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Mark Twain Webquest: In groups of 2 work together to answer the

NAMES OF GROUP MEMBERS: _________________________ and
A. Biographical information:
1. What was Twains real name?
2. Where was he born?
3. Where did he grow up?
4. He worked as ______________ on the Mississippi River.
5. Mark Twain means
6. When was Huck Finn written?
7. What was the criticism of the novel at the time?
8. What was the criticism of the novel in the 1950s?
B. Halleys Comet:
9. What is the connection between Clemens and Halleys comet?
10. What did Clemens say about the comet?
11. Why is his statement ironic?
12. What is the connection between the Norman invasion and
C. Scrapbook:
13. What is the connection between Twain and scrapbooks?
14. What did he invent?
I. Boyhood/Tom Sawyer Days
15. What word describes his childhood?
16. What did he call his childhood days and why?
II. Old Times
17. What did Twain aspire to become?
18. Who was Horace Bixby?
19. What brought an end to Twains riverboat career?
III. Roughin It
20. How did Twain avoid the war?
21. What new career did he undertake?
22. What did he begin to use during this time?
IV. Trouble Starts at 8
23. What new endeavor did he begin?

24. What was the first topic of his first lecture?

Read the poster and answer:
25. What is claimed about the splendid orchestra?
26. What is claimed about ferocious beasts?
27. What is revealed about the fireworks?
28. What is implied about audience expectations?
V. Gilded Age
29. Who was his wife?
30. What is his connection to Elmira, NY?
VII. A Tramp Abroad
31. Why did Twain live in Europe?
32. What is the American Vandal?
VIII. The Belle of New York
33. What was life like for Twain between 1901 and 1908?
34. Why did he wear white suits?
35. What tragedy occurred?
Click Begin and answer:
36. What mistaken report was given concerning Twain?
37. What famous quip did Twain make about it?
XI. Mysterious Stranger: Click Begin and go to the last page
38. Why did he say he was not keen on being called a great author?
D. Memory Builder: Take the quizzesall of them! Be ready for a quiz with
some of these
same questions