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About the company

Founded in April 2014 in Silicon Valley, Droom is Indias first & largest marketplace to buy and sell new and
used automobiles and automobile services. Droom has taken a completely innovative and disruptive approach
to build trust and pricing advantages for buyers.
With its technology driven marketplace approach, droom enables transactions between buyers and sellers by
bringing transparency, building trust, and mitigating information asymmetry. Droom is a mobile first
marketplace with a presence on three platforms i.e. Android, iOS and Desktop.
Droom has a very strong and proven founding team with 50 years of combined experience in technology,
Internet, E-Commerce and FMCG including 20 years in Silicon Valley. Sandeep Aggarwal is founder of
Droom. Prior to Droom, Sandeep founded, Indias first & largest managed marketplace and 5th
Unicorn in the Consumer Internet in India. Droom has a team of 160+ and is funded by some of the leading
global venture investors.
The experience of buying and selling an automobile is completely broken and full of pain points and friction.
With its disruptive marketplace approach, Droom is leveraging technology and data in a way that removes
impediments why a transaction between two unknown people may not take place. With drooms innovative
approach buyers get huge selection, low prices, and develop trust while sellers get access to millions of online
shoppers, higher trade velocity, and a full stack of sellers' tools and e-commerce services to self-manage their
online store at droom.

Product Category Wise Sales Distribution for FY 16

Key investors:
Digital Garage

Beenos Partners


Key competitors: Cardekho

In the news

JUL 16, 2016: Award Win - India's most admired E-commerce company
JUN 02, 2016: Droom raises Series B funding from BEENEXT, Digital
Garage & others.

DEC 22, 2015: Awarded the Top 50 Entrepreneur Award for early traction in the used two-wheeler
marketplace segment; for its smart Supercar marketing campaigns with Uber and for touching Rs. 4.5
cr. in sales within 100 days of launch.
DEC 22, 2015: Droom Awarded as 20 Hot Start-ups in India by Forbes,

About the company
Founded in April 2010 in Hyderabad, Aurigene is a specialized biotech company committed to our vision of
being the most respected and valued biotech in India. It is a R&D venture of Dr. Reddys Labs, a
major Indian pharmaceutical firm. Hailed as the new IT in India, the biotechnology
industry has generated much excitement about its potential for generating foreign
exchange as well as employment opportunities. The case profiles the state of the Indian
biotechnology industry in 2002, and focuses on an attempt to replicate the successful IT
off-shore services model to biotechnology. Discussion issues pertain to the offshore
services model in R&D, corporate venturing issues, and the strategic challenges of
building high technology firms in the developing world.
Focused on oncology and inflammatory diseases, Aurigene has applied it deep target and therapeutic area
expertise, gained from the experience of multiple programs, to deliver both small molecule and peptide drug
candidates to its biotech and pharmaceutical partners. Aurigene has pioneered a unique model of Drug
Discovery collaborations with large-pharmaceutical, mid-pharmaceutical companies and Biotechs.
In addition, Aurigene has also developed a pipeline of assets for licensing in oncology and inflammatory
diseases. Based in Bangalore, Hyderabad and Kuala Lumpur, Aurigene has a fully integrated Drug Discovery
infrastructure from Hit Generation to Pre-clinical development.
Aurigenes product pipeline includes PD-L1/Vista, TIM-3/PD1, CD47, IDO, ROR Agonist, STING, IRAK4,
NAMPT, KRAS, CDK7, BET Bromodomain, PRMT5, CBP/P300, and ROR Inverse Agonist. It operates
through big pharma and mid-pharma companies in the Europe and US. The company operates through its
office located in India. Aurigene is headquartered in Bangalore, Karnataka, India.
Few Company Infographics :

Key investors:
Dr. Reddy's Laboratories
Key competitors: Kemwell Biopharma, Alcami, CMC Biologics
In the news

JUN 30, 2016: Aurigene Discovery Technologies has moved one step closer
to developing a capsule that can potentially alter the treatment

APR 17, 2016: Aurigene presents its cdk7 and kras covalent inhibitor programs at
AACR 2016
SEP 21, 2016: UPCOMING EVENT: Pharma Chem Outsourcing 2016

