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Medical Transcription

The Ultimate Global Career with High Salary

Potential, Good Career Growth, Job Stability,
Flexible Work Hours, Work-at-Home Options

Asias No.1 MT Institute

Technology, Innovation, and Excellence in Quality Education

Corporate Office: HQMT, #1282, 2nd Floor, 10TH Main Road, Opposit CADD
Centre/Karvy Fin, VIJAYANAGAR, Bangalore-560040
Tele: 080-41699371/ 9945264694 | Email:
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Asias No.1 Expert Online/Regular MT Institute

What is MT?Medical transcription (MT) is an allied healthcare profession which
encompasses the process of converting recorded dictations of patient-doctor
interactions into electronic medical records with the help of PC, word processor,
reference books, MT softwares, internet, etc., for medicolegal and health insurance
reimbursement purposes.

Medical Transcription Careers-FAQ

What is Medical Transcription?
Medical Transcription or MT is the process where one accurately and swiftly transcribes medical records by
listening recorded audio into written format (electronic medical reports).
Who can learn and become a Medical Transcriptionist?
Anyone (PUC, Graduates, Postgraduates in any stream) with good English language skills & basic computer
knowledge can learn MT and work as medical transcriptionist, editor/QA/proofreader/TL, manager, etc.
What is medical transcriptionist salary in India?
Based upon performance (productivity and quality), an average MT can earn anywhere between 18,000 to 70,000
per month or more. Due to dollar to rupee conversion, one can earn more than doctors and engineers in medical
What are medical transcription companies in the India?
There are around 100 MT companies including training institutes. Some of the leading MT companies are
Nuance/Focus, Veribo Softtech, Ashwini Mediscribe, Accoldate Square,Acusis, Scribetech, Cerebra, TransDyne,
M*Modal/CBay, Edictate, Heartland, SAHA, Manipal Omega, Medwirte, etc.
How old is MT in India?
Medical transcription has arrived to India in 1994. MT is one of the first outsourced project from US to India. In
India, Medical Transcription business is 20 years old. The first MT company that commenced operations in India
is Healthscribe/Spheris in 1994. The origin of MT is USA where it is a well established industry which is 35
years old.
What does the medical transcription training involve and what is the MT curriculum?
The training includes a balanced mix of classroom and lab practice. The main subjects in which an individual is
trained are Language of Medicine (LOM), American English, MT rules, Computers Basics, Keyboard skills,
and Medical Transcription Techniques. Besides all these, a lot of inputs are given on Americanisms and Listening
Comprehension Skills.
What is the duration of a MT training program?
The duration as given is 2-6 months. Depending upon individuals English language skills, listening
comprehension, computer knowledge, amount of time spent in practicing dictation files, understanding ability,
etc., it may take minimum 2 months to 6 months. HQMT provides 3-month Expert course with FREE extension
for successful completion of course.
What are Different Modes of Medical Transcription Training Programs?
1) Regular / Classroom MT Training (Parttime or FullTime).
2) Online MT Training programs / Live Video Classes via Interactive Webinars at Home with PC and net.
What are the job prospects in Medical Transcription?
Very good. There are 1000s of vacancies at any time as per job portals. Any MT who is able to transcribe with a
consistent accuracy of minimum 90% and a good speed has got a good future in MT.
What kind of growth does MT industry offer to MT Aspirants?
Presently in the US the demand for MT is increasing at the rate of 20%. It does offer both professional and
monetary growth to an MT. A trained medical transcriptionist has various options depending on the performance,
like Team Leaders / Team Managers, Account Managers /Editor/Proofreaders /QA, production managers, etc.
Can I do home-based MT transcription?
Yes, you can after adequate training with necessary infrastructure like PC, net, backup, reference books, and MT
softwares, you an work full time or parttime from your house across any Indian city. Today there are dedicated
top US-Based companies (eg. Acusis, Edictate, Mediscribe, etc.) who outsource work to thousands of home-based
MTs across India.
NOTE: HQMT Expert Courses (as per AHDI Model Curriculum) are Approved and Recommended by ISO-Certified and
US-Based MNCs like NTS/Nuance India, Acusis, Veribo, Ashwini Mediscribe, Cbay/MModal, Medisoft, BritishOrient,
A.Square, ScribeTech, MedWrite, TransDyne, Manipal Omega Health, etc.

