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Contoh Karangan Masa Lampau [Past Experience] Masa lampau adalah masa dimana kita telah

melewatinya. Kejadian minggu lalu, bulan lalu, tahun lalu, waktu masih kecil, tadi malam,
kemarin sore, pagi tadi, bahkan baru saja, termasuk masa lampau. Kalau kamu diminta
mengarang tentang masa lampau, kamu bisa menceritakan pengalaman yang kamu alami
kapan saja. Supaya cerita kamu mengalir, kamu bisa mengarang sesuatu yang paling berkesan
dalam hidup kamu. Misalnya pengalaman ketika ketemu pacar, jatuh dari sepeda, ataupun ketika
bolos sekolah.
Berikut ini saya akan memberikan contoh karangan masa lampau dalam Bahasa Inggris [past
experience]. Ini adalah

cerita pengalaman saya ketika belajar sepeda motor pertama kali.

Past Experience: Learning how to ride a motorcycle A few years ago, when I was still elementary
school, I learnt how to ride a motor cycle. I was still in five grade, still a little child. I borrowed my
uncle's motorcycle. It was green HONDA. It was made in 1978. The first time, he taught me how
to ride. I sat on the saddle while he was sitting at the back. I rode carefully in my backyard. The
yard wasn't wide enough, but it was comfortable to learn riding. After 10 times riding the
motorcycle, my uncle let me ride by myself. I started the engine and began to ride alone without
a partner. The first round I was succesful riding. The second round was OK. But, the third round
there was a cat running in front of me. I tried to step on the brake and turned right. Unfortunately,
I still held the gas. So, I hit my kitchen. The kitchen was made from plaited bamboo. That was
broken and made a big hole on it. Lucky me, the motorcycle didn't move. It stopped
moving. Everybody was laughing. Maybe, it's funny for them. So was I.