About the company
Pitney Bowes is a global technology company that powers physical and digital transactions that drive commerce. It offers
products and solutions that enable commerce in the areas of shipping and mailing, customer information management,
The companys shipping and mailing offerings focus on postage meters, online postage, inserting, multi-channel customer
communications, management and tracking, mail and parcel sorting, postage management, address management,
outbound and inbound package management, production and finishing, printing, outsourced mailing services, and postage
and carrier accounting. Its customer information management solutions focus on customer analytics, data management
The companys portfolio of location intelligence offerings includes infrastructure asset management, geographic
information systems, market analytics, location intelligence software, and location and business data. It also offers
solutions and services to support synchronized communications execution, personalized customer engagement, and crossborder shipping. Pitney Bowes was founded in 1920 and is based in Stamford, Connecticut.

Key investors:
Public, NYSE, PBI


In the news

JUL 19, 2016: Pitney Bowes Introduces SmartLink for connecting metering
machines to clouds.
JUL 04, 2016: Pitney Bowes Named to the Best Companies to Work For List in
IndiaDEC 22, 2015:

About the company
Furlenco is Indias first and only Home Furniture Subscription Program based out of Bangalore. Founded by
Ajith Karimpana in 2011, Furlenco was born out of his frustration at finding well-designed, sophisticated and
affordable furniture to rent for his home. Furlenco offers a range of curated home furniture experiences,
designed to suit the lifestyle needs of varied audiences spanning students to families and expatriates. Our
solutions are convenient, cost-effective and offer access to quality furniture with the added advantage of being
able to exchange it at will depending on your requirements
Key investors:
LightBox Ventures

Key competitors: Pepperfry, Urban Ladder, FabFurnish, Home Lane

In the news

Jun 16, 2016Business Wire India - Furniture Industry Start-ups can

Expect a Boost of 49% in Two Years: Craft Driven Market Research
Jun 2, 2016 Financial Express - Google tax to impact start-ups
Apr 16, 2016 - Furlenco Unveils The First Look Of Its
Infomercial With TVF In Pune
Feb 2, 2016 Business Wire India - Mumbai and Bangalore's Popular RJs
Geared Up to Match Wits and Words in the War of the RJs Presented by
Dec 9, 2015 TechInAsia - The year ahead: 2016s most anticipated
shakeups in Indias startup scene
Nov 25, 2015
IBT - Technology - How New Age Finance Is Changing
India, From Saving Up For The Football World Cup To Building A
Bangalore Startup
Nov 23, 2015
Times of India - Sitemap - RentoMojo raises Rs 13
crore from IDG Ventures & Accel Partners
May 27, 2015
e27 News - "Tech that can make people lazy has huge
potential in India"

About the company
Founded in 2010 and headquartered at San Bruno, California, USA, Freshdesk is a cloud-based customer
support platform that enables companies to provide multichannel support via phone, email, chat and social

Key investors:
Accel Partners

Google Capital


In the news

JUL 22, 2016: Freshdesk Blog Customer Spotlight: Brandt Industries' quest
to transform their IT culture
JUN 02, 2016: Droom raises Series B funding from BEENEXT, Digital
Garage & others.
DEC 22, 2015: Awarded the Top 50 Entrepreneur Award for early traction in the used two-wheeler
marketplace segment; for its smart Supercar marketing campaigns with Uber and for touching Rs. 4.5
cr. in sales within 100 days of launch.
DEC 22, 2015: Droom Awarded as 20 Hot Start-ups in India by Forbes,

About the company
Directi, founded in 1998, is a 350+ million dollars group of Businesses, that develop innovative mass-market
Web Products serving millions of Customers worldwide. Directi businesses rank amongst the fastest growing
businesses worldwide in their corresponding industry segments. The combined Product Portfolio of various
Directi businesses includes - Communication and Collaboration apps, Social Networking software, Instant
messaging, Context Analysis Engines, Antispam and Antivirus Solutions, Large scale Billing and Provisioning
platforms, Traffic Monetization Solutions, Online Advertising Solutions, DNS Management Products, Linux
and Windows Server Management Software, Web Hosting Control Panels and much more.
Directis web presence business Acquired by Endurance International on September 11, 2013.
Unique aspects about Directi:
All Directi businesses are bootstrapped. None of the portfolio companies have any external debt or
investments. All businesses (barring the newest ones) are profitable, and Directi generates healthy and growing
profits and cash flows each year. All businesses are amongst the top 5 globally in their respective space.All of
the 11 businesses of Directi are immensely successful, an uncommon occurrence in the startup space.
Current business units :

Key investors: No external debt or investments.