Expert MT Regular and Live Online Courses

Why Home MT?

Regular MT Course

Home Transcription is 100%

Genuine, Flexible, US Govt,
Work- from-Home Job since

Classrooms with State-of-Art

Infrastructure at Convenient
Location with Spacious Lab
and Digital Classroooms with
30 Mbps WiFi Internet Facility

Home MTs work for ISOCertified Co. like Acusis,

Nuance, CBay, Mediscribe,
Sprayance, eDictate, SAHA &
Earn Rs 18 to 70,000 PM

Smart MT e-Classes, Learn

MT 10x Easier & Better and 5x
Faster with 3D Animations on
BIG LCD Screen for Easy
Learning & 100% Results

To Join Home MT Career,

You need PC, Broadband Net,
Good English, HQMT
Training & Certificate, OJT,
99% Accuracy, HIPAA

UNLIMITED Lab-Practical
Training, Unlimitd Revision
Classes for Perfection.

Learn & Work from any

Town or City at your Flexi
Hours as Home MT.
NO Traffic, NO Travel, NO
Pollution, NO Age Bar, No
Risks, No Scams, No Worry;
Save Money, Save Time,
Prevent Global Warming
7000+ Job Openings from
over 300 MT Co's, PartTime
or FullTime, DayShift.
or Editor, Become Part of 3
lacs Home MTs in India/USA

FREE ASR QA (in-house*)

Training by No.1 MNC with
Rs. 15,000 Stipend.
100% Job Guarantee* in
World's Largest MNC with
FREE Food, Bonus, Fastest
Growth & Salary of 1-6
Lacs/year as QA.
100% Track Record, AHDICompliant, No.1 MNC-Appd
Inst, Live OJT training to gain
work experience.
Well Experienced &
Certified MNC Trainers From
(ex) Spheris & CBay+ US
Trainers (Video Modules)

Online MT Course
Online MT Training program
strictly as per AHDI COMPRO
Most Powerful Teaching
Methods for Easy learning
Daily Live Audio-Video
Interactive Classes via AwardWinning EduSoft by xSpheris
MNC trainers (ISO-Certified
No.1 MNC since 1994)
Learn 24x7, Anywhere,
Antytime with 300 Easy-toLearn Video Tutorials from
anywhere India or World.
Exclusive Tie-up with
World's No.1 ISO-Certified MT
Co. M*Modal/Cbay for 100%
Instant Feedbacks with Live
Correction Report Analysis &
Daily Live Practical DemosOnly from HQMT
Learn from India's No.1
Expert MT Training Guru with
14 Years of MT-Training
Experience from No.1 MNC.
FREE eScription Editor,
Typing, & Computer Course
with paid Expert-MT Course.

Live Online MT Course at Home

Learn MT at Home through Web-Based Live Online VideoAudio Conference Classes (You will Experience Live
Regular Classroom at your Home as if trainer is sitting next
to you) where student can ask doubts via headphone mic or
chat to trainers to clarify doubts. Attend Live Classes with
single click of mouse via LMS website. Also be connected
always to trainers via Skype chat to get Anytime help,
support, guidance while you practice audio files at home
with live feedbacks/online tests, etc. You never Feel alone at
home with HQMT live online classes. Learn Anywhere,
Anytime 24x7 web access with PC and net at Flexible Hours
with Unlimited Recorded Video classes for revision. Save
Money, Time, Travel, Stress, Pollution by taking online
course at home from any city or town across India.

