizard intrudes over 5Q noting new
■ GCR EDITOR— view iaw daia Ihf nay your system sees ii1 prmtef. you li be impressed by [he variety of report lormats grapnits— FREE1 ■ Prirt catalog showing ?B disk grapnits
■ FAST DATA COPIER—aDsofulely wm NOI mile errors1 avaifJDie lo you Yojcanhst dtesm aipnaDeiical O'dtr or by
anc nr'e ptt page' ■ Use Epson compatipie or create your
■ 1 OR 7 DRIVE NIBBLEB—fast & pawtrlul'sTate ol the a*!' rjisk Disk neacfer lists can o* wrieO Dy name disk to. Date own cuslom printer tile' ■ Prim ten in any comcxnalion ol
■ FILE TftK/SCTR TRACER—tinO iny sector link m a file cataloged Biuths free on disk ana disk number1 >ou can Sly'« your printer supports' ■ Hi res dispray aNowS you lo
lasi1 ■ BY1F PATTERN FlN0ER-1mQ$ any pallcrn even pnol disk labels m any of turee CiMoreni lormals1 load anfl preview up lo 4 graphics SFmuHaneously— even from
i: ,s-.i ■ ■' b : -m COPIER CPEAfnH—the ONLY one ol SuperCai is incredibly \M—A can imd ANv nMe «i |usi 10 i iMfprpnr disks1
its kind' ■ HELOCATABLt M/L MUNlTURS-mcluflinfl. seconrjs, ano can sort 1 000 titles in a mom B sacands1 flnrj
drive momioi1 ■ FAST FORMAIltft— programmable Iraciis SuperCat comes w^h a comprehensive iiiusirjied indexed Only $24.95
or whole disk' ■ DISK Fill ,,■■■-■ manual, jilh&ufjh you DrDSab'y won't need il much—our
addresses* eiiensive menus and help screens see to thai
Professional met names and programmers nave one Enmg
Face il—il you re g<j<ng lo go lit lie iroudie ot catanjgm^
your library in lhe lusl place, you may as well use tie Desl
in common they both use the mui t»rs avanapte Inese
too; on \n* market SuperCat
tools *ere aevE-rooed specidcally (o meet the demanding
needs ol ou' Knektr Jai srogrimmers Ihey are utilities
creaied oy enperis1 relmed under conslant use. anfl perfeciefl Graphic Art Disks
for you
Only $24.95

Let's lace il you tin be a brir;ni. denied, creative

person—am] STILL noi oe able lo drjA i strdigtii Nne with a
Well, we can rteip Each ol our Craphic An Disks twiures
100 outstanding hi res graphics, coveimg a wide range ot

Super Snapshot Slideshow Creator

su&|eci$ and topics, created by professional artists
We yc got graphics lor holidays, graphics tor sporting
events, animal anC people graphics, pets, kids. cars, boats
pianes. signs. Ihmgs. p^ces. the iisi goes on and on Your
THE DVKAMIC NEW COMPANION UTILITY FOR SlfFEfl SNAPSHOT 64 OWNERS! use tor Ihem is limiied only tjy your own imagmaiion For
Signs carrjs. banners, invilations. llyers. or whatever you
This is rtOT1 Vou know mat Super Snaashoi &4 can fttOUiftES rne Super Snapihol carlrirjgir Id treate1 hakB m minn. you II Imd an image that's fust ngm1
capful? .j mjliicoio' or hi res fli*pl.iy on you' screen anfl save Does NOT need Super Snapshot car I no or :■) display1 Each dis* leatures mew graphss in flO'ri Prim Siu>p'-
il lo dish as a "tritr " Our new SJideshow Creaior leis you O'S&iay al leasl 1? sijflcs wrh 1541 or U vnti \br\' jsiJe A) and Prin-i Wasier"1 Tormais1 *no these graphics
i^J'ii .i Series ol inese imjges mIN dynamic oalmns Vjtn Sdesfiow un even T?* ported to the new 1591 dish drive jisa vrf/tV wiih oui own superb Label W^arc programs as
js laoe rr> and nut. shutter on and oil and pap on and on and Super Snap snot Shrjesnow Creaior supports two rtn-es1 well Graphic An Dish5 great an tsas never so arlordabrv1
your choice of lOdiflfrent lontsio* creating your own custom Includes (Jde in/out Jnd pop on/olf snecul eifects1
10 fonts avajtable lor custom scrolling lem displays1
scrolling tapnons1 We ve even mclurjerj programminfj to
allow you to easily mtegrale Hi res Or mulliDolor screens into Bum in last loidRi routine far hion spend displays1
flriiJjint] tow price— QHHER VOU"S IODAY1
your own M/L or BASIC programs wilh fun control1 Check oul
ihese feaiures Only $14.95 each
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wnie (oj our fiee catalog

Mail youi order to. Computer Man
Program submissions warned1 2700 NE Andresen Road/Vancouver WA 98661
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National Marketing Same day stiipping/No COO orders ovlside U S
PLEASE NOTE: Fr»s ihlpplng 1 Handling on all ofdars ■ C.O.D. idd I4.D0 lo laid orflor • All orflars must Be paid In U.S. lunds
Wathinglon msiaarrl; add 7 30% jbIbj lax in ojfln. Ordtra ouiaida nl Nonh America add U.00 p«r istlwara «r«1lon »nd 17.50 par book oi liirdnare.


I have now been a subscriber to Ahoy! Magazine for three which are evidence of the type of product and customer
years, and have again renewed my subscription. service we offer.
Perhaps I should explain, I am 72 years of age and an The mention in Ahoy! has in fact caused us problems.
avid computerist and have been thoroughly disgusted be Several recent customers have referred to it before placing
cause, no matter how I tried, I could NOT enter your pro orders, expressing hesitancy, and required reassurance that
grams from the magazine and make them run. we are in fact a different company before they wouid pro
That prohlcm is solved, THANK YOU, wilh the help ceed. While there is no way of knowing, I suspect there
of Buck Childrcss and your excellently updated and im are others who have been dissuaded entirely from any con-
proved Bug Repellent programs. tact wilh us whatsoever. It is easy to see how persons be
I had to write and compliment you on the above, and come confused: Schneider and Schnedler appear very simi
especially for the fine articles, programs, and excellent lar, especially if not familiar with either, and in both cases
coverage of the Commodore line. the initials are "SS."
Again, many thanks for your past help and my wishes I am asking you therefore if you would try and remedy
for your continued success. this situation by printing an explanation in a future issue,
-Thane Weisberg pointing out that we are in fact different companies. Any
Portland. OR consideration we can be shown along these lines would be
greatly appreciated. -Steven C. Schnedler
There is an unfortunate similarity in name as between Schnedler Systems
our company and Schneider Software, concerning which 25 Eastwood Road, P.O. Box 5964
you printed a "Buyer Beware" mention in the August 1987 Asheville, NC 28813
issue of Ahoy!, page 61. There is no connection whatso
ever between Schnedler Systems and Schneider Software. We're truly distressed lhat Schneider Software's failure to
We at Sehncdler Systems have always tried to be highly re fulfill orders has resulted in problems for Schnedler Sys
sponsive to our customers, lo deliver good value, and to tems. Schnedler Systems has advertised in Ahoy! numerous
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closed materials you will find two reprints from the "In cerning them from readers. We request that anyone reading
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Introducing Race Analysis Systems III. As in all three in

eluded (Harness, Thoro, Greyhound), for one low price

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onds, fast, accurate handicapping is virtually guaranteec

There is more. Systems III performs a Complete Wage

Analysis'" on every race. Checking the viability of eleve
different wager types. Pin-pointing the most efficier
way to wager on a given race.

Other features include full support of the C-1 28's ni.

meric key-pad; screen dumps to printer; betting tips
Quickcapper™ mode; built in fast-loader, and rnucf
much more.

■_= = =
C-64/128 Disk ONLY $49.9



Race Analysis Systems III is part of The Alsoft Team of exceptional handicapping software. To Order: Ask you
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INFORMATION CALL (212)732-4500
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commodore COMPUTER commodore

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Personal /^'MU^^^a
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195 ■- | t,»RCll Color
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NEW C-128/D
PANASONIC 10B0 1 1159.95




$509 EPSON .1700 12SK

With Geos Program: $1449S COMPLETE

FX «6E



Moduli ■!?K$169 95
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V'\ .1 : \.i\- - to C'.r. $369 95

1!" Monrlor st
Serial 'ml ParaH* EQUITY 1+ PACKAGE
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O 128' PACKAGE .HOK Driv. '12



TO SUBSTITUTE 1571 FOR geo5 software
15<1 - ADD 160 ;et« jr interface

• 68000 Processor C1351
•512k Ram Expandable to OMB PACKAGE
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Z Moult Jar
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$729 95
C1J64 _
A-1010 3 5" FLOPPY DRIVE
? r ■■ ■ i i j* ri I
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"li (IikV, Mntmttl, Vr.1, Am-El, Dimr' Club, Cl.nBr.nth., Dii<..., C,,d 4nJ (OOi >
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Cr»(k). N V nil .n» .id,,, ■..hiiMki i... p.m. >ni ..
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Read*' Strvlce No. 114

Art Gallery Disk Sale
Selected An Gallery images are available on disk. Multi
color images are supplied in Koala format, while high-reso
lution images are in DOODLE! format. Included are a slide
show for easy viewing, along with a bit map dump for your
1525 printer or properly interfaced equivalent. A sample An
Gallery disk with slide show and printer dumps is $10; or send
a stamped and self-addressed envelope (business size) for a
listing of available An Gallery collection disks. Prices shown
arc for US and Canada. All oihers add $3 per disk. New York
State restdcnls please add appropriate sales taxes. Disks may
be ordered from Morton Kevelson, P.O. Box 290260, Home-
crest Station, Brooklyn, NY 11229-0005.

Contribute to Ahoy fa Art Sailor r

The Ahoy! Art Gallery offers ihc opportunity for fame and
fortune to any and all aspiring Commodore artists. Simply send
Morton (see address above) your work on disk indicating ihc
drawing package or file format of ihc images. Inclusion of a
self-addressed post card will guarantee an immediate response.
All graphics produced on the C-64/C-I28, Plus/4, and Amiga
computers arc eligible. If your image is published, you will
receive a free one-year subscription to Ahayl If you are already
a subscriber, your subscription will be extended by one year.
Note thai ihe An Gallery is not a contest. Published pic
tures are selected in an arbitrary and capricious fashion by
the Ahoy! An Director based solely on the artistic merit of
die individual images.
At extreme lower left is Brush, given to us by Peter leon-
tescu {Bronx, NY). The other two on the facing page are
Dragon by Wong, Chin Wah (Quezon City, Philippines) -
one of a group submitted by the Society of Commodore Us
ers of Manila (S.C.U.M. for short)-and Flight by Michael
J. Garie (Edison, HJ). To the right is Chinese Cartoon, also
by Peter leorrtescu. Everything mentioned thus far was drawn
an the 64 with Koala. Below are two Deluxe Paint-ed Amiga
graphics: Quest by Glenn S. Adkins (Palm Beach, FL) and
Sundance by Kiernan Holland (Roanoke, TX).
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r Scrvlc* No. 290

Compiled by Michael R.

Contributors to Tips Altoy! will be compensated at onds while debugging!

highly competitive industry rates immediately upon The short machine language program below will keep

acceptance. Send your best programming and hard you updated on the time all through the night, with no weird

ware hints to Tips Ahoy!, c/o Ion International Inc., SYS commands to reactivate it! Type the data statements
in carefully, and run the BASIC loader. The computer will
45 West 34th Street-Suite 500, New York, NY 10001.
prompt you for the time in 9 digit formal, and will boot
You must include a stamped and self-addressed en
the machine language up for you. The time appears in the
velope if you want your submissions returned.
upper right hand corner of the screen. You can hit the RE
TECHHI-TITLES STORE sequence 5000 times without the interrupt-driven
You can brighten up the sometimes bland look of title clock missing a millisecond. It is CIA operated, so I/O also
screens with this simple program which can be used as a has no effect on clock operation. The only way to destroy
subroutine. Put your title text into data statements one word this monster is with a system reset, or turning the compu
al a time. The LEN and RND functions work to print your ter off! I know the program will come in handy to all those
titles in a variety of technicolor characters. late-night hackers out there. -Clcve Blakemore
Depending upon your screen's current background color, Richmond, VA
you may need to eliminate text colors that don't look right.
To test your color schemes, add a REM statement in LINE •10 REM C-128 INDESTRUCTIBLE SCREEN CLOCK
80, remove the first one in LINE 70, and run Tedmi-Titlea. • 20 F0RX=3072T03188:READA:POKEX,A:I=I+A:N
Numbers in black are the keyboard color numbers. For those EXT
colors you don't like, just add new values in the "IF V=" ■30 IFI<>10127THENPKINT"ERR0R IN DATA[6"!
lines between line 40 and line 60. "]":ST0P
After your testing, be sure to put LINE 70 and 80 back •40 INPUT"ENTER TIME (HHMMSS):";T$:P0KE56
Into original REM condition. —Gene Majewski 331,16*VAL(MID$(T$,1,1))+VAL(MID$(T$,2,1
Bel I wood, IL )):P0KE56330,16*VAL(MID$(T$,3,1))+VAL(MI
•10 REM *** TECHNI-TITLE *** •50 P0KE56329,16*VAL(MID$(T$,5,l))+VAL(MI
•15 REM ******************** D$(T$,6,1)):POKE56328,O
•20 PRINT"[CLEAR]":K=(PEEK(53281))-240 •60 SYS3072:SYS3171:PRINT"SCREEN CLOCK NO
•30 L=LEN(A$):FORX=1TOL ■3072 DATA120,169,13,141,20,3
•35 M$=MID$(A$,X,1)
•3078 DATA169,12,141,21,3,88
■40 V=INT(RND(l)*16):IFV=0THENV=4 •3084 DATA96,169,186,141,34,4
•45 IFV=10THENV-ll -3090 DATA141,37,4,173,ll,220
■50 IFV=9THENV=11 •3096 DATA41,16,74,74,74,74
■55 IFV=KTHENV=V+1:IFV=16THENV=1 •3102 DATA9.176,141,32,4,173
■60 P0KE646.V •3108 DATAll.220,41,15,9,176
•65 : •3114 DATA141,33,4,173,10,220
•70 REM PRINTM$;"[BLACK]";V;" ";:REM * C •3120 DATA41,240,74,74,74,74
OLOR TEST///TEST: REMOVE REM IN 50 ADD I ■3126 DATA9,176,141,35,4,173
N 60 -3132 DATAIO.220,41,15,9,176
■75 : •3138 DATA141,36,4,173,9,220
•80 PRINTMS; •3144 DATA41,240,74,74,74,74
•85 NEXT:PRINT" "; •3150 DATA9,176,141,38,4,173
•90 G0T025 •3156 DATA9,220,41)15,9,176
•95 DATA THIS,IS,A,COLORFUL,TECNI-TITLE.X •3162 DATA141,39,4,173,8,220
X •3168 DATA76,101,250,169,110,141
•3174 DATAO,10,169,12,141,1
THE AMAZING C-128 INDESTRUCTIBLE •3180 DATA10,96,32,0,12,76
•3186 DATA3,64,255,255,144,128
Everybody has seen interrupt-driven screen clocks in
computer magazines before. Everybody knows what is usu SPRITE PRINT 128
ally wrong with the program that makes it hardly worth Sprite Print 128 is a short utility for the Commodore 128
typing is never immune to RUN STOP/RESTORE, that lets you display a grid pattern on any sprite. After typ
which the average computer hacker hits about every 15 sec ing in and running the program, you will be asked for a

AHOY! 35
demonstration or to end the program. Before choosing the pops down a line. Press them again to scroll another line
demo, make sure your primer is on. After hitting the space down. If you want a continued downward scroll, press
bar, you will be asked to enter the number of the sprite SHIFT and F3. The screen rolls downward like a cannonball
you wish to display. Answer this prompt and hit RETURN. on a slide. SHIFT and F5 scrolls up a line at a lime. SHIFT
The sprite will then be displayed on the printer in a grid and F7 shoots the screen up like an Atlas rocket.
formation. This enables you to see the direct correlation ScroIl-u-Mcitic waits until the cursor is off before doing
between pixels of the sprite. its work. This keeps the cursor's footprint from inadver
A small machine language routine is used to print the tently being carried along for the ride. So, if the screen
binary equivalent of each byte of the sprite. To incorporate doesn't move the instant you prss the keys, hang tough. It
this routine into your own programs as a binary converter, will in a flash (what pun?!).
simply follow these steps. First, change the hexadecimal If you happen to be in quote or insert mode. Scrol!-<i-Ma-
value CF in line 60 to a 30 and the value A6 in line 70 tic won't budge. This lets you use the function key graph
to a 31. After the machine language has been entered in ics in your programs.
mehiory by RUNning the BASIC loader, simply use SYS Scrvll-a-Matic is set to load at 53000. If you want to put
SL (a decimal value between zero and 255 or your own it somewhere else, just change the variable S in line 4. It
variable). To see what I mean, carry out the above steps. occupies 168 bytes, so be sure you have room in your new
When you encounter the error message, simply ignore it. location.
In immediate mode, type SYS SL.200. You will then see If you really want to have some fun, place four or five
the binary equivalent of decimal number 200. NOTE: This lines in the middle of your screen. Press SHIFT and F3
machine language routine uses device three as the output (fast down), then quickly press SHIFT and F7 (fast up).
device, which defaults to the screen. —Michael Jaecks Continue back and forth like this and see how long you
Alamogordo, NM can watch the lines go up and down before you get dizzy
and fall out of your chair.
•10 REM SPRITE PRINT 128 RUN STOP/RESTORE deactivates Scroll-a-Malk: SYS
■20 SL=4864 : REM STARTING ADDRESS 53000 (or wherever you've placed it) reactivates it.
• 30 FORI=0TO36:READA$:A=DEC(A$):POKESL+I, Give ScroU-u-Maiic a spin. You'll have the first Com
A:B=B+A:NEXT modore 64 yo-yo on die block. -Buck Childress
Salem, OR
•50 DATA 85,FA,A2,03,20,C9,FF,A2,08,A5 •2 PRINTCHR$(147)"L0ADING DATA ";
•60 DATA FA,29,01,D0,04,A9,CF,D0,02,A9 •4 S=53000:REM *** CHANGE S TO RELOCATE *
•70 DATA A6,48,46,FA,CA,DO,EE,A2,08,68
ITE #1 12 B=INT(S/256):POKES+1,S-(B*256)+13:POK
ELSE:A=A-1:B=A*64:SP-SP+B 14 DATA169,21,162,207,120,141,143,2,142,
■ 130 0PEN3,4:FORI-0T060STEP3:PRINT#3,CHR$ 144,2,88
(15);:F0RJ=0T02:SYS(SL),PEEK(SP+I+J):NEX •16 DATA96,173,141,2,201,1,208,40,165,212
TJ:PRINT#3,CHR$(165);CHR$(8):NEXTI ,208,36
•140 FORI=0TO23:PRINT#3,CHR$(15);CHR$(163 • 18 DATA165,216,208,32,165,207,208,28,165
);:NEXTI:PRINT#3:CL0SE3:END ,203,166,2
•20 DATA133,2,201,4,240,21,201,5,240,25,2

Ever wish your 64 could scroll the screen down? Maybe •22 DATA240,13,201,3,208,6,32,234,232,32,
you need to add something above, or perhaps you just want 240,233
to watch everything head south for a change. Unfortunate •24 DATA76,72,235,228,2,240,249,201,6,240
ly, Ol' Reliable doesn't remember the adage, "What goes ,239,169
up must come down." Well, by golly, Scroll-a-Matic will • 26 DATA152,162,7,160,219,133,251,133,253
pack it into its memory. Scrotl-u-Malic enables your 64 to ,134,252,132
scroll the entire screen down with case. It can also scroll ■28 DATA254,169,192,133,63,133,65,134,64,
up with equal agility. 132,66,160
After saving a copy, run Scrall-ei-Matic. Once the load ■30 DATA39,177,251,145,63,177,253,145,65,
er POKEs the data into memory, type SYS 53000. dien press 136,16,245
RETURN. To scroll down, press SHIFT and Fl. The screen •32 DATA165,251,56,233,40,133,251,165,253

36 AHOY!
Repairable Power Supply S39.95
VISA. M/C accepted.
Nonrepayable Power Supply S29.95
II you wish to place your order by phone
Reset Board s 6.95
12305 N.E. 152nd Street please call 20G-254-6530. Add $3.00 CO
shipping & handling on all orders; Disk Notcher s 5.99 r:
Brush Prairie, Washington 98606 additional S2.00 for CO D. Key Leader board . . $ 4.99 w ai
Key 10th Frame . . . S 4.99 C to
Super Parameters Super Nibbler 64 Super Parameters 100 Pack Volumes 1&2 c
Utilities Unlimited has done it again. A brand new The Original. You get 100 of the best Parameters... Super Parameters 10 Pack "D
Nibbler ai the best price available This package comes Anywhere ... these parameters are professionally done, These are early releases of the next 100 pack These c
with 50 high quality parameters. Super Nibbler, and the easy to use. and menu driven for fast, reliable will be available every 2 to 3 weeks or whenever there ra
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You get all this for just Included are titles from all the major software publishers C-64/128. So if you can't wait for the next volume, call o
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This package includes 50 of the latest parameters offered Super Parameters SPECIAL H E
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DiagnoseG4 + are not able to name company or products
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An extremely helpful diagnostic tool. Diagnose6d is
tell you that they were made for a whole a
Super Parameters Super Nlbblers 64/ quick and easy to use Just select the tests you want to (/)
series of utilities and productivity programs
For those of you who need both Super Nlbblers this is" perform using the switches, plug Diagnose64 into the
produced for the C64 and 128 Parameters
z CD
cartridge expansion slot, turn on the C64, and
the ultimate package. This package includes Super included are tor a calc. workshop, file, O
Nibbler 64, Super Nibbler 128, Super Fast file copy, and Diagnose64 petorms its tests. That's all there is to it.
including the main program, CO
100 of our best Parameters . . . eAAOE Functions: to name a few.
• MPU Test • Ports Test CO
All this tor just "I B
• RAM Test
• ROM Test
• Repeat Testing
CD to £ t
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MegaSoft Ltd.
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W 52 1
64 BBS: a 1 or 2 drive BBS S19.95 DC CO
Telecommunication Pack a
Lock Plk C64/128 (includes Wargames Autodialer).. .514.95
(The Book) Parameter Kruncher N-Coder and D-Coder >• m
Lock Pik 64/128 was put Takes the protection out of Keymaster keys and Fast (both for 1 price) S14.95
together by Utilities Unlimited Hackem parameters and allows you to compile 600 Graphic Label Maker
as a tool for those who have a keys and/or parameters on a disk &QQQ (the original) S12.95 o « il
desire to find out how the heavy D-Compiler flor Blitz) S14.95
hackers do it. This package Photo Copy (reviewed in RUN) . . .512.94 .*:
■j e
includes: MSD Shure Copy with CJ
1. Lock Pik book that gives you step^by-step instnjctions
XXXX Rated Game Disk XXXX * 50 parameters S14.95
on breaking or backing up over 100 popular programs Copyright 1985 Megasoft Limited. i— c t:
using Hesmon and Superedit. The inslructions are so This is a very unusual game to be played by very open •S If
minded adults, included in this game is a casino and a The Final Cartridge C-64/128 +
dear and precise that anyone can use it.
house Of ill repute. JOYSTICK REQUIRED
o) Ss
2. Lock Pik disk has Hesmon 64, Superedit. Disk The No 1 selling utility cartridge in Europe. After C eg
Compare Kemal Save. I/O Save, and Disk File log with $2495 reviewing all utilities of this type including Icepick.
U ^
detailed instructions on how to use these programs all Capture and Super Snapshot, we have determined that O Jo
on one disk. The Final Cartridge is just that: (he last cartridge
3. We also have a limited supply ot Hesmon cartridges XXXX Rated Graphics Data Disk XXXX you will ever need! Extensive programming utilities II
Copyright 1985 Megasoft Limited, it for the beginner as well as the hardcore programmers. CD
that will be given out tree while supply lasts. 09 3-
Again this is a very unusual although very popular data The most impressive memory-to-disk backup utilfty we
1 think you will agree this is the best buy to come along
in a long lime ... You get it all tor
disk that works with Print Shop and Print Master have ever seen. With the press of a button we were
able to copy almost every program we tried.
Please, you must be 18 to
BOOK II AVAILABLE SOON! order this program. SO AB5 $4797
DEFCON 5: The Authentic SDI Simulation.

Call TOLL-FREE for the COSMI

dealer nearest you. or to order
YOU are at the controls of America's "Star Wars" space-based missile defense system.
DEFCON 5 is by Paul Norman.
DEFCON 5 is an authentic simulation ol our Strategic Defense Initiative.
creator ot the Super Huey (light
Your computer is in command of a network of orbiting visual reconnaissance satellites simulator series.
and an awesome arsenal of sophisticated space-based weapons. The fate of the world
DEFCON 5 for C-64/128 is priced
is in your hands. You make the split-second decisions necessary to detect, intercept
at S1995. For IBM PC. S24 95
and destroy incoming enemy warheads.
Using realistic military commands you control
9 separate weapon systems, including orbiting
lasers, neutral particle beam emitters, electro cosmi
magnetic launchers, and nuclear-pulsed (800) B43-D537
x-rays. Were at Defcon 5 and counting. Impact In California (800] 654-0829
is imminent. Will you destroy the missiles in 415 N Figueroa Street
time to save the human race? Wilmington, CA90744
!!.■!. r "■• I. i . NO. 393
,56,233,40 •5 REM SMOOTH MOVE
•34 DATA133,253,176,4,198,252,198,254,165 •10 PRINT CHR$(147)
,63,56,233 •20 G$="[c G][s T][s G][s B][s H][s Y][c
•36 DATA40,133,63,165,65,56,233,40,133,65 M]"
,176,4 •30 FOR G=l TO 37: FOR A=1TO7: A$=MID$(G$
•38 DATA198,64,198,66,165,252,201,4,176,1 ,A,1)
97,169,32 -40 PRINTCHR$(19)TAB(G)" "A$
•40 DATA160.39,153,0,4,136,16,250,76,72,2 •50 NEXT A:NEXT G
NO LOADS Are you the curious type? Ever want to know how many
When typing in BASIC programs on the C-128. I some lines are in your BASIC programs? I always do. The way
times accidentally hit the SHIFT and RUN STOP keys. This I see it, I let the lines reside rent-free in my RAM. So an
executes a BASIC load from a disk drive and runs the pro occasional couni to keep me informed on the number of
gram. If that happens, your current program is lost. By typ those residents isn't too much to ask. Unfortunately, count
ing in and running the following one-line program, you can ing them the old-fashioned way is a real pain in the neck.
redefine the SHIFTcd and RUN STOP key to only run a It could drive a person batty. The longer the program, the
program and not load anything from the disk drive. bigger the pain...until now. Here's Ttie Count.
— Michael Jaecks Vie Conn! takes the byte out of this once gruesome chore.
Alamogordo, NM It goes straight for that pain in the neck by instantly telling
you the number of lines in your BASIC programs. There's
•10 FORI=OTO8:READA:POKE4159+I,A:NEXTI:DA a version for the C-64 and C-128
TA 82,85,78,13,0,0,0,0,0 Just load and run The Count. It remains undisturbed in
a free area of memory while you load, save, or work on
SHORT SLEEP your BASIC programs.
This little quirk thai I have found in (he Commodore OS's To use 77jc Count, type SYS 700 for the C-64 or SYS
sleep command will allow you to use the sleep command 3072 if you're on the C-128. Now press RETURN. Voila...
for tenths of a second as well as full seconds. This short you'll instantly see how many lines your masterpiece has
subroutine will effectively count down an onscreen timer hanging from its neck!
from one minute to zero. The program also shows (he versa Both versions can easily be relocated if you want. Just
tility of (he DO-LOOP command. The program, for some change the variable A in line 2 to your new starting ad
mason, will only work in 80 columns. Also, make sure that dress. Don't forget to SYS there if you do.
you type in all five 9s in line 50. -Buck Childress
Salem, OR
•10 PRINT"[CLEAR]":X$="##.Fr:X=60
•30 PRINT"[HOME]";
•40 PRINTUSINGX$;X •1 REM *** THE COUNT...C-64 *##
•60 X=X-.l •3 PRINTCHR$(147)"LOADING";
•80 LOOP ".";:NEXTB
N DATA[3"."]":END
I also found out thai if you use more or fewer 9's after -6 PRINT"0K * SYS"A"TO C0UNT[3"."]":END
(he decimal in line 50, you can vary the length of the pause. •7 DATA160,0,132,251,132,252,165,43,166,4
-Keith Abramovitz 4,133,253
Cassville, MO •8 DATA134,254,200,177,253,240,13,230,251
■9 DATA252.170,136,177,253,184,80,234,165
Have you ever tried to make something move across the ,252,166,251
screen by using TAB statements, and ended up being dis •10 DATA76,205,189
appointed because (he symbol didn't move smoothly enough?
If so, this tip is definitely for you. ۥ128 VERSION
This program makes use of a scries of built-in graphics
symbols that when put in the right sequence create a seem ■1 REM *** THE COUNT...C-128 ***
ingly hi-res movement. You will be amazed at how beauti •2 A=3072;REM *** CHANGE A TO RELOCATE **
fully the tiny vertical bar glides the width of (he screen. #

— Marty Grebing •3 PRINTCHR$(147)"L0ADING";

Cape Girardeau, MO •4 FORB=AT0A+48:READC:POKEB,C:D=D+C:PRINT
AHOY! 39
Cups-Lock 64 will set up a Caps-lock feature in your
-5 PRINT:PRINT:IFDO7698THENPRINT"ERR0R I 64 that's activated by holding down on the CONTROL
N DATA[3"."]":END (CTRL) key and hitting the Fl key. Likewise, it's deactiva
•6 PRINT"OK * SYS"A"TO C0UNT[3"."]":END ted by holding down on the CONTROL key and hitting Fl
•7 DATA169,63,141,0,255,160,0,132,251,132 When the Caps-Lack feature is invoked, all letters of the
,252,165 alphabet ihat you type will appear as capitals, but all numer
■8 DATA45,166,46,133,253,134,254,200,177, als and other special symbols will retain their non-SHIFT-
253,240,13 ed appearances. Also, please note that holding down on
•9 DATA230,251,208,2,230,252,170,136,177, the RUN STOP key and hitting the RESTORE key will de
253,184,80 activate the feature completely. If you wish to reactivate after
•10 DATA234,165,252,166,251,160,0,140,0,2 doing this, just type SYS 53000. -Jim Partin
55,76,50,142 Cincinnati, OH


Whenever I issue a LIST command, I wish I had a way
to pause the listing while I write down a note or two. The
I28's NO SCROLL key serves this purpose fine, hut it only
works in 128 mode on a C-128. It was for this reason that
•30 SYS49152:P0KE49153,O:POKE49154,224:P0
i wrote No Scroll! 64. And No Scroll! 64 also acts as a
complete pause leature, so you can also pause your pro •40 P0KE49162,255:POKE49192,255:SYS49152
grams execution at anytime. • 50 F0RT=53000T053053:READA:POKET,A:NEXTT
~ Note that No Scroll! 64 is immune to the RUN STOP/RE •60 F0RT=193TO218:READAD:POKE60289+AD,T:N
STORE reset sequence. It also doesn't work well with enhan EXTT
cer cartridges such as the Fast Load cartridge from Epyx, •70 SYS53000
but works quite well with most BASIC programs and a lot •80 PRINT"CTRL-F1 TO ACTIVATE CAPS-LOCK"
of ML programs. But probably most important —NEVER •90 PRINT"CTRL-F3 TO DEACTIVATE":END
activate No Scroll! 64 during a disk operation as it will in •100 DATA173,0,160,141,0,160,172,5,192,19
evitably result in a lockup. -Jim Parlin 2,191,240,23,238,1,192,238,4,192
Cincinnati, OH •110 DATA173,4,192,240,3,76,0,192,238,2,1
•10 REM NO SCROLL! 64 BY JIM PARTIN •120 DATA255,240,3,76,13,192,96
• 20 FORT=679TO766:READA:POKET,A:NEXTT •130 DATA120,169,21,141,20,3,169,207,141,
•30 SYS679 21,3,88,96,165,197,201,4,240
•40 DATA169,178,141,24,3,169 •140 DATA7,201,5,240,17,76,49,234,173,141
•50 DATA2,141,25,3,96,72 ,2,201,4,208,4,169,53,133
•60 DATA138,72,152,72,173,13 • 150 DATA1,76,49,234,173,141,2,201,4,208,
•70 DATA221,16,3,76,114,254 4,169,55,133,1,76,49,234
•80 DATA173,254,2,208,55,32 •160 DATA10,28,20,18,14,21,26,29,33,34,37
•90 DATA188.246,32,225,255,208 ,42,36,39,38,41,62,17
-100 DATA15,32,21,253,32,163 •170 DATA13,22,30,31,9,23,25,12
•110 DATA253,32,24,229,32,167
■120 DATA2,108,2,160,169,l
•130 DATA141,254,2,238,32,208
Looking for a way to put some flare in your action scenes?
• 140 DATA32,159,2.55,165,203,201 Maybe you have a program widi cars crashing, earthquakes,
•150 DATAl.240,3,76,227,2 or someone tailing out of a chair. Wouldn't it be nice to
•160 DATA206,32,208,169,0,141 add some rocking and rolling to the impact'.' Rock h Roll will!
•170 DATA254.2,169,0,133,198 Your screen comes alive as the characters bounce around
•180 DATA76,188,254,0 like popcorn in a frying pan. Rock n Roll really adds punch
to those crucial scenes on your C-64. Here's how to use it.
CAPS-LOCK 64 Add Rock h Roll to your own programs. It begins with
What do the C-128 and Amiga have that the C-64 doesn't'.' line 63000, so appending will be easy. Have your program
Well instead of giving a complete list, I'll give one exam- GOSUB or GOTO it to load the data into memory. Then,
ple-a CAPS-LOCK feature. We 64 users have to use when die critical moment arrives (car crash, etc.), your pro
SHIFT-LOCK. SHIFT-LOCK is fine if you're just typing gram can SYS 53000. The characters on your screen will
letters of the alphabet in capitals, but if you're also typing rock quickly around and gradually slow to a stop. Rock )i
numbers of other symbols, you'll find yourself in a con Roll then returns to your program.
stant flurry of clicking that old SHIFT-LOCK key up and You can see a demonstration of Rock n Roll by itself.
down to get the symbols you need. So what's the solution Just run it to load the data. Now list it so you'll have some
to your dilemma'.' Caps-Lock 64. of course! Continual on page IB

