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OIrP'~ 11 cs/slCsa I(FOIA} 100d Air F'Ll'rca PQl"It.a.g'~n.

WaSI1],ngUm DC 203JtiJ-JOQO

Thiele .i.n ,respM,se. t.o ynu r.- ~UigrUst 8 ~ 1.5H·:lI!5',r Fr'Q,~d,Qrn ,of InforJlia't!on Act r8q!!lests.

We 'fm;:warcled your raq:L!est t:;.t.t:.e )leti,onal ,A;rci:iivetJE!;nd REi80rd.S .Admin:i.s:;;[";;;.::::iDn .. Arcni\,Q.s, Raview Bra.:nch. l'l.o,om :lSW,

lila.!S hi [',q t-llfll, DC. 20 tll 08 . Thi!iil)l w-il,l oo!"ly di ~IQC tl Y to· '1/,ou .•

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nrn: BE ~ COMMI"J"'IIEE ON .to ll:\t ED llF.RVICES

"!D Sl:!l:!l-ID-~ I !!o1)1"H CO~IR.1: ill!

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L. ~OBL ~T "Ii ..::RS, SOUtl:l C(J r[_ltll~1'kt -C:hi5i;l'tw;Iolll

'WIL[..r A~ H. RATLq.,. 1(IIAM~tmB'E't til

I.E sr .TII:! (":" ARlIlFI..W. rr i t'It"Iht

ALVI F :E, -o'ICO'N~ EH. WWlu'lIIIln n, Fl-BAY, .LIII~illl'll'l

:B;OR WlLtlUN. C!B:lj r'.n1'1ILu.

I':;JT.~RL1~$ s, Uoun~nn, -(l(tnf~lrt:ll:ll C'HA.H..L.J!:~ E_ (,H~JllBE:ftLA..lN, )llcb.~n. A LEo::.:"tAN DHlR f' JRJUE. Noll.... y(lT"k

Dun WA R I} G, H~LL. )t LRl!I.Ouri lX)N.A:uD D. cr .. A N"";-:Y, Ohil)

noItER'1' T _ 8T ,.lFFORD, V'I!LfOOC t

f.tTf:R ARD 8, I=iCHW t. [K}ljll, p.;,.Il hjl;)'JvantJl.

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PHILIP J_ PHILBIN. )j.ll.~IIo.Cllu ...... tb; F, CDW.! lin 'R1ll1tP.iRT, .I./I)1;IillllaDa )I1D.LY["N p&lCE, ll1l::lo1:11

I~, Co fiSHER, .1't:~

POR'l'lDR II,.\llDT I lR., VIrw:L~j .. CUA.:R r .m~ le. 8E"N~ ETT, ,-rJAIInoli. J.,ilJdR~ A_ BYli::N fIl. PfRII-sh':BDU! MAMUIlL it S'I'RA'l'"'roN, N ........ Yl;lri; Q'f'l ~ [J. plK~, ~tW Y41n

H len AIU) (on:."£:) I.f:'1I0R p, JrlLt! .... ur-l L U(,lE1"I' :N_ ~1)T1'.iIr MldilgUl.

AL"W:!'i L"&1"iIN()'lf. Nortb CllfollU ....

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Cit.ARJ ,lIlB H ...... U.s 004 , C .. L!urt:l1tL

ROEJIlR'r L. T..mUU ~j'l'T. Ca11t'oIJrll1H.

tx>N AI..J) J _ IRWl:N. 'l."'{Iftn~tlC'ut

J 1:1) .J01UI' fJ ON, IL, ()I:J.a.1:l OIn..I

FR.ANK llt, Jrv A "i!l.t CoI.(J.nlllo

I.OD"NB:.l' M... 1.tO'VB, {H.11l

~LOYD V, nlf:'H!. WasMlIgt(ln

lllIUt.VS!y G_ )!A~HEN, 1IIu.,.tfi,l1d

EfpmJllfl-V o. LONG. LoubliP!

:a ~_ JOH'MNY W AL}(JlU, :N"" .... )!t,;I~tlO .

~.NTIAGO 1""I,}LAl'i"C'O'-ABREU, PlIut{l- :!lil'U, RoI!'l,j:.dI~ r.r:lltl;m~NI,(II:n.m"

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.l'Ul!Ii to! It. » ....... .I'Il."IiKllI-D-, cll-W O-llU_~ 1"RnIP "W. ]{ELt,.IIQtl.:tIl;, {J1lI1II-1!"! n..4!1 It M. ;8I..u!LTlWI!IBKo~, C.o..tll!ld

l'i'U .... 11I1I[ H, COOK. (:'''''II~

Io:.ul. J. M""-il .611, r".~~1101 Bt~ Jf~i'IIl'!II" R&L"P1I "M.u:1'!I1'[ ,n.l., P1'IJoJiu:tl'J~ I lUtJP Jl ~1II-1';iCr SIJ]~ III F{}Kl::I1 PnII!11to1i.$!WI~ ~j:Q8 "",,liar

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rrOUSE Of' REPR:E!lENTA'fIVIi:fi, CoMlIJIfTEi:: oor AltKlm S-P'-1tVICES.

W ~M91g"t~ D.O., TuetfiUl;!J t A prli 5, 19fM. ~ oommittee met, pursuant to cal~ at 10 :3~ a.m, the Honnrnhle L.

Mendel Ri Vf';~ (('".h~inn an of th e comm ittee) , p~iding, The LRAIJrnA N'. TArt. tb e emn III itt~ come to order .

~{Mn.bel"8 of th.e committee, Seereta:ry Brown f),nd General Mc::Con· nell are back th 1 ~ morn i n g "for the- pu rpose oJ tftSponJing to questi 009.

At the end of au r b,s~ he~r~ ng I Mked that SeCI'@Itary Drown 8)nlEi inf.ol"l'l1:ation wi tit res~'i to un !d~IL ti&d flying objects. I understand that he is pl' W do that this morning and I n.1so understand th.&t.. he .m..s with him Dr. J. Allen Hynek, ('..orum Itnnt tn Projw-.t, "'R1 Uf:II B~ which i~ f,hlPl group ch ~rg-ed Vi" ~t h responsibil i ty with respect W lJ'FO 8.. .Also present n L-'~ IIlIJ is MJtj _ H ecror Qll i 1""'1 rn n i ~ r 1\, Jr., UFO :pt?jeet ofIic@r.

I think it won 1 d 00 Wf!!,l1 ~(l {!M, U~{>. UFO business out -o-f the w~y first...

So I ':"Vi:ll ~ Dr. Brown w gl YO us. his report at t,hi~ tim e.

MrL ~~nt&ry~ see if you can shed some Jjg-bot on these hjghly illuminaiad ohJ€ct~,

Wo can l just write them aff. There are too mnny responsible ~le

wh-o &.l'e eoncemed, .

Mr. Ford has (',nmA OTJt., he lifts a. p~..ty good. size sta.ture in the CooT ~ sad 00 tell mo what you know, ]ofT. Socretary, and ]et~~ see if we BfI.D. have some '8ll.3W-BI'B.

Go ah:e:8d, Mr. ~,Nt..a-ry. .

~ BnuW'N'", Mr. Cha±rrn.a.nt I a. letter here whim i~ addre:Iaed to you, snd I sign.ed it.. me run through it q_uie.k:ly~ ~use it gnmm8J'l~ pmt,y well w hst our "\Ii ews on unidentified


owing that, if tb~ are some quesUon.s~ I can t.rj. to Ktl9wlu them,

-or the Chief. or Dr. H yn fIk I or M ~ jor Q,uintAni llc. .

The CaAJ'IOIA!i". Why don "t we ba ~ the doctor come up to the t&b1e now" bec:a..use when 1fe sta tt aski n~ (~ll ~tj ons we Vi i 11 hn "e hi m t h SN, and we will just. go 0.1 I O~l' t be hoard.

Sit at t.hol;md·of t.hetable., Doctor, (]P !lhMd, sir.

I'ATEMltNT OF BOli. XAJlOLD B"ROW1l, SECRET ART OF AIR FORCE . Secr&ary Bnowx, This is in response of .your reeent request fur infonna.tion r.on{'..~rtr; n~· Ai l' T' oree aeti ,. i tf(!:S m th ~ fil"e'Jt of ~p<'!:rt$d TJnidentifioo flyin g ohfOOt$..

WIthin the Department of Defense the A 11" Force has the reeponBihi lity of in veatlga.ting reports on nniclp.l1tified flying objKt:s and of




I' .'

'r I

!. "!

.", 1.1


. ' . , L


I .,.:. .... :;. I ....

.• :' y

' .. , .""

.&c.' .~

,l;. . ~

;: ...

~r~ .

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I I.'



•••• • ~.

t~ .

(. ":.

C·· '.


-.J... :"

,,;"_ ,

1·· .. ",

-------_ .. _- ...




p;"llnating an y possible threa t to our nati onal SCC1.l ri ty that such objects might pose. Tn ca"M"Y1ng out tIl is ~ponsjbi] it.y let me LSBUI'C you that the Ai r Foree is bot]. object i ve ~nd t.h oroug h in l t ~ t re:e.f,. ment of all rer- 1 rts of un usa 81 a.p.rl ~ L 1 obt~p;'~'h; over the ·IT n i ted S tates,

U 11 d6T' the name "" P roj N"t, Bl ue I~oa k, ~ t..hA Air Force C:8. cries out 80 three- phase p~ ~ \Ve" (1) mil ke :-.t.n i r l i t.i al invPRt.i_gflti on of erach ~ort reeeived ; ( 2) DI morn de tailed II. t l ~l vsi s of repo rts not l!; .. and (3) .J isseminate infoT'1uo.tion on findingst

and statlstU}6.

In order to evsl uate this HUb j eot as th;.-roughly as possi ble, tha

capabilities of the Air Force Scientific An visory Boord 118. ve recently bean foeuS€l'l u~ the su b j eot or 1."'""F O's. 'T his Boa rd has j ust complated A d.eta.i led revi ew of th is subject nnd cone 1 u ded thn.t the UFO phenomena p ~nts no th.rett to Ul@ seen rit y n f the U n i t.ed States! snd thBt the preeent A ir Force pro grn m deal In g with UFO sight.inga has been w~ll organized, Rerftmnle:nda.tions bv the ROAm are presently under stu d.y and are ~x pected to lef\.d to (! ~·en stronger em on the scientific aspects of invest.i_gating the ~igt.t.tngf; tnnt warrant

extensive 8.Dlll~ "

na.setl upon 10! 14 T reported Aigh tings from 1 f'47 th rough 19&5, •

summary of wh ieh i~ att.~hedt J helieve It siW11fie~nt that t.he Air Force hag succeeded i Tl identi ~ i ng 9,501 of t.h~ obj ects. \Ti rtual ly all 0:1 th ese sight. in gs were derived from sub j ec t.i ve hu m ~ n obeerv a.ti on'.') and interpreLa.tiQns. The most common 0 r these werE- astronomical sight· in IS that included such thin w.: S,H bri g ht. stn~ and p 1 a nets, comets an d mH.BOES, and 6.reb!L1ls and Rnroral st.reame~.

Other major sources of repurted sight.ings ~nf,l11dp. such objects M

satellites, mlI"8.P.B, and spurious radar indications. The ~nmiIUng 6A:6 reported B]ghtill~ are. t.hOAfl! in w h i~~h the informa.t.ion RyUla.ble

does not provide an adequ H. t.e basis for ar HI] VSl ~ or for w h i ch the informa.ti on suggests an h ypothesi ~ bu I the 0 ilj oct. (, r -phenomenon BI.plaining it cannot be proven to have been hAre ur taken (ll~(',e at that


I n fJva.lua.ti~ these sight ings, the Air r' oreo h 8S used. co refu 11y

selected and hIghly qua.hfied seie.nt.i.s1fi~ engineers, t~.hnicians, and oonsu 1 tants. These pe rsonnel h n ve u t.ll i zed t.he fine-..~ .. A h· Foree laboratories, test centers, scientific instrumentat.ion, find t.echnical eqnip-

ment for this purpose,

..Although the past, 18 yean1 of investigating unidentified flying oIr

jocts have not identified any threat to our na.t.iuna.i security, or evidence that the unidellt.ifiefl objects represent de\'elopmfljl11,"~ or principles beyond present-dlY 9Cientifjc~ knov .. lp.dge, or -A.ny evidence. of utrar l@rrestrial vehicles, the Air Force wi 11 continue to invcst.igJt.ts such phenomena with an open mind nnd with the fin<"St technical equip-

ment tl. va.i 1 Bh Ie.

I am attoohiIlB 9 s~ill.1 l'eQ_ort, of the USAF Scisntjfle Advisot"J

Board Ad Hoc Comnuttoo To Review Pmj eel n Blue Hook," the la.teet editlon of Project D1 Ue Rook, dRMc 1 February 1, 1966, and an Ail" F.orne statement I"e2'R.l"d ing the IT FO !SiJrht 1 ngs at De xter, M ich., on

Ma.rch 20 .. 1006, R1Hl a.t II illsdale, M.~.h'i on ~rnreh 21, rane.

I t.nJst. tbl.t the above inform ati(ln wi 1 he ,of assi sta n (':(I, to you. If I

can hal p you r II rth8I' in fLny wn. y, pl ease do not h Mi ta tc to let me know.


(The information referred to' is as Iollows.) Sig k~ ing~ (J/ ft~!d e Jt·t1'fir.;d l' utno (I b jcc t«


"l"-Otsl I UDjl1~IIl[~;I-II--y-ror--~--;----~-~--

!MJ!ntlllf'! .

'l"o-tal U~1Ifi~
t"r;!] 10
300 12
~7 I~
~L 1:1
17i Hi
JW 1-4:
56'l 1'111
~ Hi
10, U:'i' M8
~ ..

~ .

. .+

· .'

~ -.

: .. I

L' . ,

· .







• " ,



I ~

. . ..,:

· .

. ..

. .ok· .: ) ..

: ....


~--~--- - . _.

-------_. __ ._-- ..

- ....



I t ~ ECtlMJ likely tha t u the p~ t Piilp-rlng t hflW ~ Irw.-, the trapped

... ~,CH., H 18. and PH. 4 rel31lltil1l!' (r(.1J]. ~ ompo~1tion (Jof organ ic mat eri8,lr wem !"'e'] ealll!d. The t!b.(Im1BtlT book by ~1 ~ kn Itnd 1-'191 n~ hns t h i~ t n MY: toj In air ~ PbOl8ph IIlII.! Plf"lll ~~.Rl.y htlTA'f.!=l t n t.n :damP. Rppa~D tly beea l1Be t.t l:s h;~ I j led by • sponta.o POlU' ozldaUu.D u! the itd pure l\'!Hj.. TIl@ w1llo4)f· tl:J I2'-wil!lp., ~m ~ti m~ obtJe.rved 10 rna"l"ll!lbee, may 00 dUIf to t-lI)01l taneous :In. tUOD. of impu I"I:!' l~ H l: W 11 h . .:n might be tQfDled br reduction of fiHtlln:.l1y o{l'C1lrriog ph0RPQn.J8 romprmnd,,,r

. It. hae beeD pointed ont to the 1[.., .. ~tlI::liUn~ perannnel lJy otb.:-r I')rl e-nr1~ In thia :II.1"e"9. thtll t 10 PiWR mpR the f01"1l11l tion of II ~S and ca. trow rotting vept a tl(lli l.FIi Mmmon~ ~~ eoul4 be Ignited by t he ~punla.n~ou K. Iru rnl Jut vr r H "!.

The asaocl.a dOll. 6f. the II!IId1 t Lnp wfth !m_' a mIH-l' ln thi ~ IlJU"tkula f In ~ta nee [g more than ('(I'! Dctde~.. No gJ"OllP of "'irl tn~ i'Ii oh~r~p.d n ny t"TH ft ('Ilb rtn go to or goin.r llway trom the 8WllDlP, 1'h ~ Klnw wa,:.;. loca 1 1zt'd.. 81ld Dep uf.'f }r'itzpatrlct dt."lllt"l"ibed lbe- glow f"lll'l ~·Of1d Jl nN" I.rlj~ t"Pn t t ()' t,h.p :I': waiup 3 jI;j l" I ~I hlp through the ~ ~ atat.d that the 1 tght hrt gh kru-d Plnd dim tn~ '{I Kl.wh n~ Ht a gl:::' du-lJ~ fII nd ~ c>w Iy..........a..od tbtfl d~r.i])r too e-xactl,y fl'M thi:" 1 I til sda leo !fi~bttng .. l80.. Tbe br1gb tenlng and dlmm ill'; eould l1o. H!' been due t~, thl[" n"]'.'d~" of va ri· able qual'1tltleIJ 01 m .. nIl pR

The dJsappearance of th-e lilbu 'lit b@ n peop[e- got elO@@ witb HhllU ghU. ot ear- 1 jgbt8 would lndlea te that the K:low ~rnt"rl MiJ{ht to rl A rk -It Ii AI..,tM ,..., PfII, ~ ntKllt "'0 d. rk a nd there Wa3 DO moon. n:..e HIll8da1 P. gl rls kept. their room s d.ark. in ord!!l" to IJlIe the 8'i\' lUllV I [1f}1 t.l,

It a ppean "Very 11 tel:r thatt the CQIIIb1'11 ~tif in nf ~ ~d It kllfl!R or t.hUi 1 pa rt IlCn!4.r winter (an unueuallJ' mUd one tn that nrPfl) Ahd tt.lI' IlBtttf'u18t" w~l'lthP.!" t"OIHU· tlOCB ot tba t nLaht-it 'Was dear an d tbent "'Q II ttl@' wi"" d nt ~Et lIP I" 1 !Jr.otlon ..... were sooh ae- to h I ~ UFnd U('IP(l thlllll llmunUll I! rI L1 pu:l~UnR' {It !<plA.,i'.

MpEO!A.l. BIU'OKT 01" 'HI ~ USAF ScI!NT'IJ'IC! AnvIao:ty B-o~.o An Hoo Cou MIl ta To REvnw PliOJ»CT iJL t'I:l !:lOOK.


A.JI requ-es ted tn a mem.(lrandmn from liaj. Gen. E. B, I..('!'R ... t 11 Y. S~1"J 4Yl t~ .AIr YOl'<!'e om.eer of Informs t1 (lilt dr.. tPd ~ptMl1 her 2R, 190.~ {tab it... 1, a 8("1 en tI ftr. Ad v[g()J'y Ro:ud. Ad HIVe Committee- m~t Qll Feb1"U 11 ty 31 19ft.a., to re"riew PTn.J fI!t!t It lOlA- Book. ThA m.jAMI.,.fIIA. of th~ oommittee are to J'\'!1"i~ the rll'8Oo~ IIDd metbodtll of 1DTHtltatit'lll tn"E'kribed by Proje.ct BluE! Book Rnd tJ) lu~vtge the Air 11'0~ of aoy Improvemeo.t8 tba t caD be- lJllad!:! lu (·be P~Dl well ba.uCE the AI r .. ~~ P.8.psbUity iD ~rry1Dg ont its reBJ)Ol1 P!'1 btl t t:y,

Jr. order to brin~ th em gel VN up to d at€'~ th e m..-mbe"r-9 of the ("IlIllm It~ ~ nl tla.rt.y fMiewed fh6 Indin.n of prM10UA ~l~Dtlfl~ panels c.barggd with looking ink! Ul@ UFO pI'OblelJl.. PartJcu]u .~tlQD Wli8 giftU ro tb~ report 01 ttJ.-e ~OII. pan~l wbt-cb WII.8 rendered III Jan UR ry 19:L3. The ('fJDlml ttct lIe"Xt beanl In'' from. tb.p AF'SC Foreign ~hnolOJl'.J' Dl vi stOll, whieh tM the- ~ I "T,.8.nt A iT !force Il'E'her lila t oon. tel intorm ation on UFO sigbtlTl gg. .8. nd mont tf'n"'A tn~g1l doo!! of euee, FInallY .. the OOI1U''!'Ittt~ ~v:l~'IIIi""ed !fe1ecwd L"'8.W bi91ol"fc8 of UFO 8lgh UngH 1M th tIfII rtJ eo 1Ar mp:h AI;;ri s r.m til r.t~ tba t hillft :tlot been 1dentlfled.

Al tho1lcb a bOb. t 6 ~t (Me) 01 8,] 1 81«btlnp {10,141} in the :nl rs 1947 throlll.l'h 1'91J3. IU"e Jlated by the Air F.Jooe at: 4' UnldelLtlHed.·' It appea rS' to tM COlnm1 ttee tha t m~t n1 th(l' ("fJ;.A(IA :!WI! 11 A.tM aNI!- ,.1 m pi]' tht").AA lD wblct:t the 1Dfor. maUon .vai .able dow Dot provide a... adequate haHi~ fo r- a.nalyslB. In tbl ~ ~ nectJon it L& Import ant .180 to Dl"l'M that DO ull1dent iHed -obJ-e-ctlii otber titan th_ rJt aD aM.r;:nloml~1 ha t'e ef'er b~n obaer-ved.. durlOl: l'O'U Hue a8trouuullcat liudiel-, in 8],lire -of th@ large !lumber' f)l uIJ8tI'f 'VI DR honrs w h 1c h ha Ye hf..P.n. devoted to the IIky. .Ai. et:amples of thlM tbe Pa:lom a1' Obgervatory Sky A tliiS L"OD. ~ IJfiJUe G..OOO t-1Atee witb 1I..r'Re inR tr1l..m.imtJI wi th ""';d@ fI@old 01 'Vlew ~ IDe Ra r .. rd mMlfIIOI' project Qf lwrJ+...6B pI'o~lded I!tOIIle 3_SO(t b (II] ra or nhRf:1""VR tlan ; t.he SmltbAon lll.D vlfruBl rpralrir. network provided 2.ftOO obattrrin,- hou nil. Not a libll:lf!' on] d-enuned object. b.1!!I b~ repol'f1?d :I II 8:P(1ftl ring OIl an, of' th~ plates BI' b@en alghted T1~uRJly In all theRe 00 AI? I" va t ionR.

The ~:! ttee COlll!lul!led thH. t In the 19 yean- the- n. m t.:: FO wtl8 ~Ight.fd t~ hal ~ no. ~~ .. ~ t.hat lmldp.n t.I fi..rl ftyln~ objectR Hi I"e II tbn!!9.t to our naUonal 8eC1l1'I ty , H9. 'V ing &rriVed at lb i 8 COD-cl u~tOtl tb-& com mt ttee fhP.EJ turned lts 8. ttent:1on to ronetde-rtng ho-w the Air Foue i!lhould ba.udlt! the !I('[I!(ll i Rc- ftRl~


. .,

.... :

. .... . '

of the U I.i'O prot) 1 em, Unavo1 rtK h]y th~ Jl ~ n tso rell t.ed t (} A1 r F\1r-re pnblle relati nnR,. JI !Rllhj eet .on w bi en t.h~ rom mittoo iR not f'xper t. ThOR tbf.: r"fi("Ofll. ujenu:II tt on~ wI) ioh follow R..,.... mD-rlf' ~t mpl.y from t he ~ientifl~ JWl'int ot ,,·le w.

III. CO~cr.';lno~~ AND Jl;tcoI.lMENbA.'l'10i:"li=1

It ts _ the o~tnton of th-e C"\.IIl1DlI t ~e t ha t ~-e present. AI1" FnT("(l' P!'Ogl"8 m deaJinli!: wit.b T. FO ~ I G"11 Ungs has bem WIP.ll 'OrgSlnl~. a ltbOUJi=; b ttl~· l"~Un"4!B ass1gned. to j t t onl.T ()lI@ offi("'lllr t a trergP.8 n r, It DO ~l"etQ ry) na Vi!: beeD t} n t tP. Ii m 1 ted, In 1 I) yea.r8 and lDOt'lI' than 10.000 fjiig!Jtling~ f"E!f.:Ord~ a.nd elil..Bl:ifit.'iI, there appea.~ to be uu veri "00 n nd fUllY sa. tia.f8.~-:-L 0 ry if': J"i fI f""""""" of ft ny l1ittl! 1 tl It t l R. deB. rtv ontei elf! the framewo rt of p l"Ie8eDtLy know n &.'h~rlce an r1 tP.-Pbnnlogy. N e-vE"rt~l@1llst t.bere l~ alw.a.yll!l tb~ po~~blJ1ty that 8.ba1,y.IJiM of. new };.lli!;htings Inay ~ovidp. t40tnp. addl tlQ1If!I to seten tJ:ftc know ledl(@ 01 v HIll e eo the Air FQI"C'e. Mor-eove-t'1 8OtIJ.e or the (I}t ~ ~1'"d" whlc-b the CQUlDll t.te-e- l{){Jk~ that we-re ] i!tt.f':d .R s • ., Ii end AM~' "We .. e.rdgtl tLDge. where tbe e-vldellr.e ro]l N't.P.d wn ~ too m ~er u r too lnd~nj te to permtt pi)81ti'nt ll~tlng In the Ideblltl(~d l'lltcgt)ry. Be-c-am.e· 01 thts t.1'l~ ('OtJJ .. m.Ht~ i'\.'(,UJ..Iill ~ds tho. t the present program b~ gtt'enKtbe-ned t,n prov lde oppo:r t::uDlty for scientlHe Invg&tJitatlon (It ~lectJ:'d slgh t1 Dp 1~ mo re d et8U and d-Eflth than has ~lJ I)QMlble to da I.e.

To R-t("nlnpllsh til J. it 1" T"eCQmme.nd@d that---

( ... ) CootrutJil be n fI'.gnt.1:.a te-d with a ti;'\\' sel ertOO UD Evenl tJe& to pruvlde k1entiO,.c tea.m8 to In \l'ef:ltip.te pl'omptl,y fI..i:Id in depth eertalu selected l!1igh ti ngs or U FO'a. Each team shou ld jndud~ !:It lea Bit OD@ ~ho lo~ist pret. -e-rabb' nn~ in cUllical pilyd.fflOKft flnd a.t lE'llst one pflYSIC1l1~ 9Cltu. tilt. pr8ten ~lY • b 8.tjtrl)lu.m:lt~r or reopb]Rtel$t t,. m lllar With OfIpll M"le pbyl1laJ.,. Tbe un:i ver~t1e B IilimIld be l:"b [jH{'1I to pt'"OTld.e rood geost" It. phl('lll dlBtr1bu tJEl~ 90d e-houid :I:he wi tbllL (:GDvimi PDt d I ~1] ce of .a. b.u..m -ut the Air "Fill' C"e' SyCtt.em::s Ovmmand (A.F'S C) ,

(b) At eRt'h AFSC ba8e an uffi("ffl"" !tklllf'(] In l:nvntlgatloD (but noOt n~ BIll'iIy wi th R.Clentt:tle tr!!U nlbl!) H~lVl,.Ild t.e d€'sl gnatP.d to wfJ,.k wi th the (:01'--ree:OOQ(ung llnhrP.l'sjty team U.r that geognl phtea I Sl'Ctlon~ 'l'be local n:ure~ 8@D.tatlve of the A Ir Foree omC(!'- -of ~in 1 In vesttntkl-D!!I r 081 } rnigb t be a logt:ml ~htli~ for thi8.

(c) On~ univer~1ty or ooe DOt~ror-proflt ol"'gr:.nlz:~U:ton should lIIC ~lect~ toO C!¢OCdlnlll W the W"11 rk ot t~ t..t~.blg IIl .. ~n tl onC'd ondll!!r (a) :!lOO l"e, AI nd a Iso to make ~rtJlj q ot l'eI'}' ct~ l·Omm '{lni t'"a Uon and com"dinn ti()U 'Willi t.he otJIce

IJl ProJet't Blu~ Rook. .

It 1s tl:J(}l1ght tba..t pe-r hli; p;:S 1 00 ~h;htrn~ D. year mIgb L bP. ~llhjf':f1".P.d to t1:l t!I ~otte study.. IWd tba t ~ ~fb]y an. Aveonl ge ot 1 ~ rnan-days :wi2b t be 1"8(1 ult"ed per . .. lg~Ung :IJO !JtudJed. 'the InfnTm'l tion proVid-ed by 81If""h a pragT"am hi [~h t bring tu light new fact'S or &l:'"len t Ule T81 ue, -and wo~11 d a lmosl C't"rla [n]y pn)'V ide u fn l' better ~Is than W~ b~V'~ tOOI!llj' frl[" d~i.FIlon on ,fl ]ong·tf!.rm UFO P'"OIrI"am.

Tb~ :te[tr-n tiDe rewrUi an Utt'Iol{' ~] ~"(·tl-d. !=It~h tln~ ~DJIIl]"-fl t.1 ng t.heo p ~eflt , p.rogram of the Pro je.ct BEne B(J()k oftlceo, !!!:hould IJt.renJftben the .v1.l1J1l~ positJon

t .. r th@ Air Foree on t:Ffr .... _ It iN, tb{'-~rore, ~lIlended tba t~

( 1'1.) These re})Orbi be pet n ted In tu 11 alld be aV.finable on :req l1e@l

(.f'J} ·«ble ab~raC"t~ or- (!Ohdrn~Ni "IT'"rnlon:!'l hIP prlnted .awJ lucluded fn .. tU· ;I f.I ~nw l~f'nt ~ I o~ tl.Jt' pu bl i ~1J.e.d uportg of Proj e<'"t B Ine- DOOI:.

(c) The form or l'P.fIOtI. c,.~ trot fl ed by PN)ject Blue Book drt led Feb-- 1"U8.17 1, 1966) be U~ndE'd. and Hnyth tog wbirb m i~ht suggeat tIla.t: In'l)rmaHo-n II!! bE1 UJ Wi tbbel d ~ ~ l1t"'h SJII: t b.p. "Wl)nll ni" on pare 5 of t.hf.: fthfJve ('tted rerereD\!t'J be dl!"letP.<l. Tbf' form (Jot thhl n:-po'l'1 C'tlD be-- or ~~t :lmporUDC'e In -securibg putJl1c- l.inde-r~tJ.lDfHll~ aml ~h~nld be riven dE-taile.d !IItndy by -an B.pproprla te Air Fon"@ nmMl!'~

( d} Tll.e ~ Project B1 ue IJt()ok "'tlm.I1 d be given wldp. t] nMa 11 dted d:h!U1a lion It moo" prfl.Rl inent l-1~lllbe["[oI. uf th(!: C(JI,I.~ aDd othf-r' pnbUC!: p.etaon i &fS: ft tu :rthPT a Jd to pubUe nnd~~ t.a nt1l ng hf thf' scl.ent.t.flC' approa ~b tae:lDg tS.lI:f!D by the- A IT F\JTce In atta~klnlt th~ lJ)l"fl ~h:-j!I.

lliP.AJrI'VENT OJ" ~ r: .A 1 R Fo~,..,

OFFICE or THT.: Rl':iMI:IM'.A RT", WU,!II!A i'J'tf'tMll D. C ',. Sep ~em ber~, 1!ffl5.

M~MllltH111rn for llJlHl8l"Y dlrecb~r, .!Jj,d~ntUk· ltd ..-hlolJ" boa:rd

Suhj cct: t'ntden titled .ft~llg nbjH.tR (l; Fl )r~.) •

In lreeplllg with jf~ air d ereu~eo ",1 E". tb~ AIl'" }UU.3 the rP.A non~lbllJ ty tor t.l:it:'! i~. Vltl'Jt.Ip tioIL ot UD! den Uned f[yi og fJllljecl:R reported ove.r Wle- U IlL l~ 8Ult~

~~ : ....

PJ)_ :

: '" ~ .: . ttrJ. _', ..

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,~ ~ :1

I r I 1

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. • , .... 1..

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I L. \

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'I _ .. I )

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l.... .

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· . ~ " . .

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I' ',1'

· 4.

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I- .

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I .. ' .

II'''{' .

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.. ~ ...

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I .. _.: ... •• .. ~ .'

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I.... .

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l1(1lLlj atll.l WLl tcr Ial rcvicwt.""<l und dlseu :s~t '-d, are uv !lUll bh.· i 0 t tw S AB iWCn1.ar1at office~ tor rev lew by a uthorised persons or agencies .

Aprl"lv ed by :


Lle1ftcn4tU QQI<m·el, UHA}',

.d.! si-8tdn~ !J e.oCretolJ.rJll USA F SCi-t'::l'Ili}Yc A timKf)ry R fUJ.f'"fi.


Th@ U _8. Air Fol"{>p h 8.S t b~ responsi biJ jty tmder ttl ~ [)@pflrtm@nt of I )~n8f tor- the Invep.t1gal:l em ~t unldentlfU~d !lyIng f)hje.r.t.~ ((J ¥O·~). ThE!: name of thl~ ~.ram ... whleh haa in o~,...r.n.tloJl ~lU(~r- t'H~1 1M- Ptuje.~L Blue Bunk. It hH.fii t.eell tdeDtl.HE"d tEl t hf" past a~ l"roject Sign and Proj ect Gru dge.

Ai r F Dl"ee ln~t" t in anlf1-rutified ny ing obj~ts i8 related d1re(~tly fll the Air lI'"o~ ft'9}XJn!llbl11ly fu.r the ai r de-r~lHr.e o! the U ull.eU. S ta 1):$, P r'II.H ... 'l."f.J ur~ for {'Ondu~lng tb i~ r-n~ nre t"~t" hll ~hi'-d hy At r Forr.e- 'Rf.:gt11a ti on 200-2.

The (ll.Ij~Hv~:!'oI uf Lbl:L P]'ujt..:"'I:,'l Blue Buck are- tWl".)tulll; Ilrnt, W dt'-t't'rJujue W h@:tbtrr GF O's l~ Y. t tlNll t to t h~ ~~o I'"ity of tll~ rn i ted St""- tes • tt nd, 6P.(' ond, tCJ deteT""nline ·'tIj:I"he-the r UFO·;I3 -exbj bl t. fU1J' unlq ue 1i~:lt"TI tt He 1 nro .. ~ t ton -0]"" futV.R ncsd technoloD'" ",,"b~ch ~Ot1ld t!ontr1butf. to€l'ntHl-c or teebn1eal "March. In tbe CQUr~ of aecom pllshln2 these ohi ecti "Ve8, l"'roj ect 81 ue Book :!It:ri "e:8 to t den t ily and e%pla tn a.11 r FO ~lgb tings rPported tn the Ai r For-ee.


The- 'Prc~rr8! tn I AI (~fHUl LJetoo in tb.ref" JlllR.~ Tbp. .first ph a.fII(~ ill clu d~'!S ~ i lit. ot U F"O revu-rl!+ Hlid jn.i l jill lnv ~U.L;a.l iULI u!' the n!lJQl'"t!j. The AIr )'un-e b.ft~ nearest tlJ.e 1<K!2 tton ot &. repOrt €!d ai gh t..iDg is 1J hal' ~d with III eo !'"e-sponsjbU 1 ty of jn~Ug.a t ing the si~bt1ug and fo rw aro j1J I; t1J~ lulD"rruat LI,Jil w Lh-e P rl ~.iet1.. Blue Book {)fl!Iee at Wrlght·P .. tt~~n All'" Fon:e nJi~~. Ohiu.

If th4;l" 111 tti~ 1 invfflU ~ti tJ-1I ~",p~ not H':Vf"n I n pn~i Ul'l;!! t (lpnt1 fl{"rl ttl'"! n nr fll:"l1111 nnHOD.,. • second Ith.H.~1FI (If In~ I'Tf:II in h>:lll'd,' e analy ~l:s iJli tJond u~1 1 'Y the Prnjwt. H Iue Soot Offl~. Jo~("h MIN': h~'ply nnd ~~jf':ht.ln~fll1y I!In8lY~f:fI ftlui_ tf n~'" -I7, all ()t the- lici('n U fl {' till ~ 1 j t~ {':~ It ... ·u nit b' eo til U.(~ Air J'u1'(!'C t'!li.ll he- u ~"1:1 fA ~ iIUl~t ill .rrivi[]~ at an tdeottftcation or ~~planaHon. &-\11 p@'rsonll~l !l~FJ;och:l;t~d with the inl'~t.lga tiw 1 ft Unl ytsi$, an d (1l: J.l1 uA. t tVO- tlf[t)r~ ~f tb~ l.1t-Oj(r(."t vi ew AAe-h ~t 'With a scientific approach and an open mind.

The th I rd p"h JJ ~e- fl"f thp ~r~T fI m l s dl p..owmi nit t.i nn of Inf1ll"tnll t.i nn rDnpf' rn i ng UFO 81gb ting9., eva III n. t 10n~. l"I nd ~ t u Ust it~". Th 1 s i~ "('("-I'I m pl 1 ~hr.d lIy the S('(""~ ~ry (Iof tbp. Ai T "fi"'D~ 1 OffiN-" of I nformn ti on,

1.'J::L.c- A t.r ...... 1"t"f\.(' .-h·11 nf'_"1 II n n [! i~f ~~ill t i lif·~ 1 OJ in.; objl~~t .Il~ nny Dot ·riUI ~ I'bjt"1~t. w h Ic·jt lln~' tillI~erver 1!9 unable to Jdlmtlry.

B.eportJI .of unfa m 11 ia r 0 bj,p-('ts in t b~ ~k,. anI! suhmitt~ to thfo! A 1 r ll'o-J"C1!I!" t-rom mD.1 .s ourees, The se SOUtc"e9 met ude mU1 t aryan ct ·ct vi llnn Vi tots, We1lthel' eoaerfer8t amateur 811 tronomer ~t bus mess and p~~8i(lfl.R l men and WO:Inen I an d bouae., h es, e-t e.

Fr-etIUHltly lII11~b .:rbje(!t8 IJi mi 8fdlfio~t hit n oons, birds ~ k1 te f4. M8 whllg b~ .. airt!:r.att DI vlP.UOIl ll: tid an tlcull h-::jtr'1l ht""c'JU~t jeL f"DJ,:" h.e f'.J.1l R U ~t, ~u hdE"-nealloli tra j Ill. .utroD~a.l twJd i~ and me-t..M:r~l~C'a} pb en omen a are ml ~tR kenb N!pottl!id HI!: ui4enWled :II1'i n.r obj~ta.

The AI:r Fo~ p.roops I tJ.;i eva lnationll of UFO reports. under lh~ general head .. _: {I} ldent l.tIl~, f 2} lu~u..Okiellt dB. LaT fUld (B) unWelJUHed~

Id-M1Uftf!d relklort ~ fire th ~ , (')t whlt"'h $I u:tnciP.n t. ~flt!- tnfiOrmA Uon bll: S heert ueumu lat.ed au II C'" a llll!il·l_.ffi ~ r) pemll t a. pOsl U ve lde-u U n~a t loo or eXVIana tioD ~ tIM ctlJ.l@ct.

R.e1lOl"tR oro t~l'l'I~fl R~ L< J B!~llm ('tl·nt Da. ta It those fur wbl-r!'h one or m ()re ele-- 1IWltt.. ut' 1 !.I fur 11 I Pltl [' n .._~ut lu1 !Pr' ~val u:at1 ott are m18tjllig_ ~ille @::IBDl pl~ R I"'e' the ~i H810n 4ft tb.p,. (I u r.(lU fl n or t bf:! al~b UJ IK. date, tim~, loca t 1011, l)Ottitloll in tb4;! ItT, "Wei ther (!'(m(lJ tlffllf!; a lid t.hlli-!' D19.hllE"t Qt 8))pP.S.ra nee or d id.1~ ran~, 11 tbe flement ts m 1~~1llJ! n 1~ d t h('"l"1P t R H 1] j nd ie-II ti~ m t.hR t t h{l' ~t~ hti 11 g may bt~ (;If a .-r'Or:lty~ aNlI?ntlHe. te('hlLle'11t OT plll_t.lic Jnh.TPtJt· 'Vljjtue-t the lJnrj€'Ct B1ue }i;uuk O.ffit_-e taLdnrt:l!l an :a dditt on.a l In v~i ~ tjrm Ilnd e"iIp.J!7 !l t.ternpt ~ E;I m .. ilr to ohtnin III ~ tn~ fQt"lIlQ tlon n~~n I'}r f m· 1 dE"l!lit I M ("11 r.i em. Howc\'p. .... ,:1 n ~ ImC I n~t n n~. r.tu~~ntJal In _ :ror:t:D1I. tl'lln CB lll.LIut. ll¥. ()blaJ n~ 1, an rl no further .I1ctll)n can be ta ken.


0' ...
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Tbp. tb InI 11 nd by fit" the MlII.811est gl"fllUp ot eva.lua t1 orut i~ ~ f:P.,gorlzed R~ I.UnideuUned." A 8Jllhttn~ Is ~()tl:il1tlpI'~ nnlrtentifled whE!O a "'1Hlrt nl~l ... rently ~OJl. t !lin!!! .n peri.ine-nt dtl tA D~ f1 t.) l-3U ggest a v a I iii byp(i'th.~'o;,iH concern! ug the l'.lISie or eapla.nation or _re.port but LbE." dMlM"iptiOD of t.h(!- t]bj~'1. or jt~ mo~tMl I_"ft nnet be eorrelated ... Ith iallY known ft,bje-ct or ph-e nomen R..

TYJ'E.6. r.)l' II rn mL"lT LF.I(,.Ii. T [O~ S. Alii D £VAL U.,l.TIOM ill.

Th erA Bl"'! 178.rlcnm typPA or u ro aigbUngs. Mnst common ~rte -of 8.SI.rODomiea1 :alghtina"ll whtl~h lndud.e br1 gh t. d.a:m, vIR nets, ~OI!Il~t8, fl reba U"81 tn~ftII, a.uroral atreallle:rl!. and oth p:r ce-letlUal bodletJ. Wb ~n olJt.i.fLrved tlJroUgb haze, l1g-bt t(tl:, muv lug C'I.noru1ii1:~ Ol" othr-r ob~1l11ltl-OD& ()f' unusual ICHnditionsr thp. pl:1luetB., includ.lnl V @n[l~ Ju pi ter, Rnd Mil nI have been reported ... ~ u n Id-en tJ ned HyiDl objects. Swlla r m tragP-R B:l'e K] AO Ii 80UI'"{"'l! u! n.-po rlJj"

~ .. teUl tes are anlJtJler major Almrce ur L' }~O ~.R. Art i:ucrealllP. In sa tell ~ tP.8

repurted alii UFO'S I1nt:li eom 8 about bee!1l1 ~ ot two fa etors. Tbp. nrst l~ the in~ of intereSt on the pal"t of th .. pu bile; t~ ~nd los the I nM"M RiDK number or sa.teUite£ll In the fdj{I!A. 110stti T~ 'II.IOW] edge of. the IO<'"A.Uon of a11 sat ell i U"A at all tJmn €'Dab)" I'I\pld hlenUflcs.tlon of R8t~'li~ ~ghtinp.. KeE'PlTlg traek of llltlDJJl&d@ (lb~ i.u. orbit .I. bon t the en rth I! the rl~poTI ~thUity ~t tb~ ,; o rth Amt:rica.n Ail' De:feruJe nd ~{"P. detect10n an d t mck lug Sy~temT Th III. sopht ~tlcated el~ tront e IQ'"stem I;R tb en corn pIe-x 8pace t1'1lmC da t.fl to stan tly from

tl"ad:::ln r nti·HD81.11 ~r th@ world. flpaC."U iI!IU ~U a nt-@ acti vlt1es \ nel ud e the 0,l1li13' o:t ball tsuc tra c klns- R nrl

large t@lNCO}llc {"QlD("nit:lo. ~ 110 ~bed 111 ('!'; are preptl red b;F t h~ :-q A8 A Goddard Space FlLgli L CentH' at Or-een beU, , 1.1.,., umI ~C''''oed1J1P.f11 of too south-nerth l!}Quat01' ('r0B8:lnp are ~re<I by the Swith80nlan Trurtltlltion at CambridKe. MH~K. From me d!:\ tA produced by t b-e&e a.gHld~, PftII t.fll11. u'li rntNtaluI!1l1y re-poo1:EId tl~ U rol ill can be IJ. u Icklj' idel1t:l ft M. Som e ot th~~ ft 1"9. \1S1i hlp, to th~ n.n Kro ey~o

A'rcnrtt aeeount fDr anoth $1'" mRjOI' smtrr.e (It C F 0 ~poI't!J, pB.rtlcnl ar]y du'l"in.g s.dVPrSC Wri ther rorJdl tkms, W beD I)Ds('rved at high att I tuo fl'5II and at iOme dIs· tnm"E' alJ'(.;!.fR!t can 11liye a~llnlUC~ ranging trom dise to rock@t 8hA:~ dne to the ftftp.ction of the sun 00 their brlgh t surtRces. V apor or ronden!!l [l dun t.r Plll~ from ;let 'M'ffi S1)mettm{~R appear to a='low fie-r-y red OT (Ira.n~ wblfn f@1l8ctillg sun] Lrht. .~ tt.e"rbnmen frow je{ R iN'>ra.n. are otWt1· TeJ)Orted as C FOIf!j stnCl' thPyea.n tl'lP. seen fI"OW. Jf:l"PIlt (llJ!t8:tu:ea wbcn tne aiT1!rart cannot. he !'HB .

TbA Project H] llf: l1GtJk om et':' h.8. ~ dj:red eon t:n ("t wltb 8.1 L elements of tl'!e .AIr Force and the l'oo4l!l.ral A vi. ti on Ag!e-ncy cl n 1 air ~(»ltrol C"en ten.. All aerial r-P.-tu p.Uq ~ tiOD!. and. 8pecla I tram InK :fUgb ~ en n lle' cbecked [rn IllMiatel1. Air traffic of (:ommercift I flirllnes ~Ild flJgh ts of.. D1 ill ta ry n 1 n~ratt a" .cht!!'eked ~ith tbe nf-a.rE'IJt C'fIIJl t rot Cl!'Dtltl'r fl!Dllbling an 1 mmed!.ate .f!"fBl nation or a il'(.'1'lltt Dllt!ltu.ker.d.J repMted .lU!II UEOts. IIlYWever, s,~ J]lH,l1Y It'ICll .flig-litJ!l; .are nut ..... rri~~ t~se

fJll'bts are probable enu~s ()t 9Obl1l!l repOrt 9:.

