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4 Promotion Strategy
Nestle are using promotional strategy to promote their product which is milo for convincing
their target customers that their goods and services which are offered to provide a differential
advantage over the competition. Milo is convincing their customer that children will be more
energetic, sports man will be more powerful, and students will be more active if they
consume Milo. These promotional strategies which are:
1. Advertising
Nestle Company uses one of the marketing communications which is advertising to
promote this product which is Milo. According to the market researches, the majority
of people prefer to watch TV channel when they are free at home. Therefore, Nestle
Company uses the major media type which is Television. For an example, the main
channel in U.S which are MTV, Star Movies, cartoon network whereas in Malaysia
are NTV7, TV1 and TV3. Hence, the company manages to promote their product
through television advertisement effectively. The main purpose of this advertising is
increasing product awareness and attracting wider consumer.
Outdoor media is one of the marketing strategies which is using by Nestle Company.
Nestle Company almost sponsor all type of sport event and also collaborate with
Ministry of Sports and Youth in order to organize national and international sport
event. For an instance, Nestle (M) Berhad had sponsored The Malaysian Hockey
Federation National Under 16 championship for the NSC Trophy in March 11,2011
and presented RM35,000 in cash as sponsorship towards the championship.
Furthermore, Nestle Milo also open a booth in every event they sponsored and giving
out free Milo drinks. It is really effective since it can instill relationship between
product and consumers.
Internet is another huge media for advertising Milo. This may include websites, web
pages, blogs or social networks such as Facebook and 11street. Nestle have their own
website which is more than 100 countries are registered under this
website. Nestle also have their own website for each product that they sell (e.g. which is estimated around 30,000 products worldwide. It is
established so that consumer can easily find information about their particular product
and also as a medium for consumer to leave their suggestion in order for Milo to
improve their product. Moreover, consumer can visit the online shopping website to

buy milo without going to shopping mall. Consumer can be order their products from
this website 11Street or Lazada. It is really more convenient to save cost and time.
Printed media includes newspapers, magazines as well as posters. Nestle promote
Milo in childrens magazine since they are the main target market for the product. The
advertising should support public figures such as Umer Akmal in order to attract
sportsmen and children who involves in sports. Posters are usually distributed to all
wholesaler and retailers who are selling Milo which can help people to recognize the
places that do sell Milo.
2. Sale Promotion
Promotional activities is one of the effective way to increase sale volume. Nestle
Company offers some promotion discount or giving free gifts to attract consumer to
buy. For example:

Free 200ml Milo on purchase of 6 cans:

If the customer buys 6 cans of Milo, they will get 1 free small pack of Milo and
this promotion valid for some period.

Buy 1kg Milo and get a free cup:

This is the second activity of Milo to promote their product. If the customers buy 1
KG pack of Milo, they will get 1 Milo Cup. This kind of promotion will attract all
the kids and even the adult to buy it.
3. Public Relation
Nestle Company also provide supports to National Marathon for helping
underprivileged children. The MILO Marathon Help Give Shoes campaign called
on runners from all walks of life to come together in order help provide thousands of
underprivileged children with running shoes. There are more than 200,000 runners
joining the 34th National MILO Marathon. As a result, over 4,000 public school
children each received a brand new pair of running shoes, shoes that they can use for
school, for sports and other activities.