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Please answer these a bit longer (so I can have a lot of text to stylize and spread over the pages). I
also wrote some key subjects and additional questions behind some questions, they might be helpful
for you to keep track and give you some sort of direction to go.
Have fun answering!

How did you get into producing ? (how old were you when you realized man, i wanna try
this out, how did you discover remixing, is your family musical, tell about music schools you
attended, ever been in some band, how long have you been doing it so far etc)

- In my early years (about 10 - 12) my brother started producing with some kind of PlayStation game.
I didn't really like it at first to be honest, i rather listened to music than making some. Though 4 years
later my brother passed away, so i opened up the program to keep some memories from him. Then i
tried to fill up everything he started and began to love it. It was a game tho, so i needed to change
everything and started to do music on my computer and wanted to show it to everybody. Thats how
everything began.

How did you come up with the name AZVRE ?

- So I already had 2 names before that. The first one was The2ndHope, i liked it in the beginning but
somehow it began to sound very amateur to me. So after a while i decided to change it to Cypher.
Again i had a personal problem with this name, seen I wanted to have a special name which can be
found easily without anything else. Just my name and there I am, you know? So i began to think,
what could fit for me. And seen that i like to combine colors with my thoughts and my music i
thought blue (azure blue) would fit in perfectly because its a strong tone and calm at the same time. I
changed the "U" into the latin pronounciation "V". AZVRE was created.

Whats the story behing your logo? (how did you come up with it, maybe a special meaning
behind it, who made it etc)

- The hawk here has many meaning, freedom, liberty, speed, agility, flexibilty and more. I thought the
eagle was a perfect way to introduce my music and the meaning behind it. I need to admit, i am a
total loser when it comes to designing so someone else created to logo for me by request. Ha!

What was the first tune/remix you ever made? (about the background story of that, do you
still have it, how would you rate it now etc)

- Damn, I can't really remember. The first real tune i made was on that PlayStation of course but if we
get serious at one note, my first REAL tune was a remix. LIGHTS - Everybody Breaks A Glass. It was
part of a remix contest so i wanted to try it out. Everything before that song was basically mashups
and more mashups. Everybody Breaks A Glass was a great experience and a great beginning for my

What software are you using ? (what are you using now, what did you use before...what do
are you currently learning etc)

- I used many DAWs (music software). My first one was Music 2000 (The PlayStation Game), after
that came Reason until I ended up using FL Studio 9. This was probably the longest period i stayed at
one DAW. I updated to 10, 11 and now 12 at the point of 2016. I used Ableton at some point but it
didn't fit into my taste so I switched back to FL. To keep an info out there - It's not important what
software you use as long as you achive the sound you wanna make.

Where(how) do you get your ideas/inspiration ? (from every day life?, from other sounds
you hear, randomly just what sounds good to you, from learning new features in a program

While I listen to music, I hum sometimes new melodies which fit into the song but aren't actually
there. Sometimes I record my hum and recreate it with my sounds. Also sometimes I don't really have
an Idea, i just put in a Sample, and destroy it so much that it becomes a total different sound by
accident, and if I like it, I keep it and play with it. Sometimes things come by its own and you need to
hold it. That's basically what happens very often actually.
To tell you a little tricky sneaky secret - sometimes i reverse a part of an original song and copy the
actual melody and make it my own. Don't tell anyone! :D

Who would you consider being your biggest influences when it comes to music? (childhood
influences, maybe a musician role model around you who inspired you, biggest influences
now or who you look up to etc)

- My influences and inspiration comes by while I listen to music. Tho i would say, if I need to choose
from artists, my influences and inspiration comes from Linkin Park and Daft Punk. Their musical
talent and skills / ability to create sounds you never really heard are just out of this world. I mean
take an example of Daft Punk - One More Time. You don't really get bored to it, but if you listen to it,
you realize, it's actually the same tune over and over again for minutes. And personally i think it's
talent to create a tune and a segnificant sound which repeats but never gets boring. Genius.

Do you play any instruments ? (how long have you been playing, how did you learn, how old
were you, what else would you like to know how to play, what instrument do you think
sounds the best etc)

- I used to play guitar a lot but I stopped for some unknown reason. I started when i was 14 and
stopped eventually when I was 16. There is another Instrument I play - Triangle. My skills are
incredibly high in that. If you would see me live, you would be impressed.
Sorry I can't tell you more about what I play.
If we come to the question what Instrument sounds the best are live, acoustic and orchestral
instruments. Their vibration and original tone is irreplacable and connected with feelings. You might
can create a sad or emotional song with electronic music but it will never be the same as the softness
but still harsh sound of these instruments.

