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1. A man known as the Father of Accounting is.

2. A. C. Littleton list seven preconditions for the emergence of systematic

bookkeeping, mentioned one of them..
3. There is three books are used for double-entry bookkeeping in 1494,
mentioned one of them.
4. The founder of accounting system (double entry) is.
5. The Author of the book about double-entry bookkeeping in 1340 is
6. Complete the title of a books that published by Pacioli in 1949, Summa de
Arithmetica Geometria, Proportioni et .
7. Before the depreciation charges became more common, up to the early
nineteenth century, what is the depreciating property accounted?
8. The founder of depreciation method such as straight line, reducing method,
sinking fund and annuity methods, and unit cost is.
9. The development of accounting principles in the USA in first phase marked by
increasing number of shareholders and the dominant economic role played
by industrial corporations after 1900.
10.The phase that marked by the creation and the increasing role of institutions
in the development of accounting principles.
11.Mentioned the name of third phase development of accounting principles in
the USA
12.Mentioned the name about the phase that marked by the thesis was best
expanded by Sombart
13.Mentioned the other name of The method of Venicedari Luca Pacioli is
14.The accounting organization that create Board of examiners to create a
uniform CPA examination is.
15.First, the asset is carried forward at original cost, the difference between
revenue payments and receipts which generally were entered in the asset
account, being transferred to the profit-and-loss account at balancing date.
Is the development of accounting method of fixed assets according to..
16.The use of specialized subsidiary books, for example, for recording cash
transactions, bills transactions or particular types of expenditures is the
accounting development around . Century.
17.The use of separate inventory accounts for different types of goods occurred
in the . Century
18.Development of accounting for complex issues, ranging from the computation
of earnings per share, accounting for business computations, etc occurred in
the century
19.How many hypotheses are used to support textile mills and giant
manufacturing firms?
20.Short name of Financial accounting standard board is