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Write down the correct form (pronoun + verb).

Simple Past

Present Perfect Simple

he / listen

they / speak

I / watch

she / grow

you / fall

When do we use which tense?

To talk about an action in the past (without any consequences in the present), we
use ...


To emphasise a past action's consequence in the present, we

use ...


'so far' is a signal word for ...


'5 minutes ago' is a signal word for ...


'recently' is a signal word for ...

Positive Sentences
Put the verbs into the correct tense (simple past or present perfect simple).

He (leave / just)

his house.


We (build)


Two years ago, Fiona (break)


I (wash / already)


The other day, our cat (bring)

a tree house last week.

her leg.
the dishes.
home a mouse.

Negative Sentences
Put the verbs into the correct tense (simple past or present perfect simple).

We (empty / not)

the bin last week.


She (be / not)

there an hour ago.


He (lose / not)

any game so far.


My brother (pick / not)


I (make / not)

me up at 8 o'clock.
up my mind yet.

Put the verbs into the correct tense (simple past or present perfect simple).

(you / see)


Who (switch)


When (she / become)


(you / ride / ever)

Bob recently?
off the lights a minute ago?
a teacher?
an elephant?


(you / hurt)

your knee when you were playing football?

Put the verbs into the correct tense (simple past or present perfect simple).

Last week I (be)

very busy and I (have not)

in the household.
On Monday I (work)

three hours overtime and (come)

very late in the evening.

From Tuesday to Thursday I (be)

On Friday I (go)
I (visit)



on a business trip.

to a friend's birthday party and at the weekend

my grandparents.

Tomorrow some friends are coming over. I (see / not)

they (be / never)


the time to do a lot

them for ages and

at my place before.

I (clean / just)

my house so I can show them around. Now everything is

Check answ ers

1 Jim: How many times (you/try)

to pass your driving test?

Michael: Three times so far.

2 When (you/go)
to Rome?
3 You look different. (you/have)
4 I (not/see)
5 Jim: (you/speak)
Michael: No, not yet.

a haircut?

David at all this week. I don't even know where he is.

to Peter yet?

6 When (you/start)
7 I (move)

your job?
house three times in the last five years.

8 My sister (be)
9 The US President (be)
10 The US President (visit)

to New York three times and she's going again next month.
in our country last year.
our country three times in the last two years.

Local-born teen carries torch in global relay PRESENT S. OR CONTINOUS

Some teenagers (BE) too busy thinking about themselves to worry about world issues. But
David Morrison is not your average teenager. Instead of spending his summer vacation on the
baseball diamond or at the pool, the 14-year-old (RUN) .
David (TAKE) part in the World Harmony Run. According to its Web site, the run is a
global relay that (SEEK) to promote international friendship and understanding. The relay
(TAKE) place in more than 100 countries.
This is a very great thing to do. We (GET) to spread harmony and see beautiful parts of the
country, David said.
David was born in Youngstown, but moved to Florida seven years ago. His mother, Cynthia,
was born in Mexico and ran with her mother in the Mexican relay as a teenager. She and her
son (KNOW) firsthand what it is like to experience cultural insensitivity.
When we moved to Florida, the neighbor kids would say, You are half-Mexican, we
(HATE) you. Now the kids dont feel that. They must have learned it from their parents or
family environment.
Cynthia added that she is incredibly proud of her son, who was able to understand the true
meaning of the run.
It sends a message of friendship and awareness of humanity, Cynthia said. It (SAY) that no
matter your race or color or anything, were all people and we should get along.
David showed an interest in running as early as 12, his mother said. Cynthia added that she
and David (RUN) and (TRAIN) together.