40 AHOY!

DARKHORN Darkhorn ..
The Avalon Hill Game Co.
Into the Eagle's Nest.....
Commodore 64
Disk; $30.00 Captain Zapp 42
Arc you the future monarch of Dark-
horn? Find out by taking control of one
of (he four armies which are struggling The combat system is very simple.
for domination in this fantasy strategy The computerist aims high or low and
game with optional action elements. chooses the instant to thrust. The first
The most appealing thing about blow frequently decides the issue.
Darkhorn is that it can be played soli Since me side-perspective graphics are
taire or by up to four people. The real not especially exciting, many players
time command control system elimi may prefer to put the battles on auto
nates wailing while other participants matic and concentrate on the intricate
enter orders, so Darkliam moves along interplay of strategic elements at the
rapidly. core of Darkhorn.
Each player becomes the leader of And make no mistake, the strategy
one of the four armies warring for con is the main strength of Darkhom. It
trol of Darkhom: Bait (Human), Grum won't dazzle players with incredible
(dwarf). Aura (elf), and Dred (change audiovisual effects, but this multiplay-
ling). The computer controls all arm er contest has the power to challenge
ies for which there is no human player. and stimulate. Darkhorn is solid fam
Each race has unique capabilities. ily entertainment.
Humans are all-purpose fighters, The Avalon Hill Game Co., 4517
dwarves are invulnerable to elvish ma Harford Rd., Baltimore, MD 21214
gic, and elves use ranged weapons and (phone: 301-254-9200) -Arnie Katz
magic to offset their weakness in hund-
to-hand fighting. (The changeling is not
a race, but rather an amalgam of all INTO THE EAGLE'S NEST
three.) Each commander can recruit Mindscape
members of the same race more eco Commodore 64
nomically, and also gets a combat no- Strategy is the strength ofDarkhorn. Disk; $29.95
nus for defending on certain types of READER SERVICE NO. 282 Military intelligence reports that the
terrain. Humans are stronger in towns, Germans have massed six divisions in
elves in woods, and dwarves in hills. fields to disk. the mighty fortress known as Eagle's
The playfteld is a non-scrolling ter Each army symbol stands for a party Nest. Saboteurs assigned to penetrate
rain map with home towers in each of of warriors. An oversized symbol in this stronghold have not returned, and
the four corners. Each army's forces are dicates that the commander of the army your superiors fear a Nazi counter-of
represented by a special symbol: globes can use the joystick or keyboard to con fensive. Your mission: Rescue the cap
(Bait), crown (Gmm), lion (Aura), and vey orders to that specific party. The tives, blow up the fortress with hidden
eye (Dred). "switch™ command shifts control to an caches of explosives, and save as many
The graphics get the job done, but other parly, and the symbols change stolen art objects as possible.
they could have looked a little better size to reflect this. Into the Eagle's Nest takes place in
on the screen. Avalon Hill has obvi There is an information box for each a four-level fortress which is displayed
ously striven to avoid the look of a war- army below the map. It shows the com in overhead perspective. Each level is
game map, but some military tidiness position of the active party and presents a multiscreen room-maze filled with
would have improved the appearance the command choices. These allow an chests, art objects, piles of ammuni
of the main display. army to move, split a party into small tion, and a seemingly endless supply
Darkhom can be enjoyed as a one- er ones, fortify a position, or recruit of German soldiers and officers.
map battle or an eight-map campaign. more soldiers. The graphics are excellent. The
The program comes with one complete Darkliorn incorporates two combat muzzle of the hero's chopper blazes on
set of eight playfieids, but a special systems. Players can cither put the bat each shot, a nice bit of visual feedback.
module generates new maps. The gam tle in the hands of the computer or fight It's too bad that the German soldiers
er can save these customized battle- it out, encounter by encounter. aren't similarly animated, because it is

AHOY! 41


Of course, Targ could just launch the

Into the Eagle's darn things and be done with it, but
Nest takes place
in a four-level
fortress which is
displayed in
overhead per
spective. Each
level consists of
a multiscreen
service; no. 283

sometimes hard to tell when a German ting new foes during the course of play,
is shooting at the hero. so cleaning out an area is no guaran
The program warns the gamer that tee that the hero won't get ambushed
the hero has received too much dam the next time he goes there.
age. The drawing of the character flash Some chests contain explosives but
es when the total number or hits ex the commando must shoot off the lock
ceeds 40. to examine the contents. Unfortunate
The sounds give Into the Eagles Nest ly, the explosives detonate with lethal
an aura of substance and solidity. The effect if the hero blasts one from close
crack of the commando's weapon and range.

ihc echo of booted feet clomping down Medical kits and cold food heal the A distinctly British action/adventure.
passageways are especially effective. hero, reducing the total of accumula READER SERVICE NO. 284
A Scoreboard occupies the right- ted hits. Attacking from semi-protec
hand quarter of the screen. It monitors ted positions reduces the damage from noooo, he has to gloat about it. This
the player's inventory of keys and am German fire, but those hits mount up gives Earth a chance to send its primo
munition, tracks the score, and shows fast. superhero, Captain Zapp, on a desper
how many "hits" of damage the char A vanity board ranks players accord ate one-man mission to Save The World.
acter has taken. ing to score. The original British ver This is the comic book plot which
The joystick controls the movement sion of Into the Eagle's Nest must have drives the rousing (and distinctly Brit
of the onscreen commando. Pressing been programmed for tape, because the ish) action-adventure, Captain Zapp.
the action button fires the herds ma high scores vanish once the player turns The player controls the good Captain,
chine gun. It's important to shoot care off the computer. Surely Mindscape whose spacecraft has crash-landed on
fully, because a saboteur can only car could have removed this needless limi Targ's primeval planet stronghold and
ry 99 rounds at a time, and ammo tation for the US disk version. who now finds himself on foot travers
dumps aren't always located in the most Into the Eagle's Nest is one of the fin ing a hostile environment. The player
convenient places. est shoot-em-ups published for the uses a joystick to make Zapp walk, fire
The action is reminiscent of the clas Commodore 64 in a long time. It's a his weapon, duck, jump, kick, and
sic Castle Wblfenstein by Silas Warner. "boot and bash" extravaganza which de punch. At crossroads, he can be ori
The commando stalks from room to livers riveting nonstop action. ented to north or south.
room, blowing away enemy soldiers Mindscape. Inc., 3444 Dundee Rd., The Captain's handgun holds only 12
who get in the way. Treasures, either Northbrook, IL 60062 (phone: 312- rounds, but Targ has stashed caches of
lying carelessly on the floor or hidden 480-7667). -Antie Katz bullets all over the planet. In the ini
in chests, increase the computcrist's tial scenario. Captain Zapp explores the
score. planet in search of Prince Goram's cave
The artificial intelligence behind the
CAPTAIN ZAPP kingdom. Surviving that long takes
German soldiers is primitive. They
Mastertronic some skill and practice; hostile natives
move in straight lines and always turn Commodore 64 leap from trees, killer spiders and other
90 degrees when they change direction. Disk; $9.99 insects drop from vines, and death-
They rush the hero without regard for An evil genius named Targ wants to dealing ducks wobble through the skies
their own safety. They often line up for destroy the Earth. To this end, he has while great pits and chasms threaten
the slaughter like so many ducks in a equipped his very own jungle planet, to swallow up reckless wayfarers.
shooting gallery. complete with a hidden fortress, robot Once Zapp locates Goram, he must
The German troops make up in guards and, of course, a supply of persuade the leader of the cave people
numbers what they lack in smarts. The "planet-killer missiles" which he is go to provide him with transportation and
program even "cheats" a little by crea- ing to launch in 24 hours right at us. directions to Targ's headquarters. Gor-

42 AHOY!
Preview The Futurei

*-*!•., I ■

Space age technology and engineering make ihese aircraft virtually

undetectable by enemy radar. Stealth fighters are believed to now be
operating from top secret military bases, flown only on the most sensitive
missions and only by the most experienced pilots.

Precise Information about this next generation

of Air Force jets is highly classified. But exten
sive research has enabled the aviation experts
at MicroProse to incorporate the potenlial
design and performance characteristics in a
powerful new simulation.

Slip into the cockpit of PROJECT: STEALTH FIGI tER and

familiarize yourself with the advanced "heads-up dlsplay"(HUD) and
sophisticated 3-D out-the-cockpil view. At your disposal is a dazzling
array of state-of-the-art electronics, weapons and countermeasures.

But remember, Hying a stealth aircraft takes more than just fighter pilot reflexes. ■' '■'

The real challenge is mastering the jet's electromagnetic profile to avoid enemy
radar, while executing a deep-strike mtssion into North Africa or conducting delicate photo reconnaissance over Eastern Block
seaports. Also featured are carrier and land-based takeoffs and landings, as well as land, sea. and air targets and threats.
Fl combines the combat action thrills of the best-selling F-15 STRIKE EAGLE with the
sophisticated flight environment pioneered in GUNSHIP. Add the danger and suspense o! clandestine missions in an
innovative "invisible aircraft" and you have PROJECT; STEALTH FIGHTER, Ihe latest flying challenge from MicroProse!

PROJECT: STEALTH FIGHTER is available from a Valued MicroProse

Retailer" (VMR| near you. Call us (or locations!
For Commodore 64/128. IBM-PC/compatibles and Apple ll/e/c. Call or
write tor specific macHine availability, and lor MC/VISA orders if product
not ound ocaly.

Riidir Sanlc* No. lit



am. however, isn't impressed by any

thing but physical prowess; it takes a
kung fu battle royal for Zapp to prove
his worthiness.
Finally, the Captain must board one
of Goram's motorcycle I ike vehicles and
take on Targ's robot guardians in an at
tempt to breach the villain's sanctum
and short-circuit the killer missiles.
The first scenario, on the surface of
Targ's world, is handled through a side
view display dominating the lop half
of the screen, with a map. bullet-coun
ter, and clock along the bottom. The
timer counts off the 24 hours remaining
before Targ pushes the panic button.
If Zapp gets zapped, he has the power
to reconstitute himself, but the process
uses up precious moments, and once
the 24 hours elapse, so does the game.
The second scenario, a martial arts
combat with the cave people, also us
es a side perspective, with a power me
ter displayed at the base of the screen.
The final game-wilhin-a-game switches
to a first-person perspective. At (he bot

Unlock your hidden tom of the screen. Captain Zapp's

gloved hands can be seen gripping the

musical genius
handlebars of his vehicle. The rest of
the screen displays, from the Captain's
point of view, the chessboard landscape
of Targ's dominion and the robotic
Program runs on Commodore s-t and 12s. and
X on can create and Al.iri WOO and 130. winged attackers that protect it.
play real music even if r'ni a ilrinti disk uf llu- prn^nim's ^.i|vtt)ilitit'S,
The graphics are sometimes a little
send S5.1K) (plus Kj.OOwbWbs and handling) lu: ■
you've never played before. Colleen Inc., H3H3 NE Sandy Blvd.. Suite320H, muddy, and the play mechanics arc a
[f you can hum ii. you ran play it wilh tho
Portland, OH B7Z2O. Call toll free 1-S00-T1S-2796
trifle hoary, but Captain Zapp is still

Collotn Music Compendium. Experi
ment, edit, and compose with ;i compli-ie a delight. The game's spirited design
complement of instrumentation Bounds up and comic book epic plot invest it with
in ilif full potential of your computer When you order the Colleen Mn-ic Compendium
sound chip. When you're done, save your sst'll ,ipply your Sn.IW> to flu: puivh.iM' pnti*. a compelling quality that holds up even
ci in ipo sit Kin in ;i fik' lh;il can be inle- DRAI.KK INIH'IRIES INVITED after extensive play.
Dreted Liter into vow own programs, As usual with MaMertronic products,
And, dti ii all without knowing how to piny ORIJKK I-OHM
a single note hi b musical instrument, the packaging is marginal; documen
□ Itemi Didu S5.UU r—1 CsBeen
t SI 111 poitant I I Must tation is slim and the cover artwork is
'Iliis remarkable program won the & hdli Crt
prestigraus Oskar for best product of S8.00 S29.95 borrowed from old Alex Raymond
the year in tile UK for 1986. and is one
of seven on the single disk. Separate Flam riff* mr D Ch«k Pi Mont)- Ontr "Flash Gordon" work. But don'l judge
programs teach music theory, guitar, CREDIT IAW1 n VISA this book by its cover; there's a great
provides a Bound effects master with over
a thousand Bounds, and furnishes rhythm
Act! No.: piece of budget-priced software inside!
Bccompanlrneiil in four styles. l\|i Date Masicrtronic, Mesa Business Center,
Tlie Colleen Music Compendium will let Unit 9G, 711 West 17th St.. Costa Me
you explore iho limits ol your creative
sa, CA 92627 (phone: 714-631-1001).
potentaj while you're stui learning
I he basics. -Bill Kunkel

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Render Service Ho. 117

44 AHOY!


An incredible offer from the publishers of

Ahoy!..The Ahoy! Access Club. The
Ahoy! Access Club offers members: dis
counts, rebates, coupons on products and
services for your Commodore, a Commo
dore calendar of events, and much, much
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on this fantastic offer. The Ahoy! Access Club...if
you own a Commodore — this club is for you!


By Buck

Is that ol' disk drive error light flashing again? It buffers arc where data is held when you tell your drive to
sure is! I know I gave the proper command.. .or did I? do something. They're similar to the way your computer
Now my curiosity is at a peak. My drive head is holds a program in its memory. Validate is a good example.
in alignment and the unit passed a performance test When you validate a disk, the information that eventually
not more than a week ago. I'm doing everything according makes up your new BAM (block allocation map) is stored
to Hoyle, so why do 1 seem to be having more light shows in one of the buffer areas, so that any necessary changes
than usual? The drive has been on for about 10 straight can be made before the information is written back to the
hours. Could the heat be melting the drive RAM? I don't disk. The drive uses the RAM buffers for a lot of other
know. The instruction book doesn't have a "Drive RAM goodies as well. If you access ihe drive directly (for ran
Meltdown" chapter. Is my RAM turning to jam after the dom access files, etc.), these areas are vital to the success
drive has been on for awhile? Let's check it out. ful completion of your attempted missions. The RAM buff
RAMCO is great for the job. It'll search for any puddles ers have to be in tip-top shape. If you're like me, you want
of jelly-goo that once were drive RAM. RAMCO tests both to know that everything is working A-OK. So, let's check
the 1541 and 1571 disk drives. There's a version for the C-64 it out.
and C-128. RAMCO works by attempting to store various values in
RAMCO tests (We RAM buffers in the disk drives. These each memory location. If a given location successfully holds
die value placed there. RAMCO moves to the next location.
The RAM buffer area currently being checked is displayed
LABEL MAKER and, if all locations in that area are fine, you'll see "OK."
k. Software by LEROY ™ Should some jelly-goo be encountered, "ERROR" is repor
ted. In either case, RAMCO then moves to the next RAM
buffer to be checked. When all five RAM buffers have been
64 & 128
given a thorough exam, the test is over. The whole process
From tha Makers of takes about 20 minutes. While running, RAMCO gives a
LEROY'S video display of the values being stored in each memory
CHEATSHEETS® location. It also displays the current location within the buff
er being tested.
OVER After you've entered and saved a copy of RAMCO, run
500 it. The loader POKEs the data into memory and checks
LABELS for errors. If all is well, type SYS 49152 for the C-64, or
SYS 4864 for the C-128, and press RETURN. RAMCO will
An advanced program designed specifically for making labels. begin hunting for jclly-goos. (Hopefully it won't find any!)
With pre-designed layouts for 10 different types including: If for some reason, you want to stop RAMCO before it's
Standard Single, Audio Cassette, File Folder, Floppy
completed the task, the STOP key will bring it to a halt.
Disk, Micro Disk, Shipping Labels, Rotary Index
Cards, Continuous Envelopes, and 2 sizes ol Hand By the way, it doesn't matter which drive is connected
Fed Envelopes. Includes a DATABASE MERGE utility to what computer. Whether your C-128 is connected to a
compatible with Data Manager 128, Data Manager 2, 1571 or a 1541. or your C-64 is hooked to a 1541 or 1571.
Fleet Filer, Superbase, Consultant & Word Processors RAMCO dt>esn't care. !t just wanLs to make sure your drive
such as Easyscrfpt, Paperclip, or Fleet System.
isn't afflicted with meltdown. If you happen to be using a
Over 500 labels included in package. C-128, be sure your monitor is in the 40 column display.
After the check is completed, be sure to turn your compu
Lisl Price S 39.95 ter and drive off. then back on before running any other
# 5871
NOW ONLY $30 program.
Please add S4 00 Shipping and HanOling
Both my 1571 and 1541 drives are fine. I'm confident yours
CHEA TSHEET PRODUCTS INC. will be, too. But, won't it be nice to know for sure?
Dept. AY - P.O. BOX 111368 Pgh, Pa. 15238 In case you're wondering about my light show...for some
Toll FREE 1-800-334-2896 - in Pa. (412) 781-1551 strange reason, when 1 finally remembered to format a new
Write for FREE Catalog of Software and Accessories disk I was attempting to use, the light flashed no more. Im
Head(" Sorvlce No. 11B

46 AHOY!
More people use CompuServe than any other online Of course, it's conceivable that there's a service like
computer information service on Earth. ours somewhere that could give you more for your money.
But you may have to travel a few light-years to find it.
Over 375,000 members access hundreds of information,
communications and entertainment services online. Instead, all you have to do is visit your nearest computer
Thousands with similar interests and special expertise dealer today. To order CompuServe direct, or for more infor
mation, write: CompuServe, 5000 Arlington Centre Blvd.,
converge regularly and exchange ideas on an ever-expanding
list of special-interest Forums. Columbus, Ohio 43220. Or call 800 848-8199. In Ohio and
Canada, call 614 457-0802.
They have access to a combination of more financial

information, a greater variety of shopping services,
and deeper research resources than any other online
computer service. Anywhere. HBKtor Strvlce No. 2B6
Extra! Extra! moment, press the fire button of a joystick plugged in Port
2 to lake a paper out of your bag and flip it toward your

Read All About It! customer's porch. This wouldn't be too difficult after awhile,
as one could learn the exact spol to be in to flip the paper.
However, it seems the only option homebuyers in this sub
Newspaper Delivery division had was the placement of their front entrance. You
must concentrate as a house comes into view to pick the
Simulation for the C-64! right spot to flip the paper, based on the location of the
There are six houses on each block, and since you don't
carry any "extras," the program allots you six newspapers
per block. If you miss the customer's porch or don't deliver
a newspaper, a complaint will be lodged against you. As
each block ends, the number of blocks completed and total
complaints will scroll by on the screen. If you have a doz
en or more complaints, you will be relieved of your paper
route and the game will end.
These are tough customers, and they show little patience
if their paper isn't on the porch. The only time I found them
Paper Route is an arcade giune for the C-64 that forgiving for missing a porch was when the paper landed
features sprite animation, smooth scrolling, next to the porch on ihe side the door opens.
and a music score. The object of the game is to Paper Route is written entirely in machine language and
deliver as many newspapers a.s you can while must be entered using Flankspeed (see page 95). After typ
keeping customer complaints to a minimum. ing in and saving Paper Route, reset the computer and
As the game begins, you will start to pedal your bicycle LOAD "PAPER ROUTE-,8.1. Then SYS 49152 lo start. □
down ihe sidewalk. Using your judgment as to the right SEE PROGRAM LISTING ON PAGE 105

Looking for a Supercartridge?? Don't finalize the deal!!

Ate you Ihinkmg of buying a multi-function cartridge?
Super Snapshol 64 (SS) Vs. Ilie Final Cartridge' (FC|* SS FC
Well, don'l make a FINAL decision until you look at ins
comparison chart. Cornell iblewi in AIL C6-t/C178/5XWMS0/15«1/t:>71/& 1581 equipment? V H

Super Snapshot 64 V2 0 has just been updatefl lo make it Is the cartridge itself designed lo be easily upgradable' V H

an even belter utility lhan belore! We've even added features Features ftolh pre-pFogtarnroed and user-deiinable function !■<:>'.' V N
like system reset capability and a sector editor! Will it pnni Coin mulli-color and standard bit mapped screen dumps? V N

■ Super Snapshol is upgradeable. There is no need lo How many dtlierent sizes can the screen flumps be printed al? 3 1
discard your carlridgc for a new version. Sane graphic screens to dish in ciirier Koala*" or Poodle'" Inrmals' ¥ N
■ Copies mosi memory resideni software on loday's Menu driven wilh easy la read, lull screen windows? V U
market. Features Doth a fast loader and a lasi disk formating opiion? V N
■ Snapshoiied programs run without the SS cartridge
C-64"Vl581 1351 load jjupnon C0 + blocks/sec.) Y N
■ Our cartridge is easily updated with up lo 40K
Unique "RESUME" fealure (prod itiji SS does KPT corrupt memory I? V N
■ Our Turbo/DOS is the most comestible last loader tesied
Does the built-in Machine Language monilor corrupt memory (see above)? N V
lo dale.
M/L momlor accessible Irom 3 running program with resume feature intact? V H
■ Aitemion C128 owners: An optional switch is available
wriich allows you to rlisable the C64 mode with cartridge How mucn ROM does Ihe cartridge contain? 32 16

m place S5.00 additional. 'r .'. -1,;:". P.V.I i;-i , II ■■ i rl1 .;.:■ ;-.-"■ ..'

■ Super Snapshol 64 VI .0 owners may upgrade lor Does Ihe cartridge work with popular muili-slol expansion boards? Y H
120.00. Contact us lor details, Is ALL Ham and Bom accessible Irom Itirj Machine language momlor1 Y H
■ Super Snapshot 64 is for Die C64 or the C128 in the 54 Is the cartridge 1QIALLY inwsililo to soltw.iro when disabled? Y H
mode. Supports C123 fast mode during screen dumps? Y N

Super Snapshot Does the cartridge support multiple disk drues? Y H

Only $54.95 Is the cartridge supocried wilh a f REE Kiacker Ja< pjrameier disv1
FREE snipping and handling on a I orders within Ihe Uniled Slales1


Compute! Man. J7D0 NE Andrmn Rmd. Vincouvn. V/u 9B661 • Phonionrin welcome1 |J06) 695-1393
Sinrr day shipping No C 0 D eiden outside U.S.
PLEASE NOTE I n. ■.iiipr.:in:p 4 handling on jii orrjt'is • C OP jrJrJ 14 00 lo (olal order. • All Drdtrs muil Dc paid m u s. Innds
W^lmiglon lesirlciiu idd 7 30% sales lai 10 order Orders outside nl Nnrih Arncnca iQQ 57 SO lor shipping
Need mora inlo? Call or In fomia. order Irom Mjislwew Eolloaie. P0 floi 1212. Sacknllt NB E0A-3C0 Only S69 93 CON
mile lor our Irce caialot]

Program sub missions wa riled'

Cnod Commissions—
National Marveling
■Final Canridqe is a registered tTs*mark ot H 4 P Compute's or America CompGnson o.ire 8-1-3'

ReMer Service Nn. 29a

48 AHOY!

S & S Wholesalers, Inc. Ih , . ,„. j^W 233*345

226 Lincoln Road These are Special Prices for AHOY Readers Only.
Miami Beach, Florida 33139 Please Specify When Calling.


'With Purchase of 1571 Disk Drive 'With Purchase of Specially Priced Software Package
Freight Additional Freight Additional

COMMODORE MP5803 12" Cclcr Monitor

10990 -14990
Freight Additional 'Freight Additional



6 77
3 WAY 19"


6 77

2990 "With the Purchase of

TIMEWCCKS any other Berkley Program


PARTNER 128 3490
WORD WRITER 128 34'°
52900 9990
NEWSROOM 2990 FREIGHT ADDITIONAL "With Purchase of Plug-N-Print

Reader Servlct No. 119

For the C-64
By Buck Childress

ber after number. The results were a bit frustrating, to say

the least. It seems that while changing things around. I dis
integrated some vital lines.
You know how it goes. If you already have line 100 in
your program and. while editing, you inadvertently enter
another line 100. your original line goes up in smoke. Or,
without thinking, you type a line number by itself and press
RETURN. Poof! Zapped like a fly on a frog's tongue.
After being engaged in a programming session thai was
plagued by these afflictions, I must have been acting in a
peculiar manner. All I remember is the strange men with
xcuse me while I scream like a wounded banshee. the net mentioning something about me sitting on a bird's
I'll be with you in a moment, just as soon as these nest, in a nearby tree, trying to hatch a computer. What
men in their white suits take that oversized but the heck! At least I escaped the padded room...this time.
terfly net off me...there, that's better. Well, I sup And, I decided there wouldn't be a next time. I'd protect
pose an explanation is in order. me from myself. I'd post a guard. I'd enlist Line Sentry.
While working on my latest program, I decided to do Line Sentry prevents you from accidentally popping pro
a little editing. 1 changed this and that, line after line, num- gram lines into Never-Never Land. It also guards against
inadvertent changes to existing lines. No more butterfly nets

Cardinal Software Gift Ideas to dodge! Let's check il out.

After you've saved a copy of Line Sentry, run it. The load
er POKEs the machine language data into memory and
Disk Drive Problems? SAVE Time and $
checks for errors. When the data is through loading, you
with Physical Exam
Tcsl Sptcd. Atignnicnl and can activate it. Type SYS 52000 and press RETURN. The
Slop posilion on your Com
line checking mode will become active al the same lime.
modore Disk Drive. Com
plete illustrated iosi ructions You deactivate it the same wiiy. with SYS 52000. The line
la make necessary adjust checking mode will deactivate at this time, also.
ment yourself! Specify drive.
1511, 1571, 8050, 8250, 4&4O. Here's something important, and handy, to remember.
SFD 1001. Physical Exam When Line Sentry is active, you can switch the line checking
$39.93 each +' shipping.
mode on and off with the touch of a key. Press the O key,
then RETURN, to switch it on. Pressing the Q key, fol
lowed by RETURN, switches il off. Line Sentry (ells you
if il's on or off. You can do ihis as often as you like. It's
a quick and easy way to activate and deactivate the check
mode without having to SYS 52000 all the time.
Line Sentry monitors your line entries. Whenever you
enter a program line and press RETURN, Line Sentry
Epson Printers Professional Siyns treated checks to see if your program contains a line with the same
with your CM/128 and
number. If it does, Line Sentry gives you a chance to re
LX-800 $196 primer. (ircai for school
presentations, pointing oui treat before the new line is entered. This also keeps you
FX-86E $384 locations, advertising events
from accidentally eliminating a line by typing a number,
and sales, ' ITit: Banner
FX-286 $499 Machine; with 5 leittr siylcs by itself, and pressing RETURN. If you fee! a retreat is
in 8 sizes. Formal left, comer.
in order, press ihe N key. To go ahead with the change,
EX-800 $454 ri"lil. lad and justify. 8 si?es
of borders and 15 lexiured press the Y key.
LQ-800 $399 background shades. Baijoers Just think, no more ranting and raving because you've
can DC saved on disk. I lie
GQ-3500 $1449 Banner Machine 549.95 just hurled an important line into the Twilight Zone. No
more men in their funny white suits and weird butterfly
Cardinal Software 1-lK-lu timid America Dr. Woodbridge, VA 221'JI nets. Whai a life!
Info: (7O3).lt)l.WI4
Don't let forgetfulncss infiltrate your programming ses
» = 800 762-5645 sions. Let Line Sentry pull guard duty on your programs! D
i Service No. 121

(or the C128 4 1571

Super Disk Utilities is the ultimate utilities disk tor ihe 1571 disk drive and C128 computer
Super Disk Utilities isa full featured disk utility system that will perform virtually every CBM
DOS function available. No need (or numerous utility disks to perform various functions
SDU does it all'

■ Copy whole disks (with 1 or 2 drives)

■ Perform many CP/M and MS-DOS utility functions

■ Edit any track or sector with the Super Disk Editor

■ Perform numerous DOS functions such as rename a disk, rename a tile, change disk
format (without affecting data), scratch or unscratch files, lock or unlock files, erase
a track or a whole disk, create auto-boot and much more1

SDU helps you learn the inner workings Of the 1571 drive with Ihe 1571 Memory Monitor and unique RAM Writer. With
these options you can assemble, disassemble any section ol drive RAM or ROM. Use the Ram Writer to program the 1571
RAM yourself! SDU uses an options window to display all possible choices available at any given time. No need to
memorize hidden commands. SDU fully supports a second 1571 drive. Many of the utility functions also work on the
1541 drive. SDU performs many MFM utility functions including analyze MFM disk format, format MFM disks, read a
CP/M • directory, format in CP/M • (GCR format] and more. Super Disk Utilities is available for only $39.95!

Fastest, easiest, most efficient, most feature-packed
terminal program for the C64. Among its many features

■ Menu selected options

■ User selected/defined baud rates

■ Very large buffer capacity

■ Macro Key options

■ Send/receive files with or without X-modem protocols

■ Video attribute options including 40, 64.80column

■ File conversion options include text to BASIC.

Pet-ASCII to ASCII, program to image
1541/1571 Drive Alignment
■ Terminal emulation capability includes Tektronix
-4010 graphics protocol 1541/1571 Drive Alignment reports the alignment
condition of the disk drive as you perform adjustments.
■ Alarm Clock/Timer
On screen help is available while the program is
■ Autodial features
running. Includes features lor speed adjustment and
■ DOS Command menus, file copy utility stop adjustment. Complete instruction manual on
■ Written 100% in assembly language aligning both 1541 and 1571 drives. Even includes
■ Easy to use instruction manual instructions on how to load alignment program when
nothing else will load1 Works on lheC6d.SX64, C128 in
All these features and more lor only S39.95!
either64 or 12 mode. 1541, 1571 in either 1541 or 1571
mode! Autoboots to all modes. Second drive fully
supported. Program disk, calibration disk and
instruction manual only 34.95!
Super Disk Librarian - Full featured disk cataloging &
library system for the C128 in 128 mode - S29.95

Super 64 Librarian - Disk cataloger for the C64 - S29.95

Mr. Quizier - Test making program for the C64 or C128 CHRISTMAS CLASSICS
- S19.95
Place your C64 or C128 in a holiday mode with Free
Spirit Writer ■ Word processor (or the C64. Includes Spirit's renditions of these all-time Christmas favorites.
30,000 word spelling checker. Only S29.95! Joy to the World. Deck the Hall, Twelve Days of
Fun Blorhythma - Print personalized Biorhythms on Christmas; O Tannenbaum and Jingle Bells are among
your printer. For the C64 Only $9.95! the over 40 songs included. Only $9.95!


Order with check, money order. VISA/Mastercard.
538 S. Edgcwood Illinois residents add 8% sales tax
LaGrange, IL 60525
(312)352 7323

Reader Service No.

i\h< >y! DISK
Why type In the listings in thit month's Ahoy! when we've done it for you? All the programs in this issue
are available on the current Ahoy! Disk for $8.95. Isn't your time worth more than that?
Use the coupon at the bottom of this page to order disks for individual months,
a disk subscription, or the special anthology disks described below. ^.gg I*
(You can also subscribe to the Ahoy! Disk Magazine—
disk and magazine packaged together at a spe
clal reduced rate. See the card bound
between pages 66 and 67.)
** '86




We've collected Ahoy! 's

best programs onto the
Anthology Disks described here.
Please note that many of these programs
Tie will be unusable without the documentation printe
in the issues of Ahoy! listed in parentheses.