Home Transcription Careers

Home Transcription job includes transcribing or editing medical
reports for US hospitals via Indian MT Cos from home using PC,
net, MT soft wares, FTP, etc. without travelling to office. Home
Transcription Jobs have been very popular in America since 1980s
and then in India since 2000 during which time many MTs started
working form home for home transcription companies like Acusis,
M*modal, eDictate, Spryance, Mediscribe, Focus MT, etc.
Home transcription jobs are very rewarding as one need not travel to
the office in traffic and can save precious time and money in
commuting to the office. At the same time, work from home
transcription jobs provide flexibility, freedom, and savings in terms of
money and time. To get home transcriptionist job, one must first learn
MT either online at home or by taking regular classroom training and
then can opt to work from home. To get success in HBT, one must
take comprehensive training in not just MT but also in computer,
technology, internet, experience, etc. and must work independently to
meet high accuracy and TAT requirements of clients.

Top 10 Benefits of Home Transcription Careers

100% Genuine , Stable, NASSCOM-Approved, Well-Established Career at Home; NO SCAMS like other jobs.
No need to travel for hours in heavy traffic and spend money outside.
Enjoy Flexible working hours You can manage many tasks along with home MT from the comfort of home like
taking care of kids, watching TV, taking breaks between work, etc.
No need to work 8-12 hours / day as in office, just spend 4-6 hours of actual working duration.
Get upto 50% more salary for the same effort you put as company saves huge overheads.
No Workplace Harassment or office politics or Angry Boss; Feel Comfortable Work place at Your Home.
Since internet is global, you can carry your job wherever you go. No need to change jobs.
High Salary as Home MT with Savings! You can earn as much as you are capable of and want to earn based upon
quality (accuracy) and quantity (line count).
We will teach you how to transcribe faster using Instant Text and give better quality.
You can learn from anywhere in India and work as home-based medical transcriptionist.
Be part of 50,000 Indian MTs and 150,000 Home-Based MTs in US, Canada, UK, Australia, etc.
No need to get up early morning and reach office in hurry-No Stress, No Hurry, No Risks

Medical Transcription News Headlines

"An estimated 180,000 MTs to be employed by 2018." NASSCOM Study

"There is an acute shortage of qualified MTs in the US and India" - Indian Express
"Home-based medical transcription catching up - A rewarding career for women" THE HINDU
"Medical transcription's rewriting India chapter" - Economic Times
Medical Transcription: A Viable Work At Home Career Hindusthan Times
Home Transcription - Work is where home is! Deccan Herald
Learn Medical Transcription Earn Like Software Engineers Times of India
"India is the obvious destination to fill the void of over 1,00,000 MTs." Express HealthCare
"Medical transcription service in India has generated over 5,000 jobs and the potential could be
1,60,000 by 2018" Times of India
"Medical transcription is only the beginning" - Financial Express
"MT offers high career growth" - Sify News


MT Levels
Junior MT
Senior MT
Independent MT
Executive MT
Home-Based MT

Editor Levels
Trainee Editor
Senior Editor
Quality Controller

Management Levels
Teal Leader
Account Lead
Prod Manager
Quality Manager
Quality Auditor


Working Days

Dictation Audio

Approximate Work Hours


Monthly Salary


1 hr/day

3-5 hours


Rs 15-18,000


1-1/2 hrs/day

5-7 hours


Rs 25-27,750


2 hrs/day

6-8 hours


Rs 35-36,960


3 hrs/day

9-10 hours


Rs 50-54,200


4 hrs/day

10-12 hours


Rs 65-70,800

NOTE: In medical transcription, you can write your own paycheck. As there is no limit for line incentives, you can
earn above average salary based upon your performance. MT salary figures depend upon your performance, skills,
hard work, and dedication. Home Transcription Salary entirely depends upon your performance like productivity
(how many lines you transcribe or edit as QA) and quality of your work (accuracy of your files). If you do 30-min to
1 hr audio, you will earn less than production salary. This salary has been calculated at a rate of 1.20 ps/line with
minimum of 90% accuracy [or less than 30 errors/1000 lines] Salary varies across MT companies.

