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The Enchanter

Red Knight Attractive Personality Type

by Aslen Claymore
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So, Youre The Enchanter?

Congratulations on successfully completing the Red Knight
Attractive Personality Type test, and discovering the unique
way in which you naturally interact with women.
Each type predisposes men to behave a certain way around
women, adopting a very particular attraction strategy that takes
advantage of his natural talents and abilities. Knowing your
type is the first step on a powerful transformational journey that
leads to the unlocking of your sexually attractive potential.
My name is Aslen Claymore. Im the author of Red Knight,
which will be available on Amazon soon (Kindle, paperback,
and hardback), and the creator of the Red Knight Attraction
Model; the system from which the attractive personality types
are all built.
The Red Knight Attraction Model is the fundamental
blueprint that explains all sexual attraction between the
masculine and the feminine. More importantly, it explains
the inner mechanics of attraction; what causes it, and
what you can do to change it to your advantage. It is the

result of a seven-year quest to discover the secrets of sexual

attraction, one that I was motivated to begin from the pain
and frustration of a lonely life without women.
One day, after one final crushing rejection from a girl I was
mad about - the straw that broke the camels back - I decided
that nothing in my life was more important than learning what
women were attracted to. As crazy as it sounds, I abandoned
my promising career in advertising to take a low-paid job as an
intern in a small dating coaching company in London.
From there, I sought out and learned from the worlds most
famous and notorious pick up artists and dating coaches. I
approached literally thousands of women, experimenting with
every piece of advice I could get my hands on, and getting
rejected more times than I care to remember.
Now, I feel privileged to have met and dated some truly
incredible women; the kinds of women I had always thought
would be out of my league growing up. Whats more; none
of it was luck. They didnt just land in my lap as if by magic.
It wasnt fate. There was no chance meetings or synchronistic
occurrences. Every single girl I have dated since beginning my

experiment has been a girl I spotted on the street, in a cafe,

waiting for a bus, etc., who I then approached and forged an
interaction out of nothing.
There was no waiting. No wishing. No hoping. Just taking action
and creating opportunities myself, and following the courtship
framework laid out in the Red Knight attraction model.
Once you understand the underlying theory of attraction,
meeting and attracting women will no longer be something
you worry about.
In 2010, I formed my own dating coaching company that
helped me coach thousands of men across the world through
my online courses. I have personally coached hundreds of men,
on the streets of the worlds major cities, and watched them go
from nervous wrecks to confident casanovas. I have witnessed
the kinds of transformations I am talking about - first hand.
This is not bullshit; this system has been proven to work time
and time again. It can help you become attractive to women.
Some of the knowledge I want to give you is going to be
challenging because it will contradict your current view of
yourself and the world.

Lets take a big one: looks.

One of the most common mistakes guys make when thinking
about sexual attraction is concluding that women are primarily
concerned with how a man looks. This is due to the natural
assumption we have that women think the same way we do:
we judge a womans attractiveness based on how she looks.
The refreshing truth, luckily for us, is that women are a lot more
complicated. They are attracted to looks, to some degree, but
only as far as your appearance suggests certain behaviours and
character traits. This leads us to the biggest secret about sexual
attraction: it is those behaviours that are the real trigger. And
heres the next big secret: its all learnable. Understand these
behaviours and master the mindsets that govern them, and
you will have the power of sexual attraction at your fingertips.
In the Red Knight Attraction model, these behaviours and
their respective mindsets are organised into six distinct types
called Attraction Archetypes. You may have heard of them, and
some will stir feelings of recognision. They are the Magician,
the Peacemaker, the Warrior, the Wildman, the Trickster and
the Lover.