(Postage and Handling Included) U.S.A. CANADA ELSEWHERE In Canada add $2.00 per issue; outside US
and Canada add S4.00 per issue.
^J November '37 Ahoy! Disk S 8.95 $ 12.95 S 13.95
□ S8.95 Q $8.95
□ 12-Montri Disk Subscription S 79.95 S 99.95 $124.95 □ $8.95 Q_ $8.95
□ 24-Month Disk Subscription $149.95 $17995 - □ — S8.95 Q_ S3.95
□ $8.95 □ $B.95
LJ Best Utilities Send coupon or facsimile to: Ahoy! Program Disk
LJ Best ol '84
LJ Best Utilities Ion International Inc.
L) Best ol '85
45 West 34th Street, Suile
□ Bbs! ol '86 LJ Best Games
New "fork, NY 10001
Best of C-128 □ Best Games I


Make check or money order payable to Double L Software. NY. Slate Residents must add BVt°/o sales tax.
itttvred This Monti
Sinbad and the Throne
the Falcon..,


Cinemaware/ Mindscope
Amiga (512K)
Disk; $49.95
Don the garments and pick up the
sword of mythology's most famous sail
or. Dastardly plots are afoot, and evil
deeds have been done-it will take a
hero to set (he world back to rights!
Sinbad and Vie Throne of the Fal
con brings characters of legend lo life.
As the heroic mariner, (he computerist
moves through a colorful world filled
with dream (or nightmare!) characters.
There's a kingdom to be saved, a mys
terious spell to be removed, gorgeous
gals, a hag, a prince, pirates, slaves,
and <i menagerie of beasts such as are
seldom seen outside of Harryhausen's
animation studios.
Sinbad follows the pattern estab
lished by Cinemaware Productions' first
software adventure, Defender of the
By use of pull
Crown. The game by Bill Williams down menus,
provides spectacular graphics as the
Sinbad can
background for a sweeping adventure. converse with
As Sinbad, the computerist sails other charac
through the ancient seas and explores
ters, view maps
the islands and continents in a search
of the city and
for information and help.
the world, or
Times arc tough in the kingdom of travel to other
the Caliph. When the Princess Syl- towns, islands,
phani entered her father's room, instead and continents.
of her papa, she found only a falcon. READER
Although none of the court physicians SERVICE NO. 288
or wise men can say how or why, they
do know that the falcon is the ruler, sail for Damaron, capital cily of the giant hourglass. When Sinbad starts his
transformed into his frail form by a Caliph's kingdom. journey, sand begins to slide through
conjurer's spell. The computerist joins the fray when the glass. When all the sand has passed
The court magicians try to reverse Sinbad reaches Damaron. As Sintwd, to the lower chamber, time runs out,
the spell, but there's no help for it- the player must question every person, and the Caliph's fate is sealed forever.
the king's a crow, and they can't change sail every sea, and explore each island Pull-down menus across the top of
him back. In fact, they judge that if the and continent in a search for the solu the screen provide Sinbad with his op
spell isn't neutralized soon, the ruler tion. On his journeys, Sinbad will meet tions. He can talk to anyone who is
will be stuck forever in his flighty a host of characters, bolh human and present-, when the game commences,
form. monster. He'll battle with sword, sling, the prince and princess are his only
There's not a lot of hope until Syl- and bow, cope with shipwrecks, land companions. As he questions each of
phani summons Sinbad, her childhood slides, and various other disasters, and [hem, he picks up a few hints of what
sweetheart. Although the sailor hasn't coax secrets out of characters as he to do next.
seen her since she was a knock-kneed seeks clues to the mystery. Sinbad can look at a map of the City.
preteen, he responds to her call and sets The screen opens with a view of a This shows the area surrounding (he



Best Graphics: 16 Bit Division.—The Software Publishers Association, 1986
Award For Special Artistic Achievement In A Computer Game.
—Computer Gaming World, 1987

Stunning graphics, life-like Defender {of the Crown) is the most

animation, and a good detailed, most graphically brilliant, most
soundtrack add to the feeling beautiful software program ever
of a movie-like story... released for any microcomputer.
—Computer Entertainer —The Guide to Computer Living

.Our choice for the most innovative Sinbad and the Throne of the Falcon
software product of 1986... wilh Is a brilliant tribute to those
graphics that make your computer masterful films... I've never
inlo a home movie theater. seen anything like it.
—Chicago Tribune —Computer Gaming World


gSE Exclusively distributed by Mindscape, 3444 Dundee Road, Norlhbrook, IL 60062
?Ss call toll free in Continental U.S. (except IL): 1-800-443-7982 Illinois: 1-312-480-7667
fvtUMt 'a Amf, Aim ST. MKMIOWi, AMmil{r. IBM FC id ConnxHom M -dm an, rm.jmrj.-ks rmetari*/ d Carman-Ante* Aar Inc. \i* Comctfcr Inc. Mmaml Ojvni IMnn
arvJ CoirroWcifl EkicTrtrtti. Ud Nat rtii pnxjuca wd hvhJsC* tot ad Kjrrnab Cr*m«hrtm tt a tradsmart d Matiet Omtonor Stfr**m. Inc

Reader Service ho. 296



palace and keeps track of troop move proaches her the wrong way, and fails stone. This is a difficult skill to mas
ment in the area. The Caliphs army to respond to her sultry come-ons. ter; it's hard to judge the precise mo
surrounds the kingdom. As enemy she'll be angry and unhelpful. This is ment to loose the stone mat crushes the
kingdoms learn of the Caliph's condi a major loss to the sailor. Not only cyclops. Unfortunately, the monster has
tion, they try to lake advantage of the does the lady have the ability to make a sling also-and he doesn't have any
situation by attacking. Their armies ap him stronger, but she also is uncom trouble at all learning to hurl stones!
pear on the hexagonal map, and the Ca monly fond of Sinbad, whom she has The game is scuffed with monsters,
liph's defenders must receive combat known since he was a boy. Old and seawrecks, disasters, and strategic pos
orders. The armchair general directs somewhat senile, the Gypsy has to be sibilities. As Sinbad travels over sea
ihe (roops, moving armies one hex cozened and coaxed to tell Sinbad what and land, he gradually gains informa
block at a time. Army units can move she knows. tion that may lead to the eventual solu
over all types of terrain, including wa The final pull-down menu lets Sin tion to the kingdom's plight. Bui he'll
ter, but their mobility ratings change bad move to adjoining towns, islands, have to learn a great deal, and master
according to the terrain. Combat oc or continents, or embark on sea voy the fighting techniques, or he'll never
curs when two units occupy the same ages. Clicking on the location name stand a chance against the denizens of
hex block, tfien continues until one ar changes the scene. If Sinbad goes to this mythological land.
my is destroyed or either army moves a location where there is no one, an The superb graphics turn the game
out of the block. onscreen message advises that he found into something special. The action con
The second map shows the entire the island deserted, so he can sail on. tests are a lot of fun, difficult enough
world, with Sinbad's location marked. If one of the monsters or persons or to be a challenge, but easy enough that
A closeup leas operates just like a mag objects are present, that location is pic everyone should be able to master
nifying glass. Holding down the left tured with the encounter, for Sinbad's them. The conversational game is intri
mouse button superimposes the lens interaction. guing. Each character has a good sized
over the map, so he can read the names The encounters may be beneficial. body of information, and the gamer
of the lowns, islands, seas, and other Sinbad may bump into one of the ben can chat with them over and over be
information needed to travel around the evolent characters, like the Gypsy, the fore all the data is extracted. Perhaps
world. Shaman, or the Genie. However, it's the best of all is the strategic game thai
When Sinbad is looking at die hour even more likely that he'll run into en
glass, he can converse with any per emies-there are a lot of enemies in
sons at that location. The Talk To menu this game! If so, the screen prompts the USED
highlights the names of the people pres gamer to "pick up thy joystick" and an
ent. Sinbad clicks on the name and the action game must be won before the COMPUTERS
scene changes to a closeup of the lo- adventure continues.
calion, with the person pictured against Buy • Sell • Trade
Like the previous Cinemaware re
the exotic background. Conversations lease, Sinbad contains a number ofjoy
are conducted with the mouse. The stick-operated games. When Sinbad New and Used >•
characier makes a remark, depicted in Commodore — IBM — AiariJ
encounters one of his human oppo
Hardware, Software. BookH
a comic book style word balloon. Then nents, his joystick controls a sword and Accessories:
Sinbad chooses his answer from a through four moves, to deliver a high
menu of comments and clicks on the swipe, normal thrust, or low lunge, or $ $CASH$ «
-We will pay you cash. lor ;i
one he wants to say. to guard self. Each opponent has his iCommodore and compatibt
Each character musi be handled dif own technique, and Sinbad must tailor Wquipment, even il it's damaged)
ferently. For example, the Princess Syl- his methods appropriately. The fights
phani has a crush on Sinbad, so she
are difficult and bloody. Most likely Ne, you can trade-In ^Bupsy^sni
tries real hard to come up wilh an Sinbad will lose his life several times or pietiee for new or used products
swers, no matter what he says. The before the gamer gets the hang of it. Upgrade yowr system quickly and
prince is less Intrigued by Sinbad; if One thing that helps is Libitinas favors. hassle free.

the gamer makes remarks that the If the seductress has endowed Sinbad flIHTERS • COMPUTCAS • MODEMS
prince thinks betray a cavalier attitude with extra strength, he'll do a lot bet
toward the kingdom's jeopardy, he'l! be ter in the battles.
cranky and unresponsive. If Sinbad Wry aur BBSH*3G3) 939-8174 (M£{$:
When Sinbad encounters the nasty
treats the situation with appropriate CALL NOW!
Pteranoxos bird, the joystick controls
seriousness, the prince will pass on a bow. The fowl bird is actually a spy,
some valuable insights. working for the Black Prince. If the
Repeats, tuc
2121 4th Snoot
The characters that Sinbad meets are bird flies away, the Prince will be told Bouldar. CO 80302
a lot of fun. Perhaps the most intri Sinbad's current location. In no time,
guing is Libilina. This sensational this deadly adversary wiil be there,
temptress can endow Sinbad with sword in hand, to try to kill the hero. i ':■ ■ >--^^I^BH
strength if he gains her favor. But she's The cyclops can only be killed with
a temperamental type, if Sinbad ap the sling, and the joystick directs the Render Service No. MS

AHOY! 55

AHCADE GAMES GEOFILE 34 95 TimCAOrks Data Manage! 128 47 95

Access Triple Pad $1495 GEOSDoskn.ickl 2195 Tiirieworks Swiftcalc w< Sideways 47 95
Accolnde-Comics ,. 19 95 GEOSfrontpackl 18.95 TirneworksWordWrilei12fl .. .. 47.55
Act1 ol Aces . . 199E, GEO5 WrilerS Workshop 34 95
Allflns , 23 95 Icon Factory 21 95 AMIGA SOFTWARE - CALL
California Games - ., r 26 95 Newsroom ., 34 95
NewsroornClipArtiorS ..„.., 19 95
Dan Da 10 1495 1351 Commodore Mouii' ... {32 95
Newsroom Clip Art 2 2495
De' Con 5 ,., 14 95 1764 RAM Expansion 13400
Perspectives II 44 95
Destroyer 36 95 Avalo I200HC Modem 12900
Photo Finish 23 85
Ellin 19 95 PRO-TECH Vinyl Cover*: PRICE
Print rnjistei F'llrr. (Program) 23 95
FlirjHI Simulaloi II 32.95 C-64/C-04C/C128, 1541/1671 6.95
Pnriim.TSICr Art rjiiillciy I or 2 15 95
Moat Punters , (3 95
FS INncIiv scenery rj I ski ., , 14 50 Piinlshop IProflrum) 29 95
Most Monitors , 10.95
Game Jim FootrjaU'OnserjoH'Etc 23 95 PimtshODG'apn Lib 1. 2 or 3 16 95
Lender Board 2695 CPS 10 (Serncable) Power Sup 41.95
Pnntshop Holiday Edition 16 95
CPS 30 (Semcable) Pomer Sup 31.95
L B lomriamenl Disk "1 . 13 95 Teddy Bear-ieis ol Fun 26 95
Disks DS/DD 10 pack black/grey 6 95
LB Ejiec Tournament Disk 1395 Toy Shop ■.,.. 4095
Disks DS'DD 100 or more 54 cents/ea
LB F>rnou5Courafll 1395 ViCeo Tide Shop 20 95
Disks OS/00 '0 pack (Colored) 6 95
PtMIBS 2695
Epyi 500XJ Joystick 1395
Sentry 2695
Estes 128 Si'me a We Pwr Supply 59 95
Suptrhoml Sunday 2095 COMMODORE 64 MISC.
Super bowl Sun O.n.i Disks 1395 1541 Physical Eiam 13385 Inland File Boi (HolttsSO! 7 95
Inlnnd tile Boi IHoIOs If01 11 95
Woiid CIMI Leaner tin,in] 26 95 AsstmolcciMonilor 64 2/95
Micioflight Joystick (For FSII) 54 95
Basic Compiler ?t 95
Mouse Mouse 5.95
Bob'l Term Pro 84 36 86
Mouse Pud 8 95
221 BLiko: SI S19 95 CSM Disk Alujnmenl 32.85
Commodore MPS 601 or 1585 6 95
Bards Tale II , 28 95 Family Tree 45 95
Blue PowOer Grey Smoke 3435
CommoQore 802/1526 r 95
Kyan Pascal 5295
Commodore MPSlOOO/Epson L«8O 5 95
Bridge Baion 29-95 Or (no Computerized Gardening —. ....r 36 95
Epson MXFK/RX 80 5.95
C ness mailer 2000 28 95 Snapshot . -- .. .. . 40 95
Epson MK.'FX'RX 80 Color 6 95
Deiendi." ol Hie Crown 23 95 Superkit 1541 23 95
Pnnmunic 1090/1 nsi'elc B 95
Eoritl OrtJil Station 23 95 TSDS Sillier AllimBlfll 38 95
SeikoshnSPIOOO 7.95
LUnllier OodOHMl ol Phohc-5 2l> 95
SeikoslmSPICOO Color B.9S
L("(Hlcy ul tnu Ancienls 21 95
COMMODORE 1M SOFTWARE Stai Gommi 10«/SG10 195
LUMP Computer People . 1195
Star Gemini lOi/SGlO Color 3.50
LuiMng Hoirof 2395 1571 Clone Machine 137 96
Star NXIO'NPIO . 5 95
Pnanlasielll SB 95 1571 Physical Ennrn 33 BS
Star NX10NP10 Color 6 95
St'ip Poker 20 95 BasicB 28 95
Big Blue Reader 21 SS Sn Outlet Suige Suppressor 19-95
Strip f'0'er Data Disks IS 95
Big Blue Rcadi'r Imcl CP/M| 31.95 Tac-2 Joystick 9 95
Titanic 1995
Xetec Super Graphic J, 39.95
Ultima I 2395 Bobs Term Pro 59 95
Xefec Super Graphic Sr 59 95
Ultima III 39.95 CAD Pack 138 42 95
Ultima IV 4! 95 Fuel System 3 49 B5 LE ROY'S C-64 CHEATSHEETS Si » en
Where (USA! is C.vmon SnriDiego 29 95 Fleel System 4 |w/Filer) 56 95 Basic Blanks (Sol ol 3)
FontmastPi 1?8 41 95 Cnlclleiiilt|Adv| Catc R«ull Easy
Much 128 32 95 Cornal Consultant
EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS Partner 1!B 47 OS □ am Manage 64 Disk 1541
Cave ul Hie Word Wr/aril 518 95 Pocket Film II 39 85 Easy Calc
Donali) Ducks PlaygiObnfl 1795 Pocket Planner II 39 95 Easy Script Elite
Early Games'Young Children 23 95 Pocket Writer II 39 95 Fleet System 2 Flight Sim It
European Nations & Locations 30 95 S Porters Pers Financial Plan 47 95 For the Beginner GEQS
Evelyn Wood 5 Dynamic Reader . rr.,.. ,. 21.95 Super PASCAL 42 95' HES Writer LOGO Sheet 1 or 2
Gertrude"* Secrets 19 95 Term Paper Writer , , 33 95 Multiplan
Manager Swells 23 95 Newsroom Paperclip
PnrlfCt Score SAT 49 95 PoCkol Writer Prnctienlc
.,., i,, ,(.i ■.,: '( '■■ Praclicalc II Pnnlor 1525801
Sly Travel 26 95 Printer !52G'6O2 Printer Epson MX
Stale!, jnu Tiails 30 95 Printer Gemini 10 Printer OkiOalo
Talking leactier 36 95 Programmer s Aid Quick Blown Fo.
iickol to Pans (0' London) 2' 95 Simons Basic

Script 54
Typing Tutor III Sky Trawl Sman Tormina! 64

Speodscripi Sprues Only

HOUSE rjrcasu64 Superscnol

O-tiranri (1 imileQ Quantity!
Filer1! Clioico
■■ 26 91
SOFTWARE Word Pro 3' ■
Wn1e Now
Word»ro 64

Fliiut System 2t 3? 95
tonlmnslor II 3J 95 LEROY S 128 CHEATSHEETS 56 50 c-.i
Home Oronniier Series leacn) 14 95 asic/0 Blanks (Set of 3]
Audio'Video. Checkbook Home Lnv
Data Mimgei '!S Disk 1S7I
Mail list. PhDias Slides. Movies
Easy Script Eli IB
Recipes Stamps ISoniHm[<l qiy } FleelSyslem3 Flight Smi II
Planner s Choice - 26.95 For [he Beginner Mnlliplan
Pocket f itet it ,, -. 39 95 Newsiowi PaptrLlip 128
Pockut Writer II ■ 39 M Paperclip II Pocket Writer
Super p.ick (all 3 Pockrl Series) 69 95 oeihnse MS Superscript
Wiiler s Cnuice 269S WordPro Word Writer 128
Worn Wnler 3 34 95


AtlvancBd Art studio $27 95 ■ VISA 4 MnilerCa.'d - no niliJifiunal criarge
Advanced Music System .., 49 95 • £2 50 Shipping cnaigo ^riippiFig tree on urflars Q'-or
Cruali: a Calendar 1995 ST0QIH3
C'Piilo Hiili GarlielO Delu-e ' 26 95 LEHQv SiQiaima-img -ha-ge ST 00 lor any qiandiy
Doodle 269j COO oider* - add M 90 o*ua

fle.i0r.iw Lignl Pen w.Soltware 79 00 PA n-iirtcoi5 add 6** Sale* Tan

Greeting Card Maker 23 95 F-I'D A AF*O - no sdiJiiiunnl criflrge

Graphics Integrator 2 ?3 95 Wr iry 1" kMp our pnCW ■!!* kCnv as pos»itH» 1" iorvo our

GEOS ■'09!. vtflLiml cuplomers in ordli I" fl" ihi^ wo aw Q^olvCuling

crrdM card ir.iuo la imu lull ctcni ol me ia«
r.EOOEX 26 95

Haider StrvJce Ho. 299


overlays the entire adventure. If Sin- You jusi cannot edit or manipulate idea of what direction or angle to shoot
bad ignores the battle raging for con them in 512K. the image from.
trol of Damaron. he can lose the en While learning to use the program, So imagine that you can have a tiny
tire kingdom, no nutter how well he that's just what you'll do—manipulate photographer (or observer in Sculpt
does wiih his seafaring, sword-swing existing scenes. To Sculpt 3-D, an 3-D's vernacular) walk around your ob
ing adventures. image is the picture you take of your ject. He can find the perfect angle to
Sinbad and 'Flic Throne of the Fal model, and a scene is a three-way view, view the object. Then, like a good pho
con is a superior game that Amiga a stick drawing, that you create and edit tographer, he'll pick the exact direction
owners will delight in demonstrating to get the perfect image. (target) he wants to aim in order to
to their envious friends. Like its pre Anyone who took drafting in high frame the picture perfectly. And of
decessor, Defender of the Crown, it school will be comfortable with Sculpt course he'll position his studio lights
shows the computer to absolute best ad- 3-D, It starts you off with three two-di (lamps) for the maximum dramatic ef
vantagc. But even more, it contains so mensional views of your object, each fect of shading and shadows.
much gameplay and strategic interest in its own window. You simultaneous You loo will select all these things
that the computerist will want to play ly see your drawing from the front, using the mouse to position the cursor
it many times as Sinbad explores his side, and top. and selecting options from simple pull
world. The borders of each window contain down menus. What could take die pho
Cincmaware/Mindscape. 3444 Dun more than a dozen gadgets to help you tographer an hour, youll do in seconds.
dee Road. Northbrook. IL 60062 position your drawing. You can pull Sculpt 3-D simulates a good auto-fo
(phone: 312-480-7667). back, move closer, center, rolate an ob cus camera, but it also lets you use all
—Joyce Worley ject, or move your drawing in any di the photographer's tricks in creating
rection you choose. your image. You can choose the length
SCULPT 3-D When you're finished drawing, you'll of your lens, from telephoto to fisheye,
Byte by Byte save the scene you have created. It real select an exposure, even tip your cam
Price: $99.95 ly is more than just a drawing. In addi era at a dizzying angle. You can also
I've just been on the edge. And on tion lo the three views, you will want control resolution, interlace, number
the inside looking out. No, this isn't to include an observer, a target, ground of bit planes, anti-aliasing (to blur jag
Dear Abby. It's a coffee cup. A three- and sky, and what I'll call photograph ged edges), and image size.
dimensional coffee cup that you can ic tricks. Image size and mode are especially
view from any angle-complete with Obviously, you can't just tell Sculpt important as you experiment to get the
variable light source and shadows. 3-D "Paint me an image of the whiz- perfect picture. Five image sizes, from
This cup is one of the simpler mod bang I just designed." It would have no postage stamp to overscan, are avail-
els included with Eric Graham's Sculpt
3-D. More than a paint program and
different from a CAD system. Sculpt
3-D is described as "an interactive sol
id modeling editor, combined with ray NEW
tracing software to generate full color Version
images." 3.1
Like any hacker worth his salt, the
first thing I w<mled to do was load some
samples to see how clever this program
BACKUP PROTECTED • Includes last loader, 12-second
really is. 1 wasn't disappointed. And lormat.
that was before I had even touched the SOFTWARE FAST.
From the learn who brought you Requires a Commodore 64 or 128
manual. computer with one or two 1541 or
Copy II lor the Apple, the Macintosh
1571 drives.
Four of (he live images shown on die and the IBM comes a revolutionary
new copy program (or the Commodore Call503/244-57B2,M-F,8-5,
package are on the disk-a head right
64/128 computers. (West Coast time) with your 3E 41
out of "THX-1138," an F-15, a rocking in hand. Or send a check
• Copies many protected programs —
chair, and a block of stone partially automatic ally. (We update Copy II (orS39.95U.S. plusS3s/h,$8
chiseled into the shape of an Amiga. 64/128 regularly to handle new
protections; you as a registered
Each object is shaded, is in perspec $39.95
owner may update at any time for
tive, and casts a realistic shadow. Only S!5plusS3s/h.) Central Poinl Software, Inc.
the front cover, a juggler, is missing. • Copies even protected disks in 9700 S.W. Capitol Hwy. #100
under 2 minutes (single drive). Portland. OR 97219
C'mon. guys.
If you have 512K, you may think all • Copies even protected disks in

you can view are a stick house, a bridge,

under 1 minute (dual drive). CentTidFbmi
and a coffee cup. That's because Sculpt
• Maximum of (our disk swaps on a
single drive.
3-D hides the really good images off
in a drawer named lMeg. But look Call for a catalog of our full product fine.
s product '$ p/QwtJetl for :ha purpose of enabling you to mp*c arct\ivnt eofflfs only
there anyway. The images display fine.
r Service No 133

AHOY! 57

able. Four modes, from two-color, wire 3-D's sample scenes and images. That's duce complex images quite painlessly
frame drawings to 4096-color, ray a fun way to spend an evening, bu! can and in relatively short order.
traced images with shadows, can be se a regular person actually use this pro Everything is drawn in triangles.
lected. A tiny wire frame figure will gram or do you have to be a mathema Even a sphere is just a smoothed-over
take only seconds, while an aver- tician or an artist? geodesic shape. Each triangle forms a
scanned niy traced masterpiece may be That was certainly my fear. Looking face, for which you can specify color,
hours in the making (or, more precise at the sample images, I couldn't ima texture, and smoothness. Color can be
ly, in the calculating). gine myself producing anything so awe selecled from any of those the Amiga
some. Not and see the light of day for is capable of producing. Texture con
The Rubber Meets the Road a year or so. But Sculp! 3-D provides trols reflection and glint; choose among
So fitr, we've just toyed with Sculpt you with all the tools you'll need to pro- dull, shiny, glass, mirror, and lumin
ous. Smoothness can curve a face to
blend with each adjacent face. To
change any of these characteristics for
an existing object, you must reset the
menu value, select the faces involved,
and edit them from the menu.
Now building 3-D shapes from trian
gles would be tough-without a good
set of tools. And tools are exactly what
Sculpt 3-D provides. You can crank out
sci-fi images in less time than you"d im
agine once you learn how to use this

Sculpt 3-D can automatically create

spheres, hemispheres, cones, cylinders
(closed ends), tubes (open ends), disks
(single round face), and circles (cir
cumference only, no face). Those are
the very basics. The Curve option will
allow you to build an open or closed
curve without triangles.
My all-time favorite is the Spin op
WHY DRAW IT tion. Build a curve, then spin it around
an axis for a solid shape. This is great.
YOURSELF Or you can Extrude a shape. Just like
those Play-Doh factories, you build a
curve and push it out into a long tube.
If your shape has two symmetrical
sides (like a human head), you can just
draw one side, then use Reflect to com
plete the picture. Reflect produces a
FOR YOU TO USE ON YOUR COMMODORE 64 or 128 mirror image which can be part of, or
THE GRAPHICS GALLERIA is a series of high-quality clip art and
separate from, your original object.
illustrations in bolh FLEXIDRAW and Doodle' formats. Or use a graphics
conversion program lor compatiOilily with other formats. Individual disk
You can expand or contract any ob
themes include1 ject in 1, 2. or 3 dimensions. You can
BORDERS AND SIGNS SPECIAL LIMITED-TIME OFFER! even grab selected points and pull or
HOLIDAY THEMES • Special combination package. Border* push them to shape your object. The
MAPS OF THE WORLD and Signs and The Otllca; two lor the Magnet option will attract or repel too,
price ol one!
CLIP ART POTPOURRI II but the points farthest from the mag
(R.J. Soltshop Edition) • From September through January, all
net won't move as far, so it builds a
ANIMALS Other Graphics Gallerias will include a
ARTS & CRAFTS For really complicated shapes, try
Unslice. Make an imaginary slice
$24.95 onch
through the object you want to draw
and reproduce the outline with Sculp!
3-D. Take another slice. And another.
Galleria images (or any other clip art tiles) into
Inkwell Systems Stack 'em up and let Sculpt 3-D connect
cswrons of rtware - them all into a solid three-dimension-
*in mini
MASTER. PAPER CLIP, and more' S29.95 Continued on page 113
Htader Service Nn. 130

58 AHOY!
AMIGA $100.00

\ Commodore
AMIGA 1100.00

, - -n-i Commodore

■'■.': C\ i, D*ik Drive S60 00

1 Ij Monitor
\^—4t 1701
X-*^ 2031 —V 170? #

For the C-64

j^^—. Commodore p— -* .\ PET 64

r--2g^»K PortaWe $93.00 , 64

M5 00

■ 7^\ Compulff # Computers

By Tony Brantner ^.
*" Commodore
Primer tJ0k
150 00
^^S*' A MPSM1 *£7^° >S26 I75OO

~^>-^ MPSB03 MPS802 #

f| MSOSD1.SO3 J^b Commodore
ijjL CBM 128 185.00 .^JB j Computer S85D0
C^* CBM 1571 t^C> , B032
^\ -^ 8050 #
C- CQinmodorL'
64 60.00
5 541
" SERVICE CENTER 901225-01 10.85
75.00 10.85
5X64 150.00 CABLES AND MISC. 901227-03 10.85
MSD 100 00 REG 6PtN DIN 3.95 901329-05 15.85
APPLE 2E 45000 12'6PiNDIN 7.95 7701/8701 9.85
1536/602 45 00 t8'6 PIN DIN 9-95 8721 16.85
MPS801 ■sc'nn ' EEE ro EEE 19.95 8502 9.85
J0 "" 1 EEE TO PET '9 90 82S1O0 12.85
SFD 1001 65.00 POWER SUP 64 24.95 6502 3.85
OEAO WICO BAT HANDLE 16.95 6532 6.29
64 40 00 WICO 3 WAV
AV 18.95 6520 3.85
1541 6000 WICO BOSS 1195 6522 3.85
MSD 6 25 6526 9.85
TVMAC CONNECTION 4S 95 6567 12.35
SX64 100.00 RillDSDO 895 6581 9.85
6050 OR BO32 295.00 6510 9.85
Flash Flood marks the return of Smilin' Stan, first MUST BE COMPLETE 5.00 SHIPPING 4164 .99
TC{=\ Pl-TDriMU-C .. *S.0O MW CflOER 74LS629 4.95
introduced to Ahoy! readers as ihc insect-hunting fcLtL. I HUNKjO # 15.00 apo and
hero of Bugout (January '87). HWY 36 PO 1129 Busrcss E0WWJT
This time we find Stan spending a peaceful day HARTSELLE, AL 35640 773-1077
at home. At least it was peaceful until the slorm moved in. Reader Service No. 101
Thanks to a leaky roof, water has begun to drip from the,
ceiling. If the rain continues for very long, the water will
seep through the floor, and eventually flood the basement.
Armed with only a bucket and two fast feet, can Stan keep
his basement dry?
Flash Flood is an arcade style game written in machine ISN'T HARD!
language for the Commodore 64. After using Flankspeed
to type in and save a copy of the program, plug a joystick
into Port 2 and SYS 49152 to play. The opening screen dis It's as easy as picking up the
plays ihe title above the room, along with a scrolling mes phone and giving your order. If
sage to press the fire button. Once the button is pressed,
the title is erased, and Stan enters the room from the left you have a credit card, it's even
side, carrying a bucket overhead. The object of the game
is to keep the basement dry by moving Stan back and forth
easier. The hardest part may be
across the room, catching the raindrops that fall from the waiting for the mail to come!
Each drop is worth 10 points multiplied by the current We have software for ATARI,
level, which is shown above the score, and the high score
lor the session. As an added bonus, the basement is auto COMMODORE, IBM, APPLE,
matically drained every 10,000 points. At the bottom cen 520ST and AMIGA.
ter of the screen is a meter which shows the water level
within the bucket. Once the bucket is full, raindrops can
no longer be caught. You must empty the bucket by touch-
ing the sink on the right side of the mom (You don't have FOR COMPLETE LIST
to wait for the bucket to fill before emptying it. Actually,
Coll (olt-fros outilclo Tomb): 1 -800-433-2938
your best strategy is to empty it whenever possible).
- InsldoToxas coll: 31 7-292-7395
The game features 20 levels, which range from a light
shower to a torrential downpour. Use the SHIFT-LOCK key WEDGWOOD RENTAL
5316 Woodway Ofive
to freeze the game. Once the basement is flooded, Stan
Fort Worth, Texas 76133
quickly exits the room, and the program returns to the
Rim.1, r Service No. 102

AHOY! 59
For the C-64 and C-128
By Buck Childrcss

If you like programming maze games, try something A-

Moze-Ing, (Sorry, 1 couldn't resist.) A-Maze-Ing creates an
almost unlimited variety of mazes that you can include in
your own games. As a matter of Tact, you can append it
right to your programs, if you want. There are versions for
both the C-64 and C-128 (in 40 column display mode).
Here's how to use it.
After you've entered and saved a copy of A-Maze-Ing.
run it The loader POKEs the data into memory' and checks
for errors. Both versions are placed high up in free RAM,
in case you have something else you want to POKE down
below. If all is well, type SYS 52800 for the C-64 or SYS
azes.. .those slaunch supporters of compu 6700 for the C-128 and press RETURN. The screen will
ter games. In one form or another, they've go blank for a second, then reappear with a maze onboard.
been holding up their end of gaming for A-Mazg-Ing is meant to be activated from within a program.
I years. Where would we be without "em? If you SYS to A-Maze-lng in direct mode (no line num
Kind of like pants without suspenders. They'd be down ber), the screen will scroll in order to print the READ
around our ankles. Pac-Man probably never would have prompt.
gobbled up his dots! Think of the possibilities. As I mentioned earlier, you can append A-Mazc-lug right
to your own programs. That's why the loaders are kept as
short as possible and begin with line 60000. Your programs
can GOSUB 60000 to POKE the data into memory. Then
(hey can SYS to A-Maze-Ing to activate it and place char
tensoft acters, or whatever, inside the maze it created. It's really
presents simple.
The starting point of each maze is always 1105 in screen
The RAM. so you could put your dot gobbler, or whatever, there.
Amazing Since you don't know what shape of maze will pop up at
a given time, here's an easy trick lo place characters about

ARITH its confines. Lets say you want a ghost somewhere around

METICIAN its middle, approximately 1524 screen RAM. Just have your
program PEEK (1524) to see if it's a blank space (charac
For The Commodore 64' and 128'
ter code 32). If it Place it there. If not, PEEK
"AT LAST a Math Game Kids Love to Play!\" the vicinity until you find a vacancy, then make the
deposit. You can place aJl kinds of characters everywhere,
JOHNNY CANT ADD? Su^y wishes she could outdo her
friends in m-uh? They'll both improve fast with ARITHMETICIAN! from within your program, using this technique.
Here is a maih game thai Kid's come b^ck to—a game- ihat The walls of the maze are character (CHRS) code 160.
quickly builds tfieir arithmetic skills.
So, if you're moving things around, PEEKing for !60 will
li features continuous fully orchestrated music and animated let you know whether or not you've bopped your pale on
cartoons, a wide choice ol skill levels front single digit .uidition
through seven digit long division, and plenty ol Incentives. a wall.
lewaids and surprises All (or an incredibly low S24.95 There's a little five line demonstration program for each
NO RISK—Complain satisfaction or your money back. version of A-Maze-Ing that lets you check out the maze.
Order TODAY and begin improving THIS WEZK!
After you've run the A-Maze-Ing loader to get the data into
memory, just load and run the demo. Be sure to use ihe
I VfHlFtff IMf|JlHl,«M,*lIf*lN
correct version for your computer. You can watch a ball
roll endlessly about a maze. The STOP key halts the demo.
RUN [RETURN] will restart it, this time with an entirely
different maze.
Put your maze programming sessions in high gear with
A-Maze-Ing, Who knows? With it. and a litde ingenuity on
your part, you might create the next Pac-Man. □
Rrjatlor Service Ho. 124

60 AHOY!
dBase Rapid Multimate Word
111 Plus File Advantage Perfect 4.2
$220 $299 $179 $142

Software Grnphlcs Nelworfc Applications MultHuncllon Board i Monitor*

Word Proceulng CLICKART 1 77 DBASE III LAN PAK $389 (12BK) (226 AMDEX 600/722 $278
SPELLER 50 S155 GRAPHICS $155 STATION 1 48 PC TURBO 286 (1 MB) 1579
SAMNA WOFID IV S226 MAPMASTER $14? Lingu*gei/U1limei OUAD BOARD (64K) S 90
F1U 1 I *tt Ilk P $399
wonosTAR sooo 1161 CARO 1103
Project Management QUICK BASIC S 44
Ojm b!j -. . Syttemi MICROSOFT PROJECT GRAPHICS $153 EPSON FX-286 $376
$161 XENIX $ 35
CONDOR III (220 SIGMA COLOR 400 $291 EPSON LO-1000 $499
STB EGA PLUS J194 HP 7475A $974
DBASE III PLUS (220 SUPERPROJECT PLUS $161 Desktop 1 iiYimnmi'nli
TEC MAR EGA NEC 2550 $579
KMAN 2 (220 MASTER $194 OKIDATA 1S2' $252
$195 Communlcallons/ SIDEKICK $ 38
PFS PRO FILE ( 96 TSENG EVA 480 $304 OKIDATA 292 $350
Produdlvlly Toolt
□ &A Si 48 OKIDATA 293 $350

Ernula linn Boardi
AST 5211-11 • 1421 TOSHIBA P351
AST 5251-12 $324 MODEL 2 $779
Ft BASE SYSTEM V $233 RELAY GOLD (S3 Uau Slomge/Btckup
AST BSC 1317
AST SNA $389
IRMA 1471
SUPERKEY $35 W/INTFC $1689 Inpul Driicn
SMART ALEX 5251 (454
SprtMihMU/ IRWIN 120D 2OM3 KEYTRONICS 5151 1109
Integrated PKk*g« SUUttfo TBU J 304 KEYTRONICS 5153 $194
LOTUS 1-2-3 1195 WALOM1CK $259 20MB • 467 HAYES 1200B $226
SMART SYSTEM $235 Accounting PRIAM 42MB AT ] 616 TRANSNET 1000 $131 Acceuortai

NEC Plus Quadram US Robotics US Robotics IRMA

Multisync HardCard 20 EGA+ 1200 B 2400B Board
$389 $454 $220 $70 $122 $471
■; • ,-■ for rhKki la ■ ■ -■■
NqSiIhIu ArUni AFIqw 10 uUyi (818)336-8111 279 South Beverly Drive
fun nrtiind on ■» rtTL/rnft] ifBiTii Allpnt-ra S* DISCOUNT FOB PUBCHiSES OVED !?.C00M
Suite 320
*ra FnocE All ProducTi hivi an uncofiflrtu
Make Chocks Payable !o
Money bftch Quitw M* upon raiuiri win r
Compusystems, Co. Beverly Hills, CA 90212-3898
Cp*jrctU« *HU« *<Hi' 10 in WwHI luf

Reader Service No, 125

#2 —FEB. '84 Illustrated tour of the 1541' #3-MAR. "Si Anatomy ol the 64! Pnmei #5 —MAY '84 Future o! Commodore! In #6—JUNE '84 Game programming col
Artificial intelligence! Synapses Ihor Wolosen- interlacing for VIC 8 64! Educational software side BASIC storage1 Memory management on umn begins1 Code generating programs! Ru
ko interviewed! Suing functions! And ready series begins! VIC game buyer's guide! And the VIC & 64! Guide lo spreadsheets' Hurray pert on inputting1 Memory management con
to enter Music Maker Pan l|i Screen Manip- ready to enter: Address Book! Space Lanes1 for arrays! And ready lo enter. Math Master! tinues! And ready to enler: Post Time lor the
ulaiion' Night Attack! Relative Files' Random Files on the 64! Dynamic Power! Air Assault! Siorhythms1 VIC Calculator! 64 S VIC! Alpmer! Sound Concept!

