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There is so much evil in this world, because of this it has made people
question the workings of God or even His existence. It is said in The Holy
Bible that, God created everything, from each grain of dirt on the ground
to the individual hairs on our head. This statement has made many people
come up with questions like, why does God allow suffering and evil? If He
is all-powerful (omnipotent) why doesnt he get rid of all evil? If He is allknowing (omniscient) why did He create Lucifer knowing he was going to
turn into Satan and why did he create evil people like, Hitler? Is he really
all-loving (omnibenevolent)? This has then led to their conclusion, that
God is either evil or just simply does not exist. All these are very good
questions, but God has an answer for everything, answers that would
confuse the brains of human beings, like they said He IS all-knowing.
Christians have been asked these questions many times, with the
response of an invalid answer or no answer. A reply to human evil is free
will. God promised human beings free will and God doesnt lie. If God
always forces us to do the right thing, He is not giving us the free will, nor
are we significantly worshiping Him without his control. He doesnt want
us to be mindless robots and unfortunately the free will has been abused,
mankind has been the problem to the worlds many problems. C.S Lewis,
the author of The Narnia Chronicles and a Biblical scholar, said if God is
giving us free will He must create another side so we will choose our own
path, instead of restricting us to only good. Our evil doing does not
diminish Gods omnipotence, omniscience and Omni benevolence. This is
one answer to the Problem of Man Evil.
The Holy Bible said Satan is the one wants kill, steal and destroy. Satan is
the one who wants to bring suffering and pain upon us, not God. We
humans push God away when all He wants is for His children to love Him.
Imagine this; a little girl is running through the park when she scrapes her
knee, her father picks her up, cleans her wounds and comforts her. Was
the pain she felt her fault? No. Is it her fathers fault? No. In her pain and
her confusion she doesnt point her finger at her dad and ask why did you
let this happen? She understands that her father loves her, that he wants
to help her and wants to bring good into that situation. It is the same with
us and God. Things happen to us that are not our or His fault, we can
either push Him away and get angry or we can let Him bring good into our