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Ainslee Brewster

820 Avenue A
College Station, TX 77840
Educational Experience
December 2016 Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas
B.S. in Interdisciplinary Studies, Special Education emphasis
May 2012
Uvalde High School, Uvalde Texas
Texas Certification
December 2016
Special Education EC-12
Generalist EC-6
English as a Second Language

Professional Preparation
Special Education
Spring 2016 Student Teaching, CSISD, 15 weeks
College Hills Elementary CASL 3
Implemented instructional and behavior interventions
Collaborated and planned instruction alongside instructional assistants
Communicated effectively with parents
Collected data
CPI certified- October 12th, 2016
Spring 2015 Transition Preparation, CSISD, 36 hours
A&M Consolidated High School
Co-taught lessons
Taught one-on-one & group lessons
Used IEPs to develop a modified lesson plan for a struggling student
Attend Speech therapy, and ARDs
Fall 2015
Senior Methods, College Station ISD, 150 hours
Oakwood Intermediate CASL 5th & 6th,
Taught Social Skills lessons
Sat in on speech therapy
Sat in on meetings between teachers and administrators
Managed student behaviors

Rock Prarie Elementary Resource 3rd & 4th

Co-taught math
One-on-one teaching reading/writing/math
Observed using social stories for behavior management

Ainslee Brewster
Texas A&M Professional Experience
Bayne, K. & Brewster, L. (2015) Test review of the CELF-5th edition, Presented at Texas
A&M University, Special Education Program, December 1, 2015.
Evaluation of early pre-service teachers teaching using a modified professional appraisal

General Education
Spring 2015 Junior Methods, College Station ISD, 165 hours
Rock Prairie Elementary, Kindergarten
Collaborated with general and speech therapist
Co-taught lessons
Attended SIT meeting
Managed Classroom

Related Professional Experience

Summer 2014-Present Child-care Provider, College Station, TX
1 infant with special needs
Worked with child on therapy development
Summer 2014 Camp-Learn-A-Lot, Bryan, Texas
BCS Down Syndrome Association
Afternoon tutoring, and fun for kids with Down Syndrome
Worked individually with one child
Fall 2013
Be the One program, Bryan, Texas, Sam Houston Elementary
Observed elementary-age children
Tutored elementary-age children in reading and math
Assisted at lunch time
Fall 2012

Buddy Program

Interacted with nonverbal special needs child

Created activities for child, and siblings to engage in
Student Council for Exceptional Children, Texas A&M University
Attended meetings

Ainslee Brewster
Fall-Spring 2012 Texas A&M Phi Lamb Chapter
Volunteered Childcare services for single mothers
Attended worship, and meetings
Weekly group activities
Fall 2012
Project Sunshine
Assisted at group events involving special needs children
Attended weekly meetings
Interacted with a buddy at weekly activities

Uvalde High school student leadership
Special Olympics volunteer
Life Skills classroom carwash volunteer
Uvalde 4H Chapter
Attended all monthly meetings
Participated in volunteer work
Participated in livestock shows
Assisted child with special needs in live stock show competitions
Johnette Jordan -
Margaret Michel
Kelly Schmid -
Karen Watt
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