How would you describe your sound ? (what elements do you use the most ? what direction
is it going ? maybe a favorite genre you like doing the most etc)

- Damn it, i hoped nobody would ever ask this question because I need to think about this crazy much.
Okay, I would describe my sound as real, powerful, simple but with passion. I don't wanna stick to one
sound. If you check my pages and sounds you will find Acoustic, Orchestra, Dubstep, Trap, Drum and
Bass, Future Bass, Rock or even Hip Hop. I personally find my music more interesting when it doesnt

keep the same sound. Though i love to mix up instruments in every direction I am going. You will find
a flute within a dark electronic bass in my stuff or xylophone while i am mixing it with house music. If
you mix black and black you get the same tone as before, it's boring. (PS: I love trap the most right
now [2016])

How does your producing process usually evolves ? (what do you lay on first, do you start
with setting the drums and such, do you need to be in a certain envirorment to get in the
zone? Does it affect your sleep? Are you most creative during late hours or early, how long
have you gone without sleep because of producing etc)

- My producing process starts basically like this - if i I have a nice drum beat in my mind, I try to
recreate it at first, or anything else I have in my thoughts. Other than that I just mess around with
chords, harmonies and basslines with all kind of instruments. All special effects and complex sounds
will be created later on. It's like a basic template I create myself to build on that while I am producing
and producing.
It affects my sleep very much and if I am really honest, music screwed up my sleeping schedule since
I started making it. I find myself half of the producing time, starting at 6pm and going to sleep at 4,
5am. Sometimes even later. I also need to be very concentrated to do this, and that happens to be at
nights. For some reason I also can find myself in a better creativity when it's dark. - My longest time
of producing in a row was 28 hours. To defend myself, i felt good and I had inspirations over and over
again so I couldn't stop.

Albums/EPs youve released so far ?

- This is a question I can answer easily. I've released my first EP called Forever, together with Melissa
Pixel, a female vocalist. It went viral at electronic pages and channels, that was pretty amazing. The
SONG "Forever" got in summary over 120.000 Views.
My second EP was Heart Rhythm, which was an EP during my first apartment, hah! For the first time I
was alone, by myself and could express whatever I wanted to at home.
Then I was part of a compilation-album by the LINKIN PARK ASSOCIATION forum. The album was
called Reliving Things and reached freaking 1.200.000 Views on only one channel (Youtube) before It
got shutdown by Warner Bros. Music. - Though we reached what we wanted to reach - Linkin Park
themselves. Mike Shinoda (the singer, rapper and illustrator of Linkin Park) favorited Reliving Things
on Twitter.
My next release is my ROOTS AND SENSES LP. Its a fulltime album and probably my transition into my
new styles and ways of making music. The song "Violet" of the album was part of TOP 10 Drum and
Bass songs on Spotify 2014.
The last official release I have made is another compilation-album called VISCERA. Which is another
Linkin Park Fan Remix Album. A little and amazing story behind it was, it got 600.000 Views on
YouTube until Mike Shinoda again discovered it, because it went viral. Because of its success he
offered us an OFFICIAL release by Linkin Parks Label for Linkin Park Underground. Crazy!

Whats your favorite tune of yours ? why?

- These are actually two. The first one might be currently a new one. Cartoon - Why We Lose (AZVRE
Remix). They gave me the vocals, so I was able to remix it and I felt really honored. The sound is very
calm but it makes you think of what you might have been through in your entire life. The song was
something new after I made a lot of crazy and fast songs.

My second one would be my Sibera remix by LIGHTS. It a mix between a Half time beat, into drum
and bass, getting a second half into drumstep. It's an old track and my skills weren't nicely developed
but I feel something special about this one. That one is very important to me.

What are you currently working on ? (a little sneak peak of what tunes you have in process
now, what remixes and what would you like to maybe remix, maybe also a direction youre
heading towards to)

I started a few remixes and beats since some days now and it's always a secret even to myself which
one I finish and what not. I might love it but when I sleep and wake up, it can happen that i find this
crappy. The bad new is I only can give you one song, which is a track - closely done and basically a
recreation. I hope you like it!
AZVRE - Lost (feat. kaliecole)

What are your plans for the future?

- My plans... I just want to join a new label again and bring out 4, 5 EP's before 2018.
Maybe some collaborations aswell, i just go by and hope for the best. I don't really set something up.
Wish me luck!


Just a fun little extra I wanna add to the all so serious interview. PS! If you come up with something
awesome yourself as well, then please add it. Thanks.
The last song I listened to was......(what were you doing a that riding home with a bus or
on a walk or such)
-- The last song I listened to was "Can't Stop" by Red Hot Chili Peppers. I was sitting on a couch while
answering this interview. Didn't expect that, huh? :D
My dream collaboration would be with....(why?)
-- My dream collaboration would be with Ellie Goulding, no doubt. Yes, my idols are different artist
but Ellie is a perfect person to collab with. Her vocal range is amazing and her voice fits into basically
every style. Thats rare. Also I like her personality. Who wants to collaborate with someone who is a
douchebag. Ellie, I'm waiting for ya'!
3 of my current favorite artists are.....(maybe also a genre youve been listening a lot or what
captures your attention lately a lot)
-- 3 of my current favorite artists are clear. Jack , Ellie Goulding and Red Hot Chili Peppers.
--- As in genre it is different indeed! I listen to drum and bass a lot (most likely by Spor or Pendulum)
and Future Bass (Grant Bowie as an example)
The sound that keeps me calm is...... (is it like a certain song or just the sound of the rain or pure
quiet or elevator music or such)
-- The sound that keeps me calm is a thunderstorm. It makes me very quiet, concentrated, calm and
very creative. I feel comfortable with the sound of wind, rain and thunders.
A song tho that keeps me calm is a new one. It's called "Pretty Bye Bye" by Skrillex feat. NJOMZA. It's
a very melancholic sound and very intimate if you let yourself into the vibe. I recommend it a lot.