Key competitors: GoDaddy, Microsoft, FaceBook, DreamHost, Host Gator
In the news

FEB 02, 2016: Directi unveils Zeta digital meal vouchers, sees 8,000-cr
market potential
JAN 13, 2016: Directi launches voice app Ringo, allows to make overseas
calls without internet.

About the company
Techfront is a technology company that develops end-to-end integrated technology and solutions for the sports,
entertainment, and media industries. The companys product portfolio includes software, interactive spectator
engagement, digital display solutions, and more.
Techfront is based in Chennai, India. Technology Frontiers designs, develops, and manages LED and LCD
based digital solutions for sports, entertainment and media applications.
Key investors:
ADV Partners


Key competitors: Bodet Sport, Planar

In the news

NOV 2015: Received $24M in Equity Funding.

NOV , 2015: India: Avigo exits Technology Frontiers making 2x; sells stake
to Asian PE firm ADV Partners
MAR, 2014 : Received $23M in Unattributed Funding

About the company
Established in 1986, Sutherland Global Services is a global BPO and technology-enabled services company
offering an integrated set of back-office and customer facing front-office services that support the entire
customer lifecycle. It is one of the largest, independent BPO companies in the world serving marquee clients in
major industry verticals. Headquartered in Rochester, New York, United States, Sutherland employs over
38,000 professionals and operates in more than 6o locations in the United States, Australia, Brazil, Bulgaria,
Canada, China, Colombia, Egypt, Estonia, India, Jamaica, Malaysia, Mexico, Morocco, the Philippines,
Slovakia, Sweden, the United Arab Emirates, and the United Kingdom as well as a far-reaching team from
CloudSource, Sutherlands work at home program and provides services in 21 different languages.
Since inception, Sutherland has remained laser-focused on a single mission: to help our clients maximize their
customer lifetime value and increase their competitive advantage by helping drive productivity and efficiency
while delivering measurable results.
The focus of the mission is not just cost reduction, but driving business performance improvements across
processes spanning revenues, cash flow and capital utilization as well as maximizing customer satisfaction, and
enhancing overall competitive advantage of the client organization.
The measureable results of the mission are delivered by the flawless execution of a seamless suite of services
referred to as Integrated BPO that operate across the entire lifecycle of the Clients customers and cover both
the revenue and cost sides of the clients business operations including corporate functions such as F&A and

Key investors:
Digital Garage

Beenos Partners


Key competitors: Genpact, Infosys, Accenture, Capgemini, TCS

In the news

MAY 23, 2016: Sutherland Global Services Named Employer of the Year
Philippines 2016.
APR 16, 2016: A Recognized Leader for Two Years in a Row.
MAT 16, 2016 : Sutherland doubles size of operations in Tulsa.

About the company
Under Delhi-based Zouk Management Advisors Pvt Ltd, Zouk Tech, the firm builds workflow automation and
buy-side discovery tools for financial services firms. Buy side refers to financial institutions including private
equity funds, mutual funds and insurers that buy investment services.
Ash Narain started Zouk Tech along with Akash Bansal, an IIM Ahmedabad alumnus who is the companys
COO; Himanshu Gupta, a former Snapdeal executive who is chief product officer; and Raj Kabir, technical
architect at Zouk.
Zouk Techs flagship product is Bazooka, which is a workflow automation tool that automates various parts of
a transaction closing process. Bazooka has two versions, one for debt-focused players and the other for equityfocused firms, Narain said.
Besides Bazooka, Zouk Tech has image recognition technology that can read and analyse financial documents.
It also plans to roll out B2B automation tools in coming months.

