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Vodafone Storage

Secure integrated capacity,
exactly when you need it

Power to you

Overview brochure:
Vodafone Storage Portfolio

Is your data growing too fast for your infrastructure? Are you worried about how and
where you should store it, and the cost? Can your employees access it simply and quickly,
to make the most of its value? Are you worried about security, and disaster recovery and
complying with legislation?
The rapid, continual growth of data has
become the number one IT infrastructure
challenge for organisations. There are
now more sources of data, and frequently
a need to store it for longer. So although
storage costs may be falling, your overall
expenditure is almost certainly increasing.
Our storage portfolio provides the right
balance between performance and
economy. You dont need to store all
your data in primary storage, so why
waste money paying for it? Its difficult
to estimate exactly how much storage
youll need, so why tie-up valuable capital
in unused capacity?
Vodafone will help you resolve these
problems, with a comprehensive portfolio
of products including Primary Storage,
Cloud Storage, Data Protection and
Dedicated Storage. Individually they offer
cost-effective, tailored solutions. Together,
they can provide sophisticated tiered

storage, ensuring you benefit from the

most appropriate product and level of
access for each type of service from
instant availability for business critical
applications, to low-cost archive storage
for infrequently accessed data.
We invest heavily in our advanced data
centres, to deliver market leading storage
services to you. Vodafone storage services
give you choice, allowing you to flex your
requirements up or down, so you only pay
for the storage you need, when you need
it. Your storage will be more affordable
and accessible to all your workforce,
delivering greater value.
In doing so, you become more responsive,
scalable, customer focused and better
connected, with the agility to make the
most of emerging opportunities or react
to imminent threats with the power to
succeed today, while being prepared for
tomorrow. In other words, a ready business
thats ready for anything.

From 2013 to 2020, the digital universe will grow

by a factor of 10 from 4.4 trillion gigabytes to 44
trillion. It more than doubles every two years.
Data from embedded systems will grow
from 8% to 21% by 2020
General IT and Metadata is to grow from 42%
to 53% in 2020
2/3 of Digital Universe of 4.4 Zetabytes is Created by
Consumers, but Enterprises are Responsible for
85% of this
Source: IDC The Digital Universe of Opportunities, April 2014

Overview brochure:
Vodafone Storage Portfolio

Key benefits and features



Gain control of storage costs and

be ready for data growth

Vodafone storage allows you to switch from Capex to Opex, and benefit
from utility pricing you only pay for what you use, when you use it.

Move to more cost-effective storage

Our solutions include automated storage tiering, which provides the best
balance between performance and cost.

Reduce capital expenditure

and improve cash flow

You know your data is growing, but can you accurately predict exactly how
much you will need in 6, 12, or 24 months from now? We can help you avoid
having to forecast your future storage requirements, with its potentially
expensive risk of over-provisioning.

Reduce risk and improve

disaster recovery

With your data stored off-site and replicated in our data centres, youll have
a safe and effective disaster recovery strategy. Youll also know where
sensitive data is stored, to meet compliance legislation.

Improve operational agility

Ensure vital data is accessible, to improve your business agility, operating

efficiency and get to market faster.

Empower your employees

Support Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and mobility strategies, so

employees have easy access to data wherever and whenever they want it.

Reap the benefits of Big Data

With an effective storage strategy, its easier to take full advantage of your
Big Data: facts and insights you can extract from your data can enhance
customer relationships and help you steal a lead on your rivals.

Make the most of valuable skills

Move your IT specialists away from fire-fighting ageing storage platforms,

so they can focus on activities that deliver more value to your organisation.

Overview brochure:
Vodafone Storage Portfolio

Why is storage becoming more

of an issue?
The data your organisation has to handle is growing at an
incredible rate. IDC estimates that while not all things are
connected to the Internet, 20 billion of them were in 2013,
and 32 billion will be by 2020. Moreover transactional data
is constantly increasing and theres an even more rapid rise
in the amount of unstructured data, such as video, voice and
emails. For example, over 2.5 billion content items are shared
on Facebook every day, and the social networking giant now
stores over 100 petabytes of data2. Organisations collecting data
typically have to store it for longer and longer periods to comply
with legislation.
At the same time, remote and mobile working is increasing the
amount of duplicated data, at levels that are difficult for CIOs
and IT Managers to predict. All this exacerbates the storage issue.

