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NAME: _____________________________________________ GROUP: ________
1 Complete the sentences with the verbs in the past simple or past continuous.
1 He was playing tennis when he hurt his arm. (play / hurt)
2 Who
to when I
you? (talk / see)
3 Mandy
me while I
dinner. (call / eat)
a bath when the doctor
. (have / come)
5 While they
, they
lots of new friends. (travel / make)
6 Jack
a new job when he
the lottery. (look for / win)
2 Underline and correct one mistake in each sentence.
1 It was rain when I got up. raining
2 What was you doing?
3 Were he sleeping?
4 We arrived while she ate.
5 They wasnt listening.
6 What time were he call me?

3 Underline the correct alternative.

1 They want to climb / climbing the mountains tomorrow.
2 They dont like swim / swimming in a river.
3 He used to buy / buying DVDs.
4 It makes me to feel / feel sad Mexico next year.
5 I saw/was seeing him when I was walking the dog.

4 Complete the sentences.

1 Are you seeing Juan later?
2 What
we ________(have) for lunch today?
3 _______Bob ____________(work) now?
4 What ____your class ______ (start)?
5 Its quarter past ten. What _____Ellie
6 Where________ they
(plan)for their holiday?
7 We usually __________(meet) before class.
8 They_____ (go) to the Caribbean last year.
9 Just _____ (turn) off the lights.
10 ____(not make) a salad for dinner tonight, please.
11 I_________ (not know) her.

5 Add an auxiliary verb to the sentences if necessary. Tick the sentences that do
not need an auxiliary verb.

1 Who ^ you see at work today?

2 Which type of films you like?
3 What happened to my bike?
4 Which play they go to see?
5 How many CDs they buy yesterday?
6 Who painted Sunflowers?

6 Write music (m) or art (a) next to the words.

1 concert
7 songwriter
2 exhibition
8 sculptor
3 composer
9 jazz
4 performance
10 classical
5 audience
11 painting
6 art gallery

7 Complete the sentences with the correct words from Exercise 4.

1 We went to an art gallery to see an
of Goyas
2 Michelangelo was a very famous painter but he was also an amazing
3 Im going to a special
of Bachs music at the city

8 Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs.






1 Lets __ an art gallery and

an exhibition.
2 She doesnt want to
dinner with them.
3 He didnt use to __________ classical music.
4 Could you
the tickets from Friday to Sunday?

9 Complete the sentences with the verbs in the box and the correct form of used



study play

1 ____ you ___ volleyball when you were younger?

2 He
(not) but now hes an excellent student.
in an office but I hated it. Now I work in a book shop.
4 He never
hard at school but now hes a lawyer.
6 _____ your uncle
to France?

10 Complete the sentences with so, because or to.

1 She left her job ________ she didnt like it.
2 I needed to get some exercise
I started jogging.
3 She stole some money
she was arrested.
4 Were working hard. We want
buy a house.
5 Mike Tennant is ill
James Booth will play the role of Hamlet.
6 They need 10 million
make the film.
7 They spent four years in New York
Jim had to work there.
8 My husband broke his leg
we took him to hospital.
9 She never forgot him
he saved her life.
10 He worked very hard
become successful.