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Athletics, Deceive, Empathy, Fight, Hack, Knowledge, InfIltration,
Investigate, Operate, Physique, Provoke, Rapport, Tech, The Red,
Shoot, Stealth, Awareness, and Will. Some skills dont make sense
in the setting and are completely cut (Contacts, Notice,
Resources), and new skills (Hack, Science, and Awareness) have
been added to fll in the setting-specifc gaps.
Athletics, Deceive, Empathy, Fight, Knowledge, Investigate,
Physique, Provoke, Rapport, Shoot, Stealth and Will work
Knowledge replaces Lore; it acts as a general erudition skill.
Infiltration replaces Burglary; it acts as a skill required to crack
into protected places, both in the Red, and the Real.
Tech replaces Crafts; it acts as a general healing skill for the
Red-World mech-suits (provided youre not in combat) and acts as
a general technology skill.
The Red is a new skill; it shows the general knowledge the
character has of Correctors, Players, the interplay between the
Red and the Real, and ugly truths of this world, whatever those
may be. Starting characters are advised to not have this skill
beyond +1 at character generation without very good reasoning to
support it.
Hack is an entirely new skill as well. While interfering with Red
World constructs is the domain of Infiltration, Hack goes further
and deeper than that, manipulating the semi-simulationist canvas
of the Red directly. This skill requires a specific set of
circumstances to unlock it, and it governs Codebursts and similar
cheating abilities which do not work inside the context of the
A character has their Defining aspect; a Trouble aspect; 2 free
aspects or phase trio aspects, and their mech aspect (who are you
in the Red?). The mech aspect includes your Red World
designation (I.e. RUST KAISER, RED JOKER, CERBERUS, etc.)
5 points worth of mecha-stunts:
Mecha-stunts are a collection of stunts combined together to
represent the diferent systems of your suit. Thr weapon and
armor ratings can be taken multiple times, but each instance uses
up one stunt slot.

some part of the Armor temporarily switching off until repaired or

the Sequence changes.
Pilots decide whether to assign stress to their personal
consequences or to their Mechs. A Great (+4) Repair roll is
needed to reduce a moderate Mech consequence to mild or to
remove a mild consequence during a Sequence.
Mech consequences clear between Red World Sequences;
personal consequences are renamed appropriately and carry over.
Being lethally Taken Out in the Red transfers to the Real as well.
For every three shifts of damage you deal, you gain one point of
Meter. Meter may be used instead of Fate Points to activate
mecha-stunts, fuel some Relics, and otherwise use the Armors
abilities. In fact, some armor abilities require you to build up a
certain level of Meter before progressively more powerful options
become available for the Sequence. If your Meter later falls below
that point, however, all unlocked Tiers stay unlocked until the
Sequence ends.
Relics are Extras of varying power that are transferrable from
Player to Player. Some Players find them occurring naturally in the
Red. Some Correctors drop them when killed. Some rare Players
can even create them, but going beyond the basics is vanishingly
rare and quite tough.
A booster is a specific type of Relic which integrates itself into the
Players armor, only becoming transferable again upon their
A booster gives the Player a non-replenishable pool of Booster
Points, which can be reflexively spent to supercharge or modify
used Systems or Relics. It refreshes between Sequences.
Generally, a point of Booster may be spent to:
Add a :2 to a specific instance of a Weapon or Relic attack.
Add :1 to the Armor rating of a defensive relic.
Add or change a pre-defined capability in the mecha-stunts,
adding an Aspect or modifying them in some way that is worth 1
additional refresh. These pre-defined options are designed
together with the GM and are locked down barring something
that would allow you to redesign your armor.

Players can pick from the following list to determine their mechastunts:
Add a +2 bonus to a skill (gain +2 to [Action] using [Skill]
when [limited situation])
Add a new action to a skill (Stealth in place of Shoot to make
sniping attacks)
Grant a Weapon:2 rating (+2 shifts on a successful attack)
Grant an Armor:1 rating (reduce shifts on a hit by 1)
A Mech Suit is designed to take a beating so its pilot doesnt have
to. To represent this, each Mech Suit has two mild and two
moderate consequences. These consequences often take shape of

Stages are locations in the Red that map to interesting or

populous locations in the Real. They usually reflect some features
of the Real in grotesque, hyper-literal, or symbolic form.
These features are best modelled with Scene Aspects. However,
some Stages present actual Opposition, or even autonomous
enemies, or are just rife with Correctors.
Codebursts are a specific technique that is only available to rare
individuals. They consume structure or booster to perform weird,
out-of-context, or otherwise unnatural things impossible or
hard to otherwise accomplish in the Red Worlds paradigm.