BallooDJ:J con' i nue to be rP.port(rl .as U FO'II. S€'V~ 1 t.hOU88.Dd ba.1l00llB .1'8 relP.II.sed 88('b day trmn mll'ltary Mnd civUI~il Ai I")_lO'r t8. w('..a.ther !1U.tlOD.'1 and re~reb AfYtt vltle& TherE' II re se .... ~1'B I t.y pt"tt of ballOOIlli-'W{)!ltbe r ba UOOP~t Ta willMfld FR~ rod I ($OOOefi. and 4 h ~ 10.!'"gee- r~rcb 00 UOOhK w h.lcb bft ve dla mp.t,erB n p to 300 reet. At 01 lith tt lJa l1um 1M -ca rry "1 n ... 1 Dg Ughts w h i~h ea 'HI'" B D UUUAllll kltpeB.ntU'l"U when obl!!ll!'rved. R,(-fir.t'!tlon of tlu." FIo\lU on bftll00ns at du WII llnd !!laMe! 1"!0000Ktmn prOO U£'lI !3t1'8 ore €I tr~~, This U:'tl"l A.117 <>C!'r.un ,,,h"'11 l be ba 11(l()D., beta 1l~ of Its anit od Pfl1 UI exlJ'06t."d to tbe: lSunT La I'ge bnlloong -can move at ~~!II of O\·pC 100 mH-es ~r bour when ntO\'lng In high altitnde jl~L .. ,dn(l~t['"P.ft.m3. Th("~ lJa1.l.oorul ;9()IUd iWeB III ~r to be tlnttP.llM on top, At otber U m PFI t tbey U1Jl1'e8 r to be Rftn~rsbatwd And to b tl \"~ lllJbt:e ruoun«-d i n~lf'lp. tb~ lJ.a.Jl 1t8e11 du.-e t 0 th~ ~lU~! ~ rAYS N-fI~ t11l.J thro u~h tbe- tn.Il t,P.ria.l of tb e balloon. The Balloon eon trol Conter at 11 ~lloma n All' For-ct! Base. N. M lI'X., mal Btl i DS ... p1 nt on all lTIlli taI.J' llVl)e'T' fil r re-

ICM 1'(' b halloon s.

Anot.hH C'&tfIIol'f.tA U ro ~"1l11ll. tirnu. lRbeoled t'Otb6'" lnclud es :o..tI~i l~, rel!ec-

tiona, m1ra~ EIf'Al"'(!b..lJsh.~ blrds1 !litH-, gpu r"iOU8 nula.r 1ndt catl(tn~1 hoB Xe!!Ii, H.~

W(}PkA, and flareII.

Al~ft1 Mtelil tee. ballooM1 :and the Uk-e ~h nnl~ not 1Je I"eJ)Qrt @'d ~1 D1!e tber

do not ta.1l wi tblD. th9 del! nt tiOD of It n nnideotifi.-d llylD~ obj~~


To dA ~1 the ~rm <!OllciwdOlllll!! of Proj@f't Blue Boo-k I.I"e ~ (1) 00 lmideIltl firm flJ"fnK ubject ~ In V@StlgHted4 II:\Ud p'p'slua ted. by th~ Air F oroo b.8..9 e'nrr


NON A .... 'AILAhILrn or MA.'J"~l;AL6

ib@ foUowlnr tee ms R re tor intern aJ use -:)n1y anit ~re nm. ... alllth-lfli fo r rll!!ll~~tton to t be pnbHc, Th~ conc=rn 1 n tl!l'rna 1 mana.rement and pro~d II r~ ..L.o-r u,rw a rding lJFfl Tt'p1H'boi t.fl til if': II JlIlTO(Wi n t£" a~ ... y ,

" Alr PI) eee Rt'lldu tlon 21)() -2., 0 ,

2. J' AN AT' 1.f6.

Th.p. A IT II"frT('fl" 1'I.Fl.~ no ft 1 rn~, ph nt.ngrap"h~, rna ~~ cb arts, or graph"61 of tul· JdeotlHe(I Hyl Dg obje-cl.~. P]l(lt,l~f.I ph!!! t ha t ha 'Fe ~D Imbmirted tor eV8Il MUon 1 ~ ('IO'tljnn~t~ M1 m t.b T TOO rt1'I'I~l1'tli h}1 V ~ hf+n iI~f:pnn InM to be a mlelnterpreta tion or no.t.n nt I 01' oonvlLn"H nnJ.t. ohJ r.ct~. Tb{"~e obJ ern bave a VOBlttve I den UftC"8tton

TIle Alr ThI'C'e no. longer poge~i!le~, 21M thus d Of.o~ not ha \'@ to-r d tst r tbut ion' outdat.c II reports on Pmleet ~i.m.. l'roj cet 0 rudJre, Blue HOOK Special Report N 0 ~ 14. and outdated Prf)jer:t B]ue Book preSR relfoHRf.oR.. NonrnIUt..Rry' T~FO pu"";C'a~ tions should be rf'Q_ueM"ed trom the pubtlsher, not the Air .trOI'C'@.

t -


"'The wo.r1d of Flyin~ S8.'neers. n by Hensel and Boy. A sclen.tiftc exsmination ~ t1Ie claUi.c U YO report!!!.

lo%l )l00D. ldeteorltM. aDd. Ct').m@!h1,PI' Da.ted 1903. bY M1ddI~bumt 8nd Kwper,

ConUDuou.s. aDalySi.e I)f ~ovlet moon pb otOP.:. Cha pier on SJbc rlan mf'tt"Ori te a.nd pb.otOfl. nr comets (!OID.J tU La tlon of' van nus Mmet omi t.8.1 pbtJtoi=:.

''The Na.UU·g. of Llli:ht and rolor bl the Open Atrr by Mtnnnert, Th ... ver Publi(1lttODB. TbS. b an peellent paperback written h' nnder9t.1l118.l)le lunKU8-b'E,

'lM.e{MI'B,Il' by OUVcT. Stabdard by foremOBt authority on met-t!-Ql's. "Photographic Hlotnq of MAt&.," l!(lO-61, by 811IJber, E. 0., publi"bed boy Lol"~ll

Qbscrva tot"]" •.

•• A,u.tmny or f\ PbenomWOUt!' by '1181 11e, J acQUE:S •

,.Ntnd ?da.n to the HOOfltl! bY \fon Brnuu, Wernher.


~ l



. ~


C,.. fl.1~.


Ulu boOOk, pfl.f':l t~, Ca9Ii!! ffie5.


J:Jl.ot) 1»0 k. J)II F!'! 108,

CBBe fileR.

Ilo4'J. nil. ,uti'.

nu. Du. be. l"XI. oe. Do, Do. 000. '00.

lttT ............. T" -- -._ - •

. ~.~ .... ".-7-~---------

194B ~.~··~r.--~-----------~---~&······~-·

1!IiIi8---- - -- - _ r - - - -- -- - - - • - -- --

J.tIII) .. __ __ •• - - - - - - . - - - - - - .. - ••• r - -- .....

1"1- _ ~~ .. - . r· -~ ••• ~-- - L L ••• - - - - - ••

1m....... -. - - - -- - - ...... - ......... -- - -- - - . - - - - - - - ---

l~---·-- .. -"'···""------ .- --- --- .. - ..

l~.----- .. ._ r .... n .- ... ------- -- ••••

1 . __ --- r--------- .. · -- -- .


1~ •• ~·-------··r-~ -···7--- -.------~

IM1 .• - - r- - - • - - - - - - 'I'"

)~L •. ~.-- . _ ... ~_ •• 7- __ ~L.rr-- .-- •... -

I~L~7-L~ •••• n~ •• -.--------.~ L~.L_.L_ ••• rr-

l~ r .. __ .. _ •• - -- -- - - •• r

lW1.-- __ - -- r_ - - -- -- --. - - - - - .

l~ .... •• .. r .. -.- •• ------- - ------- - -- - - - - _. . - - - --- - .. - .

l;.rlil • . - - - - - - •• _ •• - -- -.- - - - - - -- - ....

~ r. r ...... _ _ .. _ --- - - - r. - --- - -- -. -- ---


~-.---.-~~ .. ------~~ .. - .. -.-.--~--

I· I·

• c.omplle41P. I?'. Itfli.

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~... ;;~$; ~:= I ~ ~I -:lI!I~ I... "'11

~ N~ ~ ~ s~ ~I ~~~~~~~~~~~~-~l~

1 __ ~ _2~1 I ~


1-~rwT-a .... !-~ ............ ::i!:~':iO-~-:-~~I~I~-~- ... ___!_J _~_11. ...

-~;;;;-;t::T~ -::-::-=;+.I --N---::------_____",,"':"'_____" __ ..J_

Ei@s~~i 9! ~~~ ~ ~_~~~~ro~~~~~O~

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--lr----.......~--+-~I 1.-

~ E~~~~~~ ~ Rs~ ~

~ ~ -,~

I :






, .

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, .. , .,

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I ~ : : ~ : :,

I I I .,

: : ~ : I •

~ ~ ~ :: :

I'" , , , , · ' ,

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... I I I I I I I

~ r : : : • : ~

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.... I I I I ••

• : ~ : I : : ~

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D : ~ : I I ~ I

_ 4. 'I I I I :

"III! • I I I ••

....,. r : ::..:

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-'II: I 4 I , , "

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.. : I : - : ~ :

I I • I I I I I I • I I I I • I •• I

I : I" : : ~ ~ r

I I I ..... I I

~ 1 ~~~~ ~ : i :

8 :; :;:s ~ CI~ ~'~ • s s Co

~ a', !9 ~:5 ~ F-t



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j. '. :. l L

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:001'111 ... : it.: ...

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·M ..... III'.IIII)~- ;::

-::!=:. :I;t

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IC] I I .... T"""I r--I r--I ~

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=--1".., ........ <:":1 0 I.

.... IIIIIIII.... -.

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1 .~ ,
...: I t::J. I ~
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: '"3 ' 0
~ - , t-
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..".1 I . I

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;001'" k

. .... ,-

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~--~~~~'~. -~~-

~ ~--1

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.~_ • ..-1 ,




Pe-rsQ1l8 oeserv lng a ·nre·ball -4, [" Du~teo[' sll t.PUlcl .relKJrt ~ in r~ ~:rm atton to tbe Amerl,-=:.a.n M....t.~~t ·Rfp(·i H.)'". The l n £.OI'tn8 t.l1 I'D d tJoSi I'I:I!O ia eon ta ined below.

A Vf':r~ h ri II ill nt. m~"f.t':f}l" or fl"N"'M 11 i ~ rpp)ried t Q. ha vp flO ssed in your l" Iclu ity

UlI ~ at the hour ot ~. W III yoU pl@9..8@ answer a e tully as IXlfft"o i bl.~ t he

fnllowi oS( (J1l~Rt.1 rms, w h I r-h ~ 1'P R ~k"p;j 011 I)e hrllt u( tile A mer lean M eteor Socj elv

in orde--r tna t permanen t fE!"C"OM 1;1 of ~u("b I)hffloruehB Dlay be obbt l ned, Wh@tl

tbf«f!! rf:!o])OO"ts!: arlP! .pn hl i ~hp!l AD (' h (':00 t.1'j 1 ~nr.l H' w ht IIH" n-.lII.~rt i ~ fu irly -c<>m:pll'tl· w 111 ·be m.p.nUotl~l, if l)()SJilib 11!I!1 1:1 nd due (·n-dit g 1 Vfln, 1 t ls ool.y t1y t tit;! lwlp 01 those who ell: n gi ve pp1"90n~ 1 inform atlon tha. t data ea n oe lJIOCuroo l~ rr t~

C'omputa.t;loo -of the orbits of mf"t-e-or,~ Thfo~e dll: ta I ~ of grp.D. t. ~ flntl f (" l"A Inp aud 6.]1 rea~lI'lL8blt"' t'ft"orl..~ Sb~lIllltl 1.w. In.fuh· t o obhtin them, You wUI tlP. "Il~blf. probably to B.nJilfWH all VJestton~ be3.'Oow, bnt fi D j:!~l" t h~ you Coin I as tll foY P-I tty be of tb e ~ t~ i.mport. nee.

(1) G l ve your name 8 nrl lI.dd!'~~~_

(2) were ,ou ...... 11~~ n YUll ~l w nl." lQcteor? ( 1 t the f.()W D Is sma n ptMAA give eou n tf I. ~ wp.11. ~

(S J Gi \' e the- IIH..tili\ 1mtl r. U lid m.·i n u tP. Wb-e-D til e meteor appeared. ~ 111$0 'It Ind ~Jf time used,

~ 4) In .,.,+ ha. t dtreetion dld It a.ppea. r ~ or In w bat dlrf'.!1~U [)Il wi 8 it first gP'en) ?

ThIs hli not askillg in whnt. r1irP'(lt.iun it wns go1ng.

( ~) r ... w lut .. t 4.Il re(' Uon did it d I~p~n.r (or In w ba t dll' I?"C tl on W9.8 it J8 itt ~eft.l) 1 ~1" qnemlon:s (4) and (5), !i;lmplr "St E, S. or W I~ not arcurate f'nQu~h. unless 111lJl'llle were th~ exu.<..'t dl ""(1.1 on s, I f c"omp" ~ ~ i Fli 11 ~M, stute U: a] ~ If magnP.t:j~ t!(Jt"r~'U(m hi ~ ~ appl i@d to com pa.~ rea cJ I~_

(e. ) At t wh~ t h.pi_gbt ct id it R PTIi("~:r I~ t U ~ d-e«t"lfes iIl anj:j.wering.)

(7') At ",'rIat l"lr-Izht did jt di~p]lt?".nr: t r:4~ df'"li!:~ in 8IUfcW .. rlng .. ~ ( R) Did ! t fIR ~ III fP.4:of: 1,. OV'll~I"}Wft rI I [,1"'_. t h rrrn g h t h(" ~ n r t 11) ?

(9) It not. to whlr-h l"Ii[iI(~ of th.· 5'"A~nit h (l iii it ~n, and how 1.11.r from It? ( [TJJe degl"et-S In answezln ~_ )

( 10) Did I t_ .. pt'II"'A T t.o, 1"(I-A r-h -ttl f" h n.M?on ? Wh a t !iOI1: (d. Q h (lrl~ have- you? (11) What Angle- dIll the ( r,t! I, .wetiIi:'"Ql" make wJtb the horizon and In wbi'Ch di TM·ioll P:I I t til en I{Ol n~ '?

(tt) 11 you are- ffi.mllhl: r ,,·1 th eonst ~nJl t i onJ;! lI~r1-be thtl! poiIIth of thE" meteor

tbrougb ·th.e with referfonef" to Bt& rs,

, 1l) ) Did tue me t.evr a~ I' ttl ~JI: Vhxl~~"1

(14) Wlt ... t. W8R t ....... duratlon of' Us ~ight In ~onds?

( Hi) Dese tl b(:- t llf" t rid n ir 01 ~t!' W 1I!;j lprt. [I it la8t@tJ ] tmg enengb to- ~:bow ~r1tt ~ most eareruur tell 1 n wh. t dlreetl a D -ira I 11 d ;rJft'Pdl t il"f"~ MkfrtJeb. If P081:dblej !:I bawing this wI th regard to. hortzon,

( 10) Wl:nl t WII. ~ Ult-!' du rut lu n ..,.r the t rul n ~ II ~'QDds? ( 17) Did r-011 hPfol r a ny :-w:tU 11 t1 ?

How 10J L~ .afLt:! r to!et'!'l ng Un:!! w t~h"~ I L W M~ J t b .... lnre you h@a!"d tb Is sound l' DId ,rULI !lea ran 8( 1 e:.; I~I f~i im ?

How loo~ &ft.f!o-r ~inp: t.b~ f'I'l"pl~i nn wfl~ 1t bl;lof(lll"E"" yon be1llrd it? ( 18) Of w hu. t e~ ~]or wu. ~ t h~~ :m~~t.!·IH r-r

{ 19) Wb.a twas th-e- aiR' Qr tb~ metf'Or? ( Com parf: t t with t bp m ontl: OJ' wi t h

a PlAnet or Mar. l

( :JJ) Was. more t b.a D OIl!, body ~11 oofore: th e e:cptost OIl (:If any) "7 (21) Wbal WJl~ ('OnrHti on of !iky Rt t.ime?

( :CZ) Glge nn tn~ .a lIU f.I. dd~~ vI: vthl'f'!": ,,~hv 1m w l h~ wp.teor~

(23) Pleft~ mA i I th i:'1 Teply to: C h~ Tloe s P. 01 i ve r1 Amt>.rh:lI.Jl Mt~tE~r Sod r~t.Y t 521 North Wynnewood Avenup.. ~ arhe-rtb. Pa_, 19072_

The CIIAIRMA N. ~f r + Sec~ la ry ~ 1 pt. n Ie !ol8k you this. S hou] d th i s

be an exec:utjve session f .

Secretary BBOWN. NOj nothing I hn"'re so fa.r has been classified, and nothing I wi 11 )\g Y ~

The CHAIRMAN. Is there any 1"e8son to keep fhis ~.xecuti \~! I think we have a. lot of peopJe outsid.e, of th~ door4 J.A!t them come ill.

Mr. PRIC!... In yiew oe llu:~ l~lSt)n .~d~n am hnv~ng it., T see no oh· ~tion~

The CHAJR MA t\". I ,lo~1 'f, Pll,hF.r. \Vhy not. open t}lC door?

M..r. BRA. Y. I woul d 1] ke ~to m n k e t hl S obSf;r\·a t 1 on off tll8 1): cord4

, ,



'.! .

.'" •

. .'

.. ,"

~ . .







~ " .' , r' ,


.. ' l, .... ... ~


.., ,

,~ , •

-. ~


· , .

· ~.

· ..


I .: ,

, .'

· , 'f _.


- +

:1 :-

, , · ,

· .

· ,

, -

· .. 1

I ... r

· ..



· , ... .

- ,

I .:

· ,


· ," ..

· •• I ..

., .

,.' . .

, ,

· ·.1

- .

= . I

J ... ..

.. . :

~ , ,

, .


. , at.· II .. ~.



. .

~ .1

_ r



r .~

t :.


- .

:. . ,I~ :.~ ~

~" . I·

I; .

l4'-. - . .:.

~ .

• I:




(Discussion t.l fl' the record.) ~.. . +

ThR (~lIAlJU[AN. 'Ve are ~oi np; to decide w h ~t th e I ut ~re 18 go mg to be I am tr..lking about this tfllRtjrnon,Y now, If IS n n reason

for th.fJll not being here, Jet t h~IT' j n. here. . . ~

~t ~ TY BROW}(. Thi 8. Jet.t~r l sun , .. ~ HflH I tied. Home of the ques-

tions you ask ma.y lead to 01 assi tied male n al,

Mr. SOUWEIKBH- Are all t,h~ f les U~U~ II&SS~ ~

The CHAl1UlAN ~ Le t th p.m Wille In and listen to the testim ony.

'Vhen 1\-e get into the q u6Stion s ~-e wi 11 dec ide. ()pen t 118 doors.

Mr ~ Secretary. W~ w ill1ct you sta rt. .' ,

You ~ntlemen w ho ha~e come in, the Secrete.ry is exphun1ng a. letter

he is sending t Q the committee. .

y 011 ~ntIemen of the press, :rv ~ and mrlio, ,vhatever you tep~nt,

listen ~ That is the best way to find on t.

Go ahead. · .. d h

(Sooretary Brown re~ats hiR ~tatemen t prevlou~ly rea to t e com-

mittee .. ) from

The CRAIBHAN. Mr~ Secretary, I have bef()~ me so~ pages

Life magazin~.. I dou't know wha t t,~ e d fa te la~ but It 18 recent.

Mr. .KT..LLE.1IEL Two weeks AgO, I trunk.

The COltlRHAN. Two wooks ~. . +

It mentioned 10~OOO-odd sightings of the.~ mystenot1~ objects. I

note it has &. pictu~ . .

H lL ve .You seen this ¥ 1 W 111 I' ~AS It on to y~l.

Secreta ry HnoWN . Yes, I h a. ve seen t h f: pr L~ ~ re. . .

The CnAIRMAN. Here nrc two pictures. One taken rn Oregon In

1950 and the other taken 4 in France, The~ both look v~ry much alike, ActuaUr it 1ook~ ~unethinglike R battleship.

Then here is Romethjng on _ another page hero that. ss alleged to been seen in II i ell igan, (\ nd , t . l!O; even s ketc hed h pre W I( II an antenna.

and all th a.t goes with it.. . . +.

Here is my question: ResponRlble, well-trained peoplt,) like pilots->

I think some R--.1)2 people Mr~ Kelleher i . .

Mr. KEJ.IJ!.HER+ I don(t ree:dl that, I do remember s1ght.Lngs by

com merci R 1 pi] ots. · . . d

ThA CHAlHH.AN. Certainly commercIal pilots have I'P.fH}rted all kin s

of things. . . hi

How do you .explain A w& Y these eleer 1 y de fined !n.ystCTl ous t In~

t hat th-ese ~poMi ble pe'Xtple a] lege ha \'1 n g seen.

How do your experts mooncile thje ~ . _

Secretary BRQW N. I w ill tu TIl th is ov er to my experts In R mornent,

Mr. Chni rman, - . T '1· d 11 f til

IIowe VBr, I should I! ke t o say this : W A ~ ha ve n (. e:l"p a 1 n~ 8. 0:. e

n-.port.ed si ghtiTl gs WhICh \,~ ha ve 1 n VP.8t igated. W ~ hn. v e ex pl R 1 nsd 95 pereent of t hem, hu l fl re not su re 9. bou t t he ot.~ p. r ~) percent. The m It ~ p($lh lIP.! exp Ial1 fl t ion s for t h II, (t~ ,her ~ pereen t 1 n m ost c(t~.. How .. e.ver si~ce wt'! cM't- prov~ UHlt our fin.t~n~ are t,he correct cxplana.tlQn~ ther D.I'@ reprdecl R.S 8;~ht.if4..F".ij WhlCh hnvp not been completely

account.ed foT. 1-... f t t

The C lIAmXAN. Well ~ now ~ d 008 anybody "p in II Ut.I. on ty or 0 s.a. nre.,

all ege- that Ulese t,h ings, whatev~ r th ey ~~lny ~e, ha ~e come from other planets or from sowew here on tSJ d@ of thl S un 1 verse .


Secreta.rv BROWN. To the beat or my knowledge, no one in the Air Foree, a.nJ no on e in the ~xecu ti v e branch has ex pressed such a be .. lief.. K or ha ve I eve r heard 8.. Member of Con gTf:RR m R KfI; ~11~ h a ~tJl.t,sment. 1 know of noon e 0 f S(~ i Po n 1, i fit~ Ahtnd i ng or execu ti ve stand ing, or with 8. d etai led know 1 ed ge of th is, in our or"aniza ti on who bel iev-es that thev come from extratcrresttial sources,

The (jHAmHAN? Bu t yon have found parts of meteors and thin ~ of this c ha ra cte.r that h fI, l;p' ~n cont inn in g to hit the earth TON vsr f

S eerctnry BROWN _ M ateors, 01 eou rse, are 01 ext raterrest·ri al on gin. 1 am talking sbout ext raterresrri III fly in g cralL

The C H AIRM ~ l'Il. () 11 j ~,ts that are made for the pu. rpose of coming

to earlh~

Secrstl ry BROWN. ..that is right.

The CnAIRM A N ~ That. is lIt· hat, I hI- ve in min d. Secretary BROWN. That is right.

The CHAIR)[-"M. So thsn your testimony, or your answer in re:eponse to my letter in e IJ ect is that th ere ~re things caused by V&rious phmlomooa, reflN'Xl0n ()f radlLr WILVCS~ the northern Iights, somebody

has MS.i d marsh gases. - .

8ecret&ry BROWN. Yes j thllt lH explanation of some of the


The C" A llU£A.N". As well as meteors ~ Secretary BROWN + Yee; sir.

The CHAIRM.A N. What, ¥.111m ~

Secretary BRO'WW. Some of them tu rn out to. be h.ft 1 ]OOTl!'l~ Sn~ nf them tu rn ou t. to 00 n. i rorn ft, seen u n d flir pecu Iia r ci rcu I nst ances, and so on,

.And we em explain 95 percent uf them this w.ay~ This does ·not

imply th at a. la.rge rart 01 the remRi n ing .1) pereen~ the unexpls ined ones, a.m not also 0 this character .. but. we simply hs V8 nut. been able to confirm this because we don't have enough infOl1llo.tion about these


8ljt n!;' also be that there are phenomena, the details of which we don't understand, which are naturo.l p'hAn omena, an d which account for some of the sigh we have not identified, In certai n i nstanct.S, I think 8. further srisnt,lfir, explanation is a possibility. Therefore, we continue to develop this 8 PPJI'OMh.

The Cn&mMAN. Now. W5 MVt3 h~re Dr, Hynek, and Major Qnintam j ]1 I. •

We h ... ve these t Vr~O gentlemen who &re a.uthont iee on t,hE'- R 111 e Book.

One is a scientist, the other i s the lTFO project offi.("er~

Now, we have asked that you gentl~men OOfnR. Dr. Hynek, is there anythip_g you would like to say to us i

Dr .. HYNEK. Mr. Chairman, tho press has recant·]y treated me rather TlDkindl, .

The CIIAIRM.A. N • Yon ought to. 00 ~ h.a.irmY.ll 0:£ this 00 mm i t.too.

Dr. HYNEK. The press has described me as "a. pu_ppet of the Air Foroo,'t:and ha.a sta.too that T sa~ only what the Air FQl"'CB (el1s me to .y t r woo 1 d 11 ke t.Q.t"do So.met.hIng which m rty be 8. lit.t1e dan Tlg, a:dft rM.d to thA committee a sta wment 1 h8;ve prepared w biOO ha.s certain]y not been dictated by the Air F OI'Ce.

The CHAmMAN~ At. this point, I wfJ,·nc you to tum the loud ~




I ~

~ .


.. '" ...

. , ,




~ :

,. ..

, '

.:. ,

r f ~


" I.

· .

f· I

... .

. '

....... ,. ... -

,,~ .

, :

. '

, .

;,. .: .. , ..

. .. ,

. .

• Jr. I •

... ~ I ;

:." .. , '


.. ~ , -

, '

: ~, I

,.. ' , ~ ,

t· .

I· ....

: . ~

I I~ I

· :..



.. ,

.. ,

"" ~ -


.... .

... I


- .

... ~'

~ ,



N' ow. Dnd.or, before you give 11!3. this, won 1 (1 you gi VB your L ac k-

grounn (or the record ~ .

Dr. HYNEK. Yes, sir. This infurmatlu'n is included in my stAt~ ..



Dr. HrNEKt My name is J. ~\llen IIynek. and I reside A.r, 2628 Ridge A V@IlU6, EvanstoJl ~ Til. Lam direci.or of the Dearborn 0 brenratory and of the Lindheimer Astron()mi~.81 R~rcll C~ntaT! and. Chairman of the De part,ment 0 l Ast ron om y R, t N orrh western lJ' ri 1 v~ r81ty . S IDOO 1948 I ha ~ acted as a fre.q t1 en t sci en rifle consu 1 tant to the Air Foree on the problem 01 t,h~ lJFO (Uniil~t.ified Flyin.e: Objects)


The UFO phenomenon might be nefinoo as (1) the persistoot re-

porting by a wi de cross sect 1 on of the pu bl ie, i n t.n i~ and in other oountrh~~ of a.lleged serial objects "¥'-·hich., to the observer, seem to defy explanati(Jfl ~~-"1~ of their appearance and behavior, anrl (2) the wiue.qpread and growing interest, in th~ matters by seA"TIenis of the public whi~h, in some cases, has led to t be form ation nf civ ilian organ ization~ dP-l.l icated to the in vegti~ tion of the ~id reports" oft en R.e· com panled by viliJica.tion nl I he Ai r F orce for the ir hand 1 i n g of the problem, 0. ma.tter not bene ficia 1 to the Air F o~ irn~. 5 nch ~plc goo.~mJly either (8-) !hn.t L~O"s are In rea.hty ~~r:et. devices of the Air Foree, w hose au~tence l!;; kept from the. pu bl sc, or (b) that the Air Foree knows all about visitors from f1PrLOO and i~ de-

libera te 1y wi th hold ing in! ormati on to pT'f!.VP.Tlt. pan io, i' •

A third aspect of the {', FO ph en o nle~on 11 ~s . b-een t he 71l~1 R t.lOTI of the term a 1 T FO or 'i:fl y lng saucer" w t t 11 dlf~ 1.rI eR of v 1St t n t.1 on of intell i gences from outer SpR~E;I,", H n associ Rt i on w h ieh 1 S n ~ w n JT&Il te d e-ither by the data, OTl hand, or b-¥ logicn.l inf~lv.n~·e. It is ent irely oon~ e~! v I. hie that there m iJlht he u Ii id en ti fi ed ne ri n.l phen omoP,n R- K bOll t UR which have n n connection wi t h extrn tp,rresttin 1 vi~ it n r ion.

Thu~ the phenomen on shoo ld essenti~11y be viewed in lt~ 'Rntirety :

The fact. thp.t. t.he raeent. sightin:srs in Mi(',hi u;nn e"l'~n n re~r:tiQn !o..r 0\1 t of proportion to t 'he origi n ik 1 - Rl gh t i r l,-,'S, t 11 P. -met t h n. t !flY pre~ c.on&renco in l)et roit the WP.P- k hA fore l"~ w f\.S th~ 1 j.\ r~9t. ] n the ], l~ ory of t}lI~ Detroi t Press Cll1 h! t: h P. f ~t t.hllt T recei va m ~ny lp.t"t-B rs from schoolehil d~n who are W 1'"1 t,.n g' e 1-n 5.~ reports on II FO s A. n {lIn tl eed the Jlct that I om spN. kl ~g' he re bef ore you~ n rP. "II '(Xl rt~ of the l r ItO

pn&n~enon, .

In this context., t.hp, kind of ftct.ivity that, the pre~ hilS report~ In

M ich ignn is not. unu~l.l&l, I t· on 1 v hn pJWne d that the n u ter Il nd H 1118- d8.1e ineidents!l Rlthough 1)1 1 itt 1~ slcent,ific sign i1i{'ft nf'p.t hRve 1\.ttracted n a.tionR 1 in t.arest.. Now, si mit a r 1 nrirlentBt ~ 11 d som~ ~n~l den bly more intriguinii haw. he!?,n oecuITi ng for mRny yell.T"S, wIthout g'll{';h treatment on the part of the ,., eWR m ed i ~. 'Vh j 1 ~ snell ~hl nlQrfltl r= a t ~ t~~ti on is q ttic~ tD WII. n C41 t hf\ ~ I t~ (t~r l:vi llJ! (>il1 1 ~rn ,R 110\ 1 t l'. FO' fi;, f~ by R con lin nullS tnck le of repori~1 IS • nflf' P.1 ~(lft"l ng In t II (k mill rl R nd SJllh t,

of the _publi-c.

Dun n g thi~ enti rf, ~riod of Il P3 t'ly 20 yeA. rs I h ~\ VP. u 1 t e_m pte d. ~

rerna in as Opp.Jl ITl i nded on this sub i EI'(, t n q eire UTnf:tn n r:f::::I ~~' t.t ell, thlB d{\6 pi t.e the f a.ct t.ha t the ·wll nl e sl1 bj ect seemed lIt tel·ly rld 1 culo~s. bond


m i:'d o~ us finn 1 y hp.l' eved tl H Lt~ h ke some :fa d 01" era ZP. tit. wnu Id su 1 e In.n. matter of months, Yp.I in I he lUHt 5 yp,flrn,. more reports were subm It.tOO tv tt~e .. A.i.r Fo.,rr.e than in the first fj Y~H'S.

d Doo1 ~ ~It:e the ~-!""I ng mam ty ~ r _11_. ~ su hject, I fel t t-ha t, r ''" ou 1 (1 be

~ let In my ool~rlt.i fie ~sponsll.;l1Ity to the Ai r Force if 1 did not po]n t out th~t t~~ w h ule ~~FO ph onomen on might j] ft. ve aspects to it . wo~h y of scien tifl,e ~~B!l t 10 n, ,\:r h~t \"r e h n ve II e ~ i ~ lL sign ElI- to- noi 8C ~n.tlh!Mb]etn: ':fl1~CllI~ mil~ n D11l!lIs(ie amount of noise, represented

y t m !,~Y m ].~ iden tifica rl ~ n-f fa mi I i ~ r obj ac t s seen 11 n del" unusual or su rprisin It c 1 ~~ums~ru:tc~ ba 1 loons, bi rrls, ~l h'=' 1 ites, met eors, R ircraft, 8t.a.~yet, In 9.1 J .~'rent.lfic honesty, nne is Jed to ask whether there mt t not ~] ndeed be u SIgn ul sorn ew h~T'f. In the nOl se.

~ sc Lp.nt.l!3tt 1 must, be m indful of t.h6 lessons of thR pR..qt. all too rf~~(r I~~S happened tlut( matters of grea t va I tie. to sc ien ell ,;.,(!~ ov ('f"-

O? ,veI.',.KllS6 the new phenomenon ~implv did not fit the accepted

sClentdic ~utJook of the time, 'Thus, the ev ld~nce of fossiles lot' biofol 'c al evolu t 100 W R.S overlooked; X ~ ra-y S lo\retlll nw..-l ooked t meteori res wfr.e Over loo~ as nstrnn om p rs sre adf as t ly ref used to RC':C@pt stories of

stones whIch fell from t.lL~ skv, ~

Therefors, T have set asid~ for further studv some 20 parf 1 1

well rep rted UFO I · . ' . artrcu nr y

- 0 caAAB W l ~L~I~ d~llIte the character, technical com •

petence and llu~lher ?f the wlt,n~~s~ ~ hn.Vfi not. bp,p,n able to explain. ~h~&.f"'Wt done this tu d]l1stJ~te t hnt n~lt her I nor t hfl: A IT Force hide

_ &.:r;f. th ere are nne ~ pl a:lloo reports, n nd to ill 11 Rtra tf. n.l so that the

Alr F ore;e d.res ~ot, m fun t a._I n, c:on~ ra r.v to some pub] i C opii I i (l n, tJ 18 t re~d-.:ters] -of l. FO s a re I aclnng ] n In te r 1 i~I11'M or II re ob jeers fit on] y for ri leu e..

, lu I of these re ports, lOa re f nun sr.i ent.ists an d high 1 v t rR i nfd J ndi .

VI ua ~ :; are from m em be rs of t h Po Armed F oreQS, a n d mem bet'S 0 r te pol 1 ~ toree"1 and ti R re reports made by l~ 1 i a bl e A meriean ci VI] i ans

n my VleW~ the reliability (1-( the observers was above RV~nl in ali 20 c~ Th~ re;ent ~f\ses in j\fictli~ptn hnve not been incllldefin this particular ooll~nl.rnn Slnee J .fee] that fhey are :Sllbje{~t t.o Sl mple albejt

sornew hnt un USURI T ex pl:n nat I on. '

I can not prove. beyo ntI dcn lht t.h R t t hi ~ j s t he case, b tit these t \Vo now fa.mous repo~s III u~rat e. t he nl~tllO d the A iT" F ~ hn.s used ~ i t 11 great 8uooess ] n fi n dill _g 101!' i en I exp Ian Ft t ion 8 lot' the weat m~ J. () ri ty of

the nl'h_0rt& '

. \Ve BV6 used as a w~rking hypothesis, ·when first cConfronte<l ,vB h

ll, rep~ rt~ tJlLl t a (~on ven.t] on a I ex p] an 0.1 ion e.x i ~I etl~ e it.h e r ns a m i!=t! cten ~

. t~£CB. ~lon Qr un of. hI! rw H~~ we.ll- k n 0 \y n obj ect or phe nOfl?Im 00, a hn J] ll·clnB;ti~ ~r 8 hoax. Th '11 11 ~ So hccn a. very Bll~~essflll and proclu('ti ve hypothet.s15. OJ:te must be a''fnre, howeye~, f.ha.t romplete adherenee to one hypothesis m~y t.urf! out to be R roadblock in tJle pursuit of research Md~A'I;ors.

mt: tJ:te sayin.e;, gn~:~ '~I ~ one d i~ too 1 n t en tI y for eoal he i9 apt to h dlam onds. .Sr.1en h~s ~h?, 11rl n~vcr be gn i I try of po\+erty of

y poth~, And 1 n !_lg v,.T i ~ h the. tl' puzz] ing easrs, \lre h No VI'! t&nded elther to P".R..y t hni;.,' ] f nn Inve8tlO"1l.tlOh hRd L_ ~~ pu~ d]

en nuU'h th .. ] ... 1""..... r I'l.'en I. coue Oil,.

th ~, - e mlSl(lr.rl(. d~~ ohJp.rt. 'You 1 ~ ll!t Ye hff"n ~cogllized, or that,

e Blght,lnt5 had n? ya] Id ltry to heg'ln Wl tho

h UF . pl.~.bhc" on ..,th-; othp-r hanrl., is ~U811Ylrone t() poyerty of ypot eq, E I th 91' U ~ U::; HI en n hI] ge an nonsense, or ihey

. •

. ~

,. ,.

. , .



I.~: . \.

!.! " ,~,

,~: 10.

t.1: '

:~ .

. , ". , ,

... III"

':1fI :

I:: ..

!!!' ,

: ... I

I ~,: I (

~t'~ .

'~ .

~ . f;-' .




, ,


;!.. .

(t-. '


I '


, , .

t '

· ".

· +

: . ~

~:I ~


~ , I ~ . ~ t.. I I

! '.: ~,

j ...

· : ..



, ~


! .

~ -.: :


I • - .

, ' ,

. , ,

. , .

~ ., ,

. , ,



jnm p to the far-out conel uston t h a.t the earth is hO!lit to space visi tore. Surely, in scientific fairness, we D!:u~t examine .other hypotheses. .

As early as ] U~2, in a. paper wrlU.en {Oi t.lle J ournnl of t he 0(.' L1'Cal Society of Amerit", I ~R Ileri for scientific attention !o t.hl:'; problem" po-intitt.g out tJl&t ~ri d ieu Ie: is not ft. p.RI't of the ae Lent 1 fir. met hod. and I,he public should Hot be tBught, I~~'

In 1953, I had further recommendations to make, when I wrote in n report to t.he Air Fort".@ :

tt ~!II to me that the pubU~ tn t.el"l!1Jl I1l '-!-By lng sn ... .:-eri!lrl may b~ dorm.ant. bat ~ ()@ e2.(lited with muaU pl'\"W~l:lon. I ""onl,(j flI!'O(}mmflld tbllt: (1) eelwted. ~~n.k:nowmI'~ etJb.Unne to be worked UPQD and due l)'IlbUclty be gi"l!!n tb~ wbeJ:t a aa tl~ ~lotion h l"E"J\chf!l:1 j (2') i n .a.nnmllJ~t be mlu..l~ tbll t tbe ~ l8 1D tePe£Jte(l In tb P. phenO:tneD a wb tcb caUi@' report" on It AC'1f!mtlfl~ bUll; {.s} ~ uf .t !lilian ~1v1U8n !!clMlttftt! PI nel to namlne a lew .tw.lected ··~kDQ'Wll&I'

And this, I repeat, was my recommend Bot ion in l!i 5!l. In t 9~5, in my r'Jlpicity sa scientific consultant, I l\~in aflvj~ that the reports 1. ~udied b_y a. clvilian SCIentific group, In ft ''" to the Office of the

Secretary 01' the A IT Force ~ .

It there be a'DJ' potP.ftt.~] ~1M1t1~ value- In the fl"fi.t1J.Ientaq UII'O r~, .18 :scit!lJtJfll! etltu!!ltiltl.Dt it JI!I \'!1~1II..r]l' my duty to perint thl8 eut, I hn T@ d()ne flO. :in tbP.)IIIJft on a l.eM totml.l be.~ 1D prl va te ('t)IISen'1I. ti I)]) ",it"", and lotOT:lbilil report8 to, ALI" 'Poj!'(!e Mft(I:I.~T fee. it is m.,r "~pon!:l~bt11l ~ to pulot out that 8lli)Qb ,PU.I5IilfD&: lletltlnp haTe- 'been reported or l nW'U 19P.nt and otteo lecb.nIea1l1 corn~n t :fJI!"ftr'to&. tb 1INIft'Iln.t c10BiH' a tt:eatb:JlD than Project.. }tItle Rll'Klk can po:uibly mooInJIBM at the ~ t~m,fl! ... • lit 11 th4l!o :Pn!'Uminal'3' ,urvey {1f ttlif' PtQhlP.'m !boald ~T DJ,e out; ue.m.el;r. lbnt ~ e-xiRt;EI thl'!- pnM'lhlll t.y &t. ne-w :;dentlftc 1:~ t10n lD the U ro phen omell-IJD. then dMOb1tely let tlIe rseommenda tloo be ma.d-e- to ha ve the Na Utl-na I A("O tI~my of Se!encE'R, Or some other ei "nh:1o uoc:p qI ~tRd. I!ta.t~ n.nderlah a" 8tudy 01 tll~ ~ pb~~na..