IDC Digital Universe Study 2011

Silicon Angle, November 2013

There will be more than 5,200 gigabytes

for every man, woman and child by 2020.

Source: IDC The Digital Universe of

Opportunities, April 2014

Overview brochure:
Vodafone Storage Portfolio

Are you realising the full value

of your data?
While the amount of data you need to
store may pose a problem, it also offers
an opportunity: Big Data is the information
contained in your large and complex data
sets, which could add significant value to
your business, but is difficult to analyse
using traditional data processing systems.
If you can access your Big Data, it can
reveal valuable insights into customer trends
and behaviour, for instance, giving you a
crucial advantage in competitive markets.
The combination of our storage portfolio
and our fast and dependable fixed, mobile
and Cloud connections, can enhance your
business agility. Using their preferred
devices, wherever and whenever theyre
working, your employees can access data
and applications instantly from Primary
Storage, and online Cloud Storage.

How good is your crystal ball?

Can you predict exactly what the future
holds? Do you know precisely how much
storage capacity youll need in two, five
or ten years time? Its difficult to plan
budgets when youre second-guessing
how much storage you need. The
temptation is to over-provision, because
it seems safer to have too much than
too little, but as a consequence you
will end up saddled with the expense
of unused capacity.
Vodafone storage helps prevent this
overspend. With our utility and rental
priced products, such as Primary
Storage and Cloud Storage, you only
pay for the storage you need, and
can easily flex capacity to match
your changing requirements.

Puchased capacity

Storage used

50% of business professionals surveyed

said they expected their overall data storage
to grow between 10 24% a year.

Source: State of Storage survey,

information Week 2012

Overview brochure:
Vodafone Storage Portfolio

Buy or build?
Of course you can keep on expanding
your own data storage facilities to match
your anticipated data growth. But youll be
tying up capital, which could give you more
flexibility in other areas of your business.
Youll also be adding extra work for your
IT people, and committing to extra
expense on space, power and cooling.
Our storage portfolio helps you move from
Capex to Opex. Our solutions allow you to
buy secure storage capacity on a utility basis,
so you can store what you need when you
need, and only pay for the storage youre
actually using. You have the ability to flex
your storage capacity up or down as required.
Youll release your precious capital and
optimise your day-to-day costs too.
Take control, with data lifecycle
Our Storage Portfolio and range of
professional services can help you
introduce data lifecycle management
practices to your business. Whilst frequently
accessed data requires high performance
storage, less frequently accessed or cold
data can be moved to lower cost tiers.
We can help you work smarter, delivering
cost savings now and for the future of
your business.

The data and applications you use everyday

require primary storage for instant access,
but less frequently needed data can be
stored near-line, in our lower cost Cloud
Storage. Other data, which you rarely need
but may be obliged to keep for compliance
purposes, or which is required for backup
purposes, can be deep-archived at the data
protection level, which is cheaper again.
Tiered storage is far more cost-effective
than incurring top-level costs by keeping
all your data in primary storage.
Put your IT talent to better use
Skilled IT staff are hard to come by,
so it seems a waste of their time if theyre
fire-fighting to keep your storage platforms
running, and trying to cope with the
demand. By using our storage solutions,
youll ease their workload and give them
more time to work on activities that add
value to your organisation.

Be confident about security

Naturally youre concerned about your datas security when you involve
a third party. The fact is, with Vodafone storage your data could actually
be more secure.
Our security credentials are second to none. Our data centres are highly
secure and connected by a network, all of which is accredited to UK
Government security levels, and is sufficiently secure and robust to be
part of the Critical National Infrastructure. Several of our data centres
also meet the Governments List X standards for handling protectively
marked Government data. So your data is as safe as it can possibly be.
With your data stored off-site and
replicated between our data centres,
youll be assured of 100% SLAs.
Additionally, all our data centres
are in the UK, so youll know
where your data is stored.

Overview brochure:
Vodafone Storage Portfolio

Can you staff your own

data infrastructure?

The Vodafone storage portfolio

In the next decade:



The number of IT
professionals will grow
by a factor of 1.5

The number of files a

data centre deals with will
increase by factor of 75



Physical and virtual

servers will increase
by a factor of 10

The amount of information

managed by data centres will
increase by a factor of 50

Source: IDC Extracting Value from Chaos, June 2011


Primary Storage

Cloud Storage

High performance, high availability

block-based storage for your most
frequently accessed and demanding
data and production applications.