Key investors:

Zouk Capital

Key competitors: TCS, GENPACT, SUNGARD, CoreLogic, L&T Infotech, IBM, Infosys
In the news

JUL 14, 2016: Exclusive: Zouk Loans shuts online lending biz, pivots to
Zouk Tech

Tata Business Support Services

About the company
Tata Business Support Services was founded in 2004[1] as a wholly owned subsidiary of Tata Sons, the holding company
of the Tata Group. Tata Business Support Services is a business process outsourcing company offering digital marketing
and IT Services.

Tata Business Support Services Ltd (Tata BSS) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Tata Sons, providing
outsourced contact centre services to large telecommunications operators, Internet service providers, DTH
service providers and online travel agencies amongst other domestic (Indian) and international clients. Tata
BSS is among the third party outsourced customer service providers in India, serving domestic as well as
international customers. With facilities across 21 "global delivery centres" that accommodate 23000+
Tata BSS provides inbound and outbound services (voice and non-voice) in English (for US and Indian
geographies) and 14 regional Indian languages from its Indian centres. The centres in the US offer inbound
customer care services, email support, cross-selling and up-selling services to industries including e-commerce,
healthcare & travel.
Tata BSS provides customer retention, acquisition and administration services, digital marketing, analytics,

research and HR/payroll services to companies which are keen on increasing their customer base, retain high
value customers and protect their brand reputation.
One of its known products is Genesys, a proprietary integrated insurance platform which combines CRM and
policy management for third party auto-insurance.
Service lines include billing inquiry support, customer service, customer retention, customer experience
management, customer life cycle management, data services, lead generation, product help desk, technical
support and order management and new-age channels of digital marketing and analytics. Major industries
served are Telecom, utilities, hospitality, media, entertainment, travel, retail, healthcare and manufacturing.

Key investors:
Key competitors: Accenture, IBM, Infosys, TCS, Deloitte
In the news

JUN 15, 2016: Press Release: TATA-BSS Sets up Rural BPO in Kokinada SEZ
SEP 02, 2016: Tata BSS is the Gold Sponsor for 16th Nasscom BPM Summit 2014

About the company
Orient Cement was formerly, a part of Orient Paper & Industries. It was demerged in the year 2012, since then
it has witnessed a six fold increase in the market capitalization in a very short period. Orient Cements plant
situated at Devapur in Adilabad District, Telangana (which is a Greenfield project), began cement production in
the year 1982. In 1997, a split-grinding unit (also a Greenfield project) at Nashirabad in Jalgaon, Maharashtra
was added. In 2015, Orient Cement started its commercial production at its Greenfield integrated cement plant
located at Chittapur, Gulbarga, Karnataka. With a total capacity of 8 MTPA, and ambitious expansion plan,
Orient Cement is aspiring to reach 15 MPTA by 2020.
The product mix includes Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) & Pozzolana Portland Cement (PPC) sold under
the brand name of Birla A1. Good quality and suitability for critical structures gives Birla A1 the edge over
other brands in the market.
Our continuous research and development have made our products create benchmarks in the markets. A fully
integrated NABL accredited quality control lab adhering to the best standards ensure that our quality is not
compromised upon.

Orient Cement is certified for both ISO 9001:2008, and ISO 14001:2004 and also OHSAS 18001:2007 from
Det Norske Veritas, Netherlands. In fact, Devapur plant is the first cement plant in Telangana to be certified for
ISO 14001:2004 by DNV, in recognition of its outstanding environment management system.
By virtue of winning the TPM Excellence Award from JIPM, Japan, Orient Cement has been adjudged as a
world-class cement unit making it the first cement company in South India and second pan India unit to earn
this distinction. The TPM certification is a direct result of Orient Cements continuous up-gradation and plant
modernization processes with special emphasis on energy conservation, pollution control, increasing
productivity and improving the quality of cement.
Key investors:
CK Birla Group

Key competitors: Bharathi Cement

In the news

MAY 04, 2016: Orient Cement Q4 net profit at Rs 19.4 crore

MAY 03, 2016: Droom CK Birla Group flagship Orient Cement posts volume
growth of 40% for quarter