#7—JULY '84 MSD dual disk drive! Dala- #8 —AUG. 84 Choosing a word proces #9 —SEPT. "84 Program your own tent ad
base buyer's guide! Training your cursor!
#10 —OCT. '84 C-64 graphics programs!
sor! Computational wizardry! Creating your venlure! Burld a C-64 casselte imerface! Vid Bit-mapped graphics I Joystick programming!
Screen displays! File Sleuth! Users Groups! own word games' Sound on the 64! Aid eo RAM! Word processors, part II' And ready Graphics processing! And ready to enter1 VIC
And ready to enter. Renumbering' Checklist! ready lo enter: Micro-Minder! Directory As to enter: Salvage Diver! DOS! Sound Explorer! 40 Column Operating Sysiem! BAM Read &
Main Defender! Brisk" Whals My Job' sistance! The Terrible Twins! Words Worth' The Castle ol Darkness! Base Conversions! Print! Emerald Elephanl! Lawn Job'

#11 — NOV. '84 Music programs & key #12 —DEC. "84 Buyer's guide to pnnters! #13—JAN. "85 VIC and 64 OS exposed1 #14 —FEB. 'B5 Printer interfacing! Multi
boards for the 64! Graphics leature conlin- 1525 printer tutorial! Fast graphics with cus- Sprites! Insert a 1541 device * disconnect color spntes! Modems' Bulletin Boards! The
ues' 2-D arrays' And ready lo enter. PIE word IDm characters1 User Guide lo KMMM Pas switch' Ghostousters' And ready to enter: Ul ory ol game design! Buying a modem' And
processor1 Block Editor' Alternate Ch a racier cal' Diving into BASIC And ready to enter: tra Mail! Music Tulor' Alice in Ad ven lure land1 ready to enter: Futurewar' Fomasia! VIC Era
Set for the W Tunnel of Tomachon' Conslruclion Co' Space Patrol1 Cross Fief Midpnnl! To the Top1 TapWDisk Transfer! ser' Insurance Ageni! Flankspeed' Telelmk 54!

#15 — MAR. '85 Creating multiscreen #16-APR. '85 Assembly language col #17—MAY '85 Disk drive enhancements! #18 —JUNE '85 Music 4 graphics entry
gameboards' Inside the Plusy4l Commodore umn begins1 Programming irte |Oystick! 1541 Insiall a reset switch! Assembler escapades! system' How modems work! Inside the 6510!
DOS1 And ready lo enter. Old Routine! Pro disk drive alternatives! Trie Kernal! And ready And ready to enter: Super Duped Two-Col And ready to enter: Quad-Print! Mapping 4.4!
grammable Functions! Automatic Line (Jos.! to enter: Hop Around1 Faster 64! Booler! Ele- umn Directory! DSKDU! Raid! DOS Plus! Font Towers of Hanoi1 Speedy! Duck Shoot! Bit
Home Budget' Salmon Run! Numerology! check! BASIC Trace' Space Hunt1 Editor! Tile Time! Interrupt Wedge! Dumping1 Screen Magic! 6510 Simulalor!

#19 —JULY B5 PROM Programming #20-AU6. "85 Inside the 128! Real-world #21-SEP. '85 Inside the 1571 drive and #22— OCT. "85 Creats canoon characters!
3 part harmonies on VIC/641 Speeding pnels1 simulations' Sound efleetsi Modems! And 128 keyboard' Sprite programming! And Infinitesimal intrigue! Secrets of copy protec
And ready lo enter: Aulo-Append' Scnpt Anal. ready to enter: Windows' Formaller1 Sound- ready to enter: Fastnewi Go-lister! File Lock! tion! And ready to enter. Sholgun! Maestro!
ysis1 Wizard or Im' lucky Lottery1 Brainframe1 a-Rama1 Screen Dump! Selectachrome! Dis- Dragon Type! Superhero! Auto-Gen' Money's Solitaire! Mystery at Mycroft Mews! Gravi-
Etch! Pnntat! Auios- Leasing v Buyinrj1 mtflnrator! FidditS' Galors N Snakes' Porch! Fish Math! Ahoy!Oock! Invective! nauts' 1541 Cleaning Utility! Ehadey Dump!

#23 — NOV. '85 Guide to advenlure gam #24-DEC. '85 Speech synthesizer! The #25—JAN. '86 Build a speech synthesiz #26-FEB. '86 Windows! Build an auto
ing! ML sprite manipulation! BASIC tor begin IBM Connection! The year's 25 best entertain er! Survey of sports games1 And ready to en exec cartridge! Align your 1541! Survey of
ners! And ready to enter: Lightning Loader! ments! And ready to enter: Gypsy Starship! ter: Martian Monsters! Streamer Font! Micro- flight simulators! Structured programming!
Knight's Tour! Chopper Flight.! Rhythmic Bits! Directory Manipulator! Cloak! Gameloader! siml Haunted Castle! Knockout! Inlraraid! And ready to enter: Arenal Head to Head!
Instant Bug Repellent! File Scout! Slither! Jewel Quest! Lineoutl Santa's Busy Dayl Alarm Clock! Memory Check! Scratch Padl Crabfight! Treasure Wheel! Character Dump'

#27— MAR. '86 Programming educailon- #28-APR. '86 Comet calching! Survey #29-MAY'86 12B graphic bit maplEpy* #30-JUNE '86 Debugging dilemmas'
al games! Memory dumpers! Choosing a ol action and strategy games! Screen dum strategy guide! 128 commands! ML music Public domain software! Winning at Ultima!
copy program! Custom characters! And ready ping! And ready to enler: Clirono-Wedge! Mr. programming! And ready to enter: Bigprint! Computer Aided Design' And ready to enter:
to enter: AhcylTerm 128! Trivia Game Maker! Mysto! Air Rescue! Note maker! Screen Win Star Search! Failsare! English Darts! Ski Folly! LazyBASIC! Got A Match? Star Strike! Queen's
Bnckbusters! Easy Lister! Programmer's Aid! dow! JCALC! Hidden Cavern' Swoop! Free RAM Check! Alchemist's Apprentice! and Bishop's Tours' Shaker! Trackdown!

#31-JULY TO Inside [he Amiga! Condi #32-AUG. '86 Inside the Amiga, pan II! #33—SEPT. '86 Windows and viewports! #34-0CT. US Buildadigitaioscilloscope!
tional branching! Chess programs1 128 and Approaching infinity! C-64 war simulations! Sound & music on trie &4! COMAL! And ready ML speed techniques! And ready to enter:
64 DOE! And ready to enter. Screen Sleuth! Pascal lor beginners! ML graphics! And ready lo enler: The Last Ninja1 SpeechG4! Mulli Vault cf Terror! Ouick Change! Penguins! At
Skull Castle! Head-on! Nebergall Run! Word- to enter: Reversi! Highlight! Disk Caialoger! RAM! Dogcatcher! Trappedl MatchWocks! tack Force! Disk Checkup! Dvorak Keyboard!
count! Crazy Joe! FidpJIs' Music School! Meteor Run! Trim! Step On III Flap! Variable Manager! Dual Dump! Mine Canyon! Mountaineer Mack! 128 lo 64 Auloboot!

#35-N0V. 'B6 C-128 shadow registers! #36-DEC. 'ii(i File manipulalioni C-128 #37—JAN. '87 Pointers and the monitor! #38 —FEB '87 Hacking into machine lan
Data lile handling! PROMALI Habitat! And shadow registers! Football gamesl And ready Best games of '86! DOS for beginners! And guage ulilitiesl Amiga RAM eipanders! And
roafly to enter: Teleporter! 128 RAM Check! to enter: The Artist! Minotaur Maze! Mouse ready to enter: Vortexl Hanger 141 BASIC ready to enler: Window Magic! Crunchman!
Oiscs ol Daedalus! Guardian! Tenpins! Syntax in the House! Lazy Source Code! Rebels and Ahoy! Catacombs! Liiterl Dark Fortress! Per- User Conventions! The Adventurer! More
Patrol! Deluxe List! Long Lines! Detonation! Lords1 Speedway! The Editor! Micro City! maLine! Starfighter! Sugout! Screens! BASIC 126! Jailbreak! Turtle Rescue! 640!

#39-MAR. '87 Basic esthetics1 Survey MO-APR. '87 Inside the Amiga 2000' #41 - MAY '87 Kernal power! 64 and Am #42—JUNE "87 Megallops and microsec
of video digitizers! Multiplayer games! And Fractals! Baseball games1 COMAL. lurtle iga graphics' Microworlds in COMAL! Brain onds! Sci-fi braingames! C-64 to Amiga file
ready to enter: C-64 Compressor Wizard Tag! graphics, and Logo! And ready lo enter: Info- games! Dark Fortress master maps! And transfer1 And ready lo enler: D-Snap! Wraiths!
Turbopoke! Rescue 128' Lights Oul! Pinball How! Laps1 Pieman! List Formatter' Scramb ready to enler: Moondog! Startup' Illusion Galactic Cab Co.! Cave ol the Ice Ape! ALT-
Arcade! Slow Away! Caverns ol GeehonW ler' Extended Background Mode1 Planet Duel! Master! Wall Crawler! Scavenger Hunt! Key 123! Power Squares! 12S Mulli RAM'

#43 -JULY "87 Real world interfacing! Bit #44—AUG. "87 Electronic screen swap #45-SEP. '67 The 12B versus The S46-DCT. '87 A rainbow of dala struc
map graphics tutorial! C-64 graphic conver ping on the C-12B1 Science fiction aciion Clones' Building an Amiga trackball! MSD up tures! BASIC 8.0 reviewed! Buying guide to
sion! Martial arts software! And ready to en games' The dealh ol GOTOi Amiga reviews! date! CES Report! And ready lo enler. Crys- COMAL' Tips Ahoy! Art Gallery! And ready to
ter: Wizard Tag II! Data Creator! Pimk 4 Plonk' And teady to enter Archer' Banner Print! tallus! Sprileshell! Hoops! Chainmail! No enter: Empire! C-64 RAM Drive! Hotfoot! Plat
Umvaders1 Oata Express! 128 Scroller1 Route 64' Steeplechase1 Baiter Up' Scanner! News! PS to GEOS' Centerfold! Red Alert! forms' Spray-Cam' Jam Attack!

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The Latest Forget-Me-Nots for the C-64
Text and Photos by Morton Kevelson

It has been over a year and a half

since we looked at Memory
Dumpers for the C-64 (March
1986 Ahoy!), an interval which
is normally considered as half a life
time for a computer. We are pleased
to note that substantial improvements
have been made for this type of utili
ty. The latest memory dumpers provide
many features in addition to the basic
task of snaring the current contents of
memory and storing it onto disk.
We suggest that you take a look at
the memory dumper reviews in the
March 1986 issue, along with the he-
pic review in the October 1985 issue.
The information presented (here, along
with the current material, will provide
an overview of memory dumpers for
the C-64 as they have evolved in this Top: The Final
country. Cartridge, with
16K ROM and
Home & Personal Computers buttons.
of America
Commodore 64
Price: $44.95 Bottom: CPR-3
Many sophisticated Commodore board and its
products seem to be originating over three PROMS
seas. Tfw Final Cartridge, which orig READER
inates in Holland, is another example SERVICE MO. 143
Of what is being done by the interna
tional Commodore community. H & pressed. This action, .sometimes re the reset, if you have the proper tools
P computers have packed a complete ferred to as a cold reset or a hard re and skills. Tlw Final Cartridge makes
C-64 utility package, in addition to the set, restores the C-64 to power up con it easy to recover BASIC programs by
subject memory dumper, into a stan ditions. The Reset bulton comes in adding an OLD command to the C-64's
dard size C-64 cartridge. handy when the computer crashes for repertoire.
Externally, the presence of paired some reason, or if you wish to quick The left hand pushbutton interrupts
pushbuttons distinguishes 77) e Final ly break out of a program. The primary the currently running program and ac
Cartridge from the run of the mill pro difference between ihe Reset button cesses the first of several menus which
gram pack. Inside we found a 16 kilo and turning off die computer is that die initiate the various functions provided
byte PROM and a modest collection of contents of memory remain for the in Vie Final Cartridge. All menu op
logic and control chips. most pan intact. It will generally be tions are selected via the function keys.
The right hand pushbutton simply possible to retrieve any programs and Two of the selections on the first menu
grounds the C-64's reset line when de- data which were in memory prior to dump the current contents of memory

AHOY! 63
automatically for LESS THAN
5 CENTS with

Over 11,000
cartridges and
UNIVERSAL [cartridge Of spool) S68.5D
Shipping (lirsi unit) S3 00

HEAD L IFF1 Black, blue, brown, fed, green,
yellow, purple. orango-2oz. bottle S3.00:
pint S18.50. Gold, silver, indelible and OCR
inks available. Heat transfer Maclnkors and
infeavaiiable plus a complete range of
accessories lor special applicalions.
■ Top quality, GUARANTEED, double density
ribbon cartridges and reloads available.

With 8K RAM
(lop) and 32K
Shipping $4.00
ROM (bottom),
a! 124 month Super Snapshot
warranly. ■ Status lights. ■ Speaker.
■ 300/1200 baud. ■ Call progress detection. has more of its
own memory
Quick Link communicalions software:
MS DOS and Macintosh S29.9S than any other
with modem S15.00 dumper. Below;
Cable S15.00
utility menu,
'Hayes is a trademark of Hoyes Microproducts.
offering supple
A BUFFER AND A DATA SWITCH! mentary features.
The "Siamese" BuNer SERVICE NO. 141
64K S199.00
256K $299.00
Cable $10.00 to disk or tape. The form of the dump rupted by the Freeze button. This is the
Shipping S4.00 is such as to allow the currently run only time and place from which an in
■ Proleus directs two primers (working ning program to be reloaded and re terrupted program may be restarted af
simultaneously) and frees your computer fof
other applications. started at die point of interruplion. This ter pressing the Freeze button. The Re
■ Now you can morgo a form lotlor with your of course will get around many forms set selection drops you into the next
mailing list, sot up one printer wilh letterhead,
of copy protection. The presence of menu.
the oilier with envelopes, press "START" and
RELAX while complete tape support in Vie Final The Reset menu lets you restart the
PROTEUS DOES IT ALL- Cartridge is an indication of its over computer wim Vie Final Cartridge en
■ Compact. ■ 2 parallel ports, ■ Multiple seas origins. Across the Atlantic, tape abled or disabled. There is also an op
copy capability. ■ "Flexible Capacity" buffer is still a major form of mass storage. tion to jump into a user-defined reset
for each port.
tSX "BW liiiyaftho Year" Awaitll - Computer Among the options available from sequence. The built-in machine lan
Menu.2 is the ability to kill spritc-to- guage monitor may also be entered
SPECIAL OFFER: For orders of $100.00 Or sprite or sprite-to-background detec from the reset menu.
more. Say you saw It In AHOY! and get a tion. Both sprite collision detectors can The Final Cartridge includes a very
free keychaln, beeper and flashlight
combined! A $15.00 value! be disabled, but it will take two cycles powerful machine language monitor
through the Freeze menus to do so. (MLM). It is equal to most public do
Killing collision detection may let you main and commercial machine lan
In Oregon 1503) 626-2291 [24 hour line) rack up some phenomenal scores with guage monitors, with a similar com
Wo are and always will bo your some games, as your playing piece is mand format to most of the others. In

Computer made immune to enemy Fire. It may

also immunize the enemy to your own
cluded is the ability to examine mem
ory in hexadecimal and PETSCII for

Friends ® missiles, resulting in a stalemate.

Games which do not use sprites will
mat, a mini assembler and disassem
bler for writing and examining machine
14250 N W. Science Park Drive
Porlland. OR 97229. Telex 4949559 not be affected by this function. language programs, and the ability to
Dealer Inquiries Welcome. easily direct output to the screen or
The Run selection on Menu.2 lets
you restart a program which was inter printer. The memory and disassembly

64 AHOY!

displays may be scrolled both forward ulates these Commodore printers. Text commands included with Tlie Final
and backward. The usual MLM func screens are dumped as such. Multicol Cartridge. The remainder of these
tions for manipulating the contents of or screens arc printed in a pseudo gray commands arc as follows:
memory by filling, moving, compar scale using printer dot patterns. Hi-res AUTO—automatic line numbering
ing, and hunfing are available. images are sent out as a straight bit map DEL—delete ;t range of lines
Easy disk access is available while dump. Images arc printed in horizon RENUM-renumber the program in
in the monitor via the wcdgelike @ tal format. The size of a printout was memory

command. There is even a simple disk 8" wide by 5'/i" high on our Gemini FIND-locate a text siring or key
monitor capability where a disk block 10X in 1525 mode. word
can be read into the computer's mem Tlie Final Cartridge will drive a APPEND—program from lape lo
ory, manipulated by the monitor, and Centronics printer directly. To do so program in memory
wuitcn back out. The delimit disk buff you will have to install a cable between DAPPEND-ditto from disk
er is the 256 byle block starting at the user port and the printer. H & P HELP-displays oflending line after
SCFOO, but this may be changed. will provide a suitable cable for $19.95. syntax error
Additional monitor features include We used the cable we described on DVERIFY-the disk verify against
hexadecimal to decimal conversion and page 65 in the November 1986 Ahoy! program in memory
the bank switching of the C-64's mem We found thai the Centronics connec KILL —disables Ttw Final Cartridge
ory. This last feature let us discover tion worked just fine wilh text, hut we The RENUM command will work
some interesting facts ahout The Fi/ui! were unable to get a proper screen on APPENDed programs, even with
Cartridge. We noticed that when the dump on our aging but still service overlapping line numbers. However,
monitor is active, The Final Cartridge's able Gemini 10X. The Centronics die RENUM of branching instructions,
operating system ROM is in the $8000- dump on Vie Final Cartridge is iniend- such as GOTO or GOSUB, may not be
$BFFF ROM block in the C-64. Thus ed for an Epson or Epson-compatible whal is expected. Be sure to RENUM
the BASIC ROM und the SK of RAM printer. We guess that our Gemini 10X your programs to compatible line rang
at $8000 are switched out. Using the jusl isn't Epson-compatible enough. es before using APPEND. The
monitor's bank switching facility we Since the Centronics dump uses the DLOAD command performs a non-re-
were able to examine ihe entire con Epson's double density graphics capa
tents of RAM in the C-64, including bility of 960 dots per line, as compared
the RAM under the Kernal. However, to the MPS-801's maximum of 480 dots
the ROM structure of The Final Car per line, we expect the quality of the TRY
tridge makes it impossible to examine
the contents of the BASIC ROM.
screen dumps to be somewhat belter
on ihe Centronics printers.
We now move back up several para
graphs to the last selection on the first
When ihe C-64 is first powered up YOU BITY!
with 'Die Final Cartridge in place,
menu. This brings us into the first of there is no indication as to its presence,
two Print menus. The first option lets as the computer displays the usual Best selling games,
you manipulate what turns out to be opening message. It is only when you utilities, educational, and
the text and border colors of the text start working with the computer that
screen. According to the manual, this classics, plus new releases!
the various enhancements become ap
should have been the foreground and parent. To start with, program loading
background colors. If a multicolor im times were from two to four limes as • 100's of titles
age is displayed, the border and some fast as wilh an unadorned 1541 disk
of the screen colors may be cycled. If drive. Save times were also enhanced • Low prices
a hi-res image is displayed, color con by a facior of 3 lo 5. Actual improve • Same day shipping
trol turns out to be limited to the bor ment seemed to be dependent on file
der and menu text colors while the im size and disk organization. • FREE brochure
age colors are not affected. The print The C-64's function keys acquire
menu is left by selecting a normal or some useful assignments with Tfie Fi
reverse screen dump. YES. WE ACCEPT:
nal Cartridge. These are summarized
The second Print menu lets you reset in the following table:
ihe printer vectors in case the program
has overwritten them, adjust line feed Fl LIST F5 DLOAD
spacing for some IBM compatible F2 MONITOR F6 DSAVE
printers, and select between a Centron F3 RUN F7 DOS"S RENT-A-DISC
ics or Serial port dump. The Serial port F4 OLD Frederick Building 8345
dump is for use with a Commodore Hunlmgton, WV 25701
printer such as the VIC-1515/1525, I304) 529-3232
Thesc commands, which may also
MPS-801/3, or a dot matrix printer be entered directly from the keyboard,
connected via an interlace which em are a subset of the programmer's aid Header Sorvlco Ho. 131

AHOY! 65
locating load to the original address and -FC. These may be renamed with tic RAM, and an even half dozen logic
from which the file was saved. As the more meaningful titles. and control chips which glue the works
DLOAD command executes it displays Overall we were quile pleased with together. The 32 kilobyte PROM is
the program's atari and end addresses. the operation of Vie Final Cartridge. socketed for easy replacement by the
Since H & P made (he point thai Tfie We encountered no problems when us user. This opens the way for low cost
Final Cartridge "Docs NOT use exist- ing a C-64 with a 1541 disk drive. With upgrades of Super Snapshot. The 8
ig memory." we decided to look into a C-128 and an SX-64 we occasionally kilobyte RAM chip is crucial to the op
the matter. Ii is true that Vie Final Car- encountered a glitch where we had to eration of Super Snapshot. This RAM
tridge's operating system does lie in the hit the Reset button to get back the ma provides the essential external storage
external cartridge ROM bank from chine. With the C-128 we found that area for critical data which allows Su
$8000 to SBFFR M;my of Vie Final after several resets right after power up, per Snapshot to restart virtually any
Cartridge's Operations require the use the problems seemed to go away. We C-64 program after interruption.
Of system working RAM in page zero also found that Vie Final Cartridge Super Snapshot displays its own
or in memory below $400. Hie Final would no! work with our 1571 until we opening menu when the computer is
Cartridge docs attempt to swap out installed the disk drive's upgrade ROM. turned on or reset. This menu may be
what it needs and restore what it took In fact. Vie Final Cartridge would bypassed by holding down the F7 or
out when finished. Since Vie Final crash with the 1571 even when we were F8 key on power up. The former opera
Cartridge does not have any onboard not performing a disk drive operation. tion brings ihe computer directly into
RAM, the swap area has lo be in free With the SX-64 we used the KILL BASIC witli all Super Snapshot
RAM in the computer. Thus, strictly command, which still left us with ac- enhancements in place. The latter op
speaking, "The Final Cartridge must ces to the Freeze button. eration does the same with Super
make use of the C-64's existing RAM. Home & Personal Compulers of Snapshot's enhancements turned off.
The lack of onboard RAM will limit America, 154 Valley Street. South Holding down the Commodore key
Vie Final Cartridge's ability to success Orange. NJ 07079 (phone: 201-763- while pressing the Super Snapshot
fully Freeze and save some C-64 pro 3946). button will generate a system reset. The
grams. All programs are frozen by Vie combination of the Control key and the
Final Cartridge with ihe file names FC Super Snapshot button goes directly lo
SUPER SNAPSHOT the built-in machine language monitor.
Computer Mart The opening menu provided five op
Keep Your Commodore 64 tions. The first option fills memory
Price: $54.95 with a predetermined pattern and exits
Collection Looking Once again we find ourselves exam to BASIC. The second option is re

Shipshape with ining an imported product. In this case served for future expansion. The third
it had less of a way to go, as it orig option merely displays the Super
inated just north of ihe border. Super Snapshot version number (2.0 in our
Snapshot is a product of LMS Tech sample) and a brief commercial mes
nologies up in New Brunswick. It is sage. The last two options exit to the
distributed in the USA by Computer system with all features on or off. All

Binders Mart. If you saw our original presen

tation on memory dumpers, you may
options arc selected via the function
Dun'! be Caught Bl recall the review of Snapshot or Clone- Super Snapshot has three more func
Sea ihe neil lime you
busier which was also made by LMS tion screens. The first of these is the
need valuable pro
Technologies. Although Super Sub-System menu which appears when
gramming informa
tion from a back is Snapshot is based on that earlier re the Super Snapshot button is pressed.
sue of Ahoy! Our official hinders lurn a lease, it has far more features than the At this point you may toggle subse
year's worth oi Ahoy! into a textbook on original. As a result we feel that it mer quent Super Snapshot disk operations
Commodore computing! These quality- its a separate review. to device 8 or 9. If you choose to snap
constructed binders use metal nnis id Externally Super Snapshot looks like shot the program, you will be prompted
hold each magazine individually, allow
any other C-64 game cartridge. Its only for a program name and identifier. The
ing easy reference lo any issue without
distinguising feature, aside from the la name is displayed when the snapshot
removal. Spurting a navy blue casing
with a gold Ahoy! logo imprinted on Ihc bel, is a flush mounted pushbutton in is reloaded. The identifier is used for
spine. these binders will be the pride <if the upper lefthand comer. Our sample the snapshot disk files.
your computer bookshelf. of Super Snapshot also included a The second choice on the Sub-Sys
To order, send £12/45 [US funds) for miniature toggle switch. This $5 op tem menu leads to the Screen-Copy
each binder desired to:
tion disables Super Snapshot for use menu. The screen which was displayed
Ahoy! Binders
with the C-128. Of course this switch at the time when the Super Snapshot
45 West 34th Street - Suite 407
New York. NY 10001
makes Super Snapshot invisible to the button was pressed may be now be sent
(Outside Continental US .idd S2 50 per binder Al C-64 mode as well. to the printer, and in the case of bit map
low J to ft wccVv lor delivery.) Inside Super Snapshot we found a screens it may also be saved to disk as
32 kilobyte PROM. 8 kilobytes of sta a Koala or DOODLE! format file. We

66 AHOY!

Page Company Svc . No,

are especially pleased to see the bit The built-in machine language mon
15 Access Software, Inc. 109
map file save option as it was included itor is accessed via the Sub-System
C-4 Access Software, Inc. tin
at our suggestion. Once saved as a menu. All standard MLM functions LI Acorn of I ml in na 132
Koala or DOODLE! file, the image are supported, including alternate out 30 ALsofl Itf
may be converted or manipulated by put to the screen or printer. Leading 27 \iiin ii .hi Inl'l Computer 2N9
5 in' Avalon Hill Giime Co. 10H
any of several programs or utilities. zeros may be omitted from all param
41 The Avalon Hill Game Co. 282
The Screen-Copy menu offers a eters. The only noticeable shortcom 18 Avnnlgarde (>4 300
choice of three printers: the 1525, 1526, ing is the lack of scrolling via the 25 Briwnll 126
or Epson-compatible. The 1525 ind cursor keys. A rudimentary track and 50 Cardinal Software 121
57 Central i'mm Software 133
Epson dumps are vertically orienicd, sector editor is included by reading a
46 Cheatsheet Products Inc. UN
which allows for a larger dump and single block into RAM which may be
42 < ] r 11 111. n . i u \ i i r 111 ■ ■ . 111 283
better defined dot patterns for a high modified and written back to the disk. 53 1 :1 I ■■ ■■.: 1 i "1 i 1 r 1' 1 ■. 1111 28M
er contrast gray scale. We did not try Direct access to the I/O registers is also 54 Cine ma»arc/M i n dwa pe 296

the 1526 dump. Selecting the 1526 gen 44 Colleen Inc. 117
10 Com base 134
erates a warning message which in The MLM does an excellent job of
19 Complete Dala Automation 111
cludes the length of time it will take manipulating the C-64's layered mem 47 CompuServe 286
to do the dump. This could be as long ory. It is possible to examine all of 61 Compusystems 125

as 35 minutes. For the C-I28 you have RAM including that under the BASIC 64 Computer Friends 135
28,29 Computer Marl 297
the option of running the dump in 2.0 ROM, the Kernal ROM. and the Char 48 Computer Marl 29H
MHz mode, which may speed things acter Generator, as well as under the 64 Computer Marl 141
up a bit for all printers. Three dump I/O section. Bank switching is accom 55 Computer Repeats Inc. 295

sizes are provided. All graphics are plished by manually changing the val 38 Cosmi 293
6 Data East U.S.A., Inc. 291
printed in gray scale except for the ues in the lower three bits of the C-64's
17 Dala Kasl U.S.A., Inc. 292
small size hi-res dump which uses a memory address 1. This address is ac 11 DiRiscape Software 137
straight bit map representation. tually an I/O port built into the 6510 22 Kmeruld Component Inl'l. 294
The medium and large sized dumps microprocessor which is used to con 14 Krsolron, Inc. 107
56 Floppy House Software 299
in 1525 mode were the same width but trol the C-64's memory configuration.
51 free Spirit Software 122
of different lengths. The proportion of Interestingly enough, we were not 63 Home & Personal Computers 142
the dump will depend on the printer able to locate any of the Super 12 Image Technology, Inc. 105
you are using. On a 1525 the medium Snapshot's operating code in the C-64's SS inkwell Systems 130
63 1.' '-I! U ni ii i 143
sized dump was nearly square, while memory map. We suspect that Super
4-5 Lyco Computer 112
the large sized dump was properly pro Snapshot uses some snappy memory 42 Master! ronlc 284
portioned. On the Gemini 10X in 1525 bank and data swapping between the 43 Mu i "I": i. 115
mode, the medium sized dump was C-64's RAM and its own 8 kilobytes. C-3 MkroPrast lit.

properly proportioned and the large 31 Mimljtiinicry Grant 114

We found some evidence of this in a
13 Okidata 106
sized dump was elongated. very noticeable screen flicker when ex 57 Oxxi 123
Using the Gemini 10X as an Epson amining some parts of RAM. This type 10 Prentice Hall 104
compatible, we were able to generate of flicker is indicative of extensive use 69-86 Protecto Entcrpriics 28]
7 Publishing Ink. 103
small and medium sized dumps. The of interrupts and bank switching on the
34 Quantum Computer Services 290
large size dump apparently used the C-64. 90 Recovery! —

Epson's high density print codes which The last option on the Sub-System 65 Rent-A-Disc 131
did not work with our Gemini I0X. menu lets you resume execution of the 12 Kichwood Software 128
Size of the multicolor bit map dumps 11 Second Source Engineering m
interrupted program. This is a very
C-2 Sir-Tech Software !44
are approximately 4.5 by 3.25", 6.75 by powerful tool, as it allows for the ex 1! Soft-Byte 127
6.75", and 8.75 by 7.5" for the small, amination and manipulation of the 49 S & S Wholesalers 119
medium, and large on an Epson-com computer's memory and the testing of S9 TC Electronics 101
patible printer. The hi-res dumps were the results. This option is always avail 60 lensoft 124
14 Tridenl Software 1411
about the same for the small size and able following any of Super Snapshot's 12 11 nl i mi led Software Inc. 138
9 by 6.75" for the medium size. operations, as all the menus exit to the 37 Utilities Unlimited 285
Getting back to the Sub-System Sub-System menu. We tried the resume 9 Value Soft Inc. 287

menu, you may enter the Utility menu. option on numerous programs without 59 Wedgwood Rental 102
7 Xclec 129
At this point you may set up for a new any problems.
snapshot or selectively enable or dis Super Snapshot provides a full- 13 Ahoy! Disk Muga/ine 13
able the three categories of Super featured DOS wedge which includes 45 Ahoy! Access Club 45
23 Ahoy! Disk 52
Snapshot features. These consist of the commands for toggling Turbo DOS,
34 Aluiy! Back Issues 62
Wedge, Turbo DOS, and Function displaying the function keys, and tog 37 Ahoy! Hinders 66
Keys as described below. The Utility gling the function keys. Turbo DOS 38 Ahoy! Subscription 89

Menu also lets you view the disk di does a fast load at about five times the
rectory and issue commands to the disk The publisher cannot assume responsibility
speed ofa 1541. Super Snapshot checks
drive. fur errors In Ihc above lisiiiij;.
the disk drive and turns off'Turbo DOS

AHOY! 67
if it is not compatible. There is also guage monitor or any extensions to handle a wide range of PROM types
a built-in fast format which prepares BASIC. Capture's primary purpose is and capacities, including chips as large
a disk in about 30 seconds. The func to interrupt a currently running pro as 512 kilobits (64 kilobytes). A de-
tion keys contain the following com gram and save it to disk, something lailed review of Promenade along with
mands on power up: which it does very well, as it does have a feature on PROM programming was
Fl —loads first program on disk its own 8 kilobytes of static RAM as presented in the July 1985 Ahoy!
F2—displays current function keys well as an 8 kilobyte operating system The CPR3 cartridge kit consists of
F3 —disk directory on ROM. a standard-sized C-64 cartridge circuit
F4—selective directory A Captured program is saved to disk board and a companion plastic case.
F5-RUN as a series of 2 kilobyte program seg The board contains three sockets which
F6-SAVE ments with a separate segment for the accept a 2764 (8 kilobyte) core EPROM
F7-L1ST I/O section. Each segment is neatly la and two 27256 (32 kilobyte) data
F8-enter the monitor beled so you can examine the files to EPROMs. Two additional logic chips
The contents of the function keys find out what is going on. The program complete the control circuitry. A set of
may be changed at any time. disk also contains disk also contains a three EPROMs is also supplied with
Not all programs are amenable to the built-in fast loader for the 154! disk the CPR3.
Super Snapshot process. For example, drive. The fast loader is automatically Creating a cartridge is not a diffi
software which uses specialized disk bypassed on other drives. A supple cult process. Capture and the Prom
drive routines cannot be Snapshot. To mentary utility is available which com enade should be installed before pow
gel around this problem Super bines the files into one for a slightly ering up. Press ihe Capture button and
Snapshot includes a disk with 40 improved loading time. The Capture [Reconfigure memory before loading
parameters. These are a sampling of cartridge works well on both the C-64 and running the application program
the most popular parameters from the and the C-128. The problems we in the usual fashion. At the appropriate
hundreds on the Kmcker Jax utility experienced with the earlier samples time press the Capture button to inter
disks distributed by Computer Marl. on the C-128 have been cleared up. rupt the program and select option 4
LMS Technologies has certainly Capture is normally invisible to the on the Capture menu. Capture will
packed a lot into Super Snapshot. They computer until its button is pressed, al then prompt you to insert the PROMs
appear to be quite serious about sup which time it takes control of the ma in sequence and will proceed to auto
porting their product. The 32K ROM chine. This means that Capture will not matically program them. You will have
is presently little more than half full force the C-128 to boot up into C-64 to supply Capture with the appropri
and they are planning to install addi mode. ate control words for your EPROMs.
tional functions in the available space. Capture does have a unique option: This information is supplied with the
Owners of Super Snapshot Vl.O may the ability to create an autostart car CPR-3 kit. 'Hie 2764 core EPROM and
upgrade their 16 kilobyte ROM by re tridge from a Captured program. This one of Ihc 27256 data EPROMs will
turning the cartridge with a $15 service feature, which was not yet implemen always be required. The second data
fee. Future ROM upgrades should cost ted, for our last review, is now fully op EPROM will only be used for larger
even less. erational. As an example we have used programs.

