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Trivia 1

Prepared by: Beatriz Torre

____ 1. What is the fifth most abundant gas in the atmosphere
a. Xenon
b. Argon
c. Helium
d. Neon
____ 2. Ultraviolet-B has a wavelength with a range of
a. 100-280
c. 315-400
d. 400-470
____ 3. Average ozone has a thickness of 300 du. Ozone layer is considered an ozone hole if it has a thickness less than
a. 120 du
b. 210 du
c. 220 du
d. 110 du
____ 4. Who discovered CFCs in 1929?
a. Midgeley
b. Molina
c. Cruzen
d. Rowlands
____ 5. Halophile are salt loving bacteria. They can survive a pH up to _____.
a. 9.5
b. 10.5
c. 11.5
d. 12.5
____ 6. It is the steroids in plants
a. Cholesterol
c. Collagen

b. Phytosterol
d. Estrogen

____ 7. It is added to iron in pig iron production to lower the melting point
a. MgO
b. Al2O3
c. CaO
d. K2O
____ 8. Referred to as wood alcohol
a. Butanol
c. Methanol

b. Ethanol
d. Isobutanol

____ 9. Bacquerel used _________ in his discovery of radioactive rays.

a. Potassium Uranyl Sulfate b. Magnesium Uranyl Phosphate
c. Potassium Uranyl Phosphate d. Magnesium Uranyl Sulfate
____ 10. Graphite is transformed into diamond at
a. 3000 C and 100 000 atm
b. 4000 C and 200 000 atm
c. 3000 C and 200 000 atm
d. 4000 C and 100 000 atm

Prepared By: Danver Mendoza
Part 1
____ 1. In May 13, 2014, a coal mine explosion occurred in Soma, Manisa, Turkey caused by an underground mine fire
two kilometers below the surface. There are 787 workers present during the disaster and 301 of them died. What is the
cause of their death?
a. Starvation
b. CO poisoning
c. Falling Debris
d. H2S poisoning
____ 2. Hawks Nest Tunnel Disaster (1927-1932), is caused by a hydroelectric project in West Virginia and is considered
one of the worst industrial disasters in American History. Within the given years, 476 workers died from silicosis, a lung
diseases caused by inhalation of crystalline silica dust. What is the other name for silicosis?
a. Miners phthisis
b. Grinders Asthma
c. Potters Rot
d. All of the above
____ 3. A boiler explosion killed 23 workers in Gazipur , Bangladesh. The boiler triggered a fire which spread to the
surrounding areas and collapsed part of a four storey building. When did this occur?
a. September 10, 2013
b. September 10, 2016
c. September 10, 2015
d. September 10, 2014
____ 4. Hydroquinone is used to/in
a. Lighten skin
b. Sugar industry
c. Catalyst in Petroleum Refining
d. Peanut Butter Making
____ 5. In 2013, Francois Englert and Peter W. Higgs won the 2013 Nobel Prize in Physics for the discovery of the Higgs
boson or The God Particle. In achieving their discovery, they used a particle accelerator called
a. Compact Muon Celenoid
b. Cyclotron
d. Large Hadron Collider
____ 6. Who invented the first particle accelerator, also known as cyclotron
a. Ernest Lawrence (1930s)
b. Ernest Hemmingway (1940s)
c. Ernest Rutherford (1950s)
d. Ernest Cavendish (1920s)
____ 7. What is the name of the tallest skyscraper in Thailand opened last August 2016, with a height equivalent to 314
a. Burj Kahlifa
b. One World Trade Center
c. MahaNakhon
d. Zifeng Tower
____8. North American X-15 is a hypersonic rocket-powered aircraft and is considered as the fastest aircraft. What is its
mach number?
a. 6.7
b. 6.8
c. 6.6
d. 6.5
____ 9.A solid mass product from the Chernobyl Disaster made from melted nuclear fuel with lots of concrete, sand, and
core sealing material that the fuel had melted through. What do you call this material that is considered one the most
dangerous things in the world for it still emits radiation?
a. Cyclops Product
b. ChernobylX
c. Elephants Foot
d. Roentgens Matter
____ 10. The material invented by Charles Goodyear in 1839 by making natural elastomer more durable by the addition
of sulfur or other curatives or accelerators.
a. Elastopaint
b. Latex
c. Cellular Rubber
d. Vulcanized Rubber