Asias No.1 MT Interactive Live

Online/Regular MT Institute

Medical Transcription (MT) - The Ultimate Global Career with Very High Salary
Potential, Career Growth, Job Stability, Flexible Work Hours, Work-at-Home Options

Feedbacks about HQMT Training

HQMT has passio fo MT edu atio a d has ee doi g e elle t jo i ualit t ai i g i
edi al
transcription field. Cbay/M*Modal has been recruiting students from HQMT since 2006 and is looking to
recruit more for ASR training, then into production. We have also recommended some students to HQMT
fo fo al t ai i g. Santhosh Kumar R, HR Manager, Modal Global/CBay Services Ltd.
I know Dr. Rudresh, from Healthscribe Days in early 2000. HQMT has become training leader in market and has
very good name. Since, HQMT uses online e-learn Webinar platform, it can reach out whole India and train students
from across India. Nuance is planning to recruit at least 1200 MTs immediately, and HQMT can train students all
over India and make it possible. Gideon Jagadish, HR Manager, Nuance/NTS (Transcend) India, Bangalore.
"I have completed training from HQMT and now working as home-based eScription Editor for Nuance/NTS india,
Bangalore. I am very much satisfied about HQMT training and very much impressed by the 3D Animations which
helped to me understand medicine easily. Practical Demo Classes of Live MT Jobs helped me to learn transcription
process easily as we could clear doubts then and there itself. Pavan Shekar, HQMT-Trained Student working for
Nuance, Bangalore, as home-based eScription Editor.

I got t ai ed at HQMT Koramangala B i 00 fo

os a d got i sta t jo at Cbay and Now I work as
senior Home-Based QA with Salary of Rs 78,0000 PM with 18 Laks incentives in last 5 Yrs. Dr. Rudresh is
best trainer in India at HQMT who makes learning MT easy and effective. I recommend HQMT for MT
ou se fo all. Tha k ou HQMT a d est wishes. - Manthu Hosamani, Home-Based QA for Cbay
I took MT ou se i Vijayanagar Br in 2010, now works as senior QA for Manipal Omega, Blore. I think only
HQMT can give Expert MT course which makes learning MT easy and more effective. The US trainers, 3D
Animations on Projectors, Live LAB demos, daily feedbacks, US accent training, etc., made me to get MT job
easil . M ala is ot Rs 0,000 PM, I ea hed ,000 ala i just
o ths. Tha k You HQMT
BhagyaRaju, Blore-Based In-House QA, Manipal Omega, Airport Road, Bangalore
I joined HQMT in 2007 after I had a bad training in different institute. I got excellent training by highly
experienced faculty with unlimited practical training. I got job at Nuance (Focus MT) and now works as Production
Manager with Salary of 1.2 Laks/Month which is a big salary for BCom Grads. I always recommend HQMT for real
MT training and jobs. Mr. Anand, Production Manager, Nuance/Focus, Koramanagala
I took MT training in 2008 from HQMT and joined Cerebra Infotech, Rajajinagar, Blr and Now works as Team
Lead with a Double Digit Salary. As HQMT has digital smart classes and has ex-Spheris MNCtrainers, the course
was perfect and got 100% Practical training which improved accuracy. If anyone joins HQMT, do not have to worry
about quality and job as you can get best training with MNC job after training with accuracy. Thank You HQMT.
Shivkumar, Team Leader, Cerebra Infotech, Rajajinagar
I a D . Hasham from Delhi. I came all the way from Delhi to Join HQMT Training at Vijayanagar in 2008. I am
very happy about HQMT as the training was at its best, and every trainer was excellent and very helpful and very
cooperative who guided me from basic level to advanced level. If you join HQMT, you do not have to worry about
future. Daily Demo practicals and live correction feedbacks were excellent. Today I am working for M*Modal as
senior QA with Rs 80,000 PM salary, all credits go to HQMT. Dr. Hasham, Airport Rd Br, Cbay/M*Modal