The roots of these attraction archetype behaviours run deep

into masculine psychology, backed by the life work of the
late Carl Jung, (who coined the term archetype), but I
wont bore you with all that stuff now. Just know that the six
attraction archetypes youre going to learn about underpin
all sexual attraction; and they exist within you right now,
waiting to be unlocked.
The degree to which each attraction archetype manifests in
your life depends on your attractive personality type. You
will feel a natural affinity towards some archetypes, and less
connection to others. You can think of these different sides of
yourself as the various aspects of your masculine personality.
There are two very distinct, but complementary groups that
the Attraction Archetypes fall into; the Open Archetypes: the
Lover, Peacemaker and Wildman, and the Closed Archetypes;
the Magician, Warrior and Trickster.
Your Attractive Personality Type is the combination of the two
strongest Attraction Archetypes that you naturally draw from
when interacting with women. These personality types are divided
into three categories depending on which archetypes are paired;
Open types, Closed types, Power types and Master types.

The Red Knight Attraction Model

The Enchanters Primary

Attraction Archetypes
The Lover

The Lover is the archetype of pleasure, wonder, and joy. He

looks at the world with a childlike freshness, forever curious
about experiencing the vast mystery of life, always thirsty
for more. More love. More joy. More pleasure. He sucks the
marrow from the bone, licks the lid of life, always appreciating
what the world of the senses has to offer. The Lover, then,
provides us with the why of life - our reason for doing what we
do, our purpose and mission. The Lover lacks structure and
direction but makes up for it with his great joy.

The Trickster

The Trickster is the archetype of mischief, role-play, teasing

and playful provocation. A girl never knows quite what the
Trickster has up his sleeve, so he is the most exciting type

of man to be around. The Trickster exists in a reality of his

own, slightly distant and disconnected, in a playful space
where things are never serious. What he lacks in his ability to
connect with people, he makes up for with his natural skill to
make people laugh, whisking women away from the mundane
to the fantastical.

The Enchanters Weaker

Attraction Archetypes
The Magician

The Magician is the archetype of knowledge, the master of

technology, and the initiator of learning and transformation.
Because Magicians exist primarily in the mind, they dont have
the distractions of regular life, so they are undisturbed in their
quest for secret knowledge. The Magician uses what he has
learned to do great things, which women around him notice
and admire. The Magician misses out on life being stuck up
in his Ivory Tower, but his magic is seen by the world which
beats a path through the woods to his door.

The Peacemaker

The Peacemaker is the close ally of women, walking among

them with ease. Women love him because he listens to
them, empathises with them, and understands them. The
Peacemaker naturally knows what to do and say to make
people like him, so is the archetype that is also surrounded
by the most women. He lacks playfulness but compensates
with friendliness and reliability.

The Warrior

The Warrior is the archetype of discipline, focus, and resolve.

Once the Warrior decides to do something, it is as good as
done; he will strive to complete the task no matter what
obstacles stand in his way. This powerful energy means the
Warrior achieves great things in life, reaching goals that others
are too afraid or lazy to even attempt. This strong, incorruptible
spirit is incredibly attractive to women, especially in a world


full of soft men who fall to their knees at the sign of the
slightest hardship. The Warrior makes no time for pleasure or
enjoyment, but his strength and incorruptibility mesmerise
women into overlooking this flaw.

The Wildman

The Wildman is the archetype of primal sexuality and

unapologetic spontaneity. This ancient archetype is the oldest
and closest connection we have to the animal world. He
does not think; he just acts. Through the Wildman, we can
experience the joy of pure, authentic expression, and there
is nothing sexier to a woman than a fearless, unselfconscious
man. The Wildman lacks any ability to think or plan, but
when youre as spontaneous and free as a rock star, women get
drawn into the excitement of the moment, too.