About the company
Xiaomi Inc. manufactures and distributes mobile phones and consumer electronics. The company also develops
mobile applications. Xiaomi targets the lower-middle market and has gained a loyal fan base by incorporating
user feedback into the design of its latest sets and Android skins. It offers internet value-added products
including TV boxes, backpacks, phone screen protectors, earphones, and more. Its products include Redmi, an
Android smartphone; MIUI ROM, a customizable ROM; MiTalk, a messaging application; Mi TV, a 3D
television; MiBox, a set-top box; MIUI, an operating system; MiWiFi, a network router; MiPower Bank, an
external battery; and more. Xiaomi Inc. was founded in April 2010 and is based in Beijing, China

Key investors:
Internal XIAOMI Funding /
Portfolio Funding
HOPU Investment Management

Yunfeng Capital

Digital Sky Technologies

All-Stars Investment


In the news

Mar 04, 2015 : Xiaomi CEO Lei Forecasts Revenue Topping $16 Billion
Apr 23, 2014: Xiaomi to Enter 10 New Countries for Smartphone Sales

About the company
Founded in 1995, Birlasoft is a Global IT Services provider and part of the 150 year old, multi-billion dollar
CK Birla Group. With a global workforce of over 4000 employees, Birlasoft has a global footprint & best-inclass delivery centers in China & India.
Birlasoft deploys a host of innovative solutions and service architectures across the global Banking, Financial
Services, Insurance and Manufacturing industries. As economies develop and gain much-needed experience &
expertise in managing global sourcing arrangements, quality of IT solutions & services mature at a rapid pace
as well. In a bid to match the growing needs, service providers are noticing that:

Consulting & outsourcing are emerging as powerful business tools that lend versatility, flexibility and cost
savings, Financial savings, technical abilities, quick deployment and market agility are becoming essential,
driving governments, institutions and organizations towards client-vendor partnerships while concentrating inhouse resources on core business activities. Successfully adapting to changing trends and challenges, Birlasoft
is counted amongst the leading global Information Technology Services providers, based out of India. Birlasoft
has participated in the globally evolving IT industry, while remaining focused on continuous innovation,
benchmarking & learning. Starting out as Birla Horizons International, in 1995, the CK Birla Group entered IT
Services in order to play a vital role in partnering global businesses to transform and innovate. In 1999, the
company was rejuvenated and renamed Birlasoft. In the same year a Fortune 10 Company made a strategic
investment in the Company which continues to mutually flourish to date.
Birlasoft now has several offices across multiple global locations- and a vast talent pool of high quality,
intelligent domain experts in the chosen verticals. Supported by our proven transition and implementation
methodologies, based on experience and best practices, Birlasoft increases predictability of the results
delivered, thereby reducing business risks associated with the transfer of responsibility.

Revenue : 151.2 Million

Key investors:
CK Birla Group

Key competitors: Infosys, Wipro, Capgemini, TCS, Congnizant

In the news

APR , 2015: Birlasoft appoints Mindtree's co-founder Anjan Lahiri as CEO

DEC, 2014: Birlasoft Wins At Big Data & Business Analytics Awards 2014, World
Brand Congress

About the company
Info Edge (India) Ltd. is an Indian e-commerce/on-line classifieds company founded in 1995 by Sanjeev
Bikhchandani and headquartered in Noida, India. It owns internet properties,,, and and stakes in many other internet businesses. Info Edge
(India) is listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange and National Stock Exchange of India. Provides Services on
an on-line classifieds company in recruitment, matrimony, real estate and education as well.

Info Edge Portfolio Companies Include : Happy Married, Zomato, Canvera, Policy Bazar.

Key investors:
Info Edge Investments

Key competitors: LinkedIn, IIMJobs, Hoovers, Monster

In the news

JUL 25 2016: Award Info Edge net profit up 65% to Rs 47.4 crore in
JUL 05, 2016: raises $740K more from Naukri parent Info

About the company
The brand has a strong presence in Bangalore and Delhi, India,[1] and the company has realized significant
consumer demand for the beverages.In July 2015, the Paper Boat brand was valued at $100 million.[5] Paper
Boat products are also marketed in Dubai, Malaysia, the United Kingdom and the United States, and is
typically consumed by "people of Indian origin."