A song that I listen to almost every day is.....

-- A song that I listen to almost every day are many!
I make a little list for you, so you can keep track easier.
1) Can't Stop / Otherside by Red Hot Chili Peppers
2) Darkest Hours by Memtrix & Spor
3) Chemical by Kerli
4) We're Not Alone by Virtual Riot
5) Toxicity by System of a Down
My best fan experience was..... (tell the story of when the guy came up to you in a train haha)
-- Well, okay - as you already can imagine. I'm not famous. Though the remixalbum VISCERA gave me
some attention in my place, seen that many Linkin Park fans are here. So here is the story, I sat in a
train with my Laptop making some music. So out of sudden there was this one guy recognizing my LP
shirt and me. I found out someone random created a wikipage of myself. So he was like "OMG your
Cypher [back in time i was still called Cypher]. I am such a fan, please give me an autograph, youre so
awesome! VISCERA was the bomb and Reliving Things was so awesome aswell, oh my god!"
So I ended up signing a card for him and out of sudden tons of people were around me asking for an
autograph without knowing me, believing i was somewho famous. I felt so badass and just signed
them like it was nothing.
At the end I felt really weird though because I didn't really know what happened. ha!
Best fan experience Ive experienced was..... (a story of when you met someone you were a fan of)
-- My most amazing fan experience was when I had a Linkin Park Summit. You can think of it as a
meet and greet with more benefits. You sometimes can win stuff there or check out the whole
concert setup and more. I can't really explain how everything goes because it's just really similar to a
M&G. Just imagine you can talk to your idols for some moments. I was literally about to pee myself
out of excitement.
My favorite album is..... (when was the first time you listened to it/bought it, whats your favorite
song off it)
-- That is easy - Hybrid Theory by Linkin Park. Bought it 2001. Okay, it's not my FAVORITE ALBUM of
all time but it clearly has the most impact of my life. Whenever I felt down, happy, confused, unsure
and more I listened to Hybrid Theory. It made my thoughts free and easy. My favorite song of Hybrid
Theory is A Place For My Head. Such a nostalgic feeling I will never ever experience on an other song.
My actual favorite album RIGHT NOW is Purpose by Justin Bieber. (Produced by Skrillex and more).
Here is the thing, the album got so much hate and love at the same time but I just care for the quality
itself. His vocals fit in very amazingly into Skrillex compostions and sounds. Its a perfect example of
the transition into this generation of Pop, Electronic and other influences. I didn't buy it yet, but I
listened to it when it came out on Spotify. (2015)
My favorite songs of that are Children and Get Used To It.
People would be surprised to know I listen to.....
-- What a question! What is this? Outing? :D Okay, I listen to Wiz Khalifa while i also have Taylor Swift
in the same list. I'm still a fan of Backstreet Boys and still listen to *NSYNC, if you still remember
those boybands. I'm still a 90's kid inside my heart. I also like Destiny's Child or some Sugarbabe
songs. I don't care about genre and who sings it. I just need to like it.
A song that describes me the most is.....

-- I don't have a perfect song which describes me 100%. I've changing moods like a pregnant woman
sometimes. But "Shake It Off" by Taylor Swift describes my personality. "Think I'm Sick" and "Get
Uses To It" describe my life due experience.
Oh and if you listen to "Fire" by PVRIS you will know what i mean with everything which is missing.
Good wise.
The best concert Ive been to was..... (why? describe the experience a bit)
-- That should be Linkin Park in Milan 2014. The reason for that was a crazy crazy bigass flash mob
which was organized by all fans. While they were singing "Until It's Gone" we started to use
flashsticks and throw them towards the stage. The whole crowd went crazy and loud and singing
along with Linkin Park. A crazy thing!
Linkin Park - Milan Flash Mob 2014 (starting from 4.20)
My childhood favorites were.... (maybe a fun little childhood story with your fav music also)
-- I had many favorites from Backstreet Boys with "Everybody" until Gwen Stefanies "What You
Waiting For" but as for the REAL CHILDHOOD when i was little, nothing goes over the most infamous
POKEMON THEME SONG. (Because I wanna be the very best)
If my music was a color itd be.... (why?)
Blue. It's not my favorite color but its the best color fitting into my music. It's a clean and strong
power which this color has. Explains it a lot!
Another thing I wanna add is: .........
-- If you have dreams and ideas, visions and hopes, don't give them up because social life tells you to.
Stay honest to yourself and step into the shoes which are made for you. It's like, if it doesnt fit, you
will get hurt really bad at some point.

Youve reached the end. Thank you so much for answering.

PS! If you feel like theres something more you wanna say, but you couldnt say it throught these
questions or you have another fun/FIRE idea, please add it to this file and make it another color, so I
could keep track. Itd be really awesome.

Music is connection.
Music is life.
Music is love.