I am ha ppy th-at my a ppearanee before this comm ittee affords IDe a ehsnee to once aga in reiterate my recommendations,

Speeific&lly~ it is my opinion that the body or data. accumulated since 1948 throttgh the Air Fo~ invMlti~tI{)llii df.'l.:fer¥tti cloee scrutiny by a cl v-ilia.n paDel of ph~o.l and sooiel eci en rists, and that tbb panel should 00 asked to exa.m1 n I} the UFO problem crili('.811), lor the expl"$1l! purpose of determining whether a. rna.jor problem reaUy exists,

I 'Would,. of course, he willi~ to a.sB1M such a panelm whatsver way I might snd would BVen be w illin R to t Ilk e .R.. short 1M v@ of abeenee from my un 1 verni ty if it would he] 1J l' 1 ace t h!~ prob16lIl in its proper

~~~ .

The CH AlQpN .. You S8.y yon Mn ~ writ.e these DP-ON 00 ff.. Y"Oil can't ridicule. those who hft. ve mftde th em, They a.l'e hiihly rosponBib 16 pe()ple, in varl ous wuJks of 1 i Ie, thR t hQ..~ reported tfiem. A n II that sometimb in the ~ you I"eCommended that a panel be set up t() c:]leSr thffie th in£8, a. 61 vi 1 i Iln ps n@1, to obviate the accusation that. the Air Force is or h&s boon hiding t,hei r reporbs.

Yow, a.l'% ~ou sa.ying·to llS thi~ morning that there shou1d be a. ~el 98t up of BClentists al.dhonzcd try the Air Forc~ lJEllfnn) wh~ these

things !nay be brought. and from whom a rep';:; cou1d come.' .

Dr. Hnf.lJ:K:. Yoot eir. I &III saying that.. is would be the gist trt

my &af.em~nt .

However., I have boo.n eooo~d hy ~tRry Brown __ ho has m-en~ tioned that th& Scientifio ~'\_dv 1wry lkm Td h~ recommended the 3lUIle thing.

Th.e CK A lltlrf A M' ~ Wlm ~ you hsve r~J)mmende!d is hei.n~ don-o nnw 1 Dr .. HT'N"F.K. It is about, to be done, I hellf.fV'e,

The UII A IRM A J:. Is about to be dune ~

Dr. HTlfEE:. Ye.s. T should like to make one commant.:

Th-a puzzling thing is that one would think many more people WQu.ld R8f.I t,hR;e flying obj sets t h tl. n d.o.. Th~rn sh ou! d be rna n y :nom !' d..-n~. We should see a craft, If It actually sxists as a tangible thIng. and we should RIV; it go from point to point. This tloean"t seem. to happen, A1s~ the~ should be far more l1ul:q,r ~ightings .. During t]:te intemsti onsl geophysical yoor, I Wft,..~ i n cl~~rge of the ~ptICllI 5BtP. 11 lt~ tracking progrjim H. nd you would t hi fI k WIth t he surveillance thRt, .th." astronomers pla.~ en the sky, if Ull?Se objects eJ:i~d as ta.DgI~le objects, surely these astronornera would have seen more than they did. It ia a dilemma, It i9 &.. puzale, as you ~ay, as to ho",:" respon8l~le ~le e&n "port eueh obj lI?(I.t..R, II.nd that they R-re not obvious to sclenttst&.

The Cu~nwA N. And then they see them and they disappear and they don't know 1i\"'here they go" and they land in theee remote places whe~ there is no inoolligenoo ttl procure r

Dr .. IInrmt. I wou ld say so, yes., sir,

The CD A TR'M AN. We don'lt know w'he.Te they gut who they h & v~ ~n board, we see them a. iew moments, and then they ~one. 'J1ns 1 ~

the end of that, .

TIlis is what pU".7.1R:g me. I am. not going to uk further questaons, ~B use I am not knowledgeabb~ with re,.qpec t to the vary re ports

that ha vc been. rnade, .

So I will tum .il ove .... to some of the 8.Xpet"UI~ and I will ~tart. WIth Mr, BR.t..eR.

Mr+ BATEQ. Mr. Chairman, I rlon't, know~if I have to QlHl1it.-fy on

that. basis, . "':5 1m & _j

But, Secretl\ry Brown, yOll indicated no ODe of ecienbi C owl~,ge

in your orga.niz.a.tion hss concluded th eM phenomena. come from extrntsl"TSAtrial sourees]

Sacretary BkOwl't. That is eorruct. We know 01 no phenomena .ot vehielM, intelligetL tly guided:t w h; (\n ha 'Vft rome from ext1'1l terreGtnal !mlT'Cfl1!l. I axel uded meteors, wh ieh do come from extra terrestrial sources,

Mr, BA'J'JP.8. Is this ¥ouroonclue..ion Doctor-t

Dr .. RYNEK.~ This HI also my conc1us.ion. I kn~w 'Of no oom~.III:nt 8clM.tist toda.y who ~1.t1d 8.l"gu@. the s.ightings whieh de. puzzle i~tl!l. ligent peopl-e. PU1i7i1 I ng caRea eX1st, but I know of no oom petent 'BC1entist who would say tha.t there 0 hj tcls JOrne. from outer ~8ee.

Mr. BA"I'Z8r Then what you are looki ng for is an ex planation LIl rh en om en ~ thus -tSI" you ha ~e not dBterminOO the fa, i n Vl )1ved. ]n It ~

Dr~ H Tl'f]I',](.. Y ffi.

Mr, llATl'JJ.. But the inte1"'6Rf,lng t.hing, 0:1 oo~ is we have $t) many pt"OminBl1 t people in the scient.i fi f, wnr ld hera who ha -v-e tabu fL J.MlSi tion t no t&thSl" ~ron.g posi tion-I h a.v~ hero a. letter rnm '" {';(nu~tJ t.uent of llIiu@.. H 6 is a. proj ee~.aamill istntor or engineer in the MINUTE MAN p~+ rl~h-a.t is ... ~p()[l~ible pu~itiOll~ would wo say'

(rime;ra.' M <1CONNCL.L. Y e~.

Mr. BA rEB, On tlw. ba.sis of :!=J-Clf"nt,j fi ~ 1 i ty he has been gi VfP!n a. ~ther importftnt. position ~,he security of this oountry f is that

oorroot~ .


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Secretary RBUY/N. I would Jllm to know who he is an d w hn~ his responsibillties are before I comment on thin, 1".1 r, Bates, Certait. ly ~ :from the in formation con ta ined j n 1.1 1 ~ ltAtte r t.h ~t y-ou q no te, he a ppes N to occupy a. poai tion of some respon si bil ity .

Mr. BA'1'I:8_ It does 800m- to 00. A Tl d as r read the letter 'W hi ch he has wri tten to me, it is certain 1 v written by a Vt~ll-Hd uenlcd ~ rson, An d 0 I con rse, wn -h em 0.11 lti nd R "(jof oornme 11 tl:" on the other side 0 f th e i ~ne now, wit,h this Lunar II excursion around the moon" pffiple. HaJ I AUp~ pose the people up t,hero ore making t.he same kind of reports as the i] oetor has just mad e to us. They are m akin g t hcse ki nd s of st,R t~rnents,

Ikw:t.or 1 tu be more a pecific, the pa pe-r w hich I h.a. ve--M r ~ Ch n.irrn ~ULt 1 wou ld like to get unammous OOIlMnt. to lnAArt.. In the record tile inIorma t ion w hi eh h R.S been pro v i ded to me,

The CHAIRMAN ~ Vli th out oh j ect.'LOU_

(The letter to Congr8~ man BN. tes is as f 0110 ws : )

.WKIIIIlAM, MMUL April 1, r!W6.

j'" •

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I ~. L I

CollrGBaiSi or Tli IJ U ~ J'lW 8'.rAT£:8. H ~~ oj R epre"etU f!t. ~'Vt' ~ r W,"l~~ D.O,

(Attention, SpeR.ker J011n W. M~l)rmaek),

Dl:An. 8la! My Dame it'; RaymOnd E, }f'owler. I am em pluytad R I 8 IlmJ~ ad m Inhltl'a t~ve .-Dli2:'lnt"f'!" 1 n thE" M1 n 1I tllmo n Prop"- rn om~e tor S;y 1 v. n lfli Electric Produ-ct ~ 'Willi 1 tllamt MDM. 1 n m pr~!9entl1 se n· j 0.,.:; a 8 cb.e. j tbl8.n of. B Techilierd In v~u~au 11M: ~ IttfoE.. for the S;fI. r.l!fH1H. 1 T nVf. ~I. lga t tons Com m I t.b -c on A erlal Pbenom.ena. l\~.I!!IIl., u C.

The teaROOM tor my wrltJnt!f an:! twofold, firfltl.y-l ha:ve bHn a~kM by N'TI1AP to sulJm 1 t to f'O Q our subc (I m rot ttef1!"!11 f!O rnplp rP. tt]f: Cltyptin, ou r In ~tl ~ntlnn ut tM E:I-e--~r1 New Ham~td~-f' UFO ~h:tI ting wltlleflSed nt ~lml(' tftngt" by local ..:J U ~11~ aDd ooUce om~er!-1 on SP~ bP.1"',3, 1 001_ I.a m 1mre t.r.ut you 81 r~' .a 'W 8. N ol thi8 tlJg.btiog ItS it Pillro niltiuDvd-4]t'!" pnhllC"ity r~~ntly throuJb ~ICA.P-ba-cked :I!Ii rtLr.les in the ~8.tlJI'da1 R~it"w Bud l .. ook magazin..-s;. Sl?('on d ly, T d.n want fo put rnr-It (to t'f"(Iorii A~ !IIupportlnr- thp." dulm~ nnd v[~w~ or NICAP ROO otb-en wbi-ch 1ndka tE' thut eon~n M i on!): I hearlngs 00 the ma t t~r of UFO\g are ItJllg 01jl"€rdue,

1 feel tb 8 t the AmerlC'ftn people al'1.~ t'..B..[l !lbl\~ of und-erata ndl.,g th @II pl'ublems 8..nd impllea Hons that will 1l rl~ it U.l'! tru'llo ra c t1:I about U FO~8 8 re known offleallY.. Tbe USAF pUblic- inf.nnn.n tioJl progr~Hn and 1I'011("y. R~ d I~~!_.t,d by the PP!Tlf:1.gOOI of ttnderratiDr the B1nJtlC8Uce or UFO"" and not relM gjDg trul\ pertinen t tft<!t.fJ Rbon L 11 FO ts, J g not (1'01 Y 8. d] ~rv i re to too Al1lerl~all peoJl'le D(P;V hut in the lotl~' run (!Ould p,r£Jve tn h.a ve bf:tf'-II 1.t tonHflh puliey to f1)l1tlw, AttlQ' yeu.n Qt, i .. m ~rtA te th.3t. ~h~ b. mor~ than lUl1Vlt' hi ~h -Q llR 11 t y ~rTfttt OlJal e"Jdenee troru Il.l;rbly tI'l. ine-d And ~ l! III b lp wi tn8l~ tn in d 1ca Ie thn t t h~ Ill't mBchbwUke 801id obJect" ~rniler i!1 ht'l1i~H~. ('t1htr.-..1 1.l-~r.ttng in oW' 'atm(ulph@N.. Tbe aerodrn4IDle peIl-ormaDce lind ~ha!'1lleteri;sti:e5. nt 1"l1e truf'L UFO rnlp. out m:a:nm8.d~ or be. tural pbp.Domen.a. ~ucb -o~rvlt UVDal e" id~tLce h..S.A hHD 1ftt1 .FI:Upt\(II rted In 00. ny lll~~.8 "II~ OJ' re 1 i.fl ble 108t nl rnP.n t~ ~ueh a3 cameras1 rod ....... , ~ l~r-<"Ol(Lnte~ n.rl ometeM,. ~lectl'jf' a' j n tprfe-renC"e'.. p" ySi{' n.l i n(lf"'" 1.a U ODS in 80i l and IW-Q:rehlld a.l'8R9 ilt m Jl d ~n,. f4lt~ .. -et~+

I am re880DJlbly sUre tb8.t jf tJualU1ed dviUan sd.m~tj~~ I1nd in.ve8ti~to1'B RJ'l! a Me t~ conu'- to this ("0'11('1 11 iii 1 on t tba.t t hP. C SAYr Sll Pl1urLt;?d u.y the trtw-e-ndoW!l facilities- at lts d UJpos.a 1~ lut v c i.:nnu!~ t.o lb<.- &am e ('"ood II F.i 1m L l{lug a~o. How fverl ~1!-e!lt. mII....:I~] poliC'Y -dettbe-rat.f'ly a ttoMll f'Ih~ to n I R(' n'filt thl? ,"' ~ 11 dt ty of t ... ro-,

.n nn 8 wt.d IUt "' da t 8. AI nd f8.C"'t p; 8 ~ nn t hPtl1lt f'lPl PIlNt'IIt t (' I bf' pllo11 ('".

] t rttHt t blt t JOU will pya ml nf"" t bf: att.l::Lcbfo(l U ro rroPOT't aDd re1 Rted t'!'Ort"e' 8II'OJ'ldEl"DM! in dru1L B1gbtln~ ~U(ofJ. 8H lJH~ E:l:et.P.I'"1 N~H .. ~1rbth::lg hS'VlI :Rnd f.ll"'P. n~.~urr 1 D@: lll:rou,;hont thE- Vr'{)T I d fit nigh t Bod In tbe da ytl nu·. T f. La III rh tl me thAt the IIfIo8.1 !act8 about UFO'R A if' N"l P..H ~~. A pub1 Ie in t'~ rr ma.tiun Pl'O«nlm Mould

.J,',:::'- .

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I \1. . ~

II ~ '. '.' II,


IJe Inaugurated that llrP.HentJ;!; fR-r.t~. T.A m ut"g~ng You to ~"Pport I. tull congreRtdonaL opeD 1nq u try on th-e UFO probl em,

~_ I

1 .lnllP.~rfo y,

RAYlfnN[) }~. ~LD • rJh-airtttan N lOA P Ma'''4G~ ue' 18 s« ~~Uec...

{The attac-hmen rs to the previous lell er R re as Iolluws .}

r B:z~.r(lt t.ruD.) Ya01.!hl!c':ll h!'[' ~ N ,H~) "[I nlUR Leo.dcl". Sept. &.. 1"5-] POLICE.., CP,'TJ. rAN:>:i SJ[l"H l' IT FO IN Ex LTER A1IE.A.

Exltl'EB..-At leaErt. fl-.;or ~Jl1e hrl"'f", ln .. 1Ildlflg two tN'JHoe- ntricen.. have repr,rt,M seein £' ft dy ing sa neer In th I~ a T"e$.:-

The Ineld f'nt.!ll ocr.nrn"d Nt']y F'ridn v m OTn I ng. AC'Cordlll_g W t~~ who 811. W the nn Iw~ t.i~11 flytl'l go 003 rxt, tt W D S RMu t th~ M~ (}of • house ADd hl1d a Ted gl(fW It ~)Ull d it, R nd m~ RU eon tty thro ~h l he nigh t.

'Vhe-t'I R~l-tl'1" pOH("(" 1 n ... ~tlga t~fl a pa rkM.d (1ir On f 11 fI! E:t~I(I!t'-nam pton hJll8AA at 1\ bon t 12:80 I nv~1ga tt hg offlrf'L Fjl1~'11 f' ~rtmnd, wbo Awroach the car and. fonnd two WnDleD In a stn ~ 01 nen r ,Ill h rl ('1:;, ThE-:Y 001 d rha t they had hPf':n ~ along" Roll t.p, 1 mAli t hr. w~ y from 11. ppi 11 ~_ a bo U t 1.2 J nll t"!4, by 0 yJ Ilg ooJ~ ",b teh gllJWt -d wl t.h a br1 ll Ia.nt halo of ~r]_ A. "('oLdi ng to ttLP. womf'll, th@ iLth jnli!:" f0-1&

] owed tbei r ('81" u ntU llleJ.· z,tt,(1l'11'I:!'£1. -

Ail the on P. WO ma n t oI d t.h ~i r !rlory one of them Id ~bted I he obJt.ct once more, Rbn.~t 2 rn-tlM Bwny, wni ch Bertrand thO\lght was a star li>W on th~ boriUltl,


At 12 n.m, Nortr..lan J. 1tlm*~'l~UO, 1A, or 2tYJ.:Ih FTont. S~t. ~@bP.or. eam@ in4 ..... the 001 h'(I ~ta. tl on wit h I_ 1 ulJ rom f.!d Iljlt l'tlJWlI't of h. 'V~ n,; .~ cha ~ by • ftyl .. ~ object as h~ WAil hi tc-hh ik:lnil{ towa rl.l ~:t1:!' L~ r r ttl Rou tl!! 1 Mill KrnN.ill !rton..

MUII~81'@oUO to-ld Ile9k: OID~r ~Einald ToI.utl tbat fI~ bM W1l1ied !ilotl&' thP blgh WII Y. • h.T~. bri n la n t objpet. he~a n mllk1n~ "~Af':fI an Rn Ilrljfll"'f'il t 1l~1 d III nIl hou~ '-lind a 1 fH1 lit t.he- h iilfl. '" A Y . Not k IJIJ'V..' 1 .. ~ wha t j t W DR 8nlt lu-lng und(!1'R'h. nrlII hly Rn II kr-n, he .crol1chf'fl 1 n ,. dt rc h_ R 1 o.n:Q;' t bfl. MArl A.fIi tb@o objf!ct, ~ hri 1111171 t.,. n!d that itl: .gh H pe ~oold not ~ dptenn1 ned. 1 D tbe glow!" ma.d.@ wba.t ~ed to h hn ~ (I be ~H.n'h i ng pG.R!lIE"fII .n t h L m,

Sbvrtly tbereliltE'zo th ~ '"'tb l ngl.. d jsa.PPf'H red. Frllpn tly. SA. qnJ~lclJ Ril it hAl d A po IlP.l red.. ~fu~('a r€' 110 thP.n hf ~hM ill. r1 rtf" to th~ fki] i~· BttI: U on n ~l.(I ~Iftl-t-d w ba l bj!l!had.~n,

AthlnUl(b Mu FLt"8_r-f'l1 () 4 rot to! tory wa~ ~xtnl(H''1ll nit. ry I P.Il RPI1.I"f1 nd d 1'Ove- him beek to the k<f'tlt!' .)or ! h(' j Ileid tJol. t 1 n th~ ~ ~k~ eru jser. When they a rrlved I noth lng Wf:lM t!JE'~.

1 "{}[. u.rp:: M F.lI: IT P'tl

omrer Bertra.~ d :-Io~~t~ tba t. thEl,v walk into t"e tiel d whHl!! the Ily In.- obje(ot.

WB8 IBlt 8eP.fi1 .. lid thr.:r Vi-' e-~ Joined there by Exeter Pa trclman DR nd Hunt 'Who also d rom t() t h~ ~p.. Tlf'ort was ta] !d.lllJ t'P.8.1lltllU rEns.,. "\'vh'f'o MU8eDt'fIl tflo flhou ted "'~k. t hf'or-P it. i '" ri~ l n~ 11 p r l"nm llf" hi nd l h~ t1'fl'l;1'!ll,",1 Tllfi oflkel"8 sptlll AroUDd II nd 101 ~li~1d ,

From b(l'h I nd .a R rand &r t.r"'f"f'~ In t 11 p hla~k of thll' Il tghtl B ht1~ bl tndt D~ .d.o't'l~ of brilliant red light a:urroundlnJ(' itt tbe object .rate~ not fHld. but. wa"l'"erlDKly~

It tT'R'Vell:'d -'Jlfl'w!.'Ii" ft nd ya w .... l !i:U Ii!: ht 1.1,.' rrom !:Ild,p. to ~j fl~. 'Ph€'"~ W~E" ,'oIto n hil'(l by the bllndJn.c: r"N1 U,mt R~ it. mo\'('.(l i.BWJu"r1 thf":m f:I{'"m~~ t.he- fIIr:1d. The oojecl. ~rueod tll:.I' Lt.' ~'(tUljll_g- IO'llyurd UI('f.I.I. 8m! RI~r1 rn.nd mude :n move tOWlird hl~ wHet:' 8E'"n"'IC'f! N!vol V-oPr 1m f th (111gb t hfitter of it. ~ th-o tJ1 Tee m'l;!'ll ran to. tb_e. poU~ Cl'U.1~, ~"llfol:) ofJ n~ti~D("III rm'o fo;,j 1.;~. Itf t.h c nbj t~, 0 m(,PI' R('rt1"fl nd c~:I rna tro :It. 00 be "about tlJ-t'-lo!:im.· of a hl'II~'.·'

Usn a11y , whlP,n tn{'-ld~nr.1lI r·m~h nj!;C tht~ Art'-!: 1'~rt.Pdr tJ,..;. stthtll1g'R tllk .. pblll~ -Cr-veT' Pl pe-r' 0t::I .. ,f n. f€'w ~ .... ml to:. b I. til L t h ~ ~ j n~ t.n !)I"f', l hi:'" 1;1) 1·1:l oiJ:«""".t" VI~ lhl.~ Oll,JN1 fflor Hi Or' 00 m 1t1iH ~ fI. t n' h 1:\ t n Pl )(,'H·t'11 tj") !It' Il T't'"'lnti 'f€'ly :sbmt dl;101 t n 1JCIf'> •

One 0 r U I t' III ll'l'lt. JI m.u..7.1 nil Il()i n t.FI '\\' h i .~h Oflicer Bert roll nd mil dll? wh Ile he1Q IZ [nteni MlfM W.8;!'l t hf" f'fl1'n J .I .... t.... II tl!":f'n ("f'" rPl !ll.nllnd ,. A t.he ft ~d 11 ~ ohjppt hovi:?'~ .... ~r

~~ ~ I· -

.! It.: •

... 'I l1li

r ,.

I j

'.'l' 11 1 ·r.



~ .

a n_m,- -r.a.n. bnIldtD«t C8Id:Ing a brJlllant glow OTel' the dwetUliRt w hlle the tnnn an1.tna)8 in the barn (!.U~l-d a t.t"fI:1l'lP.D.ifOUM eommotlun. H~ whinnied and ticked the "Walla ot their !!Ita 11 A_ ThI!Il the object d i rapidly 1 n the


• J'I,


~ 1 •

· ~ , ;.

.A I"IIQ'l'HZB $16l1Tl1lfO

om~ Eu~ BertraII4's ~ II't on th@' trloP!J slgbtl DI' 0' tbe sera ore object W8a mafi.f!l to 0fIkv Tolnnd. desk man at tb.e- Ex~T pon~ statloa, at 2:t;t;. l.m..

Then Bot; 3;00 p..m.. OOeer B ent f'P.(lOr-tro from. bls cruiser that hP. bad: I!II gain Ilrhted. tbe U rot whi le he ..".19 at tIle to tersee t..i0lJ of thi!' Roo ~ tOt bypft8A In .Exet-e-r • ud Ronte A7 to N ew1h~Id8' from ~~ter-

Toppill, t.lle strange aci.i vl t3 ~t Excter poHee- re)JQrted tha t a tetepbonfl eatt from a n unldan tUled pay Ma Uon 1 n Ba.mpron had been m ade by .. bJ'ae-rical maD, b-lIt that the U he had gone dead before the ea.n ~Qll] it. be -com_pleted or the PIT pho:n.e mUon i ~ titled. The man had d1aloo tile: opem tor and eI1ed 4 JGet me the! ~ll.e@ PI and :I!lB.ld he had. bE-en chased by a IIJrlng ;f:ja. n<:f:I".

Hampton pollee .,ere noU:8t!'d, but noWDK WB..8 d~rmlDed about tlJe po1.nt from whkll: the eall WI.I made, wba t lJ r.d frigllteoed. the ma p..------or wb y the MU 1f1l.(IJ 80

8. brnpt lJ brokeD 0«'+

~ .

. I ·L

' ..


• •

.. " ..



. ~

· - "r

1 • t· ,


()olllf AERIAL- pnHI"8 O:r.f I!:N A t W(M'~t~ D.C .• St!Plf.'1IIb~ IS4 1~.

R.1Y)lO~D FoY~ Wftl..h (1-"', M ~r

DEn R..t T: Y mrr excelltDt rEPOrt (In lhe Septero b@-r 3- New Ha mP'Jhi re Rlg!tt. tit!' baa heeD. rece1-.ed.. Yon certai ELlY un- to be commended far II )' and t.boI'-OtlIh invntlgatlon. Tb eo intorD"lll!ltj on ls m0f3t 1 ntereRting and 11 he- or ~ ~ v.lft~ We are -v-ery fortunate to ba.e pe(fple ot J'OIlr ab ~ u r.y dOD'll tin g tbeir

M"r"VteP.S to "DL

Mr. 1Qbll Fuller ot Sa turn 111 Rerl-ew may 00 gettl n~ In touch with YOU • bout

·thew eJghtlnp. H@ ill doibl" a 8tnt.l.httu1""lV~u·{I rolllDlD (be wrltp.R ''Tnlde 'n'DdfI;~t) on the reeent "A" of IlghUnRS~ and hRIII!. long had a stneere Int.erest in the Bubjeet. We are cO()pM:a.tilig toll" and I hillve gl "en him R. lot of ~pectk


0uI' New l' ort: No. ~ SllhctllD miltee iD ObIUt$ U(]nR. ("...oun t1 {weilltem N ~

York.) and an inte·1URDt you" ~ rnemh M" ba ve bee ... itl veeUgatlUK B ) ... ndl ng ~ nMr Buffalo (CherI7 Creek) Auguli!lt l{L It a ppP:-f'NII toO be a solld CRee, and

caD Bed 1!IeV1! t' al E-M etf{llCbI.

On th. $8 me oJght 81 It tho New HamDEhh~ l!Ii.ghUn~, two pol'~ near Allgl(o Lon. Tel:. (8.f.tWHtl ITon~ttln and pit C'08!1it) 88 ~ I T e-dd 1M UFO QD. t.b.e groo.o d Ih a fi.@ld. sta rtf!id to 1 n 'V'P.Atigate until tbe oI,j.ect: moved tow ... rd themwbenmpotl u ey fled 10 panic. So U ndl!l Vf'!l"f aim lla r to NewHam p:ab i fe, btlt ~ mflil'" not be • b Ie h) ~ lD ueh deta11iJl

~.nk!ll &.«&J.n for your ha rd 1'"o:rk I'm 001" bebalf.




I <

l .. -r ..

· ' ~

· .'


I • ~ .-


~ ,


; <


- .


r. :


• .1


• • 1

• •




fUm ~ 8eptemlm' S. 1~J K~t N~R. (Bert~ndwH\Ultr!lWJC8.rello) &tIbJeet: W-Mthftf Sept:EJmber s~ 198151 a..m.

To ~ N lGAP, W a!JhiQ2"ton.. D~C~

l'rom: RaymQlld E. Fowler t cl:J.a.irman! NIOAP MllM.aclin.tbt IbVestip.tlng

Su~otnmit.tee, ..

Ur8. ForecQt: ~kt,a: OINT. Wind direction ~ Nortll'Rt"t. Wind "toe[ t1' ; G mtlff OM' bour+ nm p.erature: LoWer nru~.

ReMpeettuJ ly sub m.i t tP.d ..



R.&. YM01lD Eo. FowLElit

Y 1 o AP Itwe.I'ttgo:Mf"-

jJi~· .

I'I~ .,

~~. ~

I'· ,.10

~ :~I ~ ~

~{' t • L ~~ ..:.. , .,1' 'L

'h •..

• 'l1li ....

_'10..' -

I· ~ • • •

" ,

... 1_" I

t.,!" ' .

.t» .

, , - -:,... .

· '

'I' ," •

:;. - I .rr. ~~

.. ~ ."

-.. .... · . i .• _" • :

. '

.~ . '

·-;1 : -

' ... , -

"('1-': ..

.1 .

.. ,~,- .


.J'. - ' .,


':. .. " ,.. . - I·

I'" '

.. - .. I .~.. ~


. ~.:I! " .

:-4 ~.: .

~-:: I,

.. ~ .1 ...

, "L

~'. ~

,iii! ." I

L~ ,

: ~ I· .. ~l ,;.

.. & .

;~-. .

.~~~ . ~

I .... I


, -

i .... ..

~'f' .'.

'hi· '

L' .

I .. : : •


.," , -110

~ .. ~' '.4 •

· "

• "I. •

t _.' ~.

, .

, - '. ~ .. t. .1· ~,

l:1.:' ~ ~ ,


, .

...... . ~ .1' I .... I~




[From t ... ~ Sa. torllay lle .... leW, ner. 2, t \J6li]

AMfE'I"DUlI IIA (Urn Rt-T, SO-hfllBEB S, 1965. .KDB!1fGTI.'H', N.H. (BunAl'fDR 1JNT·ll uec-' HT."!.I)) 1

r TIl:.a.DE WIJmA

(R,. S ohn O. Fullt!'r'")

When the tidPJ wave r,t rtPOrt!f about onirt-r-nl:J..fled fiying ulJjed.s hit: iW.etJ. the 8'Uru~ JIII.gefi 'Ill t.b.e N IJW Y Ql"k Tim~ last SUllimer. w-eo ma d@ a men tal D.Ot.Ie to tollow the l.¢Ol'J throngh to gee Jw~l what conclusi OIJP. mig ht r-ventua lly be ~1 ra "" n. Slate pOHM In OtlahoDU:C ~ Te-1.31!I ~ RaOflU. and New M t~';'ll~ had risked tbel r ~ and repntaUobR 101' sanity in n,r,ntng n wt de number of ob5erTatJon!'ot, e'OmJOOrated by I'l!ldar traclIl.n.gB from the T1n1cer and CQ.ftCwell Atr Forc@ Buses. Later, how~:p the Air ~ made it a l)Oint to ~l~se R 3tnteml~n.!.. Lbat th(': ndar traeklJlgJJ dJt1. not co~pond to the- visnal flruUllgB of [.be OkJahmna Departm.,nt of PnbUe ~ • I.nd the EJtt,r'y d bIB. [I~d from the PB.KeS of the pross.

S1tepticlsm t~ • ballt:JJ.y tbJng. C81 ~al~ y when you get in 'Vol 'V,p-fi w1 th whlrllrJ.i:

N tlcen!!l t1l at defy the law a of &er.ody ILalniCSL Bl1 t cu rl oet ty b~ a l~ 9. powerl'iJl t.orre. iii nd 1 ~ Wi. tor thb!: ~on thn t Wl~ dMd.ed to t nLA.' k dowtl n.t. lp.n~ one

8pectfln~ e8.Be' 01' U ro ell.illDf •

A pholle t'tltl to tile N atloual I nve&u..a.tion!l Comml ttee on Aer i*l PhenorcetlOll

1 n W a.Bhl.Ilrton, D.C.~ put U8 in tflur.h wi t.b Richard B, RiB U, j tL'!l .a. c1ing dt 'Mclar. We leame-d from Mr. Hall tim t f,h l~ Oklah(l'm a ~ ta.te l·o)t ce bFJ.d releu.&I?d 8 nine'Pfllrf! ~port througb ita df,pa rtment .,r pub tie WltPl"..r.. con tradtcti Dlir tbP A tl'" Ji"'o.rt!e :rta temt:nt and iudica tt UR Uw t w i th~1 t q nm.i{llJl ilie Ca. m~ U A it Foo't:e ~ radar traoCldnn IDd t_he At.B.te pulil"t! naG,1 reporl.6 we1'e Identi('a.l W llatis mon, ft. lICtelldy al.n1Um 00: new find tDP hlld been ~.~ .... t"'l by NI C AP ~ Mmtt! n~tlng w8JI a repOrt that tb.-e- NICA P ~pr£I'Benblt.i V" In N-ew IFln~lAn.d1 Mr, Ru.y ruood Fowler, wAS jmlt i!'OmpteUn~ a trol"t'ey em ;An allegEd wilding of A. UFO in E2-e.ter', Pi .H •• wl~ by not just nne but two IW;d l~ ~lml!enL

We talked. Rt1~tTely and :t1. t letlJl:th to Mr" Fowler; I.IIi~utenant Oot~U M thp. Exe1".er JJUllee; the BaDlptO:n, N. H~I pollce de8k : Samet R. B ockna JIl, rn fLn a.glng editor or tbe M I: nell.e8t«' (N. R ,) l~rl tou l£ader; otflceT Berl rand... of the {lOUce foree- ~ .a JI d too Pease Ai J" Force H8ge 1 n n~H.rh:r Porl.smuuth. N LH.

Understandably 1 AIr Fon-P. t ~ extremelY wa:l".1 B ooot t~ ma tt& of UF<YFl. .Dd the Peage- 0.0... MUld ooly con" l"'Oli t.hll t a ltrrgf.: nlltD b-e-r of sigh U n~ had ~ reported J.oean,.

BeJrvhd tb:lt, h~l W~ W@1"9 able to pleee tDgetber th~ tollrw"ting ;st<Jn":

Bbort:tJ' alter :mldn1 gI\ t.., Ml. 8eptemoor S. UffIII'!'el" Eu~~ Bertm rid nf lJle. Jj~ police lome wu PO r(lu.tJnp. dUty . .crnl:8'ing along an uvel"]lQSlal MI Ro\ltE!- 101 Dear the towlJ. He pnl' eel np befIIi~ a IJ8 rk('d l~r and found in it t"W n wnmPn woo -were ...-tsiblr dJ..gtu1'bed, TIley reporte.d tOo him that. Fln a1rbnme- obJ~~ brtR'ht J'l'd. and fl. &bIng, had bMn t 1'II.1l1 n g fM' ne.ar1v 12 ru n~, (t.'l fhp. way :from the town 01 EppIu.K. Bet't,1';8nd. an .Air Furce vetN"an of rb@l :EC:(Ior('fln war~ wafi sk-roti("l: 1 ~ made- iii rouUu.: radJo te1)(~ n n(l went on wi t.h hi ~ cCnl.taiOI'.

WUb~n that aame hout'~ Nfl!man .M\1~·1H·I':Ilo.. a.n 1s-.~ar-<Jld resident of RI:~.

W88 hlkh h lktb.g bOID@ from A lnp'(, .. tnITY1 M a MIll. , and bad t~.A~hf'.d. '" prn.nt 2 milM ont of town a.lfJ:r.g' RolJte l~ Deur K ensin gttm, AccocdinlC to b l.~ 5ta temen t to the poUee-. he looked up Intn tllp. Mky a.nd M W a. ~m11 B.r object Jl]1flI'Dach1nc bJm with a ya wlD..l~ kt t~' nr.. motlon. H t! t b I'e'W htmse1 f ~ ga tn~ n ~tQh(, wa U whil..:t tbe MJer.t hovered ov~r I. neerby 11l.tnl.houHe. lighting np the ~lLUn.~ 8.t"e8.. He :ftnel1y mad.f! H. ron 104: the fa E'1)ihOll E'P H.A tbp. obJect: saileod 00 ~ 01. lilt ~h t- 11M hle to mae lienee 01 hla bysterlcal 800r.r1 lh~ r.rmer took no t'nrtbe-r 8l.oUllU, ar:.d th" boy hit('hhlked Into town. nt're he T'f'PI rrt.f'd th~ story TO thl· THlU.-e1 pV~ though bA wu In a .!Ita t.e bonlo4?riD.K OIl 8h~k_

It WR8 ft()W about 2 H.m., OffiC'e'I' BertrJ\ nd wft!"4 (':11]1 E"d on hi ~ ~r l'1ldio awl

lI111'tructed to tftte the b'1Y.f b8£1t t,ol ~ the !a no art'f! t6' In .9.Atlgate.

'~I W"a!l !'lure that tbeee womrn ami rhl~ kid bad ~ fl he-lt~pte.r, or ~ llk-e- th.t/I ~ B@rt:rand told nfl. ··nt1 t wa went out I ~ U~ ~ ~p'I-~ a nd I pe..1"ked the rrui*,,~ It wtU a plP!AI'" 'nICht. No wtn"~ No fog, We w:alkPd IIIbtmt n hnnd.N.'d Td 8 Cl at OIl the tleld. 11 L't!I.r a barn wh(l'f'e !\ lot of hnrRP.R were k.ppt.. Then, tbe

ktd ,elletd~ 'Tben- It is !'




"Sf!! W.A S ,;,b t.. It WD.1I eomlng up over a row 01 t Tb

at u LI. It W8Eif a bout. 1 00 ~t j n the air und ubout .=feet eN- W:8 no noi~ could 8aIe fi ve l;ri~h t -red Ilghts in A. straJ. 8. w 8.y rotD us. 1 left. 8 LLd tht!'n from left to r - .:r Iu " .... t ). k~h t row. They illlWlll"<1 from rI~t, to

th ~ J ~J..I. -J L..II"Io. ] e a n Itdv-ertl !=i:in [10 ~ gn d..."_,, I F- lJ t

M"f.:ry :.n~ around UIiiI. But it w aM ~i' ~ t. Th p .• b~ sta~ kick ""-':::F:I' lo "up

in a w luI luss, B ru::1 th Po: dnp;~ ill th~ farm stB.Tted ba rkj nTh:: : od m run" g tr a ~k:s, 8 nd J !i;'rnbI:H .. "t1 him - .fi nd pUlIE!'d I:i In; t.ow.iLrrl t.h E"' t! ltC{'! E I ro:. in hiB m.y I"{Wolver and. then t.h{lught. better or H The=n ~er Os. ~l~rR" rea. Ed 101'

a.oothH PB trol ea.l'"~ . .. u nnt. OJ-Mved. III

L~ W e sal th~rl! aud lookllRd at. it t t 1 10 In

me that thi R d 't b ,?f a east m ntes, My brain .k~t t~HtllR

. {){IIFjn ftVPe'n----blJt 11. wl'U:l. rilht in tr!~nt of my -e.,," 11

n-o taU. no IN j lip. U nd agal n no !«)01!n fI_ It hOVM"et1 I he~. !"lti 11" 8.hou t .~ ;~ away. f4.Orl 'O'f flost.t.-d. awl wobbloo I oon·t k h ":'::1,. th at It wmr th~, and th Tf'eo -of ns:9tl~ i t ~.h4~~ W 1.1 r. It \IVaI;::, An I l'lt.. ~y j s

N obQd.v e lse CBlt tell yoo w ha ~.t:. m th ,.. ~

wU you that UU! whole m:OrT t!; on th P. - 1[1 ? ::. @or. lAelJtelJftllt C'..IJttre 1L 'w111

bettp.r offire:n than Aunt and 'B(!ort~all· dttO .~It rotd1tr]Hn',t8.ll.fl} lttbatt~~ ean't :6nd two 1em, 1 1 k~...I Ie- ~E .LJ.I';SIe- g11j~ I ~d TIl, t

n U lW. 'C'I;I !'OO-m iii n(3 Ki vp. 1e1J.l f.I.I )blt!'" tJhx'kg b) vIa.I:' with ~T h ' T1"h- .

H ... mpton pol£ ~'C wi 11 tell y ..... u th t ... .......,. ." (" ~ .vrs. -fI

~tln "", :a 1r'I n, m R ny I'lI'l ~,. ble re:.v1e llu l'~ r"e:J)t>rt.f'd tbl?8e

Exe ~ to doubt t hem, Th t~ ed i I rJf8 R t thE? Man ch(l!s ter Union Leader a nd lire lIOn~ tn~:~ttEtr \0\' ru tpll yo'l] rha t. th ~ reporlg a.ft- from ton m an)" ~ll"b1£.

As M~roo~:rl offh'[a.ll!l 5~pect other 1 clf"fll TJF'O tfl ndtnR8 ha 'f'e gOD e unreport.ed

eu tena nt r.ot~11 sa h1. .. I r I b.t:u:l ~ t ha t thln and I '

nobody" el ~ wnut d 11 nvtl P.Tll;llr b~81'd :I;i bout it." g- wJu.:l n Il ntone,

nrrOID tbfl B.ayel'hHl Cb.~I::P., ~, ~7. lti!-5]

"PP.:-f .... /t,GO~ Ito.isN ',' BEL.D......... uro ~ 1M J(J 1;[ TJ N-4l1!!1

W .A8H I Xf].TnIQ" f D~C.~ TIl¥. P~:tA~ ~Uzn...n.. .......... t,....... t

It has ltb "'!;' .. ~ U-I.. a.t:I.FPl" n t.P.rutI "e In 'V'E."'flI~C:ln

.:t-. rom B up w a nt.l, turn 1 M:plfi r.a t Ion or UFO ...t...-'h,. .. ~ In EX_:'p. N R '

un ~:pt:9D)."ber 3. ~IA-.I."""'PI""" :..I T1l. ..., • -,

A ~n BIIJd th-e Sf!o\'N'1I1 1'i1~.9 9t~m~ trom ~~mu1tiple obJ 1

:,n;" lly whkb they mean B hi~h-IJ.lI.ltnde- Stmt.,.pe Air (lonllllltnd M:~ i!: .l. eewv~r, Mi!IIS£I;.~ Wll~ got ~ on Sl t. the t] !ll~ 10 tht' II ["tI! ••

hi ~d ~PUr-t.Jtllt 'I~ctor 'Wu. wh. ~ f!a.llM .. ~th~ 1n.v-effiOiJ. wbe~

yer or 001 d Jol, Ir l:s tra pped between wu I'ID wyers. n 8

nI~~_ Ptoemd 8 ~ spokesman lIIH id th fR na tnral pl1.cnO'lOt"Ull, r;Hll8-@8 '~t:an. antt

VIII~ Bnce a..nrl twint1e-, "

The ,gpoke@lDan Mid LI".,.@ ~U e-vr WM t th~ ~ 1:l8W that I~

and J)lanetA in nnrulJill11ormat!uns ~, . Jl ~ WIlI3

(Thill is' the ot!Iehl] A1 l" Fo~ • ~t"XP1R na tion 11 tor tbe Sepl.ember ~ 19f1:i, trFO ~. In th€l' R(:ohli-tUiirtonr E :\P!.er', N. H. !1 J'tEI'9. I bR v~ MkM_ th e U SA If' "PUblIc (JrTnllltJ em .om coer at the Pf"~1 t 9iR1J'11 for 8. copy Bf th~ r om ctlll ~a luatJon f tltfi:

8UlJcum ED1ttee a nd NT~ A P flles,:l) . or.


C h n.i7'1'l'W.n, N M t1~:tdt.'A~t t.8" S tfbQl!'tm.f?li~1!:~.

J..I.I 'I'

, ..

.... . -.'

...... . ...

-.; "

i~<:; .'~

,":II. J _ ! •

.. ,

.I:~ .

~f- ~ .~

.f.... , '. ",

';11- .


• :~

: ..


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:.'1 •

11'.. '

IS ~ .

.~ - :,

r. .......

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~~::: ;f.


i,,· , ,

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!II ...

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.... .&. ...

,,. .. ~ ..

\'" ·~t ,.


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.{e" •. .~.I ....

.. :. -. ~. ~ .

'"":t,' ~ .

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.... L.. I

:-I •••

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V PO ",,011!--S (1) t s, i 966"

NaIMI Md addreell A~ ~on 01 trPO a1g1:Jtlng
NUmbPr WH1l!1!II -
ltllQl.e l{JL, BP'Pbq: 1,1, ~'IMer. -U2'",18-
UnJdm1i:!W .. mnsn JUVt.or.lBt •••• --- {If
] •• r------ N.H. B :1:1:00 ......
N(IItd.I.D J~ ~"fI, D\i hWLt. l8 ]b.II.II.e llO. :Dn dnPN4 N. .
~ and 1--- Rn.wdl a.nd D1nJnr;; .... opElC- ~~:'Mo 8.PL.
Rt.. BRtK. N,u, tIM. DQ._
om- Ir- Y. :e..1raRd r- ~ 12 ......... do....- ...... :-------- ... -_ ..... __ .......
I ... _r.~-- PollOlll epu: 1m&II'J.l.) p~.,t.
}lJ»d~awtS.B. ~ CbArW ~ r .~~. dtI __ .. ~ -- ~ •• - . ~- - --- - ±2:J.& ......
._------~~ Ollhtr rill ,H'aII." 1 •
~ ~.H- CBm. P(l!_ DtJIUl;I _01 B~ Edler. I~~
om_ n."'I1d \L Bat ....• ~ - _. . - - - -- ....... _
4. - - -- - -- ~ N'.E. EII'Ly &.m.
... - .... _-- t1~~ ~ ... ~ ...... ~-~ .... - ••• w-- ••• 'I-T-- ~ N.:Y._ ..... ~ •• ~----- .
L 6017

DllDt who fiUed out and R1gnet1 an f":igtlt-prige- VTO qul2'8tionn.~ B.Dd later gaTe penniilUloffil to use hl{-1. name in ("!fin nreno n wi tb the report. I prAr.~'hl(1 toQ- thp. re8ld~lU'P. of N orman :u lHJCa nwU 0" all c1 d l!JOOyer-ed tba t "br. was out or State untt l SeJKt'IILlJer 14, A.ttarurem('ont.~ hn n~ b£l'f'o made 1br II pet"8OD.Bl lnterrlew Ul)OO. bl. retIA 111. 1 tbe.u d ro U~ lJU t to th ~ BJ~lI rt l1g ,. ~ of ~jghU two and three. and . j n tprvJ E'WM U!iI i dents in t h~ _g-eneral a n.-a.. NEXt, 1 wen t til f b~ hnm.. nr ()tI.Mr Be.rtrB. 1)(1 II (Id ~ I'Ul"EI him "back t C') tb a tI T eft o-t ~ t wu n nrt th ree wh,", he BUe..t ou. t 8:. UFO qn E'stionna.l re, Idgnc-d 1 t and ga VP. N" !(~A P ~ i IIIstOD to Use hili: nB. m~ Il'I con neet lon w 1 t.IL bi~ I!!IlgbtlDIit. Wll n ~ itt the slgbtln.g lIJIPA n@ ga VI:! lli~ .tl d~ II ed d~riptJ on uf t h t~ ~lght tngs and Tl'"lll ted lntorrnatt-on. I IateeTiewed o-then:c lu the Plreft. wbo had ~lRtM i n fo rmRt IOil and arrived back hOJDl!l at 2:4ll p.m, My brother. Rlroal"tl A. FC.lwl~1 and I retumed M the- Area 8.l1d took Ithotogrflpll-s. WBllred several miles aloD.Jt I~}um., poweJ'Unes near tlle ligbttna: a rea examLn1n.g H n ma: for any s:lgn![l of It UFO ~ndlD&"~ '" -e lee 1 th fit thll f~FO m tgllt na V~ beeu Itt t ructM eo the ares. b-y tb~~ powerl JDeS. l',T e- fonnd DOt:.hjn~.

.t:Cl~ H '·1/11 ti .A 0C0lT~ T ;!O_ 1

.At .8.fJPro::dmatelJ" 12 ~:-:IO A-m - p e.d.t, 0ftI.eer Bertra.nd c8 m e upon .()lIe .... nman (Mt twl) .B N!pott M bS ut'W ~1.IIl"Pt'1l1) pa rked in an" ntomobile on l"Oute 1 (Jl Juat not:!f.lde Exeter. ,"{bp.n lIiII@ked it she nP.ederl help she SBld tz:dteell, tbat Mil' bad ~ chased along RoGt.p. lQl be-tween Epph:Uf ftnd Exet~r tor 12 D:.J..iletr; b'y u iflyElll object w bleh ~fHJ ~nd r~1f!d. "Wi th it I) ri)] jft nt f4fd gl (loW. 8bf!l ~ta t.d tha t the object d l v€l!d at her movinx a ntom ooile ~". em] dmes.. \VhP.n RP:rt.n. nd RUed wb&re tbe ol.Jj~t. WIIS. she po1nted. to, what he- thought wa~ a bright !Star 00 tbe hortzon. Hf! d1~mi8J1Pd thP. In[~ld~nt and ntter wa:tC:bitlE thP. ur:ct MUrre- fur a ff."'W minute:. tn l'OO..S!=Inre th~ wQ tn. D he pr~ed on I n the r.rniEtCl". He d1 mlh:M!d the IDt!hlent nnd did not aU.ach Ml1mg-h tmportaru .. "e to tb@ woman's aceeunt to nrra nt. oil btl n tng her lJllw~,

flIOH 'tJ~G ACcm:r:qT N 0+ ::3 (M [)JUI;: . 1JIf7l".I..n.B l!"OBTR-CO: .. U}tG PI: ~D.JlIi(J PKR.80;'i Al. ·1 r"¥ rmliIPJW)

At Q.ppro1:il:nately 1 a.m., r.~iI.t .. ) N.nrman MU'!C:I..rfl1o w.a~ .,..lklng along Route 1M in Xp-nel.,gto~ N.H" about 2' ,mI18!J tnnn EIMer. He blld been 'Ii'[lltin. til AlllesbnrJl'1 l'tlds:g.. and bad been t.hnrnh:lng r1.te. bome to Ex et I!I". As be aDpl'Oft('hPd tb-e Clyd~ R~ll resl dPll~ be wu"!' nlsrmo€!d t.":t Aee a 11 'Ob;Jer1: ~rPY1 Q.I Il t h~atrt tou r f'x. brlgbt r""eoi[ pu hJ~tt ng UKht8 entH'ge bold. nearby woods and Illftn~UTer Ol'-E'r the fiIQ-ld ad'nln tng tb('o rQfId __ bJeh beloop t;c. Oad Dini~, It moved over tbp. Cly<1.e- RU!':III1'eLl hoD1€' an-d bO'f~ there. Thfll: hf)u~ wu 0Dl.Y ~ to. 30 fe-M tN.rnl Wilt' 1'1? M USCB rello "!=I1';Qo(1 'B. nd the- obj ect appeared to be jll st a matter 01 8rt'vtnl lee t rmm th e root. }il t"igb tP.lloo. thorourhly hI) (!T(JII1<'t.f!d d4)19 n "-!d. the stonewafl whi rob rona alon!,: th-E"" ftelcL ~l times it ~~mcd to mOTe .r.]fJtjPr to h 1l1l. I b 1 jght~ w~r~ ·Fl:0 bright thJl t tb{'" Itnssell hom p Wi\s bathed .Ub .0. rPd g]ow~ 11"l1£" ="i~ Qf the ooJecl. ~med to be mnt'h lfl1"gE'r tbllD the Ru.ell home .and M~{:"Iln~l] 0 III trr told tbp. po' toe t tWItS AO to 9{J fM ]{ tu... The obj f;'ct l'fD. ~ com plf" fili 11?fJ t. Theon:l t m(1-~ lIB: cit: ()'Vflt ·tbe {;a 1"l DI n:lng De-Id and dl:saVPftl. red oyp.r t It ~ t~, M usearetle I ~DUTl ded on the -it OOr of. the Clyde It'Il98all lUline Nt.H KIting thl!'. t he had 8f"f"tJ ~ (;Jrytng saneee," The Ru~@ll.g wok@ uP but retuaed t.o II rl.~wpr tbt" dUUi tbhlkiDK' that tbe boy WIIlR" d1"flnk 01',. MnSra.rclio flnally g2\'l1! 'lp and ~tarted. down thu I"uful towRnt ~~t"_ He tla~ dowl"l a paAAI ng ~ l1llIHl 1 PIJ ~ I~ n nrt recef'P' ~ WI rld~ to th~ Ex~teI" pOll\."e' gtlnn.

( The ..oove ar.eounr t A hA 8fod n pon inform. t1QD r8ce:1lI"ed tttmJ. O1II~fIIJ Runt and Bertrand. I hope to rN:~lvf" more dmiled Into:nna.tjon fMm ~onnftn MUlt-.NJEC Pf'I'aonQll, ItS ~ A 8 tl p ut nrn s from Rhode r 8land.) r-epor"tM tb~ lnl'!'MNIt to ~k OfJIoor Reflntdd Torwla.nd at I:boot 1!48 a.m." e.d.t. He wa.8 WhIte ~.:lth fear and bardly ship. to hllk. A_ radiQ" eaJl ... m.I'tJ~ to oml..~r" :J;korin.Gd IIHk lnx ht m t n retum to tile sta tlo ~ pic\: 1IIJ M1lJKIfIIH11n 41 n d in v~U.~ate It t th~ AC."ene 01 th(', II(j ghttn,. ",b loeb b to" dtd, Upon am. 'J1bg B. t f:h~ Cl!llrl Dir:ll.n.i: II Pol d thE!: oh,pc't walt no" 11 ere to ])e:8@@l1.. AfUor ",sl t· Lee aDd. lo-oktng fpOOl th~ ~rul~r tor 89\"M"a1 mtlll1_ Bertrand radIoed b.eo.dqUI. rten tba t t~lT. was n.tJt hi n g tb(rorol? .aDd tha.I.. Lhe buy UI UBt ba ve ~n tm.fl«:InfTl g t hJ ~. It WR. FJ th~h f:Ula:~tcd tlllltt be ~:l:i!UtrlllP. the fl~ld be-lore

:-~ .:



retnr'bJng, 1M) Bertra.nd and M llSeaI'@lln a dvanced lin to the filP.ld. A.8 the poIinP- 00II ~p.:r lJla:f~ hig fillt'illl ~ght b~n m "ha~k and fo-rtb ovsr ttl e Held. :M nsr-arell 0 aJ.gbled tbl'l <>bject r1~Ing; ,,1<)Wly lrom Mbln,l ~(Illlf! uenrhy t~~ and .booted. }Wrt.T8..Dd BWUng 8;I'(ilJrul. aDl saw Il larg~ da rk ohj~t. earn'inK a stra 1 gnt row r:tf fool" ~Jt.r:!lO.Nll n8.n l1 brlgbt red: vn 1m tl D~ liHh tA emuln ~ in to the fteld :ftt t; I<>p te .. el. It IIW\lllg IlTmJOO t~wat<l them Ju"t d ...... rlD~ " 00- to 71).1 ....... , tree and aeern ttlJ;iy 001 v 100 1("r.t. awav rr(l1ll the ui. I nstlnetl ,,·~1,. ()tHCi":1" BE!'rtrRlI d dreYi hlB ser"Vi~ re-iol'f~r~ (lIe ~t.Pd that said that 11~ ~bultt:ed 'urH ~hoot l t l") but thi nkinlJ this IJ n'W18e reptaced it n nd ye1le-d to M,lJ,:!ll'"$.re1 h ~ to tu kof! ~ove!' in the cnd~r~ He t.oltl w-9 tbat be WU ntra.ld that th-e)' both would he bUmPd. by the bl1nli in, Ughts r.loaing i u on tnem. The.)' ra D to t b.e t In i~F"'" where Bertrand im D 1 ed.i at ely put in a radio cit 11 to hes.dq u:B. rters tor a.~~l '!=:.tR nee. ()mc~ Hun t uri ved within min u.te!!) and the trIo ollilervM t.he Obif'lC't IUI.·WoEL fL WillY over

and belcrw the tree llue.

nata; (I!utt"'"!' ND. 3) -B OM 11 tofi.ed. .que-8fWttll..air~~ Qll.d {1I:.tln,~f elf & 'fOit It

{) 61rJf!:t"'t BenrGft,4f afl.d H Iud.

Tb.eU tR confusio. ~on~rululiI: the e-nct t1tne~ or t.he l::'Ilgbting. TIl" pollee a (.a ted that the MW spaVr RC'CI}l1nt !'!Itn ted tha t Mo~a!'c' In a rr1,·ed n l the- ~tatlon at 12 a.m, 18 ~ncorn« IUld that 1 t. w!l.~ prohA.h l:r d ~ to ~ 0 .m., e.d. L T bR'Ve al'"blU11l t't17 ll8Ilgned th~ time 811 be-t n g 1 :4~ a.m., e.d, t, ~ arter taJdng evei1- thlnr into eOD .. idtr~Unn. MU,to:.I.:arellc"s mother .. 1~1) t.h-ought it WBS dt~ to 2; n.m, Per1lapA lifter JllY interyll':'tY with )Iu.~l"r.n(). I will hP: able tl~ pinpo1Dt tl'lPtime mnI'e' ex~t:ly. naMd upon the 1 :45 a, m. tim ~ R nd thP. :tad Lb.a t when t.1le t r-lf) retumed to hen dq 11K!! a nf! reported. thta- stgb U ng !:" 6_ ~ tn DI:"~k 0 ftlP.M' Towl. n.d at exactly 2:5(j.. It. rn., I ft~llre t ha t !oj i gb t.lllg NIJ, 3 t.ook pIli. roP. appr01i-

m B t~ly bKween 2 :2'r. and 2. ~ 4f) n. m.

SJ ghtlDg No.. R w\I'"k palLe'@! over l be tleld ur C ~ 1'1 Dll1lnp; in ltJ:Um I)p;t~n.. N.H.. otl

Rontll: iso a oont .a mlle-s ~(JllUl of EXJ'tP.'l" 1 N.II~ 1""13' tlurathm of the oht04f.ol"'Vat1.0rl WU B bout 10 mtnlJ t.cfl by (,mcer 1 h·~:rtramj an d N o:nn8 n M uses Tp.l1a llull about 5 m11l:UteFI by omC't!r lIunt ,,·hen be iMl'Jro the pa.~r at tb1:'" fl-e!d. Th~ was nn trace of daJU~bt a. t the sl~ll Hng tlm e. T'lle weather 'il'a s (Icy 0.00 cool wttb a Fllhrht bree:le. ()b8e:t'v ing condt t101lS W ere -e-x~11p.nt Tbe moon b OJI Bet at II ; 15 P.Dl.:t p..d. to. and the IkY wAS studd€d wi th stan. The e]: act: Eo:bape of the <Object coul-d not l.Jt!II II8Ie1l bf either po Lie-e oft\(!~.r a 1 t.hO'1.l,gh B e-rtrac.d tol d me t.b at l t ~ COIJ1~ .if it 1 t. W~IT l"OUnd IJl' Cgg-~ha~ ~ Jth de-ftll itely no prott'l.l8ionfl Un wi u~ Tudde.t or s.t!l billz\11". I lw~ to obta1n lI10T1:" deta n~ from

Mue.carello ~ncem~ng the $;!1 ~bif\ and 50 fon.b. of the object. .

r.rb~ object carrled • t I.enIIt tour ertrem .. ly brlU i.llnt pnl!m Ung re4 Ugh ts whlcb.

appel\..t"ed to fiaHll in .. steady ~eq u I;I!"llre. They were a 1"1"81 nged in a fixed strn1.gbt line pUaitJ.on. Of8:eer Bertnl ltd sn 1d lila t tbey Wf'n'!' brlghte!r tlta n ap.y u~t he had evif'!'f' Beeli and. • t.clooe T1l11ge he tound th8. t be eeu ld DOC look directly at tMm. 13.181 had the impNtl!lion that he and MTlSfB rello mit'!;bt ha ve ~n burned i~ theJ' did not run froIIl the object .fiR It. Rpprollcbed th-f.-D. He -t'MDpared tbeir bri~hlnPJl!!l: to l'tf auromob1lR bft8.dl1gb~ ~hining dlte<"tiy In one's fAl(!f", ut 1l'!9S th8n Re"Jf"I'1Il JlIIrde. a w~J'. T}w. m8.nn~T' in w b.1ch they pu] satE"d gave Bertrand tile rl ildlDcl I.m))I"l"lWtIon tba t t.hbII 'WaS .n n lntEPI~u tly 'C obS'trl~ t!I:~ vell1cl@' .(11)1'] de-:ftnltely not

aome natnral pbelWmn.on. ThE" tB wert' d~ n ttely seen t I) be part of 8 I.u.rp dark IIIOJid object;. The ~ton off' l.h~ ()bJ@f~·t'9 body tI. nSl'"d 8 hs III pl!i!l:.1.. a.roun.d it. Both oftren had eyegla.~ on when v iew1ng the- ohject.. N t.q ther oflk@r would ghe- ~HI F.J'-Itim.ate or bow ].r~ tbf': ~tb'ecl;. U~@lf wRR altllou:!=Ch ~rtrond wae quoted to Ila., B t'Uld that it. wn~ .a ~ "'bIK R~ fl 00,1 :-.rr-.'. B~rtrand t.oJd m r. that It WII.JII very I.aJ'¥e but thle UKb~ ob£tcurW It prPl"P.tlt I.Ilc him 'tom. ~ng enougll of. It t.c kDDW b.O"W' large. "'ben Olth_"E:"l" Hunt an-ioved the ohject had m'l~\'ed. (fl! ==:0 what. he thiDkB be on],. saw two of t.hp. 11 gil b.. I ~8K, b(lw~er. lib le to obt.a.hl a. ~ta teu:Li'Ut from Bertraud coPt"!e-n::d nil: t .. (~ 8. ppA tent ,i 7lt': flit tb e vb ~l. Hf!!:'JtB. t~ tb.a t ~ r.-n the cl)jK"t wa 5 at I t8 ~]OBeet that it wa.s aIm-oM th@' nppa re-nt ~jte M A ~·graperrult'"

held at ann'.fJ length. Wben hf! nn.t ~~l1tlPil it the ~ize 8'P.lIIIled kI ~ thBt ot I

4 'batJf:b8.11lt held • t armis length. H f: ~i 0181 ted tbll t It Wll' 200 Y:(I, rd."!' a W8J' whel1 be II m.-potted It a:ft;er MUS<!8 n-llo ~turuOOd. U-e- AA HI UJ.a.t fl t t.t.a dON':Rt. II.~ It j rurt: ocleat'9la ltHrbr m- to 7o.toot tn!e-. Hp. lI!!:ald the obJE'l't was vcr:!' -el088 u(l that It a.PPP.8;ted w be aoout 100 teet AWay. WhUe 'r'lewlng it from the ernl~ it ma.nttve-red ~ tb-e fteld .t about ~·oo 1ard8 Ry.,. .. ~ be4"ore moving out ov-w thfI: tree Ilne~ A. it mom the- obj~ aeerne'd tn tU t kat and forth from Jtl.df!! to sid ...

Tbe mpUn.. :arM ... aA OfM"'n ~ounti'Ys1d-e- wi th !arnl!!!lj fl.eldR, lUlel W-o.o(l:II. Tbe objeCt "'*-t ft.1'St IJI"!CIl In the non h-e-n!'lt fI. nd la-- ~ ..... t t n tb eo nQlrth mov I 08' in lin HIBI:


L ,

_"; I


- ..

," ~ • J' L ••

!:o ,~

I· •

I' - .

I: .. :

, -


. . .

• T

. I

I· •

~~. '.

l~. ~

I .........

t.J .:

.. ,I ~..... ..


I. ••

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, 1

l. iI.

_':I •

; r: ~





. " .

r.!~. : ~ ..

· J. . ~

~' .. ;.

1; '..-


• 1.

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~ .. , ,

T,,' .•

· ~ - .. . ..,~ i -

•• 01,. - I.

'10'" •.

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t· ..

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.... 'I

1..iII ....

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.~. '.' loII~

• -t.

'rlt: . I·, ,.

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t·· , ,J:. ,

: 'I~ I ....:

'r! .~, .

f· {. , .

, ,

"'1 I • .- -

~ I :;

,:~: .

':"1. .• · l'"

f~· ;,


I ~j::~ .

.. .

: .': « :

: ',1".:-

; :,t:' ~. ;}~~

r . - ...

, f..'~.

! ~,; ,

, Yo.!:

· .... -

'L •• I

; .~.'

I _' .

... ., I

, . iI";' r

! ~.".- •



· ... .

1!'1 •

· ~ ..

• :'t;:

1'1; ,


~.I(..'. ••


:~ ...

· ~,;> .. ; ..

,f,· I~

Il'fTDBfVf"IlIfO 8tbl;!.IUll TS

1. )I!\ and ) Cha~ of who live a few mn~ dowll Boute 100 told me Lbt\t:

( II) All AII:' Foree ollke,. h ad 1'Q1le around to all tb.e st.GreII ~nlnr new&-

pavers in EJ;:eter 8lu1 -pureb.u.ed all elJ}lll2:l O't tbe Mn..nch"lN' .. S.H.I 1)ni(ll1 Leader lle'W8p!l1J'P.l' 1fbtdl ee.rrlt'd .a deta ned ~UDt or th~ BlghtlJl.ltl Rnd • plBed pboto ..,r H p:rmau M 11 EI("8 Tel 10 and ofDce rs Dertrnnd.. B un t, .!..nd 'fowl and, Tbe poU~ bad n rA. beard d!. ,this nnd I did Ilot -cb-eek fnrt.he'r.

( ..... ) :Mra. CbllllC,. 4. n.u~, WllMo 00. d uti 8 t th~. E~r Fl t"JISP~ t.a I d nrllrg t"M alghtlngs R nd told me- tha t the Hampton r N.M. police ph on Pod Ule boapital to see 1.t a man W'AJI, bI"UUghL In to ttJe h.oefDi tal Hulfm1nl a be-a 1"t • tuie"k- or ~hoek. Th' ~ waa In relation to tbe bJl'sterlca l man wb v tried to l'(9Cb th@ police by ~'1lt being cfI8J1.ed by • urn. RI:!er~(! -sl(htinl' NlJ, ;5 •

( e) 1M tal. Cha~ '8.100 told lIle tha t Jl friend of b 8rS, a Mrs... Fa l'ker :81od.gett, w.,rb a:PJ B. ~t lor thf!l "R I3...verblll {Mft.AA,) 0 UEt~~ ne'WlIptlpeI' a nd was aJdled by tb@l U,!iiiI Air not to pubU-m T~FO reports. {HOWC'-V@TI lib, d1 d, lIS I ha '¥t' 8. ropy of her flrtJcle'd ~bel" 7, 1~, }

2. A M:t.IJ. Rt. LalU"cttte of KllIw.on ROfI-d. Ken-slnrt.,n, N, n, told • chg,rtb f'riend at. DUne tba t. her brot-be-r ~ who usu B.lly cuts the bay t.:J. tbf::

CfI rI Dining tlehl, r{llfwn'll to do i!lU betftl1He b-e bas hea rd t bo I: the bay hu been

conttlmlnated by rldi f' Uon.

3. Tbe po1ire told m-e th&t tor the pUt le-w weelte p.rev I OIl ill. to the- ~ gh 1:10«'

tb ~ ba "Ve T'9C@'ived J'P.{X1IttS from people~ somoP.- 01 tb-em -penOIl.fll frlend8.. or thf'.ir whole hm:n,e ItIddenl,. belllK m(Jlll~ta:rl1y Illuminated by a bright reild isb. glOW"

a.tter t'h~,..ll.d gone- to- bed. :"i n object.5!l w~re ~.

4. ).I,., and 'Mrs, DeMAI'OO., N. Ram,pOOIl Ro8.(1 (RoUte AA), H'ftlIlptotl., N.H'1

ob8el'TMl tl .m.Nlbo obJtcI 'hI inldng re..1 whicb H ltfJ:rDl tof11 llo~{t"l"OO. a 0 d. mM'ed 1n t'llfl ~ ftk7 b8tw~ 9 An d. 9 ;80 p...m, on S, pt:~mbt'll"" 5, 19tV5, Shu~ V tIIU~ had set AM Kr~ :nc.VH.1'OO was. former USAII' control tow~r operator wbo aMured me that It was not an Al~ft. J thou.ght ~ ~ was wDltl1

ID(!1lt loning. .

5.. A »r~ Rtr.e. tvbo ~" a OS radio told me that be 'VP1lB taJlrlnl over hi.

rad'o with a P orf:mtou~ N.H •. 'POUee ernlser on ~pteDlber -Z- r 19f1U,. about 8 !On p.m. e..d.t.. Tbe oftI.c"P.r told bim that he W1I.1!I out tn'lfMtttp.tlIIK" a UHO ~nrt Rud ulted Mr. RiP.e to gI ve him .81 ~ll If he .potted it. He Fla. d tru.- UFO 1fae ~I!ed to be ewer the 8aro:[lt.olL 1'Al15 area nellI' 1I'h,pre Mr. lU~ U.M on Ron~ AA. No UI'O was 8@IfIL by Mr. Rte& The ("P'Il i set' ttJPe'd ~!IIl] 1 cl,ten KMA--.Sf.lfJ.9. nd nE!led

bOt h ebannel No. 2 and No. d.

lI. 81nee the UYO I!d fbttng at: t,hp. oar1 ntDing fte1d. DI A.n.y ('f.l1'8 pUll ttP and

1tI tdl tor tb~ nb:Jeci: at lll~ Pd-r. DIDtDlr hB. tl to rope oft' the eDt:r:a~ to ilia

ft~l d and. pQf:It it 8.8 ~le WC"l'e' ] I~ng hi 1!f property .

7. Ml'IJ. MrutI!"I reno thlnk~ the USA "'R' 1.J@utena.nt'iI!I t'lame wa., lJrant.

8.. On my ftl'Bt two mit8 to the {'art Dining field on the morntut or ~ 11+ 1_1 I ... ", • [ow·fiy1Q' 0-119 ~ y1Dg Boxc!ir pll88 o'f'P.r' the area OlD boUt


9. Other cl vll.I8Jl UFO IDV~tga tors W@Te gi:'Vefl tb~ br1l~'" off by me po1.b. I

WU 'V'!§I"f tv nil ve ~ ved ~tlP.h 8. gOOd rt)llF'(ll)DSe! from them.

UAIft"GCtm-" of tMl!MI,"

H118C8. rello: 00r.ne9 trom twi~broke-n home-------hAs b.d -p-rtlIl1!I ..nth paH.,

and il!!l well~kltOwn b1 th~ul1lAn, .a cool, calm boy. Hn.t1.1 m.,- pel'i8OD.B.l lntf:r:·

ri9"fl' .... Ith h l m 1 -can ua:y no more,

Be rtraDd fI.lld Hunt: (1 rrdlMe w l t::rl e8~, good -vb8e!'VPl'8 with 8.. keen ~lre lD

mat-e- 0Il1l' la.o:::tll- J COUld not ev~ pen tin de tb mI to rn~ at csUma. ~ nf tbI!

obJeclll;a Ift.l. fJ,j~ and =.;peed.


SlSbtlU )In. t ; Tbere t9 e-nougl1 slmU.rity between tll~ dnhlp.:ntlft~d 'MllD1l~~1

report and dt?!h' nfd llIi ill t1 n;n No-. 2 lind No, 3 to wa.I'ral't I tA probable ! 1tr thf:D.tlclty~ The che.D(I'P.A 01 a NtDtl.A.f' repo!"t OC'C'\lning the MJntI! mnrntn~. unIea ~ t were ,,_uthenUc. 11l aft tronomlc81. n ts pnsf! lb Ie t bet tbp. obJCf't abe ~Inted adt to 011.~ BeJ1;""rand W1U!l J1lpIter ~ ntl. not tht7 objl:!cl. that had cham her.

81gb. ttn~ No.. 2 and. N~. :\: Th P. eredlbU tty of Ute wI tnffting pollee crlHc-en emIp!ed wttb tb@ 8t gbttn gil or )i1Jl!!lcarello : Ule manJ lypiMI UF 0 C!ba racted rth~


.. '. .: L:

e • ' •

. , ..

r, .:" •

.:.:. ... , : ..

.;. i" -

,f''; .. ' -


~. J.

~. l .'

\1;, ..

tt. .. : "'-;

~ .... p I. ,

• .. ~p •

~p" ~ ... : , .t

~. :'" - ~' .. ~ - - .. -:_: ~ .

..... , oj.

... :.' ..... I •




• I


oJ. .. ,,..

:1 _.

~ "

·lo .

~ l ' .

I; '.


· "\i' ~. ..

- t. . ~.

,.1. .

;IiI1 . L ~: ~.

~- L .... _ ,

-.- .L ~ ,

• • -II


' ..

. ~. :~.

. I .

q." ~

'I 'r

'. ~ ~ 1. · r~; ~ ;.

J; :'I.. •

.:: .....

. .::"" . r

• ~ p ... f.. •

.! . ~

~~ :~.

· . i.

• :;=.:. .

•• +'1

-.p ~ ,

~'" ~

~t ': ..

