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Direction: DO NOT WRITE ANYTHING IN THE QUESTIONAIRE. Answer the following problem in your CE paper. Show
your solutions. Erasures in the final answers are considered wrong. DO NOT USE PENCIL AND FRICTION PENS. BOX only
the final answer.3-DECIMAL PLACES.

1. A block of wood with a horizontal section of 0.40 m x 0.40 m floats in a water with 0.20 m
projecting above the water surface. If this block is placed in a body of oil having a specific
gravity of 0.80, it floats with 0.18 m projecting above the oil surface. (10 points)
Determine the following:
a. Height of the object
b. Specific gravity of the object
c. Weight of the object

2. A dam is triangular in cross section with the upstream vertical. Water is flush at the top. The dam
is 8 m high and 6 m wide at the bottom, and weighs 23.5 kN per cu.m. The coefficient of friction
between the base and the foundation is 0.80. Hydrostatic uplift varies from full at the heel to zero
at the toe. Determine the following: (5 points each)
a. Factor of safety against overturning
b. Factor of safety against sliding
c. Maximum pressure at the base of the dam

3. A scow having a length of 15 m, 8 m wide and 6 m deep has a displacement of 164 metric tons. If
the scow tilts at an angle of 14o without overturning. Determine the following: (5 points each)
a. (correct drawing and FBD)
b. Location of the center of gravity which lies on the vertical axis measured from the
bottom of symmetry
c. Horizontal displacement of the center of buoyancy

4. (Additional question for 5 points may or may not answer)

The tank in the figure is 3 m wide into the paper. Neglecting atmospheric pressure, compute the
following. Use water = 9.79 kN/m3.
a. Horizontal force on the quarter-circle panel BC
b. Vertical force on the quarter-circle panel BC

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