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Digital Partner of Global Forum

Global Innovation
Startup Competition (GISCO)
MONDAY 19th & TUESDAY 20th September 2016
Evoluon Center, Eindhoven, Netherlands

An exciting new element of the Global Forum is our inaugural
startup competition. Silicon Valley- EU- and US based jurors
will evaluate selected startups from a wide range of industries.
Top three competitors will be awarded significant assistance to
take their fledgling business to the next level.


The Global Forum/Shaping the Future is an internationally
recognized think-tank for exchange and networking among
governments at national, regional & local levels, private & public
organizations, research & development experts and private sector
The Global Forum is an independent, high profile, international, nonfor-profit event dedicated to business and policy issues affecting the
successful evolution of the Digital Society.


ActiveMedia is truly honored to serve as the digital partner for the Global Forum. Our responsibilities include real-time
coverage/reporting of the event online in all social media platforms, facilitating online discussions on topics relevant to a global
audience, and organizing the inaugural startup competition.

Global Innovation


Startups innovate - large companies execute innovation.

The Global Forum 2016: Shaping the Future is hosting an exciting new element for
collaboration: The Global Innovation Startup Competition.
This inaugural event (which will take place on September 20) will feature a jury of
seasoned experts representing Silicon Valley- EU- and US to serve as jurors who will
evaluate selected startups from a wide range of industries and countries. The top
three competitors will be awarded significant assistance to take their fledgling
business to the next level.

GISCO Agenda
DAY 0 (Sunday, Sept 18. 2016)
[6:00 pm]

Welcome networking party at Philips Museum to all

participants (only 2-day contenders are invited.)

DAY 1 (Monday, Sept 19, 2016)

[8:00 am]

Setting up the booths for 2 day startup participants

[6:00 pm]

Startup (GISCO) Social (This networking opportunity will

link ideas, small businesses, volunteers and investors in an
informal setting, and work out logistics for the startup

DAY 2 (Tuesday, Sept 20, 2016)

[8:00 am]

Setting up booth for Competition Day only participants.

1:00 pm]

Startup Match-up (Top ten startups will present their

ideas to the GISCO Jury).

[3:00 pm]

GISCO Results (or Winner Circle)

Winners of the GISCO Match up will be announced.

GISCO Purpose
The Global Innovation Startup Competition is to match innovative ideas from small
and startup businesses from all over the world, with investors, facilitators, IP/patent
specialists and angel networks, VCs, strategic investment arms of holding companies
and technology firms.

GISCO Participants
Start-ups and small businesses should provide a one page summary and send to
( or attach it to the registration form no later than 12
September. The top ten finalists will be selected by September 17 and will be notified
via email.
The GISCO jury consists of CEOs from multinational companies and managing
directors of investment firms and companies.

Participation Modes & Fees

Discounted ActiveMedia Partner Fee (tax included).

Startup Competition Participation

Sign up now: Official prices have been increased on August 15th.
We can keep the old prices for our selected customers.

Competition Presentation is FREE for One Person / Company

Startup Participation

$899 / person

(first person per


$200/person discount for additional registrants.

(includes a volunteer
assisting as necessary)

$200 / company

Competition Day Only

Conference Pass

$250 discount
* September 20th

Customized packages can be assembled per request. Please contact Please use the online registration from for transferring the

Online Registration
Global Forum 2016 Startup Competition

For information about the Global Innovation Startup Competition (GISCO) please visit:

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