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Adrian Dennis

Types of photographs: Sport, Special interest

Media Products: interactive media online

Image 1, The simplicity of one tractor on a field, bland

colours, not too much going on in the picture.

Image 2, the dark shadowing of the stadium, silhouetting the

athlete with the sun behind them and the wide low angle
gives a grander feel to the picture.

Image 3, the dark background makes the focus on the

woman holding the javelin. The javelin being in front of her
face indicates to us what her sport is. The one beam of
light behind her is illuminating her face.

Image 4, the blue tit is the main focus of the image, the twig it is hanging
off of is not in focus in the background or the foreground only where the
blue tit is touching it. The colours of the blue tit are attractive and make
the image more appealing to look at.

Image 5, the bold colours of the buildings make this

picture attractive, it makes it stand out and intriguing to
the viewer, the simplicity of just the buildings and the
men cleaning the windows makes it nice to look at as
theres not too much going on within the photo.