Part 2
____ 1. Father of Chemical Engineering
b. George Edward Davis
c. Nicolas Leblanc

b. Robert Langer
d. Warren Lewis

____ 2. Father of Modern Chemical Engineering

b. George Edward Davis
b. Robert Langer
c. Nicolas Leblanc
d. Warren Lewis
____ 3. Strongest material in the Universe
b. Carbyne
c. Wurtzite Boron Nitride

b. Graphene
d. Mineral Lonsdaleite

____ 4. Color of Fe (III) in a flame test

b. Fuchsia
c. Lilac

b. Silver
d. Gold

____ 5. The circumstance when warmer water freezes faster than colder water
b. Erasto Effect
b. Batholomeo Effect
c. Mpemba Effect
d. EBM Effect
____ 6. Amount of salt present in an average adult human body? (additional trivia: lack of salt in body is called
b. 100 grams
b. 15 grams
c. 250 grams
d. 50 grams
____ 7. Most abundant protein in the human body?
b. Keratin
b. Collagen
c. Endrogen
d. Albumin
____ 8. What trace metal is found in Vitamin B12?
b. Magnesium
b. Cobalt
c. Potassium
d. Zinc
____ 9. A cucumber is _____ water
b. 96%
c. 97%

b. 86%
d. 87%

____ 10. Herb wormwood is a licorice-anise flavored green liqueur with 68% alcohol content or 132 proof. Herb
wormwoods another name is
b. Pufferfish
b. Mary Jane
c. Absinthe
d. Laxinth

TRIVIA 3 - Organic Chemistry Trivia

Prepared by: Jelly Langaman

Be aware of your body
_____1. It occurs when the melanocyte cells in the skin grow in cluster instead of being spread throughout the body.
a. Skin Tags

C. Moles

b. Lentigo

D. Freckles

______2. Roughly 96% of the human body is made up of just four elements- which of these in not one of them?
a. Fe

c. O2

b. C

d. N2

______3. If your body mass is 70 kilograms, approximately how many golds you possess inside your body?
a. 1.5 mg

c. 0.5 mg

b. 1 mg

d. 0.2 mg

______4. What is the average diameter of your hair strand?

a. 2.5 nm

c. 100 nm

b. 10 nm

d. 100,000 nm

______5. The deadliest element. It pretends to be Potassium, so it can slink into the cells of our bodies then it breaks down the amino acids bonds
within our proteins and we depart from this life.
a. Hg

c. Fr

b. Th

d. Cf

Recalling the Basics

______6. This element smells like garlic when heated
a. As

c. Br

b. Te

d. S

_______7. Component of chocolate and cocoa products that can kill your dogs due to the slow metabolism of this compound.
a. Xantheose

c. Caffeine

b. Polyphenol

d. Either b or c

_______8. What is the chemical symbol for Deuterium?

a. Dm

c. Dt

b. Du

d. D

______9. How many constitutional isomers does Hexane has?

a. 4

c. 7

b. 5

d. None of the choices

______10. Acid obtained by distillation of the bodies of ants.

a. C6H8O7

c. C2H4O2

b. CH2O3

d. CH2O2

______11. What is the strongest base?

a. H2O

c. CH3CH3

b. HSbF6

d. OH-

______12. What chemical is used to test for sugars in food?

a. Iodine

c. Benedicts Solution

b. Sudan III

D. Biuret Solution

Around us
______13. Fuel with the lowest octane number of zero
a. Iso-octane

c. n-heptane

b. Avgas

d. methane

______14. This chemical is responsible for the tears you cry when chopping onions
a. Allylpropyl

c. Sallylcystein

b. Trisulfide

d. Propanethial S-oxide

______15. This popular comfort food has an active ingredient called phenylethylamine
a. Toffee

c. Oatmeal

b. Chocolate

d. Caramel

______16. The first fullerenes to be discovered were found inside of the laboratory, but they exist in trace amounts in nature as well. Where might
you find buckyballs in your house?
a. Fireplace