Overall we were very pleased with it to place version 1.2 of GEOS into Since the CPR-3 circuit board is fit
Super Snapshot, its memory dumper an autostart cartridge. The program is ted wiih sockets, it is possible to pro
function is probably the most advanced now available less than two seconds af gram additional chip sets and swap
on the inarkel at (his time. ter power on. The most recenl versions them when desired. However, integra
Computer Mart, 2700 NE Andresen of GEOS are not amenable to memory ted circuit sockets are not really de
Rd.., Vancouver, WA 98661 (phone: grabbers, as they download code to the signed for the repeated insertion and
206-695-1393). disk drives. Disk drive code cannot he removal of the chips. The CPR-B cir
preserved in a restartable fashion by the cuit board (a CPR-3 without the chips)
memory grabber cartridges at this time. is available lor $12.95. Keep in mind
CAPTURE However, Capture does provide the op that PROMs may be damaged by the
Jason- Ranheim tion to save the contents of the disk discharge of static electricity and
Commodore 64 drive's RAM to a disk file for subse should be handled accordingly.
Price: $39.95 quent analysis. We have been keeping an eye on Ja
We would be remiss in our duties if To create an autostart cartridge you son-Ranheim for more than two years,
we did not meniion Capture as one of will need Jason-Ranheim's Promenade and we are pleased lo see a company
the currently available memory dump Cl (S99.95) and one or more CPR3 which has been actively supporting and
ers for the C-64. If nothing else. Cap- (S29.95) cartridge kits. Jason-Ranheim developing their products. The Prom
lure is the only native-born memory offers reduced priced sets consisting of enade and its related applications are
grabber at this time. We will be brief Capture. Promenade, and CPR3 for a unique and useful series of products.
as a detailed review was presented in $149.95 and an additional CPR3 with Jason-Ranheim, 1805 Industrial
the March 1986 Ahoy! a model DR EPROM eraser for Drive, Auburn. CA 95603 (phone:
Capture is a no-frills memory grab $199.95. The Promenade CI is a versa 800-421-7731; in CA 800421-7748: tech
ber. It does not contain a machine Ian- tile PROM programmer which can support 916-823-3284).

68 AHOY!
Disks worn Printers
24* each from $29t95

omputer Sale
Mini-Catalog Sale Prices Expire 11 -30-87

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Write: 22292 N. Pepper Rd., Barrington, IL 6OO1O

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All times ore Central Standard Time

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Commodore • Apple • IBM • Atari

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C64c Computer Excel lerator

Included with each computer is the GEOS Program:
word processor and a versatile drawing program. Disk Drive


Sale $ Sale $ 95
(Add $10.00 shipping.-) 149 List $249 (Add $10.00 shipping.-)
139 List $249

C128D Computer Complete

Includes a full 128 detached keyboard and 1571 drive,
with 128K of user memory expandable to 640K.
C64c System
Disk Drive

(3959S System Includes:

Commodore 64c Computer
Excellcntlor Plus Disk Drive
Hi-Res 12" Monochrome Monilor with connection cable
Big Blue 8*4" Printer with interface and 2 rolls of paper
GEOS Program: Word processor and drawing prorgram

(Add '.1U 00 shipping.
List $599 (Add S35.00 shipping.*) 395 list $1049

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lu|i H: Commodore & Alar! Bullnm 1: Apple & IBM
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Complete Commodore
C128D System Sale
Computer, Disk Drive, Monitor & Printer


The Complete System for $549" Includes: The New C-128D:

• Includes a full 128 keyboard with built-in
New C-128D Computer with built-in disk drive 5W" disk drive (1571 compatible)
• 128K of user memory expandable to 64OK
12" Monochrome Monitor with connecting cables • 3 modes of operation (C-64, C-128 and
Big Blue Printer with interface and 2 rolls of paper CP/M Plus Version 3.0)
• Built-in BASIC 7.0 • Advanced sound
• 40/80 column output • 16 colors

No One Sdls This
(Add $30.00 shipping.")
List $825 System For Less!
COMPUTER DIRECT (A Division of PROTECTO) • Illinois rni.den'i odd 6' i ". lolei loj. All orders mgst bginUS Dollo.i Wa ihip to all
poinli in iho U S CANADA. PUtHTO HICO S AFO-FPO Plsai* roll far ;haro», outiid.
22292 N. Pepper Road. Barrington, IL. 60010 ionlir.«nlal U S oi C O D MAIL OBOIRS .rarloio <h«ck. mom, ordar or p-oonol
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Monitor Sale
13" Color RGB & Composite
Monitor 14" Color Monitor


Sale*159!f Sale $237!!

Audio amplifier and speaker * Three monitors in one * Composite *
Removable non-glare screen * 80 column • RGB • Green screen
Volume control • Plus much more only switch • Plus much more
(Add $10.00 shipping and handling.*) (Add $1-1.50 shipping and hondling.*)

Magnavox TV Tuner Remote Control TV

Into TV

Sale *799f
TV Tuner with dual UHF/VHF selector switches • Converts monitor or TV into a remote control TV •
Goes between your computer and monitor * Direct Access to 139 VHF/UHF/Cable channels •
Front panel programmable selection buttons * illuminated channel detector • Signal booster •
Rabbit ear antenna for VHF viewing • Adapters Sleep timer • Quart* frequency synthesized tuner •
for outdoor antenna or cable * And more Individual antenna connections ■ And more
(Add $3.00 shipping.*) (Add $3.00 shipping.-)

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lop *: ( iimmiHlorc & Alan Iliilliim »: Apple & IBM 22292 N. Pepper Road

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EPSON LX-800 Dot-Matrix Printer

Epson Performance, Quality and Speed at Our Low Sale Price!

(Add S10.0O shipping.*) List $399


• 80 Column Dot Matrix

• 180 CPS - Draft Speed
• 30 CPS - NLQ Speed
• Epson SelecType Front Control Panel
• Standard Pull Tractor and Automatic
Single Sheet Loading
• Standard Parallel Interface Port
• Compatible With Industry-Standard
HIM is Ihe resisleied trademark i>[ InleTBUiODfl] Business Nfachines hit:. Epson and IBM® Software Codes

1581 3 V Disk 1764 RAM

Drive Expander
Over 800K bytes of formatted storaee on Add 256K of extra RAM memory to your C-64/C-64c.
double-sided 3.5" Microdiskettes. Includes heavy duty computer power supply.


Sale $ Sale$
(Add S10.00 shipping.') 179 95
List $249 (Add $3.00 shipping.*) 119
List $149

COMPUTER DIRECT (A Division of PROTECTO) ' Illinois rosidoriTsaddfi'-i"; sales ran. All orders musl be in U S Dollars W*p ihip To all
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Electronic Compact

Wow With Spell Checker !
90,000 Word Dictionary • 1 Line/240 Character Automatic Correction
LED Readout Flags Mistakes Before They Reach Print
Edit 2 to 4 Pages From Typewriter Memory • Daisy Wheel Printing
Centronics Parallel Port • FREE 4K Memory Card!



Extra Replacements:
Ribbons $ 9.95
Daisy Wheels. ..$12.95
List $399 Extra 4K Cards ..$29.95
{Add S12.00 shipping.

Gel Ihe edge over classmates, colleagues, and competitors with this fantastic printer/typewriter with Spell Checker.
With over 90,000 words in its dictionary and the capacity to add 510 more of your choice, you may never misspell
again. No more re-typing, when an error is identified, three beeps sound. The LED readout has a one line buffer so
mistakes are corrected before they reach print. Also, you receive a free 4K memory card with your purchase. This card
equips ihc typewriter with 4,000 characters of storage which is equal to approximately 2 to 4 pages of typing. L:dit
right on your typewriter using your LED screen. A 545.00 list value for FREE!

Paper width 12 inches Keys/characters 44/96
Printing width 10 Inches Automatic carrier return
Automatic correction I line/240 ch.
Cassette ribbons Correctable film, one-time film, and fabric
Correcting tapes Lift-off and cover-up Automatic underline
Line space lever 0,1,1-1/:,and 2 Relocate key
Keyboard selector I and II Tabulation
Print pitch 10,12, and 15 V- back space key

Call (312) 382-5244 15371 COMPUTER DIRECT

Top*: Commodore & Alari Biillom #: Apple & IHM lr X| 22292 N Pepper Road

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Daisy Wheel

Superb Business Printer Combined With Deluxe Electronic Typewriter
Two Machines In One • Superb Letter Quality Correspondence
Key In Buffer • 12" Extra Large Carriage • Drop In Cassette Ribbon
Precision Daisy Wheel Printing • Centronics Parallel Port


Made by
Silvor Reed

Sale $15 O95

(Add $12.0Oshrpping.) MB ^ JKk ] ... $299.00
Extra Replacements:
Ribbons $ 9.95
List Daisy Wheels. . .$12.95

Now you can have the advantages of a letter quality Daisy Wheel printer and the convenience of a
typewriter for one low cost. Use your wordprocessor to type the letters, then with just a push of a
button, your typewriter can type the envelopes. This is a fantastic Printer and a fantastic
Typewriter. Every student and home business needs this machine.
Paper widlh 12 inches Keys/characters 44/96
Printing widlh 10 inches Automatic carrier return
Cassette ribbons Correctable film, one-time film, and fabric Automatic correction 25 ch.
Correcting topes Lift-off and cover-up Automatic underline
Line space lever 0,1,1-'/,,and 2
Relocate key
Keyboard selector land II
Print pitch 10,12, and 15
'/i back space key

COMPUTER DIRECT Division of PROTECTO) Illinois intidenti add 61 >". soles io«. All order* mull bo in U.S Daliuis. Wo ship In all
poinli in trw U.5 CANADA. PUEfUO HICO S APOFPO M«jh> tall (or chciigai oulnd.
22292 N. Pepper Road, Barrington, IL. 60010 conlinsnlqlU S 01 C □ D MAIL OBDIdt gnclau inhiti (h«k, rnon., ord*> or poional
Phone: (312) 3B2-5244 or (312) 382-5050 chuck Alloy. 14 da,i dnli-ory 1 lo 7 lo( phono oidcin o"d 1 doy IUKH moll Piiro.and
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300/1200 Baud Volks Modem

By Anchor Automation "A Leader in Modem Technology"

300/1200 Baud • Auto Dial/Answer • Direct Connect • Upload & Download

The Complete Telecommunications Package Features:
AutoCom C-64 & C-128 Software For Commodore Computers
Tone& Pulse Dialing
Dialing from Keyboard
On-line Clock Acceu
Capture and Display High Resolution Characters Thousands of
Download Text, Program or Data Files Information
File & Program Transfer Centers!
Monitor Speaker
Stores on Disk Downloaded Files
Reads Files from Disk and Uploads Texi or Program Files
Select Any Protocol (access almost any computer or modem)

(Add S3.<XI shipping.*) List SI 99
5 YEAR Limited Warranty

"The only telecommunications package you will aver need."

300/1200 Baud Hayes Compatible Modem

• 1200 Baud Bell 212A at 300 or 1200 Bits/Sec.
• Automatic Dialing and Answering Save • Sale
• Hayes Function and Command are
Fully Compatible
• Extremely Low Power Consumption
• Microprocessor with Built-in Firmware
Makes this Modem "Smart"
List $199
• Tone and Pulse Dialing
(Add S3.00 ■•hipping.*)
• Dial/Busy Tone Detect
• Easy-to-Follow Operation Manual suit prin !i S79.W [wlihoul Commodore
, .ihieo « den purdased Kpatatcln
Commodore Cables Included.

S & S Telecommunication Games

Two disks included so you can give one to a friend and compete over a modem !
- Included ore r»l»ch««: A chess modem program which features hi-ros

backgammon ploy.
: The checker version of Telechess.

Four Easycommandsmakeitgreatforyoungandold

is your totol ) cords. Fifteen pairs. Match I , or

List $19.95 each On Sale For Only $9.95 each!

(Add $3.00 shipping.")

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Fop I: Commodore A Aiari Boimm*: Apple A IBM 22292 N. Pepper Road

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SVa" & 3V2" Disk Sale

5V4" Double Sided / Double Density

On Sale For
As Low As
(Add S3.1X) shipping.*) 24 each

Double Sided / Double Density • Automatic Dust Remover

Free Lifetime Replacement Warranty • 100% Certified

100% Certification Test

Some manufactures sample test their disks on a batch basis, and claim certification. Each one of these
disks are checked individually so you will never experience data or program loss during your lifetime!
Free Replacement Lifetime Warranty
We are so sure of these disks that we give you a free replacement warranty against failure to perform
due to faulty materials or workmanship for as long as you own your disks.
Automatic Dust Remover
The disk's smooth surface finish saves disk drive head wear during the life of the disk. (A rough surface
will grind your disk drive head like sandpaper). The lint free automatic cleaning liner makes sure dust
and dirt are constantly removed during operation.

1 Box of 10 (with sleeves) $ 3.40 (34* each)

1 Box of 50 (with sleeves) $14.50 (29C each)
1 Box of 100* (without sleeves) $24.00 (24C each)
Paper Economy Sleeves (10) 50' Paper Economy Sleeves (100) $5.00

3/2" Double Sided / Double Density

On Sale O O
(Add S3.00 shipping.-) each
Micro Disks * Works with all 3V? " Disk Drives
Compact and Easy to Handle • Holds More Data Than 5Va" floppy

Quantity of 10 $ 9,90 (99c each)

COMPUTER DIRECT (A Division of PROTECTO) no.5 rondnrili odd 61 ,"'. tales lo.. All orders musl be Ir. U 5. Dollars. Wo ship To oil
is m U S CANADA. PUERTO RICQ £ APOFPO Fl.oitt call lor thaigei ouliid.
22292 N. Pepper Road, Barrington, IL. 60010 menial US orCOD MAIL ORDERS enclose co*h<er think. money o'dei 01 parional
Phone: (312) 302-5244 or (312) 382-5050 V. Allow Udoyi delivery 3 1o ' for o"o"" order* and 1 do, exprmt -nail Pnt.i ood
lobiht, lubjxi io chongo—ilhoul nolim [Momrori oil/ shinned incamitwnfal U S I
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Put Your Computer to Work to Give

Convenience, Security, Safety and Energy Savings with...


Works as a remote control and a timer for your appliances

and lamps without tying up your computer!

. J

No Wiring!


Works on Signals Over House Wiring



W MW List S99.95
Includes: Power House Interface plus Compuler Software.
(Add S3.'*) shipping.*)

Works on Signals Over House Wiring CONTROL MODULES List SALE

Lamp Module-300 watt incandescent SI 9.95 S14.95
The X-10 Powerhouse interface is programmed
Wall Receptacle - replacement outlets $24.95 S19.95
through your computer. The easy to follow software Wall Switch - 500 wait, dims/ bright ens 519.95 $14.95
allows you 10 selecl a room, the appliances or lights 3 Way Wall Switch ■ iiicandesceni lights, for
wiihin the room and the lime to turn them on or off. lighis'controlled by 2 or more wall switches. .. $24.95 $19.'(5
Then disconnect the Interface from the computer and The] mostai Controller - controls your exiting
it works on it's own! Your compuler is free to thermostat "9.93 S29.95
compuieand the interface continues to send signals 2 Pin Appliance Module- up to SIX) watts SI9.95 S14.95
over existing wiring to ihe plug-in-inodules (sold 3 Pin Appliance Module - up to 500 walls SL9.95 $14.95
separably) connected to the appropriate appliances.

Many types of modules arc available including appliance modules for TVs, stereos, coffee pots, etc. Lamp modules
which contain a dimmer and can be used for incandescent lamps up lo 300 walls. Wall switch modules which also contain a
dimmer and can be used for Incandescent outside lighls and ceiling lights of up to 5<X) watts. 222V heavy duty appliance
modules for 220V aii conditioners and water heaters. The thermostat controller lor central healing and air conditioning.
The .1 way wall switch for controlling incandescent lights operated, by two switches. The heavy duty wall recepiacle module
to replace your existing wall receptacle, eel.
Plus works with BSR, GE, Leviton, Radio Shack, and Sears Roebuck modules (all 256 codes addressable).

Call (312) 382-5244 COMPUTER DIRECT

iop»: CommodoreiS Atari n»n«m *: Apple A IBM 22292 N. Pepper Road
Or (312)382-5050 Moil Barrington, IL. 60010
Reader Service No. 281
1st In Price, Support, & Warranty
15 Day Free Trial * 90 Day Immediate Replacement Policy * prices expire 11-30-87

Full Size Piano/Organ


On Sale $49 95
For Only List $159

Keyboard — 40 Keys (A-C) guage spring loaded to give the feel and response of a professional
polyphonic keyboard instrument. Plugs right into the joystick port of the Commodore 64 or 128.
This sturdy instrument comes with carrying handle, protective key cover and built-in music stand
Size: 29" x 9!/;" x4" Weight: 9 lbs.
Registers (wilh the Conductor Software) — Organ • Trumpei • Flute • Harpsicord • Violin • Cello •
Bass • Banjo • Mandolin • Callipoe • Concertino • Bagpipe • Synthesizer 1 & 2 • Clavier 1 & 2 •
Can be played over a 7 octave range ■ Programmable sounds
Recording (with the Conductor Software) — Three track sequencer plus over-dubbing with multiple
instruments playing at the same time.
* Conductor Software Required (Add $iO.oo shipping.*)

The Conductor Software

List $29.95 Sale $19.95
The Conductor Software teaches how a composition is put together, note by note, instrument by instrument
You will learn to play 35 songs from Bach to Rock. Then you will be ready to compose your own songs!

Teaches — Scales • Bass lines • Popular songs from "Jingle Bells", "Bach Minuet", and Ravel's "Bolero" to
Michael Jackson's "Thriller".
Features — Sound envelope control with attack, delay, sustain and release limes • Records as you play ■
Playback tracks while you record ■ Stores songs on disk " Much more
Requires — Above Keyboard • Commodore 64 or 128 with disk drive (Add $3 00 shipping •)

The Music Teacher The Printed Song

List $39.95 Sale $24.95 List $29.95 Sale $19.95
This Program teaches a beginner how lo read music and play it With this program you can print out, in music notation, your
correctly in rhythm on the keyboard. Features trumpet, organ, composition for others lo read or play. Requires The Conductor
violin, synthesizer instrument sounds, built-in metronome, Program and printer compatible with the Commodore graphics
pause-play control and set-up menu for cusomizing the music mode such most dot matrix printers with a Commodore graphics
teacher. (Disk) List S39.95 Sale $24.95 (Add J3.00 shipping.') interface. (Disk) List $29.95 Sale $19.95 (Add S3.00 shipnina •}

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More For the C-64.

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Graphic Mode — Uni-directional 160-180 CPS ai .standard character printing Weight: 12.7 lbs.
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HI 6 Byles 120 Characters persecon(al 10 CPI) Pica — 136 CPI: Condensed - i33 CPL; Pica Expanded — 68 CPL;
i Paper Feed
Condensed Expanded — 116 CPL
I 10 Lines second (al 1 5 inch line spacing): Sprocket or Friciion Feed Printing Width
Character Set* Single Sheets —5.3° to 14.5"; Continuous Paper — 4" la 15.5"
96 Sid. ASCII 96 NLQ ASCII -83 Special & 50 Block Graphic Characters Copies
Centronics Parallel Po.i Originol Plui 2 Copies
Charocter Matrix
I 9*9 Standard Choracier. 13 * 6 Block Graphics; Roplacomsnt Rlbbom Dimension!
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Reader Service No ZBI
By Dale Rupert
ach month, we'll present several challenges de certainly sounded like a dare to me. Let's see C-128 and
signed to stimulate your synapses and toggle the C-64 versions.
bits in your cerebral random access memory. We
invite you to send your solutions to:

Commodores, do Ahoy! PROBLEM #47-4: MUSICAL JOYS

P.O. Box 723 While you have the joystick out and handy, write another
Bethel, CT 06801 brief routine which lets the user play a tune with the joy
stick controlling the pitch and any other relevant parame
We will print and discuss the cleverest, simplest, short
est, most interesting and/or most unusual solutions. Be sure ters (a la slide whistle, perhaps). Nothing fancy, mind you.
to identify the name and number of the problems you arc
solving. Put your name and address on the listings as well. This month we will discuss the best solutions to Com-
Show sample runs If possible, Brietly describe your solutions modam from the July 19K7 issue of Ahoy! Problem #43-1:
and tell what makes them unique or interesting, if they are. Eider's Primes was submitted by Ariel Kros/.ynski (Lyng-
You must enclose a stamped, self-addresset! envelope if you by, Denmark). The problem is to find the two prime num
want any of your materials returned. Solutions received by ber factors of the integer M where
the middle of the month shown on the magazine cover arc
most likely to be discussed, but you may send solutions M = 1 + 2 " (2 * 5) = 4,294,967,297
and comments any time. Your original programming prob
lems, suggestions, and ideas arc equally welcome. The best
How the 18th century Swiss mathematician extraordinaire
ones will become Commodores!
was able to find the two prime factors has always been a
mystery to me.

Jim Speers (Niles, Ml) pulled out his sequential disk file
PROBLEM #47-1: FOUR WEIGHTS of prime numbers and used it to son through possible fac
This problem was submitted by Joe Bult (Knoxville, TN). tors of M. You never know when that file of primes will
The grocer can weigh any object from 1 to 40 pounds in come in handy.
exact 1 pound increments. He has only four different weights Since it is known that M has exactly two prime factors,
for his center-fulcrum balance scale. Weights may be placed we can test every integer, prime or not, lor divisibility into
on cither side of the balance. What are Ihc values of the M. The smallest one we find must be one of the prime fac
weights? Letting the computer solve this classic problem tors. The quotient of M divided by that factor must be the
should be an interesting endeavor. other. The program must be ab!e to perform lengthy divi
If you undersiand the problem, get busy with it. Other sion since M has more digits than the Commodore handles
wise one example may clarify it. If you choose weights of exactly.
3 pounds and 4 pounds, the objects you could weigh are This solution from Paul Vaughan (San Jose, CA) nicely
I, 3, 4, and 7 pounds. To weigh a I pound object, put the fills the bill.
4 pound weight on one side of the balance, and put the
object on the other side with the 3 pound weight. ■1 REM -=======.«========,=====.=====„===:==
If you can't program your computer to figure out the •5 REM PAUL VAUGHAN
weights in the problem above, at least program it to print ■6 REM ==========«=====:====3
out a table showing which of the four weights are used and •7 REM A.B=4294967297
on which side of the balance they are placed to measure •8 REM A=4294967... B= 297
every integer-weight object from 1 to 40 pounds. (If your •10 A=4294967 : B=297 : FOR N=7 TO 65537
computer can't figure out what the four weights are, you STEP 2
will have to do that yourself one way or another.)
■11 H=INT(A/N) : RH=A-N*H : LR=1000*RH+B
Dan Balint wrote and said that this was not a dare. He •14 PRINT"1+2[UPARROW](2[UPARROW]5)=42949
wants a bare-bones program which creates a sprite and lets 67297=" MID$(STR$(N),2)M*"MID$(STR$(H),2
the user move it around with a joystick. Sony, Dan, this )MID$(STR$(L),2)

AHOY! 87
Paul took the approach he used in [he old days when cal tion with ihe number which should be in thai position. T
culators handled only 6 or 7 digits-he performed the divi toggles each time an exchange is made.
sion by parts. M is broken inio A and B. Lines 1! and 12 His program does not actually need to complete each ex
perform the division. When an exact quotient is found, the change. When exchanging the number in position 1 with
program branches to line 14 ;ind prints the results, namely the number in position 3. for example in 42135, the value
641 and 6.700,417. in position 1 is put into 3. but 3's original value (the num
You might find ii enlightening to delve into Paul's algo ber 1) is not saved since the program never returns io posi
rithm. H and L store the "high portion" and "low portion" tion 1 anyway.
of M respectively. HR is the remainder of ihe division of Now lor Problem 1)43-3: Rimdom Order from Paul So-
H by N. The 1000 is used in line II because B is a 3-digit holik (Pittsburgh, PA). The user enters two integers as lim
number. The remainder from ihe "high portion" division its. The computer displays all the integers between and in
is actually in the 1000's place. RL stores the remainder of cluding the limits in random order.
the "low portion" division. There are many solutions io this problem. Most of them
To follow ihe algorithm, use some simple numbers you use an array to keep track of which values are selected.
can easily calculate by hand. For example, let M = 105432 Typically a random number is picked and then the array
and divide it by N=2. Break M into A=105 and B=432. is checked io see whether that number has been printed.
Stepping through lines 11 and 12 gives H=52, RH=1, LR= When a value is printed, the corresponding element of the
1432. L=716, and RL=0. so that M divided by N is 52716 array is flagged.
(by placing H next to L). Paul's solution takes less than eight This method works efficiently at first, but as the num
seconds on the C-128 in fast mode. ber of unprinted numbers decreases, there is less likelihood
Congratulations to Joe Butt (Knoxville, TN) and Bret Eks- of randomly picking one of them. Waiting for the last num
trand (Signal Hill, CA) for their solutions. A special award ber to be picked may take quite a while.
of merit goes lo Dave Shiloh {Eugene, OR) for his assem Among techniques which speed up this process is the
bly language program which takes a mere 6.5 seconds to following one sent by Jim Speers (Niles. MI).
find the two prime factors. If you would like a copy of the
source code in LADS assembler format, send me a self-ad • 1 REM ==================================

dressed stamped envelope with your request clearly stilted. •2 REM COMMODARES PROBLEM #43-3 :
Problem #43-2: Perm Parity from Bret Ekstrand (Signal •3 REM RANDOM ORDER
Hill, CA) was quite a challenge, just as Bret warned. But •4 REM SOLUTION BY
not tough enough io discourage the best contenders. The •5 REM JIM SPEERS
problem is to determine if any given permutation of the •6 REM ==================================
integers I through 5 is an even or an odd permutation. •100 INPUT"LOWER LIMIT";L:L=INT(L+.5)
Odd and even refer to the number of exchanges neces ■110 INPUTMUPPER LIMIT";H:H=INT(iI+.5)
sary to convert 12345 into the given arrangement. For ex •120 IF H<L THEN T=H : H=L : L=T
ample, 15342 is obtained by exchanging 2 and 5. That is ■130 W=H-L+1 : DIM N(W-l) : FOR 1=1 TO W
one exchange, so 15342 is an odd permutation. Jim Speers •140 X=INT(RND(1)*W)
reasoned that if it takes X moves to create a given permu •150 IF N(X)=0 THEN 180
tation, it will take X reverse moves to restore it. •160 X=X+1 : IF X=W THEN X=0
A standard approach was to perform a sort on the input •170 GOTO 150
permutation, keeping track of the number of exchanges to -180 N(X)=1 : PRINT X+L;
put it back into order. David Hoffncr (Brooklyn, NY) sent
•190 NEXT I
a bubhle-sort routine which used three lines. He lopped
even that with the following two-liner.
The N() array keeps track of used values. N(X) is 0 if a
number has not been picked. Otherwise N(X) is set to 1
•1 REM ==================================
in line 180. If a duplicate number is selected, then lines
•2 REM COMMODARES PROBLEM #43-2 : !60 and 170 come into action. Very simply, ihey look through
•3 REM PERM PARITY N(X) to find the next unprinted number.
•4 REM SOLUTION BY The IF statement in line 160 jumps back to the start of
•5 REM DAVID HOFFNER the N() array, so the entire array is searched if need be.
•6 REM =================================== Eventually an unprinted value will be found. This is much
•7 REM > ENTER ONE DIGIT AT A TIME < quicker than picking another random number whenever a
•10 FORQ=1TO5:INPUTB(Q):A(B(Q))=Q:NEXT:FO duplicate is found.
RN=1T04:J=A(N):K=B(N):IFNOJTHENT=1-T Jim's program has some other interesting features. Lines
•20 A(K)oJ:B(J)=K:NEXT:PRINT MIDSC'EVENOD 100 through 120 assure proper input values. If the user ac
D'\l+T*4,4) cidentally or otherwise enters the limit numbers in wrong
order or specifies non-integers, the program corrects them.
Enter the permutation one digit at a time. According to Line 120 swaps the input values if they are entered in re
David. B(N) shows which number is in position N. A(N) verse order.
shows what position number N is in (like an index). His Some programmers prefer to replace the THEN part of
program then "partly" exchanges the number in each posi- line 120 with GOTO 100. This forces the user lo re-enter