Object-based archive storage for near-line,

less frequently accessed data, offering
lower costs and compatibility with a
growing range of third-party applications.

Data Protection

Dedicated Storage

Backup and restoration of Primary Storage,

multiple generations of data to protect
against data loss and human error.

A range of dedicated Vodafone storage

platforms, custom-built and managed for
the exclusive use of a single customer.

Overview brochure:
Vodafone Storage Portfolio

How our storage services work

Our Primary Storage services are hosted
in our six, highly advanced and secure
UK data centres, linked by a dedicated,
high-speed optical network. Your data is
stored on a multi-tenant block-based
platform, in one of our data centres of your
choosing; totally isolated from other users
and completely inaccessible to them, but
instantly accessible to you.
The multi-tenant platform helps to reduce
costs, so you benefit from highly competitive
pricing. However, if the multi-tenant platforms
dont suit your needs, we can provide
Dedicated Storage storing your data on
a completely separate, exclusive platform.
We can also offer hybrid solutions, comprising
Dedicated Storage for your most sensitive
data and Cloud Storage for unstructured
data that isnt so sensitive.

At the Primary Storage level, our data

centres use enterprise-grade equipment
with easily scheduled and controlled
backups via Data Protection. To make sure
your data is safe and ensure effective disaster
recovery, its duplicated on redundant
SANs at our other data centres, linked by
our dedicated optical network. We use the
latest enterprise grade technology from our
trusted partners EMC and Cisco, to provide
seamless control of storage and access.

Six highly advanced

secure UK data centres

Overview brochure:
Vodafone Storage Portfolio

What goes where?

Primary Storage
For data that requires instant access
and no risk of loss. For example, billing
processing systems require the
performance and fast recovery times that
only primary data platforms can provide.

Cloud Storage
For near-line archive data, typically
unstructured data such as call centre
recordings. This data supports your
day-to-day operations but is generally
less critical than primary data, so while
it still needs to be relatively easy to access,
instant retrieval isnt required. Using our
Cloud Storage for near-line archiving
reduces your primary storage growth.

Data Protection
Protects primary data where speed
of access is less important. Here the
important criteria are risk management,
assured recovery and retrieval, and
satisfying compliance regulations.

Dedicated Storage
For organisations with data that has to
be stored in complete isolation and where
a shared platform isnt suitable. In this
instance, we can design, build and manage
a dedicated platform for your exclusive
use, to meet your volume, performance,
security and availability requirements.
Our flexible approach to storage allows
you to segregate particularly sensitive
data from lower risk items.

Our Primary Storage offering is an

enterprise grade platform with the highest
levels of performance and availability.
Based across six data centres, it provides
geographic diversity, synchronous
replication and four levels of price and
performance, with highly competitive
rates and monthly billing.

Our Cloud Storage offers lower

usage-based billing than primary storage,
making it ideal for near-line archiving
of files. It includes replication across
sites, providing a high level of protection
and durability for your data. The storage
is unlimited, fully managed and billed
monthly. You can choose from three
levels of resilience and SLAs. You can also
enhance the service and tailor it to your
needs, with integration from third-party
storage and business applications.

Our Data Protection storage uses

industry-leading technology to support
your backup, data recovery and disaster
recovery policies. De-duplication to
reduce storage costs and encryption
for increased protection is also available.
Data integrates with critical business
applications such as Windows, VMware
and Oracle. We offer a range of retention
periods and low cost options, from
near-line archive to deep archive,
including off-site tape storage.

We offer a hybrid approach, so you can

have dedicated Primary Storage alongside
a shared backup and restore platform
and Cloud Storage. This provides all the
flexibility you need for effective storage
tiering, reducing costs while maintaining
operational agility.

Overview brochure:
Vodafone Storage Portfolio

Inform and Transform ensuring

a safe transition

Why Vodafone?
Todays workforce is increasingly mobile, and to be at their most productive your
employees need data at their fingertips. With Vodafone data storage, they can access
that data wherever theyre working. If your organisation supports a BYOD policy
to increase employee effectiveness and satisfaction, our data storage solutions
complement it perfectly, allowing them to use their preferred devices, such as tablets.
Were uniquely qualified to offer you the most effective storage solution for your
business. We can do this because only Vodafone owns all the building blocks of future
IT services Our mobile communications: high speed, high bandwidth and a fixed
network supported by a strong, reliable and secure global IP-VPN network dedicated
to deliver Cloud & Hosted Services wherever you are.

