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Reuben Victor M.




SiCKO is a 2007 documentary by Michael Moore about the healthcare
system in the United States. The budget of approximately $9 million was
used in making the film and grossed $24.5 million theatrically in the United
States. It presents the daily struggles and battles of the Americans towards
the sky rocketing cost of medication which includes prescriptions, medical
procedures and other expenses. An average of 50 million Americans has no
health insurance and about 18,000 of them would die because of this.
Exhaustive list of medical conditions like heart disease and cancer and mere
conditions just like being too thin or too fat would not give you the privilege
of having a healthcare insurance. Having a healthcare insurance does not
even guarantee one from being insured because of the dirty tactics of
several health insurance company that adds up to the misery of the
American people. One example, which is an excerpt from the documentary
would be for insurance companies of finding a way out to gain more money
than to provide the necessary medical attention to the people. Thus clients
ending up paying more than what they could actually afford.
These greedy insurance company leech out money from these poor
people by even hiring a hit man which supposedly work to look out for
patients who have pre-existing conditions that might have been missed out
by the client, which could be use to cause into the cancellation of the
agreement, suspension and denial of their claim. This deliberate effort boils
down to the companys hidden agenda, to maximize their profit. Shameful
as it sounds, but the worst are yet to unfold in the documentary.
In terms of health coverage in the American setting it would take a
man 60,000 dollars to reattached his two fingers. Thus forcing him to choose
only one finger costing 12,000 dollars.
According to the documentary they were able to receive 25,000 of health
insurance related horror stories that eventually kills the American dream.
The documentary progresses as it compares the American healthcare system
to other countries such as Canada, France and even Cuba. It was stated that
Canadians live three times longer than Americans, and most probably a
factor would be there healthcare system. There was this one woman who got
cancer at the age of 22 was denied of treatment in America because of the
reason that she is just too young to have cancer. What she did was to cross
border in order for her to get the necessary treatment that she needs. Other
situation would also include Americans marrying Canadians so they can avail
of the free healthcare in Canada.
In London, they only pay 6.65 pounds no matter what medication that
is, the National Health Service for instance would pay pregnant women 6
months of pay while working and 6 months of pay on leave. Everything is
paid by the government in London. It is very sad that the Al Qaeda have
better treatment than the 9/11 rescuer. So Michael Moore gathered the 9/11
rescuer and they went to Cuba. They were welcome and were given the
necessary treatment and medication, thus Cuban health care system is much
better than in America, because healthcare in the first place should not be
for money.
What I fear of becoming would be this kind of people who are working
in the healthcare system which I describe to be those who are ruthless and
doesnt have any heart when it comes to giving out to people and giving out
what is needed by the people. Just like in the documentary, I have seen
doctors that had put their integrity at stake to have more money and put
aside their commitment in providing care and treatment for these people. I

believe that in order for a system to work the governing system must be in
line with what the people like and what the people want. If you can find
money to kill people, you can find money to save people, just like in the
documentary they chose not to give the necessary help care for treatment
for the patient who is in need because their priority is to have more money.
It is very sad to see that man is driven with passion of money than passion of
saving life.
A truthful yet painful excerpt from the documentary that really strike
me the most was A nation that dumps its citizen because they cant afford
the medical bills. It says a lot about the nation that was once perceive to be
the land of milk and honey, the land of opportunity and pursuing the
American dream is all gone because of how people were treated because
of their economical status and stand in the society. The rich are more
favorable and live longer, the poor are preferentially ignored and are
expected to live less. One excellent argument that I also got from the
documentary was the statement by Michael Moore that You can judge a
society by how they treat the worst. A society born of greediness is blinded
by the harsh realities of life and even themselves dont recognize themselves
as humans, because they already loss their sense of humanity along the way.
I believe that the media has a very important role to play in the
dissemination of information. Misleading or biased information can either put
people into situation wherein they could react badly or they could react to it
with complacency. That is why it is very important for media personnel to
practice responsible journalism to avoid prejudice.
I really appreciate this documentary because of how it raises
awareness in terms of what is happening in the healthcare system. Sadly, in
the Philippines the healthcare system is not what it is compared to other
countries. There are a lot of Filipino people who dont have access to any
health benefits because of corruption and other priorities. Corruption is one
of the driving force of why healthcare system is not prioritize in this country.
Hospitals But I also believe and I have high hopes for the Philippines because
of the new administration. The effort of the new president to eradicate
corruption and other criminalities had given hope to the Filipino people that
someday our country would have a better system. And eventually being able
to eradicate the negativities in this country, the nation again will rise to its
peak and will be able to support and provide the healthcare system the
Filipinos deserved.


Everything is paid
The patients are paid for transportation
Health coverage
60000, 12,000dollars(ring finger) to reattached a body part
50,000,000million no insurance,18000 will die
250,000,000 who are living the American dream
Denver Colorado-new home-moving to daughters
Larry and danna-good jobs-news paper editor, union machinist raised 6
kids-university of Chicago-heart attack, danna got cancer, even though
they have insurance- add up bills,deductible-bankrupt
Enough money to stay
Overwhelming problem, Share coincidences
Even though they have insurance. Does not cover all the drugs they
need, they have to keep working. Risks involve in their workplaces.
Head collision bill from insurance, ambulance ride is not paid off.

Too tall and thin//fat rejected of health insurance

Problems of health insurance 25K horror stories,
9 year old shes going deaf, one cochlear implant for just one ear.
Cigma Policy
HMOs- sucks
Heart dses, cancers-not eligible for health insurance
Exhaustive lists of diseases
March 13, 2003-denial for referral for, magnetic resonance test
Deny your care- savings to the company
Looking for a way out-insurance company
Ending up paying
Hit man-finding out preexisiting conditions (preexisting denial)
canceling the agreement
All suspended claims will be denied
Maximized profit
Kidney cancer-extensive care unit Kansas-new drug tests denied by the
Denied-medical expertise to save life
How did this all begin?
Magnetic tapeLess care they make the more money they make
Finest healthcare in the world, patients were given less care
The losers are the poor,
Formation of the task force-Hilary Clinton for everyone-universal
healthcare whatever your conditions
Federal government will take over the health system-socialized
medicineMedicine for everyone, the AMA dont like that
Universal health plan
Obscene wealth for health insurance
Billy thauson-congress-mother secret weapon pharma became a CEO
Youre too young to have a cervical cancer-22 years old-cross borders
to have medical intervention-canada- americans marry Canadians to
have free healthcare
Canada-9-10 months for by pass surgery, pay their doctors less
Anti American views by CanadiansCanadians live 3 years more than americans
6.65 pounds in London to pay for medication
working/6months of pay
Everything is paid
The patients are paid for transportation, Democracy
1930s mass employment
if you can find money to kill people, you can find money to save people
france can live 3 more years that americans
pay according to your need, free medication, college fee, govt issued
a nation that dumps its citizen because they cant afford the medical
you can judge a society by how they treat the worst
The alcaidas have a much better tx that the 9/11 rescuers
Cuban health care system is much better than in America, health care
is not for money