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Conducting Programming Assignment

Tyler Harr
Billy Bob High School Band Concert
Thursday, March 2, 2017
7:00pm BBHS Auditorium
Into the Clouds! (1:50) Medium Easy
Spoon River (3:00) Medium

Richard Saucedo
Percy Grainger
Arr. Robert Sheldon

The Seal Lullaby (4:00) Medium

Sally Susie, Piano

Eric Whitacre

Three Ayres from Gloucester (4:00) Medium Easy

1. The Jolly Earl of Cholmondeley
2. Ayre for Eventide
3. The Fiefs of Wembley

Hugh M. Stuart

Amparito Roca (3:00) Medium Easy

Jaime Texidor
Arr. Fagen

Choreography (5:00) Medium Easy

Robert Sheldon

This program begins out with the really lighthearted piece by Richard
Saucedo to kick off the concert with lots of energy and a shorter selection
upfront. Then secondly I choose this arrangement of Spoon River that is
more accessible to more ensembles, but still can capture the stylistic
uniqueness that is Percy Grainger. I choose this next one, as Whitacre is
usually a student favorite, and providing a huge contrast to slow and lyrical
playing. Next, I wanted a longer work with multiple movements and his piece
can teach students to play in this older British style where the origins of band
music come from. What band concert would be complete without a march! I
enjoy this march and it gives interesting parts throughout the band, and is
very contrasting to the American or British marches that are commonly
played. We can pretend that in the semester before they played some Holst
and Sousa or something equivalent. Lastly, I thought this work would be a
nice concert closer full of energy and liveliness to leave the audience with. I
think there is a good balance of lyrical playing, soloistic playing, and a
variety of key signatures, Bb, Eb, G, C major and c and g minor. Total time for
the concert is about 20:30 without transitions, talking, and such.

Billy Bob High School Spring Band Concert

Thursday, May 4, 2017
7:00pm BBHS Auditorium
Highlights from Into the Woods (6:00) Medium Easy


Arr. Michael Brown

Including Into the Woods, Giants in the Sky, Children Will Listen,
Last Midnight, and No One is Alone
Buglers Holiday (3:00) Medium Easy
Tanner Tuttle, Tyler Taft, Taylor Taing, Trumpet

Leroy Anderson
trans. Michael

Whats Up at the Symphony? (5:30) Medium Easy

Bugs Bunnys Greatest Hits

Arr. Jerry

Including This is It, William Tell Overture, The Barber of Seville, The
Merry-Go-Round Broke Down, Liszts Hungarian Rhapsody, Brahms
Hungarian Dance, The Ride of the Valkyries, and Merrily We Roll Along
March of the Trolls (4:30) Medium Easy
From Lyric Suite, Op. 54

Edvard Greig
Arr. Brian Beck

I made this program lighter in nature including many things that

students, parents, and the whole family will enjoy. When I found this
arrangement of Into the Woods songs I was really surprised at how much I
enjoyed them. I think the work is really well written and at least as of right
now students would be very familiar with this musical. This next one is
assuming that my school has several accomplished trumpet players and they
could play this really lighthearted short trumpet feature. Now this next work
made me think. On the surface level it looks really rather pointless, but I
thought that we can expose students to the works of Brahms, Liszt, Wagner,
Rossini, and more within this work. Also, there is more to the musical world
than just playing in band, and music is all around us, even classical music. I
also thought that it could be a good recruiting piece to engage with a
younger audience especially if you played clips from these cartoons during
the performance. The last piece is more serious and historically important,
but I think the work is fun overall, and with trolls in the title you may be able

to convince a few more students to enjoy the piece. The total running time of
this program is 19 minutes of music.