~~~.. r

~I- • • ... I!. ....


- .. ~ ;

....... v .

p } p~.

'~ L

J~' ~,

.:!~: 0(, •

, .i. ••

~ J ~

~ 'I'. -iii, . '

-t ~'

.: (~ ..

'.; ~ t . , .'

:- I •.

'1:.( ~~.

~:' L ;

_ :r· .p




,.. - .... --~ ... i .....

.. _,~.~,_~_J ~~ I ~.

of·: .




.' L

: ., .... r ..


- .. _.-.- ... -----------""1

Th.!:!' qut::'~ti(J,·.;n h.a & ~-... 1Jl'1!I~ IEII:I t!.1\& t roll C!8J I vJ. 'YIIII -a. ..clJ
1 .... Eo n:;\tLtJa., .a$ ,iIQ~-::J. bll:l gQoJ I ~r'T':.1 .• ~ tibrl -~'dfmt1 tl lid F1Y.L..g Qbj 1IoQt..
t .... t ,.,.. h,o. ... .,~. ...1 ..... "rJ' lo ." _" "II """r '1"" .........••
you. p;J.ui'hl '1 ~I. l'h4 I!:;~t: }")III gl'9'ol 'WIl 't. Uflad tor'
i:'1IlIG.U'(:h ~ t'POA •• Y'ou,t" I".i.a..:;~ '11'1.11 flot _ u~ 111 ~o.".t W'1.!t.b
"'I r ~t .. t .. UBUt."I=. 'OQ.H~:11U810_;.f:I. Ol" $It! til i t"'l Ii:: 1 0.,..;. 'lilirt t:hallt JI'J'\1t ,Per-ailNton ..
'I'hl.Jt J'I:IIu, 1h:Iq -e h .fOol" :rO'Iu" C"CIOp:!I t'", t.10 :~ in t.b1... _tU;t,.
In .... OUg .. wr. It .. t1<>'~~ 1 !"""'U'1l't!o" C"","" tt.. ol> ~~~ -
;I.~"I ". VWbr .l. ~
. l3 :Ptl~d. CcIu~
, ~hmI.. Ka :U"6~H'tt. " " ~ t'~ A-
I ~, • ....,o¥,. ... ~
l. l'1'l':I .... , i:t1 d. .YDIl etI t.M obj 9Ct l' 2_ T1_ Q:t _,.., L.:l ~
:.~ _ r 1rrJ't.S- "'YmmiI lUif1Il'~
.... -CCln.l.a CI-Q.J II c&'tI)
f..J.\"( .~ i"""..".....Fl 41.1' P .....
-=- ...
1. 111 JJU3' ~I~"" ~CJ :tel. 0IiI.~ II: F. 41Jt. • .c¥L (cinl.. ~ .. J:I IV 1lII.'11vbt: .. l s. ... .u.g n....
c:::: ... tbu..~ t iILl.n ) ~ 'b.~
¢. fo4d.tJ.c 1'1 ..
o. ot.'b.!.r I

.... ;t1':ik'a ~ ~~ wh&: l you. ....., U. QbJ IIIoGt 1 L
. - (rMt/U,,n,N R F 1Z. .(£~ 1""~"J _ l:!" a.; •
.... L.~l:It Pa..8UIl Ail!Al'e ... C1 1.l" CI z:' • 1Iii1l:a"t. o~ Cou. It:ry
Addi tlOn8J, .r-.a du j

! .. ':3tJ n'I!. b;iI baI.t le~ IIIjjJ ro \I: iltLW tht. obj", C!t. • ii&-1iLS .IQ i~!OID[)a
- Altttir~
5.1 ~1.t'Q.1. OL..e ... .: 'the fcl 10W1 I ~ 'to 1.1d1c.'t4I 'how o.rtatl~ JGU u. d'
Y'OUc' .a II B\fal' tv I,Jt.M It.1u,,) ~ III -
• • Ci:l1"'t.II1 .... Mot lI'U'y -
. ~al~l' ~i~ 4 • I1u.a • ~ ••
G .. wftwt va. tba =1~411:..1cn..:. o~ .. h. .)'1-
fCi ~loQ One)_ e ... Bt' i ~t l1a.ylJ.oht 4 .. ~'UK • t.rao. Qlf .:r11Q1tt.·
b. a.ll.l. dIIyli~t. . .. aJj;!.no. rrlW .,ligbt.
G. 8rJglJt: ttr1.l1~t. . f .. DDj\.tt. ~

7 • I.! )"QlL 911!1.V th .. obJMt. ~1."11 IlA.'n,JGIt!'I 'l"ifI~~ or .a\hti... ~ iIAI .. tbI
~ IQ~tetj '::::'!I YQU looke(;: III t UfO.: I:fbJ.ctl
1! .a. .1n :1'Ollt: of ~ (!: .. '1b YOUiE' r1Q~ . .. Ovt~
: b.· In 1:::.: .:. ... ro ):'0\1,;; . ":1:, f" a;IoA/t, ............
..;-. .:
- ,.



.' .

• 4 .. ' ~1 .'

I r· .

. , .~~ .

I .......

.. *~. ~ .

't' J._

~ . .

: ~ -

.• . I I"

I -. I

t, r-.

,.... ...

~t· J . :1)- ~

· ... t: ..

-·iII ". ... "'=. !I"'''~ .

.. : .

-, ( ..

-~~:' ~

, ..

.. I ".".

,".J •

...... ,.. ... , .

. : .

D. p ......


, .

••• I

~ , I ,.


I :- ~. "II •

~~, '

:.) I·~ , ' .' .""!..e .

. ~ .

. ~ ... : '

~~ .... -:- ~ , -

.... 1 , ..

'~ .

II:!: I I· .

roIj ~ • •

l:·~ ..

."",!.. , p I~

[~f' : .

1(·· ~,

~;, ~

~ .. ~. :' : ..

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r .. ~

.~. I

, .

~ .

I~ " •

.... .


-11-" •

t; .:


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.... .


IlL r •

".. '

r)·- : .

. .

, .

I" p.


8 .. l! ,.011 M\t ~M ..obj ~ .t I'UlMl'... '!'WI w;Q.n 4 "'"I' ilII.W ... IIM~ 4J.iII }"O u. not! CII!!I
CQ;. 005:".·,i •• '1 tt-ra I;i"r/I ~ ..... .tt ~,
Ij.l ~~ (~J roc'_r 001 ilf!llill ... &0..,. e..:3 HDOIiI Ci;ll:tow .o.~A' I
-b~~ .... '!I.ri9h-'t. I!ICIQ 1 .1..19--
~. .• (!.
a, 1lO:c •• t. ~ b... Du.ll tI'IOO I ..l t I3ht
C+ ~ :IiiDO.lllg"M;..... 4II:r:J;,
d-lo .DOH· t .. -
9. .... tl'MI ~ I'bC't. ~.1 .. bt I;::;t u..,; -u.- b&~:rouil4 ,g,! dw IJ(~ 1
, -
lClE"lO:l11!1 QUid I . t:iJ 1'.a; ~ .. .lO c.~"T~
llJ. It ~t. v.r.. 8Hlmrr~ 'll~ tM 6y ba.~Qndl. ¥I. "t.1wI Dri9)~u:.l!.. lib: tlMt ,
ot ... oM.I~W.l. "".,,,, iqht. ..,~rh4 'to ~ ~ l' I.~~ ~ ~ a4rO" I: ,
IlL. A. ".:11. e r ~.... MIA, r (.. dl 1rCii".l o-rJ
b. ~;ra1 bln~. ~yl
C .. ~ blc4 ;:Ii'
41. ~~ru 'az' , .
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1."f :!JU'I B.J. ....... t"ed 't:'.....s. tJ.a. ;I, t. 0l11DVi..4 IJI: It t~··; to i. _t.aroI~

tl':Ia. lJII.ld.e,. ti:C:{...d i".lY~. ~ ~j ~ r t-Cll:'Cll: QI: •• ~ • '¥'...;;b ~

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"2. Did '"- ObJ oi!I~ C.J .:I:I!,liM "1 1 - ~:tf II!I r-&. we:. VI t:b t:bl 0.P*".·U.IWI; I O~ C N ~

r-Ictnl. wha~ ._'_p11etlllo) MDIO t tv l tilCfi'!1iIii t OIRiIUli' .... __..;l ........ ----

1l t f. I r :to"" ~~ll,.o. III. .r !::If ~bg'lo"illil _polll _. ~ 1.. .IoW~..c. t.I..C*~

4). ..... & JbCIto t...:t.., 01 t;;b. Object C.l 2" (a.;rclCII ~I y"1iS

J~ ~dI you .. .....1.1". ~ w w't,c!d t a ~ I CC1Z"el.. Or } YL.:;.!i m

, --;.<:J.t ~ C!l ralll!!lll! 'I' ss. _,l..... ~_d: W-fIt't J.~eAtl.,g .ta~ .r.1 .• ~ .... L~ I


M It.IVr'Off M. J ACR:.t

JI"iClf'. o.s. Afr Frwce. OAk!. Piet~ BNnClit P"bUc 1 njorm.cJtlO9l Divi.!!ton-. 0 J!l.ce qf I n,lQNMto£oR •


Dtl:r AlrrM ElfT fJr TU EI'Am ~

QIf.~ pI th~ 8fflYrrl~TJI, U.8. Air Ff1Tf;ff', W"lLingti'J't'f, D .. C ..

D:mA.B MMm. J "&'CB:9 ~ TbJF. 111 fl tormal lnQulry CoOIl~lP.rn1.n8 the OtJI.dal 1]. B~ A I r If'Or'l!'e fd7.f,1l tMl ion or UI e de t.F.I ilP.d U FO r1"f'Ol't ~nbnl itt e.] to A F8C- F'TD/PtoJecl, Bl ua :Book l&st month. My investJ p tJ en and Wb8qU@IIt rsport took. plRC'e .shortly after the o.fficial U .$. Ail" Foree iovestig.a ting team :from. Pease AFB made their iDveat i.gatiOl1.

Tbe [' Fa l:vok. pla~ buiwl..'en the ClJ'11e RUJJI!eU -tlud cad DinJ..nw prop~ alonR Route 1M In KenJdn..cton, N.lL, OIl September 3. 1005. tn the euty hotIn. 01 the IIlOI"Dicg. The wimeues were N orm8Jl .M.llac& relEo aDd omcem Bertrand lind Hunt 01 the ElI:etE'rt N~H.~ poIl~ 1orP.e_

In 1'004 I L""Ulfto1l..lurily ~ll'"etl -COTrertV'Jll.(lent@ tl" fU ur o1Dett ie ~ tot 1FO ~ ~uhrn I !,ten. t.n tM I J.R A tr Fornr: to!' twill nat lon, Th~ WAil! apprp. cla red. J have at] bmitted m Itny repJri:B Erl nee but have not reeeived RDf ~8Ie. Thta ill imdl?ntRndab l~ d~ to th(o!' rna ny re-port.g I"@f'@I T~ by th@l U. 8. Air Fameand J dQ not expect such a service oQD four part normally!, but, I did llpend a creat dP.8.l at thne .and th'fTIIwht. on • .b~ Kp.Mingtnnr N~H ... r-npott and would n~am your HlI ttJ IlK tb@ olDd,Ml U.8. Air Fort'!e eval WI. tl un rJt tb~ WID 9 al!l soon tUI pq!Ilj ble. I understand the eva Ju.a.tloo ha3 been TD8 de.

Tb.ttnk,YlJU llJl" your t.""C1"UI~.l'tI.tiun in thi~ illlltte.r. I look furvvard to heari n.g frvto your office soon.

1; 1 De-e~]l ~


Q:,.&. T ),!! 1J.IIiI D H_ .f'nw L.KR.

DE?..&..B"1'.l.iEtII·i' UII' 't'!:I1Ii ALa J'OOK:: ....

WMhm.ul ~ JanutW1l M, 19~6+

DEAB M... F'OWI...EJli: Th Is lR in reply t-o ,our request f-or Informatfon 'On the EIeter, N. H.. UFO 'SlghU IIgN..

The Inl t.ial lnve-st:1ga_ tion from Pe8$eo A lr F.otX'e Illse W'alI .snbrn!tt@d to on r ~ Ml 8epternbtt' 111. 1'966.. and enntai ned fila t,em~ fn)m. tbe pr1nMpal wI tnessee. T.b.l! data lt1dJca t.ed tbu. t a. tetueU u. opera t.!QoJ. lttlrtJ,t.. lis re been t be .ea Il8e' or tho£!' !d1ht1 n,g. R{l!ftl(1o]lng.a l"(IiI .. ~ Fu-r Tr.B.~ ... I' and ~H ng area n:t:>own 0.11. tfi' • re

COD t.rolled tb rough LorJ n, Air ~e ~ and toca.Ud .()v(,"-r the a JIN. or the fiip-ttnl. A· c:a.ll ~ I{Iad~ to tbe oontroller of thh retuet.l..1Jg BDd we :WeN- In· ~ that tht:7 wM'e ~1fJlw.d from MjMODZ to Otl,lftO()'""Z lor- an 8th Air Fome aper.tiOEl, ~ I Big Blast," A call WlU placed to the Wilt Bomb W In~ at WesLOHMr Alr Foree Sa" for infoI'D1ll. t 100. on tbh cperatlon,

Tbe InitJ.fIl lmpretud on ~'U that aiI"t!'r:a.ft fr.1IIl1 an 8th Air .lrorce Ope ra. ttou, j I :Btl' Bhlst., t, WllS the {"a use of 't he J 19bt.8 o1:lf3enred du riDg t,bJfil Inci"dent. IDtorm:ltiOll f"et:"e.~ from ·the ~h A. il" lI\'l~e- 1 nl!i£l!A tp.s that. 10 H--47 at ~rafi from Pease AI t: ron-e Basre in 'l'otved ~ n Opel'UtWll Blg mHtilt ~~CUftJ-·' "W'et'P. tn tile tra:fil.e p8. ttenl M'P.J' E~, N~II.S' llP.tWf:M1 OO/+l4Z aDd OO~I)Z, A e.GPJ' ot. tb.1B lettel" is eDCloeoo. ~lnee Uri'!!! j n form a tlon (!onH let ed wi tb. th~ tlmp. &t the el ght1nlll' and tillmlnattMi thMa al!l B. po:!J~ lble -eTal uatton of th b, inctd..:! ut, a le'Lter wa 9 t-o-rwttl"ded to Mr. Blurene Bertl"llDd .00 Mr. nave 'Runt 1'1' the E'l:P.t~T P6l't(!P. Department JIPo. quelt.lD, l"]a rlO-eaUon of tile time uf the :=;l~K r A COpy or ou 1:" letter to tbMe f!:'e.l.I:tlem.ell and 8. L"tt1JY nl t.l.L.ei r n:!-p1 y is attached,

The- eRrlJ l!!!1g'htln~ by two nnnam .. d wnmen a.nd Mr, MD.9fBl'e1l0 al'e attributed to Iltl"Cl'"'aft from opemtion Big Blast I~Oocu.t' The ~u.ent oh~tioa by Offt· ~ Bp.rt:.nlnf1 and Hunt 'CJeCl}rrJn« afte-r 2 a.m, an repll'ued U uu1den1lHed~ S1nc9n:dy.

J' GBN P. SF A. ULDUH.I, lAevkm..cmt OfJf~l. U,S- F&n:ce. C~lt Oivil Bra 1'1Ch 1 Com1flr.lft,tf" R-ffG. ~ Dlv~ lml. Otft,ce of In.for'r7u1.~~ r..N


fiIkJ'I"aK QOIONTAIflLLA.1o 6 .. Mal""", lJ~R~ A!r Jf'arce~

CM611 Pft) 16": B lire B~

ltnaA I Pu ttm"So. AP B. Davtatt, Oli..i n.

.DH.Ab 8m: We were- ..,-err gIRd to. _get ;rour l-riter' d'llring- the tb:il"d ~k in ~0VHDlbet",. bee. use u you :w.i~b t itJI a.ghu:~. W4?' h8:'t'e ~n th.P. Rubjec!t of oon::rtdR"B.~ ble rid 1M] Ip. mDe€ the P'El'Dtaj"OD rei ~ i~ "·On:a.1 evt.luatlOl1·· fit our sigbti oK"


- ,

of ~ber S, 1005. III otb er word p" botll PH. troIm:t.n RUJJ t nnf! mY .~lf _w lbig object al close ran~~ elJ eckro it out with each -other. eoo:lhm M and reMnfI rmed the ta~t that. thlg 'W1l~ not any lind or c..'U'uven ttona l airerart, tlult it wa!J BIt an a ltntude ot Dot In or-e than a couple 01 h und1'ed f'f!et, and went tn t..'(JiIlKI dP.r8.ble ttollhl~ to f!Obftnn tb a. t the weafber WrI:S el ear, t.h~re was no wind, no eha.nt!e of WeB thee in version. and that whl!ll t, ~ ~ Ii!le@'IDg _:as no it ll~Jgl on 01" 14111 itBi 'tr or cl "IIi ~b craft. W.e- pn te~ t h if! in JI ~l""]f!te 0 mel 11 JIOU~ report ~:Pt Il ;MIlpplf!lM!1I.t bl tM. bln·ftfl!t' or tb (I! morning of St!ptewiM:r g (n ot ~e]1teUl hP.r 2, aa your lMter J.ndlcate6) r Since our job depends on a~ruracJ and an abillty to b!!11 the dJ~rence betweeD ta et and :dcthm! W(" w-t"n:" na r.Llt'8.11r d1Pittll'hAd by the ~tagon. I'(!(IOrt whil"h 8. t tr1 buted the ~l«httD g- to j. ruuttlple hlgh ... ;a ltltude ooject-8,r 1n tbe :area and '''weRtber in~ers.l:on.1j \\~hat Is ... lltt19- i1lmrult. ~.o unl!eZ'"r RtRnd I" the f8 ~t tJaa t J'l1 Dr letter (unda ted) I rrt"'-rd eonsl dera bly • the PentBgon mt'lUle. Since IOUI'" ll' t ter lo].Q; y~ tha ~ yon :II re sti 11 ill tbf' ])I'OC e I,e!I of tnaklQ: .a tmal @nl\l8.tiOD! it ~!I tlul t t~ 1 ~ an I DCOIla1Sterx-y here, OrdJ ~ barlb"t tblf wooldn1- be too Important. e'!(~pt ror thf.' fB..f'f: r.bat In 8. fi1t.nat:l(ln lJke U.13 we are naturally very reluctant to be ~Pldered trresponsibte In our

otllel-.l. I"@ port to the- poltee 8('" tlen, .

R Int!P, nne of lUI (PatrDl1tlan Bert rand) 'WaH in the At r ~e tot" 4. ~r.tI ell ~ J"II.KOO ib refoelt:n r ~ Uuru~ with all ktDda 0 r military R it wp tmpoudb 1 B to m:btake ,..ha t we ~& w for a D1 kl nd .()f mHI ta ry opera tion, l'e'gS.:rdl{I9!J of a.l t1 tude. It 11'0. also- deft]'] 'tel Y Dot oft. ,., el tmptP.t'" or hit, lnonL ImmP.dIRlely R the object dlaappea Nil I we did !¥'@' wbe. t pl'"Obolllbly w Q.~ .. B-4 7 ~ t I'L I.£h al tJtnd@t b trt it bo re DO l'@lB.tlon at R n tot h ~ obj~t WE" sa w.

Anotbu fact ts 'thll t tile t::1me- of our obeerrn tlon W'(l~ n~ 1"1];' an hour litter :2 a.m .. , wbleb -would ellmJn9. te the Btb AiI' F~ Clperl. tl-oo. Dig nl.a1it, I!rinee .II!! you lIllY tblll took place bet W@:@:II mldoill{h t and 2 ... m, N orm f\ n Mh~.a l'1:'!Uo, who ftrwt ~ thiH obJert before W"@ WE! nt to Ule 81gb. t IM"¥Ii tt ;J:rom-evP"tLere In ... i~ln( ly -of :J aan L, 1.J l.! l"flTly an bon p Itad PH ~ hAt(t1"P. hR got into tblR' polk-! 81:a tm t Ind we went 0\1 t to tile 10m tion wi th tllm.

We wou ~d both .lJPft'Cll11h~ It Tery much if' , ou WUJJld bf.'lp u ~ e-U 1Il1nat.e tile plFIRibie mn~ttJll that L'IOme people ba,.e made irl tbat w-e mllbt bave (a) made up the ~tort t ..,:r (b.) were Inoorupetent 0 t.eo ... .e-ra. An,th lll£" yO'Il oouId do along thl ~ 1 tne WMlld ~ "Wry ttl ncb apprP.M 8. ted, and I'm sore you ea: n under-srnnd the poRi tton we'1'e 1 R.

We I.pprecl8 te the probJ.~ tbe Air Force 1El U it :Ila ve with a lot ot i ~1J.Ie ~ O!l tbi9 8U.bjeru:~ 8.00 don~t want to c-a11Sle you any unnec@'9Sar:r trouble, On the other lLand, we think you J)l'Obab ly U Dde"'t8.[] d on l'" VOfl1tJon.

TbS! u.g ~ mneb tor yo ur lllterest.



• J •



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.. ..

PkGEX:!: BII'JtTIt.'.NDt P(Jtro.lmtl1l... DA"VID Hun T, pfJ I rolma7'l.

DI:P ArrlII:lfT or 'IBK An. Fa~ HEADQU ART1:R$. 8rH. A III. FoJlC'l: (SAC) ..

W B.II'~ A (r FrJrOO Rrup.t iff1,~I.~ N m.tembr :l.t, 1965.

.. ~ :

Mmnom.ndmn. : DOOTo.

8 ubject. : U JrO 81gbtln.g.


L In nol7 ro JOV 1etterf .me S1lbJect.. NOTfmOOr 16, l'0615i. and te\wb(Jhe ('9Il. 'I'er&ltioo. bet1reeu Spec1al tat Mut.e"r Se~Dt Hefti". 8t b Air Foro&. I; ad Seqan.t Mood,. HMdqual't.eJ"l,. A)~~ on November 1910 lue5. til ~ tollowin(g til fm-tna tJOTl I~ tnmiRh-ll!d

2. BI~ B1«et j'~'~. SACINORAD tfIRtn1na miNIon. wae ftmn. on SeP:ember' 2-3, 100&. By OOf(H.!J..OZ~ tile OJ)e-rati 00 I I portlOD of. tJJ.e- 1111_0lIl M.S eOIIlp~te. .Dd PI rtI ~lpatilll' .e.lrcralt were en nm te to their bomf' ~ tlons..

a. Ttm B-41 BireI1l1t from P~t'" .A FB w@ ~ J Q vul ~ j n B lie BlIud .. j00e041 ~d "'If!l"e e8ttm & te:I to El:rrlV@! ltI t the-I r 'nl t I 81 81 ppmfl(!'b n% (PH" T A:.CA..:..V 820- rRd..11:~ 10 DME 8"). bet~ OO/Of44Z f;I nll OO;oo..~ TIle town of Eretel" I. wlthin the patt.em lit lUZfcd b1 OI! r tra me cootrol 111 the l"'OO()Very of these atruatt at p~ A 1m.. N +R. Durt n~ thP-i r appnMlcli the 1"P.OOT"erlng alrC::l'8tt WQU}d have been. d[.Ipll.Jl'lcg lrta.DdJ1rd podtkm l1~"'t.. antlcoU l8J~n U~t~ and JIi'}88i bL7 O'I'er Wing antlllnd1ng 1 tgb 1:L

Fur .,


, -


W1::t.U.A..u A.. McOrtPllI' _ :I r •• L1eutenG4l' Cu:.rme-,J, U Jj, A w- Pt.1r'OO '" ~.,.,.-ak of Op~.


:. I ~

, .

.•• I .,.


Ml'. EuGt:NE. F. BnT1l](D, Jr., MT~ n~:tm R. HU'!'f't,

g~t~T Pwice D !'PiJ.,.tmmtf, ~ ;Z'et~lt\ }.r.H_

OBlITLl!:JJ.lI!: N: TIl e eightinr or varjuu101 unidi~ tided. OOj ~t#II b, 10U and Mr. N orman M 8:SfI...8. ~11 0 WR EF in" esUga too !jY off! elala f.rom Pcn~l' It lr Fol'()& lJ aJIP., N. H., and tb-elr n-pttrt hRB been torwa rrlf'1'i to ou r om« at W r-Jgbt-P .. t~ All' F~ Base. Thi 1\ sip U nB" a t E:1~t:"r, N_ H -~ on t.bQ n lrht of Septmnher 2 bas be-e-n d 'V~ romd.df'rab lp. nub1Je1t7 throUgh van on ~ nll~ l'elea.8e9 a lid 10 map:!1 hfl! :8 rot! (l1~ 81rulla.r to that from the- Sa turea Y Rp.view 01 OetobPr :2r 19(It:., A 1)Ortlon c1l Ud!!! II rtl ~ b, ftU.Ilr.F1 Pd tor your I nlor:1n a. eloe, Tb 1111 InioMl'IHUQo:Q was releaaed by tb. NatltNlul In'festJgatlorul r..otnmittPe on Aerial Pbenomttllil. 8. private OrgltQizu.ttOD wht('h hilS DO- ronn~j on Ift'itb t.lJt" GuVlIf'!lrDP.Il t. AA.fI. ~ult -of the:tle a rtide::!l the

All' ~ ba.a: t1!Cei "00 tnqn i ry Sf!! to tbe 1.."1lWte of thu. ftP(Ir1, '

Our ic. veatJge.Ut)Jl 11 n d eva 1 ua UGn of tnt s sigll tin« indlC1lL.-. a pcu llJle aMo(!IJ:t. tJon with au 8lh AII' FDI"C@ Ol)fl'at1on, ~4D jf; Rl t\a.t..1t Irr JiddltJon to ait"C"l'l.ft from UJ.fA operatlon, tben;. wt!"l"@ flve 1J-4.7 type 8.1rcra1t Jlying tn th-e area druiDiC thie period. Be!ow - flWll e'falllR t_l on M you,. 'lIl'htinr c-an IPe made, It 1ft e88t"1l Hal tor 11 g to k., ow It either of lOU wt to~ aDr II in th ~ aft'll: durillg thllJ tIme ~ri 00 ~ttbM l"Ildependently or 1 n 00IDl et~tJOll with the objects 00~l't1. Since there were DlI.ny at reraft i 0 the a~J1.1 a t tba t time, and there 1Ij.\' ~re no I'e]IOI'I:B nf nnident1 fled obJK1R from peorsonne-l oo.PIttd tn this a:ll' oper-a tI OUr 'WP. m~b t then UlJO~ eo thll t th ~ objfctB ob8e-r~~d butw~ mldn lKht 8.0 d 2. a.m. might be.~ ~.ted M tlL thia mllltarr II! h" opera Uon. t 1. b.owev..,I"', ~ Riteraft were ttotBi bJr ~tber -of J'UOt then t hl~ woul d tend to el1mJnate tilt ...... 11' op('r8 tioo R8 a p1al1dble ~I.flnlfllttoo f()r tbe Qbj eetl obeerved.


R~ QttIl('I'.I.IIfTI..I..A., Jr., MIlJor., UI!AF1 cu«. ProJ~ Rluf.' .Roo''',

Mewo: TDmw /UFO. Subject ~ UFO !!1gb dnl'.

To ~ Bq ~h Af .. 1i"t)1"('-E".

L .A report (tf an ulll den Ulled JlJr IDE' obJect WIUi fiuhm l Hed to 001" o8lI!e at Wright- r8.t tCI'"BOOl Air Force 1)1' the 911 Combat Support Group. Pea.AP. Air Forc@ Base. TbIB rE1JOrt waR subm] t~ to W ript ... Pa tb:lreon Air Foree 8uP. In ~('("ordaID:"E' with AFR 2{Hl-2. Java lO8.tlon of t htotmn1.50n t-ed 10 dteat~ that tlle 00genation ma.t be AI~i.t.8j witb ruill tILl']' ope ration. Blc Blast. The IQC'8.l1on !Jl ob![ll(!rvation wall the New- n am"{)JIhi re- .B.~.a, I b tod ftrvtlnd t.b ~ town or 1!Ix~t~I'. Th:ue (pr the repori.ed UFO was thP. nIght .of J.1l,IllI!lt.z-a. 1965, and 8pecl fl ea lly (18;0000 to 0800 Zebra. TbiA UFO feVr;rl baIJ t'9Coei ved cons lden. b~ publicity In n~papp'!' and maga_;ine artl-c te.,. all-d the Air Force bliR ret.¥.[ 1'00 n'Orn.e-r"OUliI Qlt@rie~ n!!~rdiUilit tII@ C8..U!e ot t hlfl .FII gh tlng.