88 AHOY!


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the values. In some cases it is important that the user be •6 REM ==================================
careful about specifying quantities. Here there is no rea •10 INPUT"ENTER LOWER LIMIT ";LL : INPUT"
son that the computer shouldn't be smart enough (o com ENTER UPPER LIMIT ";UL
pensate for the user's inadequacies. •20 NE=UL-LL+1 : DIM RN(NE) : FOR 1=1 TO
The other nice feature of Jim's program is that ii allows NE:RN(I)=LL-1+I : NEXT : FOR 1=1 TO NE
positive or ncgalive numbers for the range. The primed val ■30 Rl=INT(RND(0)*NE)+l:R2=INT(RND(0)*NE)
ue is offset by L from the array index X. If L is —10 and +1:TE=RN(R1):RN(R1)=RN(R2):RN(R2)=TE
X takes the values 0 through 8, for example, the values •40 NEXT:PRINT:FOR 1=1 TO NE:PRINT RN(I);
printed in line 180 range from -10 to -2.
A very clever approach was taken by Paul Sobolik in this
solution to his own problem. It was the only solution which
The program could be somewhat faster and would produce
increased its speed ;is it progressed. Most olher programs
even better results if Rl were just set equal to I in line 30
slowed down as the final values were printed. (Some near instead of being chosen randomly. That way each element
ly came to a dead stop.)
in the array would be swapped with a randomly chosen ele
ment. Odicrwise many elements in the array are still in their
•1 REM
original positions. I wonder how many randomly chosen
•2 REM COMMODARES PROBLEM #43-3 pairs of numbers must be swapped in Joe's program to guar
■3 REM RANDOM ORDER antee that the array is in "random order"?
■4 REM SOLUTION BY Congratulations to Wallace Lecker (Lemay, MO), John
•5 REM PAUL SOBOLIK Thelen (Caledonia, WI), Russell Wilson (Fayette, AL), Pa
■6 REM ================================== trick O'Malley. Jeremy Spiller, Marc Orenberg, Larry Scha-
•100 INPUT"L0W, HIGH";P1,P2 ter (Westphalia, MI), Don Weisenfluh (Oil City, PA), and
-110 DIM S(P2):F0R X=0 TO P2:S(X)=X:NEXT Willie Williams (North Augusta, SC} for their solutions to
-120 FOR X=P2 TO PI STEP -1 this and other problems.
•130 : Y=RND(1)*(X-P1)+P1 The final challenge was Problem #43-4: Fraction Fun.
•140 : PRINT S(Y); The problem (after some translation) was to find single dig
•150 : S(Y)=S(X) its with no duplicates for the letters in this equation:

Paul said in his description of the program that it limits CALLING ALL MODBMS!
the range of possible random numbers to those not yet se
lected. This makes the process much fasler than the stan
dard approach of continuously choosing numbers in die total
range and (hen rejecting those already used. BOARD NUMBER:
It took me a while io figure out just how this seemingly
simple program works. I suggest you "play computer" with
sample values to convince yourself that it docs, infect, solve
All Commodore modems are advised that the
the problem neally and efficiently. A couple of clues for
Ahoy! Bulletin Board is operating under a new
understanding it: Line 130 picks a random number between
PI and X, and X is decreased on each iteration. Line 150
telephone exchange. When your absent-minded
is the magicai part of the program. Sludy it io see for your
owner dials the old number on his or her com
self why it works. puter, kindly substitute 718-782-3239. This way
Peter Balducci (Lunenburg, MA) used a somewhat simi there'll be no chance of missing all the helpful ser
lar idea. Peter sequentially filled an array with (he selec vices offered by the Ahoy,' BBS, such as:
ted range of numbers. A random subscript is picked, and
the corresponding number is printed. Then ihe printed value • Corrections to programs and articles
is removed from the array by moving the rest of the array • Detailed descriptions of back issues
up one position to repiacc it.
• Excerpts from upcoming news sections
Joe Matello (Follansbee, WV) used another interesting
and very efficient method. He first filled an array with the • Information on future issues
sequential numbers in the given range. Then he randomly
selected pairs of elements to be swapped. After N swaps Set yourself for 300/1200 baud, full duplex, no
of an N-element array, he has a randomly arrunged array parity, 1 stop bit, and 8-bit word length.
which is simply primed out. Here is Joe's program:
And if you can't get through, dial up Quantum-
■1 REM ================================== Link, where multiuser access to the Ahoy! 8BS is
■2 REM COMMODARES PROBLEM #43-3 : available. If a modem could turn pages in a mag
•3 REM RANDOM ORDER azine, you could find information on joining
•4 REM SOLUTION BY QuaniumLink on page 34 of this issue.
AHOY! 91
or equivalcntly: -70 REM ===== C-64 OR C-128 ============
•80 S=54272:GOSUB 230
•90 FOR N=l TO 3 : GOSUB 110:G0SUB 230:NE
This shim and straightforward solution from Frank Walc-
zer (Omaha, NE) finds the three solutions:
■110 R=54266:F0R J=lT03:R=R+7: READ HF.LF
-120 POKE R,HF:P0KE R-l.LF: POKE R+3,17:F
567 * 567 = 321489
OR K=1T0150:NEXT K,J
807 * 807 = 651249
•130 FOR J=12TO2 STEP-1:POKE S+24,J+32:FO
854 * 854 = 729316
R K=lT0100:NEXT K,J:P0KE S+24,33
•140 FOR J-1T020:NEXT:POKE S+24,32
•1 REM ================================
•170 DATA 20,223,31,68,52,152
•190 DATA 18,209,28,49,47,107
•6 REM ================================
■7 REM
■210 DATA 16,195,25,30,42,62
•220 REM === INITIALIZATION =============
•20 FOR D=100 TO 999
■30 N=D*D : D$=-STR$(D) : N$=STR$(N)
■240 POKES+24,44:POKE S+22,96:POKE S+21,0
■40 D$=MID$(D$,2,3) : N$=M1D$(N$,2,6) :
•250 POKE S+23,7:POKE S+5,0:P0KE S+6,247:
POKE S+12,0:P0KE S+13,247:POKE S+19,0
•50 IF LEN(T$)<>9 THEN 120
•260 POKE S+20,247:POKE S+4,16:POKE S+ll,
■60 FOR X=l TO 8
16:P0KE S+18,16:RETURN
■70 FOR Y=X+1 TO 9
•80 IF MID$(T$,X,1)=MID$(T$,Y,1) THEN 120
C-128 owners can probably reduce this program to six
•90 NEXT Y
or eight lines. It will be a good task for some of you to
•100 NEXT X
dust off the SID register reference book and figure out what
■110 PRINT"[3M "]";D$" * ";D$;" = ";N$
all the POKEs in this program are doing.
•120 NEXT D Enjoy this month's challenges. Keep those problems and
solutions coming. D
Frank's program checks each three digit number from 100
to 999 in D. The 3-digit value is stored in DS. and the square
of that value is stored in NS. A concatenated string of the
9 digits is stored in TS in line 40.
The loops al lines 60 through 100 check TS for duplica
ted digits. If ;i duplicate is found, the program branches We try to remind you at least once a month about how
to line 120 to select the next value of D. we're constantly looking for the best magazine-length
Other readers used similar approaches, but several made game, utility, and productivity software being written for
some simplifying assumptions before the brute force search. the Commodore today. Some of you have believed us
Jim Speers pointed out that if A=0 then both D and E would and sent us proganns that truly fit into that category-
be 0, and if C equals 0. 1. or 5, then I would equal the and your bank accounts are the fatter for it.
same value. The same is true for C=6. Paul Vaughan used What about the rest of you? If you think you can do
the fact that since all digits are different, the iargest value as well as or belter than the programmers whose work
for DEFGHI is 987654 and the smallest value is 102345. appears in these pages, send us your best efforts on disk,
Taking the square roots of these numbers shows that 319 accompanied by a printout, documentation, and a self-ad
< ABC < 993. dressed envelope with sufficient return postage affixed.
The least-anticipated solution came from Oren Dalton Address your program to:
(El Paso. TX). Oren's program included guitar chords that
Ahoy! Program Submissions Department
played whenever a solution was found. The next time you Ion international Inc.
are working on an otherwise mundane or time-consuming 45 West 34th Street-Suite 500
program, you might add Oren's guitar work to brighten it New York. New York 10001
up. Just the sound routines are listed below.
Please allow at least 2 weeks tor a reply.
-20 REM ================================



92 AHOY!
Attention new Ahoy! readers) You must read the following information very carefully prior to typing
in programs listed In Ahoy! Certain Commodore characters, commands, and strings of characters
and commands will appear in a special format. Follow the instructions and listings guide on this page.

n the following pages you'll find several pro Additionally, any character that occurs more than two
grams that you can enter on your Commodore times in a row will be displayed by a coded listing. For
computer. But before doing so, read this entire example, [3 "[LEFT]"] would be 3 CuRSoR left commands
page carefully. in a row, [5 "[s EP]"] would be 5 SHIFTed English Pounds,
To insure clear reproductions, Ahoy'.'s program listings and so on. Multiple blank spaces will be noted in similar
are generated on a daisy wheel printer, incapable of print fashion: e.g., 22 spaces as [22 " "j.
ing the commands and graphic characters used in Commo Sometimes you'll find a program line that's too long for
dore programs. These are therefore represented by various the computer to accept (C-64 lines are a maximum of 80
codes enclosed in brackets [ 1. For example: the SHIFT characters, or 2 screen lines long; C-128 lines, a maximum
CLR/HOME command is represented onscreen by a heart of 160 characters, 2 or 4 screen lines in 40 or 80 columns
2 . The code we use in our listings is [CLEAR]. The respectively). To enter these lines, refer to the BASIC Com
chart below lists all such codes which you'll encounter in mand Abbreviations Appendix in your User Manual.
our listings, except for one other special case. On the next page you'll find our Bug Repellent programs
The other special case is the COMMODORE and SHIFT for the C-128 and C-64. The version for your machine will
characters. On the front of most keys are two symbols. The help you proofread programs after typing them. (Please note:
symbol on the left is obtained by pressing that key while the Bug Repellent line codes that follow each program line,
holding down the COMMODORE key; the symbol on the in the whited-out area, should not be typed in. See instruc
right, by pressing dial key while holding down the SHIFT tions preceding each program.)
key. COMMODORE and SHIFT characters are represented On the second page following you will find Flankxpeed,
in our listings by a lower-case "s" or "c" followed by the our ML entry program, and instructions on its use.
symbol of the key you must hit. COMMODORE J, for ex Call Ahoy! at 212-239-6089 with any problems {if busy
ample, is represented by [c J], and SHIFT J by [s J]. or nD answer after three rings, call 212-239-0855).



[CLEAR] Screen (.'tear SHIFT ('LK/HOMK [ BLACK ] Black CNTRL 1


[UP] Cursor Up SHIFT t CRSR \ [RED] Red CNTRL .1

[DOWN] Curjir I)ohii t CRSR I 1 [CYAN] cyin CNTRL 4

[LEFT] Cursor Ijrfi SHIFT — CRSR-* II [PURPLE] Purple CNTRL S

[RIGHT] Cursor Right — CRSR — [GREEN] Green CNTRL 5 D

[SS] Shifted Spue SHIFT Space [BLUE] Blue CNTRL 7


[DEL] Deleft INST/DEL [Fl ] Function 1 n

[RVSOM] Reverse On CNTRL •) [F2] Function 2 SHIFT PI a

[RVSOFF] Reverse Off CNTRL 0 [ F3 ] Function .1 Vi B
[UPARROW] I'p Arrtnt
* T [ F4 ] Function 4 SHUT F3 IS
[BAOCARR0W1 Itack Arrow [ F5 ] Function s FS

[PI] PI 7T [F6] Function 6 SHIFT F5 SI

[EP] English itiund £ £ [ F7 ] Function 7 K7 II
[F8] Function H SHIFT K7 =

AHOY! 93
Please note: the Bug Repellent programs listed here are for Ahoy! programs published from the May 1987 issue onward! For older
programs, use [he older version.
Type in. save, ami run Bug Repellent. You'll he asked if you want automatic saves to take place. If so, you're prompted For the device,
DISK (D) or TAPE (T). You then pick a starting file number, 0 through 99. Next, you enter a name, up to 14 characters long. At this
point, Bug Repellent verifies your entries and gives you a chance to change them if you want. If no changes are needed. Bug Repellent
activates itself. (Pressing RETURN without answering the prompts defaults to disk drive and begins your files with "OOBACKUP".)
Type NEW and begin entering an Ahoy! program. As you enter program lines and press RETURN, a Bug Repellent code appears
at the top of your screen. If it doesn't match the code in the program listing, an error exists. Correct the line and the codes will match.
If used, automatic saves take place every. 15 minutes. When the RETURN key is pressed on a program line, the screen changes color
to !ct you know that a save will begin in about three seconds. You may cancel the save by pressing the RUN -STOP key. The file number
increments after each save. It resets to 00 if 99 is surpassed. After saving, or cancelling, the screen returns (o its original color and
the timer resets lor 15 minutes.
When you've finished using Bug Repellent, deactivate it by typing
SYS 49152 [RETURN] for the Commodore 64 or SYS 4864 [RE
TURN] for the Commodore 128. ■10 PRIKTCHRS(147)"L0ADISG AND CHECKING THE DATA[3"."]":J


.49152 :END
•20 FORiS=r/ron:REA()A:IKA<fjORA>255THEN40 •50 X-0:J-,l+12;IFJ<5213THF,N2fj
■30 P0KIU+B,A:X=X+A:NEXTB:RKADA:IFA=XTHi'N50 •60 POKE208,O:POKE5213,O:A$-"Y":BJ=A$:C$="D":D$-"DISK":D-
■50 X-Q:J«J+12:IFJ<49456THEH20 S="Y"THEN90
•60 POKE198,0:POKE49456,0:AS="Y":B$=A$:CS="D":DS="DISK":D •80 PRINT"NO AUTOMATIC SAVES[3"."]":GOT0150
■90 P0KE49456,l:lNPtJT"t)lSK OR TAPE (D/T)";C$;IFC$O"D"THE •110 N$-RI<;ifTS{STR$(N),2):IFN<10TliENN$=CHR$(48)+CHR$(N+48
ND-1:D$-"TAP£" )
0-99)" ;N 14);L-LEN(F$)
•110 N$=RIGHT$(STR,S(N),2):IFN<10THENNS=CHHJ(48)+CHR$(N+48 •130 POKE5215,L:FORJ=1TOL:POKE5215+J,ASC(MTD$(F$,J,1)):NE
14):L-LEH(F$) S
■130 POKE49458,L;KOK.I-1T01.:POKE49458+J,ASC(MID$(F$,J,1)): ■150 PK1NT:INPUT"IS THIS CORRFCT (Y/N)";BS:IFBS<>'"f"THEN6
■140 PKINT"SAV'ING DEVICE •♦ "D$:PRINT"START1N<; WITH ** "F •160 POKK77O,198:P0KE771,77:SYS4864rEND
$ ■170 DATA32,58,20,169,41,162.19,236,3,3,208,4,955
■150 PRINT:INPIT'IS THIS CORRECT (Y/N)";B$:ira5<>"Y"THEN6 ■180 DATA169,1%,162,77,141,2,3,142,3,3,224,19,1143
fj ■190 DATA208,7,32,125,255,79.78,0,96,32,125,255,1292
-160 POKE770,131:POKK771,1(.4:SYS491I52:END ■200 UATA79,70,70,0,96,162,0,134,251,189,0,2,1053
■170 DATA169,79,32,210,255,162,38,160,192,204,3,3,1507 ■210 DATA240,19,201,48,144,9,201,58,176,5,133,251,1485
•180 DATA208,10,162,131,160,164,169.70,32,210,255,44,1615 ■220 DATA232.208,238,134,252,165,251,208,3,76,198,77,2042
■190 DATA169,78,32,210,255,142,2,3,140,3,3,76,1113 -230 DATA169,0,166,235.164,236,133,253,133,254,142.47,193
•200 DATA36,193,32,96,165,134,122,132,123,32,115,0,1180 2
•210 DATA170,240,243,162,255,134.58.14ft.3,76,150,164,1799 •240 0ATA20.140,48,20,24,101,22,69,254,230,254,24,1206
•220 DATA32.107,169,32,121,165,173,0,2,240,5,169,1215 •250 DATA101,23,69,254,170,230,254,164,252,185,0,2,1704
■230 DATA79,141,2,3,76,162,164,169,0,133,2,133,1064 ■260 DATA 133,251.201,34,208,6,165,253,73,255,133,253,1965

•240 DATA251,133,252,133,254,24,101,20,69,254,230,254,197 -270 DATA201,32,208,4,165,253,240,8,138,24,101,251,1625

5 ■280 DATA69,254,170,44,198,254,230,252,164,251,208,213.23
■250 MTA24,101,21,69.254,170,230,254,164,252,185,0,1724 07
■260 UATA2,133,253,201,34,208,6,165,2,73,255,133,1465 •290 DATA138,41,240,74,74,74,74,24,105,65,141,a8,1138
•270 DATA2,201,32,208,4,165,2,240,8.138,24,101,1125 •300 DATA20,138,41,15,24,105,65,141,89,20,32,79,769
•280 DATA253,69,254,I7O,44,198,254,230.252,164,253,208,23 -310 DATA20,139,85,20,240,6,32,210,255,232,208,245,1742
49 •320 DATA174,47,20,172,48,20,24,32,240,255,173,93,1298
•290 DATA213,138,41,240,74,74,74,74,24,105,129,141,1327 ■330 DATA20,240,27,165,161,201,212,176,4,165,160,240,1771
■300 DATA44,193,138,41,15.24,105,129,141,45,193,162,1230 •340 DATA17,32,65,20,238,32,208,238,1,214,32,225,1322
■310 DATAO,189,43,193,240,12,157,0,4,173,134,2,1147 •350 DATA255,208,6,32,49,20,76,198,77,232,208,242,1603
■320 DATA 157,0,216,232,208,239,169,38.141,2,3,173,1578 •360 DATA20O,2O8,239,32,66.193,173,95,20,162,96,160,1644
■330 DATA48,193,240,23,165,161,201,212,176,4,16s,160,1748 •370 DATA20,32,189,255,169.0.170,32,104,255,169,0,1395
-340 DATA24O,13,238,32,208,160,0,32,225,255,208,6,1617 ■380 'UATA174,94,20,168,32,186,255,169.45,174,16,18,1351
•350 DATA32.33,193.76,38,192,232,208,242,200,208,239,1893 ■390 DATA172,17,18,32.216,255,162,1,189,96,20,168,1346
•360 DATA32,68,229,169,0,168,174,49,193,32,186.255.1555 •400 DATA200,152,201,58,144,2,169,48,157,96,20,201,1448
•370 DATA 173,50,193,162,51,160,193,32,189,255,169,43,1670 •410 DATA48,208.3,202,16,234,32,49,20,141,0,2,955
•380 DATA166,45,164,46,32,216,255,162,1,189,51,193,1520 •420 DATA76,183,77,58,59,32,65,20,206,32,208,206,1222
■390 DATA168,200,152,201,58,144,2,169.48,157,51,193,1543 ■430 DATA1,214,169,0,170,168,76,219,255,32,79,20,1403
■400 DATA201,48,208,3,202,16,234,32,33,193,76.116,1362 ■440 DATA169,26,141,0,214,173,0,214,16,251,96,162,1462
■410 DATA164,206,32.208,169,0,170,168,76,219.255,160,1827 ■450 DATAO,142,0,255,96.19,18,32,32,32,32,146.B04
■420 DATA1,1,160,0,0,65,72,79,89,33,0,0,5V) ■460 DATAO,1,0,0,65,72,79,89,33,0,0,0,339

94 AHOY!

Fiankspeed will allow you to enter machine language Ahoy! programs without any mistakes. Once you have typed the program
in. save it for future use. While entering an ML program with Fiankspeed there is no need to enter spaces or hit the carriage
return. This is all done automatically. If you make an error in a line a bell will ring and you will be asked to enter it again.
To LOAD in a program Saved with Fiankspeed use LOAD "name".!.! for tape, or LOAD "name'8.1 for disk. The function keys
may be used after the starting and ending addresses have been entered,
fl —SAVEs what you have entered so fiir.
f3-LOADs in a program worked on previously.
f5-To continue on a line you stopped on after LOADing in the previous saved work.
f7-Scans through the program to locate a particular line, or to find out where you stopped ihe last time you entered the program.
It temporarily freezes the output as well.

• 100 P0KE53280 ,12: P0KE53281,11 OP 5 IK

■115 PRINT"[RV50N][9" "]CRBATED BY G. F . whf,AT[9" "l" FA -400 PRINT"7F.RR0R IN SAVE":GOTO415 JK
-12*> FORA=54272T05429G:POKEA,0:!;EXT ND *415 POKE54276,17:POKE54276.16:RETURN BF
■130 P0KE54272,4:POKE54273.48:P0i;Ey.277,O:POKE54278,249:PO ■420 OPEN15,8,15:INPUT!!15,A,AS:CLnSE15:PRINTAS:RETlIRS Dll
■140 DATA169,251,166,253,164,254,32,216,255,96 FF -435 IFLEN(T$)04THENGOSUB3aO:GOT0430 JD
■US DATA169,O,166,251,164,252,32,213,255,96 EK -440 FORA=1T04:A$=MI.DS(T$,AT1):GOSIJI1450:IFT(A) = 16THENGOSUB
•155 GOSUB480:IFB-OTHEN150 OE -445 NEXT:B-(T(l)«4O96)+(TC2)«256)+(T(3)»16)+TC4)jHETURN KB
•160 POKE2'il,T(4)tT(3)*16:P0KE252,T(2>+T(l)*16 AM -450 IFA$>"e"ANDAS<"G"THENT(A)-ASC(Ai)-55:RETURN GM
■170 GOSUB470:IFB=0THEN150 PG -460 T(A)=16:RETURN IC
■175 P0KE254,T<2)+T(l)*16:B=T(4)*l+T(3)*16 GM -465 REM ADDRESS CHECK OL
■180 IFB>255THEJJB-B-255:POKE2.[54,PEFJ;(254)+1 HG -470 IFAD>ENTHEN385 HO
■190 BEM GET HEX LINK ED -490 IFB<256OR(R>40960ANDB<49152)ORB>53247THEN395 OB
■195 GOSUB495:PRINT": [c P](LEFT]":!FORA-7T08 KD -485 RETURN HE
•205 NKXTB I.I -495 AC=AD:A-'.096:G0SUB520 AP
•210 AS(A}-T(l)+T(0)*16:IFAD+A-l-KNTHEM34rj YS -500 A=256:GOSIIB520 NF
■215 PRINT" [c P)|1.EFT]"; EG -505 A-16:GOSUB520 LG
■220 t.TEXTA:T=AD~(INT(AD/256)*25&):PRINT" " II -510 A=1:GOSUB52O HE
■225 FORA=-OT07:T=.T+A%(A):IFT;>255T!iENT=T-255 GL -515 RETURN JD
■230 NEXT
•235 IFA%<8)OTTHENG0SUB375:C0T0195 Fl. -525 AJ=CHR$(T+48) II
•250 GETA$:IFA$-""TIIEN250 GA -540 OPENl,T,l,AS:SyS680:CL0SEl AB
-260 IFAS=CHRS(133)THEN535 LM -550 GOSUB400:lFT-8TliENG0SUB420 PM
■265 IFA$=CHRS(134)THEN560 TG -555 GOTO535 Fl
-270 IFAS=CHRS(n5)THENPRIST ":GOTO620 [10 -560 AS="*"LOAD**":G0SIiB585 PE
•280 IFA$>"S>"ANDAS<"G"TIIKNT(B)=ASC(A$)-55:GOTO295 MI -570 IFST=64THEN195 01
•290 GOSUB41r>:GOT()250 JA -580 G0T0560 GN
■305 IFA>OTm-N32O BI -595 IFAS=""THEN5yo HK
-315 GOTO220
FA -605 GETBS:T".l:IFBS="D"THENT-8:A$="@0:"+A$:RETURN NP
■325 A=A-1 FK -615 RETURN PH
■3.35 REM LAST LINE CP -625 G0SUB475:tFU-0TflEN62O NK
■340 PKINT" ll:T-AI)-(INT(AD/256)*2'i6) KH -630 PRINT:GOTO195 HN
•350 NEXT OB -640 GOSUB475:IFB-0THEN'635 LN

AHOY! 95
IMPORTANT! Lelle;Eon white background are Bug Repellent line i . des Do not enter them! Pages 93 and 94 explain these codes
11*11 Ullirill I . andprovideotheressentialinformationonentering4/ioy/prQgrams.Re(erto!hesepagesbeforeenteringanyprograms!

■10 REM ******************************* BC VSPRL,H,V:MOVSPRL,Z;D:SOUNDP,M*F,A,,,,.:
■70 REM * THE PDP-1000 IN THE 1960'S * EO 00:ELSEIFFNJ(.)THEN120 NN
•80 REM ******************************* BE
8T011:C0L0R.,X:F0RB=.T0Z:NEXTB,X,J OB •350 GRAPHIC.:PRINTCHR$(19):SYS6552Of.,16
• 130 G0SUB350:GOSUB370:COLOR.,1:G0T0380 AF ,.:PRINTCHR$(27)M@":FORX=1T08:SPRITEX,.:
■140 DIMD(4):M=360:D(2)=80:D(3)=100:D(4)= NEXT:RETURN CC
120:H=165:V=125:J=.:B=.:R=8:I=53248+21:F •360 PRINTTAB(8)"[BLUE]Y0U HAVE SAVED THE
=5:E=1:G=15:U=G:A=7:C=16:W=17:L=1:P=2:N= PLANET!"rSOUNDN,30000,H,P,300,3000,P:RE
3:Q=4:Z=42 MK TURN KP
•150 DIMBO(7),A$(14):FORX=.TO7:BO(X)=2[UP •370 COLOR.,1:X=(RND(1)*50000)+10000:PRIN
• 160 COLOR.,1:C0L0R4,1:COLOR1,7:C0L0R2,7: KILLS ";:PRINTUSING"[5"#"]";X;:PRINTTI P
-180 PRINT"[CLEAR]tlTAB(ll)"[811[D0WN]ir][BL L0R4,14:PRINT"[CLEAR][c 6]":END LL
NEXT FD •410 D(2)=80:D(3)=100:D(4)=120:D=.:U=15:D
MING INTO VIEW!":F0RX=3584T04095:READJ:P •420 PRINT"[CLEAR][4"[D0WN]"H3" "][c 7][
OKEX,J:NEXT:FORX=1TO8:SPRSAVX,A$(6+X):NE RVS0N][s U][33"[s C]"][s I]" IL
XT HB •430 PRINT"[3" "][RVSON][s B][RVSOFF][33"
•200 FORX=.TO99:J={RND(1)*319)+1:B=(RND(1 "][RVSON][s B]" JP
)*199)+1:DRAW1,J,B:NEXT LH •440 PRINT"[3" "][RVSON][s B][RVSOFF] [B
•210 FORX=1TO4:MOVSPRX,165,125:MOVSPRX,D( LUE][RVSON][sEP][s M][3" "][c *][sEP][s
X);M:NEXT:MOVSPRL,Z;. AH M] [c I][c I][c *][sEP][s M] [c I][c I][
• 220 GOSUB420;J=7:FORX=1O6TO1O6+24*3STEP2 c *][sEP][s M] [c *][sEP][s M][4" "][c *
4:GSHAPEA$(J),X,65:J=J+1:NEXT JH ][RVSOFF] [c 7][RVS0N][s B]" MH
•230 FORX=106T0106+24#3STEP24:GSHAPEA$(J) •450 PRINT"[3" "][RVSON][s B][RVSOFF] [BL
,X,86:J=J+1:NEXT EB UE][RVSON][sEP] [s M][c *][RVSOFF][s N]
•240 FORX=1TO6:SPRSAVA$(X),X:NEXT:GRAPHIC [c *][RVSON][s M] [s M] [c @][c @][s L]
3,. JO [s M][3" "][s M] [s M] [s M][s N][c T][s
•250 SPRITE1,1,8,.,,,1:SPRITE2,1,1O,1,.:S M] [c *][RVSOFF][s N] [c 7][RVSON][s B
PRITE3,1,3,1,.:SPRITE*,1,13,1:SPRITE5,., ]» ME
2 :J=BUMP(L):J=BUMP(L):J=BUMP(L):B= •460 PRINT"[3" "][RVSON][s B][RVSOFF] [BL
BUMP(P):B=BUMP(P):SPRC0L0R2,3 JJ UE][c *][RVS0N][3" "][s M][c *][RVSOFF]

96 AHOY!
[c *][RVSON][s M] [s M)[e M][s N][s M][s ■800 DATA185,128,3,86,128,,197,. AN
M] [s H][c *][RVSOFF][s N][c *][RVSON][ •810 DATAO,108,,,,,,. MB
s M] [s M] [s M][s N] [s M] [c *][RVSOFF •820 DATAO,,,,,,,. DC
] [c 7][RVS0N][s B]" DF •830 DATAO,,,,,,,. EM
•470 PRINT"[3" "][RVS0N][s B][RVS0FF] [B •840 DATAO,,,,,,,. GO
LUE][c *][RVS0N][3" "][a M][3" "][s M] [ •850 DATAO,,,48,,,204,. ID
s M][s M] [s M][s M] [s M][3" "][s M] [s •860 DATAO,182,,1,78,,1,57 DG
M][c @][s M] [s M] [c *][RVS0FF] [c 7] •870 DATAO,1,70,,,220,,. JJ
[RVS0N][s B}" MH ■880 DATA48,,,,,,,. ND
•480 PRINT"[3" "][RVSON][s B][RVSOFF][3" •890 DATAO,,,,,,,. JA
"][BLUE][c *][RVSON] [s N][3"[c T]"][s •900 DATAO,,,,,,,. IC
N] [s N][s N] [s N][s N] [s N][3"[c T]"] •910 DATAO,,,,,,,. JM
[s N] [s N] [RVSOFF][sEP][c *][RVSON] [s •920 DATAO ,. LO
N][c Y][RVSOFF][sEP] [c 7][RVS0N][s B]" MG •930 DATAO,,,,,,,. MI
•490 PRINT"[3" "][RVSON][s B][RVSOFF][4" •940 DATAO,,,,48,,,48 HE
"][BLUE][c *][RVSON][s N][3" "][RVSOFF][ •950 DATAO,,,,,,,. LE
sEP][c *][RVSON][s N][RVSOFF][sEP][c *][ •960 DATAO,,,,,,,. PG
RVSON][s N][RVSOFF][sEP][c *][RVSON][s N •970 DATAO,,,,,,,. OA
][3" "][RVSOFF][sEP][c *][RVSON][s N] [R •980 DATAO,,,,,,,. NC
VSOFF][sEP] [c *][RVSON] [RVSOFF][sEP] •990 DATA32,,2,16,8,,,. NB
[c 7][RVSON][s •1000 DATA8,4,8,,,,32,1 01
B]" KH •1010 DATA8,,64,,128,16,72,. PM
■500 PRINT"[3" "][RVSON][s B][RVS0FF][33" •1020 DATA4,58,,1,85,82,,239 CI
"][RVSON][s B]" PB ■1030 DATAO,85,85,128,,108,32,. HM
•510 PRINT"[3" "][RVSON][c Q][9"[s C]"] F •1040 DATA18.8,1,5,2,,64,128 MA
OR THE C128 [10"[s C]"][c W]" JB ■1050 DATA4,4,64,,128,32,16,4 PF
•520 PRINT"[3" "][RVSON][s B][c 8] 1987 •1060 DATA16.1,,8,64,4,,. HC
•530 PRINT"[3" "][RVSON][c Q][33"[s C]"][ •1080 DATAO,,,,,,,. EL
c W]" ME •1090 DATAO,, £F
•540 PRINT(1[3" "][RVSON][s B][c 8]J0YSTIC •1100 DATAO,1,,,5,,,25 OE
K IN PORT 2:FIRE TO BEGIN![c 7][s B]" JO •1110 DATAO,,117,,,122,,1 HN
■550 PRINT"[3" "][RVSON][s J][33"[s C]"][ •1120 DATA255,,1,255,,3,255,. OE
s K]" HD • 1130 DATA7,255,,7,251,,31,230 CK
■560 S0UND1,9000,10,2,300,3000,. MA ■1140 DATAO,30,245,,29,245,,31 MN
■570 IFJ0Y(2)<128THEN560:ELSERETURN EP •1150 DATA229,,31,237,,31,217,. OM
■580 REM SPRITE DATA MP -1160 DATAO,1,255,,62,93,3,85 DN
•590 DATAO,,,,,,,, IH
-1170 DATA119,61,85,107,213,86,183,85 JA
•600 DATAO,,,,,,,. HB
■1180 DATA86,253,85,90,221,85,87,235 KP
•610 DATAO,,,,,,,. GD
•1190 DATA85,87,117,101,253,94,159,255 NA
•620 DATAO,,,,16,,,16 CF • 1200 DATA253,223,254,253,247,255,249,119 HD
•630 DATAO,,,,,,,. JP
•1210 DATA95,189,86,95,254,89,87,255 ID
•640 DATAO,,,,,,,. KJ ■1220 DATA85,87,253,85,87,254,85,87 OE
•650 DATAO,,,,,,,. JL • 1230 DATA253,85,85,255,85,85,255,. JH
•660 DATAO,,, JF
•1240 DATA255,128,,231,124,,215,151 GA
■670 DATAO,,,,,,,42 AO •1250 DATA192,159,229,252,127,213,215,159 EE
•680 DATAO,1,191,,2,85,96,13 NK •1260 DATA229,85,215,229,85,167,229,85 GD
•690 DATA62,160,10,237,240,22,188,40 PH •1270 DATA247,213,85,215,214,85,87,151 CP
•700 DATA57,26,88,21,213,244,46,161 MB •1280 DATA85,149,85,87,101,85,87,117 KN
•710 DATA88,26,59,148,49,102,216,14 HB •1290 DATA85,94,249,85,85,253,85,215 CL
•720 DATA185,144,27,86,56,6,196,80 IK •1300 DATA245,85,95,245,85,127,229,85 KP
•730 DATA1,109,160,1,178,128,,12 PF •1310 DATA126,229,85,230,213,85,223,. CN
•740 DATAO,,,,,,,. OF •1320 DATAO,,,,,,,. EA
•750 DATAO,,,,,,,. CH •1330 DATAO,,,,,,,192 JB
•760 DATAO,,,,,213,,1 JA •1340 DATAO,,96,,,120,,. GL
•770 DATA62,128,6,237,192,14,188,32 LL ■1350 DATAirjO.,,86,,,159,. JG
-780 DATA9,26,96,5,213,224,14,161 00 ■1360 DATAO.127,128,,255,192,,255 JI
•790 DATA96,10,59,160,9,102,192,6 NB •1370 DATA224,,255,224.,255,240,. GJ
IMPflRTAMTI Lc"c'-''"' while background are Bug Repellent line codes Do not entei them! P.iges 93 and 94 explain these codes
IITII UlliniV I ■ and provide other essential information on entering Ahoy.'programs. Refer to these pages before entering any programs!