We make moving your data to our storage a safe and seamless process, by using
our proven two-stage methodology.
Stage One Inform establishes an accurate and up-to-date assessment of your
current storage capabilities, analyses your business objectives and presents the
business case for the recommended solution.
Stage Two Transform implements the agreed solution and moves you through
to migration. We manage the process in macro detail, making sure all data is
tracked and accounted for, and ensuring theres no data loss or threat to your
business continuity. Our handover isnt complete until youre fully satisfied and
completely comfortable with accessing and managing all of your data.
We also provide a full managed service where required, to ensure you continue
to benefit from optimum cost effectiveness and operational agility.

42% of data is duplicated.


Source: Symantec state of Information

Global Results March 2012

Moreover Vodafones Application Performance Management (APM) provides the ability

to optimise business communications, make cost effective use of bandwidth and
understand and then control how different business applications and communications
are performing over the IP-VPN network. So your employees can always depend on
reliable communication channels to connect to your data and get the information
they need. For some organisations, the temporary loss of email, for example,
immediately results in lost productivity.
With Vodafone, your employees will be truly empowered: wherever theyre working
and whatever device theyre using, theyll be able to tap into the goldmine of insight
and intelligence in your data, to help you gain a greater business advantage.
At Vodafone, we can also offer you the benefit of a unique combination of expertise,
advanced infrastructure and security.
300 experts
investment in
people, processes
and tools


 40,00 sq ft
data centre
floor space
 1,000+ servers


 2 billion

Overview brochure:
Vodafone Storage Portfolio

Advanced infrastructure
Our scale alone ensures were a leading provider. We provide storage you wont outgrow:

840,000 219MW 41,000+

square feet of data
centre floor space

of power


Your data and your business integrity are safe with us. Weve been
trusted for over 30 years to provide secure infrastructure, and you
can trust us too, because:
We are on the UK Governments List X for secure IT providers

Yet theres more to our infrastructure than size. All cloud and hosting solutions must be connected to a
network, and with the Vodafone Multi-Service Platform, we have one of the largest, fastest, most secure
and reliable networks in the world used and trusted by national and multinational enterprises, and an
integral part of the UK Governments Critical National Infrastructure.
We are innovators, constantly striving to produce groundbreaking products and services. Our track record
of user-focused breakthroughs includes the UKs first mobile call in 1985, and the first SMS text in 1992.
But we dont rest on our laurels; each year we invest 2bn investment in research and development to
help you gain a competitive advantage through more effective IT and technology.


Many of our services can be used at IL3 security level, and above
Our Secure Gateway products are dedicated to ensuring the safety
of your data
Our data centres incorporate high standards of protection, audited
to ISO27001
We have over 800 people across Vodafone focused wholly
on security.

Overview brochure:
Vodafone Storage Portfolio

Our expertise
We invest in people who understand and can help solve your business
needs and pressures.
Our storage management team benefit from frequent and regular
training each year to develop their skills and ensure they have the
latest technology insights, so they can create the most effective
storage solutions for you.
We have a dedicated service team of more than 300 specialists,
with 50 experts who are constantly engaged in proactive monitoring,
to spot and eliminate any problems before they affect you.
Our professional services people will help you maximise the benefits of
our storage services. We can audit your existing arrangements, design
a new solution around your needs, help you prepare a business case
and then ensure a seamless transition. We can also help develop a
data lifecycle management strategy that ensures you achieve the ideal
balance of accessibility, performance and cost.
We also partner with the experts in their particular fields, to bring
you the best available service and technology. Our managed storage
services are enhanced by EMC, the most trusted and highly respected
company in this market with whom weve built a strong and successful
working relationship.


Connect to uniquely effective data storage

Lets talk about your current data storage capacity and your
future plans. Then well explain how Vodafones Storage Portfolio
can provide you with a solution that reduces costs, offers more
flexibility, and is future-proof and secure.
To start the ball rolling, please call us on 0800 096 5838
or email or visit
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