2; We would like to knQW tb~ specJ1lc- b JI'CIII or ... l~" ft n8ed In llillJ operation and pouIbl@ location or the5f!l aireratt. B t tbe time of til e repo rt.

For the -foruma_nd.~ .

:mare T. Dt IOIlft1:1:lIllga, Ct1'kltu:~ D ~. A ... rrlmlJ.

D~ptt. fJ f(n" TuMM~OW 4ft..d: BulJ.I!Ilitl"~.

NIOAP M ASB..&Olrl! R»r1"-rI I.l'I V!:al'IG..t.TmG StJiICOlIl Pot I 'MT..I!:.

W mAd _ .. Jffl'~'4 p'e~ 10 .. 19Stt

n...., M.I_lI9 T 01" 'l'HE An P'mt(:r.:r O~ oj iM iJe.Cl'ttta.rtl.

U.I1. Afr Fo1""C(J.

W d,!iJziNV'O'ft.., D .. C,

( Attention! John P. Spa ttldhl~, lte-ut~na Ilt colonEl. U.8. Air lIVrce. Chief.. Ci v U Bra.~h, Cmnmnllt f.:r Rp.IA .1.-. nl'J DI \'hdOllj (111100 of In:[ on.) .

The ..... COL(IolfEt ~ r A m;.otNG: ThA n k you tor your OOl'1'eI!!Ipondenee of Janna., 2t5, 1966. i.Q T@'8DOD8@ to m r 1 M:tr"r I1f NovPmlJElr 24. 1085, ~ni t.n,: my [nq'dtr.,. ~. mnib8' the ReptemlJer 3., 1000. UFO ldghti'DU In 1!h:eter, N.D. I aJ)l)f'eCla W JOur It.-i~l' and tb@ a ttaehP.d ltaco..knp in forma. tt.on IConell!'rntDr w:b.1Cb I woold mak@ tbe foll(1o'1ViDjf ~tllen ta.

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Tbe UJ'O Blg'hted by N orman Mu~n N!l10 WBII l.dentJcal to tne UFO mgl1 ted later by MtJ~reU(} Sen:m.nd. and Huntr NQCiII1ln ~ the UFO a1: cl~ r8D;e during bis lDttial dghtlug, There Is Dtl- q'de.l3tion in my mind tbl.t the _mE! or s1m11a.t object w8,8 jnTolv-ed In botll of theRe parUcular sigllttllgR. Tb.-e number- of pUl88.t Ing Ugbts,. th E~ ya wln.- motion. the sa me ] !l'C8t!OlI.t ere.. mu~ tbis so Very fJ, Since I did Dot interview thp. "1JDnaIll~ WOl:rleD.r, I am not eerl&:In or th E't de18.U. ot tbeh· Fdgbting but IlCl"'Or-d1n.g to OtDcer Bert-rood, tJu~ obJ~L Ute,. deflCri~ Wb -Very 8lmlbl." tu the UFO tb.e,. slK'bt~ 1Ill.t.H. I mtl-It add Illat anotber wUUWiJIj. Il male mmot'i~t,. also ldgbted B similar objeci. Hoe trIed to pOODe tile 'POlf~ from a paJ statjon at nearby HalllptoDj N+H.r but wu mt otr. "Later be ~d the locldent to. U. 8. Afr FilrP.P- a Dtbo:rltl~ at Pease AFB. -n.e r.haJKI'eA are a.s t;ronaDlic:al tha t ~i:t people, eo U rely 1~pendent 01 eat!h other, ,blOuHI I'E!P)rt the- Identical deacrl:pU()ll or a urn .. Ithln tl1~ 9pfln 01 8e'1'lF!raJ boo~ t n the: same renel"ftl .. rea, 1 am a.ware fA the many TIro sighttnp In New ~laJ..1J' Ln S8ptemb~r~ It may be mom tban

OOIDC ldenOO that rnaDJ' of ~ ~dgbtlllP w@;re nur ~1iD"'.

AlUuro,. I do DQt .~ eoIII]lletely wIth the way W I!I ~hlngt~ 111 ha DdU ng the U FO prob]~ I R.m. sympa tbetlc wah tb!? ('.tlkia 1 attitude. I h.a; v e eno'Orb. I. itH in tile (JoTl!l'ILDltnt to rea111'..e that altbu-ulh Q&cllll l"E!leaftH 00. UJ"O~ 8 W oold tndleate that u rot. preeeDt DO problem rep:t'{Ung national 8ot('UTit.y B nd t.ha t the U.8.. .Air ~ trealB the eubj ec t Ugb tly, t he con'V~tpW, l8 t rue. that La. t b. t 8 tull«a.le mflftaI']" and AClenUlle ~8.f(!b profJ'lln I, bel[l~ carried mlt nn UJI'O'~ because tb.eJ' a t.1I f1Ioa t, to oo.r 1l.UUl18.1 set1l'ri t1 ~ It t. '~a U8@ of tht 8 tte-u..t tha.t. I wlll coatfnue tv 8eod th-e- better uro reports our sut)IL" ~n" T91!t.I.p. tew to Project Blof.b(p(jJ[ lind .ill coanaue to U~ the pub U c tt) rP.pOrt an uro 111gb tlDII!! t() tb8 ne.1'Ctrt A ir F~ ba 8e at my De'rsotl tl, 1 ~_ taets, etc, I IIll.!hl. add that I enrourage :re-port Ing RUC h nro~s to N'ICAP ron·

cnmerrl:ly with any repo.:rt to the U. B .. Air ~, .

It II bearten1ug to RfV'.: that the U.S. AIr Force NCI1"'d!l the U l"O HI ghtP.d by 0Ik!ers Bertnlud ap(1 Hunt It. an nnknewn, I am I!Inre tbl" will hl"!lp ft Ut.tlfl! In rednclng the ridlen 1~ t:h .. .,.. ~rle-n eed beca use of t:b.C' U. S. Air Foroe InJtlal -expiaDflUon of tbel:r aJghtlnp.. I teel -certaIn that 11 it were not fo1" tJt.p. faftt trullt their '8Irbttnl' Ie being na tiona ~ Iy I R the pa~ of Bat arday Review. Look. etc.; and if t.hf!7 had not ~11y complained PUbUc1y ab.d to ,our O!lnMt that their B:I ghtllLr would b:ll ve ~n 1 mnped into th.f'- MB.mP eft tegory t\~ tile UFO Husearello '8.Dd the (rther i:ltghted. H~''', m,. 1"11 roh! ll1g OIl will not make .... blt a! dJ.1I"erenee t-o p~Tl t nffiC'la] pot icy and ina l'PS l 1 am 'WQ P!Jtin,g roor time In e.en replJ'1D~ t! I' w .Ute your 0:111 t"'e i fJ W,ry b n~ but I f-elt that I wou] d ~ m..v teel1nK8 00 thp. !ll.ubject • t band jtult tot" th~ n":(~ord..

Th.nbI MOo mUM -rain. I look forw8.rd to the d me tha t Goy~ruent poIt(7 w1.11 ~ maN! M]!!II ft.d on t tt.. UFO sobJect 8 Dd in the bt@08ntime wtll 'COIltln .... DlJ' ~lC'I!r H8ean:b R nd. pff(:rr1:.R t n tb lR deld for NleAP fi.l:I(l lb e U.S. At l' Foree.


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~ "

RAYllOND E_ Fo:w~ r;i't~~ NIC..4..P J(d.!,acAft"tt.t RflbrommiUe~-

Mr~ BATES. In referen~ to theso·eallM. sighting in New Ham psh iffi,

Doctor, you are lam iIi ar with that cuse' .

Dr .. lfTJrJ:1l:: .. Yes] mr; I lUll fnmi1iRr with t.he ~.ase.. Mr~ BATm. Y'01l have examined it j

Dr .. HTN'KK. NOt I have not been there W examine it. Much 01 my in fOM'll &tion is ~ upon the rather excellent account that Mr. John Fuller has given of it. in I.J(lOk magazine. T cnJlnot vouch for the A uthmti€!i ty of hie atn tements,. but I Ira ve tal ked with M'r . Fuller" PLnd he n.p~nmt ly has tried to do RI very t horou ~h job i Tl ta lki ng with ~le in New Hn..rnpshire.

Mr. BATES. Are you 19.mHia'f with M'1" .. Ra.ynlon<l E. Fowlel'~ _

Dr + H TN SK. I hR. VEl b ad some. ~o.rre spondence. with hi m, but I h a. V~ never met him.

Mr. BA~r Is this Pori8lllouth cA~ one of the :; ~t that have not been i denti.fied~ or wi thin the 95 perce-n t on which you ha va reached R decision f

:~. .. .' .. :

. --- ... ----------------~-------


Dr. HYNEK. It is, I bel ieve, to t he best of my knowledge, listed as

uniden tified. ·

Mr. DATPJ8. This one is still 'Unidentified f

Drt HYNEK .. Yes, sir. '

The CR'A~~NL In other wo~ yon make no honea about it, you

cannot exp lRJD It i

Dr. HYNEK. That ig correct, The CHAmMAN. Ye8.

Mr.. BA Tr..t1 L I won d~ if yon W01] 1 d give 1.19 some i d 00 of these 20 cues that you have Cl ted, 8 n d te] I us a li tt.l e sornethma about the na tu re of these co ses and w ha t the problems are, Jtenera.lly f

Dr. If Tl'ikR: • We 1 i, T do 11 ot h Rolle th e case 61es with me. I should be happy to I?repa. re them for su bm iss ion . But in broad def!lCri ption, t~0y v~ .qu It,e !i bi t: Tlu~y ~ fire p.ither (~&yt.i rne sightings or nighttime sight1ngs+ I will describe one, whlM may not be n~6.rily typical, .. Rut it. is an ~~.(t!flple of n. sighting that puzzled some v..ery soli d citizens, TheE18 ind 1 VI d u als h appenad to Le,..:..a.nd I wi 11 WI thhold ~ y,m~ 0 t course-s-two gt~dents of anthropology at the University cf WISCOMln. They were with two other people In 8. car, returning heme one ~ni n.g from shopping, about 9 p. m. In the distance they !8W what they firm took to be rot«ting blinker lisrhts on R police oor, and they thought there had been an aeci den t down th e road some place. 'rhey t,nen .1 G£~ j d fIl( 1 t..h ~t t.h is r.on 1 do 't he the case because th~ lights were t\ little too high. This illustrates the sort of tJling ~~B mer to aa escalation of e'l:pranRt.ion.

Wbe!l someon e writes in or calls in that they have ~ A sps..oo ship patrollmg tile earth, and this is nut. R r.l'l.r.t, t,his il'l an intA:'lrpf"P..t..a.tion 01 R fact. usually, ow hat. tlley have actaally seen was 8. 1 ight~ I am m.~ch Inurn in t~ro@tJlBd in the ~ i nc@re indi v id 'OR 1 a who rep:>rt.' ROmethlng, w ~o say "'I thought at fl tMt it was th is, then I decided it conldn It be t~ 8 t~, 11. had to 00 soll~ething el sc." In th)s cscnlalion hy pot besls, the InCIdent I have dese·nbed, these people SRld it could not have been blinker li_ghts on a police ear becauSe. thev were too high.. The next hypothesis W M that it W flS on ni rera.ft. abOut to c .. ash. As the objeet clme elMer all they oou I d Bee were fou r huge red 1 ignt.f3 and aU ~ven I~I' brighter single ~ white 1 ight. -~s it CAIIle closer to the ca.r-the MUle 12-year .. old gtrl In the, seat, became eo frightened that she juRt, tumh)ed. aver .R n d hid her eyes ..

1 qUMtloned theAe flooP lA for ~me 2 hool"S. Th f5J were 'W'Jt:y lntell1-

=: PfOPle a.nd WBre truly pU7.:?led They did not for ~ moment think were being v iH i t~ t1y H. v{IIh; cIa from outer Elpace.. They were III puzzled. They simply want ed an exp1 &nation of what theJ had Rm..

The object A. pparentl1. extended upward a.t Rn angle of u bout 80 degt"l'.lm, 110 that p!lrt of It could b6 soon abon. the ~tp~ne wilW and ~rt below.. I t hovered around the ca.r for &w hile. e maD drmre mia a. ~s dri vews.y, t.nrned 'his lights out and I istened:f hut. oonld hear no n ulae. If e hfi.cked out, R n d rt.S t,he obj oot began to move & way, he ga,ve ehMe hut C".()uld no.f. up with it ..

. Thia w~ a c~se 'of four in tel 1 igent peopI e seeing this Bt-ra.nge obj-ect and reportlng 1t.. 'Ru t, n {l one p.1Ae did. Wh y not ~ Was th is some

aort .of R stra~ phycbic proj~io~ or 9Omeihi~g these people were ptrrtilJulRrly prone to ~ Vt'hy dld till s fake plaee In an area .which was



not overly populated but certainly not completely I5P&~· Why would they be the only four poop 1 e to see this r This i ~ '" 11 rob lem we fUM with on many reported s]ghtin~. Therefore, I find it most d iffiC1l1t to ascribe 8 P hysie ~1 tan.c'lhi 1 i ty th 8.t, t.heru was an actual craft h Bl'e. I 'Woo ld mth~T RP.p,k mm f! other sc le.utifie ex pi anation.

M r ~ B Ir. 'ITA~ W ith ~ to ~O1ll" respon 00 on th at pflrt icu tar 0\Se..

In t.he N AW Ham psh iI"8 si t uation, two women appa l'"fm. tly saw this UlljP.t'.f, which they said was the size of a house, Thev reported it. at the police station. And thee the offiool' came out, He saw it. when he got them. So there is someone who did see it in additr-on t.o t.he people who reported it origina1ly.

Dr. HTNEB:. Yes.

Yl'+ R .... TP1l Ymt have n-o decision with respect to th(t New Hsmp-


Dr" HTlBlt. I would not offer or venture &n.J conclusion to some-

thing I had not personally investigated.

Mr. BATP$. This particular case h IW l.eAJl referred to &: study grotl p, the New Ham psh ire e&M} 0"(' has it not, or j s it a. dead iaeue1

Dr. HTNIlL. No ease in t,he A;l" Force files th~t is unidentified is a.

dRRil i-REm e.

Mr. BATES. Is it just in limbo nOW1 or i~ HOmebody still looking

into it!

Dr .. HTND:. I would say &.t. thn moment. oon.sid8ring the recent re-

ported SiKh tin~ in )1 ichiJ!fin, t b n,t it. i s in limbo.

Mr+ BAns.. Do you expect t..n iTlwstiJf&te this lurfher' Would this

be <me the ... t you waulcl pl1\fBf to the panel i

Dr. J-InnM" Yews, sir, I think this is one they should take 8 look at The CHA'RM)I. N ~ Do you think they should be e!X1llD ined further' Dr .. HYNEK. I am sorry, sir'

The CRAlRJ[AN. Do _you think Lhis panel, about whom the ~

m.ry bas spokfm.J.. sh~ld ~ into this further and make tl report]

Dr + It T'laX.. 1: es, Sl r:; I do,

The CR A11tJ[AN. There R re flye sue h CR.SeS., or fnu r ~ (, r some nnex-

p 11l.t ned phenonuma.; is thj g a fRCt i .

Dr. HYN1:K~ y~ sir: there am I-t 18m thatmany+

The CHAmHAN~ 'Mr~·Sooretary., do you p18.1l to have this board look

into. these'

Sec.r.!tft.ry BOOWN, W P. wi II eonti n ue our i n vest,i~,i one of aJl of

th(.\SlO, Mr. Chw;innR n ~

r 'have this reeommen dation t-o ~ lish 9. ci viti an panel from. the Sei entitle Advisory BORrd, and I .bel ieve T nut. y i\~ mvora.blv on itt but 1 WftJlt to explnm 1111'1.11 er the n ft. ture of such it. panel, and the ~nd rules, befure I ~ ahead with it. ] don't, w:tnt to have Q group of peop Ie oomft in ·:for just 1- d'£l. y 'U,.nn 11l'R.k e- R shallow investipi rnJ. They us, ve to be PI"e'p1LrP-d to look into ft situatien fhorough-

1y if thev are to do Rn:v good. .

The Cn.tmMAN.. If yon oannot ex plain theee things, a.nd you 1l-19 out" 'fIOt1rrB of beginnings, how on earth -could 1ft.. Sl.l hcoITl nl i Itee. of this

r.ommitA.M explain them l

Dr. H YNmt. A l"B :VO'U 1 ooki n,:z; to. me for Ron a.hswer'

The en It. IRJ(A l'i. J f I pC()lldu·cted, ;. beRn ng on it wonl n go on

R-nd on, and on, if I let it, J won ld i mR.gane. .

, ,

... I:· .

.... • r

, (:, ' .:


Dr. f!'\" N F.K. Wpll, sir ~ scientists have 'fi. somewhat diiferent way of wornng. They ~her data. quietly without, wit.hoot the press lookln~ over t.lli?ill" sh rrn l~ l-f)l'. They may work for severn 1 yelfl-I"S. ~9 CHAIRMAN. "\Vha.t wouh I von su~'t. t hn l, 1 do, Doctor ss

r.h,.,Trrmtn of this committee ~ L - • ,

Dr. HTNI:K. YQU are in fl.t.atHtllv flifferent cat~ory, sir,

~.r:h~ CJ~IRM~N+ Thank you. , - .

?In:ce this tJl1n~ began in ):[l"ChlgRll, we have twu members or the Mlcll~ga.~ delegation, und ~ rutl Koin~ to sm." off with Mr. Noozi and ~ 'k Irirn 1/ he has 'Un.Y quest ions,

Mr~ NEDZ.I~ Mr. Chal~~~ you are very kind. I don't have 8lly guNt,!on S dl~ ly pert~n1I1Jr ~ to ~lichigRn ~ although J ba va recent ... I_V ~n n~ VIsed my d~rict. IS IJt hoot f:iCt miles . from too mghtin~ The srght.lngs movmg oost.~1I9.rd toward my district, [Ln.ughter,,]

One q uesti on, Doctor, FlS to t.h F!fle st.R.t,~ m.i cs, Are t hev @t.(\t.i8t,lM on}y from the IT nited States, the in ,"· mant'. hy ;0"11 nnd the AII' Force'

Dr. IIY'N~lt. Yes, sir. The Air Fort~ would have no jurisdiction over (',ft..~ In ot.her countries. But there nre I understand reports

tron I 'nt.h fl!r oon ntries, also. ~ ,

MT. NEDZ!. JR any f.ffmt made to coordinate information with some of the "Sig'htin~ tluit ure In,.\tll~ nhroad l

Dr . HYNEK. N o, si r ~ t T J1 ton ow we have made 11(t concerted effort to do this.

M'r . NEilD. Do ~11 t.h i nk it. might, be 9. good i d ea to do it ~

. Dr. HYNEK .. Wen~ I think we should 'attend to t.he ~li_t.u.ation here m th& . United Smtes fi rst, Then ~ if ou r efforts successful and if we strike sc 1 f:TI t.i fk pa yo i rt an d fin n somet:h i ng of va lue, th (lin perhlt p.~

the Qthe~ step V{)U Sll~ won 1 d hP. Rdv isa.h le.. .

Mr. N£DZL Do you know whet-hfW Rny studies a-re going on. over-

~ with respect 00 1 r FO T.s ~ -

Dr. HYNEK. r know 0 t no formal studies. Act U8 1 1y the rest of the world seems to be guided by,. and R hows a tremendous ~~t for the U~8. Air Foree, nnd tbey feel, I understand, that tile A1r Fo-~ hag done A. fin e j ob,

M!,,, N ltDZI. Peril a ps the quest j on should be di rec ted to the Ai r Forte, but It £OOlJ Jed L 0 Ul@ there shon 1 d M ao m ~ ki nrl of M~ h A. n~ 01 idooR IIDOnst the solen t-! sts who might be j n terested in it in othe r eountri oM where th~9 B1Jl:l1tin:ea ha ve taken place, It might contribute toward In. expose of the probl em.

1· ~t m~ ~1a.rify for the record, I .1 n f I of, l)Hl & Po v~ in fly i 11 g M ucers, but tlpl"l k 1 t IS 1 mportant to have some kind of ev i d ence th ~t can be pre_ted to thA J:?eople so that they don't let the thing get more out of hand than I think it already is. ·

. S~ret9.I·Y H~OWN .. That is what we have ~n trying to do Mr" N edsi, I do not tl unk we nave "n_y i deas of a scion tiRe n9.tll~re to IDCha.n~ w~th any on e. e 1.'W y~t, n or do they have snc h in format ion to exc~ w tt.h us, ~lld. the tllffi'C ul ty in going to an i n t~rn3.t.i on R.] pm~ Is that It w(}n ... ~-'brrnu:ten our knowledge of basic data very much. On the other hftnd; 1t may d~I'1Id~ t.h~ qIlRlit.,y 01 the dA.t"' we have B. ~B.Td enollgh time ge:t.tlng d~tails in th1S country. A few wel1- luthentl ca ted but u nexp 1 a. i ned cns~s are worth m uell more thfl n a




~J •. _~

~ .

f ,


.. ~ .

' ... ,

~, . ~. ~





· ,

... .




• II -


" . . ~

· ,


, .


~, ...

~ .

iI. ' · ~

. r




u umber of u n ex plai ned cases w he re til e darn i s not snffie ieu lly p recise t-o be bel p ful in an anal vsis,

Mr. NEDZI. My fina.!' question, DOctor, would be. ",rhethr.r -and I th in k you touched upon th is--- w heth Po" t h~ rfl, lUl!'1 Ltx~n ever a ny ev idenee in any of these unexplained sigh LiJl~ that. would intl ieute that there j~ some kind or 1 i nt,.pJli~ul~e iuv olved 1

Dr. HYNJo~K. 1 believe I huve covered thnt, I have not sren any evidence to confirm this. nor have I know any COTn l't-dt'lrl L scientist who hn~ or who hel ievAA t bat any kind of extrnterresteial intell igence is involved. However, th~ rnssLbiHtl' should 00 kept open as n. possihle ,hypot hesis, I don't think WI) shou ld ever close out minds to it. But eerta inly th ere J s no rea 1 eviden ce of inte 11 i ~nt. behn vi or 0 f h n rd w a.)"6f;, T f we h n d ~p, 1 ,,-eiI pPlr i mJ i (~ visits by con troll eel spa ce veh i cl es since lfl4. i, or earl ie.r .. it is likely t.hey would have had some kind of t rouble II t Ann L~ tl n lH IL nd d ro pped some t h i n ~ 0 ff the coast of Spa i n or some pl ace, and we 11 ave not, come ac ross n n y posit i ,~@ proof li k~ t hat +

Mr: N~. Mr4 Chairman, until. the sight,lTlg8 get a little elofw.1" t.o mI._ d1;~,tnct, I have no further questions,

The CHAIRMAN. I recognize lfrr Chnmberlain, then I ~ to Govl\1'"HOr St&fiord a.nd Mr. Hebp.I't., bsea.u~ 1 want to g~t us close t t) the distri-cts aa I can.

I want to put in tho record Mr. Ford's letter, and the response bv

Secretary Brown. .

Wha.t else, Mro. B1 and f {J rd, oug 11 L LO go j n the reco rd i

Mr. BLANDFOlm. That is all tluJ.t ought to be in at this t ; me,

The CHA.IR.MA N", ,"""it.hout.;on, 'i"p' ,,-ill put RIl nf t hp.8e in the record. I want to shed as much l)ght on these illuminated objects ac we can,

(The material above referred to is as folIo \VS :)

CON C'l1III:89 01" I'R:t:. 1 T N1TI:D ~T A TI B,

Oll' YUlE UII' 'r nB. Ml N OMIT 1: LI!:AlJ(;.111 Dou Sit ()I" Rf."p K~!:lI!:"IiI T ATI\I'~R.,

W 1l:'tA.~ng r-rn-Lt n c.: J'f a roi\ 2R. lM6.

Repreee!nlaU"e L. Mr.:~~ Rn'I:~~

() .... o""-rtd..... A t"i'IU!d. 8~f.c~. Onm.m;ittf¥..

U.s. H mMtt 0/ Rt3pn.!.8m'a~ivc", W.,,,Au.gtQfl., D.C.

OGAR C]J 4ra. Pol A. N RIVF.M: No doubt yon ltn vc noted the 1"('l"'('l) t flu tTY O'l ne~· paper- f.3torj P8 .a. bout unidentified 1'ly ID~ objefffi (U F'O~a ) .. I ha Vf' ta ke-n speela t In terest in tb~ aeecunts b~a U!ie Dlany of the la~st ~d s1 ~11t:1 bR:S ha ve be-E1t In my borne Sota t-e or Michigan.

1be .AIr" Force sen t 8. co rum rt&ll t,. Ast ro~yt3i elst Dr. J, A] It' n H;me 11: (J r N orthwe!ltern UDlverf!l;ltT~ to lHtl:L.lgan (0 lnvf'8tl~atf' the vnrtoua reports ~ nnd be diRDlh!:~ • U of them as thf!! produ et ot ('"001111F!". .@:uld~t prDTl b or Awn mp ga.:!!I or an iblPre9liOb .cnated by the rl!rlDl erE! 9Cent ttlOOIl and the planet VI?!lU$, 1 00 not agree that all of these. :reportR. t'2n 00 or Mo.uld be !=IO eBBHy explaiD~d ILwuy.

Beea U I:'€' I tIl1 tlk there ll.W.y be subal a lH."\::' til' ~om~ ul tbl?'tle' relJUrt~ au rl beca U8t! I bldfM'@ t~ .Abl@rican pPOpl~ I.l"IP. pntitlf!d to R ml')"t@- thorough f!:!:plno:a.Uon than hasb@;ec liv@n them by th~ A1r F~@1 to da te, I nm l~rflP-ostnr that IF! lfbpr th8 S(!tetlCf' and Alitrona uttes Cool [t.d t~ or tfLe A rm.p(j ~1?rvlC'if"fI ~omm It tf'll?' of the HOUfllE" sebedolp. beartngR on the I!nlbJP.t"'1 or lTF(rto: and invite teBtlmony from both the ~1(''CUL tin braneh (.If tlle ~:rOVf.:rnmt:nt and some Gf the PE"l'8f'.1116 who claim to rut l"~ ~ Ul'O'I.

I ~DcIOS@ rna urlal wille h I think: wi n bP hfl[ pft.ll to you in .~~!1:!d n iJ; t h. adThut hlll ty of 8.9 tnves t i~ n 011 t.t II Jl'OtP:l.

M A.y I ftr'8t ealt to yool' a ttf'ntt on a eetumn by ~ Tn-ummOIl d, pub lltiliLo.iI 1..a!llt SundA,. in wh~h Mr. Drummond UYSt 'j:M.ay~ nll 01 thf!'l!11~ rflopnrt.¥d ~1_ghtJnf;S :III N' wl"llm :!':Iilc.A 1 ~ tma KIn. ry (liT' II nrl?'.fll: hut -we n eed a m.florp {,",,11; h 1f' till r1 rt(~t.!:l{'b r:d RVI..ra1 S!:I.l or tblt! evlden ~p. than W L.L II; n~ :g4i~ttJ n ir.·'


GEil.U..p H. FmIDt M[T' 01 ('JMt.g~ •• I 'fi" rom th e Woohf tl.::tOT.l )-"'obl8t, MLl'. :21. 1 »~fI, J

Dox ~T S NEER ~ T U F01B





~.. .


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' ... }


~ .

[Prom tbll n.-tPftlt IIlIIIIWIt,. MJliT". '!:II:. ] 1188 J PUIl'I'O ADDfJ N&w WKIl'IKI.& TO SA U~ (My DongI PlS Hradford)

hi tb n t ,yg:ldfl!! Inr aom.e glJ!!l 01 the

WhIle Air Fm'C@ offIcla.llIE pt"OWled thtnn~ I Ii! ~ngb ROutheR'Stfirn Hi(l'hip.n.

!rtrHDre' nldlt 1'IRitOrR thll t 1'IfIII"VfI! ~nh: £I ~ ~ was 8. plctUl"8 of one • "dUet!:, .a Mool"O@ a l'IE!a boy c-a.m eo up wit" ft

. ,

. ,

- ._-_. -------------.



I"atJI Rlebtr:lna, 1", wbo IhH in WOOdland Bea!."h, ;l mlles DOru, of lIfonrw.

Pl'Odnl!ed a. pit!ll"e nt dIm 'L.l,oith oft bl ob On It til R. t be N:YRJ bJ1t ("8 mera ._ wll't Wb~ he poit"lted it ill t H. j·"t1yj,ng ~ ueer" 0 Vet h is home- F .tl~lft., night.

D.etrort N~ pb.otQ2"l1lphf!'Z"8 88...V llJ e bl nb eould be d ne to 8. wrink Ie 111 t"lf' .dIm. Bnt Pfi.uJ. iIllJd his ruothert Mrs. Mamnnt(:'e RlclJ',fiD~, m6]1rt that ility.saw t:h@

lIdrange glow-Ina obj ~ ca rnr tlnf; fn th eo sly .and that the dark a r-eI. on t be p1ctttr-e- reltresen U one ot ttl r.rn.

'nle obje& i Q the pilCt Urc d0e.811't seem to ha. -,;of' lOlIC b lrlI: terj Q 1 S u:bet8.It-fe,

Ne1 tll~r I tall] 001" hi s mat.h-E."l" t.'Uo :! ~~u ot to r UJf.,:' tAct the t U-.e tllf ng {bey 88."'"' .... 8 br ll'bt and !Jbin.:v wi t 11 O.Q~I[Lft ~'U](}l"'f'XJ Ught.!l wb r l-e tbe C'.ft..1lI.P.nt ~rwded B Ijart" Mhearr

Pam Mid bJ8 A.rgn~ F-lOO waR on tlme el[J..Iu~nre .t " 2_8 lutd W.ft.s luaded 1Vith tmPJt dim l\Tb en b~ b."iok tb P. pi cture at .fi bout 11 :.30 P-ll.I.. Prld~,.

Tb e News photogra~~ etJDr"Pd E"d. too t tb.:~ da rknp.AI in tl1E picture '·mlght1, be the inlfleatioD 01 som ~t"lnl" llJuvtng q .. i te 8wfttly on a lJ me e.po;s 11f"P.I" or til. blob CI)(]]d be .a. "'.&. tel'" aput on It he n,.~tt,"e VI":a. W1"FnklP j n the Ii tm,

Mr.. Rlt!tI'IlI'Ine. ,.,dd tb", 1II)koct'l! Rppel!!rancp WlIJJ PI"H«Ied by .four rrlowln&' mlpefJ about 10 ;30 p.m. t Friday. Rll eo .@law them froI:n I'l~r r,,,llt wI ndow, sbe 9fdtl ..

(From tbB OPaod Ra'Srl.... (lfloelJ,) P.l'mI!I. Vl.r, 22, 1 D'I J

!:ITA. m hYINn OBJ' JkT REPotrrs B1INo PI.Jc.t.. )'OR Jl'b)l!"..B.8. r, SII"'[

AlfN ABsoB.,-A Mkhfn.n C(m~mnal1 planned TuetJd8J" to ask tb eo IktoHl~ J)eparttnen t toO in 'V@8tlga tt- l"epart!l ilt unJdf!lltJ ftC-(i .flYing ob):~8 slghte(f n .. ar Ann .Arbor~

U_~_ Repre!HIl'ltatlv8 W_,". VlvlaD, Dcmo"r8.t, rJl Ml('nlgan, ~ft tor WJl1II1Io1nrtoot D.U~, Mond. r ~ conterrl ng with Sll~rl:l! J. 118. t"vey, of. WifuJbte- 11:11..,. COblll!ty. Haney aid Vh·hm also planned to talk -.vith tb~ U~s.. Alr rol"("(l!.

ft:ree tlm..eB wi tllin II: WE*'!k p ~hienb, ot the ~J" Mblm UIlIt." 01 .l.l'I&~ter ha Vf' ~ .I!Iigbtlna: obioeta ~7inr iu thP. nlgbt lIky ..

""r dJdu:llt ~lIeve tb08le l"(!pOrt~ II saId Harve:Tr !jBl[lt wHlI ~ .many traJned POU ~ p.enoDUti a.Dd ~] [8, bl @' eJ tt .. n _ h.t l"fn~ eH.D. t.hp.m t I mUfilt bell~ 1Jt)Jn.etblq ~ In t..bP. Wa 9hteoa w (I-Ol1 D ty !Jtiffl. t,

And 'raNda, ~ the HJ 1 L!d ale C obnty ",.J vil i(leten~ di~oor and Ftl eoUfWI!!! ooed.!il nJd they watcfJ.9d an ~e .. ho'V @Iring :11711"11{ Qb-J~t 8ettr~ In a !lWaltJ W holl nw Dear

I. .eclJ DOl dum itnry Mond 11 night.

WtWl.ltl VanHorn, 41, tbe OO11nty civil dP-fene dJ~ tor 10 :yean- .. Q td bl;l! lRtellft} the untd.e.l.l'tJ fled nbj~t tl:Jr-l)1J~ll btnocnll!ill n tor 3. bon rs,

Tb P AI:r F(JoJ'ee 111l1l00D eed J t wn@l C"aJ Ubi" In n.. It Alle1J. Hrne-k, -ebal rtDlIll of the :bea.r-00rn O~"lIItOry at ! Urdvel'RitY-t EvBt1~Mn. TIL, amd sci@tlw tUlc oon~ tlltan t to t ~ Air FO~·i1 U FO ~ody Vro!tt1UUt to In ' t;e. the rasJl of .!JI.Ibtlllp\

lintel: will ... ork trorn SeJtrtd.lre .Ai r Ffi~ ..I:J..a.M DPB r M OUDt. C (e..tQ@l]ts. the AIr

~M~ ,

In Rt 111Jda.1e. VanHorn said h.. J o1noo tbP. 81 Co liege coeds- ftnd thefr 1I00000000000er to W.! t!:J~ objP.Pt. lip Mid It eD1fttE'd wa vpnng- QmD!,,!, r-N1 * III! ••

[From the- Nfl. YMIl Tt~ Mar~ 22~ lDflft;J

ron,. IN MIOJllG.\~ S.t. T A MYS".rumJ8 CltAP1' H rNbI;:D Ill( BWAM P

AlrN ~ M'ICB'. p M a.n..-h 21.- At lMIft. .fO 1Jeran1ll, Inct ud::l..,g: 12 ])OlJeemen1 IlId toda7 that tlley 8..... • mange 1I,lnl 0 brei!!; gal rded by four Dim' ~blPl IUd. In .& 'W_lOp nett!'" 11 en 8u ndlly II jitht.

Detcrlptfoo. ot thP. uo.itk-ntln P.d .tIy1l"l g object.s t8 (Ued A ~ I:r9Imlln.

Robert RUlIs will, fIfIIld b eo and otber rem d-mt8 of the BI"@3. R.flw ttimna.r ~tt befDre •• 'EtIl Jut Moo d., lind Wednesday.

In WftIlIbJnrt OIl, ~be A tr FJm:.oe utd 1 t kne..r Dotb ler of tile- reporta, Thp Ai r-

~'Hlehhzan I:Ui!a dqu .. .rf~ Z"!I: fn BatU~ CreI!b: 'IIVOuld DOt t"OD'lDJent. ~

Two pe.rMns wbo ~ltl~ fhn:mlth til .. :a)O..hl"1'\I' tod&y and ]tlO ~ 10r h'a.cN qf· C'.I'8.n found not.h hlJt bllt rna rfll b 1l'8LV1t flU J~"nnd. Iln d m uttr.




Jtnwevtrr, tbp- two pp-~OnB ~'hO report Nlly were chKoU~m tn tbe ob.leet~ Fr.l.llk Ma.DUU.r ~ f't YP.1l n old, a lId hts Flnn~ RoT1 n lt1~ 19, !:I a ld it dill ·not apPf"!l r to t-o ueh tlK!

gr<mT'1d but snt on a bB.l!le of mg.

Frederick m. Da vj dR, ~ t 80tt )JlIll(."e -ommtsston r.r ~ w b 1) i~ ~ 1M tl~ ad vI civil df:r

tetl8@ "for Mt('"M gA. n, opeued an. 1 n vf!gtj!!tll Ion..

'~I ttillPd to dlSLooOunt tb~~~ rl1lorts t(IIl, but TItJW I'm m-.t 80 sure .. " be ~id.

Mr. MII1IDOr and hb ~~rr !Ul.ld t l1~y hA 11 rnn to within ~ Yll rda 01 the object.

Mr_ Monnor Nld tl:u~ era rt was shaped lik.e a toot-hall tUld W:U:! ubout t"'~ len,tb (If' a ear "'IV ltb. • p1l.Y tan y(>llo.w 11 o~ and R. pI tted H •• rln.rl;lo , ike ~ H111 roek.

~ 'I thad 8. bh:w. llght on on~ end and a wh 1 t tJo ] l,ht on t h-E> other, ,. b e ~ id,

~ ~~y w.p.!"e pubwtl ~ 8 n ct. each 0 r them ton kM l1k-e t hpy tJ a d a 11 ttle h.a 10

R Mtlnd tl," he saiit

Ot.ber wttnes:s~ ~ w on 11 tile 1 tghtR, hut !lle'r deflcr-l pttons, l DC 1 udin g thos~ !It

pQll~ Agreed clOge'IYr

S t Ii n.1e! Me lI'addl':m t wa.:gbten f.l W Co'fJ oty gh(kri trlil: depUty. :Rat d It~ and DepUt,

n ... "rId Fiupa trl~k wl."1:eheu Lbe ob~ect fly r,.V1? r their car n hoot the !!IS me tl me the non fP:pOrtru I t bad tak.p..n o:l!,

OfDcez BU na will ~ld rl)ur!I' unldl?t1ti 6P.d :fl:y1_[]~ objed;;= hAd ho'll' P. red tn •

Qun m.r elrde o'te1" thE' ohj In t be ~'Wfirn p,

'I: ~ t . • L ••

3. • 1

• 'f" ~ .. -._ 1· .

-to .

.' r I ...

~.,!I . ~

f· -

11 1

. :' ..

{Froa tbfll W8.~'h1I1:1gtIJoD Pv4t, lI.U.t'. 23. 1966J FIMT rFO~ 8 0 Ii" SKAtrolf A liP.: ~ ICl}HUJ

~prltlitfJ dnt fl..)'tng tlAIn~p:nl nave Rproutetl rlJ:ht !II 1<:1 ~dt"! ttl E!' :fonyth 18.. Sroreg of' ~le in ·M 1: ["hlgRn hft. ve nportP-fl fttra ng€ n:rtn g I,llj e-c ts "P3in1...~ lM WH''k~d. and II. fMrn@r n~t ~ r pll nt. :A-I JS b c ~~' ~~1fera I ~v~r h if;; B!ft\1f'18da bo-m~

s~ h11"f1a, uirht. .

Tbe A il' 'P'rtI'f!e., Wb leb b.!It I n ve~n jiI;fl. t-Ml mon- tha ~ 10.000 P;U l·h reporte IUllee

lM7~ ~fJt North'W'P.8iel"D ntlj~rflit:r'g l",", H. AUen IIYIIE'k, H~ top ~-r.I~tUl~ I.d-v:lser on uDtd~tifl r.d tl Y1 nil objp.toUi ( n ro ~f!!I) 1 t..,. 1 nok 1 ntf~ tbe- M 1-cb1ga n


Tb~ latest W:!lll!: M nnday nJ ght. 8 t Hi IlfH:la1e ClIll~p.t where a C"Ilunty el vU def~

dt rector t III. t(rrmer rl~l'ol'lc ['" Bnd .a~~ istBnt deft n p • nd 87 ~dE'l MY the:r wa.tc1Jed

a glr.wml ubJect zlppl ng B !'cm nd I!8mpus (Ol' 4 hoot~,

Thls :rpport -coincided with -one near .Ann Arbor, "Wbe~ .bollt ~,o ver~

1nclud.i'Dl 12 pon~D1@n-satd t.hey :Im'IN an eeTip. nbj("l~t ~ ~ 0 ~ ~r ~ !IIwamp Sunday ntgbt w lllle frt11!' IJh tC'"r Ahtps ho"V ercd o(J~rhead .

In :Sr.tbeaCll, ~tired A 1"1' FoN"e 001~ Row 8 rd 'l'~ Wr1.gbt. of r,119 N~pt'llt

A TP.nUE!. ~ ld he and Hw ot.h p.r lJ@'n-oD lit R!i W 1lip.'9'P:ral ohJIPM:B olJt~idf!! bl s home- "n~ tbe]' 'WM'@ ~ I den]] ! t("l,. not in my ImA;g1n 8.Uon., Ill)l" ~~ t h ~y ~at'f" 111 t.P.A or ull'plan.e III.

. r . ... :.

J .... :

I '

. .

. ' . ..

L If'ro III thlli: N iii" Y.o r'" 'TIme&,.. Mi8.r. "2:a, 1 (lftft.l

gUilt 1'"Y ~nY~ 'MI(,H IGA N (JoI:M .A ND O .... FIOI~L S m HT M Ys1'EBIO U R OBJn:T II rrJ.BDALI., MI(!"JI.. M ar~b 22 ("LPI ).-A el'V I] dlP.i-enl=le d l~o-r, an .~I !iIItAnt d~ D and 81 ~ n"l.lf.~i"'t~ A .rlow lJl I!:' ohj(ooct fly past a 00 l1frce d(j rmttory aDd

h nlltI" tn I :rwam'P tOT h"'Dr~. .'.

. Th.("lr diflJCrlpU()n or t h~ OOjt.."l.i. ~n h4?'T1! lR8t D 1 gbt tnJUt'1l f"lrnu"'J, with tba. t

ot 000 ~ b,- mo-N tbn D 00 pe-r-:u-ona. incl 61' Ing 12 pol i(,pm f'on ~ nea r- Ann A(1)Ol',

II ie-h. ~ tllp. previous nb;;hl

The All' Fo~ dI gpo teb f.d \ hJ top aM Pn t.1 rlor. .adv h~r on untde-n H:fted :IlyinJ

oojP.C!ts to begin .an hl VPB tiP lion.

The wl~ Bald tbU wtl t~bed I rOID the- ~d floor of tl Hi 11 Ad 8.1e ColleR9

dormitory 6=.i tbe OhjM wob hl .... dj Wfl vered, gl ~wed, and on~ flew 1'1 "bt at a

dM'tlllt I).r,. "WI ndow bt"fm·1! stoppi DA' Wildt ~ ly.

Mrs, K~ll.y Hea.rnT to E'" 'j years a n~per I"P.Jl'OrU E'" 1)cto=re ~in8' ARI::brtant

d eall vi, 8..AA18t11 nt prof~r of P.ine:1 i~b find l1rlU~elJl-oth~r 01 the dcrm.~

t.Of'Y! had tbe cotrl @I take DOt.e@ u they Wit tJ:'ht~ th eo obje-t't fot" ... bourl.

Tbfoy nr:ld William \0' ~'O Hom4 41. Hi I \ ~ .. le Connty (1 v:I] llE'fttn~ dLr·ectnr+ 81M tb& object d1mmed ita U.ght~ wbeTl l)()lliCt" cA.~ B~proaC"b.e-d.. bn gb~ned again l'i'1I1?11

t bey w@nt • WRY, and dod ged .ann i I'[.IOrt ~ ] Ight .

.Kllrbara. KOMt 21. nt New C u.~lle, P JI. ~ and CYJlth ia p-l)fff':n~erl{l.~. 1~ (II

CleVftland wtTe the .flrst to 8-e'e the- o'Dject.- n-.~y de-f:lf"l"'lbed I~ !!! n~ rou:gW:f

'. -::.

~: .;

: •• r

- .- ,


t ~I. t r4 a foothill Th iM. was roughly the ~ me n-e~ rl 'Ptio-n d VEi'D by :II.. mnn Rod .hi=.! 8fJQ who report.prt that th.poy ~w an lI'Crie Qhl~· .. t laud in a ~W"amp Sunday ntght. 4!S mlles northeast rllf 'here near Ann Arbor,

Tb e A lr Fo~e an nn U n P'f"'iI it. W 8.8 ttr1l1g1ng in Dr. H. A 11 (~ Hy nek, l~ hal rma n of Df..ft.r"b-firn Ob!!lp.r'V3 tory at North wet:.tprll T 'nl ve-u i tr, Elf an stun, ilL. and sclen t 1 11f" -t~~u ltau t to the Air Force'~ Pl'njeet Blne H 00 Ii IH'~ IgnI [].I to l [9.("11 Ur.-wn tb~ rfoVOT~ 01 1 nUdf"lltJ.H ed flyi t]!i;" obj PI·t ~.

Dr. TT;vn.f'k gopt. up hlF; h~dIJWl.rl.1;~ at Sel fridge. Air Fol'"l"e Base, Mount Cllln~"'_'us, )fh.'b~, r!E":8.r the ~uth~jn ~11C"higan M'CtiOlJ where the!ll .... .;F;. have be-en r~th":(! !l:e"Vera.l t lmes lat-e l~ .

"It ml S rJ~fln l tely some kind or vcb II(~ le," Mr_ Va b Horn sn i d. IjTh 11)ugb tbl!

(l1sae8 [blnoeulars] H W8fl. -e-Hhpf" rnnnd 01' long'.1t

The ob i~M 18 ~1I.ape wfi ~ h rlpfly ontli ned by Ij ~ht.n iUIi: aH it ~ QVH And nAAr t.hA dormttory 1K.~~"rl::' rt~trootin~ into th~ S,'I:V"8lnIl, Mi~~ Kohn Mid, It ~tllJ'OO there tor -1 bo .. rM heto re ra n i ~ h I t~g. wjtn~EI~ ~ ~f\ j Ii.

r Fl' 11m the W~M1n.rt(ln PoII!t, MI! T - 29_ 1 g66]

TRUTH ATI[}lJT ]i"1~""l_'VG f"'JECT8 HrllPl:N nr All!: 1'000CE, .FArI'Hf1rT. ~AY (By Howa Td $i m 1'10 R, . Wn~hlll gtfloll Post :s t aIT W flter)

FInn believers that un1dll:'nLHied tlying Qbje<'tt; tllTe fnr and from • lal'-oif nper--cl viJ ita ti on met th~ pTP~ rMf.l?t'day omia III turrent fit I"f'po:rt~ :R bout D.fI!W QbJ~ hieing l! t~ @v@r,lII"here in tb~ n ul ted S ta res.