•1380 DATA255,240,,191,240,,223,248 F0 -70 DIM MV(NC,1),MS(NC,4) :REM MOVES AND

•1390 DATAO,255,248,,191,248,,. CN MAZE STRUCTURE CK
•1400 DATAO,31,213,,31,213,,30 FB •80 DIM X(NC),Y(NC) :REM SCREEN
•1410 DATA85,,29,85,,31,85,. KN POSITIONS OK
•1420 DATA14,153,,5,174,,7,213 IA •90 GOSUB 1320 :REM GET MAZE STRUCTURE FJ
•1430 DATAO,2,86,,1,223,,. B0 •100 GOSUB 1500 :REM GET SCREEN POSITIONS GO
■1440 DATA159,,,127,,,37,. EF •110 GOSUB 1700 :REM DRAW SCREEN EO
•1450 DATA0,25,,,5,,,3 EF •120 DLY=100 :REM MOVE DELAY FP
•1460 DATAO,,,,,,,. LE •130 FOR N=l TO NC : IF MS(N,0)=3 THEN C=
■1470 DATAO,,,,,,,. PG N : N=NC JK
•1480 DATA85,85,125,85,85,121,85,149 0G ■140 NEXT N :REM FIND STARTING CELL AL
•1490 DATA89,85,85,86,85,85,85,85 HG •150 IF 0-0 THEN PRINT"NO STARTING CELL"
• 1500 DATA85,85,85,85,85,85,85,85 AF : END BJ
•1510 DATA85,85,85,85,85,85,149,85 GH •160 REM ======.=.====.====.=.==== MAIN LOOP = LF
•1520 DATA85,213,85,85,213,85,85,85 MG -170 GOSUB 300 :REM PICK MOVE PJ
■1530 DATA85,85,89,85,85,85,85,85 BD -180 GOSUB 400 I :REM CHECK MOVE GA
■1540 DATA213,85,85,61,85,85,3,213 EB ■190 GOSUB 900 •' :REM UPDATE SCREEN FC
•1550 DATA85,,62,85,,1,255,. EB ■200 IF NOT XIT AND NOT NOSOLN THEN 170 IN
■1560 DATAH9,85,91,85,85,253,85,85 HI •210 CHAR ,0,21 :REM POSITION CURSOR HJ
■1570 DATA254,85,87,255,85,87,255,249 CE •220 IF NOSOLN THEN PRINT"NO SOLUTION" :
■1580 DATA85,255,254,85,127,255,213,95 LE END HB
■1590 DATA255,149,95,127,149,95,127,85 00 •230 GOSUB 3010 :REM RETRACE SOLUTION NB
•1600 DATA86,126,85,85,126,85,85,125 EK •240 CHAR ,0,21 LJ
•1610 DATA85,85,121,85,85,117,85,85 GG •250 END HK
•1620 DATA117,85,87,85,85,124,85,87 LL •260 REM ======,=================«====== FC
•1630 DATA192,85,124,,255,128,,. FJ •300 REM - PICK MOVE - EJ
■1640 DATA215,224,,231,208,,85,144 DF -310 GDMOVE=TRUE :REM ASSUME GOOD HE
■1650 DATAO,213,208,,149,80,,085 LD •320 MV(C,0)=M\l(C,0)+l :REM INCREMENT
■1670 DATA85,64,,85,128,,085,. AF •330 DIR=MV(C,O) :REM CURRENT DIRECTION MK
■1680 DATAO,86,,,84,,,88 LI •340 RETURN OD
•1690 DATAO,,96,,,192,,. PL -350 REM OM
•1700 DATAO,,,,,,,. MB ■400 REM CHECK MOVE -DP
•420 IF DIR>4 THEN GOSUB 800 : GOTO 490 :
•10 REM OC •480 ON CS+1 GQSUB 600,500,600,600,700 FG
-14 REM C-128 / C-64 MC •520 MV(NXTCELL,1)=C :REM SET BACK LINK DF
•20 REM =.==.==.=.========== INITIALIZATION = BL ■600 REM INVALID MOVE - DJ
•30 PRINT CHR$(147) GA ■610 GDMOVE=FA1,SE DK

98 AHOY!
•730 C=NXTCELL AL .01) FM
•740 XIT=TRUE MM •1350 MS(N,1)=N-SQ : IF N<SQ+1 THEN MS(N,
-750 RETURN HO l)«0 CG
-800 REM BACKUP - BJ -1360 MS(N,2)=N+1 : IF M0D%=0 THEN MS(N,2
•830 MV(C,0)=0 :REM RESTORE FWD LINK NE ,3)=0 BL
•840 MS(C,O)=1 :REM SET STATUS TO •1380 MS(N,4)=N-1 : IF MOD%=1 THEN MS(N,4
•880 IF MS(C,0)=3 THEN RESTART=TRUE : IF •1510 ROW=1 MG
•910 C$="0" DB •1550 Y(N)=ROW LP
■920 IF NOT GDMOVE THEN GOTO 1060 GN •1560 X(N)=COL : C0L=C0L+3 EO
■930 IF XIT THEN C$="E" : GOTO 1000 CG •1570 NEXT N PA
•940 IF NOT BKUP THEN GOTO 1000 AE •1580 R0W=R0W+2 : COL=1 LO
•970 CHAR ,X(CO),Y(CO)," » PA •1700 REM DRAW SCREEN - NN
-980 CHAR ,X(CO),Y(CO),"*" BE •1710 PRINT CHR$(147) PO
•1000 FOR N=l TO 2 GB •1730 C$='\" : IF MS(N,O)=1 THEN C$="*" PJ
■1010 CHAR ,X(C),Y(C)," " LN •1740 IF MS(N,0)=3 THEN C$="S" DC
•1020 FOR P=l TO DLY : NEXT OK •1750 IF MS(N,0)=4 THEN C$="E" BN
•1030 CHAR ,X(C),Y(C),C$ IG •1760 CHAR ,X(N),Y(N),C$ LA
•1040 FOR P=l TO DLY : NEXT BD •1770 NEXT HC
•1050 NEXT N PG •1780 RETURN n
•1060 RETURN :REM TO MAIN DP •2000 REM ============================= EP
•1070 REM =========================== GH •2010 REM »> NOTES FOR C-64 USERS: KA
•1110 REM OL •2030 REM STATEMENTS IN LINES 210, 240, HF
-1120 REM MS(C,N): C=CELL #, N=0-4 NC •2040 REM 970, 980, 1010, 1030, S 1760 DI
•1140 REM 0=N0 ACCESS, 1=AVAILABLE,2=USEDIA •2110 REM 210 A=0:B=21:CH$="":G0SUB 2200 PC
•1150 REM 3=START, 4=END FF •2120 REM 240 A=0:B=21:CH$="":G0SUB 2200 LL
•1160 REM N=l-4: CELL #'S IN DIRECTIONS FK ■2130 REM 970 A=X(CO):B=Y(CO):CH$=" ":G0
■1170 REM 1-4 FROM CELL C; LB SUB 2200 AJ
•1180 REM 1=UP, 2=RT, 3=DOWN, 4=LEFT EE •2140 REM 980 A=X(CO):B=Y(CO):CH$="*":GO
•1190 REM CP SUB 2200 GG
•1200 REM MS(C,O) CELL STATUS DATA NP •2150 REM 1010 A=X(C):B=Y(C):CH$=" ": GOS
•1210 DATA 1,0,0,0,1,1,1,1,1,1 NJ UB 2200 OK
•1220 DATA 1,1,1,1,0,0,1,0,1,0 KI •2160 REM 1030 A=X(C):B=Y(C):CH$=C$ : GOS
•1230 DATA 1,0,0,1,1,0,1,0,1,0 HH UB 2200 ' EF
•1240 DATA 1,0,0,0,1,0,1,0,1,0 CG •2170 REM 1760 A=X(N):B=Y(N):CH$=C$ : GOS
•1250 DATA 0,1,1,1,1,0,1,0,1,0 EC UB 2200 fd
•1260 DATA 1,1,0,0,1,0,1,0,1,0 KJ •2180 REM —-■■■ ■■———,. , KE
•1270 DATA 1,0,0,0,0,0,1,0,1,1 NO •2190 REM C-64 ONLY »»»» FJ
•1280 DATA 1,0,0,0,0,0,1,0,0,1 EG •2200 POKE 214,B-l : PRINT AH
•1290 DATA 3,1,1,1,1,1,1,0,1,1 LG •2210 POKE 211,A : PRINT CH$ : RETURN GO
•1300 DATA 1,0,0,0,0,4,0,1,1,0 LG •2220 REM ============================= EM
•1320 FOR N=l TO NC : READ MS(N,O) : NEXT AK ■3010 C$="-" FL
AHOY! 99
JUiU C=MV(C ,1) • IF MS (C,C■K>3 THEN GOSUB C148: 00 A9 EO 9D 08 06 9D A8 C4
1000 : GOTO 3020 FH C150: 06 9D 48 07 A9 OB 80 16
3030 C$="+" GN C158: DA 9D 20
DB 9D 48 DB A9 38
3040 C=MS(C ,HV(C,O>) :IF MS(C ,0) <>4 THEN C160: 07 9D EO D9 E8 BO AO DO FA
GOSUB 1000 : i 30T0 3040 FG C168: EO A9 64 8D 11 08 A9 88 30
3050 RETURN ID C170: 8D F8 07 A9 B4 8D 21 08 13
C178: A2 00 A9 30 9D EB 06 E8 6D
C180: EO 06 DO F8 A2 16 AO CF 5A
DESEDnr FRONT C188: 86 61 84 62 20 3D C9 A2 21
C190: 00 AO 00 A9 20 9D 01 07 AO
FROM PAGE 18 C198: 9D 08 07 A9 48 9D OD 07 E8
Starting address i n hei U COOO C1A0: A9 02 9D 01 DB 9D 08 DB 48
Ending address in hex: CF38 C1A8: 9D OD DB A9 41 99 79 07 34
SYS to start: 49152 C1B0: 99 80 07 C8 E8 CO 02 DO 17
Flankspeed required (or entryl See page 95. C1B8: DA AO 00 EO 79 BO 08 8A Dl
C1C0: 18 69 26 AA 4C 93 Cl A9 5E
C1C8: OB 8D 20 DO A9 OE 8D 21 B8
COOO: A9 30 85 38 AD OE DC 29 59 C1D0-. DO A9 9E 20 D2 FF A9 01 87
C008: FE 8D OE DC A5 01 29 FB 4B C1D8: 8D 15 DO A9 AO 8D 00 DO F4
C010: 85 01 A9 FF 85 61 A9 07 D7 C1E0: A9 78 8D 00 08 A9 7F 8D 4F
C018: 85 62 A5 62 18 69 DO A4 FE C1E8: 01 08 A9 64 8D 07 DO A9 OF
C020: 61 84 63 85 64 AO 00 Bl A5 C1F0: 88 8D 12 08 8D 01 DO A9 2A
C028: 63 8D 00 08 A5 62 18 69 AA C1F8: 07 8D 17 DO 8D ID DO A9 9A
C030: 30 A4 61 84 63 85 64 AO D8 C200: 00 8D 29 DO 8D 28 DO 8D 9B
C038: 00 AD 00 08 91 63 A6 62 EB C208: FB 07 8D 23 08 A9 OF 8D OA
C040: A4 61 C6 61 CO 00 DO D2 D2 C210; 2A DO 20 7D C4 A9 OC 8D BO
C048: C6 62 8A DO CD A5 01 09 4A C218: IB DO 8D 27 DO 8D 02 08 21
C050: 04 85 01 AD OE DC 09 01 7D C220: 20 8F C4 EE 05 08 AD 05 43
C058: 8D OE DC 20 E4 C8 AO 00 3F C228: 08 C9 96 DO 52 A9 00 8D EA
CO 60: 8C 03 08 8C 04 08 AE 04 43 C230: 05 08 EE 06 08 AD 06 08 F5
C068: 08 BD 75 C9 FO IF EE 04 70 C238: C9 02 DO 43 A9 00 8D 06 55
CO 70: 08 AO 00 AE 04 08 BD 75 07 C240: 08 20 C3 C3 EE 20 08 AD B4
C078: C9 AE 03 08 9D 48 32 EE 03 C248: 20 08 C9 32 DO OA A9 00 FO
C080: 03 08 EE 04 08 CO 07 FO 3F C2 50: 8D 20 08 A2 02 20 29 C8 BC
C088: DD C8 4C 73 CO AD 18 DO 46 C258: 20 E4 FF C9 20 DO 07 20 3F
CO 90: 29 FO 09 OC 8D 18 DO A2 D8 C260: E4 FF C9 20 DO F9 EE 1A 03
C098: 00 AO 20 86 61 84 62 AO C8 C268: 08 AD 1A 08 C9 02 DO OF EB
COAO: 00 B9 BE CA 91 61 C8 CO 60 C270: A9 00 8D 1A 08 AE FB 07 7B
C0A8: 00 DO F6 E6 62 B9 BE CB FD C278: EO 89 FO 03 20 B2 C7 EE 60
COBO: 91 61 C8 CO 00 DO F6 E6 DB C280: OB 08 AD OB 08 CD 21 08 4B
C0B8: 62 CO 80 FO 09 B9 BE CC 9B C288: DO OF A9 00 8D OB 08 AD 60
COCO: 91 61 C8 4C B9 CO A2 00 E5 C290: FB 07 C9 89 FO 03 20 36 31
C0C8: AO 80 84 61 8E 03 08 8E F7 C298: C6 EE 18 08 AD 18 08 CD OA
CO DO: 04 08 8E 00 08 EE 03 08 6D C2A0: 19 08 FO 03 4C 23 C2 A9 91
CODS: AD 03 08 C9 09 FO
3B C9 5A C2A8: 00 8D 18 08 AD 16 08 CD EF
COEO; 05 DO 02 E6 62 A2
00 EO 85 C2B0: 14 08 BO 3A EE 16 08 EE B3
C0E8: 33 FO OE AC 00 A9
08 00 79 C2B8: 17 08 AD IE DO CE 03 DO 17
COFO: 91 61 EE 00 08 E8 4C E7 F7 C2C0: AC F9 07 AD IE DO 29 06 3A
C0F8: CO A2 00 AO 00 CO OD FO BB C2C8: C9 06 DO 07 CO 8F 90 03 54
C100: D4 AE 04 08 BD 3D CD 84 DC C2D0: 4C 23 C3 AE 17 08 AD 16 95
C108: 63 AC 00 08 91 61 EE 00 02 C2D8: 08 EC 13 08 DO OA A9 00 6D
C110: 08 A4 63 C8 EE 04 08 4C 30 C2E0: 8D 17 08 CO 90 FO 01 C8 99
C118: FD CO 20 44 E5 A9 00 8D 58 C2E8: 8C F9 07 4C 20 C3 CE 03 78
C120: 20 DO 8D 21 DO A2 A5 AO 79 C2F0: DO AD IE DO 29 OA C9 OA 65
C128: CD 86 61 84 62 20 3D C9 EB C2F8: FO 29 AD 16 08 CD 14 08 C8
C130: A2 34 AO CE 86 61 84 62 45 C300: DO 08 A9 00 8D 17 08 EE IE
C138: 20 3D C9 AD 00 DC 29 10 23 C308: 15 08 EE 16 08 EE 17 08 40
C140: C9 10 FO F7 20 44 E5 A2 EF C310: AD 17 08 CD 15 08 90 08 60

100 AHOYl
C318: AD 15 DO 29 FD 8D 15 DO 46 C4E8: AD 15 DO 29 F7 8D 15 DO 11
C320: 4C 23 C2 AD FB 07 C9 89 56 C4F0: AD 10 08 18 69 29 8D 12 01
C328: DO 03 4C 23 C2 A9 89 8D EE C4F8: 08 4C 43 C5 AD 10 08 CD E9
C330: FB 07 AD 15 DO 29 F9 8D 77 C500: 12 08 DO ID AD 15 DO 09 A4
C338: 15 DO A9 00 8D 12 08 8D FC C508: 08 8D 15 DO A9 82 8D FB 39
C340: OF 08 8D OB D4 8D OC D4 33 C510: 07 A9 OA 8D 06 DO AD 10 EC
C348: 8D 18 D4 A2 OF 8E 18 D4 EF C518: DO 29 F7 8D 10 DO 4C 43 08
C350: A9 81 8D OB D4 A9 4D 8D 6D C520: C5 18 69 28 CD 12 08 DO 48
C358: OC D4 8E 08 D4 A9 FA 8D D6 C528: 1A AD 15 DO 09 08 8D 15 89
C36O: 07 D4 EE 1C 08 AD 1C 08 21 C530: DO A9 81 8D FB 07 AD 10 7A
C368: DO F8 EE OF 08 AD OF 08 FC C538: DO 09 08 8D 10
DO A9 4A 7C
C370: C9 OF DO EE A9 00 8D OF 4F C540: 8D 06 DO AD 22 08 C9 01 47
C378: 08 AD 07 DO C9 96 BO OB 22 C548: DO 08 A9 89 8D FB 07 CE B3
C380: EE 07 DO E8 EO 14 FO 03 19 C550: 22 08 60 A9 08 8D 04 08 26
C388: 4C 62 C3 AD 15 DO 29 F7 AF C558: AD 06 DO 20 70 C5 8C 06 C5
C390: 8D 15 DO EE 22 08 AD 22 EC C560: DO A9 04 8D 04 08 AD 04 2A
C398: 08 DO F8 A2 03 20 CB C8 C4 C568: DO 20 70 C5 8C 04 DO 60 51
C3A0: AD 21 08 38 E9 05 8D 21 4D C570: 18 69 06 A8 90 09 AD 10 F7
C3A8: 08 A2 01 8E 23 08 20 D2 01 C578: DO OD 04 08 8D 10 DO 60 31
C3B0: C7 E8 20 29 C8 A2 00 20 36 C580: A9 08 8D 04 08 A9 F7 8D FA
C3B8: D2 C7 8E 23 08 4C 84 Cl 9F C588: IB 08 AD 06 DO 20 A7 C5 BD
G3C0: 4C 23 C2 AD 15 DO 29 04 B3 C590: 8C 06 DO A9 04 8D 04 08 3B
C3C8: FO 03 20 87 C8 AD 15 DO CO C598: A9 FB 8D IB 08 AD 04 DO 71
C3D0: 29 02 DO 21 AD 00 DC 29 Al C5A0: 20 A7 C5 8C 04 DO 60 38 28
C3D8: 10 DO 06 20 DO C5 4C F5 B8 C5A8: E9 06 A8 BO 11 AD 10 DO 91
C3E0: C3 EE OA 08 AD OA 08 C9 2F C5B0: 2D 04 08 FO OA AD 10 DO 73
C3E8: 19 DO OA A9 00 8D OA 08 26 C5B8: 2D IB 08 8D 10 DO 60 AD 85
C3F0: A2 00 20 29 C8 AD 00 DC 30 C5C0: 15 DO 2D IB 08 8D 15 DO 6A
C3F8: 29 OF C9 OB DO 06 20 61 5E C5C8: AE 10 08 CA 8E 12 08 60 63
C400: C4 4C 57 C4 C9 07 DO 06 D4 C5D0: A9 AO 8D 02 DO A9 87 8D 3A
C408; 20 68 C4 4C 57 C4 C9 OE 95 C5D8: 03 DO A9 8A 8D F9 07 AD ID
C410: DO 06 20 76 C4 4C 57 C4 AA C5E0: 15 DO 09 02 8D 15 DO A9 EE
C418: C9 OD DO 06 20 6F C4 4C 66 C5E8: 80 38 ED 11 08 8D 15 08 53
C420: 57 C4 C9 09 DO
09 20 61 6A C5F0: 4A 4A 4A 8D 13 08 OA OA 8C
C428: C4 20 6F C4 4C 57 C4 C9 73 C5F8: OA 8D 14 08 AD 15 08 38 AF
C430: 05 DO 09 20 68 C4 20 6F EB C600: ED 14 08 8D 15 08 A9 00 5E
C438: C4 4C 57 C4
C9 OA DO 09 13 C608: 8D 16 08 8D 17 08 8D 18 06
C440: 20 61 C4 20 76 C4 4C 57 85 C610: D4 8D 05 D4 8D 04 D4 A2 55
C448: C4 C9 06 DO 09 20 68 C4 04 C618: 00 20 D2 C7 A9 OD 8D 18 2F
C450: 20 76 C4 4C 57 C4 60 20 94 C620: D4 A9 81 8D 04 D4 A9 1A 4A
C458: C7 C4 20 8F C4 20 7D C4 BB C628: 8D 05 D4 A9 27 8D 01 D4 C3
C460: 60 CE 10 08 20 53 C5 60 41 C630: A9 FA 8D 00 D4 60 AD FB 41
C468: EE 10 08 20 80 C5 60 CE 05 C638: 07 C9 80 FO 4A C9 82 FO 02
C470: 11 08 CE 11 08 60 EE 11 Dl C64O: 33 CE 06 DO AD 06 DO C9 67
C478: 08 EE 11 08 60 AE 10 08 AF C648: FF DO 08 AD 10 DO 29 F7 DO
C480: AO 00 BD BE C9 99 EO 05 E6 C650; 8D 10 DO AD 06 DO C9 OA 17
C488: E8 C8 CO 28 DO
F4 60 AD F6 C658: BO 3D AD 10 DO 29 08 DO D6
C490: 11 08 A2 83 AO
28 38 E9 BA C660: 36 AC 10 08 88 88 8C 12 OB
C498: 06 C9 10 90 OE E8 48 98 EO C668: 08 AD 15 DO 29 F7 8D 15 C7
C4A0: 18 69 14 A8 68 38 E9 10 79 C670: DO 4C 97 C6 EE 06 DO AD 5F
C4A8: 4C 99 C4 8E F8 07 8C 19 87 C678: 06 DO DO IB AD 10 DO 09 D2
C4B0: 08 AE 11 08 EO 07 BO 06 IF C680: 08 8D 10 DO 4C 97 C6 EE 90
C4B8: E8 E8 8E 11 08 60 EO 63 D6 C688: OC 08 AD OC 08 C9 IE DO 17
C4C0: 90 F8 CA CA 4C BA C4 AD 59 C690: 06 AD OD 08 8D FB 07 EE D8
C4C8: FB 07 C9 89 DO 05 A9 01 9F C698: OE 08 AD OE 08 C9 8C 90 59
C4D0: 8D 22 08 AD 15 DO 29 08 4D C6A0: 05 A9 00 8D OE 08 AD 10 BO
C4D8: FO 22 AD 06 DO C9 4B 90 16 C6A8: DO 29 08 DO 4F AD 06 DO 4F
C4E0: 62 AD 10 DO 29 08 FO 5B 4F C6B0: C9 82 90 68 C9 BE BO 44 73
C6B8: EE OE 08 AD OE 08 C9 6E B9 C888: FA 07 C9 8A FO 13 EE 09 DA
C6C0: DO 77 A9 00 8D OE 08 AD 04 C890: 08 CE FA 07 AD 09 08 C9 Fl
C6C8: FB 07 C9 82 FO 19 C9 81 6D C898: 05 DO 05 A9 00 8D 09 08 BB
C6D0: DO 67 A9 82 8D OD 08 A9 81 C8A0: 60 A2 01 20 D2 C7 AD 15 22
C6D8: OO 8D OC 08 A9 80 8D FB 2E C8A8: DO 29 FB 8D 15 DO A9 00 BB
C6E0: 07 20 7A C7 4C 39 C7 A9 41 C8B0: 8D 12 D4 A2 OF 8E 18 D4 52
C6E8: 00 8D OC 08 A9 81 8D OD 50 C8B8: A9 81 8D 12 D4 A9 39 8D C8
C6F0: 08 A9 80 8D FB 07 20 7A 4E C8C0: 13 D4 8E OF D4 A9 FA 8D 4D
C6F8: C7 4C 39 C7 AD FB 07 C9 88 C8C8: OE D4 60 BD EB 06 C9 39 BE
C700: 82 DO 36 AD OE 08 C9 87 9E C8D0: FO 04 FE EB 06 60 EO 00 F7
C708: DO 2F A9 80 8D FB 07 A9 6C C8D8: DO 01 60 A9 30 9D EB 06 74
C710: 81 8D OD 08 A9 00 8D OC 77 C8E0: CA 4C CB C8 A2 00 AO 00 CF
C718: 08 4C 39 C7 AD FB 07 C9 E7 C8E8: A9 07 8D 00 08 98 EC 00 B4
C720: 81 DO 16 AD OE 08 C9 87 9D C8F0: 08 FO 08 99 08 32 C8 E8 77
C728: DO OF A9 80 8D FB 07 A9 6C C8F8: 4C EE C8 EO 08 DO 09 A2 62
C730: 82 8D OD 08 A9 00 8D OC 98 C900: 00 8A CE 00 08 4C EE C8 65
C738: 08 AD 15 DO 29 08 DO 36 OC C908: E8 A9 FF 99 08 32 C8 CO F7
C740: EE 07 08 AD 07 08 C9 08 cc C910: 40 90 E8 60 A2 67 AO C9 9E
C748: DO 2C A9 00 8D 07 08 AD 39 C918: 86 61 84 62 20 3D C9 AD BB
C750: 12 08 CD 10 08 BO OE AD BC C920: 00 DC 29 10 C9 10 FO F7 F8
C758: 10 08 38 ED 12 08 C9 7A F4 C928: A9 00 8D 15 DO 60 A9 00 4F
C76O: BO OB 4C 73 C7 38 ED 10 D9 C930: AA A8 E8 EO 00 DO FB C8 E2
C768: 08 C9 7A BO 06 CE 12 08 54 C938: CO OF DO F6 60 A9 00 85 5F
C7 7O: AC 76 C7 EE 12 08 20 C7 EB C940: 63 A4 63 Bl 61 C8 AA EO 13
C778: C4 60 AD 15 DO 29 08 DO 33 C948: 19 FO IB Bl 61 E6 63 E6 Bl
C780: 01 60 AD 15 DO 29 04 FO 93 C950: 63 A8 18 20 FO FF A4 63 8D
C788: 01 60 AD 10 DO 29 FB 8D 2B C958: Bl 61 E6 63 C9 OD FO El 5F
C790: 10 DO A9 91 8D FA 07 AD E9 C960: 20 D2 4C
FF 56 C9 60 08 28
C798: 06 DO 18 E9 OB 8D 04 DO DE C968: OF 01 47 41 4D 45 20 4F 03
C7A0: AD 07 DO 38 E9 IE 8D 05 F8 C970: 56 45 52 OD 19 49 00 00 CD
C7A8: DO AD 15 DO 09 04 8D 15 BC C978: 00 00 00 00 OF FF 4A 00 Dl
C7B0: DO 60 AD 07 DO AA 38 E9 34 C980: 00 00 00 OF FF FF FF 4B DA
C7B8: 25 CD 11 08 BO 08 C9 OF 56 C988: 00 00 OF FF FF FF FF FF 97
C7C0: 90 oc CA 4C CE C7 EO 86 72 C990: 4C OF FF FF FF FF FF FF EB
C7C8: BO 04 E8 4C CE C7 8E 07 DE C998: FF 4D FO FF FF FF FF FF D6
C7D0: DO 60 A9 01 AO 07 85 61 3B C9A0: FF FF 4E 00 00 FO FF FF DF

C7D8: 84 62 BC 00 08 Bl 61 C9 61 C9A8: FF FF FF 4F 00 00 00 00 F7
16 CO 14 90 31 98 3F C9B0: FO FF FF FF 50 00 00 00 Fl
C7E0: 48 DO
C7E8: 38 E9 28 9D 00 08 A8 A9 2B C9B8: 00 00 00 FO FF 00 64 42 50
C7F0: 41 91 61 C8 91 61 4C 03 30 C9C0: 79 62 F8 F7 F8 62 4B 4C 80
C7F8: C8 Bl 61 18 69 01 91 61 4A C9C8: 4D 4E 4F 50 20 20 49 4A D7

C800: C8 91 61 AD 23 08 FO OF 94 C9D0: 4F 42 79 62 F8 F7 E3 AO B3
C8 20 57 C9D8: E3 F7 F8 F7 F8 F7 E3 F7 72
C808: 8A 48 A2 05 20 CB
4C C7 60 62 C9E0: F8 62 79 42 64 20 49 4A 10
C810: 2E C9 68 AA D2
C818: AD 23 08 DO FA EO 02 FO 90 C9E8: 4B 4E 4F 4A 4B 4E 4F 50 55
4C 1A 4C C9F0: 20 64 42 79 62 F8 F7 E3 68
C820: F6 20 14 C9 68 68
C828: Cl A9 01 AO 07 85 61 84 A7 C9F8: F7 F8 F7 E3 AO E3 F7 F8 3B
C830: 62 BC 00 08 Bl 61 C9 41 75 CAOO: 62 79 42 64 20 49 4A 4B 81
C838: DO ID CO 64 BO 38 A9 20 FD CA08: 4C 4D 4E 4F 4A 4B 4E 4F 72
C840: 61 91 61 98 18 69 09 CA10: 42 79 62 F8 F7 E3 AO E3 87
91 C8
C848: 27 9D 00 08 A8 A9 48 91 41 CA18: F7 E3 AO E3 F7 F8 62 79 45
C850: 61 C8 91 61 4C 61 C8 Bl 95 CA20; 42 64 20 64 42 79 62 F8 62
C858; 61 38 E9 01 91 61 C8 91 2A CA28: F7 E3 AO E3 F7 F8 4B 4C 11
C860: 61 AD 23 08 FO OF 8A 48 6D CA30: 4D 4E 4F 50 64 64 64 42 DA
C868: A2 05 20 CB C8 20 2E C9 DC CA38: 64 64 42 79 62 F8 F7 E3 F3
C870: 68 AA 4C 29 C8 60 AD 23 F2 CA40: F7 F8 62 79 42 64 20 49 ID
C878: 08 DO FA EO 02 DO F6 20 17 CA48: 4A 4B 4E 4F 42 79 62 F8 92
C880: 14 C9 68 68 4C 1A Cl AD 05 CA50: F7 F8 62 62 79 42 64 49 6F

Iff* AHOY!
CA58: 42 4A 4B 4E 4F 50 20 20 5E CC28: IF 00 F8 IE 00 78 IE 00 F4
CA60: 64 42 79 62 F8 F7 E3 F7 AF CC30: 78 3E 00 7C 3C 00 3C 7C 58
CA68: F8 62 79 42 79 62 F8 62
B6 CC38: 00 3E 7C 00 3E 7C 00 00 AD
CA70: 79 42 64 20 49 4A 4E DD
4B CC40: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 40
CA78: 4F 4A 4B 4C 4D 4E 4F 50 E4 CC48: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 48
CA80: 20 49 4A 4B 4C 4D 4E 4F B6 CC50: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 50
CA88: 42 79 62 F8 F7 F8 62 79 6C CC58: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 58
CA90: 42 49 4A 4B 4E 4F 50 20 BF CC60: 00 00 06 00 60 OF 00 FO C6
CA98: 49 4A 4B 4C 4D 4E 4F 4A F8 CC68: OF 00 FO IE 00 78 IE 00 ID
CAAO: 4B 4E 4F 50 20 64 42 79 1A CC70: 78 3E 00 7C 3C 00 3C 7C 98
CAA8: 62 F8 F7 AO
E3 E3 F7 F8 55 CC78: 00 3E 7C 00 3E 3E 00 00 AF
CABO: 62 79 42 49 4A 4F 50 20 22 CC80: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 80
CAB8: 64 42 79 42 64 42 00 00 Cl CC88: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 88
CACj: 00 00 00 00 00 10 00 00 DO CC90: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 90
CAC8: 10 00 00 10 00 00 10 00 F8 CC98: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 98
CADO: 00 38 00 00 C6 00 FF 83 53 CCAO: 00 00 00 00 00 06 00 60 07
CAD8: FE FE 18
30 00 38 00 00 57 CCA8: OF 00 FO IF 00 F8 IE 00 DE
CAEO: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 EO CCBO: 78 3E 00 7C 3E 00 7C 7C IB
CAE8: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 E8 CCB8: 00 3E 7C 00 3E 90 00 00 42
CAFO: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 FO CCCO: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 CO
CAF8: 00 00 00 00 00 32 00 00 2B CCC8: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 C8
CBOO: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 CCDO: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 DO
CB08: 00 00 00 00 07 00 00 OF IE CCD8: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 D8
CBIO: 00 00 IE OF FF FF 33 FF 70 CCEO: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 EO
CB18: FF FF FF F8 00
FF CO 00 Dl CCE8: 06 00 60 OF 00 FO IF 00 6E
CB2O: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 20 CCFO: F8 3E 00 7C 3E 00 7C 7C DB
CB28: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 28 CCF8: 00 3E 7C 00 3E 00 00 00 Fl
CB30: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 30 CDOO: 00 00 00 00 00 01 00 20 21
CB38: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 38 CD08: 20 00 00 04 00 00 01 00 2D
CB40: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 40 CD10: 04 58 04 00 24 80 20 BE F3
CB48: 00 00 EO 00 00 FO 00 00 1A CD18: 00 00 7F 02 02 3F 50 00 2B
CB5O: 78 00 00 FF FF FO FF FF B9 CD20: 7E 00 81 OC 80 08 56 20 2B
CB58: CC IF FF FF 03 FF 00 00 47 CD28: 00 01 08 00 88 00 00 02 BB
CB6O: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 60 CD30: 00 44 08 00 00 80 40 00 3D
CB68: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 68 CD38: 00 00 00 04 00 OC 00 30 78
CB7O: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 70 CD40: OC 00 30 OC 00 30 OC 00 C4
CB78: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 78 CD48: 30 00 02 00 40 06 00 60 21
CB80: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 80 CD50: 06 00 60 06 00 60 00 00 ID
CB88: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 88 CD58: 00 00 03 00 CO 03 00 CO DF
CB9O: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 90 CD60: 03 00 CO 00 00 00 00 00 24
CB98: 00 06 00 60 OF 00 FO OF OE CD68: 81 00 01 81 80 01 81 80 EF
CBAO: 00 FO OF 00 FO IE 00 78 28 CD 70: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 70
CBA8: IE 00 78 IE 00 78 3E 00 14 CD78: C3 00 00 C3 00 00 00 00 FF
CBBO: 7C 3C 00 3C 3C 00 3C 7C 9A CD80: 00 00 00 00 00 24 00 00 A4
CBB8: 00 3E 7C 00 3E 08 00 00 B9 CD88: 66 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 EE
CBCO: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 CO CD90: 00 00 00 00 00 3C 00 00 CC
CBC8: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 C8 CD98: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 98
CBDO: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 DO CDAO: 00 00 18 00 00 02 05 9E 5E
CBD8: 00 00 00 00 06 00 60 OF 4E CDA8: 41 20 48 41 52 53 48 2C AD
CBEO: 00 FO OF 00 FO IF 00 F8 E9 CDBO: 46 4F 52 42 49 44 44 49 F5
CBE8: IE 00 78 IE 00 78 3E 00 54 CDB8: 4E 47 20 44 45 53 45 52 E2
CBFO: 7C 3E 00 7C 3C 00 3C 7C ID CDCO: 54 2C OD 04 02 41 4E 44 28
CBF8: 00 3E 7C 00 3E 08 00 00 F9 CDC8: 20 41 20 4D 49 53 53 49 DO
CCOO: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 CDDO: 4F 4E 20 54 48 41 54 20 EO
CC08: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 08 CDD8: 49 53 20 4C 49 4B 45 4C 08
CC1O: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 10 CDEO: 59 20 54 4F 20 46 41 49 EE
CC18: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 06 IE CDE8: 4C OD 06 02 49 53 20 54 5B
CC20: 00 60 OF 00 FO OF 00 FO 80 CDFO: 48 45 20 53 45 54 54 49 29
AHOYt 103
IMPORTANT I betters on while background are Bug Repellent line codes. Do not enter them! Pages 93 and 94 explain these codes
11 ¥ 11 Ufl Inli I ■ and provide other essential information on entering Ahoy.'programs. Refer to these pages before entering any programs!