Attractive Personality Types


The Enchanter
Lover & Trickster

One of the feelings we lose touch with when we grow up is

that feeling of novelty - that magical sense of awe and wonder
new experience brings - and we spend our entire adult lives
chasing it, trying to get it back again. It is the feeling that
fuels consumerism, having us chase the next hit of temporary
novelty with each purchase. It is the motivation behind music
fans, movie buffs and computer gamers. It is feeling the ladies
men of the world seek when every time they go on the hunt
for a new squeeze. It is the source of wanderlust that leads a
person across around the world, riding the wave of novelty as
far as they can, for as long as they can.
The opposite of novelty is boredom, which is always there
lingering in the background, its threatening presence felt,
ready to attack at the slightest sign of deadtime. While this is


a mild frustration for some, no one hates boredom quite like

like you - the Enchanter. To you, boredom is tantamount to
death. Keeping it at bay is what fuels your passion and love
for new experiences. Where novelty is something that most
people chase on the side - sometimes catching it, other times
having to let it get away - novelty, for you, is the very meaning
of existance. If youre not tasting that sweet, sacred nectar that
only new experience can bring, you dont feel alive.
With the combination of the Lover and the Trickster, you forge
a fascinating personality indeed. The Open Lover is totally
with life, surfing the waves of sensual experience without
boundary or limitation and losing himself to the world of
pleasure and gratification.
When you bring in the Closed, distant, disconnected Trickster,
you add a new perspective that allows the Lover to see patterns
that he was previously blind to. Because the Trickster always
keeps the mundane reality at an arms length, he is able to put
a more mischievous, playful spin on life. His sharp wit and
creative storytelling mean he can take women on a journey
that the Lover on his own could never do.


With the Lovers passion for novelty, you are the true adventurer
of the attractive personality types. The most important thing
to you is striving for the exciting, the new, the different, the
alternative, and experiencing it to its fullest. If you hate your
job, then you, quite literally, live for the weekend. If youve
been fortunate enough to get a job you do enjoy, it will no
doubt be a job that is constantly providing you with new
experiences, people, and places.
When talking to women, your uncorrupted innocence and
the sparks of excitement that ignite when you speak, and give
your words their vivid colour, reconnects her with her own lost
child. Through your Tricksters role playing and storytelling, she
experiences the delight of your Lover and rediscovers her own
the sense of novelty that she had completely forgotten. Your
passion, your delight, your sense of optimism - is contagious
and incredibly addictive to the modern day woman.
We live in a feminist championed world where women are
expected to perform just as highly as men in their careers while
still expressing their femininity. Sex & the City represents the
ideal that women strive for: a successful, creative career, all
the clothes they want, high social status, a circus of equally


successful friends, and a tall, dark, handsome boyfriend.

Unfortunately, life isnt usually quite so generous, and women
are left spinning multiple plates playing catch up, trying to
achieve the dream life without needing the financial support
of a man that was normal of older generations.
Modern single women, then, are often leading quite lives
of anxiety and depression. How they long for that lack of
responsibility and care-free, sense of abandon that they had
as a little girl. How they crave to feel that omnipient sence of
excitement and optimism they had when they leaped out of
bed every morning, ready for a day of play and fun.
Men feel the same nawing desire to abandon the stresses
of modern living, of course, but with access to our closed
archetypes like our Magician and Warrior, we are much
more naturally equipped to cope. Women, in fact, have to
develop their own masculine archetypes to meet the needs of
the masculine workplace. While developing our polar sexual
aspects is a healthy thing for all of us, for a lot of women, this
leads to them neglect their femininity entirely, leaving them
frustrated and unhappy.


Out of all the attractive personality types, you - the Enchanter

- have the most potent gift of all for rescuing women from
this anxiety and tension. You, more than all the others, hold
the key to unlocking her innocence, awakening her play, and
reconnecting her with her child-like sense of novelty. Through
the power of your Lover and Trickster, women are reminded
what life is really all about underneith the trivialities that she
had been tricked into thinking would make her happy.
Your connection to your happiness, your joy, your sense of fun
and mischief, is where your attractive power lies. You know
how to enjoy yourself, and it has nothing to do with money,
status, looks, and power. Your connection to your inner child
is strong, and your access to it inspires every woman around
you to rekindle access to theirs.
In a world where we have all been convinced that happiness
lies just behind that next pay rise, promotion, purchase,
relocation and relationship, you are the shining beacon of
light that eluminates the world with the truth. The secret to
happiness lies in the present moment, and can be captured by
just getting back in touch with the innocent child that is lying
in wait, within us all.