Th~ be.1 ~ve rg ~]lf!oA t.Pd ly ('!harged 111 ~ Air Fo!'(e with rt.':.llbera tel y h Jdin r t bf!: buth. whlr-h It it were known "would Irr:t.n, torth one (It tb~ ~~8tI;l'Rt Il'itllTh'=tt at ('!P.1l t U ry .• t

. 'I'm:- ~1'~l"R A J M ·1 fu 11.'1 hack~'~ II E1J.rpe€ 11 LEl Uv e t1 et"A.l (\ Pnril, RPpubU.r1l n, Dt HJ(' bl~" n. ""hi) 'W B.nts :Il ~o n ~~!iI i ona 1 I tlv~tllI'n tl(ln or I HI jUlI::!!n uned .0 "bJ 8o£.!t $ IN hleb h a ,-~ lJl t.r-Iy pla.gued Il i ~ hom I!!I Shl t.P.!_

But most ot 1111, t.he lw-] fe,' E"T!1: W!.In t to be beUtrved. an d 1 (Wed.

~jWe wn n t tb e'!' .A 1.r F~J n"-= ru~n;t!;v to pn r1 i t ~ ~~r~<.":r' on ~1 ~ht il1~ 81~ d ~top rldi. .. cal1~ t;oOmpeten t wi t nt>~~, 1· ~ ~ r~t tr~d M': Corps M:nj. DollB] d In. ~l1oe"p ti UFO ~k!fntlc un til h l ~ (:'I)U ,-erEoJoR.

. ::K~:vb~ now Is d 1 rectm of t be N Do tlmll\ 1 In ve«tlgA 1 ton.. Comm I ttl"t! u.ti Aerial ~beDomooa.. aD orcanl "at ton. WhfJHf" ttl a.J 111' B 1ms aLe to e..,a lU:Ate a 11 UFO ~gh ilngH ; ~t the Ai r Ftlr'C ~ I 0 ~wn "1') t(l ttl"'~ f l"u1 h !l nd to @~ ~ 1 i FO chlt r luw U:!!i w hQ kcf'CP I! ~ .. U t tle- ~.ree-n TIl il"n. t,.

Xf'.yh alP. and b 1;!it C'O]1em . .:;nt' ~~ hu'! ntH ll.l 8'\"l.pnt~ttl. en.r;lDP.eI'S. m111 ts..,.' pe r:ROone14 Dnl plLots:. sc() r n the thOll_Jtht of +jll H.le ~rf'ElI1 mCfl.'"

Bad a TI~1 tor from a1R" E"V~"" AAt foot on llJe ~rlll '! lbe sertoo ~ Btc.den tM 01 tT FO':!';_ w~re 8.Hked,

There WlUIi IJU l..v u Ill? r-n f:I~ p:n~Kgfflti rLJr ~. oj d rom ID I U(''C" ..:t..att mem bll:!l' it ru1 fonneT NeWfml11'n DI)Dftld B~rlhl('I'- H llflppeJJ~d in Aprll 19Q4- llH'I" ~ro, N, M~J[ 't W bt~re- JjlOliL~ OffiCEq'8 $:11. W two s:m u 11 sui ted OC1:"upnn m ~~t out of' a t FO. jj·They ~~ ~tJHlll a Ild ~it~/ 1 o-otoo. u ";j Row could 100 t.e :E!I u~

the, w-e~ 11 ot gf1:lf'n T!

IFWe b:tl \-t!' lW .l't'11 :!:H ~ I] t I I hell f' 'H":' t.hpY '1'·ere ~,:P' wryly IJ .. .dptX"d Betl i ,II:?! r,

The L'Omnll tt~"'8 c~~ f:;{1 for hfo 1 j r. r i 02 tll fit r Frfl~1iI nl"~ fo r no .. 1 WR~ put to tb@ preN ttr Ke-ybGe. I t a mOlln t~t1 b:l ~I n all!: IlDlent ttl a t thonMnd8I of ~m Pf't~t I~n'_ ~ludin. radar COn1::rolleriill, qmlHfled ].)1I(lt~~ .. ntJ mt~ih,= t.raeken--ba-d tJlj.{bt~1 obJe<.U; roughly IOU .onn pe-rson:-; in n 1 t

Tb@ Ai 1'" Fol'( ·P. wb] ph bu s b l~U j.1 'j.I ~F-:tl$(a Un« UFO Tt'!portll Fl1nee lff1& ba~ _dfflftt.l:w lila inl.a ined tb~n? i 8 no f'~ idE'DCIe any fty1 n g otljf"Ct ha~ roID~ from ~here el se 10 the 11 .. ~,ri;1o~T

. Kcyht,l(~'t"i ,.j~w. l'IIhared h.V tJl.e comDlitt~·:.L lM."Il!rd of ~OfR,. 1M radlcal1y d1f. ftlWlt. Tile ~Ho.l..l.lwaLt"E' t"1Jut"lnr:l-l?fI., H.~yht'*-' yesterday, thut ntb(!~e tbill61!i .!'flo rIlll .nd m us t bF" p.:rl~rNJoFtt r~ III lJ.p(~!1 llMt' tbt'!J' are HO 5 ... pert or to anytbJng .e

lave." .,

IU.-"{'onl J ng tu K~~. {~}I'(l' ~ h-" \:'e ~n 6h~",1 ng the m rUl fur- 2tQ n~ . .l'e t'WH rt'fLOOllH. ~Pn t 1R l]"Jo'. f~'T w II l' no ('1lnta-c t b ft~ ~n 1nart.p wi t b wbVf:"Ver It J I Ut.1t t Id lu~ ~ Lhe l" F1)'~.

ODe -n-JI EWln iH t bat the All" 11" on 'C b;8.~ orders to ~nt the U F U's a:wa,..

A fIii.'t.."(;In!.l I"€'~~ In ];:;1: t t un ~ j 1 hqm!1 n II dol?! rll m~t .. n t.Pff t h(' f.l1.ond~ bomb 8; nd S.l'H.l~ !J~ht the- u t' 0' Pt"~l pie :rw' It~ n h"(' ~ 'n rt.h n ~ tn(} prl mIt [V~ .Ii t«I("le1y toO bo tllflr wi th other tbDn for Bun'E'HhlIlN' pU"VOlS('fj,

J~~~t ~.:,-

',1 ..... I

... ~ .:

. '~l' ., ...

· I,

.• : ~ ';"·.1

........ ,- ...

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I' -, I

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1 r~ • ' ••

'._,.. ....

. j"!I __

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-;. II • I, ~

J ~.


· t _ ..

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, :',

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• , .• I

~ PI '1 • • - • ,... I r

.. ~ ) ~ ,.

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:..;. ..... \.

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;:~ r ....

.) I I

~~; ~, _

:.; " ~

· ~_: .~ .- '.~

I .1. 1

~ ~ r· '

,~' f "

. , ..

~;. II. .,

I ......

.. 1 .. · 'I

iI. I j. •

<,.,_ i;· .

~ , .. _

• ~. I

I:' 1 ,

· .. I _ •

. . ,

~ r~ 4~ i· r

~ ~ ... :

~ -,

., ., .

~ ... ,

. .

.. .. t'

t., ~

• ~I • ..

.n III Ubl!n:a..Un_e- len..mpl~ of how the Air 'l'o~r.: d P.Q IB wI t.h th@ I1t1bll~ III ROO 8. .1~uat1on.

By good tOO'tnItP., one d 00[11 not have to H'ly m I!inl:r oa .newspB. JI@l' repo.rte, semetI..... .lDea~t 4 or U)J()D th@ Ai ['" lI'o.r~ sta ~Dtil:!:t:tbl. The ~Mrtln.pnt 01 P lib lie ~ at the Sta te of Ok1n b01DB. ball f3ent to tl:J;e om ee of Co~!IDlal] Jolin Jar .. .Willl, Dem~ l~ of tJw.o Oklaho:rutt CUr mhgnof3:8iunal dl8tr1(1t., and. to the Na.UflQnl In'l;'Miga.thllll!l CommU:tee on Aeri~] Ph.f.'D om en a. (~TCA.P) in WAijbf~tln & sumIluill ~7 'Or tb e t~ety jJC report.s; f!lif"rlt In to the Oklahoma H 19b "ay Pu trol Coram uni .. eatlona Network Oenter, JLJI, 31-Augll.FJt 6. hom the- ~.RrknlL'!! highway Plko! beadquart-eh 0 \i' er the ~~. teo

T.h illl vn.llJab]~ dO(tUDeIJ '"' which w a ~ DO t 0 bwrverl In e be Ii l~ 0 t Project 81 ue Bovk., will he ntUbed 111 one or m nroe follO:Wing a rt kl~.FJ -deilll in g wl tb ~:b e curtons beb ~ vi'Or of th ~ Ai r" IrOny touching th-e trF'O"s lI..Dd the I)ublie.

[FMtn tb e POl'tla.u d f Mat m Il!!) E"~Dl"Il8" Ih:preli!ll. lim .. IS, 1H8fJ 1

TkO#!: FL:r I ~6 SA. ttm:RR----Hro H W A. Y PA rnMlL ~r FmP~ CQNTBOlI"I!:tlS y 0 ~I:.


(Edt tor"'Rj note: Thi g i.e the HeCuond of a ~mes • boG t I.TFO! S (lUl1dentl n Pd .11,111.1" obJects) (l:r B., lkley So Grlfft n, if"); f!lCut ~ "V 001 tor of th @ ~nJng EXjJ('~ WaA.b1 ng. tan R nre.a U. l:lt, wro to ttl e s corieM A. it er vb i ting too IJ FO omC'@ of tb e U J~. A l r Force.)

~ By BuJkJ.e-y Grlft!n )

W ..... BIl'l'Groft' f D.U.-R. elr-eb ill to the lila tter or tbe untdf'.J'l:tffted ~ Illl obJeetII (UFO'.), th~ 11.8. Air Force. and t.hp. Pl:ll.lllc. :recei"P'e'13 Hut-l!Itft.atill lm1p 'rom I reJlOrt ~r!Jhed by tIle Okllll:Huna Deparo~.II1PDt of PubUc s.rety~ ThJ. iFUlII. ma I"IMB t.h~ m A!J~ge-s dAAU OK w U..b UFO I:tgl1 Ii D gft th. t .PaB8ed OV~r the Okla .. tIomJI: Highway Patrnl h£1:work. In tl'le PE'~Jod Jul1' 31-A1J@11llt 6.

A Bb r-vey ot th 1 R. inform Il tlon reveal s the j ... rp nnw ber uf Irlrbtl nn alld !.be mncb 1a' bum her of wi ruei!lP!lt'!R of thO@I8 eighl1!1gl1t and ltats !!lome rl cla:r ~t:lop by the AI.r Fo~, It CQll.LPtlre8 w!r_ll a gf'Qe!aU~ .lLttelJt~nn to tboae ~%IhtlDp by t:tle A Lr Fo:re~ and l.Joroj~ In ue Buok~ t~p. rltttet tbe aarne l.or tJH. Air FUn;!e In TeJiltl gatlon of U F'O~R

At 3; :80 J).J.n. .A Ogllflt 21" Project BIlle Book l!~~ued Ii 8tatem~lI t u.llomin« to ex .. ,tall) t.he D va.l..B.llcll eo of tr lfO .e.1Khtt ~ tha t bad lit t th eo South wf!8t-but proba bl, Qd hit Okl&. bnrna the b.ea:\litll:lt-s ~H rt1 HI July :-n .

Th.prefore-. t.b ts artl~lI~ wi l ~ Sef.'1t to hit tb ~ high poln ts ~f tb-e slghtlnp ~~ en the Oklahoma Hj~b:w,,'y Patro1 n .. ~w~rk. bec1DnJng wHh July 311 up to the is[! of the PFOject nll1l1? Boo k e.\:plunB t1 on.

The lInrt I'eporl OD tb~ lE:lt!type (!iUne- rbP. early mornfng or In],. 31. A.. Wynne-..-oo<!. Okla.~ police odlcer. Louis 8IkC$, repO~ fI: U EO. The radar at Tinker JJr F(J:ree- Bl~e located th-e- nhject. A Ilttle Inter, cnntfn~ the bll'hwa.y patrol nport, 'lieu ftl! Air !i'tt~@ 13u-e (Fill" t Wort b, Tex.) aj med tb@lr radar • L til e .-me location and C'81lle up wltn tile Mm~ flx WI 'l'1nker~I' Both TiDQ. 8.hd Caawen to lJowed the ooJe.:!t~ wbJ C!'h (m~e dfgPV8HrPft a l'ld tb@ll reappeared, :tor IOJtlp time. J..iII t~r tba t d 8!., an ACoII~: f .... ted PretiS dI~r-kh from Oldft b 0l1Ul. 0:It7 ttal:ed fta tty tha t Tlnke-r JIi rJ d (Jasw"H both had the UFO 00 radnr.

~ D..t--It IlJght: 88w Ute U FO rl?pOrl!f e TOW-l! Ing the hlghWll:J" DB. trol teietJpe.

IoIne quotat In" ~ of 1118AA gew w lll be Ji.en.

i i At It :11) p.m. the b l,hwBJ' PIt too] towt!"1'" SP.D t oue thla mef.lllagP.: E~SiDee I p, •• ~ ~r lll~ ret:'el \red j n t lle nei~ hbor hood of 2tj W 80 ViA uat Aighttn.p, lDan," by pollee- otnC"e1'8 a lid .hlgbway pa ltol trooJ~ of ,.4 rlO118 un hlcnttned .dying (I b}er..u from the FUl't'ell area: lLortb t.hmnlh tbA Norman n:rea. t.:J Chandh'!1'" and ba~ t.brougb M~kp.l" and 811.1( WTIe-P.-_

'"'Tht-e-e Sb:llw D@'e ~1"q and Uu'!f ~ eavt.tdn h.I't'fI! tour 01 the ob~ in mr.b t it this ttm-e, a 1 ~ :A n uthttI' haM eropped up tron. tbt;!! &0 nth rtt Tecumieb and 11 IPPlreD t1Jr lohlK t(l til' diI"f" o~-e-l" SbB. W rlHo_

'The &gll U II gEl: v,. ry f,o.... u noP. to trm r- Of the cbjec ~ .8. t TII..rJ OU.l tbnes s:lartll1l' •• Mddl~b ooi(lol' and 1fir8,l"':ylnr to " wbi~ fUld blue: •

.;,eba wnee reporl:8 tjlil~ Obje.!tA ~~m tQl be fty!DII:' tour to .. fot'IDQUOa In • fli.monrt .. t~ torlnl!il!t1mL ~1l~hill.Ji!; has report.('-d four of the ()bJct"!'bJ. Oklaboma Bllbwlif Patrol [Julta .~O and 40 bltvf: .8 t~o Dl8:d(ll v1811Al RJ,htlngM.. ~rt.a bJive

~~------- .. - .

, .


ooUJ-E hom (tb eee) Indl vlduals, '" N a U1C.~ vl t..w u col v Juans are ~Ten ; th ~ n1 W "lJ~. R pol i ee o"flker from Tulea, not named.

"~Tlnker AIr F~e Base bas hQd fr(mJ one to tour 01 them on l'1I dAT at. .... Ume, and. tIIey advJBe they are flyl[]1If Vf'!CY hlgll~ at apnroxtmatelr 22,O(W) 1p.P.t't wb[('ob !W1'eTII@ to ro1 T,lcl d(l' w1 th the vi Plnu I FrighfJIISlI, iiI I III w blr.-h B rn "'@lIT b lrb 6yl n:go obj~~ ~t

Other reports came In the "biJht of .A'Ogu~t 1. The- -"herlrr'!l oHlee. at ChnDdJ~r I'IepOrtetI two Ul"O'R. . Two 1ndlvtdnn lr! - -Ilam~ gi Vf.,.~1}- ~ 1(1 UM a 1. F() hf!.tWeHl N ormnn and Pureel], "Tl nker A FB looking !l t It-----or a tteln (ttlng to do 80 at !hIli tIme with 1"8da.r-'rh~b I tn ,lila U 1\ 'Ie:t"., 9.J 80 notl ned to look, I' A notbP.l" TTFO Wll8 ~ Des r l"oJ"K1l n, and ;s Igfl t.f"T'S name 8. nd 8.d~~8 g1 'V-en.

~. A Ithongh there wew. numerona uUi"r I'l:! pOrt:s [rum 0 ther 80llrces whlch d ld not recwh the patrol, th08e R bo~e w~ all of the- rept'JI'U 1'i'1u.~b mBVM on tne highway pa tNiI wi re on A tJgU!itt 1.'1 it is: 9ta ted In th~ ~ummft T'Y from t,h~ t1.fLlulr1:.:blent ot pablk nfet:r. On'" ngnat 2. •. be tr.l~t]'1"le earned its ftr!!llt UJi 0 rP.'POrt of that d&y Rl 2 P. DL r-ep. nlllli a M~bttnl at 12:M p.m. Jll.'fL r (..'-1sblng. OtbM" ~ frulvwoo lbl'l'J-Ugb the aft€TD.OOO and nillfllt.

AJl I:h:U hom Jnn one- StB t(L'~ high WB.,J' patrol teletype,

At 3 :30 p. tn, on Au Ktu!:t 2, MaJ H~t(jr Qn tnt8.fll11a, In r-harge of rrojeet "'B lus Bookt ill!nlro the foil ow 1 n,f sta brtn.pnt :

'I !nltilll studJ' or the reports tllun 111.P ~Ivf.d. by tho Air ,Force jnd1~ tb!it the ob8erVatJ<tDS were utMtlomieaJ In 011 ture, The- obJ eets m 09t 1 JkPly oh~ We~ the planet Jllpi~r and the stara rtlpl, C$IIpellflt ]~l~x. 0'1" AJ·dr.baran, whteh Rre elf!:fl1'1y rtBlble 1n tbe {'"Q~tcrn t'l:k.y, -Th1~ Lillie of reoor~ 8tghtlnp.. thenziro lith aud -el e-ya tlon of the I'@]l'Ort,e(I 81ghtL np supports tbj ~ r...'t.l!I(:'J uslon. Tn III dd Itlon on August 1 aD d 2 th eo t~pe rA hi ~ JU!d'.rlilu tlon and "Y It l"",Y lug wJOO ~3 ~hllet'\t~ OTer tbe Great PlaiD!, from - no M'.bf.~TU Tex~ tl to Wyoming 1iMii!' 1av(tn.ble tor tbe pbenomenOD 1 kn m\" n 11M lI'clutll1atlou, Som~ tJf reporu weT@! the a.qu:A.rlit meteor RhOWer"8 wht~b ~U1 ~n July 26 lu Augu~ 6. The meteor8 a ppr-08.cb from tbe roath-eaE_l:t ~nd sf r~ 1r n~rDfM th~ flky tntlinl ~1""kflJi. There ba.s been DO (onflrmahOT1 that anI' of the 811bt· 11131 reported Wen!' tnl('k~ OIl -rlll tI.IIl' •

'l'IllfI otactal IJta tem.eot p~tPiJ two l.-ha ['llcterl.stJ ~ typlra I of Air Fore.e- treat~ ment of UFO ~. "nit, no s peclfle Aightt DJI: 1A m endoned. a.nd ju..qt .a bont ev-e". coneet".ble- le1l..90D tor BCCk' ng t() eJ:plal n a way the m u] titude or ~j gb Un",

over l!irht Sta. ~ , A. inp.l ndeit l'

~d, no radar 1!i1jtbtJn It h B dmt tt~, T'hIR 1~ d-er:l.ptte tbe hl~b wa:v PI tNi I ~ of TJ nl M' fi nd ~.n~U Air Jrttra! BR ~ lu! V"11l~ a fI:I on 8 .Tu ly 31 oo;Jeet. and Tibker h.o. "tug ~ ft E. on up to lon l' [JbJe~ thp ni~fl t of AUgust 1-2; a~ d .;Ie- 6Dlte national .... ra ."1~ repo"rtsl nt t.b~ radar mi'htEQ~ .and or .. Wic til weather 8tatiOO mdar 81 ghtlnlJ of ",verBI uro'i.

Radar does not plek UP Ittan ,. JJd p!anet~! u hal!! been fIOt.ated, FtJrtbfr, mrrobOl"AtiOij of villlO.Al 8ightJnp by a rada" .ht{n~--.8.8' til@- Okla~ boma Slghwny patrol Lnd I("ll t~ un on@ OC'Catdon ttl IE" n 1,f;h t of Aupst 1 'W1)1ild strengtbeu. tbe fII rgu me-nf: tlvt t MOIne UFO's are noRI B, nd 1] nknoWD.

"It t tl1l.t A n~t 2 Btatemfflt fro rn "P ro-J~t B] ue Book wA ~ t mm@diately attacked fr~ '8 dlft'CJ'e!lt angl@ by n I ~Ilr ~rt R1JIser ,,:r t be- Olda S('I ~~ a.nd Art Foobd:a.tJ()D PlanetarIum in Okla.boma cttJ~ Tn quote a 1111 d&q.nwh.

u unA t t "Pr'"ojh."!'t R 111 ~ B ook ~tat.@1n@l:lt) ! s 1I ~ fn T from tb~ trnt h as you t'1lD ~" Rl81e'l' .... 1d. 4Sottlebod:.r h.R S m.AfI~ R mlfl:t.ak-p. Thf!~~(_L Hta~ RDd plan~~ ar.. one tll e ~t.P. PlI df: nt the ell rtl! f'rofn Ok lA.h(J.m a Olt.y a t tbl~ tIme of ~a r. I

Major QUiD La Dlllat f'e'C'(ID tly aued a bOu.~ tb~ f"Otnmpn t Dr DlreclO1' lL.l! r. pointed oot tbe U ro ftPOl"ts WE're rnlnt ng In from :8'@-v~ra] Sta. t@$~ 8 nd .1 d hh!1 A n.gl18t 2 .. nboun~nt ref-erftd to lVyoll1ht,g w hel'@ Ut.P. ~tilJ1lE j n Q'ClH-t1on we1'f -vtalble. lie added tbe Rtat&D~nt .aWH~ t() OklAhoma b-et.1h~U 1 and 4 tn t.t.e


I. _: ....

~ •• I,


. .

.. ~ ~ -I

, 1 ~ , • J:' I .-

I .... ._ • . , .

. ~ ...

t( ,

~ ~ ~ i·

-i: ' ~

t t ' '.

~~ ~. '; ,

f. 1

'1 .. :

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1, .'

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~. 1 '

I .

f I'ru:tn the Perr naD L'1 i M".tu-) B"'t'tltD 18: P:..,~. JJI D. 19. 19661

THOils t~FL l:U(Q SA UCJ:I;S .1_~r:W 11 A N P"S HIBI:. S Wi rT nt(] On 0' M08T FKlOHTElun

( mclt tor fl!J Note: Tbl8 ig tbe tb ird f"It .a ji:lert~ R MrI t lJ ro~a (11 u'dfntl.,_~ ~dJ ooJect.) by Ell] kle-,- S. tlrl mo . .execu tt Te erllto-r or t be- Ev ~i ng Ex~. \\ a ~htD.B'"

ton bureau,) !d W Al!IIlIll'UITOW. D.C. ---One o-f the wvl"l" Lmp.N!IIIm ve !I[~ tlnv .or an untdf!nt111 Hying object (1.1 FO) oc,(~uI'n'~ n~B. t E.x~e-r, .N.R., 1 j!J ~t Rpt}tember, A=t .Ull'1'a.~ L t wal1 • Do e:rtec-ried elo,e-n p o~p.rvf.l UOD of 8 Hih h..'(l ooj ~t th~ t wI! ~ noiseless an

r .•.

;.' .. i

.... 1 r" ,

Q'IOfte to the ground, Severa] persons apfl'R rr-nt 11' nbfl.Eorvfl!d lit, three or j1leludl ng t wo I)f:.u~rn eo. at on r,. tlme.

Thp (~m~·111:o;11 ou or lllll'"aj eel n lue DOQ'k:-the name of th{- Ah Fot'Ce UFO probe Ul!( t un n nun 'Cl'B tb e fI on 1 '\""f.'rdt M.~ on .'IiI gh •. il.~t h at t b@ N~~ Hllmps.hint wa w-herJII I18.w lnwAf!yl ng atrpsanes, I p: or :\ pit't.~ W 1 th lURny otber Air Furl'p. fit tr..mptM II;!:II: 111 lot 11)[ ng~ .n ..... ·a y". I t dQ!M!:n·t ma kp. !IIP.n"!::(':.

TIle N E"W Ha rnps hire ~lp,:b f I t~J,; [~ (~f ~icn I neanee CIb. another ground. Tt. f n-mlVE« tb ~ rr-ported e1'rel·l of 8 V}'U lu li I t-Itu rbl ng and f!l'c1Ung 8him.a I",

T'b@ lJeq u .. nee ~ ~~nt f;:. noa r ]I; Xt'll.f"-T t"ipgon at 1 0' C'loclr In th e mornJ n~ i;4. Set(fI!m~T 1]. when E.:IIII~Lt~r Pullt'P Officer ~u~ne p_ n~rnnd~ JI',~ 30, ctu~inj{ ttl hls po II~ C1I. r. hi rn ~ '1 pon n n B. uto dra won \1 p by t be sld~ or tile road an" 19 I t. An bFR-h~:t""h,ut womfln. who accofdio_g: to th.p- ofHn?:r'", n'JJ'OTt to tht" juVt"toLUg ... tlTe om~1' from p~@li1@ Air Fore@' Base, :S-. Jr-, ~~2d.n t.ffi ~hp WR8 too n"[)l\et to dri l'"~. I' 8 be IIIt.R t{l1i 11 Ii ~1tt h.af1 llof"E' n rull nw] ng her an d had etoJij)@d -OVfr b{'l' ear," Thp otIIcer I!Itnyed wi th h~r FI! bout 15 m Inutes, !'Qugh t W 1'ea"SBure h-er, M W 11 or. n1 ng, Rnd fl-etJarted lor the pollee Btu. tl ()D~

Tb ere- bfol t~lUnd N 001J] an J". M II ~Ml tell"~ 18, ttt El;IIE!t@r who bAd i'!nrne to tbe !JUI. A tlon to tP.11 of h:l s eXDe-l'Lenee wh1 Ie a few rn ilps ont or EIe-tr.-r . He a.ld 9()me. tb illg big wi th dazdlng, llat.;;b1 ng red 1 i8"bt~ h Rd ap.pe8. red moving just aoo~~ the trMt.()lJS. It had uiuved ruther ~]owly toward hlm, Ilt· hn d Iurnpod. Into tll~ dlteh tor gtety. Th en t.I:J e thtnp; bad di:!JR lJ'tl@ltred..

~ r HI:' rt l' a 1l ~I l ~ ;!10k ~ Il Sf'1~ l'e II 0 with b 1m En hi 8 patrol ea r and they returned to the tieJ d w h~T~ :U \1 i"-C'''' re 110 ha d fl ad 1) i A 9. Ittl'mi Qg exoer:lence. 'l~ey 00 tb gm. ou.t of the eta r tl no w~ ~ kf:'d ! nto rhe fi e ld, Bertrand ha "Fill. 8 fi:!~bUghL At th ta ~hlt OOh:~~J' R!:I'rtnllld'.g r"E'POrt to an e-xilmjnrng nffi(' ..... fit 1 ~s.e AF.D. cu.n be taken u~

··Wl\eon WE· 1ln. d gnnc 8 bou t GO reet a grm.lp of ftT& brt~t red ligll ~ ('ame trow lJe.h1nd a grv LlV of tl'e'eP.! near 11 ~, 11tfl,l· wt' h.~ ~xtn"llJ,cly brlgbt and 1J lf5.hed one Bt a Umt?o_

'~At c.o~ tjlne- UI~~' t..1:I.m1! 80 cloOse 1 tP.lI to t;llr- ground. and marted to drl..w m..y .rUn, 11le Ii gh tfi u-~re ao brlgh L I \\'.a~ II ml 01 (': W rna ke otl t, fmm.

II Tbp.rv. W.8 FI no- arJund. or 'tib:r.a tilm boll t the- fa nn all 'rna l8- wt'"1"t: upset In the area alJI] n...a. k hlg n lot ()f nol6@o. \V hPll III ~ 1 i gh ts started cornJ ng near U!!!: II. ~1n Mui!lCll n 110 and 1 r1I..I:I rO"l" t be ca r. • • •

4-11 radioed Patrolman David rTunt who arrlved in g lew minut.eB._ Be alAI) ~ the Ug-hl!4 w hi('ll were :st Ul O'!£I'r tll~ Helf1 at: R n eatl mated a] tit .. do of 100 ~ .QDd ftnaUp dblappeflIf!d in th~ d1,.ktu~ a.t the same .altitude. The ItghtR were III waya tn 1m P 8. t a lK.,1 t 00(0 nnglp_ Whf.'tt the object moTed the lO'Wer Ugbt8 lnn"e a 1 WA.ys torw8r[] III tbe otherg.'1'

In th t:!l!l cnse th ~ A[ r Fof'C@, ". bie h ~ 1 Ly appears t IJ h~ Di" back rN.m mUm Jn~tfgatlnJ!; or rro l'epJrLI'"o, lfid do !olflome lnvf1Itlga.HTlg, It hltervl~1("(] the I18htl?l":i;:I ;ft nd Ile-lrbbors:.

'1'be POOi9t" APD om ce r. "-b o· hrJl rierl thbt ] ocal m[llta ry probe and w bot by the way, wa JII 8. C01l1lT11i11l cI pI] ut... J urI.le Ulj ~ .flnd Lng :

'~At tbl8 tjme h'nr~ O€@D unab1e- tn arriv(!' al R ~bl4: t.'a use Df thi~ Id!l:'htlng, The tbue ob8Cn-er~ ~em to be xLa Ide, rd bl b 1 e- pera.ffilS, ~IJI!Cially the two Pil tr(1{- 1IlEm. I 1'1 P.W-F't: 1 Uu: ....... r't"n of tbe ~j a:h n nlf N: nd found nQt bing ill t.llol!'.U nm that oould be tilt probable~"iI. u~. Peatw. A F R hll _.. tl'Ve 8--4:7 aircrl.l't tl.yL tlS in til [II area durl tlR tbls period hn t. -r1 0 not be lie. r= th(·..... II m] ~11.Y ('''OI1 uectlo n wi t.b tbis ~ iJ:h liut::_-·

Howe·rert Projee( Blue Book li~~~ lo-w-flyillg 8.lrlJl~ tIA- IJ'I'Oba.blY resltOnalblf" for th18 Entel'" ~i Kht1ng. lint iiI(' M.or Quln ~nJ l1a" in .ch8.l"ge (!of BI ne Book, • tt-"I:I that tboe St.h A.I.,. t\J.n.:e SAC (StnttQ1c Ai r Comma..nd) ,g:roo p Hl We8ito.-@t" Air rorce BII~I lr.aJR... was co nd W'tj nJ!: R lo'v .. I'E:l\:"~1 opertltJ~ (~ln I~ R tg BI8;'t at file. time. He mUd he be]i@v.p~ tbf. hpeople ,,",re looking at low-level aJr"tfaft. !:II

The etrrP.t of a UFO 'I1n aDimals b ad been reporlct) In. Nlfw York ~ta te C8.b-e .bout 2 weekB before th ~ F.:X{I ter ev~n lAD l D'II' ~tigR tin.. om~r trQm thllit 'Nta.rara FIll]!II Air ""Ot'L't' Ba:!i'e, commf!nting On thoe- i)tghtiDR ot a low-doWll urn D.e8.I' Chen}, C~k, N_ y" on Augnst 19, sald.:

~I[ltel fminary Anal,v fill i~ ~'v"C.£I Is object. not. P.1I: pl A tnabl.e In roDunrlonal terDW..

Object. ('8. nf!liOO. l"Ied u-cU oZl-"ln fl. ['Q) cowsl milk from 2% 'C'ftP8 to 1 C'I.D, DiMtu rbed bbU in flE"-1d, Ca used dog t,D l )fIl'k. h 'Ph I A. 8ig-hUn.,g1 b,- the way, b one or tbB "!IT few th 8.t P to lee t Hlll-e- Book h IUt marked -10. Unldent illed. 'r

The bet.l" UFO a fa i r1., fA m lit ~r chal'p'; nan_ely tl18 l tbu All' ~ 800IIlght to I'JllPp.t"e 1oJ8 :Il ElW;II o~ tb 8 ai gh tl ng'. III tb III 11.LtWlaore the eha.rK'f.' ~e !rom Raymond. Fnwlf!:r. of W (on h n m, lIQ$... bead Qr .fj, local 8.teft N rCA P


. '

~ ...

.-' ~

."," .....

J ~


· .


• - I

r W,_ -

,I- I.

'" I • I.:


IJ'OU.~ who WeDt to {be 9C8De to 1nv~te for meA 'P. TIle latter !Jbmde tor N.attonai IDl'1;~'8Unt.i0ll8 Committee on Af!!rlH.l Pbenomen., tbp. uno!1lc1a.1 bo t eetpOIllIJib1e W.8.tJbtngton -organiza t Ion. The Fowler cba~ ft:1'e In j J:Le mea (d Rl1ffi

Book and (If NI CAP ..

Fowler talked with witT! rMe.l!l B nd 0 tb ef'I!I, llDd aid he W:IU!I told that Pea-

A.FB um~re bad a*ed the lJQUce and a local' rol"l"\."8POndent not to men t10n the !dghti up. The req ni"Jrt was put to the poUce on the grtlund

people wnuld lit alarmed if tOI d thf'! facts.. It Is MAted,

Major Qu.l.ntI..nJlla, IDftJ I'IPM at tblB eha TgP.t 88id ilia t • '1 would not allow 8,ny mlJPf'eallon at news. tt Howev-er"t it ts B.Il l.olpI'AARlon In W .u.~ington that nlft.<Jers • good. dea I b:1gber than M~Jor QlJint.Hllllla 1WO uld Dot ~.ert thelJlSle 1 T~ t.n p.l"\'!V'eDt

~w" RI1'Pl)n1S~ or trro s1cht lll~.

Th@ Ha"erhll I (:M~ •. l GaR.tte wrote ID edltorl at (m tJrI9 UFO in the net gh-

~boOO1 in wbleb l t 8Ild ~ .. j 8Q: maDY hav@ ft'pot'ft1i ~lng it. (th~ P.1" UFO) dJid ~Ir ~ptlocnJ jibe so clwely that, unleu they b.a n banded toget n P.I ID one lar-&"f.' notu:t I!Ilorlea ID md:. be gt"fen ~'8dence4"


[rmm thll!l ~d (lIIafn~ 1 ~l'BD1nl kplflllll~ J I!'D. IO~ 11M]

T!IOII ~jll'L'fllrG Si. UCn.H"~-Am FOBeS BIW r,HL8 0P1' Flann 01" S101l'l'l1l0 B IJIiI SoUTHWEST

(~5 note: ThJe t8 the :tQUrtb of • aerlee ... b:OUt U F(J"g, (nnideDtlfi.ed ftJl8.@: objecte) b,. Bnlkk-v" S. GrUllu1 eQ:cut1V& (I'4:Utor ot the "P}v-P-nini E..I.~r Wub·

turton bUl'l!l\D.)

W A.1!IJ{111[&1'O!If~ D.~~A lOUd 2 WgeQ after the :11004 01 ~tlt1cd JlyillM object

( U W) ~ShtlDp le.Bt All.g'tli't over Ok.l.ah(:lma lind -otb«1" 'B outh wPStel"ll Bta~ "nDlter .Air Fol'Cft llaae. Qklllhom.a CilYt produced Us forma l surVey Hod Jlld!W('!Dt.. It.eDt thll aeYeral~par ..xpUw..a UOD. of !dgtrtln~1! Sn "lib!: w1 dP. a..n!e ro Proj@lCt Blue Book, the At r Foree urn e-e in (!ha ~ ri. the UFO i..nvP.RtI.gti.Uo"n6 and


TbJs tefA'lrt ill a good e'lample of Air Fo~ 8.b.t1·UFO ~ranPT Ex •

1m' mention at one ~lfl~ "L~ttng-wbieb W1l8 dBt-reed to M R W'eatbttr balOQtt the repOrt 11 iRIll'!t'IIllzed.. pullin, nn t. a.ll the ~ on the fJO'A6lblU tJ-E'8 f'If cit1Jctt8 ~ and Encl tt.dl..n.c n 8ta temp.Dt ~ t.he oftl cia! -of tl P lancUtrlu]1l in otll.8.bnlDJl. aIty wl:loae tot wl!I.f!I that htb~ fl vp.rage per$'Xl t PC uned ~ated lllI to w bat

tlle IlkY DOf'ftl8.Il1 llJU'kg like."

Tl'IIt.enie~ -with J[dHtarY ~ ana- gt.;f'etl "bI!'!b. mention unrumaUy brl.Ibt

111U'I!! at tb:18 time of ,ml't .. b az.e tba.t refI.,.-b tb1a~ :trom the groUnd, tllP. h q~ of "W"M.lhet bIlJloon @II and 90 on I

An lmpt _lve 001 HUve~ la 1 cue 18 rn 9.~p. for WMtheJ" 'balloon8 U ltIol!DI

people Wlo th'nktn~ they are ~ng B. UFO. 1"be number rwel@flA1N1 d.a.l1y in the

c.:lahoml. a~ is ~dft'ahl p_

But the tact b that tb~ f!ltlzeP3 tb@reahonbl ]ta:ve Uved "W~tl'I t.beee ball00D~ d&7' day and 1M!' .th.::r year and by D{1'i'V mmt ~ f~ Irly ~11 8<-qU .. I nt.ed with what tbey look Uka and hqw t."hf!oy ad. 1.'1IW.R N R lw Pf'~·t.y well Q.r.qna.h"J ted w1tb .ta.rB.. "",,"bil'!b It tbP. mo~nt Pl8.1 hP. tm.I'PJAnttngo bIllloonM SA the fa 1"ll"l"ItI

esplanaUoo put fortb by Pto)eP.t 1Jlu~ Book.

The Tlnk&r AFR ft1K>rt dJ d not n~ to a wld mentlml of pa ..... eo.w..r tdpt:l.n~

The Oklab .. ODll Hldl'way Ptt troI t.eletvfJP.1'@III'01't.ed .i: DUmber l'I'I 8tl(tlttnp wen worth In1'wjptloo and theRe teletype UFO· re~ w@~ relayed to an major b8'WIrr-:pen, wire ~ tlnd TV and 1'IIIdio M.a tlorwt .. ~ the "S tate of Oklahoma;; .180 to th@ WM. tiler wire telet:ypP.~. Tbe, ~tu 8 vat1l1.b1e to !dneere AJr

~ 1Il'¥tld:l .. ton.

The-"e to tntMvl.~ wi ~ ~(}Dld be ll:enDed n~tI"e AfT I'iIIT'e PfIOP"

... tuft:. The blgb:wa-:f ~ trol IIlMMI9fI na ~ close tn 6.. dnHil d 'fill Iln wlt4 naueo .. Oft.l.b' ~ a did rit~ a. nd too ntmlw (It llt~~ tUl;tro1 omcen that 'bad ~lJ'b..t1np m"WJt haTe totaltd two dozeD: and mM"e- yet me fQTT.llfll A II ~M 3) ~ 'f)M't hom nuk&r @I~ ,,,ter'vi.e-W~ with bu t Itw"O Mvtlbl u8 an tli two poll~ ~

Maj. B~ QD:lDtapln~ iu command .of PM@I(!t Blue J\oc:ik, .. .,.. the Ail ~ IeeIm t oten1~ WI. tb p!"rMODI ,.,.bo (!l'11 up and Whose na Dl€"P! t.M:y 1 .. 1"!l. t'We aft not itl t~ in ~ wbo «0 to the new"Pa:pnll ()'!" to radIO anti 1'1' staUoDI~t' he _td.. The w1edom of thi~ exclusion II!! nf eout8e wtd@ open to qlJ80 tl~mnj DK thl!lt tb~ Air Force Ie ~klT1:g t ntonnatiOll.


~ ..

~" ~.-~: ~

· '

, I ,_


:. ", .' ;

'~ .;.: ...


But inue nook h tI d this ~igb.t i ng l1ete-d Raid Ti Ilke!' AF"R ha d picked t bern up. . k P stu r~ 8A IIrp~~ lou :0:.11 noted,

ae II AsLro t Anhl Tf:!R) - .. R n(~a.r ~oo~ .l-ot pl (. d,l ~c H!>I i'I" In·R" rh is ~l;;::h t I u~ a t tbr. hd~a.d.

Recellti Y hOliV'P.Ve:rf us thls "TI ter W n S hJ l t &.- Tlnkl! I" A ll"'n ra d ar ~ 1 ia roh nrters of Pl'UJect .Blue n{t(lk :(1m" w'n_ted out t lId two UI.,"l-dng- in thi?' f~~r-mntj{lTl,

q'l,.1 . t b d rclerred to two ~tut,L(mnl'~ nhjl?Ctfl atJ obj(':(!'t~ ~E'!'fI fl:i.A.r!

1!I@~:a.u R ., d tba t Llu'!' t "'0 SUI on R ry . ....... la Tll:"ll

ProJ eet Blue B ook propose .. II d b I hoe D'I o ~·JIlil:" 01..' (t111d 1.rt:I V.l.rp

brlgbteat of. th@m Antnr~~d H.J~ I';:; ~(le'-;; Texas. ~ugge~t to snme ob~e~-e~

Tbe two f".He~ one In Olda om ~ 8 . rV'l ng t o 04!XVI nl n a .. a.y hn s CJ f :!l e

lh. t ProJer.t E lue H 6ot. w W Ll"' ~. ~fN~~]:' ~~;dtb II {~ into it~ te vest iJ.,"8.tion8 and ~m.slO!l •. ]]Y ROnght t..o threw a I t em. .

. el uslons, . . iff who o.~ it CHIll C 1) bon t., w~rf:' fol·

("Orin t td get to the two 'reXR FIi d~put.~ ;s~r ~n w Ii 1 eh nt least 0" ~ l_)Prson in the 10 eel b, a t! FO the sa me n 19b t-- -8(_"pt~ .r

E Weier N.H. ease report~d belng fOl~~d. td D!;1lUt:r 8bef'!ff' Rob~rt W, Gond¥.

Chi.} DepUty S hE:rlff Hi lty F. M or':~.-"h tcl1 lfi Around 40 ml ~ 80n tb.

e on routine patrol near Da.w(loD I l~ 1 fgb t wh it!h ~oon prod n~ iii

:::. of Boo~~n-wben tb.e-y Rflw a ~~I~b~I~!r-:v.;.f!IY. One- of Lh~ Lifftrp.I'1I stud1r"tl sm.]] er blue Iigbt ~ on thp. h~IZ:O~ bo b.a d R10WM down oft tb e ~ge of lbe btg-hL

tbe UghtiJ thron~ bicoeu 10. es, Po:r rd. til m

wU" whe11 the- Hgbts started nlp.ldly ~~Wii!l. .. rr M ~(' ~r as gi ven to B n in"Ve:o;t.1 gaUni

The teeJU1noo:r 01 Chlef ~puty 11.:1'[ "

(,1jftcer fr<ml Elllt::.gton A F'B t Th:;K.~. cont lnu@~ ~ th high wn"rtJ it boo t l!'iO ff'et oft th.e

4~ 01:1 jrrl camt- l1P tt) the rm F! tU"~ ue~l k ~f the QbJ eet ~-a 6 pla.lnly vi sib] ~ b 19hwa, and R bout 1 00 feet hl~h.l)ed Th~ith II b r l~h t pnrpl~ E h;bt rm Lhe ldt aDd II wi a.pPe8~ to I:Ie trIaD ~ blr ~~~ O~ :P. r [gilt ~nd. The lJ HIli of t he obje(~ R ('ttb e sma ll€l'". l~ brlgb t1 t) I ue llg wi t b n~ oth("r d IsUng\l i~birJg tf'-O ture!!!!.. I t 11I~ pfi!.red to be dark g1'AJ' In rolur d· 40---50 fe@t thhlk In tile lll1.dft1t~ taPE'ring 0

rOO. to 00 ftoout 200 !~t wld~ an ~

pea rd ......... ~ b end.8 "There 'WD. ~ ru J noillll!: Or' any trf.u I. d d lrectly u tHl e-tbeatb it aDd

tDW II LlVI,,- • lt h t :I: I] umtnAltM tb~ gl"l)UP . I ."I-I'l'"

"The brtltbt purple IiK;I . - W~ Bon il tb'l"' iuLedor of out" pn t. -rB "Q"I,.

tho Elft'" In !ront ot' it. in ehl r11n~ th~ hlp;b r ~ he dist l]rl~.

Tb.e tall grass ond(':'i' th-e o(IIbject dH.l D~\t.~S: a I!!!bad-OW of th~ objet1 on the ~uDcI

4I'TbP!"e WJlA 8. bri¥b t woon Ollt an ' t v ~hp.ri:fl Goode W Rti t n the drlV"M"lI

Imm-edlate-Jy be low It In thf' I}: taM. De?~.lnd ~. Al thougb hf!i V'o' as w~ 1"In g a sea t with hIB leU arm lyio r In ~be mG· $.PI td th a t ll~ f~.l t the bell t 8.pp.a rRltly

lO~Ml~ shirt • nd fl ~ t.1 e e H

ema.D Il.t= :trom the ob~eet. I'd D mOD !tall tarrt R ~ we coUld ItO tra-ve ~~

The C"en M11!bed awa,. towf1 ~. K 1 d II rCOY A tTi ved in Damon, thpY ..

"at &Peed. np to 110 mnes lD hour, 'U!II I;'d b· t stUl wanff"d t{) nnd OlJt whllt It ~ the matter. i"1Ve wi"!rp.: botb :seal'" 11 t.h U}"'O em tbe h 0';1;00 act~DC

W8JltL·t So tbe, retdrllfil y-~h~;'~~ ~~~e!~; tbe~ 11 tell ~1L~ \We ilgurOO that

~aJ~tly a 8 it bad bdot@'r e wa rd U~ agal U111 :!3 tate Ll M~oy.

t.he object would Bta. It oomlng M ~tl tr OR olllcet" from Ell ingto.n Al r ~~

Th@ report to R 11Il~ Book of tl1e l~ vd_efl ~ t ~ly ~ w · ·some lil1 tma 1 obJt:~t.·· Tbl:!!!

