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: 24 November 2015

Between Drama and Sinetron

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Now a days Korean movies are very happening in Indonesia. It watched by people
in Indonesia especially by the teenagers because compared to Indonesian movie that
usually called Sinetron (electronic Cinema) Unfortunately, Indonesian teenagers prefer to
watch Korean movie because of that several reasons in which we can deny it is true that
compared to Indonesian movie, the Korean movie is way better. Me myself is a massive
fan of Korean drama, I can spend an hours to watch it and I can tell that Korean movie and
Indonesian movie quite different in some aspects whether about story lines, setting, genres,
or even the audience of both movies.
The most obvious thing differed Korean and Indonesian movies is the story line or
we can say it as the plot. In Korean movie or drama the story line is consistent and
organized until the end of the drama, They are not easily change the whole story for the
sake of marketing or because it has a good rating amount another drama that aired in the
same hour. We rarely find unrelated story line in it so the audience can follow the flow of
the story leads to the end. There is no additional episode just because the viewer asked for
it. There is still plot twists which show us the shocking character changing or story
changes but it is the surely part of drama since the beginning. Moreover, about the ending
of the drama, they usually finished it with a happy ending or it could be a sad ending but it
is still clear and we can understand the ending but it rarely happen in Indonesian movie.
Indonesian movie or in this I take sinetron as an example, in sinetron the story line usually
twist quickly , it depends on the rating of the sinetron itself. Sometimes we can find
unrelated story line which have gone too far from the main story in the beginning. Maybe
we already familiar with sinetron called Tukang Bubur Naik Haji or the older one;
Inayah both Sinetron have hundreds episode but we no longer can recognize the point of
those sinetron because they put some unnecessary story line, added new characters that
make it even more complex. And when it come to the ending, we often find it unclear or
not totally finished yet and became the reason to make another sequel of that sinetron,

there will be next season to continue the unfinished ending as what happen in Cinta Fitri
season 1 to 6.
Beside the fact that the story line is different, I can say that the setting does not
show any similarity. neither the setting of place nor the setting of time. Korean drama used
to show their tourism places as the setting of places sometimes they bring the viewers to
see how beautiful Jeju Island is, or to a famous Namsan tower where the couple usually do
their date, they produced drama but promote their tourism places as well. It makes the
viewers get interest to visit the places. 1As we know, now a long path with cherry blossom
petals on the ground in the drama Winter Sonata became very famous and has a lot of
visitors since it used as the setting of place that drama. In the other hand, having four
season make tropical country like Indonesia wonder how it feels to have snow on the street
in winter, to be surrounded by petals and leaves in fall, so it is beneficial for the drama to
add another factor why Korean drama has a lot of fan because the setting of time is
wonderful and something that you can find in Indonesia,. Once again from all of the
setting thing used by Korea, Indonesian sinetron not used that kind of setting, usually the
setting of places are in the studio set as a small village, a kitchen or the most common one
is school. Despite the fact that Indonesia has tons of tourism places, and actually more than
what Korea has but its hard to find any sinetron that explore particular tourism places as
the setting of places, if there any, it must be Bali and we rarely find it. In Sinetron the
setting of time does not take various time but we can see that rain is a common time to
built a romantic or dramatic situation in Indonesian sinetron. So whenever the plot get to
serious and the rain start pouring we can guess what will come next. Thats another typical
Indonesian sinetron, predictable.
More over, having different story lines can imply that they are having different genre of
movies too. Movies from both of country have various genres. As for Korean dramas they
usually have a comedy-romantic . Comedy romantic is a love story between two lovers,
teenagers or school life story made in interesting plot. We will never find a drama with a
similar plot because it could be considered as plagiarism. Some example for comedyromantic drama that popular enough in Indonesia is School 2015, The Heirs, or Dream

High. Another genre that important and very well-known in Korea called Saeguk. Saeguk
is a historical genre of drama. Usually the story could be about the history of some
kingdom in Korea with the politic, war, and intrict.2 In Indonesian Sinetron itself
commonly influenced by Islam belief. it is One genre that I am sure does not exist in
Korea is Islamic genre, in Indonesia the sinetron still influenced by value of Islam because
the majority of people in Indonesia are muslim so mostly the content of Sinetron is telling
about Muslim daily life, including scene with people wearing a close-clothed, the woman
wearing veil, or even a scene in which the actors or actress is praying. Surely you will
never find this kind of scene in Korean drama. This kind of genre is quite interesting for
Indonesian people because it seemed simple but valuable. An example for this genre of
sinetron is Ketika Cinta Bertasbih which is an adaptation of a movie with the same title.
Moreover, still about the genre between these two. if Korean has Saeguk as the historical
drama, Indonesia has too but it called Drama Kolosal such as Tutur Tinular, but
unfortunatelly the production is not as good as what Korean produced. Indonesian colossal
drama not only about the history of some kingdoms but also putting some legends that
Indonesia has and presenting the mythology animal such as Dragon, Eagle and many else
but the animation of it is poorly produced. We can recognize how fake they are and to be
honest it is not a pleasant thing to watch because its quality is disturbing a lot.
Furthermore, both Korean drama and Indonesian sinetron will always have an original
soundtrack as the back song that played in some part of the scenes in the drama or
sinetron. The Soundtrack itself used to build the feeling of the scene and make it more
interesting for the viewer. What makes the soundtrack of Korean drama and sinetron
different is the fact that each Korean dramas usually have their own original soundtrack
which could not be found outside the drama, so even the drama has ended the viewer will
still remembering the drama through its soundtrack that mainly tell the story of the drama.
For example, original soundtrack of Korean drama Boys Before Flower called Almost
Paradise by T-max, whenever we played this song it will reminds us back to the drama.
How about Indonesian sinetron? Usually we hear the familiar song during the sinetron.
Sinetron does not have its own original soundtrack like Korean drama does. Mostly


Sinetron used the songs which famous or happening at that time. For example the Sinetron
called GGS using old Peterpans old song which is well-known to Indonesia people.

Finally, after all of the things that made both of this quite different, we come to the
point of who the Korean drama and Indonesian Sinetrons viewers is. For Korean dramas,
it is mainly watched by teenage girls or in school-age. Korean drama seemed to perfectly
made for them, that is why Korean dramas casts are handsome actors or beautiful actress,
we know how delusional teenagers these day and by watching Korean drama, it is able to
contain their deepest dream. For Indonesian sinetron itself usually watched by women or
the house wives who spent their time to watch it. They like how the story in the sinetron
make them very curious and cannot wait to the next episode that is way sinetron in
Indonesia has a very long episode for each season.
However, despite the fact that Indonesia and Korea has differences in many aspects
for movie as the result of the comparison we can conclude that Korean drama more
specific in produce it, has interesting storyline, they promote their tourism places, has a
good setting, and attract younger viewers especially for girls, but it should not make us as
Indonesian people be ashamed or do not want to watch our own movie production such as
sinetron. Maybe we cannot produce a movie as good as Korean made but it does not mean
Indonesian does not have a good one at all. We shall be proud with our country no matter
what, we just need some improvement and we have to develop it to be better. If the future,
movie industry in Indonesia might be better than Korea, all we need is to support it.