Developing your Weaker Attraction Archetypes

The Enchanter is called a Power Type, because it combines
an Open (Lover) and Closed (Trickster) attraction archetype,
creating a powerful, contrasting undulation of masculine
expression. Although very effective, every attractive personality
type, if unsupported by the other attraction archetypes, has
inherent weaknesses that can hold him back with women.
Although I recommend you develop all of your other attraction
archetypes, the key to creating a powerful masculine identity
that women will love is always found on the opposite side
of the Red Knight attraction model, called your Shadow
attractive personality type. In your case, the shadow type of the
Enchanter is the Challenger, bringing with him the powerful
masculine energies of the Peacemaker and the Warrior.
The Peacemaker is the archetype of connection and empathy.
With his help, you will be in a much better position to
communicate your passion, enthusiasm and excitement for
life to women. Its no good feeling this lust for life if you lack
the social skills to share it with women. The Peacemakers
natural affinity with women helps you connect with them

and, by doing so, enchanting them with your magic, PeterPan-like energy.
The Warrior adds a very different dimension to your character,
giving you the strength and resolve to take action in the world,
irrespective of the obstacles or resistance. Its all well and good
seeking new and exciting experiences, but the biggest thing
stopping Enchanters from truly living out this fantasy is
the fear that comes at every turn. Without the Warrior, the
Enchanters sensory territory will remain humble. With the
Warrior enlisted into service, nothing is possible. The Warrior
expands the boundary of your comfort zone, which increases
the capacity of your experience.
Also, it is not only your fear that you need to overcome. Women,
also, experience the fear of the unknown. They crave the new
experience you promise, but it takes the encouragement of
your warrior to give women the courage to push through her
fears so she can join you on your adventure. You need to be
strong, not just for yourself, but for her also. A strong Warrior
within a man inspires trust in a woman, and a woman who
trusts you fully will follow you to the ends of the earth.


How To Master Your Attractive

Personality Type, And Beyond.
You now know which attraction archetypes you have a natural
connection to, but more importantly, you have an idea of
the ones you need to develop. The power of the attractive
personality type system isnt in simply inflating your ego by
telling you what is naturally attractive about you (although
thats always nice), but in showing you your weaknesses.
It is your weaknesses, caused by the underdevelopment of
certain attraction archetypes, which are the reason for any
frustration and dissatisfaction you currently have with your
relatings with women.
This report is just a micro crash course in Red Knight Attraction
psychology. Dont worry if youre a bit confused or something
doesnt make sense just yet, theres nothing wrong with you,
this is a deep subject and is hard to teach in such a condensed
format. Establishing your attractive personality type is the
first step towards developing your weaker aspects so you can
become a much more powerful, sexually attractive presence.
This is the beginning of an exciting journey.


The primary goal of this report is to ignite a seed of

inspiration within you, to serve as a catalyst for action. If
youre feeling inspired, intrigued, hungry to learn more,
then I have succeeded.

Red Knight
The Thinking Mans Blueprint to Masculinity,
Sexual Confidence and Being Irresistable to Women
The attraction archetype model is the cornerstone of the book
I have dedicated years of my life to. The book is called Red
Knight, and explains the fundamental source code of sexual
attraction, with a great deal of the book dedicated to exploring
each of the six attraction archetypes, with step by step action
plans for how to develop them.
I will be letting you know when the Red Knight book is
available on Amazon through the Red Knight newsletter
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out awesome stuff thats going to help you move forward on
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irresistible - even to the women you never before imagined

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you are looking for, you can just click the unsubscribe link
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This report is just the tip of the iceberg - there is so much more
I would like to share with you. Let me lead you on a fascinating
quest to discover your true inner power, and experience the
freedom and joy that comes with being naturally, unequivocally,
and magnetically attractive to women.
Your friend and coach,

Aslen Claymore
Red Knight