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Dance Fitness Course Outline

Teacher: Mrs. C. Zaseybida,, 250-870-5105 (6824)

Room: 153 (dance studio), use gym change room to change (lockers are for day-use only!)
Course Description: This course will be similar to a dance class, but is not performance based. It will focus
more on your overall fitness and well-being. Clean indoor running shoes will be required for this course.

Requirements: Energy, willingness to share ideas, commitment to hard work, lock, water bottle,
positivity, appropriate dance - gym wear, and running shoes.
*Dance wear can be a combination of any of the following: clean runners, sweats, shorts (not too short though), tshirts (please make sure clothes fit and are appropriate). For some dances, we will wear indoor running shoes, for
others, bare feet. Please label your dance wear and shoes. Please have 2 sets of gym strip so when you take one
set home you still have gym strip to wear! Do not lend out your dance strip! Wash often!

Why dance and get fit?

Dance is the art of transforming images, ideas and feelings into movement. It is a fine balance of skills, attitudes and
knowledge and stretches the limits of the human spirit. To dance is to express and emote. Everyone is capable of
participating at their own level and with modifications self-esteem development, health, happiness and wellness,
functional fitness, and life-long learning are the foundations of this course.
With emphasis on the Core and Dance Fitness Competencies (Physical Literacy, Healthy and Active Living, and
Social and Community Health) students will:
Develop Critical Thinking skills of analyzing, questioning, and self-monitoring through the
creative process of dance, fitness, and self-evaluation.

Develop Creative Thinking skills of exploration, selection, combination, refinement, costuming

and reflection to compose movement sequences, warm-ups, and dances.
Develop Communication skills to acquire, connect, interpret, inform, and engage with others by
using the elements of movement (body, space, time, dynamics and relationships)
Develop Personal Awareness and Responsibility through self-motivation, self-regulation, and
well-being through fitness, dance education and participation. Strive for physical, emotional, and
mental well-being by connecting the body and mind.
Develop Social Responsibility by focusing on cooperation and respect for others through
knowledge and understanding of dance in the community and world cultures.
Develop Positive and Cultural Identity through the exploration of personal identity values,
strengths, areas of potential growth, abilities, and healthy choices - relating personal context to
diverse cultural contexts.

Potential Genres of Dance and Fitness:

To condition both the body and the mind, we will start slowly developing our core strength, aerobic and anaerobic
fitness, and mental focus. This way we will prevent injuries, get fit, and learn and appreciate many types of dance
fitness. The following are types of dance fitness genres we will possibly explore:





Resistance training

Hip hop

Boot camp

Circuit training

Street Jazz

Functional Fitness


Your suggestion!

Ethnic dance

Floor barre

Aerobic Fitness

Expectations, Attendance & Participation:

on time

Students must be in class

(You are given 5 min. after the 2nd bell to change, and 5
minutes to get dressed at end of class).
AM fitness 7:25 am to 8:35 am, Mon. and Wed.
No food or drink allowed in the dance studio (only water!) NO GUM! Repeat offenders will
lose marks and wash windows.
All backpacks and extra school supplies must be left in the change room LOCKED UP! You
will need to have your own lock and take it off each class. The change rooms are not always
locked up.
Dance wear is to be worn in every class, no exceptions. Students who forget strip lose marks, and
will be expected to participate regardless. Please wash it often! Shower or use wipes to clean up
after class.
Active participation in every class is a must. Excused classes (absences and notparticipating) will be made up with dance assignments. Marks will be lost for unexplained
absences and lates.
It is expected that at this level, students are able to work independently and in self-directed

At beginning of class, please stretch or practice the current choreography your class is
working on. Be productive! Daily participation marks start when you walk in the door!
We expect that every student be responsible for themselves and show respect to others at all
Please do not sit in teacher area, use desk, or touch teachers belongings!

Injuries & Illness:

A note to excuse not participating in class when attending class is needed.

A note to excuse not being in class is needed especially if there is an illness and injury.
If you miss one week of classes due to illness or injury, you must bring a doctors note
to your teacher on the day of the class or as soon as you return to class. For more serious injuries,
please bring a doctors note stating the expected length of recovery. Without a note, you will lose
If you are sick or injured for an extended period of time (one month), it is recommended that you
take Dance Fitness or another PE type credit when you are well at a later date you will be
enrolled into a 10 week course. In order to graduate, you need a PE 10 credit.

Assignments & Activities:

Group and solo choreographies/warm-ups

Teaching other students
Journaling (ideas, reflections, choreography notes, costumes, pictures)
Researching dance, wellness, and fitness topics
In-class performances
Grade 10 Act Foundation First Aid
Learning to become a Teacher Assistant (TA)
Learning dance terminology
Breath work or Wellness project
Your suggestion!