B. Be bel j~VeB the- twu de-put, sber u.S

t"f1'1M1: readsln pll rt : In V 1)1 ved in the D~h tlng theN i R no do ubt tu

"After talk.inl with both omcE"r~ .0 I object or p"bt~llrmJe-DnD. .l::iQWev~~

my mind that tlley defiD~ t~ l~ RRW !tome I~~~ t lint ~rm1ttoo J:UP.-4 wi t,h ]IJ Y ~ ID.1 In veatigation fR ilf':d to UW~(fY!r any n.y t 1 nn fn ['" the unumul ~gbt1nc. lrnow19:Clg@ ot l:fuc-h thl~~ to arr V~ fll. a a tOrf\ l@velli e$d~ PE'nlons C3.pJ.ble

~oO'th omeeora Appeared to he- Int~]Urent. m Sh·~ti:l! }Jl'tj.t)~ hold Il J"etl;pon!!!tbl~ I \ at 8o~nd judgmeot and reB."Svnlnr- Cl1i":hDep~l!!IioD. Q:V"'l" 42 personnel Both po81tion In tbe de~rtmept TfXl ui~ d r~~le rrlcndl.'Ii' rldicul.e from tb-e-tr coJl;o (,mm~ have bef'n I!!InhjP.eted tQ con I ~ bnt bave (!{tuLinued to prote-ss th~ facti te.mpora rj eIJ ant! th@ locI. tow n~pe-op ~ ,

of their I1Iht:lng " ••. "t

· .

~ ,

; ~ I

.... ~ , . f 1, ••

." ...

.. 5 .

~. ~. '.

. f. .. ,


.) - -

L ,

~ - ·l,


:f j .,

~ 1-· i

t : -, '

· . ·

., .

~ .'.


· . ~ j -' .-

"I. -,.. ..

~ ... t. ,

:' ""' ..

i . r

f ~,- ...

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: ...

'I~~ ... :

:. ... :.


~ .

;I.'" ,


~ , : -

, ..


of in ~tl gllt ing the ~ gh t abd the publ i .. ~. Thf!' (!Ql1C'l uB1 ons [~af.'bP.d bftTe lJItIIeD 8RS igted b'y two wore e::t.arn ina t l O[) SI: of t be fi ll?!~ of PToj~t. n1ue J llltlk+ t be .A 1 r Ft)l"ce II sme for 1 ~ !ii t 11 dy an d i j:-;. ... ~@rt:: I.r.t~~ rm, -orta,

A ma in f"Oru:~l nslon ('QJ1 b ~ br r p., y ~tfl. ted. It. i!:l that. thE'" A. j t torre I.s mlE::1 end Ing tbe J)ub llc hy j t. ("III", tt n ui D;I{ ~ m pa i ~ to ~.~tod11f'P 8 ml uurl n ta1n 00] icl' ttl R tal] !!lightIngs r-an be ~ -pili fned aw n"1 as UI [~i d e-r::rU fl ell tioas of fn milia r ()bji!(·t~, such aR ball.ooll~. ~tan., nn d :a In"l1~ ft.

'l·be 1 ogj (l8] Il~umpt inn, h,. ek ed lJ:v m U(~}t C'"I "P"eum :sbtntJ.a f ~ \i" ldenee, is tbll. t th("AJr F<rree- is de-Bberlllp] y mi.fll f".J.ldin~ rh e public.

In thl!l ea til Jlftj gn tIl e Air Fu n'[~. bnC'k~d by norn.nd pub ll{> 1'e-Spect iUl'" thr- Btl 1 i 18 ry and for aut hor I t.1I tlve !It.a tem'€ n ts. n nd a lso alllljt sterl b.:r the nit til ra l l.t UIDIlD d 1.8. j DC' U na~"i on to tlihJ k nnrommot:lly Dr ttl' 1J.e 1 a Ughoo 11t, has beeu lUrgf!11 :o='U~ul.

HnwtLl"er. the A ir Fvl"l"f' Sllcee!i;f!I: iYl ba v j ng tl1e pu1 ~l ie tlel i eve What it wac ts It to beU ~ res peering UFO \9 is HtL"8 dllJ' And con-aplcuo·mdy l"~ Ing, M ore e. tu", 1m 0 M ~kf' ptiei!iffi i.e bei t:lt vel red fn newspa IJt..tI'8 • nd. by dt ~zeu..

Allot h~r ~b lef' conet LlSJ on J ~ t h I ~: no ene:l"it! U(! and tborongh e1!r)rt to in 'V@8H~ gH. te- the- un idell Ufled ft' 11 ng obj@ct pheuonaen on Iii HiDg made lJy the .Ai t Fo~(I' -0 r MfI!.r b ns been rna de hy Lt. And th ijIJ eha~ bold.a true I"f'S,J)P.l1: any oI..h~r Go". ~nJ.meIti; B.,gP-n('1 Itnd ~pecU n~ w ha t ba~ be-Po l ermed tb~ N tI tJOD'8 ~lfmt] fI C" com m uility.

Rel8Ohfil: for the penev-e-rlng Ail' liul"Ce pertO-l1J.)all~ 8rP. unknown to the pllh] i,.~ 1m tbe Bif'('COlath:m one Of the f<J Ur:tW1 ngo tb.ree re&:iJDn:s ~8 eommonlj- ad VA. n C"ed: tbe Air jton:e :f.eal"8 uatlorall panic if the truth ahont the UFO'i: were told: tile- Ie. it Foree tof. ~15ill it lSi jibJ C"k w [t h i t~ is tory; OT' t h~ AJ r FtJf'IC"e h~ gj IMl N'iI by the C~n ~ l Ir, teU in bt"C AgP.ntoy.

Tbe ilcflt AI Ue~~! ~a;gon. llrm- ... ve r- tln-comp)iweDt.llry to- t h~ intetl i.geuce (It Ol1r eJ U~nR, Is OQ€ t ha t hI! ~ hPell hlLunI At t 11 (" Cap,[ tu] ot! and Ofl lor appr(tJlC'hj ng ~ ~ yea.1'~, Bom8 ~ult1 W. l t may 'be th~ rea~on the A! t' rOl"Ce 11 au:; giVf!n to the eb a ~rtoen or tbr. tWfI con~qd1."»ltll .!-I.[:mI c. .. ~ oomrn ~ U et"jI;: in j t~ UUd@r1tt,()Od E"U (l en V(JI" to bot d oft' It. eo[J~re!J9Jona 1 i hv~M 19a tJ nil of th~ U FO ~ubj~.

"\\'hn t J~ t h~ tn I r h nIJ OIl t t.he- rFQ'R·~ It i ~ q 11 1 t~ lJO?l.~,d bl eo- that bo OtiC on ttl Is M.rth knfllW'I.

A ftterall N-ew EnglR nd ('QUill: n"-l:it:l [ou ul I fIfl.d ('1', who was i 0 Bi ~l tf t)J1 t~ 1tnQ:W. told. thJ~ WI.' j te l" Um t thfio A I r }I·o['('l' d i(ln ~t k I.ow ~bn t. tl ... ~.i 91 1"i". UUlMn]g of. the Clmtral 1"00 lllgena:= A.reney ought. to kn ow. it anyol)De d~. ret a tont1 t7;t" hf'ad ot tlIe C1A, Adm. R. H, IIlllf.nkootter. amnnecl hnlf n dozen YMt"S agu tlH~t b~ IUd uut bell ~e in the- A j r Fort1"'- ~~p lal nj ng~~n wn"1 ; lIu t be did. not III df C"a tEl!' 1l@ tbou.w,t "be- tho-ught hp know.1:I t h ~ tru th of tbe Hm t t~t ..

I A.1l J ncrMJIIin g number ff! good observ~ h-old t ba t Q 91: zablf.. mInQr! ty of tlJf" iip.tJnp-RlllllY sIgh U".W-I prt-~ lWUl bly s.l'-€' mt aJdentJ ~ cadon~ n:'P~ll t :!IJOI1l'] e-i.blng 111;11't\"" and Uti kUUWIl , A l."l Tge n ut tbrM ob~I"e-rs, who J n ("'Jude 'Vetr run m ]Of.!(. rudar oJllPra t ()l"";!;:.~ alr truffl(" (,(>htroll@rn., te-.a cbE"rs • .0. Kt ~ nomen. '-tnd other eroorls. hoI r1 th8 t t~ ,-tnknown t' FC)'~ nre E!':ttra tf!~ trla]_

To lit n tills Ai r Three Offh.-'1nl f.I m tl n n d do TelillpoQd tbn t Ilot 8 'dngl~ t.a .till blp bit or ev1den~' r- of a nj:P ~I~ (>h I ~ ~"'(J has hNlT'l fo lUI [L tn:.:i!!J f ~ a Inijlfb tJ.' trtron,g H.l"glI ~ roootl t.he- ~t rongf'1!t RrK1UII":n t of r hI!" ~o-ct.I.lled e-xpl-tt Jnem-.a'W"fII[".

YL"'L·oo an llugm~TlUng numb€ot" or (~mpetent ob8e:rver:e: tile evjfl~nl"'e' gl'OWi=I ~r that !Wme of t.h~ UFOts ar.~ reAl find ~t.]:r tm.tnO"WIL. 80 TEry many bopt'(!fila i'Vl:!' s.lg'h tin~ ~~ u't tH_~ exp] aJ nPd R way. It is S8Jd,

"From the. 1 ~ tl r l.I.. 'd Bta b:!~~ from A rgenU n.a, e r11glJ.8J'. Pompl, Frnnce, A llt • arct:I(II.fl. and A.ud.ra 11 a (from t-l)ttr rontlne rll~) h a v-e- Cmtl!;l t~ ~h r:Jt report8 Id rtcbtfflgs Dr Ulli d ~ti fiN jj.d !lg ut!J ['·(·t~ < 11 ]l"( Y!Ii ) . I".hrhU 11J...~ ll ... % DE--en t,h .... IlOeIt num £"'11 '11 ~ .s1n~ 19. .... 7,·' 8 u mrnmarl zrd n 1101 t.l!d Press Iu u:·roa t !Orl fill 1 di I!I~ PltC'h la:~ A l~lU;L

Pln! t a tld lu ~tt r e-w PTe Sun .1I.ll [y wfl Z tOn Fll tenge B runc] UB i4)11 that the tliS Flwry hi tbe vcobl~m of t hp un I (1 f'n t jfi~d H~-I ng OOjP-'r.t rMna fu wi th th is world.

. AmI H.R for the Al l" Th r{"r\ ~!1 til its; j n t(!I1:'3J ,'e- L'1:l m po; 19n to ~l::p] g in a. wa..r (! 'Very oro BlghUng. it mIght U~h~l. to thf' t€'Cen~. ndvh~ fr! :a ~t@rall a.dronomrr .. Dr. r.. M. t ..e'V1 t t. rl i fE'!l1 u r or tll e F~l:;; P10 J1 eta d u W, Fl-R nkl i 11 I D iii tl t Lite, Mliladelphht, JIJd:

. '''It, ltou Irl be W~] l [f OUr t'tnJm fl] u~ TIl(llot oftle rld& were foil:! 1lIp1, to Ind1~ t. bit SllhUug.<:i In II tn i rl ortty tYL ~ !a~l os ("9 n not. l'le-- e:tpla:j Died. It would ("'lee:. r thp. Sir or. IiJ"Mt .~a.l of mt~ll r.itlt'n-::tund~ tlg n nd m Ist.". st -ol thl R group by the intel UK'@'ut ID ltu:u and oh~e-rVE'r." W bv hH '''e t;eNl 0 blrcta in til P. IIIi ky .• ~


D1CP'AB'l":r.lmrt nf' mJJ AlB Ftmc&

W Q.tfL.UI.g~ 0fI.t J af'UClrr 1St 1 J86.

Hon. L. ~ 1lInM,

fJ~ oc>ftIfJtU'ee.Qft A.......e4 FJ~".

H {Hj1t6 01 R"'Prol~ihui-ver.

I'tE..U 1th. CBAl.III.i.:M! 8@fB1t11 yQt1 req"Ue@lted. IIJ..tor'In8.tlon in bebi!l1 01 Mr.

John R. G l"Bl' about "UnilknUtled. fl11rJ.«' obj ects (U}ln)-

The Air linee does not withhold or censor Intotmll tttm on n FO'8. Tbe re-

II1l1 U. (Jot ajl AI: Foroe: inVC8t1p tiOD8.are B:valla bl@o tn bonll Me n~ ~ repreeentattnm Ud Bdentll1c researcb("~. ~ .releB:M!« :lire iStJUed as 11' RlT'fllLted. and lilt !!lD1Jnal report (roW attB.choMi) o.n the prOJet"t Is a"'f a.! Ul bl (': tn the publi~. 'l1ler@ 1lalI n:.ever been an ordp.r liBtfUed iJ1 the S~ reta.ry or t:M: A1r Fore@ to aul)p1"('M 'tit

withJ1c{d YUcll Intomia1;lmL.

The tbrH mDClns1~ .. frrrth In !fT. Gl":IJ'S lett..' a~~ In hd;, the eotJ,£lur

I1onJ:j .bien Weft! teIlebcd as I! resn 1t of a pnnel of sc le"bt11h'! l'Uusul tantR that m~ at th@ req~ Df tbe Govenam.ent to ~ud.y the problem io 1003.. Fur yoor ill~ fOrIDBtJOtl, the n .S. AIr Forre BeleJlttfle Ad 1;I'iaory Boa 111 hu been asked ~ e-n..!. 118 toe tbf: uro pt'OfI'rsm. A n ad hoc eomm! tl.e€- bAR been a ppo1nted and wW convooe BOPLetime in Fwnutf1. The results will bE! n va llabl e ~ortlr thf


AM .. ~t 01. ilI.'VMt1p.UnJ O'fer 10~ ~rts 5inct' 1947 t WI! eannot .:!I!IOcl-

8M dl8l'l1ptlon 01 r"UD!l1ng e.c.rI.n.~ ra dJOf.'lt 8m beadU~h ta, Qr- ltJJllfmH!tlon 0 t .ircraft. ~eftta~ Dr b@!flt ~Uorull with U l1"O a.cli vHy . "or can '9V'e a.U.r1bu t:P. thent to l.ircn:ft. opera tlons. Th@l1! .:re JT\R ny plaD~i bl@ eXlllanR tlOD.1!Ii tor ~tB d-eh u co. r radIO 8m tie wheD paRRIng powl@.orlt~ oTerhd tM C'R r ~!dn", d.r'o])II LIl. pOWt!I' Ilod. t'olt.1Lge in t.h-P. el~l iflYst-em. rum lfunct lqt] of gqulpmoot. and h:nagl,naUOO or ptIIolc o.t an obAAr"Ver. "tAo"eatber oondUhlnB ~~h p lnvemiCIIDI at.n ea n8Ii!I kl\olInt DB tural or COfiljl'antioual ob}ecU to :!!II ppea.r to bov~1 mDve B 1'OUDd. :Il.Dd e~ eo\()l."I!I. Sat.lllU tee .. n.d be. llOODB m.Rke ne noil!lle wbUe in Olpt.. EaLlOOlllJ (tl n 800 b(l.'f'er and sudden1, aceet era te depe-od i n~ on Ul~ wind

~dJttOD& .

Tho tonetd-nll tntol'1Dtltion a leo erplnl!l8 our roDe-lust. on, The-re ha 8" ~

been a top-aet'fe~ docum@On'4 entitled · .. ~tim.ate ur the 81t1JIiUon..'~ whicll con-

ct ud-ed. that U ro'!!! are Inte rplanet.a ry In natu re .

.u of Dacembet'" SL. 1.{MIj4 tile Furoe has ~t ved 10.060 l'P-JIOI'~ ~ m1

of. whkil 646 8111 unld.eD. tJlled. and eaeaet be" IJ:pb.lned- It b our op1D.l1Jll t.IJ.;I ~ all :repom eould be PM it w»re deta.lrert objective da.ta had h~ a.ailr abJ..e.. Ho~N. bec'8UBe or the tact tha t aUA1~ ot UFO ~ptl ~ depend prImarilJ" -on tb 9 persoD.l.l imP' M81..j)DiJ and int.erpret.B. tiOI'J:S ot the oblten'~ ratlet'

than. on ~Ul1l te 8cl.en Uk de ht 0 r tacts OOl8.l11ed '01100 coo trolled condl UOOI. positive Id8lltU1efltJfl n at an ~htlr::L.IIJ Is I bl ptOIMI ble. In fOnD R.t ~on un .aDJ' U 1'0

repm; ,. a-vaUa ble to- pri va te ciU~ u.pOn r<"q11e8t.

Pbar.ope.pbI l'9("eim In ronjunctloo with U Fa reports are e"f alUR ted by pboto

ana.b'els 1)eI'8ODncL TbtI objE!oCt.s in ! ueh p'h.otogntpM h.v~ bP.P.D e-".lua ted ,. tnow D natnral or ooDvP.Di1onal ooj~ whi('b ha 'V e been m lmDt.e~ed by tllll o~-er. 8Ileb ph.ntogra~ are returned. W the Q'fnler after ana l,ys11!L

()U:t p~ Blue "Book 1.1 loctl ted ft.t Wrlgftt- Pa ttat"Iton It. FB ~ Ohio. vv hP.'rI aU UFO reeorda arc k~. All obj P.P.ts wblli) hA."Vf:: beeD lllek....:I up or tr.ackw. 001 m-tkr ha Tft been Id~ntl:lled ;A ~ ftocb of birds, wes.tber pheDom@Dll~ _err re6ectliJIUII from grutlDd targets. Bad.ll..r ROOPe photography Itf ..... la.l8lftOO onLy It I t ~·etl.11IJ -,

C'l~ed. deteDRe hdol']'DJl tJon.

The joint A.r:my~N • ...,.~A1r Foree pl1bl~ C"8 t1~n 146 deal~ with UJ'Ota only as I

ca 1:('.hBll elaJM ot. !fightl np thu.t (] CIe'lI not tall tu 1..0 :II. r-ecognlmed cat~1'7 mteb U !bllJR, lIObm.rln~, ~ or gn1de.1 mil!Mil~ Tbe- pu rpo~ of the pubUcatlml I!II to -provl de uniform. 'rud:ru.1o.uOU8 tor the I te;8.-eetime l'l"portlllr of what is ju dgm to be rltal ln~UceDOO m Sh tllll('A. Any ..,erron who v lul:llt.ef; th~ prmri~on:J (It

th& po:bUr.a.tJon may be U8bh~ to pro&E!Cur.1on tbereundll!r. ThE- po.rJJOSe M tlIbi t I!!I ~ empbaslN the lIeeeAJi t..y tor h.u.Dillln~ ot 9'lcb ~nrorma ti on witbln omctJJ

<:hannell!!l only-

The artl('le appearing in the l)erembP-"r 24. 1~9 r t:4VJ ~ at T IG J\I' ent1tltd

~j;[r"ot5 hr1on9 B uRlnUt:lS, ~ ha~ been m..Pl rlterp-Mt.P.d. The- pUI'pQ'Se r;,t tbls arUclf wu IdIDp1.T to- lDlp!'01fe tile QUa. Hty -or ~th9 ... wl iuTettlp ti ve proc ed:u T(Ill.. n l180 .contatDeQ gutdellnes fQr efreetJ'\"e repOrtinl and the equlptnpnt nl"C"Cf!8I.l1 tor in:rMrt.tptlool. We he. 'l'e DO know ledi:e of an,. ~rcb p-roJeeb!I such U tbQllM!! at.ated by Mrr Om,.., nor do I/IfP hB.?e any tnl-ormo.Uull about thp. gantJ~

aw.l~ incident .


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2. On close prexhnl t.y to convea ttonat a lreratu can I=I'IP. their !gYro -cow· PIUI8efIi and directfen tinde-rs to raom~n tJl-rll y m a Iru nction ?

3. On dtmeo proxim Lty to eon venti Oil HI tlj~ ran N or~ gron nt! ve]}lelea <!11J8e Intense bl!2lt sensa tlOJJ t!!xperienced by their ocrupan [8 •

•. Hover at allY (}be poj n tat R nf fd v.~n thue and sudden ly a{"C'@~er.8. te ho-rl·

zontally or ~rtlCRlly ont 0 r ~bt in 8. m R t ter of r.. to 10 seL-O .... ~~ -

It ~ecute a. n a brnpt 00· or 100 [} (hall gP. Nt rttl'e1:"'tloo W h lIe Lll nIgh L '! fS.. .M.8.iIe n (I di9"Pr1'i i b 1 r. soun d w.blle in tI Jgh t ~

l' Glow br1i Jt ant1y and t'ha Itge cotors ~

~ ncb. • btehavtot' and eha ra (' t.@ rtst k~ b a ve tM:cn -w j til e ~ ~ by reI table pel"S(lO!!l tlIld docnmf!llt.ed enulll erub h ~ tilUet!: a lid I~ Tery farn iU a.r to the A 1 r "tlnft"e'; in .. dd1 tJ rm to hehlli: dpfl.Ili W]y b~y ond t W. scope of (rUr p1""E"~n~. t.f'orh DO] ogy. It roo· clul!don (3' b.a d lncl1,l(b;!d ttl e WOl'r'l H proof" instead uf' 4 4~, Id enee, r- the ~ ~billty of trn th mnld atao be coneened he n~_ M 1 t. ~ lao ds, t b e ~t atement ill llk.ewiaR fa be f('lr llie 8IillJ..e l.'OO.BOIlB ft:R the a rgumerI tJ!; 1 i At.f!l'l agatn!rt: eon ctu~ on (2) - Stnoe onr p~.nt ,tate o-f t f'f'1J no logy d{H.~l'l ~IQt 1 ~ rrni t 1+8. tlsfa.ctorr fIoxplD.I1 uti U ~K W SQc'b ~ b.a rio ["8 or t be Ae -ohjer.t ~~ what oeber u~~urnptJtl11 <:"a 0 a ercient lHe mm d m.l.k~ than that t:l1eit origin I Ii extrA 't@n'INtrl.a.11 Tt trul,. hoP. reealled too t the A1 r D1ca l Intell i!Fn~ (I.-P.Iltn (ATIC) "t W righ t- P.n.Ue~ AFD~ Dayton t Ohio, 1D July-AulfUSt of 194& coDl!lnded In thelr tnlJ secret d(l('UlDe1lt f'~timJlte 01 the ~toat100. that rFO?" were Jnt erp 1 nnet)l ry. W h i h~ top Air Fo1"Ce oIIJda La will v~hem@(l_tll den:F tJt8.t .fCU (tb a -tiOC'1lm@Dt .,er ~1 rrtetl. proof tba t 1 t df'loeoe enllfl &nil h' .esKI ble tor- exWlI jllf;l.WOn by in tet"Mlt@od M~Dlben of ~ oogress-------but not from

the Ai r P"o-ree. 1 h f

While the Air Fol't"'e doofl not V nb 1l~1Jr adm It to the ~ lfJ t@ncee of the wea t 0

d (I("IJ rnent.ed evidenCE tb H. t. ha$l lloP.f'U S.CClllD. u]a ted !!Jinc-e I) th p. appesr~ nt.~ of the :lint aLrplane [t does a dmt t t.n ~ng at least 663 l ~unknuw Uri" on the b ookl!F Sl~" ttnw/ ell AR i fiflod SIR i-'un knuw m!l'~ tl.l"@ Lbo8e w~n dr!!'n mf:n tf!!d by ..,.tlklal and ~otIlt!ial f!lJ urees but NInR In unW)lv~ and '''u n~:XTllfli II Ii bl~.'· Pn VI tI clttr.enl!!l tl1irJQ.l:rJD8' Into the naton' ul tlll:·_~· unll:n~n~ 'Will be told that $UC1l U. e]D"H~d tlltormation (AFR 200-2 paragrapbs 9 aDd 10), Jt !!IIhn-uld be nme.L in ~bl8 :retJpeoC'tt ths t VJ~ t, Humpbrey ELnd at'!P aLor B lreb BArb. Wf!I'!!' m l,.inl<mne4 by tb& AI r Fo~~ tb rmt_gb tbe Conve~l!I:ilffial Inquu,.- Div leJon to the eJrt:c1. Urat. all or the OOS uullkc DOWn if ('.a ~ 'W-f. rll' sol vcd r Th(" Eetter to Sell ....

tor Bayh lIT.1!I A-i gn~l by lA"ll, }I'redcl'i ek H. F8.hrln..uor. 1

~_n 1111~ wl tb th~ A l r FoIT'p. CO TJeel"n In g [n(oTRJ.a t ion (~f UFO ~ ba,,~ prrove.n to be t\. one-"re.y p1"(".loJ)O$ltion----.a II In .q n(t nonp. Otl I., I:wi it h t,th.~ woll ili!r that oob' BI bnnt 1 (JI ~t of th E" cl t Iz.en ry d are rJ~k d I ~ pal"a.~mlm t for ~ II htnl t tJng re~ are troly un.e:kplaln.a blp? Tb~ IIIMdjne:1"t (I t P hot.ngt'll (lh l~ P'\,' h1 ~ncp. ~ • Id_gbtln~ by 8. wI tnp.M t (I- t hIP A l T Forvc ]8 t!1 n tg,m on nt to !o1"!eJ t uN, Infn?+

QllenU14 an Air Foroe 'l;Rl t p-up'l OC"ClJr,j j n h l~ ia ili'Ol'". i 4

Tbe AlI' F~ lIla tntai nil t b.Fl t thf'rf! ! g no <'E'"1I so:rsh1 Il of T - FO ~ A.nyooe f'o]. lDW1n2' th! f.: au hJt:'rl k J] ~JWI.:I; dl1T'f>rp Ilt Iy _ St roo.~ ffl!r@llTlJ{':!II Wt'rfI ,f"!(Jl~Rr!d hy tbree or my aft) oa III ttl; n('f!~.. 11]1 (ifl'PRrttd In Tt:JoN'1'J t ;V~R. N!; 1ft) In Rf'rv1e~ In tb .. t lJ ranch I in 1'fl'i fJll1 g Hurt. ~f"h~ ~m bj p d fJoP ~ 1 ndM:'d ';>-:1 b~tr Two ~'efl' rFli! 1\1' tel!bnif!'lan.r., one of whom WH~ :I!ItlltlUlI1:!"tl 8.t ,Vhlte Snrl(ls in 1'949 whU-@' the oth(,r Waflo ~R~ to th@o 716tb Had s.r SquAd t"OD at Poln t A n'"JU1, C8ll!~ in 100 1--02. Th~ Unrd W'8J a 1D.@IDtJ.e.r of Prujcrl Rl ~l(' B ouk in Alaw dllJ'in,g 196.1-62..

TbP.! J I1lnt Chfe.t.a of Su.:ff fttrILlaUon JAN A P 11g1 ~i on T rI"t t:I!J II!! lBt Unlted Stat. 0Dd'E' 7'00. threa t@ns Impo~~ Hon nf pP.nJlI ti-f1:! of 1 to 10 )' ~al'S lIn-prisonment III nd/01 up to Sl 0 000. 11 De upon uny AIr FoT"C'C pl lIrt who TeT6a 1 R an nfIlclal uro NPOrt Sucb b~ pUb I"8hlnent WOl.l1d MrtJl in" hp. indica t 1 v@ of the ~erJolJlU)e8I 'W1th ";'bl~b tbe Air F()~ re-gaMA the UFOt .. ~ and.n the whU~-the pub]Jcl~ line 1!!1 I'tbey don't e-l.1st. H The o-ffi ~ia I potrl thm wfl~ lIubHequentl y rnVf'fllll"rl W b.en on December 24 1915D all A 1r Jl"o rC"e 1 n~r OPnfl!t"A.l hMf't W Pl8 t~Bu'l'd sia tlog that, ~~UF"CY!l EllJIe" P@.@T1~A Rn5[ness" tllld jrl5tcucl.lng all inVMItigatin.g Qom~n. t~ bP ~ulpped with gIYlger P.OUD toe-rEI. Ttl e- d ~ reoe of ~rj ou8tLe8i1 ca n a l~ he r F"flhzed w heD one i!OII81 d~.8 the If'D g'thM t{ll li'. h len ~''I" D~i'"n~ f"!01 ~~r t he Fed~1'1l1 (kl VPIDDleJlt .re ~tl!nd ID~ tJt.e.fns,.c 1 ~ j D r~a rch to UJl the ~11 ~I~ted A{'('Tf;I!t .of the~ -DbJ~bRt of gravJt,. (~(mlrul. ur 8:11U.I{1'lIIIvity llClW'M"~ }i'o~y·~lx ~uf'h ·ltrO'jL'Ct:3 at. re~rcb -or nryinll{ ~~ n ~ I!U 1'1"e-J! tlr beln~ il nl H":: ~d i~l ~Ilcl udln. 3..1 undE1'J" Air

"Fo1"t"'e" ImJlP.l'T'I PIlon.

While It IR under8ta.fldil.bltl that t:nt~1"h1fttton [It'-rtllltnfn~ ~o th~ P['DJ('ctt1 doe!

nnt M!'("('1tq. rllv tR I tin tr. tl1f' ~h(>l"f' or tilt" pul,l ir..:- ~llI ~'r-I~ht. to k n I")'W. 11 t.'hP!'fl t ~ no appB~t :re-ulm -or ju.tlft,:·utiun fllr th~ ("f)htimmt! rm or tht::t ·~bla.~ktJ1.1t1l lJ()U~y n.,m t'dlnl: U rottl. It mat t.e-I'":!\ hot wheth~r tb l~ IJOU(I'Y Wft;!!II t ted hy the- AJr tr()fC'e' or its superior 4 but J t doea matter wben inill v ldun l 1'e~n!!h in thiS. ftel4 11

m. til ~; aDd it mat t-e.-8 wh en th e .americ9:n ~opI'€" .. 1'(1' dented the dot to know wb at kind of ["t'flW~l"S th-e-:r m!lY be utJ 8:b'ft lnst, Fers1sr.f.'rl~ in t:llJ..,g d~ tit! aU L ~ rnde '" iU only tend to deh~riom te nu hI le morale if not tbe pub 1 te tI"ll9t i n the Air Fm-ce when jl'retu table ,Proof of t be e-'I:"i:n~e ~ tb e::!e 00 jfK'"Ls man] rents 1 tse1t4

ThOfQc behind thl:M llfBcial '-Ibh'~kvut." :=Ilwulr1 bP III ~19lyj n~ l"e'al I"erqlOb!':ibJHt:v to an or 08 by d('-FdstJng from the prIlM.i~~ of rio 1 CIl Bnll' sincere- wi':!ffif'.Fj .All d tl~ltttlfn~ ~lrhting.!il tltat dffY expJa nn tlons a.od. at ] PA ~t: E'":I:tem] public IICknOW]. OO,gemf-nt vi ~ OiRP. f'n:-Q eonee to t be ~vidence thAt Ii boon ds. lURU tuting a policY ot dPfi.llng bIJJH:~t1.'f .. :tor a cbaDge~ with th~ [Io('{Ij)le would prepare UI~ wuy to. minim urn of prJSI!db Ie I)t.n le (a.' th I~ ·to h~ th~ c reason 1f)1'" the eensorshlp ~ upon ar r Iv .... I oQf til 8: t "morn pn t of proor _ .. , f Please, a ~Uf4P. th~ pnn_) C(lQlfldH" the contrast. ot tllJ1 ili~~ shown AItu:~rIC'an8 til '-be- [~tn~.dderatl4)D f':stendPrl thF. clti~ll8 or ArgenUnQ and Chi1 e. For ILxa mple-~ on A ngu st 3~ 1965, U.le rat) lo Bnd TV !Jtation~ o()f ~ ntt Il go~ ehl h:\ 81~' rt ed 1 he OODU ]Ol]S ln view tile t.h~ luminoo.fI di~ hH~J"ln~ OVM' the L-'"ity fOf ~I@! ~ mmutes before D1Ovlu~ :ll:lowly away~

\Ylt.h the hope that 'We mil,"" ,vet f"E'Cei~ sueh i"OurtM1 i.ostead 1~I treatment 8JiI; d I""AA, I ~tttLllJ' Ur-~of tha t y-ou eon ~tdcl' the- undertaking of .. lUIfl r IDA l.ottl tht~ deNplca ble FLftua tlon, '~Il t.11 01 t:9 C ollditi Oil I~ bl'tltl ght ou l hd [) the ODell 1 mueh or t.l1p 1'1 E"W'S medta .,.".-illl.-otl tin UEI' to 1'@fmin frrnn gl ViD( the (r FO!~ 1!Imous. cons idera1100 they so Ju fl.tlY t!f"APTV-4?

An 19tR.toem~nU4 mn!l.r fn tbt.IJ ]e1t.fir can be 8ub«tftntj.~ted by tbe Natlonal tn.~I~ II tl 011 ~ C-omm j r.t~ on. A -erla l Ph ~n.l)nJ.ella {NI CAP) ]ocatHt at 1M6 Conb@cUcut Av~o.l(lP. NW_, W~~hington, D,O. Docllmtmted ev1d(loIlt:'e and .utbe.oti{!'8tlOll l"fIqulN-d to ~u ppo-rt the :[t ssertl on that a r.pn8onhip doe$ 1:n tact HIEtt w U L be PI] tat thf! d l!ItpOtaIl nf you r coruml1 tetL lJy mc AP upon reQUest.

R·espeettu] ly ~ I'!J,

JOliN R_ G &.- Y. 1111\1l-ft1tQ too Boo.cA, fJrllif.

[FroID L~fll! m flP~t1~. Apr. I. 19-&6'

A WSLL- W rrNJI::RfU:;n. ~IYN"V A MON f~ --8Y SO W"ItTRJ'lIh)

rOOl{ A USTBALlA TO M feB JOA.N 1 .... 1IT."fJB.RY OB" h:..H:1lI1o U!TJ 1m R 'I'IIf<l fI

eMll them wlln t. ynU wHt: :O;~,.'ln.e !Ul~TI, QntchmtUted H~lDg- nd)jt.etFJ {Uro"8).

ODtlt'1l1 j 11 nH.ifH.l~, ~ rr th~ fil'Rt ~:rrupt rtm!r o:f th{:! a! Uy OOal!t,)l1. Th-ey ~ bfi~k lilga1n---and B.een by m ~ ~1E' tb H il l.~er before. p'flIm.P.,. t"e- greenl::t:h and iff. ~@T1t, Hkfl! ~.ll(' my'tt'fY tblng UUtt :;Jwoolted dtlWD Ol'"t:r- Pt-rtll. AustrllJJL Ml'~rAl ~ks ~o. Ot Ju"nP are too tha 11 ~n pPd Ilncl aglow with pn 1_ t.ln g ilght8... r .. Rt we€k t be mA:n i1t"S:tJl tion$ seemE"d alnlO~t to ha T@ r-B13.r b~r:1 t h~ rwoportJon9 of a.n In I'".~ on. :i~al" A B[J ArhQl', Micb.. ;~ I'll tnp.MI!P.fII1 I qd nd Ing u. d ozen flOIi~mf! n ~ Mw n Fl.t:ra n~ obje....tllll h~ nl{ 1.)Vt1' ["" a I!Iwftmp. Th(l np!{ t day .. Riawtng ttllnjll :Ilwwd .,.".e~ ~ Rmall (!oll~ In Hnl~dtl.I~f tISch. fIInd \VIIS stgb~d b}.r 87 dud~Dt~ a.~ 8R!1It RtR n t d~.n .a nd th~ ]Ot'illl cI vJl dt' f'eIlf'e fIl n¥'tor, Willt tev-er the explana t!oo. ."t the I""CU lIor ]J ben.ome-na--.s~n and d@-@Cribed :~.hllih.r 1y by sn maD.:r-FlIl1'b~th tog .!l11"t!1,y wa~ jn tbe II I r.

II rT WAS" iT N I"J H T n:.r...,\llILLU S.lO.N!'p SAID TB E :tr A aM Itll. ANn rJ2 UIlBltD

r By Pftlul O'~{lU)

,: DI::J: l ER ToW!'U:~U.IP, MIC"R~~Frnnk Ma:nno:r ball neVAt' ~Ue'fed tn tI;)Pihr"ueenI. Bl8h~ H.DJ' n~ nt thfml~ 'VI~b~ hl;1"d 1ll'1'm' ~ oo~. Fnnk ahOUld ha.-e tJe.en botTI !n thr. ~Jl" of Da.n t] Doon-p.-. S1 nee h(~ w rJR1l ~t, hetg OIl the ll.IlP.IIl.pJOfInen L 8tl.l L he~~ a :n ~P.llY maD. Or'" W.fl s.

He 19 a b n~ky, gr-i zzlerJ r'_~llo,w of 4'i" who h 1Il~ 10"'(" bi Idren. a w@ll of water ... 1 th In outllld.f~ Immp, a :mll~l.:v hli"ild pr'lvy+ a TV s-e-l und .a ba~TM rI':tt1~l"a.t.or with th~ l'"OI [ rul top, FO"ll r t1 i~.£nbfm J ro a ooi r P.S ~t beside hi' whf~. tUmbledown, twn-Frtt)r-;v fnrmhQn~ in the open ("ount.-:-y 12 mne~ nortllwP.frt; of ~11I1 Arbor. Th(LY prm'" r dl;!' PI' T~.s t()T h I~ ~ carr lit:'! h R~ lUI ancil:'n t ~hoo'hn.f for :bUuU 0" ex]'IP.rl i tinn ~-~. fJf" rt 1 1"11') h:r.. ~ )lJ::r;: .a oP.. The d{·tf;1I1 m-n :rlefl :I t. ,. 11. When tb~ htJan '[ofJarkln' .. mJ lW:>Uf1rln' ~. lit N o"p'01"'"k th8t SUbllay Ql~ht.. Frank ran ootBIde-----~ tiloogh tl e 'W fi_.4;j! ~~ r! n!lf II I Ii tm j t p.nn ta-----Rrl d 1~ t:'!R;8t In to ~w.lll11'I.n.nd from th~ rl,*, (rof ~nru nd on \OJ:'" h1-c b t.hp. hon:.e t II; bunt. lie ~"" 11gh t.!"! .n nd a [a: In t M4 gloC4r 11.111100 'C I i':a1'"e't:3 bcl.ll" f.JIDok ed:. ~.


/ j:. '

.. '

, ..

i· .

_. .

.. r ....

. , .. I , ., .. ,

3 . ~~_. t


"1"8 Ilk ~B.lled bb~ t_g..YNr..ol d AOIlf Ronnie. SuI t pa-ntlll or- not. tbey started doW1\ toward w ha teV-8T t t wa~. tiT thmJ lil:hl· a metooT ba d hi l, tb at DlAYbj.. we (lOU ld

pick np pl~ of It," Frauk $BId.

It J!P."t"M" for i. mlnuLa ~l1Tred to him thElit the Cnitro Sm~ hadn't had B.

~ D:1.J8l.erlQUd H1lng"l" mRnll'"~tatl(lf1 1nl" a CfJ()LI"fI a~, that It WUK 111"Obfl· bl~ time for R. DJJW ,"jfo;!tatlon from t.he myt=:t~:r~(Jus. Itt.tlp. men from enter P-pR.c@ .. Dd that t.h~ had det I ~ to nN !!WlU 1 hem Mtf!hin n in ..renentl and hi" F\wR mp In parlkUlftJ" 1o'r tb~ (\~ n~e8t dIRP'~ 1 or t1 fI ~h 1 ng L i~ t.~ and w b iZ2i DI" ha If -~~ 4JbJ~ ~ n~ Frtwk pcrt1n~ fired u _22 rifle: e. taN ~w York crow -;fill nd Il tt a

fi taWO!'tIJ fItI~tory-bft~ k In 1001-

Fnnk ")13. nnor aoott l"fI'ftl izOO tha t 'h ~ and b b3 Non ~ ~ 1 .. 1 n~ snu le ki n.o. of

tb tng, Tho ground becw PfI1 h i ~ h ou~ II. nel the- fI"W amp t ~ nnrnmoekr. roUin.r. 'hot til e 111 dlt was cl.ear an il moon 11 t and th.e glrm a h [1ft" waR plam. ~.J nMt_ llte we were buntln r dP.P.l"/1 Frank Nt d to Ronnie, ·'Don~t hUk, WtY 11 snea k up OIL it. H

Th~ j nmped a -ereek. cl1mbe(l R. ri~ I !l nd tlJ .. ere it was. a fe-w hW1drad yardg , UMld in the tn.aI"IIIh. ThE"" f.b lng aremed. Il ~ , M.g a.s an Il utomobllt"-Io and wl)~ I II eM 11gb t on one ~nd III nd ft W hl tn It gilt on too other. Ita; bac li: w1U'4 hnmlfC'l an-d. lookoo ,lH.yil!lb. Qr hint ~b· brown n:utI W8,=" I IqllU tM.1' fW t"OUgh UUke COI'R 1 rnrk1 ~~ It eeem~ 00 bP. B1 ttln~ perh,alM B t'~t otT the grcmnd III a pRtd"I r1l mllIt, "Like a ttI.8.D lo a \J(Jftt on a IIlt~1:y h. kP. ~n the morn [nF-ynn can ~ the man

bl~t r"'D~t quite- make out tne boat,"

SuddenlY it t Ul'"n pfl blood rro, ,. Look n t t:b8. t b orr! ~ le thin g! Dn d, It blurted

Ron.IlI~ d the lirht~ I n~a:n r 11 went rot, B oth bfop.D r1lnnhl g tow tI. rd It. "I) w~ M ft _pumnt .. , 83Jd Ma nn or. '·'Rll t wlui!n w@ get t "hfl'rP t t. 'w:a!'t :lWD,e. I nu nte-d tor 4 bQ(ll"l but tb~ ?in s no MIJIl (101' zmJ.4!Il of u. 1 'm rlad r didn't baTe a. ItI n. I'd il flh1lt, I ~ and 1 migb t hB "'1ft b armed MmPOnE".lt

P;6~k 8. t t hfl oou~, mi'9.n time. Mann or~ wi fe lilClnw.-tl W.()1l1an wl'lo W{"'.am

II!!bal Je-~88 ... 1 R~kN lind !l 11 u n I ~l sh itt w l th thE" l.fII! 1 ou t----drtl-dNd t(l .f'R 11 t.hp neurb, DPxter v.illu~e pol l('lI'. 'IW~''''-e ~nt an obJ~t out h,pN',~' fl.hfl Mid rQrnt:ll.llr. l~tll3t luo"it ~ l (bI. .,..hat tbeyl"flll 8. :flying; q ueer.!ll,lmt U !;ht.~ ml n (low tl lo t b~ f.":wR..n:.'_'"

9ioC'C the MannoOTR aft' on an {'Ilrht~pnrty lin!;'! T .IE"'(IInn ,()ld n grrat 1118ny otner other pec:tple. too I ~ D rl the wurd H pread ltk~ llghtn tng----{l r the f.!;lo"'rt" ,. ... om R 1iyiDi saucer, Cnps and deputy !!I!heriffs wcre soon t nmb III L~ Ol1 t of cars .aDd tll r!:l.8lt11l¥ off toward tLe rna r~ h, all d !be rOil d beyond t be :h Oll:;W: wa ~ J UlEl moo :!!loUd with th~ C9:r!: of gawk ers, M" BEit of 1 b~m .EJ"e rP-WR rdt~1 fo r t.h-et T "",Ilo-rt. uexte-r Poll ce ClIj {'"f &obert TRy kI.r :R nd Patrolron n N nlan I)fito" ~ w the- rro ~I ow us tbey st um hlE!d .u.rvund. In the dar-k; so ~ lit.! W a ~ht~na~~ Gnu nt.'f f)p.])l1t)~ :::iherit! g ~tAn· ltl!1 )de Fa.dJ:lf.t'L flnd. DH." Jd 1'1tzpa trldL An w.pOrted, ltk.e Mall n O!' f t b Itt tbe light evmtul.l1y v~nhmed, Hilt UIlUk~ tll~r host, wIn, ~1d, ". ne?er !!!IC{'Tl it take (lL!r'r tbc oopt! felt it had ~ppP.d awny (I\-~er MaJ1nOTt~ house making: a sm~nd lUre "an

ambula DCi?'. H

j'I seeD tt," :pJ.pFa. dden, ~ut I still don't believe it.'"'

D~ ter Patrol rna n Robert H u n8.wlll M.. W f.I. "stran ~t>!, U~hted nhJ~t" u"Dvear o"~el" h ls pe.trol cat' ft~ he Wl1 i t(!t1 in tb.p rood lo,. t h~ who hQ<1 ~E1_ [m t foOl tbft 8W amp. 1 t had red a nil white lllii:htB "~ht f'b a t tllm~ bad II b Iuhl;b tinge" RD d: made ~nntino1o r 1IIWeep8 (WeI' the swnm)t 8. L a belgh t er 1 ,()(lU fl~t 8 nd tbeu. u .. being' j(Jtued by tbrep ot.b-er '·objP.("tsf'~ fI~~ .away. Chirl Tn.ylor'~ 16-y~r-old ton BobP.rt 88.W one H~llted thilJg at 1Q ~a(). Tt fl..a!~lt .. '11. n·d And wt'lih~ an(l burr\l~l ttl!

to the ~

Ann. AriJoItf though sha.rply dl vk9.ed'b sco1Tr-nc and bellf'"\'prs the n~t (1&,..

,tilt J¥.oP.m@d to t't.-el II un Rnim null c l vi C' prIde in, tbe- fact ttl n t, tbp. Air FUrI.."1;! 1U1(' u..kefl cr.«nbaJ1~ of Its luriE! Vhf!i'llomcrion b,. rti~patt'blnlt A :o1t!"u!]lInu~l" S, AllP.ll Hynek. dir@'ct.ol' of N orlhw~t.em t ni 'feT1g.i tr"~ lJenru orn () bsen.' a,tory, to v.: {'ll!h tht ta las 01 th@ ~l~t and, no dnnht ~ send a llle:!ll1lla~ or Ii!: r 8.l'1 ty and IIDOOrt tu the Pentagon. 'Thl?' WPT'@ even m~n" bt ~rt'll'Ded to ll-ear thft t. H J Bek did not tnl!t:.fl[ltl~ umoUnce: tba t )Iannn rand hlJ.! ~llow bush whaekf'r5 had "Flnlpl y ~n the U Ill· vel"sH.r ot Mlchil;l.n1s dlll;b.MlJ.npt~d P@f:I~h Mooublln l'8.dln tp.]e~, ~tllilldll! 3.M.1I.lnMt the uy beyond thfl: R rea 1n w blC"b they :sa ViI the glowi IIi!{ Lh ing. U :mel.:: t • l)@aTdoo man who ba8 In1j'"e~1 ~ t~ iB. hund~ oth~" • ·~i gil. t i ng'Jl ~ fOO' the A1 r Force In tlle Illst two "~a.~ ~~ wa~ ~ure Mill nn nr wa9 too a(lJ"'np. tome<! to the- t~!P.o..,. t-o e,er m1l!1ta~ It (or anythltl~ el$@,

'~I bellir\~ the people- who mIld e tb@ij.@ ~lJ::btlpgs 8 re P.n t, l?ly hcme$'l A.nd mn·

-e~re~~" be .td. '~But I 1m not wllllt1g- tn ~1~ wbat th17 NIlW~'~ H9 hl.'dl:ed wllen aBked if he thought th¥ tblng might enu1!elntbly hn,·e be~ f! n~" Iitest "V-e11i~11f' of 8~ 8OI't. ~~r tb'lLk I knl)'W m 1lC h more nf. what ts gofntr: VII thaD .. • .,... he b('p_n, but then lUI; 1 ted aoo ~ ldt UM 1 d.on It th hi.k 1 F:b wId MY n n:vthl tUr • ., ..

l"'lD. sure th~ 1.9 Mmp. natu I'lll eIplUl! tlo n tor an of th l:ll/' .




