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Adrian Dennis
Adrian Dennis is a sports focused photographer and takes many pictures
regarding casual sports and eventing sports such as the Olympics. He
aims for pictures that capture the personality and atmosphere of each
game/sport, and makes them feel unique in each angle that he captures
them in. Aidan currently has work within the Agence France-Presse and
has been working as part of their staff since 2000. Before working on
primarily sports photography, he used to cover news assignments
regarding sports in the late 90s.
I like his photos because they capture the emotion and energy of the
This image of the sprinter
shows the amount of energy
and emotion, and passion that
goes into her sport.

This image is unique because

it shows the sport in all of its
glory and energy.

This image is good because it

shows the happiness and
emotion that is apparent after
the famous athletes sprint.

This image is good because it

shows the dedication and
passion within a game of
This image is great because it
shows the happiness and
enjoyment from the players
after their victory in a football