PARTICIPATION: Participation, attitude, contributing to conversation, asking questions, leadership, strip

and overall behavior, attendance and being on time............................................................60%
PSYCHOMOTOR: Skill and fitness development and improvement, performance assessment
........25 - 30%
COGNITIVE: Knowledge of terminology, written, wellness, and group assignments...........10 - 15%
Curricular enrichment: If you are close to getting the next letter grade or just want to boost up your mark,
you can always make dance teacher a cool warm-up CD, do an inspirational dance poster, or come up with
your own bonus mark assignment! (Like making up a dance and performing it!)

Dance Fitness infractions (lose marks for):

Unexcused absence(s)/lateness
Not participating without a note
No-shoes/no gym strip
Inappropriate talking or behavior in class
Chewing gum
Not completing make up assignments and assessments for missed classes.

Incomplete (I):
Students must complete the course requirements in a given term in order to receive a mark for
that term. The `I' stands for `INCOMPLETE' and means that the student has not yet completed
the course requirements for that term. Any student with less than 60% approximately

half way through the term receives an interim report card if the term mark
goes below 50 % by the time the report card is issued; he/she will receive an
`F'. There will be no opportunity to change the `F' to a passing grade.
Make-up assignments for excused absences/not-participating and assessment
There will be a binder in the cubbies that will have many different types of PEwellness assignments. Typically, you will do one assignment for every class missed
(assignment topic may be specific to the class so check with Zaz) and catch up on
your missed choreography and assessment. Make sure you write your full name,
block, the date you missed participating in, and reason for not participating (ie. due
to excused absence, illness, injury) on your make-up assignment. HAND INTO
Any missed choreography and assessments will be YOUR responsibility to makeup. If not caught up, mark will become a "0". You will have to come in before
school or lunch to make-up assessment if class has moved onto a new unit. There

typically is an assessment after each dance we learn. There will be 2-3 written
assignments per term to complete.

Accountability student daily self-evaluation mark:

You will mark yourself

daily for your attendance, being on time, being prepared, effort and behavior, contributing to class
discussion. "0" will be given to unexcused absences and not-participating. You will then add up all your
scores at the end of the month and give Zaz a score out of 100. If you do not do this for the month, your
monthly evaluation mark will be a "0". Your self-evaluation sheet will be kept in a file folder on the

Daily Participation Assessment &

Evaluation Scale






ALWAYS willingly engages in physical activities with

a positive attitude and enthusiasm. Concentration
and extra effort are displayed. Works co-operatively
with all class members. Takes on various roles and
responsibilities. Demonstrates leadership skills,
accepts responsibility, organizes, motivates others
and is a positive role model for others. Is aware of
safety and interested in well-being of others.
In general, focused, on task, prepared,
attends, on time, talks appropriately in class,
and works to full potential in warm-up and
when learning choreography (not leaning on
bar and able to spread out and create space
when dancing). Works towards personal
wellness and fitness goals.
Does the above often at an 80% effort level.
Does the above at a 60% effort level.
Present, often late, participates only when
encouraged. Does not try new activities or
challenges. Needs constant reminders to work
cooperatively and safely. Does not work towards
attainable personal goals. Effort at a 50% or less
Student is present but does not participate thus
evaluation is not possible. The student is breathing.
Cannot evaluate progress. Student is absent from
the class or has been removed.

Lets have a great year! Kick high, breathe, laugh, sweat, work
hard, think positively, feel great, be accountable, and most
importantly have fun! Zaz


The return of this page next class is worth 5% of your mark.

To create a budget for Dance Fitness to pay for field trips and professional guest instructors,
students can DONATE $10 this is typically one of the favorite Dance Fitness activities!
Payment on line or by cheque (on-line payment will be set up by mid-September).
Please also sign the general field trip form.

Parent/Guardian: Please fill out the bottom form to show that you have read the Dance Fitness
Course Outline and understood the expectations of the course.
STUDENT NAME______________________________


PARENT/GUARDIAN NAME (please print)_________________________________

PARENT SIGNATURE __________________________________________________
PHONE NUMBER (home) _____________________ (work) ____________________
Email: ______________________________________
Medical Information: Please write down any injury or medical condition that could affect your dancer's


Please read and sign below:

_____ yes, _____no I have read the Dance Outline and understand the commitment involved in taking
this program. I am 100% committed to learning and participating to the best of my ability in class.
STUDENT SIGNATURE__________________________________________________

Thank you for your time!

Crystal Zaseybida
KSS Dance Fitness and Locally Developed Physical Education Teacher
Pesos-Pennies for Shade Co-founder
KSS Wellness Team Sponsor