.... l

t ..

'.~iI,II .: ~ ...

...... -

.~~ .

·i .. "

" L

. :' ..

Of tb (II sIgh tin.p M far cht'ICknl our; l~ than 2 percent o-f th ~ total H.t~ on PMjed Blue Book's IU@ Big ~ntd.entJftPd. The- Air ~~ oftlchllly ("1)n.r.ludK tbAt. of these hns g.ven any irtdirnttloo (If po$lng A. to 8t\fetyl ur (pIl!'erl ~ llP9i" ·l@('hnolugi(,,8.1 gala. or of nnglna tiJlg" from Rome -t~x lr8. terTe!thlll .AOUTC~ H D'WCJ"t!r ~ 80Dle .of these- til ~ remain offt.eia 11y 0JMm allQ th~ Invp.~ tip tWo,

.oIL t lliP-Dl eontin ue..

Dr. J. Allen Hy nK~ dl rector ot Ilea rbom Observatory at N ortbw~t.er1I Urn-

'fersi t7, .... bo 113 hrod lng up thp. Ann A 1'"00 r ill 'l'e!!Itlga timl ror th ~ All' "Fo~. is all old hand at cbpeking &n llrtPg lIauCP.CS ror Blur: Hook. Dr. IlyrlEk that @i"bttl1J;' f'lI'PO:rts n tlIIllBllf do lim 0 rig; nAte 1\' j tb 1)er-FIoD R. w hu bl"-lllE'Yeo in on te-rs:"p9~ vlsiteth)D8. '~1JeHf!'venJ,·' <lnn~t need. ~'~ht.lup:~ t.o oonvlnee them, hUll are irrttn.tNt by the embar-r.:'!IlIlneM and ~kU'l~ ic lsm wi t h wh I~h most U FO !tpnttP.~~ I tk~ Frank

Monnor, 1"f1Kl"!'l.. wba t (.h{OY belt@V!!I!! they 'ha yeo seen.

4 't t lEi (I'{lfIiY to dbsmlM tile (:R~~ of blrd!1,~ ba.llOOD.-~ ~ a ruI t be 11"k e, ~t say ~ D1".:Hynek.

j~ut. wb-en good solid rewrt ~nrn.ptbIDg i'uzzHnr:r, I belle-v-e y.'P,' have IIUl (JIb]3 ra tlon to dil .&.8 rood tl joh Q='l woe can. I ~ga rd our 'Un I d.entl~P.d8" as B ~["~ ot ·blot tm the escutcheon, Born ~·huw we K:ieIltis ~s Fl.h nuld b~ able 16 cnm~ up

with 8~8 tor- theRe thin p.'"

Major Qu1n.t.anella. a ,thourh C':'erta ill thR r no evlilence turn MI up to dm te bU

e-v-f!n hln ted ~ t ~art. ot unea rr.h Iy or 11" Ill. aRLee'S thm t t t '18 llllDO!j!;ij lble- t {t prove- thflt. Hying 8AU~!'"S do Bot ex i!!!!t. In R ny p.vp.nt. Ute-.A. ir Fon"'e Is D(I t .about

to gi" up ehR sJng UF01s.

.. ~ We are ~. 01 IlJ llUQntII to d IP.'ve] op n1.1 r OWll rocket twJwd.~rfI; to ;cl our apace-

Malt to the mOOD. and beyond," 98,.a th@ rn..ajOl"" ~n~Hjni. j'ImK~llJe- what, a gr!lll bt:!1.p It 1f"t)"I11d be to ret on r ha ndll! 00 • IJh til fMm apoLher v1BI1@t :IIiInd e:J am [ne Hili

powerp1&b t. "

The CHATRlfAN ~ What. T wflnt to ask you is, why dn they always 8M

them in the nighttime 1

Dr. II yHEIl. The Ie n re It number 0 f report,s f con L t hA irns 11.1 ..

though it i! true there are m9.ny more night -sight.lngs.

The CluDtl!JlN. Then there is another thing, if anybody Wl.nted to

spy on this country w hv wou 1 n ~.h.ey go to th is e:'lE;pense, ow henlou can go to .any newsstand and p all the info rma tion y011 w ant, a.n if that d()fAl'l'!'t help you get a roadmap, and if that doesn't help you, hire

n Hert..z car.

Dr .. HTN:r.:K. "'Ig,ybe tOOy ~oll!ll know this.

The CHA·J]tIlAN. 1 f t.he M D. rt ian~ dOll', know t h 1 ~ by t his time they

wi 11 n B ,,~er know it.

Spying on t,hiR countrY is 80 simple, I eannot understRnd why the

RUSSl ans (If &Ilybod.,Y wan t 9 W pn t 80methi ng up in the air to spy un truB country, when t h ~ Y hR "\7e got so many 8,. ven l1@S ,,·e don 1t poHM.

Dr+ HyN'BK. No comment on that, Mr~ Cha.irm9.n. The CHAlRHAJr. Well, ~ou ought. t.o comment ()n j t " Dr. Cha.mbP.rla.i.u't we will he~r from you.

Dr. CHAlIBERLATN. Thank yOll, ltlr. Chainnan+ I res]ly have no

questions, but I will sa_y the sightings in Michigan were near mI area., but not within iL I am pleased to hear YOUT recommendation and to ha va the Secret a.f.Y·S statement that he in ten d~ to implement it

I am further eomlort.ed to know h~ is ~l-ing it furl.her thought s.nd he i.!l goinS' to., at such time 9.S your recomm~nd1i.tion is implement.ed. we Ilr@ ROlng to have a panel thnt will consider th~ things in depth., not ju~ in tuwn for [t, dl\y~ Wit1l a cursory took, .and disposing 01 i~ . because I reel we ha Vf· of hP.f scient ific ach ie..,~ment sand I\n ",,"ances, .u. tha.t there is going to be 0. grow ing imporl.unce of sun"eillance or t.hi.a

ph~nome!l a~ · ~-

I -would say, furll .. ~.-r, t,bs people in our area 9,.n! ooncemed s.bont thIS.

Then has been OOtlsi derah 1 Pi responsible @ditoriaJ oom men t in our· n ewspa pets.. It sh 0111 d 1 ~Ot be "~poo .. pooed," as you sg,y.

.. -,


'. . .... '

i ~~ ..

: ~. .-

.. - ..

,I., • ~. '

.~' :.

~j I:··'

f- • -

• I ~ .. ~ .

t~l : ~ ~. ,. .

. ~ I I'"

~.. L. ~I"

~.l: . ,. Ii. ..•

~ ~ f

_, • L •

',-!-I ~. •

:~ L·\~

~.~ ~ .."

,. -

, '

. ...


i am p l~d to have yo ur s t.aJ.ellll'.n t.

n~ .Mr. t lha rrm an, I t-hR..ryk you Cor JIK v[ng this JU~9.r-i d

people in to put .'lome attention on this mfIJ.j"r- Th· k ng) an th~

TIle CnA.~AN. Thank you. ..~ + an you.

Governor t;ta.ff onl Gove S ff M

close is this to your district ~I'110r ta OJ,u, ),ou f.L1~ (rum Vermont, how

M'r. S14AI"FtHID. Thn nk vo M rtl." "

ment on that, ~ u, r. '-..lrt~lmlMl. 1 was goIng M com-

H Mr. nh~tes ~as pointed out tllere ha ... -~ llf-l..fl:.n lTFO si zhti n ' N

nrnps ire, \ ermont not r() I~ outdo 1 t k ] ~ gs ill ew

there, also, ROmp. within io ml'lc~ f nhe as wee .as had sightings

Th C v ~ u my ometown

~ HAmMAN. That is ~etting awfull 1 ·

~ r. &'~Ii:D. y es, sir. - Y C QSJf!.

Since our ~tatM nf Vermont and New Ham hi k

t ....... ·lr CI ..... at ),1 (~I ' ..L u. ps Ire are nown 'l1li ~ ths

." ] O'UI 00, _\ r. .nairman t,h is run v 'he 1;1;' I \07 RoO, "CI

han Oil the part of the IJF(r~ It l ~ 1 _illlp J II CRRe. of ?!LU 113 Vlga~

t1u!)y are extrntcr ~'I th ~·1 a .10Ug' I son.~ of us Hunk It may be 11

than Xew Hampilii~'~o~:!.~~re ~mty looking fora wurmer dimatll people in Ve rm on t Me ' ., ... + h \l In an y event ~ J n serio usness, t. hEll h&v~ OOC d · \ ery muc concerned over the sightinga that

Mon y,rhi:ili~th~~ ~:!t~~;~~t~~id~b'ble people h~ve soon plipnom-

1 would S1m p];y hop« L h ~ t. r he Secreta f h A .

doctor could R..~~ll re me th at if the Be si h7 o tl e 1 r F orcs and the 81f3l1 uated th a t ~ l h ,g In A'S live not. alt"eadv been win be. 't. . m . e con rse of investigation and deliberatioris t.hey

'l11e OK AIhMJ.\N 1 hope 'f . ·

dOll It ha ve to t ~11 r hem w he~e:& (}oUu tCh·omCP. 1 n1.COll! n ct. W 1 t ] l aI1Y of' them YOll

M H~hert' 1-..-' aro ins, 1~.

r~ P . IS next.

~~ .~~J('l.. ~an k you, Ittl". Chnirrnnn ..

. 1 e these .ol)J~ts ha ve not be~Jl ~een in my d lstrict_. I' l t t

prepare! mh yse 1 f!ll neeo. LIse 3.f t.f. r n fin ... cl ection ~'11 ,r r n~ ghJtUhS ,,:an 0 9lm-e u r em. .' . " l" eo soon

J:ba~:rr, han, you ~{)Ilferood ,,.jth Mr. Ray 'WaJstolJ lIIl this subject

Dr. fIYNKdl. ~o sir

DrM~. HH~BER·t. ~~~ that ri f I go a lle II \\. i t h :r 01] Mr. Ra. V WaIst 9

.. • ~~EK. XOt ~Ir.. ..,.. on"

M~. H~~HT. It does not rjn~ no 00111 H · 1 . ·

IlI.n ~ n the cou n h . un 8 Dce I I .. e ]s t le most- 8 U 1 1.01"1 tR h ve

~~ h ... is 1'):[1' 1Fa\'o~t.e ~ffl,~l:R~~rs III P,Vl'.ry home every 8ullda.y

· H;N"F..x. Oh. [T ... aughtffi'~J

~. ~EB~' Hlll~ufi nn Ill1jenno. out of his head, tr.lO,

, M~ Ilhr.l{.~ IJlunk I have ~)l tR.lkin~ to the ""rong peopl~ Wl.nt~ u: d~ct e r.a.n ~ h ed ~ R. Jot 0 flight on t.he sub J act.. t J' usf

TL~ . ~OUI o.t.t~nt ton t u tha.t

.IJ.11..t IS 8.11) :M r r ..._;] Ul. irma) 1. r

.. Thee D

.. Mr ~Alru.t~~~ r •. I r.n. 11 , you an~ Up.xt a.lter Ml"r Price

. j~, . CE. ~_,U';tor, If 111 far.t they exist lUu'i nre f .. t

au t we ha ve ha \1'"f'I f\ t rfl c ki n 0" t h rom ou er s tmce~

. ~t nlcki ev . - 11· "JIll gys CHI t at. n ow do~s " real com p@ter.t

.... L_ ..... ng ery Sltte Jh~ ~n outer spncp, so "P.7e know tL .... t " ~ {,;.IJ ~ SOffip1t\· here @ I ~ an rl th · "1 • every one J.U1. IS

IW.Ord of P.flCh of th d" ~ L ast fl ey CllCJe In outer space we a

Dr· ,~e, 0 \\-e no "":

r· · H YN~I(, It IS m.\' ullderstanding tll t .J

lnade earher~ a we uO~ T1liR is. the point


Mr ~ Pm CE. I r they did t ra vel in (.1U ter 8 pace t. be re wnuh 1 be a record som ew here of t h ei r tr a \~ e Is i It outer space ~

Dr. HYNEK.. I would certninly think so, and this, or 00 1.lI"SB , is I

think one of the most. potent Rf_f:..r-uments a,gnln~. extral erresrial visitati on by inte 11 i ~nces un 1 P.SS th ey were SQ SU pRri nte 11 i gent t hey know how to ~vade -cotnpietely 1)111" surveillances. T think t.h if') would be

prett.y d iffi-r.lIlt ..

MrL PitICE. As they left their normal orbit they l.'unlfl be tracked

and followed Y

Dr. HYNEK. YBH, sir.

l11·. PR1 CFh. As they Ieft the orbi t. ~

Dr. HYNEK. Tu U .. e best, ()f my un derstan d ingt ths y certa inly could

be. -

The CUAIJO(,A;NL Dr. Hall,

Mr. HAlL. Mr. Chfl.irman, I just '\\~nnt.ed to thank the Se.eret,a.ry and

h is distinguish ed gu P.Rt.R for th IS, and RI\ y for some tim e W~ ha ve even had sp aee con vlAtil ]0115 do wn in the Oza r ks, in the 1 r.:!!jt 13 yea rs, 9. nd it would seem obvious to me in view or the report tnday those who ta ke tri ps uy the use of hull uc i nato ry drugs t-l r~ a] mos t 5 ynon ym oua with the num her of spa ee si ght iniltS We ha v 8 ha d reported here hu I flo Y t n smely, in the order 0-( 101000. To me it ind lent!',..!;;] a dec:t'MSB in ttl e mores snd the fiber of those who wOlild subi ect themselvea to hulluoi-

natory infl uences in the H rRt P Iaea.

Thank you.

The enA lnM:AN. lJ r L Rtralton i

Hr. S'J'IlA WON ~ You men ti oned somet h 1 n J! from Li Ie maga.zine: Air.

Chairm an, There were two pi ct u res in Life magaai n e I think we would like an e.xp lana t ion of + One. -0 f them was ~ red obj ool w hich WM clearly viaibla in the p_!lotograph. The other were t.wn lighu, I think, taken in Sidney Harbor, one ot one position and one. at 8 n other, and then th ~'Pe wa~ the thi rd photograph. T w ... n der if the Doctor con ld give us w ha t t he ex pl nnation is of t he ~ i

Dr, HYNEK. ,\\T Hll~ ~h', unless one hns the or iginat negative, there is very little photoanalysls that ean be done. It is AA id a picture is worth B thousand words, but I think in this ('use it is. t he uth~.r way 11 round, because generally i t- h ElS been flll r ex perien c e, and 1 th ink ~[a j or Qu i i lIn w ill bear me out, thn t when we iI n h 9. Vof\ hoaxes t.hey very frequently are aceompnnied by p hctographs.

Mr. SmA. TroN. lapp nJ;t~ bd.e i t is p oss ib 1 e too octor U p ne·~ ti l'8S. I.AA. me put it the other way around. Have these three ill-cldents w bieb are reported photogr-a·p h ic.a 11 y j n Life mn ga z i n e lJ~l t @xaminoo

by you, and,. if 50,. W~8.t are YOllr flll(liJl~ 't\·jth reprd to them 1 .

Dr. llrN-u.. No, R1T1 they have not· been ex:~mlnpci by me., bcCRUMI I do not hl'rvo the origin&. 1 nag-atives.

Mr. S mATrON ~ Are these i nei dents listed in the 1 ist that you hR VB

compiled~ and -r.·hich the Secretary ba~ told us 05 ~t 8.I"e expl&1nw a.blei

Dr. HYJ1D:. No, ~it". These -parlicula.t plct.UrM are not in my list

since] don~tkn()ow enough aboutthem.

Mr .. BTaATrON. Doctor, I would suggest ~Mnce th~ hRve ha.d vei:y p romin ent ei f"(',tllA.tion~ in f\ nlRgRZ i nIH of some pro m i nence ; n th ~ ootm· try ~ that we ought to a.xailline these part~cu 1~ r t~ i n gs .and d~tet'm~ lVhet:.hM- they are hoaxes or not. If anyt.hlng is ~hsturblng t.he Amen-


.. .

i' ~,

• I •

: .. I

;}; ....

.,. .

II. :


. :.s I ...

'.I • I I

. . .

- • ."'1

~ .

~ ...

.. '

~ ... ;


I ••••


~ people, I wool d MSUlIle a J) 1 cture f thi k · d·'

1] I J ust the same Wit y that Li f~'8 sto it f Ih 1 ~ would he disturbin g

up in Bnltimore has now t"e8u1t.ed in 10. lwt .. at Ill{Jpened ft.) some dogs the House, egis a. Jon ~l ng recommended to

Y°hsu have no et;:pla.nat.ion or haven't looked into th · f

_grap that. ~ppear (tn pages 2e and 27 f Life . e ~ee: Q photo- 24 and .2.5 ~ 0 l ma.-b'""'z me, an d pageR

Dr. HY~"-:K. I learned nf the Life article llL_~ w

Mr+ STRArl,()N. Ist~at COlTect, Doctorj eek ..

.~. HYNEB:. Th'lt. 19 correct, [ hav t .

and information published bv· Life 6 no fl!XlI.mmed the photographs

Mr. S'nlATJ\)N Has a~~ + • ed

Ma. Q' s ex9.fn In them. in the Air- F 1

f Jor. trrxr AN lLLAL r. Stra tton, we ha:m asked f h oroo .

o . thooo P f crures, but th B C1 t izens '1] ot t h o~ t e n~t.t ves Au. ~'orcA. You cannot fo WI n urn t 6 negatlves over to the Force. ' rce them to turn them over to the Ai ...

Mr. STRATrON ThPly turned th r

they' .. em over to Life m~inA, haven't

:f:jor Qm~ANJLLA. You will have to ASk them· I d 't kn

M .. SrnA'ITON. Wlull has Li fe g-ot.1 ' OIl ow.

sjor Q1:i'l N'T'ANILl..lA. I don't Irnow sir

Mr. SmA 'l'T() N'" H(1 w- OOJ ha'· ·

lrhat Li -rn hes ~ · l you ve ex am ined this wi th ont finding au t Qt;'INTA;N lLI...1.. """"'hat is thllt" !'Ii r i

r. S1~TroN. How can you h~VfL MltmU 00 th . .

RI:~ without findin g out w ha.t Lite ha,~ , I • ~ particular in-

Ms.] or QtnNTA 111' I LLA. Th P. Air F 0 h"

8tan~J sir, and the ph~ph~ ha~ ~~. ]DVestlgated these in-

n~tI VM have nerer been turned Ol".ef ~on~ Air F:!r~lned bf.,c·.a.u~ the

Mr. STJtATroN"L You have not been i to _..L • ".

find out w hot, t hev have? In ucn ow ith L] fA rn ~ine to

:R. j or Q"UINTAN n .. T oA • No, SJ r;- we ha.rn not.

r. 8TItATWN. Don't von rhink it · ht btl!

make an effo rt to fin d 01l{ w het her Li f ~g . well to. undertake to

or wh~t,hel'.they have hOOlI in t~l1~h wi~h t~~tf:dl!-e~f.lvM, for BXRmrl~

MA]~:r QU]jrtAN JLI .. A. Y es, si r.. . ividua Is concerned

Mr .. :STR:\"M'O:'i. VleU., I thin Ie Mr S ~.

~uch 1 mpte&~t wi th 111~ d oot~(' 's ~t :ret.ary t ns I ] ~st said, I III rt w.r_y

Iti~d 0 r t.h ln~ in r .i f Po m ng'O~ i np. m ~~ ~7n t, arid Wl th yours, .bu t this thing there, and you s~y that h . Rp~nr that tJ~p.m 15 SODU~-

there is noil. i n ~ t.h ere 4"tl ul- I di ~k Lh v: exa.m 1 ned th~a t.h i ngs, and t.h~ ~ th~t. Wt! enn hn.,,'e all BX pl =-lUlL.i a. ,Y:bU ought .to have p:.x-"mined

. The CfIA.mMAN L J nle R:l.y 8omet.h~n 0 ese p.Brt,relll.n.r phenomena .

. \Ve ca.n not, lI,.sk t he ~ecrP.-t.n1")'" to ]oot/~gt. .. ~

lishM, or e,.·ery J ~ri od l C'fll that ] n ,0 ~very mn.gaZ] ne that ]9 pn h-

~. ~ ow, it SOOIUS to mo like r.if~n:a.:!. - 0 f . everybody's printing c ud.ed, J f th(~y are fis rnterested th - .In(\ lS no~ exempted or 9X-

that come; to my offl ce I d RA+h. ey a pl_lea-r to be In t.h 1 g m ngazine

rt!I!pofl9ibility, i have. ofu!~ a.t"hin~ Iy!: ~ 1l81~~~ look into-t\lat is my poop It! Vr· h C J gl ve, S~ 1. ,!!tfJlnt t . ~ , . 0--1 oaks to r me 11 ke these mtereAted jn seejni! whut. the I)Oif;]nRt]o~lht(J t~ese t~lngs ,.,·ould be ret&ry .-, r r )e.f-en~ t J le 1"'ffi 0 n~ i hi J ; t ~ ) a~, WI t. _out, 1m posln g on {he Sec· mtn es out of e.Vflr::v lu"'" V '1~ \' p. ~ ern J JO~ tractkIkng down everythi ng t fu, t

-... • 0 no now wily we should im-

pose on the Secretary the ":<Jui.rBI~t to track down Life ln~6 and say g.i va me your n~tl ves, give me your reasons, Is this what

yon wa.nt~ .

Mr. STRATI'ON. Mr. Chairman, it wg,s my understending we were

aski ng th ie quP.f.&t on bees U8e m 1\ n y peopl e had. been so~e. ~ hat + OODeerned by theae reports in recent drt.ys ~ including the dlSt·} ~ g\llshed

mill ority leader in the House.

The CXADlMA N. Y ffir. . 1 '

Mr. STRATm'N. Alld it does floom to me when a nataona ma~lne

that hR8 &R much influence as Life hH.H, prints soma photographie-: what purports to be photogmphic-pieces of evidence or these objects, w8 ought to if woe are goinft' to a.1Ia y the oo~~ 01 th~ people who have start.ed this in'VMf·1ga.tlon by our committee In the first place, t.hRi

"\tr~ ought to h&ve an an sw e 1" to it, . .

The CHAIH)(Ali~ I think so, too, but T don't think we should cr1Li~

ei Ee the Secret ary for not} ltL vi n g dona it.

Mr. Se-cmtP.ry, hers is what I am going to M}uest do. -rou ~ in touch with Li fa m~ine. and request them to fu rnish yO .. 11 with tlis information that Mrt Strnt.tOll hss brought to your attention, or &IlY other magazine, and report back to this oommittee.

SeCI"5l.a. ry ~ R.oWN .. We 'W ill be glad to do so, •

TIle CBAIRKA.N. I aru sure , ~i. fA mag aeine wou ld be ~I' to do this. ·Mr. Stratton, I t.hiIlk :you wise in it, but what. I didn It want to do is to unwittingly criticize tile Sec rets ry for not h~vmg dOM


Now"Mr~ Secretary will XOIl do it1. ..

Secretary BROWlf. if e will do it, Mr. OhR.lI"InBIl, and we wlll I think

eontlnue to follow our .I(I'OlUld rult""..:p..s.......--

Trw C1IAUtHAN. YOn get those neg&ti yes if yon can &II d tu rn them

OTet"' to the doctor, and I want a report on It.

Mr~ !STRATTON. Mr. ChaiI"J11.l,n, I have one more qnem-.ion. May I

88y 1 wouldn't d ream of criticizIng Ute Secret aryl he and I are good

fnendB, and he knows I am only try1 ng to be helpful. . .

The CHAlRl!AN. 01 course, a.nd I know he cherishes your friend-

ship ~ and so do I4 •

Mr. 8TB.ATroN ~ The oche to item t hn.t, has 1"@811y_. led to all th18 ~TI MI"!L

toda.y are theae sightings in Michigan. The Se«etary 1wa gIven us 8. report, but I have only had n .chmoo to skim ov-er it. ~he ~ here & moment, agu commented With respect t.o those people m Wl&x)o" sin that only two or three peopl ~ in the area had seen the phenmnenoo, snd w&sn.'t it surprising t.Jaat EI lot of. pe-ople who must have been

around d Idn, 't. sea it, . .

If I understand the newspaper aeeounts oorreotly, the th~mg t.hat 18

unique about the Michigan sightjn~ is t.hat it. lot of people In the area sa w it, snd the gi rls in {hE- dor lui tory apparent 1 y SFL t sroun d furr hours watching it, and J?':'Ople carne and we.n .. t, a.nd an ~w whatever It W8&

Now. I wooner If you could gi~ us In a nntsheU.whBt the expl~I" tion ;t th ia is' Mn rsh gas i 9 wh&t. lund ersta.nd 1 s the ell. p In.nt\tl~.

Could you tell u~, docl.or.., in a few words t.n H gi-st of ,.,ha t you dis.

covered Ollt then tha.t you kaYe. reported here' ..'

DrJ HYN'F.K. I win be h(l.'pPY to. I oondueted. a. detaIled. mqulry

moo the two ~ si.ghtlngs at Dexter &nd Hln9daJ~ Mlch~ Of ths 60 to 60 JJe9ple who reported having seen olle or the other of these

I toJ kecl with abaot 32 peroons..

• Ii .-





• J

i ~~

t • ~

~ _. I

_ ... _._---- ---- . -_ ... _----------_


The CHAlItMAN. How many, doctor'

Dr. HYNEK4 Wit.h a.bout. 32 people. I talked with som~ of these brie1l J, but spoke with at lea st 15 persons in eonsidarah le detail,

Th~ t.wo sightjn~, althon gh ~pfl.rated by SOme 65 mi les ~ were a 1 O('IR..11 zed p he-nom enon. They were. in 1.1 l~ s wan l p JI. ~ a, No indi vi dual that I tAlk Hfl to, an d no groUp of persons, could agree that they has seen Anytll ing ei th er en tar or leave rhe swamp, Them were ~l ieol eted reports h.y people who said that yes, t.hey ssw a bright hght ~come., hut t.hey could ~ol. gtt. any general RUppnri, or concurrence (In t h 18, from the ot.hers: 'W I~nesses did a~ that they AS. W ~ glow, an d red .. yellow., and green llgh~ 1 n t ho swom~ area In both NlBeB. & I sai d t~ m~lft "'Vh~t is oommon in swamps' ~ And I researched this q u est ion with the tl-l d of se ve ra I proiMMrs at the U niversi t.y of Miehiga.n. They have been very helpful to me in this, ginrs sn astronomer doesn't 1m ow R bout s wamps; he usually has his eyes a. little higher than that. Th By in formp.d me, ftJl d I lJ1 fer found i n se .. reral books, that marsh ~s~ resul tjng 1rom the spontaneous igniting in ai ... of such gaBlE &8 CHu methane, H~S, PH~t phnsphin~ and particularly important, P~H,., all impurity in ph05ph~ne~ is a. common occurrence. and products what n PpP.Rrs to be glowing li~ht.s of di If erent oolors. Since then I hR. ve had several letters from 1)00}) 1 ~ sa yin g "What, are they ~ting al] :\0011 t in Mich igan, I have Been th ese thi ngs si nee I been a. kid on the fa rm,' APt t.h ElM ~M 1Lr-0 ~ited t they can pn:t--duee red) yellow ~ and ~ glows. Th~", is nothln g myst.eiio1lS abou t .

these OOJOr!. .

The. Ugh lin g ~ on t hp,re, and goes on here, th U9 giving the impt'tIISSion of motion. The 1 i ght. was moving smoot h Iy, they 8(Li~ not Iol10wln fi! the train w hich was bumpy, and they also rose some distance an ti C8 me down. They WBre reportedly observed luI' R. period of 2~ to g hours,

-In a book, '~Light and Celor in the Open Air," it is pointed out th st SW8.m p IlR'hts, rom mon 1 y kn own RB will-a' -tha-w isp.. fox ] i~ ht, and so forth, ca n be observed for se veral hours, mrnet,irn .a all ni ght.

And the ~onditions were just. right for it in. Mi chi gtm. Ttl both tasee, the winds were reaaonsblv ca.lm. Had there been high winds, it is nnl i kp, 1 Y t hese glo ws wou ld ha VB taken place, .

Furthermore, Miehigan had experienced an unusually mild winter, They tell me there WRRn't m 11 c 1\ snow. IIowever, the swamp had been covered by iee,

Now, in 8. ~~amp rot.t-ing wgetation produces these marsh ~.

Wh-e.n ft. t ha w rom es, i t seems An ti T-ely lo~Oft.,I to me, ths.t these W'BeS wou 1 rl hn bbl C' u p, an~ b~ spont.~neou8Iy 19n~ tad, and ,ou would gee these t.hl~. ToO me 11 15 a IO,ITIr.&1 ~plK.natlonr I said in my press. I cUlll{i n't. prove it in 8 court of law but it seems to me to be n. TM'y Iogical ex plan ~i on.

The CHAIRkAN. Now., Mr. Iehord, Then I w ill rom e over to the other ai de,

Mr. ICHUHIJ+ me first differentiate, Mr. Chainna.n., my poMitl01l from the cha.innnn~nd 1ti:rs. RivAt'St Rlld lLlso Mr. NedzL

I am neit.hAf 8 bel iever nor a d i sbelieve:r r I am from Mi'8801lri, and ] have got to be shown.

TheCHAI1lMAN~ You go right ahead~

, .

~ : . ~ ~ .. ,

111&:·. 1M

~ ;-= .. , ..


. . ,

Hr ~ ImrORD. I would like to aAA, al?ng th~ li ne Mr .. 8tra.~n w~ in1rw.ring, now elose WIl.!3 the J .iill rn II. g'Il.Z me Itnlele!n AprIl Fool s Da.yed· Mr. Cba.irmw, one of the memlM!l1I o.T the r.omJTlIl.tee staff has hande

me I. qUA4tion that. I th in k shou ld be In t.he tfir..ord. ~ ·

Doot.or, II. t:e yon Tawil.m r with the N J C.A. P, the Nil. tmlla. I Invl'I!;hga.-

ti0n8 Comnllttee on ,l~eTlal phBno-ulenon 1 . ~ ..!

Dr. HnnK. ] would think RnyOIlA wbo bas beetllookmg l~IO UJi -:> 8

for the past: muny yell n! II s I have couldn't hel p 00 acqu8.m t.",l WIth

their work. ~ . ~

Mr lCl!oJU). Wh~t is th~ makeup of this e.ommlUwl

Dr: H YN'EK.. It is ~& lled a comm ittee~ btl t. it is ~ 1'&11 Let" la.rge group

of r.i v ilians over the country, as I un d('rl'"dstand 1 t, w h o vol unteer to

invest) gate the caSM.

Mr.ICHOIfD~ It h~ no official standing, then.' ·

Dr.HYN~K. Noofticinl governmental standIng; no, sir, +

M~t Iml()RJ). Th i!'1 committee. does not. a 1 ways agree with your el:~

p lnnl.ti.on of the va ri ous si g h tings t .

Dr. H YNEX. I bel ieve that l B correct.

Mr.ICBORP. How m!\ny~ DOI~t.or, of the 1010OO-plus ~~ have there

been photogrft. phs 011 eged 1 Y taken of lJ F O'~ ~ . ~

Dr. HYNEJ[ .. In eo very fHW ca.~. This is; R.noth~r thing which


Mr .. lGIIORn. CRn yOll give an idea. or how many t

Dr. HYNEK. How manyt

Mlt1or, would you venture 8 gtlesR ~ ?t[s. JOT Qm'N'T A NlLLA. I don't know.

Dr, HYNEK. I would say only about 1 percent, or Iess, or the c~

reported have included phot.~Mlphs.

Mr. ICHORD. TIlf~n J take 1t you can't tf.ll me hOY.T .many n.E these

photograph MSIlS nave not. beeD by yon, :'WM y011 ea,."t

0011 me how many photographs have bEAn taken 1 .

Dr, IITN:r.K. This is ril!:ht.. But the p01nt is that you eanno~ milk,

I sci-en ti fie snalysi S of 8. photo gra r h unless yH~.l hR ve the n~9.l1 ve, As the major has pojnted Ol1t,~ tune and ~galn when w~ n:qnest the

negDt.h'M, they ltre not r orthc.omlnp:~

SomBtlm es other groups ~t. them ..

Mr. tCHORD. Thank you~ Mr. ChRtl'man. ,.

Th9 CHAIRMAN. Now, !-tfr. Clan~y. ~

Mr+ CLANOY. Mr. C"airman~ ju~l OTU? short qnP.Btlun for the doctor.

Ha.Te Imy of the 5 percent, of the nnexplained (1t.8es hf~n observed

on radar sc:tooUFl'

Sooretary BROWN. I don't ~()W the answer to that one.

Mm.jor QuINTANI~. No, SJr.

Mr.. CLAN01'". \Vb at percent &ge of t he report el1 ; nci den ts ha v e been

reported on rudR-r sereens f ,

M K.j or QtrtNT A. N ILL'. A oout l}l percent, SIr.

MT~ {J[J. NCY. That is a.ll. . .

The CHAIRXAN+ Mr. 8chw~iker, W"B are finlRhlng- up now.

Mr. BeH WEIXEH+ Y ~ t sir, J.{ r. Chllinn an.

First I w onld like t.o request t.he TIen v e.r C oun t y phot.'lgr8. -p h ~

inc1uded in the Air Force invMt.i~t.ion, the ons t.hRt ap~red IJI. I..ook magazine, and WI\S vl'rifioo by thl'. R@uvet Cl)llnty TIml1llil. I

hope ths.t will be in~.Iuded.

'lI.... ..

ill ~



. , . i.

~ ......

: ,.,-

, .

. :1 ...

I· ••


.. .


, ,.

I. , ....

j .• ,-;. _I I

~ . .

L\ .

t. ,', j'

I." ...

.. .

I -','

f· ..

~1; i

, J

, .

. ~ .-'

to ,.. .

~.. . ~: ."



. .

...... :

~I I

~ ..

. '

:i ,

t: -

II ":._

I .

" . ,~

.r .• ~ I

.. '

I I.·

r ..• '

4 •


~ . , ..

-' .

... ~. ~ ,

• f • ," "I.

-' -

, . ~. ' ..

II., •

•• }j •

r •

, '

::-- ".

·1.; .... ,..

(., ..

- I .. ~ ·-1

i. ,:.,

r; • t. -r-. ' __

~ -, .

t" .

~., I :

...... ,1


. ~

----_._- ._ ... --------------.


The CHAlRM'AN. We w ill get an Air- Force report on thae, too,

Mr. &':liWEIKER. no T 11 nJ erst-and that ,tOU sa 1 d none of thH unax-

plained objflr.t~ have been sighted on ro.dar~'"

M l\ j or Q. mYTA NTT.T.A. N 01 air j I sai d 1.5: pe reen t.

Mr ~ Sea WEI !< Y.R. N ~)1 the first 9. uesti on 11 Po asked _you W38~ ha v e any ijf t~e lJ nexp ~ln.ed objects been ~1 ~hted on nl dn r. I thought you 98i d ~No·' .00 that Just 0 cou1?l,e of. mmutes ago.

M a. JOt'" Q nrx TANIL(I~'\~ I hat. is C orreet . W p, Ila v e no radar cases which

Bore unexplained .

Mr~ SCtl\\~KI'iR. All right.'s go back to the Bun~ 1flr, Bates ~'&S talking about, Exeter, N.H . .,

th e (In 1:11 M 'r ~ Full er has w ri tten abou t 1 n se vet-A.l ma.gaz in M..

I un~tlrstand this is an unexplained sighting on ·YOUI' part, is t.hllt

correct .

Ma jor Qu IN 'r A ~lLLA ~ T h R. t, is correct, sir.

Mr~ SCfl:WEIKER. He; specifically saYF5 in his story-and 1 quote his

WOrd8 ntl'l;\~~

r..ondd:elltLa.l cornmenta to me by tb£' Coast GTlazodsru(~u and miliary in the II ~ s upport, til ~ lAymen 11:1: testtm ony and COn arm the report!:! of radar B1g'b.t· I.ngA -an ct sera tnh1 ing by jet flghtr["'fL from ~ 8@ Air tro-rce Ba'le',

Ma.jor Ql:-r~T'ANILLA+ No, sir; that is not C-Q~t~ W~ lHIVR no rad&... inf ormat i on on that ~g h t i ng. No jet f ~ ters w~re sc rambled.

Mr. &nW"'fi:1 K XK.. T.rT!r. me ask you t 1~ 15: In the P eaa e A j r Foree I:J ase, you had an investigation by Major Griffin, and a. Lleutenant Brant, 1@

that. correct ~


M r ~ Sf'! H U" f'J 1 It; I'JR. In t·he situ nti on 9 t E xeter ~ N. H., did you h;R. VI! a.

NPO~ filed to you folks by lfnjof' Griffin and Li(Hltenant Brsnt t

MaJor Q"C1~1\~nlr,,!I,. Y~"1 sir : we did.

M r + SCH'W"EIXER. Coul ci we ha ve copies of til eir raw report ~ Maj or Ql.n l'If"'l',o\N ILL,,\,+ Y M., sir ~ you may .

Mr. S CHVl'P..T KElt. What were t h P.! r (~nncl usions ~ Mo.jorQuINTANlJ.JLA. They couldn't ex pl sin it. Ser.reta.ry BROW N'. They Hen t· them over t.o us.

Mr+ 8c.}lWl-lIKF.Jl. They made no mention of planes SC-nl.mhling from

Pease Air Farce

Major Q'(;!KT.\ Y1LL.'\.. There wera .aircraft in the a.rflla on regularly

Ar.noonled missions, but t.hc:y w~re not. scrambled for the purpose of

ohservi nt! the reported lTFO~~.

Sec~tu.ry BROWN. Two of my ~trL.1I have pointed. out to me, MT~ Sch weIker ~ t h nt pp.~~ i'... F B h as no fig 11 t.en; it i s ft. SAC 1,0] n ber bR.E".e,

and is not a fighter base. '

The CHATR)'fA,-r. Are there nnv ot.hBr questions, Mr. Schweiker'

Mr. SCHWEIKER:+ Yes, sir. -

I won] d like- to ask the d nel.n [. :

You said to hn v.e sOl~e b~nn fide, slght.ingR we need 0. lot of poople And n pOlnt-to-pOlnt- I3:Ttt1~t.]4)n fiH~l some other thi~. D0e::3n't the ~K~r, ~ ~lIJ~ sighting, at lp.~~t as repQrted-1 want. to point Qut tha.t m ~hlS SIgh t] ng t.l •. ~rt we re ~~\t"era 1 pol k ~JneJ.l, ] nc l ud i ng t.h~ ch ief of pohee and 5el'"-e.ral n~ws people w 110 all l"C1;x:rrted the :!ianle phenomena., 00 people.. DoeEn't t hn t m~et your erit,eMR; R lot of poople saw it, it was a point-to--poin t· Sit.U.1t ion, aL least this observer says there wet'e

. '.

r •

,;~~. I


radar 8i~h ts, This ap ntly seems to be in disagreement. RtF the

prBSen.t time, .

W ou1dn 't that be a. classi nr-8. ti on of whn t. you Ml d W~ don't ha ve j

Dr 10- H Y NEE:. No, sir. I 8 aid there ~·e re several cnseR '! here we. ~ad

8. lot of witnesses. It does not have to be a point:tO-P?'lT~t.. situation. Whtm IlIl a.i[' Iiner 1M Ve!I New York for San Fra.nCl sro, 1 t IS eeen over Ohio, N ebra..eka, and So fort,h.. These sightings were confined to B rel&ti vely narrow area, 1 want to kn ow 1'" w hal ha pred t.o these ob~. Why weren't they seen over Fort"\\ ayne .. Ind ..

t S CD WEIKEk 1 'he f H.Cl one officer reJWlT ts ne "1fent to the scene

Biter somecm~ e~ sighted irt, and re~ume~ bank to the game pOl nl., there it -was, aoeording to the police officer B testimony ~

Dr. HYNEE .. Yes, ~ir] bat it was in th~ ~Tn8 area, We don't Jm.o.w

whAt it w~ I would like to know what it was,

Mr. 8CHWEIltEH~ One of the other witJl~ in thi8 gt,o.ry~d an I have 16 go on is what the re porter's writing says, ~hey di d, 1 n foot se-e it go from point to poin t, w hile tl ley were watch I ng it,

Dr, HYNEK .. Within it. relati,~ely narrow nraa. But I don' whether they sa. wit len V~ r u r distant point 8. .One of the ~hings that seems to be 80 odil B. boa t this particu Ia 1" CR5e IS tha.t we d id not find horizontal trio j ector ies over an y 1 eng t h, &S you \V rru ld expect from ..

cra.ftj +' 1 r ~...I •

Mr. SCDW1!IKE!. 18 the Rco.ver Comlt.y ~nghtlng unexp UlDt;;U or ]s

that explainable., t hie pllotoW.8' ph I refe r:~d b) ~ Major QutNTAJOLLA. I~ thlR Mr. LUCCl ~ photo l

Mr~ 8rnnvEmER. y es, ~lr.. .'

Major QUINTANILLA. We have asked Mr. LuCCI to ~ubnnt the nega-

tive for photo ana, bu t be has refused to do 80~

Dr. HYNEK.. It needs ft. double exposure., as we can jnd~ from the

print. 1 b + th

1daj or QttI NTANIJ..LA.. We Mked the gent ema n to 8U mIt e nell----

tive for -analysi S snd he refuses to do so.

MT. SCBWUEER. On wh Sol basis i ~

Major QUllfTANILLA. I don't know, sir. We requ~ the negatIve. Mr SeE WElJ[tL He submitted it to the BellVl!r TJmM. They pub.

li8hed it... Mo.ybo these people P,te a Iittle skeptical abcot turning over

nega.ti YeS without 3OID6 aSt'3U ranee. '

I think we ought to look into tha~ n little bit+, becaase the ~ewsp .. per

claims they saw the nega.tlvp~., examlned by their phocographie ezperts,

and they R re 11 uthentle. ,.

Mp,jor QtrnrrANILLA+ 1 IlAve~ a copy of our~ letl.flr m m_y Ii.lee askwg

Mr. Lucci to submit. the negsJlve for &n~lYS1!5, and he declined to do

so. ThAt is all I can say.

Hr. Sc.awm:J[ZIl. Thank you, Mr. Ch&i n;:'Ml .. The CHAIBKAN~ Thank you, Mr. Sehwelker.

We will go to Mr. I£g~l.t.

Mr. LEoo:RTT. Mr~ Chn.lrnI~~ Ml". Wi1~n u.n~ J want to go on ~rd

at this lime that we do not bebeve; we are lnteJl1gent people.

Mr. BATD!~ Which Wi]soo 1 .

The CHAIRMAN. We:9..I'6 going to m.djoum, and we g,~ golng to ~

~ a.t 2~30. If there is no reason tn hold Dr. Hynek a.nd M&,or Qu int&n.illa, W8 will let them be excused. Some ~ple say. wheMyer you all b& V~ ~e we are gui ng to get dow n h ere In exee~tl ve session

I·. , , .,

f· .•

· . . ..

, .

f '

· ,

· . .

. ..

~ . , , .:

t~;-:·;o ' ..

, .

· . • I I ~


· ,


. ..


j • .

1-: I 'I'

• r •

.......... -

;.- -,


~. . ..

"'~ ~ . ~'. ,~

1 ,: •

t· «: :

_. I'

I' «: :

~' ...

I:·: ~, ..

;~"':I :


and you, Dr r Brown, It re go ing t 0 h~ 11 118- h ere is what I m aa nt, to t-Rl I you-a.nd this is f ar I r urn U ie t ttl t 11.

~ Imo W 01 n oth ing el Be to ask him. I thin k we have explored ev-ery-


Mr. Stratton, ha ve you h:-ul :t. n 1 afte rthoug h tB ~ .Mr .. HTRA'ITON. ,.Jl1:Rt, one question.

Wo.s the re not 8 si ~hting, hoek i l ~r!l s Lo rnp> I n 1947, w 1 U~n H. h 0 bje. 'rio WRB .o~ned on radar, either at Notional Airport or Boning, both oommg in and golng out? It f1l~rr.!'} to me there was also a. visual al~hti ng tha t wen L n long with t hut.

Do you-Major Quintan.illa. I don't know how long you have been fnllowi n~ this, but is t h i Bin YOll r records a. t s] 1 i

Ma j.or Q VIm: A l'!ILLA. I am 5U re thR- t if the sighting WAS reported to the A.1"T" "'F Omfl 1 t, 1 S on record J bu tIn m not sware of this pa rti cula r one, sir,

Mr. HTRA TI'ON. It SPiemg t 0 m~ both the radar and the reported visual ~ ght.i n~ were relati vel v in ~gteenH.~ n t . I jus t.. w un d e~(f j r yo u warn

fami 1 ia.r w ith it' ...

Th~ CRAmMAN .. Thank you, liT. Stratton .

Are there any other qu~t.ionB fraln any other member of the committee. f

Mr. ICHORD. ",7 e wi II be hack h ere at 2 :30 t

The CRA.lRHA1f. The eommi tt 00 w ill reconvene at 2 :30 for the purpo8A (If t.fJ.k i ng Il p 4-12+

Dr. Brown, we hfl\~ no more requirement for· the major and Dr.

Hyne~, and the resumption of ULP. lle~l r iBg t 11 i~ ,. ftert10011 win be in exeeu ti ve sessron.

It will have to do with 412. V{e will take up where we l~ft off.

~Dr. Brown if you and General l!cC0!lneU will be back 8.t 2 ~ao. we . wlll meet, We don' ~ {)lRn to IJU ve g meet I n ~ Th u ndRY, because I think fI lot of mem hers wil have gone, it we An fsh on W ednegday. But ~ do want to meat this afternoon, and tomorrow, and millybe tomorrow Bltern.oon.

Then I t.hink we mRy he ahle to finish with Dr .. Brown be10N the


At 2 :30, Dr, Drown. And I want. to thank YOUt Dr. Brown, for pmdur. i ng t:h ~ s i n forma t i on.

('W'he£eu pon, 8. t 11 :~ 5 a. m, the committee ~~8.8 adjou tned to reeon ~ mte at 2 ~30 p.m, 01 the same day.)