c. Sink

b. Toilet

d. Refrigerator

______17. How many grams of gold can be found in each liter of seawater?
a. 13 thousandth

c. 13 billionth

b. 13 millionth

d. 13 trillionth

______18. It is the only metal that is naturally antibacterial

a. Mg

c. Cu

b. Al

d. Mn

_____19. It is known as the miracle material that is only one atomic layer thick and is a better conductor of electricity and heat than any material.
a. Graphene

c. Single-walled nanotube

b. Fullerene

d. Multi-walled nanotube

20. Chinas 10.3-meter-long space station that aimlessly drifts out of control in space and is likely to crash on Earth by 2017.

a. Tiangong-1

c. Wu Ping

b. Tiangong-2

d. Heavenly Mansion

Prepared by: Crystal Agustin
_____1. America is planning for a manned Mars mission flight in what year?
a. 2020

c. 2018

b. 2025

d. 2022

_____2. This new law in the Philippines is requiring speed limiters to be installed in PUVs and vehicles.
a. RA 10913

c. RA 10910

b. RA 10916

d. RA 10909

_____3. The newly discovered planet, Proxima b is found specifically in __________.

a. Milky Way

c. Andromeda

b. Proxima Centauri

d. either a or b

______4. Proxima b is neither so hot that water evaporates, nor so cold that it freezes solid. Thus, they
described the planet as "________" sweet spot.
a. Red Ribbon

c. Starbucks


d. Amore

______5. On September 1, 2016, an unmanned rocket was exploded during a test at Cape Canaveral in
Florida. This rocket is ____________.
a. Space IX Falcon 10

c. Space X Falcon 9

b. Space IX Falcon 9

d. Space X Falcon 10

______6. Ozone Day or __________ is about promoting activities in accordance with the objectives of
the Montreal Protocol and its amendments.
a. Ozone Layer Day

c. International Day for the Preservation of Ozone Layer

b. World's Preservation of Ozone Layer d. Ozone Depletion day

______7. This small, intense storms over the ocean could help detect earthquakes.
a. tremor

c. wind storm

b. ocean storm

d. weather bomb

______8. Teeth of this animal specie provide new materials for the wide range of application from
surgery to packaging.
a. sea lion

c. squid

b. shark

d. whale

______9. Percentage of phosphorus in human body.

a. 1%w/w

c. 1.5%w/w

B. 0.5%w/w

d. 2%w/w

______10. pH of human blood.

a. 7.0

c. 7.4

b. 6.5

d. 6.9

______11. This plant specie discovered in the Philippines is known as the metal-eating plant.
a. sundew

c. Rinorea Niccolifera

b. Venus flytrap

d. Plant M

______12. Annular solar eclipse happens every ______.

a. 18 months

c. 12 months

b. 16 months

d. 10 months

______13. It is the closest star to Earth which is about 93 million miles away.
a. Centauri A

c. Proxima Centauri

b. Centauri B

d. sun

______14. The temperature of the sun's core is ________.

a. 15 thousand deg C

c. 15 billion deg C

b. 15 million deg C

d. 15 trillion deg C

______15. Chemical name of Vitamin B12.

a. folic acid

c. cyanocobalamin

b. niacin

d. riboflavin

______16. Who discovered waterproof rubber?

a. Charles Goodyear

c. Charles Macintosh

b. WIlliam Hurst

d. Humphrey Davy

______17. Maximum desirable limit Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) of lead in drinking water.
a. 0.05 mg/L

c. 0.1 mg/L

b. 0.09 mg/L

d. 1.0 mg/L

______18. Acid used mostly for removal of milk stone.

a. phosphoric acid

c. gluconic acid

b. nitric acid

d. tartaric acid

______19. Calgon is used for the removal of

a. sodium carbonate

c. potassium carbonate

b. permanent hardness of water

d. calcium

______20. A solar cell converts the sunlight directly into _______ energy.
a. thermal

c. mechanical

b. electrical

d. chemical