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How We Express

June 2010

Central Idea: Music, words, movement and colors

can be used to express emotions and
Inquiry Into:
*The diverse ways in which artists express
*How artists develop their talents
*How we can express our uniqueness
through literature, visual
Arts, music, drama, and dance

Dear Parents,

We are really excited to launch our new unit of inquiry as it leads us all on a journey to self-
discovery. In this unit, we will be aiming to unfold how we are all unique and special as human
beings. We hope that you all join us on this journey and we encourage you to get involved in using
different methods of self-expression.

Language Arts Math

We will continue to develop skills in The children will continue to explore

analyzing and mapping stories. Children addition and subtraction of three digit
now will apply the 6 + 1 Traits of Writing numbers through manipulatives, story
(ideas, organization, voice, word choice, problems, etc…
conventions and presentations). The Children will be exposed to the concept
children will use writing as one of the of multiplication as groups and elements,
ways to express themselves in relation repeated addition, illustrations.
to the unit of inquiry. In spelling, we will
continue to work on the spelling of high-
frequency and familiar words.

Music PE

This unit of inquiry is an exciting time in Children will learn to move their bodies
music as the children will be in a variety of ways in response to
experimenting with singing, dancing, and different tasks and stimuli. They will
miming. They will also practice using response to music, sounds, or situations.
various musical instruments such as the They will also be aware of the position
xylophone. In addition, they will explore of the body in relation to oneself and to
the different musical concepts. another.

IT Art

In IT, children will be using programs In Art, children will be learning about
such as Inspiration and Print Artist. art elements and how they are used
They will be encouraged to use the creatively to express ideas and feelings
internet to research about different by using techniques or recycling
Lebanese artists, poets, and musicians. materials. They will be exposed to
different artists and a glimpse at art
history throughout certain periods.
ّ ‫ضمن محور "كيف نعّبر عن أنفسنا" سيتعّرف الولد إلى الفكرة المركزّية اّلتي تقول أ‬
‫ن الّناس‬
‫شخصّية وكيفّية‬ّ ‫ وكذلك سيتعّرف الّتلميذ إلى ميزاتهم ال‬.‫ق مختلفة‬ ٍ ‫يعّبرون عن ميزاتهم بطر‬
‫م ذلك من خلل أبحاث في المكتبة وقراءة‬ ّ ‫ سيت‬.‫الّتعبير عنها من خلل الفنون المرئّية والمسموعة‬
‫ وسنعمل كذلك على تحقيق الهداف التية‬. ‫قصص ونصوص مناسبة‬:
_ ‫قراءة القصص والّنصوص قراءة سلسة‬.
_ ً ‫صل‬ّ ‫ما مجمل ً ومف‬
ً ‫ص فه‬
ّ ّ ‫فهم الن‬.
_ ‫مراعاة تسلسل الحداث‬.
_ ‫استخدام المفردات المكتسبة في جمل مفيدة‬.
_ ‫حفظ أشعار مناسبة للمحور‬.
_ ‫السم في المفرد والجمع‬.
_ ‫نحويل جمل فعلّية من المفرد إلى الجمع‬.
_ ‫كر إلى المؤّنث‬ ّ ‫مراجعة الّتحويل من المذ‬.
_ ‫مراجعة الّتصريف‬

You may give them your love but not your thoughts,
For they have their own thoughts.

Gibran Khalil Gibran