Owner of Brand Paper Boat, Tzinga

Key investors:
Hecctor Beverages Parent
Key competitors: PepsiCo, P&G, Mondelez International, Unilever, Nestle
In the news

MAY, 2015: Paper Boat drinks opens 2nd manufacturing facility at Mysore,
FEB, 2015: Hector Beverages invests Rs 25 cr in greenfield project to up capacity

Synergy Consulting
About the company
Synergy Consulting is an independent international Financial Advisory Services Company with
experience in projects across 36 Countries spanning across Six Continents providing services in the
areas of Investment Advisory, Project Finance, Financial Analysis, Financial Modeling, Mergers &

Acquisitions, Commercial and Financial Due Diligence, Project Restructuring and Policy Reform for
the infrastructure sector with focus on Energy, Water and Transport.
Synergy has successfully achieved Financial Close of projects worth more than US$ 12 Billion, a
number of them being competitively tendered bids.
With offices in the USA and India, Synergy has built international reputation for providing a
comprehensive range of financial advisory services for Infrastructure Projects. Synergy, after
acquiring a thorough understanding of the client's objectives, strives to facilitate a successful
execution of the engagement; through efficient, effective and cost competitive support.

Key investors:
Parent Investment

Key competitors: Cambria Solutions, Annuk Incorporated, and KangarooBox

In the news

DEC 2014 : Former IFC Investment Officer Joins Synergy Consulting

JUN 02, 2014: Synergy client Miahona wins the WEX Global Award for
Innovation in the Category titled - Finance for Potable Water BOOT
Project for KKIA-Riyadh, KSA.

Spandana Sphoorty
About the company

Spandana Sphoorty Financial Limited is one of the largest Microfinance Institutions (MFI) in the world.
Spandana provides micro-credit and credit-plus services to low-income households and individuals to improve
their quality of life. Spandana has steadfastly worked on improving processes for credit delivery and client
servicing. This has helped in establishing benchmarks in operational efficiencies, cost management and
customer support. Thus the viability and scalability of microfinance model has been re-enforced.
Supported by leading Banks and DFIs, Spandana has demonstrated its ability to raise funds and leverage
different capital structures. We constantly endeavour to deliver quality services to our clients, by reaching out
to their doorstep, through our on-roll staff and by maintaining highest levels of transparency and integrity. We
strive to be the most preferred employer in the Industry.
Spandana Sphoorty Innovative Financial Services Limited provides microcredit and credit-plus services to
low-income households in India. The company was founded by Padmaja Reddy in 1998 and receives its
funding from development finance institutions and banks. As of March 31, 2012, Spandana reported to the USbased nonprofit Microfinance Information Exchange (MIX) a gross loan portfolio of USD 533.8 million, return
on assets (ROA) of -10.04 percent, return on equity (ROE) of -34.27 percent and approximately 3.4 million
active borrowers. Spandana does not accept deposits.

Key investors:
Development finance
institutions and banks.

Key competitors: Annapurna Microfinance Pvt Ltd,Arohan Financial Services Pvt Ltd,Asirvad Microfinance
Pvt Ltd, Bandhan Financial Services Pvt Ltd, BSS Microfinance Pvt Ltd, Cashpor Micro Credit, Disha Microfin
Pvt Ltd, Equitas Microfinance Pvt Ltd, ESAF Microfinance and Investments Pvt Ltd

In the news
21 Jun 2016 : IndusInd in talks to buy Rs 1000 crore NPAs of Spandana

