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Aztecs, Incas and Mayas Study Guide

lived in Central Mexico
discovered chocolate
The Aztecs ate the following foods: bean, squash, corn,
chocolate, turkey, duck, potato, snake and rabbit.
Worshiped their Gods with human sacrifice
Gods were nature Gods
Conquered by Spain
Hernandez Cortes was the name of the Spanish
conquistador who discovered and then fought against the
Small pox was brought by the Spanish conquistadors and
killed thousands of Aztec people
First to use pottery wheel
use a slash and burn agriculture
eat corn (maize)
Worshiped their Gods with human sacrifice
Conquered by Spain
The Mayan calendar had the same number of days in a year as
our modern calendar
first to use the number 0
Mayan writing is called Glyphs

eat potatoes, Guinea pigs, corn (maize)
lived in mountainous regions
created the calculator, bridges, freeze dried food and brain
Conquered by Spain
communicated with each other by messenger and by colored
strings and knots
used Step Agriculture