CDF8: 4E 47 20 46 4F 52 20 41 F7 •60010 DATA198,251,208,245,169,81,162,4,l

CEOO: 20 42 41 54 54 4C 45 20 FD 33,253,134,254 CE
CEO8: 4F 4E 20 54 48 45 2E 2E 04 •60012 DATA141,81,4,165,253,166,254,133,2
CEIO: 2E OD 13 OA 50 52 45 53 A3 51,134,252,32 PE
CE18: 53 20 46 49 52 45 20 54 27 •60014 DATA190,224,165,140,69,141,69,142,
CE20: 4F 20 42 45 47 49 4E 20 16 69,143,162,0 AM
CE28: 42 41 54 54 4C 45 2E 2E 42 •60016 DATA201,64,144,11,232,201,128,144,
CE30: 2E OD 19 19 08 03 C8 A3 15 6,232,201,192 KG
CE38: C8 Al 20 C8 A3 C8 20 C8 EO •60018 DATA144,1,232,142,188,207,142,189,
CE4O: A3 C8 20 C8 A3 C8 20 C8 EA 207,165,253,166 DG
CE48: A3 DF 12 7F A5 92 A3 C8 02 •60020 DATA254,141,190,207,142,191,207,16
CE50: C8 C8 OD 09 03 C8 20 20 04 0,0,173,188,207 PC
CE58: C8 20 C8 20 B9 20 C8 20 EC ■60022 DATA208,26,165,251,24,105,2,32,128
CE60: 20 20 C8 20 B9 20 C8 20 4C ,207,165,251 MN
CE68: 20 C8 20 20 C8 OD OA 03 74 -60024 DATA24,105,1,133,251,144,2,230,252
CE70: C8 20 20 C8 20 C8 20 B8 04 ,169,32,145 HJ
CE78: 20 A3 A3 C8 20 C8 20 B8 6A •60026 DATA251,76,103,206,201,1,208,22,16
CE80: 20 C8 20 12 A9 92 A9 20 Al 5,251,56,233 00
CE88: 20 C8 OD OB 03 C8 A4 C8 C2 •60028 DATA80.32,137,207,165,251,56,233,4
CE90: Al 20 C8 A4 C8 20 C8 A4 16 0,133,251,176 MD
CE98: C8 20 C8 A4 C8 20 C8 A3 44 •60030 DATA2,198,252,76,181,206,201,2,208
CEAO: DF 12 7F 92 20 20 C8 OD BA ,16,165,251 DL
CEA8: 0D 09 C8 A3 C8 20 C8 A3 80 •60032 DATA56,233,2,32,137,207,165,251,56
CEBO: DF 12 7F 92 20 C8 A3 C8 OA ,233,1,76 KH
CEB8: C8 20 C8 20 20 C8 12 A5 2B •60034 DATA205,206,165,251,24.1O5,80,32,l
CECO: 92 A3 C8 C8 C8 OD OE 09 75 28,207,165,251 PP
CEC8: C8 20 20 20 C8 20 20 C8 C3 •60036 DATA24,105,40,76,175,206,177,253,2
CEDO: B6 C8 20 20 C8 B5 C8 20 F7 01,160,208,6 DP
CED8: 12 7F 92 C8 20 20 C8 OD DB •60038 DATA173,188,207,145,253,96,104,104
CEEO: OF 09 C8 20 C8 20 C8 20 B3 ,173,190,207,133 HJ
CEE8: 12 A9 92 A9 B6 C8 20 20 AO •60040 DATA253,173,191,207,133,254,238,18
CEFO: C8 B5 C8 20 DF C8 20 20 41 8,207,173,188,207 EF
CEF8: C8 OD 10 09 C8 20 20 20 11 •60042 DATA201,4,144,5,169,0,141,188,207,
CFOO: C8 A3 DF 12 7F 92 20 C8 59 173,188,207 GH
CF08: A4 C8 C8 20 C8 20 20 DF 47 • 60044 DATA205,189,207,240,3,76,145,206,1
CFIO: 20 20 C8 OD 19 19 11 07 70 77,251,170,169 II
CF18: 97 54 45 4D 50 OD 11 OC 11 -60046 DATA32,145,251,224,4,144,6,169,27,
CF2O: 44 41 4D 41 47 45 OD 11 DE 141,17,208 IK
CF28: 13 54 49 4D 45 OD 11 IB A4 •60048 DATA96,224,0,208,11,165,251,56,233
CF3O: 53 43 4F 52 45 OD 19 FF D3 ,2,133,251 BG
CF38: FF 38 •60050 DATA176,43,144,39,224,1,2O8,8,165,
251,24,105 HG
•60052 DATA80,76,97,207,224,2,208,14,165,
A-MAZE-ING 251,24,105 FC
FROM PAGE 60 •60054 DATA2,133,251,144,16,230,252,76,11
7,207,165,251 BA
■60056 DATA56,233,80,133,251,176,2,198,25
•60000 REM *** C-64 VERSION *** MF 2,165,251,166 NC
•60002 FORJ=52800T053183:READA:POKEJ,A:X= •60058 DATA252,133,253,134,254,76,lll,206
X+A:NEXTJ JI ,133,253,144,2 JE
•60004 IFX<>51326THENPRINT"ERR0R IN DATA[ •60060 DATA230.254,76,250,206,133,253,176
3"."]":END MI ,2,198,254,76 MH
•60006,141,17,208,32,68,229,16 •60062 DATA250.206,18,32,32,32,32,32,32,3
9,17,32,210 MF 2,32,32 PO
•60008 DATA255,169,23,133,251,169,146,160 •60064 DATA32,32,32,32,32,32,32,32,32,32,
,207,32,30,171 FN 32,32 JA

104 AHOY!
•60066 DATA32,32,32,32,32,32,32,32,32,32, •60052 DATA240.3.76,170,26,177,251,170,16
32,32 EG 9,32,145,251 AE
•60068 DATA32,32,32,32,32,32,13,0,0,65,72 •60054 DATA224,4,144,6,169,27,141,17,208,
,83 MC 96,224,0 NB
•60056 DATA2O8,11,165,251,56,233,2,133,25
1,176,43,144 GO
•60058 DATA39,224,1,208,8,165,251,24,105,
•60000 REM *** C-128 VERSION *** DN 80,76,122 PJ
• 60002 FORJ=6700T07O83:READA:POKEJ,A:X=X+ -60060 DATA27,224,2,208,14,165,251,24,105
A:NEXTJ FP ,2,133,251 PC
■60004 IFX<>45169THENPRINT"ERR0R IN DATA[ •60062 DATA144,16,230,252,76,142,27,165,2
3"."]":END 01 51,56,233,80 NC
•60006 DATA169,0,141,0,255,169,11,141,17, •60064 DATA133,251,176,2,198,252,165,251,
208,32,125 CC 166,252,133,253 GM
•60008 DATA255,147,17,0,169,23,133,251,32 •60066 DATA134.254.76,132,26,133,253,144,
,125,255,18 MJ 2,230,254,76 IP
•60010 DATA32,32,32,32,32,32,32,32,32,32, •60068 DATA19.27,133,253,176,2,198,254,76
32,32 CO ,19,27,220 El
•60012 DATA32,32,32,32,32,32,32,32,32,32,
32,32 NE
•60014 DATA32,32,32,32,32,32,32,32,32,32,
32,32 NIC •0 REM *** ROLLING BALL DEMO ... C-64 *** JG
•60016 DATA32,32,32,13,0,198,251,208,207, •1 POKE5328O,0:P0KE53281,0:PRINTCHR$(158) NJ
169,81,162 MJ •2 SYS52800:A=1105:X(l)=l:X(2)=-40:X(3)=-
•60018 DATA4,133,253,134,254,141f81,4,165 1:X(4)=40:POKEA,81 GF
,253,166,254 AD •3 B=A+X(C):IFPEEK(B)=32THENPOKEB,81:POKE
•60020 DATA133,251,134,252,32,87,175,173, A,32:A=B:C=C+2:IFC>4THENC=C-4 NJ
28,18,77,29 KD ■4 C=C-1:IFC<OTHENC=4 PF
•60022 DATA18,77,30,18,77,31,18,162,0,201 •5 G0T03 MF
,64,144 EC
•60024 DATA11,232,201,128,144,6,232,201,1
92,144,1,232 jj ROLLING BALL DEMO-C-128
•60026 DATA142,171,27,142,172,27,165,253, •0 REM *♦♦ ROLLING BALL DEMO ... C-128 ** BF * OJ
•60028 DATA27,142,174,27,160,0,173,171,27 •1 POKE53280,0:P0KE53281,0:PRINTCHR$(158) NJ
,208,26,165 LE ■2 SYS6700:A=1105:X(1)=.1:X(2)=-40:X(3)=-1
•60030 DATA251,24,105,2,32,153,27,165,251 :X(4)=40:P0KEA,81 LK
,24,105,1 OC •3 B=A+X(C):IFPEEK(B)=32THENP0KEB,81:P0KE
•60032 DATA133,251,144,2,230,252,169,32,l A, 32: A=B: C=C+2: IFO4THENC=C-4 NJ
45,251,76,124 FB •4 C=C-1:IFC<OTHENC=4 PF
•60034 DATA26,201,1,208,22,165,251,56,233 •5 G0T03 mf
,80,32,162 IE
•60036 DATA27,165,251,56,233,40,133,251,1
76,2,198,252 JM PAPER ROUTE
•60038 DATA76,206,26,201,2,208,16,165,251 FROM PACE 48
,56,233,2 LG
Starting addrejt in hex: COOO
•60040 DATA32,162,27,165,251,56,233,1,76, Ending address in hex: CSFE
230,26,165 KE
SYS to start: 49152
•60042 DATA251,24,105,80,32,153,27,165,25
Flankspeed required for entry! See page 95.
1,24,105,40 M
•60044 DATA76,200,26,177,253,201,160,208, COOO: 20 67 C5 20 BO C8 20 14 IB
6,173,171,27 IL C008: C5 20 81 C3 20 E5 Cl 20 IB
•60046 DATA145,253,96,104,104,173,173,27, CO 10: 87 CO 20 E4 FF FO FB A2 EC NN C018: 00 A9 AO 9D 83 06 A9 00 33
•60048 DATA27,133,254,238,171,27,173,171, CO 20: 9D 83 DA E8 EO 21 DO Fl C9
27,201,4,144 GL C028: 20 62 C3 20 CD Cl 20 FB 3A
•60050 DATA5,169,0,141,171,27,173,171,27, C030: C2 AD 82 Cl FO 03 4C AE D3
205,172,27 PF C038: C2 AD FD C8 FO 06 20 9B 22

COAO: CO 4C 2B CO AD 00 DC C9 8D C210: 69 00 8D FD Cl CA DO DE 41
GO48: 6F DO EO AD 83 Cl C9 05 2B C218: 60 AD FD C8 DO IE EE F9 C4
CO 50: FO D9 EE 83 Cl A9 01 8D 87 C2 20: C8 AD F9 C8 C9 08 DO 14 10
C058: FD C8 AE 83 Cl BD 69
Cl FB C228: A9 00 8D F9 C8 EE FF 07 18
C060: AA A9 BA 9D 00 DO A9 86 OE C230: AD FF 07 C9 E3 DO 05 A9 12
C068: 9D 01 DO A9 E3 8D FF 07 F9 C238: EO 8D FF 07 AD 19 DO 29 6E
CO 70: AE 83 Cl AD 15 DO 5D 6F C4 C240: 01 FO 42 8D 19 DO 20 2C 38
C078: Cl 8D 15 DO A9 01 8D FC E2 C248: Cl CE 16 DO AD 16 DO C9 IE
C080: C8 9D 75 Cl 4C 2B CO A2 F8 C250: DO DO 2F EE F9 Cl AD F9 73
C088: 00 BD CF C4 9D 83 06 A9 AB C258: Cl C9 D8 DO 1A 20 AB Cl 35
C090: 01 9D 83 DA E8 EO 21 DO 49 C260: 20 88 C2 AD FE C8 C9 oc 17
C098: FO 60 60 EE FA C8 AD FA A5 C268: 90 03 EE 82 Cl A9 FF 8D 66
COAO: C8 C9 02 DO F5 A9 00 8D 33 C270: 83 Cl A9 00 8D F9 Cl 20 C8
C0A8: FA C8 AD FC C8 FO 25 AE A4 C278: E5 Cl 20 2C Cl A9 D7 8D 3D
COBO: 83 Cl BD 69 Cl AA DE 01 69 C280: 16 DO 4C BC FE 4C 31 EA D7
C0B8: DO FE 00 DO FE 00 DO EE 18 C288: A2 00 BD 75 Cl DO 03 20 14
COCO: FB C8 AD FB C8 C9 06 DO 98 C290: 94 Cl E8 EO 06 DO F3 A2 IE
C0C8: 08 A9 00 8D FC C8 8D FB 57 C298: 00 8A 9D 75 Cl 9D 7B Cl D2
CO DO: C8 4C 18 Cl AE 83 Cl BD 71 C2A0: E8 EO 06 DO F5 8D FD C8 8B
C0D8: 69 Cl AA DE 01 DO DE 00 3E C2A8: A9 80 8D 15 DO 60 AD 11 65
COEO: DO DE 00 DO EE FB C8 AD C2 C2B0: DO 09 80 8D 11 DO 78 A9 9C
C0E8: F8 C8 C9 06 DO 2A A9 00 22 C2B8: 31 8D 14 03 A9 EA 8D 15 C5
COFO: 8D FB C8 8D FD C8 AE 83 C9 C2C0: 03 58 20 87 CO A2 07 8E BC
C0F8: Cl A9 01 9D 7B Cl A9 EO CA C2C8: 03 D4 8E 94 DA 8E 95 DA 9D
C100: 8D FF 07 AD 7C 05 8D 81 D2 C2D0: 8E 96 DA 8E 97 DA 20 E4 D6
C108: Cl 20 84 Cl AD 20 89 8D 15 C2D8: FF FO 03 4C EE C2 20 CD B8
C110: F8 89 AD 21 89 8D F9 89 FB C2E0: Cl 20 FB C2 CA EO 00 DO FD
C118: AE 83 Cl FE F8 07 BD F8 Cl C2E8: DE A2 07 4C C7 C2 20 14 7C
C120: 07 C9 E6 DO 05 A9 E4 9D D9 C2F0: C5 20 81 C3 4C 28 CO 00 51
C128: F8 07 60 06 A9 00 8D 2B FO C2F8: 00 00 60 EE F9 C2 AD F9 AC
C130: Cl AE 2B Cl BD 7B Cl 59 DO C300: C2 C9 04 DO F5 A9 00 8D 8E
C138: OB EE 2B Cl AD C9 83
2B Cl C308: F9 C2 AD F8 C2 DO 43 EE 31
C140: 06 DO EE 60 BD 69 Cl AA F9 C310: F8 C2 AC F6 C8 B9 1A C8 D4
C148: DE 00 DO BD 00 DO C9 18 68 C318: A8 B9 9A C8 8D 00 D4 B9 F9
C150: DO E7 AE 2B Cl AD 15 DO 38 C320: A5 C8 8D 01 D4 AC F6 C8 5E
C158: 5D 6F Cl 8D 15 DO AE 2B 34 C328: B9 5A C8 A8 B9 9A C8 8D 58
C160: Cl A9 00 9D 7B Cl 4C 39 2C C330: 07 D4 B9 A5 C8 8D 08 D4 9E
C168: Cl 00 02 04 06 08 OA 01 49 C338: A9 41 8D 04 D4 A9 21 8D El
C170: 02 04 08 10 20 00 00 00 AE C340: OB D4 EE F6 C8 AD F6 C8 3C
C178: 00 on 00 00 00 00 00 00 78 C348: C9 40 DO AE A9 00 8D F6 FF
C180: 00 98 00 FF AD 81 Cl C9 D3 C350: C8 60 A9 20 8D 04 D4 A9 53
C188: 97 DO 01 60 AD Cl C9
81 OD C358: 10 8D OB D4 A9 00 8D F8 06
C190: 98 DO 01 60 EE FE C8 EE 01 C360: C2 60 78 A9 81 8D 1A DO 9F

C198: 21 89 AD 21 89 C9 3A FO 90 C368: A9 AO 8D 12 DO A9 19 8D 73
C1A0: 01 60 A9 30 8D 21 89 EE 03 C370: 14 03 A9 C2 8D 15 03 58 Fl
C1A8: 20 89 60 EE 11 89 AD 11 FA C378: AD 11 DO 29 7F 11
8D DO 20
C1B0: 89 C9 3A FO 03 4C CO Cl 01 C38O: 60 A9 00 8D F6
C8 8D F7 5D
C1B8: A9 30 8D 11 89 EE 10 89 43 C388: C8 8D F8 C8 8D F9 C8 8D 7E
C1C0: AD 10 89 8D E8 89 AD 11 C6 C390: FA C8 8D FB C8 8D FD C8 FA
C1C8: 89 8D E9 89 60 EE F8 C8 64 C398: 8D 82 Cl 8D FE C8 8D F9 47
C1D0: AD F8 C8 DO F8 EE F7 C8 B9 C3A0: Cl A9 FF 8D 83 Cl A2 00 81
C1D8: AD C8 C9
F7 08 DO EE A9 82 C3A8: A9 E4 9D F8 07 A9 00 9D 1C
C1E0: 00 8D F7 C8 60 A2 OB
A9 E6 C3B0: 7B Cl 9D 75 Cl E8 EO 06 92
C1E8: AO 8D FC Cl A9 04 FD
8D OF C3B8: DO EE 60 A2 00 A9 20 9D E2
C1F0: Cl A9 80 8D FA Cl AO 27 EE C3C0: 00 80 E8 EO 00 DO F8 EE C3
C1F8: B9 11 8B 99 58 06 88 10 DF C3C8: Cl C3 AD Cl C3 C9 8E DO AA
C200: F7 EE FA Cl AD FC Cl 18 28 C3D0: EA A9 80 8D Cl C3 A2 00 9B
C208: 69 28 8D FC Cl AD FD Cl 53 C3D8: A9 92 9D 00 88 A9 91 9D 14

106 AHOY!
C3E0: 00 87 E8 A9 93 9D 00 88 B4 C5B0: EO C8 DO
F5 A2 00 8A 9D EB
C3E8: A9 91 9D 00 87 E8 EO 00 13 C5B8: 00 38 9D CO 38 E8 EO CO 12
C3F0: DO E6 A2 00 A9 AO 9D 00 33 C5C0: DO F5 A2 00 BD 13 C6 9D 5F
C3F8: 86 9D 00 85 9D 58 06 9D 3C C5C8: 00 38 9D 40 38 9D 80 38 6D
C400: E8 06 A9 00 9D 58 DA 9D 07 C5D0: BD 38 C6 9D CO 38 E8 EO ED
C408: E8 DA E8 EO 00 DO E5 A2 EE C5D8: 25 DO E9 A2 00 BD 5D C6 3D
C410: 00 BD B7 C4 9D OA 89 9D 19 C5E0: 9D 25 38 BD 68 C6 9D 65 CB
C418: E2 89 E8 EO 18 DO F2 A2 CC C5E8: 38 9D E5 38 BD 73 C6 9D 72
C420: 00 AO 00 B9 04 C8 9D 00 E4 C5F0: A5 38 BD 7E C6 9D 00 39 A8
C428: 8A C8 CO OC DO 02 AO 00 BB C5F8: BD 89 C6 9D 40 39 E8 EO E7
C430: E8 EO 00 DO EE A2 00 AO FC C600: OB DO DA A9 95 8D 9F 38 5B
C438: 00 B9 A4 C7 9D 28 80 B9 5E C608: A9 81 8D A2 38 A9 EO 8D B3
C440: BO C7 9D 28 81 B9 BC C7 3E C610: FF 07 60 00 00 00 00 CO 38
C448: 9D 28 82 B9 C8 C7 9D 28 AO C618: 00 03 80 00 03 80 00 02 21
C450: 83 B9 D4 C7 9D 28 84 B9 2E C620: 00 00 02 80 00 02 20 00 C4
C458: EO C7 9D 28 85 B9 EC C7 BA C628: 02 OC 00 06 01 00 2E 85 FO
C460: 9D 28 86 B9 F8 C7 9D 28 EC C630: 00 2A 65 00 2A 21 40 2A 75
C468: 87 E8 C8 CO OC DO 07 AO E6 C638: 00 00 00 00 CO 00 03 80 7C
C470: 00 18 8A 69 14 AA EO CO DC C640: 00 03 80 00 02 OC 00 02 D3
C478: DO BF A9 00 8D F7 C8 A9 AA C648: AO 00 02 80 00 02 OC 00 79
C480: 83 8D 96 C4 AE F7 C8 BD 1A C650: 06 01 00 2A 85 00 2A 65 96
C488: Bl C4 8D 95 C4 A2 00 AO 2A C658: 00 2A 21 40 2A 74 30 DD 90
C490: 00 BD 10 C8 99 CB 88 E8 FD C66O: 10 CC DC 00 DC 30 00 30 57
C498: C8 CO 02 DO 05 AO 00 EE 89 C668: 64 30 DD 30 DC CC 00 DC 91
C4A0: 96 C4 EO OA DO EB EE F7 8A C670: 30 00 30 84 30 DD 90 DC DO
C4A8: C8 AD F7 C8 C9 06 DO CF 50 C678: DC CO DC 30 00 30 08 00 5B
C4B0: 60 2B 4C 6D 8B AC CB 02 FB C680: 00 28 00 00 AO 00 00 80 C9
C4B8: OC OF 03 30 30
08 20 20 82 C688: 00 80 00 00 AO 00 00 28 Dl
C4C0: 20 OF
20 03 10 OCOD 01 3D C690: 00 00 08 00 00 00 00 OA A2
C4C8: 09 OE 14 13 20 30 30 10 97 C698: 00 09 OA 00 00 00 00 00 AB
C4D0: 12 05 13 13 20 01 OE 19 56 C6A0: 08 9A FF FF 00 00 80 00 C3
C4D8: 20 OB 05 19 20 14 OF 20 85 C6A8: 00 00 00 00 OF 00 01 07 BF
C4E0: 10 OC 01 19 20 10 01 10 58 C6B0: ID 77 DD AA 56 77 DD 77 FO
C4E8: 05 12 20 12 OF 15 14 05 6F C6B8: DD 77 DD AA 55 00 CO 70 ID
C4F0: 10 01 10 05 12 20 20 12 7B C6C0: DC 77 DD AA 55 56 56 52 Fl
C4F8: OF 15 14 05 20 20 20 20 B6 C6C8: 56 56 46 56 56 55 45 51 54
C500: 20 02 19 20 20 20 20 20 DB C6D0: 55 55 55 54 55 55 51 55 76
C508: 02 OF 02 20 02 OC 01 03 4D C6D8: 55 45 51 55 55 00 00 00 6F
C510: OB OD 05 12 A9 93 20 D2 6F C6E0: 00 00 01 07 ID 28 3C 3C A6
C518: FF A2 00 BD 75 C7 9D 00 53 C6E8: 3C 77 DD 77 DD 00 00 00 CF
C520: DO E8 EO 2F DO F5 A2 00 53 C6F0: 00 77 DD 77 DD 00 00 00 9B
C528: BD 94 C6 9D 00 D4 E8 EO 7D C6F8: 00 00 CO 70 DC 00 00 00 07
C530: 19 DO F5 A2 00 A9 OF 9D 09 C700: FF 00 00 00 00 6A 6F 6C 46
C538: FO D8 9D 18 D9 A9 08 9D EO C708: 6C 6C 6F 6F 6F A9 F9 39 OC
C540: AO D8 E8 EO 50 DO EE A2 36 C710: 39 29 F9 F9 F9 6F 63 6F A2
C548: 00 A9 OD 9D 68 D9 A9 OF 97 C718: 6F 6F 6F 6F 6A F9 F9 F9 2E
C5 50: 9D EO D9 E8 EO 78 DO
Fl AD C7 2O: F9 F9 F9 F9 A9 6A 67 6D FO
C558: A2 00 A9 00 9D DA E8 OE
08 C728: 67 6A 60 60 6A AA 76 DE 25
C560: EO 28 DO F6 4C BB C3 AD AA C730: 76 AA C2 02 AA EE EE AA 49
C568: OE DC 29 FE 8D OE DC A5 99 C738: EE EE AA 22 22 AA AA AA 05
C570: 01 29 FB 85 01 A2 00 BD 7D C740: AA AA AA AA 55 A9 A9 A9 3D
C578: 00 DO 9D 00 30 E8 EO 00 EO C748: A9 A9 A9 A9 55 A9 A9 A9 41
C580: DO F5 EE 79 C5 EE 7C C5 A6 C750: A9 A9 A9 A9 A9 6A 6A 6A DF
C588: AD 7C C5 C9 37 DO E6 A9 DA C758: 6A 6A 6A 6A 6A 6A 6A 6A AB
C590: 30 8D 7C C5 A9 DO 8D 79 12 C760: 6A 6A 6A 6A 55 F7 F6 DA 29
C598: C5 A5 01 09 04 85 01 AD 46 C768: DA 6A 55 6A 55 DF 9F A7 E9
C5A0: OE DC 09 01 8D OE DC A2 BO C770: A7 A9 55 A9 55 BA 86 00 57
C5A8: 00 BD AD C6 9D 00 34 E8 95 C778: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 78
AHOY! 107
IMPORTANT! Lellerso.n wnlle background are Bug Repellent line codes. Do not enter them! Pages 93 and 94 explain these codes
Mill Url Iftli
ill II :! and
and provide
provide other
Olher essential
essential inlormationc
information on entering ylrioy.'praqrams. Refer to these paqes belore entering any proqrams!

C7 8O: 00 00 00 AC 86 00 IB 00 CE
C788: 00 00 80 D8 00 ID 00 00 FE RAMCO
C79O: 00 FF 00 00 00 00 OB 08 A3 FROM PAGE 46
C798: OF 00 06 00 01 01 01 01 Bl
C7A0: 01 01 00 01 20 86 88 87 5A RAMCO 64
C7A8: 88 88 88 88 88 88 89 20 85
C7B0: 80 81 81 81 81 81 81 81 BB •10 REM *** RAMCO 64 #** BUCK CHILDRESS *
C7B8: 81 81 81 82 83 84 85 34 Dl ** NF
C7C0: 85 84 85 84 85 84 85 84 E8 •20 REM *** P.O. BOX 13575 SALEM, OR 9730
C7C8: 83 85 84 85 84 85 84 85 EF 9 *** OA

C7DO: 84 8F 90 85 83 84 85 84 OD •30 PRINTCHR$(147)"L0ADING AND CHECKING D

C7D8: 85 84 34 85 84 85 84 85 01 ATA LINE:":J=49152 EO
C7F8: 91 91 91 91 91 91 85
91 91 ■60 IFA<00RA>255THEN80 FK
C800: 91 91 91 91 8A 8A 8A 06
C808: 20 20 20 8A 8A 20 20 48
C810: 8B 8C 8D 8E 97 98 95 94 9E ■80 PRINT"ERROR IN DATA LINE:"L:END MG
C818: 95 94 0 3 03 02 01 03 03 51 •90 X=0:J=J+12:IFD<372THEN40 OB
C820: 02 01 03 03 00 02 01 06 32 •100 PRINT"THE DATA IS 0K[3"."]":PRINT FB
C828: 06 01 03 03 02 01 03 03 3E •110 PRINT"SYS 49152 TO ACTIVATE[3"."]":E
C830: 02 01 03 03 00 02 01 06 42 ND OB
C838: 06 02 01 01 01 03 06 06 52 •120 DATA169,19,160,193,32,30,171,169,0,1
C840: 06 03 04 04 05 04 04 03 61 62,2,160,1267 KC
C848: 03 03 02 02 02 03 01 01 59 •130 DATA255,141,115,193,141,118,193,142,
C8 50: 01 02 03 03 00 02 01 06 62 116,193,140,117,1864 OL
C858: 06 02 08 08 OA OA 08 08 94 ■140 DATA193,76,134,192,32,221,192,169,11
C860: 0A OA 08 08 OA OA 08 08 A8 ,160,193,32,1605 BM
C868: 08 08 08 08 OA OA 08 08 AC •150 DATA30,171,32,242,192,173,118,193,32
C870: 0A OA 08 08 OA OA 08 08 B8 ,210,255,32,1680 LK
C878: 08 08 08 08 08 08 08 08 B8 ■160 DATA3,193,32,213,192,32,221,192,169,
C880: 08 08 09 09 09 09 08 08 C4 15,160,193,1615 ME
C888: 08 08 09 09 09 09 08 08 CC •170 DATA32,30,171,32,242,192,32,3,193,16
C890: 08 08 OA OA OA OA 08 08 D8 2,15,32,1136 DD
C898: 07 07 18 D2 C3 Dl IF IE 64 •180 DATA198,255,32,207,255,205,118,193,2
C8A0: 8F 47 47 61 68 OE OF 10 B5 40,15,169,103,1990 DJ
C8A8: 12 15 19 OC 05 06 08 09 11 •190 DATA160,193,32,30,171,169,0,141,115,
C8B0: A2 00 8E 20 DO 8E 21 DO 53 193,76,134,1414 GC
C8B8: A9 93 20 D2 FF AO 00 20 A9 •200 DATA192,72,32,213,192,104,141,99,4,1
C8C0: CD Cl C8 CO 04 DO F8 AO 48 73,134,2,1358 EC
C8C8: 00 BD FO C4 9D 76 05 BD 13 •210 DATA141,99,216,173,118,193,24,105,16
C8D0: FC C4 9D 9E 05 BD 08 C5 5F ,141,118,193,1537 MO
C8D8: 9D C6 05 A9 03 9D 76 D9 DC •220 DATA208,65,238,115,193,208,60,169,94
C8 EO: 9D 9E D9 9D C6 D9 E8 EO FE ,160,193,32,1735 MP
C8E8: OC DO D4 A2 00 20 CD Cl EC •230 DATA30,171,238,116,193,238,117,193,1
C8F0: E8 EO 32 DO F8 60 08 03 22 73,117,193,201,1980 DH
C8F8: 75 02 00 00 00 00 00 70 ■240 DATA5,144,8,169,32,141,99,4,76,213,1
92,169,1252 LK
Stiff typing •250 DATA65,160,193,32,30,171,169,0,174,1
17,193,32,1336 MI
after 12 •260 DATA2O5,189,169,81,160,193,32,30,171
,166,214,164,1774 IH
pages of
•270 DATA211,142,119,193,140,120,193,174,
listings? 119,193,172,120,1896 NN
•280 DATA193,24,32,240,255,169,0,174,115,

108 AHOY!
193,32,205,1632 FL 141,89,1225 BH
•290 DATA189,32,225,255,240,3,76,28,192,1 •170 DATA20,142,87,20,140,88,20,76,188,19
69,15,32,1456 KD ,32,40,872 PJ
■300 DATA195,255,76,204,,16 •180 DATA20,32,125,255,77,45,87,0,32,61,2
2,8,32,186,1725 MK 0,173,927 OB
•310 DATA255,169,0,32,189,255,32,192,255, •190 DATA89,20,32,105,146,32,78,20,32,32,