About the company

Microland is a leading Hybrid IT Infrastructure Service Provider and a trusted partner to enterprises in their ITas-a-Service journey. Incorporated in 1989 and headquartered in Bangalore, India, Microland has more than
3,400 professionals across its offices in Europe, Middle East, North America and India.
Microland enables global enterprises to become more agile and innovative through a comprehensive portfolio
of services that addresses Hybrid IT Transformation, Workspace Transformation, Service Transformation and
end-to-end IT Infrastructure Management. Microland leverages analytics, automation and assurance to deliver
reduced TCO, greater IT-Business Alignment and higher SLAs for its customers, through a unique IP built into
its service delivery platform.
Microland has been rated amongst the Top 10 Infrastructure Management Providers by Global Services;
Microsofts Best Indian Infrastructure Partner for the eighth consecutive year; Major Contender in IT
Infrastructure Services & Emerging Player in Cloud Infrastructure Services by Everest Group; one of the
leading Service Providers in Remote Network & Voice Infrastructure Management Services by Gartner; ranked
amongst the Top 20 Global Cloud Computing Companies by CIO Review and the Top 20 Remote
Infrastructure Management Vendors by the Black Book of Outsourcing.
Microland was a pioneer in networking in India in 1989 (Microland V1.0) and was instrumental in introducing
new technologies into the market (namely Compaq, Cisco, SynOptics and Netscape). It also played a big part
in driving Indias thrust into the internet economy in 1998 (Microland V2.0: having founded companies such as,,, and Net Brahma Technologies). Following the
downturn in the internet economy, Microland, in 2002, envisioned and built an IT Infrastructure Management
(Microland V3.0) to be managed offshore. From this point, the company grew to being one of the leading
specialist players of Remote Infra Management in India.
Microlands management team, with deep domain knowledge and industry leading expertise, ensures
personalized client management. Microland has strategic partnerships with AWS, Citrix, Microsoft and
VMware in the emerging technology areas and works very closely with these technology alliances to deliver
services around their technologies in the Hybrid IT and Workspace Transformation space..
Key investors:
JP Morgan Partners, ICICI Ventures,
Pradeep Kar and US-based Synnex

Key competitors: Infosys, Accenture, IBM, Capgemini, Cognizant

In the news

DEC 22, 2014: CIO Review selects Microland for 20 Most Promising
VMware Solution Providers
AUG 26, 2014: VC Circle Microland Marks 25th Anniversary By Unveiling
Microland 4.0

Juniper Networks
About the company

Juniper Networks is a multinational corporation headquartered in Sunnyvale, California that develops and
markets networking products. Its products include routers, switches, network management software, network
security products and software-defined networking technology.
Juniper was founded in 1996 by Pradeep Sindhu. The company received several rounds of funding from
venture capitalists and telecommunications companies before going public in 1999. Juniper grew to $673
million in annual revenues by 2000. By 2001 it had a 37 percent share of the core routers market, challenging
Cisco's once-dominant market-share.[3][4] It grew to $4 billion in revenues by 2004 and $4.63 billion in 2014.
Juniper appointed Kevin Johnson as CEO in 2008, Shaygan Kheradpir in 2013 and Rami Rahim in 2014.
Juniper Networks originally focused on core routers, which are used by internet service providers (ISPs) to
perform IP address lookups and direct internet traffic. Through the acquisition of Unisphere in 2002, Juniper
entered the market for edge routers, which are used by ISPs to route internet traffic to individual consumers.
Juniper entered the IT security market with its own JProtect security toolkit in 2003, before acquiring security
company NetScreen Technologies the following year. It entered the enterprise segment in the early 2000s,
which accounted for one-third of revenues by 2005. As of 2014, Juniper has been focused on developing new
software-defined networking products. However, in 2016, the company encountered some controversy under
suspicion allegedly putting backdoors into its ScreenOS products.

Key investors:
Juniper Network Parent funding

Key competitors: CISCO, IBM, Microsoft, Apple

In the news

JUL 18, 2016: Juniper Networks bags 12 new

JUL 19, 2016: Shares of Juniper Networks (JNPR) are climbing by 1.08% to
$23.40 on Tuesday


About the company

Aurionpro provides enterprise security, digital innovation and banking solutions such as cash management and loan
origination system.
Aurionpro is a technology products and solutions provider that helps enterprises Accelerate Digital Innovation, Securely
and Efficiently.
Aurionpro can help maximize revenue, intensify loyalties and enhance efficiencies for you.

Key investors:
Aurion Pro Parent funding

Key competitors: KEWILL, Amber Road, High Jump, SPS Commerce, JDA
In the news

JUL 28, 2016: aurionPro Solutions : SCMProFit selected by Eagles Air and
Sea to streamline logistics operations
MAY 12, 2016: Aurionpro acquires Spikes Security