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for everyone to be

Week 8 Oct. 10-14, 2016 Habit of the Month : Begin with the End in Mind Leadership Principle: Responsibility

Oct. 10
B Week
Oct. 11
Oct. 12
Oct. 13
Oct. 14

Student Holiday
Staff Work Day
Classroom Goal of the Week: We will all reach our Reading Goal by Friday
** You must have 5 beads on your necklace by Friday!!!
HW: Math ws, read 20 minutes, work on Reflections project due Friday
Yom Kippur begins at Sundown
Ashura begins at Sundown

8:15-8:30 No Tardies Sock Hop in the Cafeteria!!

HW: Rdg ws, work on Reflections project due Friday
Bike Rodeo
HW: Math ws, read 20 minutes, work on Reflections project due TOMORROW!

Reflections due today!!

Bring a special sack lunch if you met your reading goal!!
HW: Hug your family, sharpen the saw, and have a nice weekend!

This Week at a Glance

Math: Addition/Subtraction Operations
Reading : Literature Circles - Helen Keller
Language Arts: Cursive, writing response, verbs
Science: Changes in Matter and
Mixtures and Solutions

Seven Habits Corner

Monthly Habit : Begin with the End in Mind
I plan ahead and set goals. I do things that have meaning and make
a difference. I am an important part of my classroom and
contribute to my schools mission and vision. I look for ways to be
a good citizen
How did you BEGIN WITH THE END IN MIND this week?-

For Fun Spelling Practice go to :

Username - hardyoak3
Password - 3rdgrade

There will be a
Working With Words
Quiz on Friday!
Throughout the week, we will be working with
identifying action verbs, identifying and forming past, present, and future verbs.
If you want to help them study, you can have them identify verbs in a book they are
reading, or make up your own sentences. They will need to be able to write the verb in
past, present, and future tense, as needed in the sentence.
To form the past tense of most verbs - add ed i.e. Jump jumped
To form the present tense of most verbs, add s or es i.e. Speak speaks
To form the future tense of most verbs, add the helping verb will before the
main verb i.e. Fix will fix

Daily Conversation Starters!!

Do you get the same answer everyday to your question,
What did you do at school today?
Try these conversation starters

Monday - Tell me about how you would like to spend your day off!
Tuesday - Tell me who Helen Keller is
Wednesday - Tell me about one of Helen Kellers quotes and what it meant
Thursday - Tell me about the bike rodeo today
Friday - How did you Begin with the End in Mind this week?